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Understanding Clinton


Key Events

The Obama Mouse That Roared

Will Obama Recognize A Palestinian State Before January 20?

France: Israeli-Palestinian peace summit set for January 15

'Obama's presidency will go into the dustbin of history': Democrat Professor Alan Dershowitz

Something About This Russia Intelligence Story Stinks --- Year of the Russian bear


Trump’s Inaugural Parade Lineup: Border Patrol Pipes and Drums Corps Joins Marchers from Student, First Responder, and Military Units

Seven Ways Obama Is Trying to Sabotage the Trump Administration

Seven (7) of the media’s most egregious/ awful lies in 2016

Governments Shut Off Access to the Internet More Than 50 Times in 2016

Obama, Democratic Leaders to Plan Last Ditch Effort to Save Obamacare

Great Expectations: Small businesses upbeat about 2017

Self-Driving Cars Can Be Hacked with ‘Just $43 and a Laser Pointer’

Israeli-Palestinian War

Bennett: How dare anyone call the land of Israel "occupied"?

After Obama and Kerry's backstabbing - What now?

Palestinians not thrilled with Kerry either

Trump Urges Israel: Hang On, I'm Coming!

UN Resolution 2334: The concerted diplomatic assault on Israel

Analysis: Egypt’s hasty retreat on its UN settlements resolution

Jewish American leaders urge France to cancel peace conference

Dershowitz: Kerry speech will make peace with the Palestinians much harder

UK’s PM Theresa May slams Kerry for focus on settlements

Analysis: Egypt has adopted a kinder policy toward Gaza

Local Christian Leaders Praise Freedom of Religion in Israel

7 facts about menorahs, the most enduring symbol of the Jewish people -- Related Archived Article -- "Since The 'Star of David' Is A Satanic Hexagram, What Is The Biblical Symbol For Israel?"

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Syria Rebels Warn: Ceasefire 'void' if government violations persist

Russia asks U.N. Security Council to endorse Syria ceasefire

Four million in Damascus without mains water after springs targeted

Syrian foreign minister sees 'real chance' for political settlement


Caution marks Iraqi army advance against Islamic State north of Mosul

Turning Iraq history to rubble, leaving the mess to looters

Why Is Iraq At War? Saddam Hussein Was Executed 10 Years Ago For Crimes Against Humanity, But Violence Continues


Queen Elizabeth's Death Has Been Planned For Years: Funeral Arrangements Are Regularly Updated For British Monarch

Sanctuary Cities Demand 11th Hour Executive Orders Against Trump

Obama strikes at Russia to get at Trump

Alaskan Volcano Erupts For 5th Time in 3 Weeks: Sends Ash 20,000 Feet Up


December 30. 2016, 2016


Key Events

Will Obama Recognize A Palestinian State Before January 20?

France: Israeli-Palestinian peace summit set for January 15

Election Fraud Nonsense: Commentary

Obama Slaps Russia With New Sanctions and Expulsions Over Election Hacking: New rules taking some liberties away have been put into place

Obama Sanctions Russia over Unproven Hacking Claims

Russian Prime Minister Tweets 'RIP' To Obama Administration

Putin - Russia won’t expel any U.S. diplomats: No retailiation for Obama's actions to expel Russian diplomats

Palestinians ask if it's time to push for a one-state solution: Equivalent of a demographic 'Trojan Horse"!

Nearing exit, Obama seeks to tie Trump's hands in a flurry of new actions

Summing Up Obama's Mideast Policy in Six Words: "Praise Muslims, ignore Christians, blame Jews"

Fake News! Diplomat blasts CNN report on closure of Anglo-American School in Moscow as blatant lie

#Rexit: Tell Senate to reject Rex, confirm Romney for Secretary of State

The Death of Clintonism

Did California Just Decriminalize Child Prostitution? -- Yes, California Just Made Juvenile Prostitution Legal

Could your high-tech gadgets send you to jail? Like plugging "Big Brother" into your home!

Post-Election News

Russians Attack ‘Political Corpse’ Obama

Trump to Meet With Intelligence Leaders About Claims of Russian Hacking

Trump could reverse effects of Obama order on Russia

Obama’s Historic Land Grab: 553 Million Acres For ‘Conservation’: Action can be reversed under Trump

Trump to make Kennedy adviser’s son Irish ambassador: Burns is a member of " Irish America Hall of Fame"

Obama’s ugly bid to snub voters and tie Trump’s hands

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee: Defund the UN and give the money to veterans

Behind Scenes at Presidential Inaugural Committee: Trump Inauguration to Have Less Pomp, Circumstance So He Can Get Right to Work

SEIU Budget Slashed by $90 Million over Union Fears of Trump

Queen Elizabeth II Health Update: Latest as Queen remains indoors for 10th consecutive day

Child Jihadists Hunt Down, Execute Bound Prisoners in New ISIS Video

Israeli-Palestinian War

Will Obama Recognize A Palestinian State Before January 20?

Chief Rabbi: US has forsaken Israel, we can trust only in the Lord

Analysis: Will the Trump era be MK Bennett's finest hour?

Netanyahu’s Trump moment

Palestinian Official: We’ve Talked With Obama's White House About More UN Action On Israel

Christians, Jews Vow to Stand Together at Trump’s Inauguration

Syrian blood isn't red enough for Obama: Activist Ezri Tubi

Canadian MP: As PM, I will move Canadian embassy to Jerusalem

PM Netanyahu to be investigated for bribery, fraud

PM rejects ‘baseless’ allegations in new bribery scandal

The only thing (Kerry) didn’t say was ‘apartheid’

Terrorist attack thwarted at security checkpoint near Jerusalem

7 facts about menorahs, the most enduring symbol of the Jewish people -- Related Archived Article -- "Since The 'Star of David' Is A Satanic Hexagram, What Is The Biblical Symbol For Israel?"

Syria Ceasefire, Backed By Russia And Turkey, Holds After Initial Clashes


December 29, 2016

Key Events

Trump says Sprint will bring 5,000 jobs back to the US; Plus, OneWeb will create 3,000 jobs

How Trump's team of billionaires could make Washington work: Proposed cabinet is filled with successful business-people

Turkey's Erdogan, Russia's Putin held talks on phone over Syria ceasefire: Obama left out

Obama Has Created ‘Global Chaos’, Then Threw ‘Gasoline on the Fire’ with Anti-Israel UN Resolution

President Obama Calls Donald Trump to Reaffirm ‘Smooth Transition of Power’

Israeli Minister: ‘Obama Is History, We Have Trump’

Trump Urges Israel: 'Hang On, I'm Coming! January 20th is fast approaching'!

Yes, we can repeal ObamaCare and still protect the sick, and those with pre-existing conditions

Conservative Columnist Thomas Sowell Retires: Eleven Great Quotes Over The Years

France raises 'terror tax' to support victims of attacks

No Cars on Bourbon Street During New Years Eve After Berlin Attack

Police: Suspect Dead After Targeting Armed Gun Store Owner

President-elect Donald Trump In The News

The making of Trump's Cabinet

Trump says he's writing inaugural speech with inspiration from Reagan, Kennedy

Trump’s inauguration speech is looking like it will be very “nationalistic"

Ahead of Trump's Inauguration, Jews and Christians Vow to Stand United

Latino pastor who slammed Trump’s rhetoric will take part in inauguration

For Evangelicals, Trump brings new hope – and a thorny question: Will he help reconnect the country to its Judeo-Christian values?

Donald Trump’s Top 10 Campaign Moments

Small Business Owners Upbeat About 2017

Newt Gingrich: Obama's legacy will disappear within a year

Charlie Sheen Calls on God to Kill Donald Trump

'Ivanka Trump harasser' subject of petition calling for his firing from his college post

House Democratic Whip Blasts Obama’s Betrayal of Israel

Israeli-Palestinian War

John Kerry Defends 2-State Solution as 'Only' Path to Peace for Israelis and Palestinians

Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely: John Kerry’s Mideast Plan Is ‘Impossible’

John Kerry on Mideast peace: "Nearing a point of no return"

John Kerry’s record of ugly betrayals – from Hanoi to Jerusalem

Former PM Ehud Barak: 'Majority of Israelis' agree with Kerry

White House: Obama will veto any other UN resolution critical of Israel

Why UN resolution against Israeli settlements could backfire

Will 2017 See a Synagogue on the Temple Mount?

