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December 16-31, 2014        

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December 31-January 1, 2014


US Off War Footing, But Wars Continue

Palestinian statehood resolution fails at U.N council: U.S. votes against

'North Korea – useful enemy for US to justify militarization of region’

After turbulent 2014, next year may be no calmer

NYC Mayor de Blasio Heckled at Police Graduation Ceremony

NYPD Punishes City by Not Citing, Arresting Citizens as Much: Virtual Work Stoppage

Tot accidentally shoots, kills mom in Idaho Walmart

More Proof That as Gun Ownership Increases, Violent Crime Decreases

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone

U.S. to station 150 armored vehicles in Europe

Ukraine suspends trains to Crimea, citing security concerns

Russia says NATO turning Ukraine into 'frontline of confrontation'

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Behind the UN vote: How the Palestinian bid was defeated

PM Netanyahu thanks US, Australia for voting against Palestinians in UN

Palestinians mull next steps after failed UN bid

A trying year for Israel's defense establishment

‘First pure olive oil produced in 2000 years’: Temple Institute reports

Hamas drills cross-border attacks on IDF posts

Egypt to begin expanding Gaza buffer zone next week

Is there a way out of US-Israel crisis?

Suicide Bomber Kills 33 in Yemen

Rocket causes fire in oil port of Al Sidra, Libya

Bodies, wreckage from Flight 8501 drifting fast

Why We Still Can't Track an Airplane: 80% of the world is not covered by radar

Why Air Disasters Keep Happening in Southeast Asia

Flu outbreak reaches epidemic level

Play-Doh Enrages Parents With a Penis-Shaped Baking Toy

The Farm-to-Table Restaurant Chain



December 30, 2014


Taliban declare 'defeat' of U.S., allies in Afghanistan

AirAsia Live: 40 bodies retrieved from flight QZ850

Election 'to determine whether Greece stays in Europe': Greek PM

Making Enemies America Can't Afford: Congress Votes More Sanctions on Russia

Customs staff to be armed at Australia's airports

Celebrate and Be Merry! Jesus the Messiah is Claimed To Be Palestinian!

Ron Paul Urges: Opt Out Of Common Core, Into Homeschooling

Student activists demand California teach sexual consent to kindergartners

The Real Meaning of the 1914 Christmas Truce: All ordinary people want peace

Oil prices fall more than $1, dropping to five-year lows


World Rushing To Prophesied 10-Nation Reorganization


Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

What Follows Middle East's Tough And Tumultuous 2014?


One sentence that shows how badly America failed in Afghanistan

U.S. Formally Ends War In Afghanistan

Taliban declare 'defeat' of U.S., allies in Afghanistan

Obama Insists: US 'safer, more secure' because of Afghanistan War

Can Afghan forces hold their own?

An opening in Afghanistan: Kabul’s deal with Pakistan

The Worst Narco-State in History? After 13-Year War, Afghanistan’s Opium Trade Floods the Globe


ISIL-held Iraqi regions to be freed soon: Iranian official

Iranian General Reportedly Killed By ISIS Sniper In Northern Iraq

Major General Jim Molan: Coalition making good progress in Iraq keeping IS at bay

Iraq forces fully retake Dhuluiya town: 70 km north of the capital, Baghdad

ISIL kills up to 200 of its own disillusioned members

Watch: Iraq’s miserable 2014, in two minutes

Iraq oil exports via pipeline through Turkey reach 32.2 mln bbls


Obama won’t rule out U.S. embassy in Iran

Qatar’s embassy in Turkey attacked

U.S. Carries Out Drone Airstrike in Somalia

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

President Rivlin: Retaliation against persecution of Christians in Middle East is war against extremism

Wiesenthal Center top 10 list: Worst global anti-Semitic/anti-Israel incidents of 2014

US and Israel: Top Ten Events of 2014

'Jerusalem is the Wild West'

'For US Jews, Ted Cruz is star attraction at Passover getaways '

Torah is Israeli deed to land, Bennett tells Orthodox gathering

In defense simulation, Hezbollah border attack doesn’t lead to war

US opposes revised Palestinian UN bid

Hamas Slams PA Statehood Bid as 'Surrender' to Israel

PA Toughens Language in Unilateral UN Resolution

Hamas is Worse than the Islamic State

Despite It All, Israel is Here to Stay

Soldiers lock down Gambia capital after overnight shooting

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


Ukraine's top intelligence agency deeply infiltrated by Russian spies

Ukraine drops non-aligned status

Ukraine Suspends Train Service To Crimea

Ukraine leader vows to impose martial law if peace process derails

President Poroshenko signs law expanding powers of National Security and Defense Council and its secretary

Ukraine eyes IMF credit lifeline in early 2015

‘EU can’t really solve Ukraine's problems’

The war in Ukraine isn’t over, but Putin has already won

License Plate Reader Technology Looks At Faces

DC: Federal Judge Approves Spying On Taxis

AirAsia disappearance fuels calls for real-time tracking

Americans back normalizing relations with Cuba, but has anyone examined the costs?


