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December , 2018        

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December 31 - January 1, 2019

Key News

Germany's Angela Merkel: Nation-states must ‘give up sovereignty’ to new world order

New Face of Anti-Semitism Is Black & Liberal

Senator Graham Floats Deal: Trump Would Trade 700K Work Permits for $5 Billion for Wall, ‘Border Security’

Harris, Hirono accused of anti-Catholic 'bigotry' for targeting Knights of Columbus

Sheriff changes policy, requires deputies to confront active shooters after Parkland

Russia reportedly detains American over suspected spying

Judge who struck down ObamaCare says it will remain in place during appeal process

CNN's Don Lemon: "The Biggest Terror Threat In This Country Is White Men"

Rage-Filled Progressives Embrace Cultural Marxism

Apple REMOVES Christian Ministry App After Complaints From LGBT Activists

Sen. Graham: Trump will protect Kurds in Syria, defeat Islamic State

Senator Graham: Trump slowing down troop pullout from Syria

US troops withdraw from first base in Syria

Unknown assassins kill leader of Kurdish-backed council in Syria

Turkey, Israel and the American Withdrawal from Syria

If Dems keep rejecting Trump’s border-wall compromise offers, they WILL OWN the shutdown

Illegal Alien Felon Accused of Aiding Alleged Cop Killer was Deported Twice


Trump claims 'wall' around Obamas' DC home is 'same thing' as border wall

Trump pushes back on Kelly claim: All concrete wall was ‘never abandoned’

Columnist Marc Thiessen: Democrats Are Demanding Absolute Submission While Trump Is Trying To Compromise

Giuliani suggests Mueller cover-up, charges Dems 'absolutely' could have prevented illegal immigrant cop killing

California Laws Kill Police—But Forget About That. It’s *Not* What This Is About

2018 In Review

The 2018 Breitbart News Fake News Awards

Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 with 41 Million Killed

Sarah Sanders’ Top Moments in 2018 as White House Press Secretary

9 Times Hollywood Celebrities Attacked First Lady Melania Trump in 2018: ‘Feckless Complicit Piece of Sh*t

The Kavanaugh Inquisition – the story of America 2018

IDF looks back on 2018: 865 strikes, 20 terror tunnels destroyed

Pres. Trump Did Away With Several Obama-Era Energy Rules In 2018

Top Headlines of 2018: American Politics

Top Headlines of 2018: The Economy

Top 10 Global Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Incidents of 2018

Terry McAuliffe on 2020 Democratic Candidates: "We ALL Support Medicare For All"

Giuliani Challenges Mueller — ‘Put Up or Shut Up’

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF looks back on 2018: 865 strikes, 20 terror tunnels destroyed

'We had an opportunity to assassinate Assad,' top Israeli official reveals

Israel protests image of Jordanian minister stepping on flag

PM Netanyahu Awarded Brazil’s Highest National Award

Senator Cruz Introduces Bill to Impose Sanctions on Palestinian Officials for Rewarding Terrorism

PA sentences American to life in prison with hard labor: For selling land to Jews

Demand NY Times Apologize for Whitewashing Terror Group, Hiding the Truth

Palestinians Fail to Explain How ‘Ending the Occupation’ Will Change Their Lives

Assad authorizes Iraqi forces to strike Islamic State in Syria

Five arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorist attack in Netherlands

Brazil’s President-Elect to Decree Protections on Citizens’ Right to Own Guns

December 29-30, 2018

Key News

John Kerry’s family in legal battle to keep walls around lavish French villa: Concerned about terrorism

Lindsey Graham’s Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi Nails The Border Situation

Trump Administration Takes Big Steps To Strengthen Ties With Israel

Top 12 MAGA Moments for Donald Trump in 2018

17 Most Epic Hollywood Meltdowns of 2018 from Kavanaugh to Caravans

Issa (R-CA): ‘Democrats Have Already Planned Impeachment

Illegal Immigrant Suspected Of Killing Calif. Police Officer Is Captured

CA Sheriff: Cop Killer, Known Gang Member And Convict, Is Protected By “Sanctuary” Laws

Caravan Of 15K Migrants Plans To Leave Honduras In Mid-January

As Shutdown Lingers, Trump Escalates Battle for Border Wall

Nancy Pelosi "Endures" Partial Government Shutdown at Luxury Resort in Hawaii

Dead 8-Year-Old Migrant Boy’s Mother Makes A Disturbing Confession

Maine governor scribbles 'stolen election' on certificate confirming Democrat's election win