Israel Thwarted Over 400 Major Terror Attacks in 2016: "Just because number of successful attacks in Israel is down doesn’t mean terrorists aren’t trying"

Christian Envoy to World Council of Independent Christian Churches’: Congress must cut all UN funding after anti-settlement vote

Judge's decision 'encourages Waqf aggression on Temple Mount'

What ever happened to the Palestinian 3G deal? Rest of the world prepares to welcome 5G services in 2018

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Turkey's President Erdogan: 'Confirmed evidence' US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria

Syrian army says countrywide ceasefire to start midnight Thursday

IS military leader killed in Syria airstrike, US says


Iraq resumes Mosul operation after a two-week lull

After Mosul, Will Iraq’s Shiite Militias Head to Syria Next? Controlled by Iran

Iraq's main port receives large vessel for first time in history

Kuwait to start importing gas from Iraq


A new wild card in Afghanistan war: Russia

An Afghanistan conference without Afghanistan

Woman beheaded in Afghanistan for shopping ‘without husband’

Nigeria police foil ‘plot’ to blow up key Lagos bridge

French-Swiss aid worker kidnapped in Mali town of Gao

U.S. Jobless Claims Fell Last Week to 265,000: Claims have now hovered below 300,000 for 95 consecutive weeks



December 28, 2016

Key Events

Get ready for a Two-President Nation

Michael Goodwin: Mr. Obama, it's time to face reality, Mr. Trump is going to be president

Election Report: Democrats Lost More than 1,000 Seats Under Obama

HuffPo’s Stein: ‘Destruction of the Democratic Party’ Under Obama Makes You Wonder What Electoral Benefits He Gave It

The UN Security Council Has Just Officially Given Every Inch Of East Jerusalem To The Palestinians

PM Netanyahu: UN Silent About Jews Being Massacred, Expelled from West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem

Sec/State John Kerry to Deliver Major Address on Israel on Wednesday


President Obama Added $7.917 Trillion to the National Debt, 68 Percent Spike

Series of earthquakes hits near California-Nevada state line: "In the last 10 days, there have been eight earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby"

George Washington University History Majors No Longer Required to Take U.S. History

Trump Cuts Another Deal to Keep Jobs in America

'You cannot eat here': Hawaii café riles residents with ban on Trump voters

New York County Ends ‘Sanctuary’ Policy Before Trump Inauguration

Chicago Gun Deaths on Obama’s Watch Nearly Overtake Iraq War Deaths Under Bush: "3,903–have died in Chicago alone since Barack Obama took office in 2009"

Governor Abbott Warns: Arms Trade Treaty Could Allow UN to Regulate Guns in U.S. -- But, Senate Must Ratify It

Is deadly Chicago a failed portion of Obama's domestic legacy?

2016 Statistic: Officers killed by gunfire jumps 68 percent

Under Obama, 10.7 Million More Use Food Stamps—A 32 Percent Jump

Kellogg Foundation Made Huge Grants to John Podesta’s Democrat 'Center for American Progress'

Bourbon Street to be pedestrian mall for New Year's weekendin New Orleans

Israeli-Palestinian War

The First Step Toward Building Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount

Fallout after US abstains from UN vote condemning Israel

Why I disagree with President Obama on Israel: By Dr. James Denison

Congress moving to cut US funding to UN in wake of anti-Israel vote

Fed Up With United States Trickery, Netanyahu Takes Drastic Actions

Netanyahu: Arabs ‘ethnically cleansed’ Jews from West Bank

Trump assures Israel, blasts Obama over 'roadblocks'

Netanyahu in Steely Message to Iran: Don't Underestimate Us - "We are not a rabbit, we are a tiger"

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz: Israel Wisely Enhanced Ties With Russia, Before Obama's Move At UN

California Universities Named Among ‘Worst Colleges for Jewish Students’

UN ‘Expert’: When Palestinian Men Beat Their Wives, it’s Israel’s Fault


December 27, 2016

Key Events

AP New Year's poll: Americans hopeful for a better 2017

Trump: The UN is 'so sad'

Gingrich Urges Congress: Condemn Obama over anti-Israel resolution

Trumps pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot debate: Amongst Liberal Leftists

Trump's inaugural to include interfaith prayer service

An Oklahoma Newspaper Endorsed Clinton: It Hasn’t Been Forgiven

European border agency Frontex warns: ISIS is weaponising refugees

Superstar George Michael: From closeted life to gay rights advocate

Deceased British pop star George Michael claimed Jewish roots

Israeli-Palestinian War

Obama’s Christmas Gift to Israel: A Stab in the Back

PM Netanyahu goes to war with the world

Hamas: Israel has become a burden to the world

Some Senate Democrats Condemn Obama for Anti-Israel UN Vote

United Nations Security Council Set to Vote on Yet Another Anti-Israel Resolution

Fatah to intensify efforts to end 'occupation'

MK Bennett Urges PM Netanyahu: Time to Abandon Two-State Vision

Why Netanyahu refuses to ‘turn the other cheek’ in his response to the UN defeat: For the PM, there is no damage Obama could do that Trump could not undo

Israel ceases cooperation with Angola over UN vote: The PM continues to act against countries that voted in favor of the anti-Israel UN resolution

Netanyahu's rivals back prime minister in UN crisis

After Obama, what Netanyahu and his rivals expect from a ‘new era’

Israeli Tweets defuse fake 'nuclear threat' against Pakistan

Israel is One Step Closer to Ridding Social Media of Incitement to Terror

Man who passed cell phones to MK Ghattas arrested

A Trump-Kushner Hanukkah Celebration in Hawaii

IDF is On Top: 180 Judea and Samaria Shooting Attacks Foiled in 2016

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Common Graves in Aleppo

Iranian Leader's Top Aide Sees Aleppo Victory as Major Blow to Western Powers

Key Isis commander 'killed by US airstrike in Raqqa'

UN map reveals Syria regime's destruction of east Aleppo: Illustrates that Syrian regime and Russian bombardment of east Aleppo has been much more destructive than rebel shelling of government-held west Aleppo

Russia Test-Fired Tens of Strategic Weapons During War on Terrorism in Syria

Syrian regime warns last rebels to 'quit Aleppo'


Syrian militant 'preps daughters for suicide-attacks' in disturbing video

Syrian regime army suffers setback in Damascus suburbs


Iraqi Forces Win Back Key District, Village in Nineveh Province

Gunmen kidnap Iraqi journalist in Baghdad, PM orders investigation

Italy set to pump around 6.5 billion euros into Monte Paschi Bank rescue




December 26, 2016

Key Events

World War 3 tensions rise as China sends WAR FLEET towards Taiwan

Obama Quietly Signs The 'Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act' Into Law: Further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information.

Trump acting like he's president — and having more impact than Obama

Mystery as NATO Auditor General is found shot dead in suspicious circumstances

Obama: I Could Have Won if I Had Run for President Again

Donald and Melania Trump Get Standing Ovation at Church on Christmas Eve (Video)

Trump wishes everyone a 'very, very Merry Christmas

Pope Francis at St. Peter’s: Warns Against Christmas as ‘Holiday with Ourselves at the Center, Rather than Jesus’

Philadelphia's Drexel University Professor’s Christmas Wish: ‘All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide’


Rabbi uses National Menorah lighting to trash Obama UN move

Israeli Ambassador: U.S. is behind "ganging up on Israel"

Netanyahu: Obama May Have More Anti-Israel Surprises Up His Sleeve

US-Israel diplomatic fallout after UN vote

Palestinian Terrorists Target West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem Following UN Anti-Israel Vote

Dutch leader tells Israel to 'ignore UN and continue building'

Trump nixes pet projects of liberal and conservative elites

Trump taps aide Stephen Miller to write inaugural address



December 23-25, 2016

Key Events

Trump suggests major change on national security issues

Tensions flare at UN over Israeli settlements: Egypt withdraws critical resolution after pressure from PM Netanyahu

Trump Weighs In on Israeli Settlements While Obama White House Stays Mum

ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches

CONFIRMED: Berlin Terror Attack Suspect Shot Dead in Milan, Italy

Two brothers arrested in Germany over mall attack plot: Police

North Carolina’s LBGTQ ‘Bathroom Bill’ Didn’t Get Repealed After All

Liberals Blame The Victim For Ivanka Harassment On JetBlue Flight: Ivanka harrassed by a gay married couple

Millennials need to plan for Dow 50,000 right now

Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska Unexpectedly Erupts: Ash plume reaching up 10 kilometers (32,000 feet)

Post-Election News

Trump Cabinet Excites His Voters: 'We Have to Trust Him'

Hillary Still Losing Voters–Even After Election Day

Obama Hatred: Obama Issues Last-Minute Rule, Wants to Finish Off U.S. Coal Industry

Continuing battle with media, Trump avoids news conference

Putin: 'Nothing Unusual' in Trump's Nuclear Comments

Jewish Businessman and Investor Carl Icahn named special adviser to Trump on regulatory reform issues

Rockettes to Perform at Trump Inauguration

Washington Times opinion page editor Charles Hurt: Trump ‘Being Perceived as a Madman Is Crucial to the Art of Deal’

Trump Demands Boeing Outbid Lockheed's Costly F-35

A/G Lynch attorney general could have ordered FBI Director James Comey not to send his bombshell letter on Clinton emails: Here’s why she didn’t

Reddit Shuts Down Pedophile Community

"Fact Checking" Farce Unravels

Snopes CEO Accused in Divorce Proceedings of Embezzling Company Money to Spend on Prostitutes: Was touted as part of the "impartial" Media "Fact Checking Service"

‘Neutral’ Snopes Fact-Checker David Emery Trashes Tump: ‘Are There Any Un-Angry Trump Supporters?