December 29, 2014


U.S. Supreme Court Rules 8-1 that Citizens Have No Protection Against Fourth Amendment Violations by Police Officers Ignorant of the Law

Obama: America 'less racially divided' since he took office in 2009

Police officers turn their backs on de Blasio during eulogy for Officer Rafael Ramos

China Prepares To Financially Bailout Russia

China/Russia Currency Exchange Set To Begin Monday, 12/29

West wants to end confrontation with Russia over Ukraine – EU foreign policy chief

AirAsia QZ8501 likely 'at the bottom of the sea'

US, NATO Mark End of Afghanistan Mission

US, Japan, S. Korea to Share Intel on N. Korea

South Korea Proposes Talks with North

News organizations pushing rebound for President Obama

TOP FERGUSON PROTESTER Charged in Torching QuikTrip Convenience Store During Riots

Justice Department Grants Linked to Cop-killing Rap Video

Cops crack down on anti-police internet threats

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


Moscow to supply coal, electricity to Ukraine without prepayment

Southern Ukraine: Blasts in Kherson, Odessa

Protest over austerity hits Kiev


Gorbachev: Putin saved Russia from disintegration

Ruble recovers, as big exporters ordered to behave

Russia's State Duma chief suggests trying US for WWII nuke attacks

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Afghanistan - Pakistan

U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan ends combat role: Sunday, 12/28/2014

After Pivotal 2014, Afghanistan Faces New Challenges With Less Help

US & Afghan Generals in Islamabad for Border Security Talks

Afghanistan Conflict: When Enduring Freedom is turned asunder

Relations Between Pakistan, Afghanistan Key to Fighting Taliban

US, Pakistani Strikes Kill 62 Islamic Militants


The U.S. and Iran are aligned in Iraq against the Islamic State

Iran: Revolutionary Guards commander killed in Iraq

Iranian Official: Basij forces saved Baghdad from ISIS takeover

Suicide Attack on Funeral Kills 15

Iraq Seeks Turkish Support in Fight Against ISIS

2015 Deployments: Back to Europe, Iraq, other hot spots


Genie let out of the bottle: Not much Saudis can do to prevent possible unrest caused by budget deficit’ - "expect major discontent among the population"

Analysis; Dumping Saudi Arabia Without Damaging Global Economy

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal vows to liberate Palestine, Jerusalem

Jordan to present amended Palestinian statehood resolution to UN

Israel should dissolve Palestinian Authority if UN resolution passes: Intelligence Minister Steinitz

Islamic State fighters are moving ever closer towards Israel

Jerusalem Home Hit by Firebomb

IDF clashes with rock throwers at Tapuah junction, 1 Palestinian killed

Stocks mixed amid China growth hopes, Greece woes

Asia Pacific Market: Stocks up on positive Wall Street cues

China Tackles First-World Quandary as $800 Billion Lending Freed


December 27-28, 2014


Volcanic eruption could destroy Japan

N. Korea blames US for internet shutdown: Hurls racist comment toward Obama

No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony

Syria says ready to discuss Russian plan to end crisis

U.S. judge throws out Arizona sheriff's immigration suit against Obama

In Holiday Document Dump, NSA Declassifies Compliance Failures

How You Can Help Make a More LGBT-Friendly World - Know Which Companies NOT To Patronize

Inventory data drives oil prices down

Homeowner Shoots Home Invader Dead As He Was Holding Gun To Woman’s Neck

Americans love getting guns for Christmas

VP Biden Among Thousands Expected at Slain Cop Funeral

Mortgages of Slain NYPD Cops To Be Paid In Full

NYPD Officer Ramos saw streets as his ministry

Officers, family arrive for NY policeman's funeral

Google Goes Off the Climate Change Deep End

Pope Francis: 'So Many Tears' In World Today

'Never-seen-before' security cover as President Obama shares public podium with India's PM Modi on January 26

Security forces kill school massacre planner in Pakistan shootout

US gives Pakistan free pass — and $1 billion — by ignoring LeT, LeJ

Pakistan army kills 55 militants near Afghan border in fresh assault

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Group warns of growing number of Iranian forces in Iraq: Number is now 7,000 troops

U.S. finally making progress in Iraq

Civilian suffering and sliding morale in Islamic State territory

ISIS claims Iraq suicide bombing that killed 38

Despite boasts, ISIS failing in attempt at state-building

Iraq calls on US to arm 100,000 Sunni tribesmen against ISIS

ISIS boy ‘suicide bomber’ surrenders in Iraq


‘Total chaos’ seen looming as Syria turns into fiefdoms

Syria peace talks to begin in Moscow next month

ISIS loses ground to Kurds in Syria's Kobani

Jordan vows 'all efforts' to save pilot seized by jihadists

Outlook Darkens for Syria Refugees in Turkey


Libya's oil tanks ablaze after firefight near terminal

Policeman shot dead, another injured in Cairo attack

Egypt bans the movie 'Exodus'

Senior Al-Shabab official surrenders in Somalia

Shiite militia vows to press on with Yemen offensive

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Lapid: Jerusalem will not be divided 'no matter what happens' with the Palestinians

Don't believe the hype - Israel's elections neither 'historic' nor 'a battle for its soul'

Consider This: Devil takes over

Doha puts its support for Hamas on hold

Iranian Army affiliated twitter account: Our soldiers are on Israel's borders

Into The Fray: Israel’s only option - Jewish state must respond to Palestinian unilateralism with unilateralism of its own

Hamas Leader Haniyeh: Hamas is Committed to Gaza Ceasefire

Shots Fired at Kosher Restaurant in Paris

Sweden: Five Injured in Mosque Arson Attack

Visa suspends service with Russian banks in Crimea

China Extends Forwards, Swaps Trading to Three More Currencies: Including Russia's Ruble

Dollar Stages Historic 2014 Rally


Russian sailors leaving French port without the French-made warship they came for

Southeast Asia marks 10 years since catastrophic tsunami

Police: Cartel claims they have kidnapped Border Patrol agent

Border kidnappings increase during holidays

Coca-Cola Facing Major Financial Challenges As Sales Steadily Decline



December 26, 2014


THE reason oil could drop as low as $20 per barrel

President Obama announces end of war with Afghanistan on Christmas

Islamic State is failing at being a state

‘Noah's Ark’: Russia to build world first DNA databank of all living things

Japan’s sexual apathy endangering the global economy

U.S. and Cuba swap prisoners, Obama to lift embargoes on Cuba

Cops around the country randomly give away money with 'Secret Santa' project

Can GOP shatter 'Obama coalition' in 2016?

Iran Launches Major Naval Drill - Gesturing Yemen?

U.S. indices climb to record high

'The Interview' release marked by capacity crowds

Evidence on Sony Hack attack links it to Iran, China or Russia

Independent theaters rally behind ‘The Interview’

China to flatten 700 mountains

World's Nations Reorganizing into the Prophetic Ten


Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


Ukraine: Peace talks cancelled in Minsk

Prisoner swap between Kyiv government and rebel groups confirmed

Retirees starve in rebel-held eastern Ukraine

Fleeing their country’s civil war, Ukrainian Jews head for Israel

German foreign minister speaks out against Ukraine joining NATO


Ukraine Briefly Cuts Power to Crimea Amid Feud With Russia Over NATO

Putin scraps New Year’s holiday for ministers

Ukraine-Russia conflict doesn’t stop at the church door

Putin orders freeze on vodka prices

Russia Prepares 2015 Budget Amendments Over Oil Prices at $60 Per Barrel

Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

Russia, four-ex-Soviet nations finalise new economic alliance

Eurasian Economic Union is open for new partners - Putin

Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union starts in 2015 with curtailed ambitions

Putin: Kyrgyzstan Signs Deal to Join Eurasian Economic Union

Eurasian Economic Union to Continue Work With US Despite Tensions

Russia expands Eurasian Union in competition with European bloc

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

CIA Torture? For Arab world, that's no surprise


Coldness between Iraq and Turkey over: Turkish FM

Iraq interested to export oil to world markets through Turkey

Iraq oil minister says no need for OPEC emergency meeting now

U.S. Is Sending Specialists to Iraq to Keep Tabs on Iran’s Spies

Pope Francis Singles Out Iraq and Syria in Christmas Prayer for Peace

In Iraq, displaced Christians gather for a somber Christmas

Senior Kurdish rebel leader warns Iraq must stay united to defeat 'savage' Isis

Crisis in Iraq: Was the rise of ISIL a surprise?

US stockpiles matériel ahead of major anti-ISIS offensive in Iraq


Israeli Intelligence: Danger of spillover from Syria war increasing

Foreign jihadis change face of Syrian civil war

At least 2,400 Palestinians killed, missing in Syria

U.S. says ISIS did not down plane



Father of Jordanian Pilot Captured by ISIS Pleads for Son’s Release

Britain reopens Bahrain navy base after 40 yrs – to fight ISIS -- Excellent Map

Russia, Iran sign nuclear construction deal for 8 units

Ruble's falling value to not affect decision to use national currencies in Iran-Russia trade

Saudi Arabia braces for $39bn deficit, to cut wages due to low oil prices

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Preparation for Possible Gaza War

Op-Ed: Europe is Gone

PM: Israel the Only Safe Place for Christians in the Middle East

US Cops Now Feeling Awfully Jewish

Two Officers Stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City

Jewish Girl Critical After Palestinian Firebomb Attack

Two arrested in connection with Thursday's firebomb attack

Palestinian Factions Call for Resumption of Ceasefire Talks

Russia Expresses Support for PA's UN Resolution

Hitler Used A PR Firm In the 30’s – Today Terrorists Do Also

Synagogue Where Jesus Preached Uncovered


India: Modi government pushing ministries to ensure mechanism for faster clearances

Japan says close to deal with South Korea and U.S. on North Korea defence

Ex-TEPCO execs unlikely to be indicted over Fukushima meltdown


December 24-25, 2014


India Deploys Troops After Rebels Kill Dozens in Assam

ISIS claims it shoots down coalition warplane over Syria, captures Jordanian pilot

ISIL has 'power of nuclear bomb or tsunami': Author

All Nukes Can Be Detected Anywhere in the World

Ruble Collapses After Russia Tries to Rescue It And Fails

Fatal Cop Shooting of black teen in Berkeley, Missouri Sparks Clashes

VP Biden to attend funeral for slain New York police officer

Off duty, black cops in New York feel threat from fellow police

Winter Solstice 2014: 3 Things To Know About Pagan Yule Celebrations

Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus: Santa truly has been created to be a counterfeit Jesus!

Gold near 3-week low as stocks, dollar surges on strong US growth

Can the U.S. economy sustain its surprising momentum in the new year?

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


Falling Price of Oil Sends Russia Into Economic Crisis

Russia-US relations 'poisoned' for decades to come – Medvedev

Russia moves to help companies refinance foreign loans

China pledges to help Russia overcome economic hardships

Western Sanctions Act Positively As A 'Pressure Cooker', Speeding Maturity Time For the new Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) - Story II


‘Counterproductive’: Ukraine seeking NATO membership ‘a false solution’, says Russia

Russia says NATO turning Ukraine into 'frontline of confrontation'

Russian Government Ready To Shut Off Gas Supplies To Ukraine

Ukraine’s economy is on the rocks and needs Western help

Sony revives Christmas release of ‘The Interview’

Some experts question evidence North Korea is behind the Sony hack

Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Gaza Terrorists Open Sniper Fire on IDF Forces, Hamas Leader Killed

Ya'alon: Hamas rebuilding defensive tunnels; Israel looking for new digging of offensive tunnels

Israel indicts Hamas tunnel engineer

The modern-day miracle of Israel

Biblical View of the Modern-Day Miracle of Israel

Hamas rejects PA statehood bid at the UN

Israeli Voters Beware – Think New York

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Helping Iraqis save Iraq

Suicide attack kills 24 anti-ISIS Sunni fighters near Baghdad

Worse than Islamic State? Concerns arise about Iraq's Shiite militias.