Snopes, Which Will Be Fact-Checking For Facebook, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively

Muslim University of Maryland Students Demand Prayer Rooms in Every Major Campus Building

Keith Ellison, Seeking DNC Chairmanship: ‘Regrets’ past ties with Nation of Islam

Israeli-Palestinian War

Britain rebuffs Abbas' call to apologize for 1917 Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration's Comeback

Trump Advisor: West Bank Belongs to Israel

'The fight against anti-Israel UN resolution isn't over yet': Israeli ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon

President Obama was planning to abstain from UN anti-settlements vote thus allowing it to pass

Senior Israeli Official: Israel asked Trump to talk to Obamato pressure Obama to veto UN Security Council resolution

Israel Thanks Trump For Saving It From Spiteful Obama

Palestinians Threaten Trump Over US Embassy Move

Arrest extended for Arab MK suspected of aiding Hamas: MK Basel Ghattas

How should Israelis take to Trump's Friedman-embassy bear hug?

Fatah takes to Facebook to celebrate murders of over 100 Israelis

High Court agrees to delay Amona settlement demolition by 45 days

'Ethnic cleansing' now occurring in Syria

Syrian Army takes control of Aleppo

Trump and Egyptian President Sisi discuss Middle East peace

Hijackers divert Libyan plane to Malta, threaten to blow it up

Man fires shots outside US embassy in Turkey: No one injured



December 22, 2016

Key Events

Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House

Trump’s New World Order

Man Charged with Murder of UPS Driver: ‘I Shot and Killed Donald Trump Purposely, Intentionally and Very Proudly’

Even Liberals Are Buying Guns Under Trump

European populists link Berlin attack to Merkel policies: Merkel "might as well have" been driving the truck herself

Chancellor Merkel Must Go: Populists Hold Candlelight Vigil for Berlin Victims

Muslim students at University of Maryland demand prayer rooms in every 'major building'

Louisiana governor's LGBT rights order thrown out by judge

FBI director under pressure to explain Clinton bombshell

New Details Show Hillary Clinton Was Right: James Comey Got Trump Elected President - A True "October Surprise"


Trump Demands Obama Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Israeli Settlements

Fake News: 'A Propaganda Campaign' furthered by news organizations and politicians, including President Obama

‘Legacy’: 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System

Newt Gingrich: Obama Legacy ‘Is Going to Disappear Within a Year’

Congress: Obama admin fired top scientist to in order to advance climate change plans

Kellyanne Conway to be counselor to Trump: Highest-ranking woman in the White House

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson: The oilman who brought Trump and the Bush world together

Gingrich: Democrats Are Living in "La La Land"

China tycoon moves jobs to US, citing high taxes at home: A $600 million investment

Mass Firing in the Senate Shows Schumer Is Getting Serious



US economy grew at strong 3.5 pct. annual rate last quarter

Your social media addiction is giving you depression

Employee Lawsuit Accuses Google of ‘Spying Program’

Israeli-Palestinian War

Trump calls Obama to veto anti-Israel UN resolution on settlements

'UN resolution is Obama's last attempt to stop settlements': Senior Israeli officials

Last-Minute Amona Deal Reached, Residents Agree to Peaceful Evacuation

Scorned By President Obama, Israel Forges Beneficial Ties with Russia

A 'City' of Military Training Bases in Israel's South is an IDF Game-Changer

[WATCH] PM Netanyahu’s Christmas Message from the Christian Embassy

MK Bennett Charges: United Nations Deserves Guinness World Record for Hypocrisy

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Shop DC Synagogues Before Inauguration Day

The Coming Fracture Of Saudi Arabia

’EVs, Solar Could Push Oil Down To $10 By 2025’’

Goldman Sachs Warns The Saudis: 'U.S. Shale Will Respond'

Saudi Arabia announces 2017 budget with more spending

The Pain Is Almost Over For Oil And Gas Drillers: In 2018, things will start recovering





December 21, 2016

Key Events

Gingrich: Trump doesn't want to 'drain the swamp' anymore

Obama will use his executive authority to impose new permanent bans on offshore drilling

Obama Shock: Another $6 billion in 'midnight regulations'

Four Obama regulations Trump can undo right away

Defeated Democrats' new attack line: The Electoral College is racist

India Overtakes Britain as the World’s Sixth-Largest Economy

The Queen and Prince Philip postpone traditional Christmas break after both falling ill with heavy colds

Jihadi mum kisses tiny daughters, aged seven and nine, goodbye - then sends them off on suicide bomb mission

Final tally shows Trump lost popular vote by 2.8 million – but he BEAT Clinton by 3 million votes outside of California and New York

Man Charged with Murder of UPS Driver: ‘I Shot and Killed Donald Trump Purposely, Intentionally and Very Proudly’

Trump Assembles a War Cabinet to Meet Foreign Threats

German terror suspect used 6 aliases, 3 different nationalities

Berlin’s Zero Hour Is Also Angela Merkel’s

Tunisian asylum seeker, 23, suspected of carrying out Berlin massacre, was arrested THREE times this year amid fears he was planning a terror plot - but police let him go

'REFUGEE' RESETTLEMENT ACCELERATES IN OBAMA'S FINAL MONTHS: Admissions of Syrians, Somalis ahead of last year's pace

Mexican ambassador urges immigrants to apply for US citizenship before January 20

FBI director under pressure to explain Clinton bombshell

New questions complicate Ellison's bid for DNC chair

Obama and Ellison: Separated at Birth (Opinion Column)

No more gun-free zones: Gov. Kasich signs concealed carry law in Ohio

Ray Lewis defends Trump meeting: “I want my kids to be damn safer”

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel ready for Obama to go, and is 'optimistic' about Trump

PM Netanyahu should ask Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights

Recreation of Temple Showbreads Latest Step Towards Building Third Temple [PHOTOS]

Defense Minister Liberman: Increase Christian soldiers participation in IDF

Palestinian Authority Apartheid against Christians in Bethlehem

Are Dutch Jews the canaries in the coal mine?

Tunnels, bunkers and non-conventional threats: Elite IDF unit prepares for battle

IDF officer confirms Hezbollah using US weaponry taken from Lebanese army

Israeli Prison Mandates Bible Study Rehab for Convicted Ex-President, Moshe Katsav: Was convicted in 2010 of rape and sexual harassment

How Obama's Iranian nuclear deal enabled tragedy in Aleppo

December 20, 2016

Key Events

The Next President: Donald Trump Wins US Electoral College: 45th President of the United States

Clinton Loses Five US Electoral College Votes, Fifth Tried to Defect From Her: Final Electoral College Vote Was 304 for Trump

Analysis: Can Trump construct a New World Order?


Turkey, Russia Vow Cooperation after Ambassador’s Killing



Another Assassination!: Russian diplomat 'found dead from gunshot wounds at home just hours after ambassador killed at art exhibition'

Europe’s Far-Right Anger Is Moving Mainstream

Here's why the Senate should help Trump repudiate the Paris climate agreement

Berlin attack: So-called Islamic State claims responsibility

Obama Heads to Golf Course After Receiving Reports on Berlin Attack and Russian Ambassador Death

FBI Ordered to Unseal Warrant Used to Get Clinton Emails During Weiner Probe

Dollar rises to 14-year high, yen falls

Washington Post Nonsense: Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims by Her Purity

More Election News

Democrats Inflate Electoral College Vote into Another Burst Bubble for Clinton: Another humiliating defeat for her

9 Scapegoats Progressives Blame for Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Loss

Anti-Trump Forces Plan All Out Legal Assault on Electoral College

Complete List of States With Laws That Bind Votes of Presidential Electors

Electoral College Vote Seals Trump White House Victory

Washington State Will Enforce Penalties Against 4 ‘Faithless’ Clinton Electors

Trump's Army Secretary Pick Vincent Viola Has a History of Wall Street Success

Anti-Trump Forces are Wrong, Electors Have Absolutely No Legal Right To Vote Their ‘Conscience’

Roger Stone Starts Petition in Effort to Convince Trump to Prosecute Hillary

Now that Trump’s officially won the White House here are 10 ways Dems must drain their own swamp

Obama Pardons 78, Commutes Sentences of Another 153 Criminals, Many Drug Traffickers

Secrets of American Jihad: How is radical Islam spreading hate ideology, hate speech, religious intolerance, violence and terror through the Muslim community?