As U.S. troops return to Iraq, more private contractors follow

ISIS mines multiplies hidden killer that's plagued Iraq for decades

From a remote desert mountaintop in Iraq, Kurds battle to free a town held by Islamic State

Grisly finds in Iraqi Yazidi village taken back from ISIS militants

Mass Grave Found Near Baghdad; 228 Killed Across Iraq

Iran-backed Cleric Among 53 Killed in Iraq

Oil News

Iraq oil key for Turkey, says energy minister

Iraq could be OPEC's second largest oil exporter

Iraq’s oil exports rise in December toward record

Baiji refinery ‘more than a year’ from re-start

KRG receiving second $500 million oil payment

Iran calls for boosting oil, gas cooperation with Iraq

Russia says NATO turning Ukraine into 'frontline of confrontation'


December 24, 2014


Rouble strengthens as Russia forces exporters to dump foreign cash reserves

Coming winter is a weapon of war in east Ukraine

WikiLeaks reveals CIA undercover travel tips: Don’t buy flights with cash, don’t dress scruffily

FBI To Train 30,000 Officers As Snipers

No charges for Milwaukee officer who shot unarmed homeless black man 14 times

FBI Warns of Possible Islamic State Attack on Bridge in Tennessee

Poll: Obama’s Support Among Military Craters

Pope Francis: ‘I pray to St Thomas More every day’

IRS Chief Threatens Furloughs, Possible Shutdown

GOP probe finds 'culture of bias' at IRS

China building large military base near disputed Diaoyu Islands

Internet outage seen in North Korea amid U.S. hacking dispute

North Korea's Internet still spotty

Did the U.S. Kick North Korea Off the Internet?

At U.N. council, U.S. calls life in North Korea 'living nightmare'

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

Pope Pens Letter to Comfort, Encourage Mideast Christians


Sen. Roberts returns from Iraq newly confident in U.S. mission: ‘This strategy is working’

Iraq: Jordan training for soldiers to begin soon

Iran has been by Iraq's side since onset of crisis

Iraqi Kurdish forces continue mop-up operations in Sinjar

ISIS in Iraq: Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment

Patriarch hopeful Pope Francis will visit Iraq


2015 Could Be Watershed for Syria Conflict

Army troops kill dozens of ISIL militants across Syria

Over 1,000 Islamist militants killed in US strikes in Syria

‘Turkey, NATO, US escalating war against Syria’

Syria approves delivery of medicine to Aleppo - WHO

Satellite images show 290 heritage sites in Syria damaged by war: U.N.


Taliban Push Into Afghan Districts That U.S. Had Secured

U.S. firm finds malware targeting visitors to Afghan government websites

PTSD: Returning to Afghanistan after the war


From Sisi to Suez, defining moments that rocked Egypt in 2014

Egyptian operations against terrorism redoubles as attacks continue

Egypt opens border to travellers from Gaza

Al Jazeera suspends Egypt channel as Doha, Cairo mull closer ties

Egypt-Qatar thaw will help fight terror

President Al-Sisi appoints new Director of Intelligence Agency


Bachmann to Obama at White House Christmas Party: Bomb Iran

What threat does an Iranian-backed Yemen pose to Israel?

Deadly Blasts Hit Yemeni Capital

Algerian Soldiers Kill Militant Leader Behind Frenchman's Murder

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

ISIS Closing in on Israel from the North and the South

Muslim Cleric Says Jews Should Pray on Temple Mount

Arch-Terrorist Barghouti Criticizes Palestinian Authority's UN Resolution

Revealed: The Palestinian "Mass Uprising" That Was Not Spontaneous

Defense Minister Ya'alon: We'll Respond Firmly to Terrorism

India considering dropping support for Palestinians at UN

Gaza rocket could start a fire

Noble/Delek Gas Field Control Deemed a 'Monopoly'

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


Ruble Swap Shows China Challenging IMF as Emergency Lender

Russia’s winter of discontent to get worse

Russia's PM in warning over 'deep recession'

Biggest Arctic Gas Project Seeks Route Around U.S. Sanctions

Russian crisis forces GM to cut sales, Ford to ax jobs

Russia Sanctions and Shifting Cuba Policy

Russia raises gold reserves for 8th month

Ukraine angers Russia with landmark step towards NATO



Ukraine votes to drop non-aligned status: Will work toward NATO membership

Bombs Away! Obama Signs Lethal Aid to Ukraine Bill

Russian popular daily publishes eyewitness report on Ukraine’s role in MH17 crash

Jewish Refugees from Ukraine Immigrate to Israel

Ukraine's rebel university goes Russian

Ukraine Headed for Disaster

Pirates hijack military gunboat in Nigeria's oil delta

Economic News: Prophecy Reveals NO U.S. Collapse

Dow tops 18,000 at opening bell: As traders cheer GDP data, significantly better-than-expected data on the American economy

Wall Street aims to add to record highs

Gallup Poll: U.S. Economic Confidence Index at Highest in 2014

U.S. Quality Job Outlook Back at Pre-Recession Levels

US economy grew at fast 5 pct. annual rate in Q3

Cheap Oil Is Dragging Down the Price of Gold

How Ford plans to sell cars when nobody wants to own one

Ford ships aluminum pickups after extra checks

Obama hails end of six-year auto bailout

Bill Ford: Cars, roads must become smarter


December 22, 2014


Police on alert across America after murder of NYPD officers

AP Poll: Police Killings of Blacks Voted Top Story of 2014

Sony Hack: North Korea threatens US as row deepens

What is FBI evidence for North Korea hack attack?