Austrian Gun Sales Quadruple as Migrant Crime Rises

12 Dead as Pakistani ‘Refugee’ Ploughs Truck Through Berlin Christmas Market

German state minister says: 'We are in a state of war'

Merkel confirms Berlin attack terrorism, likely committed by asylum seeker

Berlin Rabbi Visits Israeli Victim of Truck Terror Attack

Trump pins killings in Turkey, Germany on radical Islamic terrorism

Israeli man seriously hurt in Berlin attack, wife missing

Israeli-Palestinian War

The Way to Peace: Israeli Victory, Palestinian Defeat

Netanyahu planning unprecedented new construction during Trump reign

Analysis: Netanyahu's overnight change of heart - Whatever Ammona residents wanted, they got

IDF Destroys Hamas Outpost After Taking Fire From Gaza Border

Call to Impeach Arab MK Traitor Ghattas From Knesset Gets High-Level Backing

Largest-Ever Terror Weapon Factory Uncovered in Hebron

Arrival of New F-35 Fighter Jet Heralds Huge Advancement in IAF Capacity

US Representatives To Remain in Israel In Support of New F-35Is

PM Netanyahu: Trump ‘True Friend’ of Israel

200 International Diplomats, Leaders Celebrate Hanukkah at Trump Tower

Member of Trump’s Transition Team Visits Israel

Ambassador Danon Leads a UN Delegation of Ambassadors to Israel

Missing Piece of 400-Year-Old Prophecy Portends Russian Conquest of Israel

Israel Reaches Deal to Sell Iron Dome Technology to Azerbaijan, Czech Republic

Bill to separate credit card companies from banks moves forward: Expected to allow real competition in the retail credit card market

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Russia: No quarter must be given to terrorists in Syria after envoy's murder

Russian official in Israel: Envoy's murder in Turkey will up Moscow's strikes in Syria

Iran, Russia and Turkey start search for Syria resolution

Turkish foreign minister says 37,500 evacuated from Syria's Aleppo

Rebels of southern Syria vow to unite and continue war

First Syrian Army officer freed in Aleppo by Islamic rebels


Iraq’s FM: Iraqi militias in Syria are fighting without approval from Baghdad

Saddam Hussein should have been left to run Iraq, says CIA officer who interrogated him

Vehicles stolen from Syrian Army by ISIS in Palmyra spotted in Iraq


Islamic State claims Jordan castle attack

ISIS in Jordan: King Abdullah's Battle for the Soul of Islam

Jordan Proves To Be A Heavyweight in Fight Against ISIS

ISIS Meets Its Match?: How Jordan Has Prevented Large-Scale Attacks



December 19, 2016

Breaking News

Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated by police officer 'in revenge for Aleppo'

Russia calls ambassador assassination 'a terrorist act': Gunman "has been neutralized"

Putin: Russian ambassador's murder provocation aimed at undermining Syria peace process

Gunman who shot Russian ambassador was off-duty police officer

At least 9 dead after truck plows into crowded Christmas market in Berlin: Over 50 injured

Morning Joe Stalwarts Are Tired of Hillary Clinton Blaming Others

Incoming governor says North Carolina will repeal LGBT law

Senator Rand Paul Urges: Let’s Cut Taxes Now!

Trump nominates Florida Panthers owner Viola as Army Secretary: Was also retired paratrooper and former chairman of NYMEX, graduated from West Point in 1977

Key Events

In last-shot bid, thousands urge electoral college to block Trump at Monday vote

PEOTUS report card: Finally official, it's President Trump no matter what

Electors under siege: Members of the Electoral College have been inundated by harassing phone calls and hate mail. Many report receiving death threats

Trump Rebuts Michelle Obama’s Remarks on the Loss of ‘Hope’

Kissinger calls Trump a 'phenomenon that foreign countries haven't seen'

Former Defense Secretary Gates Defends Tillerson on Putin Ties — ‘Being Friendly Doesn’t Make You Friends’

Report: 820,000 criminal illegals, 84% with felonies, serious misdemeanors

A/G Lynch says she regrets tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton

NYPD Official: Trump security costs 'not fair' to New York City

Israeli-Palestinian War

Mossad chief gives secret intelligence briefing to Trump staff

IDF uncovers massive weapons factory in Hevron

IDF Destroys Hamas Outpost After Taking Fire From Gaza Border

Poll: Most Israelis believe terror war trumps ethical concerns

Disastrous Forced Evacuation Averted as Amona, Government Reach Compromise

Thousands of Christian Tourists Expected for Christmas in Israel




December 16-18, 2016

Key Events

Facebook to Label ‘Fake News’ with Help of Left-Leaning Partisan ‘Fact Checkers’: Rise of Dictatorial "Thought Police"

BIG ONE FEARS: Huge tear on Ring of Fire could lead to CATASTROPHIC earthquakes & tsunamis

Two dozen states beg Donald Trump to abandon Barack Obama's plans to combat climate change

Long-Shot to Block Trump Lands at Electoral College Monday

The Election Results Deniers

Democrats open to replacing Obamacare

Abortion Biz CEO Cecile Richards Thanks Obama for Forcing States to Fund Planned Parenthood

Michigan House Bans Abortion Clinics From Selling the Body Parts of Unborn Babies

VIDEO 1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate

Mexican Couple Suspected of Killing American in Green Card Marriage

OPEC Threatened by Tiny Oklahoma Town With Soaring Supplies

Dollar Climbs to Strongest Since 2003 on Fed Path

Japan Overtakes China as Largest Holder of U.S. Treasuries

Trump Picks Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg for National Security Council Post

Huckabee: Trump craftily used Kanye to distract from Rex Tillerson pick

Trump picks Zinke for Secretary of the Department of the Interior

Gazette opinion: Montana leadership at Interior: Will he keep his promise to be "a conservative conservationist” and “Teddy Roosevelt Republican”?

Homebuilders Feel Confident About Trump Presidency

Texas judge orders Charlie Brown Christmas display restored

Israeli-Palestinian War

Trump To Nominate David Friedman As U.S. Ambassador to Israel: "Look forward to doing this from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem”

Israeli Right Reacts: 'A Great Friend of Israel' -- Leftist J-Street Denounces Selection

Analysis: Trump's ambassador pick is cause for Netanyahu to celebrate

PM Netanyahu in Steely Message to Iran: Don't Underestimate Us

Terror Returns to Capital: Two Wounded in Stabbing Attack, Including Cop

ISIS claims rocket attack on Israel

'We're trying to find a solution': Minister Uri Ariel arrives in Amona, slated for eviction

Israel Vows to Protects Its Christian Soldiers: Arabic-speaking IDF soldiers are being persecuted

Will Netanyahu's visits to Muslim countries bring Israel's secret ties out of the closet?

Hezbollah, Other Shi’ite Allies Helped Assad Sieze Aleppo

Aleppo evacuation suspended

U.S. Commander: Palmyra Is Russia’s, ‘Up to Them’ to Defeat Islamic State There

Israeli Defense Minister: Assad is a butcher who must be removed from power

40,000 Pro-Assad Christians in Aleppo Fear Return of Rebels

Was a small Vermont town on Hitler's hit list? Springfield, VT



December 15, 2016

Key Events

Common Core an unexpected flashpoint in Rex Tillerson’s Sec/State nomination

Common Core propagandists are at it again with dizzying spin

Noted Catholic Educator: Donald Trump Should ‘Roll Back’ Common Core

Electors are being harassed, threatened in bid to stop Trump

Ohio Governor John Kasich's capitulation on Abortion bill underscores why conservatives lose policy fights

7 questions Rex Tillerson MUST answer before he is confirmed

Mixed Pro-Israel Reactions to Trump’s Secretary of State Pick, ExxonMobil’s Tillerson

Why Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Might Actually Stand Up for LGBT Rights

Tillerson’s appointment reflects Trump’s view of foreign policy: Building a group of "World Class" Deal Makers

Yahoo Suffers World's Biggest Hack Affecting 1 Billion Users

Democrats shouldn’t blame Russia For Hillary's Defeat: They should blame Jill Stein

Jill Stein wages hostile takeover of the Democratic Party


Trump / Silicon Valley Meeting

Executives Representing a Whopping $3 Trillion Just Walked into Trump Tower

'I’m Here to Help,’ Trump Tells Tech Executives at Meeting

Amazon’s Bezos says meeting with Trump, tech leaders was ‘very productive’

Google extends conservative outreach as Trump calls tech meeting

Trump Boom: Companies Vow Tens of Thousands of U.S. Jobs After Trump Win

Poll: Americans Backing President-Elect Donald Trump Just Weeks After Bitter Campaign: "Half of all Americans believe the media has been unfair"

Populist earthquakes make 2017 the great unknown

Why 209 is the most significant number behind Trump's victory - Clinton camp suffering from 'Self-Delusion'

Supposedly tolerant NYC is making the Trump kids’ lives ‘horrible’

HUMA VS. THE “NIGHT STALKERS”: After a stunning election loss, the knives appear to be out in Clintonworld

Dems scramble to prevent their own from defecting to Trump

Fed Hikes Key Interest Rate for 2nd Time in a Decade

Dollar surges after Fed raises rates, signals faster rate hike pace

Targeting U.S. automaker signals possible China retaliation over Trump rhetoric

Record number of Somalis entering America as refugees: Where does Tillerson stand?