North Korea threatens to strike US over Sony hack

Pakistan plans to execute 500 terror convicts in coming weeks in wake of school massacre

Obama enters his 'fourth quarter'

Hillary Clinton slips in presidential poll: Was 2014 a bad year for her?

Gaza remains a ‘pressure cooker’ as Israel-Hamas tensions continue

CIA torture and the culture of immunity

After 2 NYPD officers killed, more threats against police arise

Garner Family, Al Sharpton Denouce NYPD Killings

Officers’ Killer, Adrift and Ill, Had a Plan

Jets players speak out on slain NYPD officers: Killer wrote on Instagram, 'I'm putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours, let's take 2 of theirs'

Fmr FBI Asst Director: ‘Race Provocateurs’ Incited Violence Towards Police

NYPD Tells Cops: Work in 'threes', only in necessary areas

Union: NYPD Now a 'Wartime' Police Dept.

Former Mayor Giuliani Says De Blasio Not Responsible For Officer Deaths

New York gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley boasted: 'Watch what I'm going to do'

Shooting of police officers is 'a very rare event'

Florida police officer killed; shooting suspect in custody

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Sinjar Battle: Kurds 'take control' of large area from ISIS

Recapture of Sinjar good omen for future Iraq-Kurdish ties

ISIS morale is down, Kurdish official says, following ‘biggest victory for the peshmerga’

Iraq says to start work on final oil deal with Kurdish region in weeks

Iraq Requests 175 Abrams Tank, Humvee Sale

1,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne headed to Iraq

Iraq oil minister says total production to reach 4 mln bpd

Lavish $20 million ‘White House’ in Kurdish Iraq complete with marble floors — but beware ISIS neighbours


Syria approves medicine deliveries to Aleppo, other areas

Syria says Israeli drone downed in Quneitra

Remaining Christians in Syria fight to save their land

Defected Syrian Gen. Tlass says Assad ‘sold Syria to Iran’

‘Syria counterattack kills 20 ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzor’


Pentagon returns four Guantanamo detainees to Afghanistan

Obama will decide to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016

14 Killed in Attacks in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s chaos today could be our problem tomorrow


Pakistan plans to execute 500 terror convicts in coming weeks in wake of school massacre

Taliban Attack Won't Change U.S.-Pakistan Ties: Rear Admiral Kirby

Pakistan Makes Arrests in Peshawar Massacre


Gunmen kill Saudi police officer in Qatif

Saudi Arabia prepared to raise output, says oil minister

Saudi Arabia decapitates child rapist prisoner

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Hamas Missile Hits Southern Israel Friday

Hamas arrests global jihadis who fired rocket on Friday: Defense Minister

Hamas Tries to Calm Gaza Tension After Rocket Strike

PM after Hamas attack: I won’t tolerate even 1 rocket

Hamas flexes muscles with Gaza drone flight

Left-Wing Leaders Vow to Keep Jerusalem United

Case Dropped Against IDF Commander Who Invoked G-d

Twitter Bromance: Netanyahu, Indian premier exchange Hanukkah greetings in Hebrew, Hindi

Air China orders 60 Boeing 737s for more than $6B


December 20-21, 2014


World's Biggest Car Company Wants to Get Rid of Gasoline

Early Gift: Gas below $2 at some stations in 24 states

Russian President Putin invites N. Korea's Kim Jong-un to Moscow

Sony Responds to Obama: Actually, We Did Call the White House

Defcon 18 - Kim Jong il and me - How to build a cyber army to defeat the U S - NSA capable of creating 'False Flag' attack, blaming N. Korea

Court Rules for a Mistaken Police Officer: Police can now invent laws and not violate 4th Amendment Rights

Obama signs defense bill that keeps Gitmo open

White House Fears A ‘President Cruz’ Will Overturn Exec Amnesty

Capitalism Does Much More FOR Poor People Than Government Playing Santa Claus

Che Guevara is laughing, for Cuba has triumphed

Cuba's parliament backs move to restore diplomatic ties with U.S.

Cuba policy opposition groups plan protests in Miami

New Headline News Analysis

"You will never look at the news the same way again"

Western Mass Media Reports That The Russian Economy is Crashing!

Out of the ashes of the crashed economy, a new, more powerful, Eurasian Economic Union will be "reborn" like the mighty Phoenix bird of Ancient Egypt and of Illuminized Freemasonry


Dumping Saudi Arabia Without Causing Economic Crash

Shia Iraq is being built-up just as the 2007 Pentagon's New Map reveals! Imagine a world without Saudi Arabia being so powerful.

Related News Stories:

The US is behind the current drop in oil prices – Bolivia’s president

West behind falling ruble, oil prices - Russian spy chief

An economic boom is around the corner, thanks to Goldilocks

Pakistani Taliban Attack: Why insurgents killed 132 schoolchildren in cold blood

Dershowitz on Sony Hack: ‘Pearl Harbor on the First Amendment’

'The Interview': When other weapons fail, send in the media

Dershowitz: Hollywood Should Have Followed Rushdie Example

Obama’s Cowardly Hypocrisy on Sony

Sony Responds to Obama: Actually, We Did Call the White House

Obama Could Hit China to Punish North Korea

North Korea Seeks Joint Investigation Into Sony Hack With U.S.