WATCH: White House Kitchen Made Kosher for Hanukkah

President Barack Obama hosts the White House Hanukkah reception for the final time as president

Israeli-Palestinian War

Dershowitz: Move US embassy to Jerusalem in three stages

Jerusalemites see relocation of US embassy as important gesture

Jerusalem mayor says Trump is serious about moving US embassy

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer Announces $601 Million in Funding for US-Israel Missile Defense Systems

Israel and Egypt Cooperate Against ISIS in Sinai

Arab arsonists indicted for fire near Haifa

Amona residents call for passive resistance ahead of evacuation

Residents of Amona reject absentee property arrangement agreement, paving the way for an eviction within two weeks

'Do not participate in razing Amona': Leading rabbis have called on security forces not to participate in the destruction of Amona

Police mislead Knesset on Arab 'sexual terror'

Palestinian President Abbas meets former Israeli lawmakers in Ramallah

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


“Doomsday” in Syria as Assad’s Forces Execute Civilians in Cold Blood

Assad regime casts Aleppo victory as triumph of good over terrorism

Aleppo rebel evacuation under way after ceasefire deal

Women in Aleppo Choose Suicide Over Rape, Rebels Report


‘Worse Than A Nuke’: Hottest Warzone In Iraq Might Get A Bibilical Bath

Voices of Iraq Warns: Minorities on the edge of extinction

The U.S. is helping train Iraqi Shi'ite militias historically tied to Iran

Iraq Is Raising, Not Cutting, Oil Exports, Shipping Document Shows

A lethal mistake leads to a harrowing ambush in Iraq's Mosul: ISIS contesting every street

A look inside the walls of a prison in Iraq, and into the tortured minds of female ISIS militants held there


Islamists threaten 'volcano of jihad' against Egypt after execution

Cathedral bombing may affect Egypt’s credit rating: Professor Warns

Public figures push for enforcement of military trials in wake of Coptic church bombing

Egypt is hit by terror attacks: Terrorism in Egypt compounds the president’s problems

China, Egypt, and the new Middle East alignment


White House: 'Iran sanctions extension act to become law without Obama's signature'

Supernation #8 -- Central / Southern Africa

From Somalia to U.S.: Ohio State Attacker’s Path to Violence

Bomb in teashop explodes in Somalia, killing 6

EU extends mandates of training missions in Somalia

SA condemns terror attacks in Yemen, Turkey and Somalia

How Fidel Castro became a hero and a villain in the Horn of Africa


December 13, 2016

Key Events

ISIS Declares Inauguration Day Will Be 'Bloody Friday'

IBM Lays Out Plans to Hire 25,000 in U.S. Ahead of Trump Meeting: Invest $1 billion over the next four years

Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

How Main Street really felt about Obama, and why it's psyched about Trump

Silicon Valley Tech leaders couldn't beat Trump; they'll meet him instead

The CIA's War on Trump

Trump: ‘We Are Going to Say Merry Christmas Again’

The party of Obama and its bitter reckoning: Americans have brought the left-wing joyride to an inevitable, painful and screeching halt

‘Did the Holocaust happen’? Top search result says no and Google refuses to change it

Dallas PD Loses 99 Officers in 75 Days

Briton jailed over Trump death plot: In Las Vegas

Trump nominates Exxon chief Tillerson for US secretary of state

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinian Official: France postpones international peace conference until January

Palestinians recommit to two-states, no confirmation on Trump Meetings: considering taking their efforts for statehood to the United Nations Security Council.

PM Netanyahu in Kazakhstan seeks help in winning Israel spot on UN Security Council

Jerusalem likely disappointed by Trump's Secretary of State pick: They do not know him

'Big priority' moving US embassy to Jerusalem, Trump aide says

Netanyahu Warns Iran: 'Don't threaten Israel, we're a tiger not a rabbit'

Carnival Forces U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements Before Christmas

Senate Judiciary Committee Refers Planned Parenthood For Possible Criminal Prosecution

Jim Brown on Meeting With Trump: ‘I Fell in Love With Him’


December 13, 2016

Key Events

Alan Dershowitz: Trump Likely To Succeed In Mideast Peace Process Where Obama Failed

Why on earth did PM Netanyahu offer Trump a Palestinian state?

Donald Trump picks Rex Tillerson to lead State Department: Is now ExxonMobil CEO

Trump called Mitt Romney to tell him he won't be the next secretary of state

10 Ways the CIA’s ‘Russian Hacking’ Story is Left-Wing ‘Fake News’

Narrative on Russian Hacking an ‘Attempt to try to Delegitimize President-elect Trump’s Win’

Republican McConnell, Warning of ‘Dangerous’ Debt, Wants Tax Cut Offsets

Obama Spent $100 Million to Transport Foreign Migrants to Their U.S. Destinations

Scientists Want to Give the Atmosphere an Antacid to Relieve Climate Change: "Chemical is also a pollutant that can cause acid rain"

'Polar Plunge' ushers in coldest air of the season: "This could be one of the coldest seasons in years"

One in 6 American Adults Say They Have Taken Psychiatric Drugs

Completed Wisconsin recount widens Donald Trump's lead by 131 votes

Carly Fiorina Meets with Donald Trump; Praises ‘Executive Abilities’

Trump Picks Ronna Romney McDaniel for RNC Chair: Niece of Gov. Mitt Romney

Kellyanne Conway Turns Down Job as Trump Press Secretary: Wants to focus on raising her children

Trump: Cost of F-35 Program ‘Out of Control’

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will attend Trump's tech summit

Fox Business’ Host Maria Bartiromo: Media ‘Had No Idea’ Where America Stood in 2016 Election

Clinton Campaign Supports Call for Electors To Be Briefed On ‘Foreign Intervention’ Claims

John Podesta Fuels Russian Conspiracy Theory: Urges Electoral College To Revisit Election


Entering a ‘world of economic chaos,’ Venezuela struggles with hyperinflation

Video: Venezuelans Dig Through Market’s Garbage to Feed Their Families

Shootings down by half during snowy weekend in Chicago

Two Georgia Police Officers Shot While Serving Warrant in Georgia

Washington State Lawmakers Push For Concealed Carry at Seahawks, Mariners Stadiums

Anti-Christian Group Upset at Air Force Football Coach Tweeting Bible Verses

Israeli-Palestinian War

Why on earth did PM Netanyahu offer Trump a Palestinian state?

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem “Very Big Priority” for Trump, Says Aide

Trump Team Scouting Jerusalem Locations for US Embassy

John Bolton, Aaron Klein Caution Obama Against Lame Duck UN Offensive on Israel

Gaza Jihadi ‘Encouraged’ by Islamic State Battlefield Achievements

MK Bennett gets beefed up security amid threats

Amona residents uncertain about government intentions

How One Man's Gentle Christian Faith Saved Jewish GIs From Nazi Death Camps

For the Trump-Kushner Clan, Supporting Israel Is a Family Business



December 12, 2016

Key Events

‘It’s ridiculous’: Trump on CIA claims that Moscow helped him win US Presidency

Bolton questions if Russian hacks were ‘false flag’

Top 10 ‘real’ news stories that turned out to be fake

Coercing the electors? The Framers saw it coming two centuries away

FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland in 2011, got snubbed by minister

Pyongyang (N. Korea) angers Seoul (S. Korea) with simulated raid on S. Korea’s presidential palace

EU signs historic deal with Cuba on political dialogue, cooperation

100,000 dead, 30,000 missing: Mexico’s war on drugs turns 10

US defeat in Syria would mark 'end of America's unilateral moment'

Democrat News

Dems grapple with lessons from Clinton disaster

Hillary’s latest lame excuse for losing: So-called 'fake news'

I WAS DONE IN BY 'FAKE NEWS'!: We Need to Fix the Internet

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Wants to Cheer Up Millionaire Donors with a Thank-You Party



Republican News

Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil Expected to Be Named Trump's Secretary of State

James Mattis lauded as ‘command warrior’ by former Navy SEAL commander in Congress

Why Netanyahu doesn't worry about Steve Bannon

‘First Day of Trump’s Presidency’: President-Elect Highlights Sacrifice of America’s Armed Forces at Army-Navy Game

Puzder Changes Tune on Immigration: ‘I Will Fiercely Defend American Workers’ Over Foreigners

Israeli-Palestinian War

'Battle Royal Ahead Over Balfour'

'PA is sending delegation to pressure Obama': Might create unilateral terror state

Iran Warns: If Trump sparks war in Gulf, Israel would be destroyed

Bolton Warns Obama: Don't support anti-Israel resolutions

Netanyahu Tells 60 Minutes How Trump Can Undo Iran Deal

Israel’s first project with Trump: Facing Iran together

Will Israeli soldiers refuse to carry out Amona evacuation?

Police oppose Muezzin Law, say Arabs will take violent offense

Hamas offers missiles for armies willing to fight Israel

Netanyahu decries Istanbul attack, says Turkey should condemn Palestinian terror

Arrival of New F-35 Fighter Jet Heralds Huge Advancement in IAF Capacity

Turkey bombs Kurds, arrests dozens in crackdown after twin attack

Egypt mourns 25 Coptic Christians killed in cathedral bombing

In landmark deal, Iran to buy 80 Boeing planes worth $16.6b

Islamic State retakes Palmyra after Syria army withdrawal




December 10-11, 2016

Key Events

LGBT Groups Blast Vatican for Banning Homosexuals from Seminaries

Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming

The Grand Canyon Between Islam and Christianity

Mexico says army to stay in streets: Returning nation to calm

France Extends Emergency Law as Terrorist Threat Remains High

Obama is rushing to Trump-proof the White House

How Trump can win the War on Terror, the left’s global collapse

Taiwan Play: Trump Knows China Needs Us More than We Need Them

Non-OPEC Said to Join OPEC in First Global Cut in 15 Years

Consumers Haven't Felt This Good About Government Economic Policies Since 2009: And Trump isn't even in office

Trump Team Memo Hints at Big Shake-Up of U.S. Energy Policy

Republican News

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Trump’s Cabinet: ‘After Eight Years of Pajama Boys, It’s Time for the Alpha Males’

Comment: Why is the Middle East so disappointed with Obama? Israel, Egypt, Jordan and most of the Arab countries in the Gulf

Trump Reiterates: Companies That Leave U.S. Will Have a ‘Very, Very Substantial Tariff or Tax to Pay’

Trump team confirms Putin defender Rohrabacher under consideration for secretary of state

Trump deepens Goldman ties as he builds out economic team

Trump set to name top Jewish Goldman Sachs official to economic post: Gary Cohen

Quebec Passes Hydrocarbon Bill That Opens Oil and Gas Reserves

Rudy Giuliani’s bid to join Trump administration is over

Philanthropist Paul Singer, one-time Trump opponent, attends president-elect’s fundraiser

Trump denies involvement in new season of ‘The Apprentice’: President-elect tweets that CNN claim is ‘fake news’

Democrat News

The Latest: Michigan high court denies vote recount appeal

One Man In Hillary’s Campaign Warned She Could Lose, And Everybody Ignored Him

Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign cost a record $1.2B

Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

Democratic Senators Stall CR: Force Federal Government into Weekend Shutdown

German Police to Monitor Social Media To Prevent Migrant Sex Mobs

Israeli-Palestinian War

Concern Iran-Backed Forces May Establish Presence Near Israeli, Jordanian Borders

PM Netanyahu: Trump feels ‘very warmly’ about Israel, Jews

Diplomacy: Donald Trump, have we got an Israel policy for you!

The fraudulent claims of private Palestinian land: "The village of Amona and the rest of Judea and Samaria are already Israeli State Land and no further legislation should be necessary"

Settlements bill to be pushed off until Trump inauguration

Three Israelis accidentally enter Ramallah: Arab and Israeli police rescued them

Justice Minister Shaked orders investigation into incitement against Christian IDF soldiers

Israel readies for ‘super-tech’ F-35 stealth fighterjets

Arab World: Why hasn’t the Iraqi army taken Mosul?

US forces will be ‘on the front lines’ in push to take Raqqa, Syria

It’s Trump’s war soon: Afghan future is cloudy at best



December 9, 2016

Optimism on economy, stocks surges since Trump election

Stock market’s velocity after Trump has investors talking Dow 20,000—and beyond -- Poss 21,000?!

Key Events

The collapse of the political Left

Return War Powers to Congress

Trump confirms Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt nomination for EPA

Leonardo DiCaprio Meets with Trump to Talk Green ‘Economic Revival’

Trump’s EPA Pick Proves He’s Serious About Slaying the Green Monster

Krauthammer: Focus on Pruitt’s Beliefs on Climate Change like a ‘Religious Test for Office’

Trump’s EPA Pick Could Roll Back Costly Climate Regulations

Fake Newsman Brian Williams Slams Fake News

Hillary Clinton Emerges from the Woods to Warn About ‘Threat’ of Fake News

Tidal Wave of UN Resolutions Against Israel

Watch: Hillary Clinton greeted by sobbing women on Capitol Hill

Abortion Activists Will March on Washington in January to Declare Abortion a “Human Right”

Trump Selects Goldman Sachs President As National Economic Council Director

Labor secretary pick seen as anti-Trump on immigration

Kellogg Foundation Supported Racially Divisive Open Borders Group

Trump renews China criticism, visits Ohio State attack victims on 'Thank You' tour

Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

Immigration hawks buoyed by Trump picks for DHS secretary, AG

Pro-Abortion President Obama Stacked the Courts With 327 Judges: Donald Trump Can Undo the Damage

Black Lawyer Calls on Black Jurors to Vote ‘Innocent’ for Any Black Person Accused of Murdering a White Person

Israeli-Palestinian War

Acknowledging Syria Airstrikes, IDF Chief Vows to Stop Hezbollah From Getting WMDs

ISIS Isn't Israel's Only Threat at the Syria Border

Hamas cell planning to attack army base uncovered in Jerusalem

Hezbollah denies it promised Russia no attacks on Israel

Immigration to Israel Continues (Aliyah) - despite the personal cost

Yaakov, the Temple, and the Temple Mount: "The generation in which a Beit Hamikdash is not rebuilt is to be regarded as though the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed..."

Leading Arab journalist: Should Arab MKs even be in the Knesset?

90% of Israel’s Waste Water Recycled, Four Times More Than Any Other Country

In World First, Israeli Biotech Firm Successfully Transplants Lab-Grown Bone



December 8, 2016

Key Events

US Steel wants to accelerate investments, bring back jobs, CEO says: May hire 10,000 new workers

Mexico mogul Carlos Slim says if Trump succeeds as US president, Mexico prospers

Ann Coulter: How the Establishment Will Try to Destroy Trump

Comment: How Trump can save American democracy

Taiwan's Foxconn in new US investment talks after Trump boast: Plans $50 Billion Investment


Speaker Ryan Quietly Retreats on H-2B Visa Outsourcing Program: Was going to outsource 198,000 jobs to lower paid foreign workers

Federal judge kills recount effort in Michigan

Macy’s: We No Longer Donate to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Media Fake News

Denzel Washington blasts media for selling 'BS': "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read it, you're misinformed"

Pope warns media over 'sin' of spreading fake news, smearing politicians

Starbucks' Howard Schultz has a message for Donald Trump

Trump's EPA Pick Spooks Liberals and the Environmental Lobby

Black employees file class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner: For Racial Discrimination

Fashion Designer and Filmmaker Tom Ford: Every Man Should Be Penetrated At Least Once in Their Lifetime

Navy admiral’s Pearl Harbor speech trolls Colin Kaepernick: Sparking a lengthy standing ovation

Israeli-Palestinian War

MK Bennett: Amona Bill Paves Way for Annexation of Judea and Samaria

PM Netanyahu Looks Forward to Discussing ‘Bad’ Iran Nuclear Deal With Trump

Christians Helping 1 Out of 5 Jews Making Aliyah

Haifa Fire Victims Go on 250,000 NIS Shopping Spree Courtesy of Christian Donors

"CAMERA" Exposes Well-Orchestrated Assault on Evangelical Support for Israel

Shin Bet busts terror ring that planned kidnapping

Israeli Army men have one of the world’s highest life expectancies

Fulfilling Ezekiel’s Prophecy, Jacob’s Biblical Sheep Arrive in the Promised Land

Bomb explodes in Tel Aviv parking garage: Investigations indicate that the explosion was criminal in intent, not terrorism

IAF Unveils Cutting-Edge Stealth Aircraft

Analysis: Defense Minister Liberman breaks Israel's secrecy over Syria policy

Muezzin bill vote delayed as Netanyahu presses for broader ban

Obama’s Zero Hour Israel Burn at UN Foretold in Stunning Jerusalem Prophecy: Zech 12 Ready To Be Fulfilled?