North Korea brokers peace between Republicans and Democrats

Journalism ethics take a hit with Rolling Stone's unravelling rape story

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


Russia’s military doctrine remains ‘solely defensive’ – Putin

Updated Russian military doctrine has no preemptive nuclear strike provision

US satellite firm signs contract for Russian engines: $1 Billion Deal


Ukraine should put Russia to the test

US imposes new Russia sanctions ahead of Ukraine peace talks

Ukraine accuses rebels of violating 'Day of Silence': Russian gas flows resume

US-Russia Relations: Obama Signs Bill Giving Weapons To Ukraine, Allowing Economic Sanctions Against Russia

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


What needs to happen next in Iraq—liberating Mosul

Iraqi Kurds Get Their Groove Back, End Siege of Mount Sinjar: Beginning of End of ISIS?

1,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne headed to Iraq

U.S. Troops Fight Islamic State in Western Iraq

SAS and US special forces forming hunter killer unit to 'smash Islamic State'

A-10s Hitting ISIS Targets in Iraq: Again

Iraq Clashes With ISIS Delays Evacuation of Yazidis

Bombings kill 10 in Iraq


TTP Commander Fazlullah Killed By PAF In Afghanistan: Mastermind behind deadly school attack in Pakistan

Civilian Deaths In Afghanistan Reach New High In 2014: UN

Afghanistan’s Future in Doubt as U.S. Ends Combat Role

ISIS Targets Afghanistan Just as the U.S. Quits


Bomb Blast In Bahrain's Shiite Village Injures 3: Officials Call It A 'Terrorist' Blast

President Sisi brings back Egypt’s police state with a vengeance

AQAP claims 149 attacks in Yemen since late September

ISIS to launch battle for Lebanese town of Ersa

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

Israeli Messianic Leaders: The Christian Church Needs Israel

Hamas Triangle of Bases — Gaza, Turkey, Qatar

Anti-Abbas posters in Gaza portray him hanging

Danon: The EU Got Its Proof That Hamas is a Terror Group

Abbas orders probe into Hamas coup plot revealed by Israel

The Day Europe Voted for Another Holocaust

PM: Abbas's UN Bid Allows Hamas Takeover in Judea-Samaria

Why 'Palestine' Would Be a Dangerous Legal Fiction

Not Just Tolls: E-Z Pass keeping an eye on speeders

Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush is the ‘Last Thing We Need’

In Case You Missed It, Obama Made History Today: Calls Only on Female Reporters

Families of Newtown, CT, victims sue rifle manufacturer

Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits Japan’s Honshu Island: USGS -- Quake shook Fukushima where crippled nuclear power plants are located

A Tailor-Made Cancer Treatment Is Wowing Wall Street



December 19, 2014


Russia Falls Apart

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Prepared for ‘Total War’?

The Lesson of the Torture Report: Governments lie

US: Sony Cyberattack is ‘Serious’ National Security Matter

Mocking Kim Jong Un, a Serious Matter

Obama Intends to Lift Several Restrictions Against Cuba on His Own

Rush Limbaugh: ‘I have warned you’

Closed For Murder: NJ city tries to stem crime by imposing business curfew

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

ISIS’ Bloody Footprints Lead From NATO Territory

Kuwait court jails 3 ISIS supporters

Russia steps up its Middle East policy

The U.S. is crudely interfering in Russian-Iranian relations


A United Iraq Is Pushing ISIS Back

Iraq Kurds press fightback as top jihadi reported killed

Top Islamic militants killed: More US troops going to Iraq

Bombings kill 11 people in Iraq

US, Kurds Make Gains Against Islamic State Group: Airstrikes have also killed three top Islamic leaders in Iraq

UN welcomes Iraq's compensation postponement


Obama Urges el-Sissi to Respect Rights of Egyptians

Suicide Bombers Kill at Least Seven in Yemen Port

Israel proposes natural gas pipeline to Southern Europe

Australia Rocked Hard

Manoora, Australia, rocked by stabbing deaths of eight kids

Man Haron Monis: The 10 fatal failures that led to a horrific day

After Sydney siege and Cairns tragedy, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says ‘these are trying days for our country’


Peshawar school massacre challenges Pakistan’s squabbling leaders

Pakistan’s new warriors against the Taliban

Pakistan military kills 67 militants

History-Maker: President Barack Obama, Raúl Castro open talks to thaw U.S.-Cuba relations

Marco Rubio criticizes Pope on Cuba

Republicans livid over Cuba talks, call it appeasement

In a Political Gamble, Marco Rubio Sticks to His Tough Line on Cuba

For exiles in Miami, move toward closer Cuba ties stirs complicated emotions

U.S.-Cuba’s complex political puzzle



December 18, 2014


Why torture doesn't work

Torture Report Confirms Team Bush War Crimes

Rush Limbaugh: Jeb Bush really running to kill tea party

U.S. to Restore Full Relations With Cuba

US-Cuba Deal: A marriage 18 months in the making, blessed by Pope Francis

Sony Cancels 'The Interview' Release as Theaters Back Out

Russian President Putin Seeks to Reassure on Economy

EU removes Hamas from list of terrorist organizations

Terrorist child killers - enemies of humanity

The Obamas say that they’ve been mistaken for ‘the help’ (again)

Election News

How the GOP can blow the 2016 election: Promise tax cuts for the rich again and leave out the Middle Class

Hillary and Jeb: Perfect Ticket For 2016?

Jeb Bush just jump-started the 2016 election

Jeb Bush’s last name is going to be a problem — even in 2016

Fox News Poll: Romney, Clinton lead potential 2016 presidential pack

Donald Trump: I'm giving 2016 'very serious thought'

North Carolina Is 'Ground Zero' for the 2016 Election

Arizona's McSally Win Gives Republicans Another House Seat

House Democratic Losses Deplete Bench of 2016 Senate Recruits

14 Congressional Republicans Jeb Bush Helped Last Cycle

Current Political News

Clinton quiet as Warren rises

Obama, Christie back together again

Immigration move boosts Obama among Latinos

Senate has end of 113th Congress in sight

GOP outcry over surgeon general

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Beginning of New Iraq?

Ankara, Tehran support Iraq’s stability

Dubai Shaikh Mohammad holds talks with Iraq Prime Minister

Kuwait says it accepts Iraq’s request on Gulf war reparations deferral

Iraq stops salaries to ‘ghost soldiers’

ISIS recaptures territory in Beiji - Army decided to protect Oil Refinery

China keeps 2015 Iraqi oil supply steady

Iraqi special forces attack ISIS

Millions of Shias make pilgrimage to Iraq’s Karbala


Kurdish peshmerga forces launch offensive to retake Isis held areas

Allies abandon US in Syria as America goes it virtually alone

1,000 feared killed in ISIL-held Syria village

Syria Atrocity: More than 230 beheaded bodies found in mass grave

Syrian army makes new gains in Dayr al-Zawr


Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber Kills Policeman

Afghanistan Violence: Taliban kill 10 in Helmand bank attack

Afghanistan: Coming to the Bad End of the Good War

Obama declares 'turning point' for US military as Afghanistan mission winds down

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia -- ASEAN


Pakistan to pursue terrorists even outside its borders

‘All sickened’: The trail of carnage inside Pakistan school after Taliban massacre

After Pakistan school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off

Express Special: ‘How can they kill our kids? Because we let them’


Together We Can: India and Pakistan uniting after school massacre -- hashtag #IndiaWithPakistan

Peshawar Attack: Pakistanis overwhelmed with India's solidarity

ISRO does it again: India’s biggest rocket GSLV Mark III launched successfully - baby step toward manned space program

Other ASEAN News

Development potentials and pitfalls of a fully integrated ASEAN

More teaching of ASEAN languages urged

Justice Minister Paiboon: Thailand drugs hub of ASEAN

ASEAN Lane launched at KLIA International Airport, Malaysia

Australia Urges - More ASEAN, Less U.S./China

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

UN: Turning back the clock to pre-1948 is the real endgame

Palestine submits UN resolution against Israeli "occupation" -- Arab Viewpoint

Liberman, Steinitz: PA Move In UN Will Only Bring War

Jewish groups harshly condemn removal of Hamas from EU terror list

FM Liberman slams EU: Hamas is just like ISIS and al-Qaida

Hamas 'Listgate' Proves EU Is No Friend of Israel's

UK vows to keep Hamas on EU blacklist

'Hamas holds biggest military exercise in Gaza since end of Operation Protective Edge'

Abbas forces senior Palestinian official Zakout into early retirement

Israelis Want Netanyahu Out But See No Better Option

Israeli Job fair aims to help emigrant scientists come home

Switzerland surprises with introduction of 'negative interest rate'

Supernation #5 - Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

Russian Upper House Ratifies Armenia’s Entry to EEU

Putin: Economic Crisis Will Conclude Within Two Years

MERCOSUR states intend to develop cooperation with Eurasian Economic Union

Visa has no intention of blocking cards of Russian banks

Russian top banker urges business to learn to live with weak ruble

Russia Warns Leaving Foreign Firms May Never Be Allowed Back

Putin Paints a Besieged Russia, Says U.S. Wants to 'Rip Out Its Teeth and Claws'

Putin's Ephemeral Gains with the Eurasian Economic Union

Kyrgyzstan Hurrying Toward Eurasian Union Accession

Russia's allocation of $1.2bln for Kyrgyzstan EEU integration approved by upper house

Some 40 states plan to create free trade zone with Eurasian Economic Union


The Russians fighting a 'holy war' in Ukraine

As Ukraine truce holds, Russia vows economic pain

Putin says Moscow wants solution to Ukraine crisis

Ukraine ceasefire leaves frontline counting cost of war in uneasy calm

Ukrainian Soldier Confirms: Ukraine’s Military Shot Down Malaysian MH17 Plane


Video Emerges Showing Police Intimidating Girlfriend of Man Killed by Cops in Walmart: Family Files Lawuit

Santa Coming To A Georgia Gun Range

Paralyzed woman can now lift objects with her mind-controlled robotic arm

Army's blimp-like airships get East Coast test

Stocks surge as oil continues rise; Dow up 225 pts

Oil's dead cat bounce

American Apparel: Manufacturing a comeback after years of scandal

U.S. jobless aid applications decline to 289K

Toyota to invest $126M in Ann Arbor Technical Center


December 17, 2014


Pakistan re-introduces death penalty following school attack

Australia orders investigation after fatal Sydney siege: New security laws did not work

'The Interview's' New York premiere cancelled after threat from 'hackers' - Online warning of 9/11 style attack

Passengers Arriving in the U.S. Are Profiled by Nationality: TSA Head

Most U.S. Doctors Now Support Assisted Suicide

New Republican Congress’ First Order of Business: Keystone Pipeline

Fed Court: Obama's immigration actions exceeded authority

Dow Jones Industrial Average Soars More Than 200 Points Despite Russia’s Escalating Currency Crisis