President Assad: Despite Gulf backing rebels, Israel still Syria’s only enemy

LONDON - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Saudi and Iran are stoking proxy wars in Middle East

President Rouhani says Iran won't let Trump rip up nuclear deal





December 7. 2016, 2016

Key Events

Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time to Admit the Deception

"American plans started in 1915 to induce Japan to attack Pearl Harbor!" ( Ralph Epperson, "The Unseen Hand", p. 271-272)

Japan's PM Abe won't apologise at Pearl Harbor

Taiwan's Foxconn in new US investment talks after Trump boast: Plans $50 Billion Investment


Donald Trump: Mitt Romney is still in the running for Secretary of State

Donald Trump Selects Retired General John Kelly for DHS Head

Donald Trump Picks Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad as Ambassador to China

Leftist Filmaker Michael Moore: ‘Disrupt the Inauguration’

Led By California, Democrats Vow to Say ‘No’ to Trump — on Everything

No evidence to verify bomb threat on L.A.'s subway system, investigators conclude: Subway is militarized anyway

The Emergence of the White Jew

Israeli-Palestinian War

Outpost bill passes Knesset hurdle in first reading: Bennett hails step toward annexing parts of Judea and Samaria

High Court says Temple Mount restraining orders against Jews illegal

'Evacuating Amona could harm relations with President Trump': Former MK Elyakim Haetzni

Goodbye John Kerry, we won't miss you: Kerry's speech at the Saban Forum was not the way to say goodby

Obama's State Department: Regulation Law is 'profoundly damaging'

Comptroller: Israelis not adequately protected from rockets

Defense Minister Liberman: Israeli strikes aimed at thwarting WMD transfers to Hezbollah

Americans flocking to new Givat Zeev housing project

Watch: Did Israel help Trump clinch the election?

IDF strikes near Damascus

'Turn Israel into training hub for counterterrorism units from Central Asia': Michael Brodsky, Israel’s envoy to Kazakhstan

Lebanese Christian Billionaire Building Israel's Fleet

Pillar of Cloud Defends Israel's Border With Syria: "Bizarre storm completely engulfed the Syrian side of the border, but stopped just at the boundary and did not enter Israel"

FAIL: 10 Most Outrageously Bad Election Predictions

Hollywood PR Firm Cancels Holiday Parties in Post-Trump Funk

Journalists Struggle To Define ‘Fake News’ Even As They Declare War On It

Emanuel Urges Trump To Continue Key Obama Immigration Policy

Advisers Working On Mid-January ‘Farewell Tour’ for Obama

Poll of Economists Reveals No Brexit Recession, UK will get Bi-Lateral Trade Deal

Les Moonves of CBS Blames Trump, Manning, Brady for NFL Ratings Collapse

Hundreds of Italians Take to Streets Demanding Exit from EU



December 6. 2016, 2016

Key Events

Pearl Harbor False Flag 75th Anniversary: Time to Admit the Deception

"American plans started in 1915 to induce Japan to attack Pearl Harbor!" ( Ralph Epperson, "The Unseen Hand", p. 271-272)

Japan's PM Abe won't apologise at Pearl Harbor

Trump to meet with Kissinger Tuesday

Trump says he will withdraw US from Asia-Pacific deal on day one

'Rookie' Trump must fall into line: China media

Donald Trump’s Message Sparks Anger in China: Call To Taiwan breaks with tradition

Trump allies warn: No compromise on immigration

Trump has broad power to implement immigration policies: Legal Experts

Trump says cancel new Air Force One: Costs ‘out of control’

Concealed gun permits surge over 15 million: Fight is on for more

UK PM Theresa May faces parliamentary rebellion over refusal to publish Brexit plans

Incredible aerial timelapse reveals how the mysterious Area 51 has expanded over the last 30 years

Boom: Surge in support for keeping Electoral College

Augmented reality Smart Phone app lets you scan people's FACES and reveal everything about them: "World's first facial recognition for phones"

Warning about plot to blow up Universal City station prompts heightened security across L.A.

Pence defends Ben Carson: 'Absolutely qualified' to lead HUD

Unexplained discrepancies could stymie recount in hundreds of Michigan precincts

Buffett, a Trump Critic, Scores Post-Election Profits

German Chancellor Merkel calls for Burka ban

German Police Chief Blames Merkel Migrant Policy for Teenage Girl Murder-Rape

Obama makes a push for "transparency" before handing over executive power to Trump

Obama family travel, vacations, cross $85 million mark

Chicago Faces "Political Power Outage" as Trump Succeeds Obama

Dow notches new record closing high

Trump targets another company, draws Sanders' criticism: "Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and viciously firing all of its 300 workers ... No More"

Want to Bring Back Jobs, Mr. President-Elect? Call Elon Musk

Top Mexican official says Trump 'telling truth' about saving jobs

Diners returning to restaurants after election: Restaurateur Danny Meyer

Setting the record straight on Betsy DeVos and charter schools in Michigan

Rich DeVos, 33 Degree Freemason, founder of the Amway Corporation: Listed as a "Famous Mason"

"Amway and the Masonic Lodge"

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinians Waging "Arson Intifada"

Thousands of rockets to pound undefended Israeli civilians in next war

IDF prepares for terrorists on motorcycles during military exercise

Netanyahu Looks Forward to Discussing ‘Bad’ Iran Nuclear Deal With Trump

Trump Administration Spells ‘End of Two-State Solution’

Amona Outpost Eviction Postponed for 30 Days

'King Netanyahu' Statue Artist: I wanted to test limits of free speech

MK Yehuda Glick praises Regulation Law compromise



December 5. 2016, 2016

Key Events

Majority of Democrats Consider Israel A Burden On U.S.

What Republicans can learn from Trump's victory: The old way of politics is dead. This is the new way

Italian PM Matteo Renzi to resign after heavy referendum defeat: His Centre-Left Democrat Party is reeling

Petraeus: ‘Pragmatic’ Trump Will Place Campaign Rhetoric ‘in a Strategic Context’

Putin: 'Clever' Trump will quickly grasp his new responsibility


Recount Collapses: Jill Stein’s Failure in Pennsylvania Means No Overturning Donald Trump’s Ascension to Presidency

California Leaders Plead With Lame Duck Obama: Save Us from Trump!

Saudi Arabia’s Social Stability to Fall Apart

BuzzFeed Still Hounding Chip and Joanna Gaines: ‘Fixer Upper’ Has Yet to Feature Same-Sex Couple

Trump Taps Former Campaign Rival Ben Carson as Housing Secretary

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Backs Trump: ‘Possible’ Millions of People Voted Illegally

Priebus: Secretary of State Announcement Will Come in Next Two Weeks

Obama's Federal Government Blocks Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Route

French man sent to prison for visiting pro-ISIS websites

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinians Waging "Arson Intifada"

83 Percent of Israelis See Trump As ‘Pro-Israel Leader’, But Only 3 Percent Think He’ll Move Embassy

Top Republican senator pushing to suspend aid to Palestinian Authority, Egypt

'Israel’s foes in UN want to take advantage of the transition'

For the Trump-Kushner Clan, Supporting Israel Is a Family Business

As Trump heads to Oval Office, Israel-US panel says 'the only thing certain is uncertainty'

ISIS Attacks IDF – And Pays For It

Boycotts and fires: the same hatred for Israel

MK Bennett: The Right has regained its power

Israel's new ambassador arrives in Turkey

Abbas associates elected for senior Fatah positions

Russian jet crashes near Syria: Second Russian jet crashes while attempting to land after bombing raid in Syria


December 3-4. 2016, 2016

Key Events

CNN’s Sanders: Make America Great Again ‘Takes Us Back’ To Slavery and ‘Internment Camps for the Chinese’

Obama, Senate Democrats Trying to Keep FCC Democrat Controlled Under Trump Administration

Ford Willing to Work With Trump If Policies Are Right, CEO Says

Trump Targets Second Indiana Plant Over Plans to Shift to Mexico: Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers,” Mr. Trump wrote at 10:06 p.m. on Twitter

How Trump’s Calls to World Leaders Are Upsetting Decades of Diplomacy

Silicon Valley Chiefs Notably Absent From Trump’s Cabinet of Business Advisers


Virgil: The Trump Deal — Five Early Clues as to How He Will Govern



USC professor fatally stabbed on campus, student in custody: LAPD: Victim was Bosco Tjan, was co-director, Dornsife Cognitive Neuroimaging Center

ISIS Victim Suit Ties Twitter Ads to Terrorist Propaganda

Cough syrup with GPS tracker helps police nab suspected pharmacy burglars

With Populist Anger Rising, Italy May Be Next Domino to Fall

After rapid rise, Italy's centre left PM Renzi braced for fall

Far Right Le Pen victory would be 'body blow' to Europe: ex-British PM

Former USA Immigration Officer: Many Illegals Can Vote with Fake Documents

How Millennials Swung Florida For Trump

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinians Waging "Arson Intifada"

The day the music died for Jewish American Liberals

Postpone Amona bill until after Trump inauguration: Defense Minister Lieberman

Update: Six days of battling the flames throughout Israel

Security Minister: Half of fires were arson

"Burning Intifada": The Arab Israelis & The Islamic Ruling

Danny Atar Vows: “For each tree that was burned, we’ll plant two new ones”

Iranians indicted over planned attack on Israeli embassy in Nairobi

Israel's Leviathan gas revolution to propel its economic future

Israel sidelined in the global intelligence effort against ISIS

Fatah picks party officials amid talk of Abbas' succession

Removing the second ‘L’ from Lincoln: “He brought forth a period when Jews moved from the persecuted minority to an influential people”

Michigan's attorney general acts to stop recount

US Senate vote to extend Iran sanctions proves US unreliable, says Iran

China lodges protest with Washington over Trump’s Taiwan call

Trump Spoke With Taiwan President in Break With Decades of U.S. Policy



December 2. 2016, 2016

Key Events

Dear Donald Trump: Blockade the lying mainstream media and recognize the independent media as America's real free press


Peter King on Trump’s Carrier Deal: ‘There Is a New Sheriff in Town’

Mexico Fumes At Trump's Campaign to Stop American Jobs From Leaving the USA

Rep. Keith Ellison faces renewed scrutiny over past ties to Nation of Islam, defense of anti-Semitic figures: Running for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

House Panel Refers Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for Criminal Prosecution

Noted Catholic Educator: Donald Trump Should ‘Roll Back’ Common Core

Drudge Report: CNN Wants Fox's Megyn Kelly, But Does Not Want To Pay Her The $20,000,000 Fox Is Paying

British Christians Too Scared to Talk about Faith in Public: Says Bishop

Kellogg’s Stock Drops Another 1.44% at End of Thursday Trading

#DumpKelloggs: Minority Employees Accuse Kellogg’s of Racism, Subjecting Them to N-Word, Photo of a Baboon

French President Hollande Will NOT Seek Re-Election

Snoop Dogg slams Colin Kaepernick for Castro praise, says choose between football, revolution

Democrat Political News

NYT: ‘Public Safety’ At Risk if Donald Trump Signs National Reciprocity

Recalled Newsweek ‘Madam President’ Clinton issue hits eBay

CNN: Dems In ‘Total Shatters,’ Pelosi The ‘Personification, In Some Ways,’ Of Why They Lost

Van Jones: Trump Won Rust Belt Because of Dems ‘Arrogance and Elitism’

Obama postpones moving of embassy to Jerusalem: As is customary since 1995, Obama signs waiver which prevents moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Is this the last time?

US Activates Missile Shield On Ship: Irritates Russians

Republican Political News

Donald Trump Confirms James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as Secretary of Defense

Trump: ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis ‘Closest Thing We Have to Gen. George Patton’

Trump, Pence to Meet with Pam Bondi, John Bolton on Friday

Trump taps Jamie Dimon, Mary Barra and other top CEOs for advice on the economy

'Time to dump the anti-Israel crowd in the State Department'


The Nuclear Option: Press Furious Trump Still Tweeting His Message Directly to the People

Cincinnati Crowd Boos Gov. Kasich at Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’ Event

Trump: ‘Trust Me We Are Going To Build a Wall’

Trump's pick for UN Ambassador hints at closer ties with Israel

GOP Speaker Paul Ryan Goes Silent as Refugee Program Claims Victims at Ohio State University

Speaker Ryan says he and Trump have patched things up

Efforts Underway to Block Clinton Recounts

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinians Waging "Arson Intifada"

Will Defense Secretary Mattis help or harm Israel?

Israel's Ambassador Danon: We're expecting an anti-Israel UN resolution very soon

Israeli fire rehabilitation underway

Israel's new ambassador arrives in Turkey

'All terrorism will be met with full force': Israeli Defense Minister vows immediate response to any attacks on Israel's borders

Hezbollah vs ISIS vs Israel

Hamas to hold war preparation drill in Gaza

Ontario's parliament overwhelmingly rejects BDS

Jerusalem 'Blue Line' given the green light, routed through Emek Refaim St.

A call to vote against the Muezzin law

Turkey’s President Erdogan: Israel restricting Muslim worship

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Russia not serious in talks with Syrian rebels: Opposition official

Islamic State, Kurdish battle for Raqqa key to Syria’s fate

Russia: Syrian troops reclaim city near Damascus

Dozens of civilians killed in strikes in Syria and Iraq: US-led coalition reports

Turkish foreign minister calls for immediate ceasefire in Syria

Denmark to pull fighter jets out of Syria and Iraq


Empowered Shiite Militias Poised to Dominate Key Iraq Town, Tal Afar

Iraq: Death toll climbs as urban warfare slows battle for Mosul

Sunni tribesmen battling Islamic State demand federalism in Iraq


Saudi woman pictured without hijab gets pounded with death threats: "Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs."

Louisiana law make it easy for citizens to shoot to kill



December 1. 2016, 2016

Key Events

Palestinian President Abbas Vows Never to Recognize Jewish State

Putin hopes for warmer Russia-US ties under Trump

Trump nominees map out plans for tax cuts, trade and Carrier-style negotiations: Big Middle Class Tax Cut

Trump puts other companies on notice with Carrier deal

Ann Coulter: How Trump Could Ruin His Presidency - "No one trusted Republicans to ever score when they had the ball"

Analysis: Is the next 'Arab Spring' implosion around the corner across the Middle Eastern region?

Record cold coming to ‘almost entire USA’ – Low temperature records set to be SHATTERED

Oil back above $50 as Opec agrees supply cut --- US Dollar Surges To A Near 14-Year High Before Pullback

When Religion and Science Collide: Pope Francis Meets Stephen Hawking

Physician assisted suicide to be legal in DC? 'Mandatory euthanasia' may soon follow - just like mandatory vaccines

Democrat Political News

Rural Democrats: Party Ignored Us, Suffered the Consequences

House Democrats Still Want Leadership Changes After Re-Electing Pelosi

FBI still hasn’t turned over Huma Abedin emails The delusional melodrama of Jill Stein --- Why Is She Doing It?

#DumpKelloggs: Far-Left Cereal Giant Kellogg’s Warns of ‘Racial Privilege’

Obama Administration's Federal Agency Cutting Funds for Cancer Research and Medicare, to Aid Illegal Alien Minors

White House says Obama won’t pardon illegals

Republican Political News

Trump’s Cabinet Pick To Impact Federal Fuel Mandates: ‘War on internal combustion engine will, mercifully, be over’

Hiring Spikes After Donald Trump’s Election

Trump must deliver on his infrastructure promises

Chris Matthews: Why Is Trump Thinking About Hiring ‘Two-Faced Politician’ Romney?

Sarah Palin under consideration to head Veterans Affairs

Mike Pence Meets with Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Border hawks riled after Trump meeting with Texas’ McCaul for Homeland post

Rep. Mark Meadows: House Conservatives Ready on Day One to Help Donald Trump

Castro’s Millions: Fidel’s Family Expected to Secure Estimated $900 Million Estate


Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinians Waging "Arson Intifada"

Palestinian President Abbas Vows Never to Recognize Jewish State

Israeli Minister: More than Arafat, Abbas is Israel's 'number one' enemy

Abbas Vows: We will join all 522 international organizations

Obama won't force a peace plan before he leaves

The Israel-Palestinian impasse after Trump: How Netanyahu can take his cue from Trump in Israel

UN General Assembly supports resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount

Dramatic images of firefighters battling the blazes that raged across Israel last week

Fires Are Finally Out, But Tallies Are Devastating

Dozens of Amona residents ascended the Temple Mount this morning to pray for the future of the community, as demolition date looms

Israel’s new ambassador to Turkey arrives in Ankara

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12. 17)

No war between Final 10 Nations until Antichrist is arisen. Explained in DVD, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"


"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming" DVD

Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East


Syria: The Russians are watching, the Russians are watching

US not involved in secret Syrian-rebel talks with Russia

Aleppo, Syria now a ‘giant graveyard’ fears as thousands flee

Russia Military Strikes Syria with its Biggest Warship "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Iran Contemplates Creating Naval Bases in Syria and Yemen


Iraqi special forces take 19 Mosul neighborhoods

Another mass grave dug by ISIS in Iraq, and a ghastly ritual renewed (w/video)

In Iraq, family honors a son's fight for national unity against ISIS

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been hit by a 'digital bomb' — possibly from Iran

Saudi Arabia Pulls Off Deal To Cut OPEC Oil Production

Why Saudi Arabia surprised the skeptics with an OPEC deal

OPEC just burned short sellers and injected life into US fracking stocks

OPEC may have just ‘engineered the short-squeeze of a lifetim

Saudi Arabia neutralises 11 Al Houthi missiles




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