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia -- ASEAN


Pakistan Premier Lifts Death Penalty Moratorium Following School Massacre

Parents bury their children after school attack

Attackers were ordered to kill students

Pakistan Army will wipe out militants: General Raheel Sharif vows

Pakistan responds to Peshawar school massacre with strikes on Taliban

Ross: Taliban bigger threat to Pakistan than India

Six militants involved in Peshawar attack have been killed

Devils butcher our little angels: Some students who were killed were as young as 10


Taliban Attack in Pakistan Prompts Cross-Border Solidarity From India

'Forced' conversions in India condemned by Muslim groups

Asian Business Sentiment Rebounds In Fourth Quarter With India Most Optimistic

India's first nuclear attack submarine Arihant begins sea trials


Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa


Iraq’s Premier Narrows Divide, but Challenges Loom

British Army expected to be cleared of worst Iraq abuse claims in £30 million inquiry report

ISIS Destroys At Least Six Border Control Stations On Jordan-Iraq Border

Iraq’s quiet Christian genocide


Drone Strike In Afghanistan Kills Four Pakistani Taliban

Even Afghanistan's Taliban condemns Pakistan school massacre

Militants take hostages in attack on a bank in southern Afghanistan

US-built pipeline in Afghanistan heading towards ‘catastrophic failure’


Russia's new Syria plan is the only game in town

Iran she says backs Russian push for Syria talks in Moscow

U.N. Official: We have 'run out of words' to describe conflict in Syria

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

New Archaeology Supports Existence of King David

Hamas-Ruled Gaza Prepares for Next War Against Israel

Arrow Missile-Defense System Test Failed

Kerry says US has made 'no determinations' on Palestinian statehood as UN bid is on tap

Pressure remains on Israel as Kerry declines veto guarantee at UN

UN Mideast Envoy: One-state reality is on the parties' doorstep if deadlock not broken

EU parliament backs compromise resolution on Palestinian state

EU: Decision on removal of Hamas from terror list is legal not political

Netanyahu Demands EU Place Hamas Back on Terrorism List


Russia will never suffer economic meltdown, but Ukraine can - FM Lavrov


Pa. killings suspect found dead with self-inflicted knife wounds




December 16, 2014


Vatican Presses for Control of Mount Zion

US Senate confirms Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General: Opposed Strongly By NRA

Taliban storm elite army high school in Pakistan: More than 120 killed, many children

As truce holds, Russia vows economic pain upon Ukraine

To halt crisis, Russia central bank hikes interest rates as ruble falls

Police in Sydney: 3 dead in raid to free captives held by Iranian-born gunman

Global Crude Plunges Through $60 as Producers Fail to Curb Glut

Attacker in Sydney Siege Was 'Deeply Disturbed': Australia PM Tony Abbott

Man Monis, The Sydney Hostage-Taker, Was A 'Spiritual Healer' With A Long Rap Sheet: Was an expert in “astrology, numerology, meditation, and black magic”

Monis Is Known as the “Hate Sheikh"

Israeli PM Netanyahu on Australia cafe siege: International Islamic terror does not know borders

Manhunt for 'Armed and Dangerous' Suspect in Pennsylvania Shooting Spree: Six dead, all family

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Located In Supernation #7

PM Netanyahu Applauds Christian IDF Soldiers: 'We Are Brothers!'

Vatican Presses for Control of Mount Zion

Palestinian leader Abbas Boasts: We'll take Jerusalem, too

Netanyahu Warns Kerry: Imposed Palestinian state deal will endanger Israel

West Identifies Yet Another 'Window of Opportunity' for Peace

Kerry to meet today with Arab League delegates over Palestinian UN statehood bid

Liberman hits EU support for unilateral PA moves then jabs Netanyahu for not presenting initiative

Germany says it will help finance four new Israeli warships

American billionaire pledges to purchase Israeli companies to strengthen Jewish state

Egyptian court considers labeling Hamas military wing as terror organization

Sisi and Gaza: A new solution to Hamas’s terrorist enclave

Supernation #7 - Middle East /

Northern Africa

US Military Should Be Furious Over The CIA Torture Report

Horrifying Details Show Doctors' Role In CIA Torture

Being Tortured Forever Changes How Our Bodies React To Pain

Is Turkey heading for a train wreck with the West?

Turns out things can get worse: ISIL published a guide for taking female sex slaves


US, Iran have common goals in Iraq: ‘Quds’ units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are near Baghdad

China Signaled It May Join Operations Against ISIS in Iraq

Iran denies involvement in targeting Islamic State sites in Iraq

300 Chinese extremists fighting with IS in Iraq, Syria

ISIS in Iraq release pictures of mass execution

Iraq economy to shrink just 0.5% in 2014: IMF

Alhamdullilah! Iraq's economy shrinks less than expected: Due to rising oil production


Around 100 Syrian soldiers, 80 jihadists killed in battle for Wadi al-Deif base: Syria lost control of the base

Military Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria and Iraq

EU Looks to Iran, Russia to Help End Syria War

Syria Parties Are Killing -- Not Protecting -- Civilians

Why the U.S. Should Extricate Itself from Syria


An Especially Deadly Day in Afghanistan: Killing two U.S. soldiers, assassinating a Supreme Court official, picking off 12 men working to clear land mines, and killing seven Afghan soldiers on a bus

Obama declares 'turning point' for US military as Afghanistan mission winds down: 13-Year War

DOD wants bullet that can change direction after being fired

Anti-Islam Rally Grows as Immigrant Backlash Hits Europe

PM Modi has turned India into a magnet: McKinsey CEO

Russian Arms Sales Rise, Bucking Global Trend for Weapons Makers

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