Israel/Palestinian War

Analysis: Netanyahu is not going anywhere

Strategy for Likud's election campaign

Ex-IDF chief Gantz officially jumps into political fray

IDF Strikes Hamas' Post After Rocket Fire

US reiterates support for Israel's right to defend itself

Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Be Deterred From Acting In Syria, or Anywhere Else

Russia Blames Israel for Endangering Civilian Flights in Damascus Strike

Israel Hits Iranian Arms Depot in Syria, Wounds Senior Hezbollah Leaders

Israel Destroys Fifth Hezbollah Terror Tunnel

Hundreds of Ukrainian Jews Make Aliyah as 2018 Comes to a Close

PM Netanyahu to attend presidential inauguration in Brazil after all

'Israel is a technological superpower': Brazil's President-elect

INTO THE FRAY Palestine: What if the Six-Day War never took place?

Netanyahu departs for Brazil for inauguration of new pro-Israel president

Can Russia Successfully Mediate Israeli-Palestinian Peace?

'Never Trumpers' Fantasize About Tanking U.S. Economy so GOP Backs Impeachment of Donald Trump

Moore, Ortiz: The Fed Must Repeal Its Disastrous Rate Increases

China Promotes Plans for January Meeting with U.S.

NJ Residents Not Surrendering ‘High Capacity’ Magazines to State Police


December 28, 2018

Key News

Donald Trump Defies ‘Fake News’ CNN: ‘I Will Sign’ MAGA Hats for the Troops

Google erases Kurdistan from maps in compliance with Turkish gov.

Trump's Syria Solution: "Isn't 16 years of irresolvable conflict and American deaths and maiming in the Mid-East enough?"

Trump visits troops in Germany after surprise Iraq stop

Supreme Court hands Mueller investigation major defeat

Dow rallies 1,000 points, logging its biggest single-day point gain ever

Farrakhan awash in federal dollars, anti-Semitic hate notwithstanding

Director Jaco Booyens: Unsecured Borders a Cash Cow to Child Sex Trade

Ocasio-Cortez Calls Jesus A ‘Refugee’

Sheila Jackson-Lee Quietly Introduces Bill To Block Taxpayer Money From Building The Wall

Police: Illegal Alien Suspected of Killing Officer Day After Christmas

RNC Chair: ‘Shameful’ Dems Never Support Our Men and Women Serving at the Border

Syria News

Did Israel request US withdrawal from Syria?

United States Decision to Withdraw Forces from Syria: Significance for Israel

US exit from Syria: Between the spin and the truth

US troops to leave Syria via Erbil’s Harir airbase

Syria accuses Israel of attacking Damascus

Satellite images reveal Iranian facility destroyed in Syria strike

Arab League ready to readmit Syria

"Turkey Amasses Troops, Tanks on Syrian Border as U.S. Prepares Pullout"

Manbij Military Council leader says no sign of Turkish attack

Israel/Palestinian War

U.S., Israel Work To Block Unilateral Palestinian Statehood Drive At U.N.

Russia Blames Israel for Endangering Civilian Flights in Damascus Strike

Tens of Millions earmarked for security in Judea and Samaria

Trump: We give Israel $4.5 billion every year, they'll be safe even after our Syrian withdrawal

'We have deprived Hezbollah of its attack tunnels': PM Netanyahu

Palestinian police kick Hamas speaker out of Ramallah

The War in Gaza Is NOT Over

Israel’s Knesset Officially Dissolves, Ushering April 9 Elections

‘We Are Proud of You,’ Netanyahu Tells Christian IDF Soldierss

Israel unveils production line for F-35 wings: Composite material allows fighter to virtually disappear from radar

U.S. Is Awash with Natural Gas and More Production Is on Its Way

ICE unexpectedly drops hundreds of migrants at El Paso bus station

VLAD’S NUKE ISLAND: Russia is setting up a military base on Caribbean island to host NUCLEAR BOMBERS


19 States Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Ban on Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

Coming Soon: Canada's Legal Child Euthanasia



December 27, 2018

Key News

"Turkey Amasses Troops, Tanks on Syrian Border as U.S. Prepares Pullout"

Turkey Determined to Push East of Euphrates 'As Soon as Possible'

‘Kick Them Out’: Syrian Women Tell Europe to Send Men Home to Rebuild Country

1,000,000 Gun Owners Refuse To Obey Gun Ban

Ohio Bans Dismemberment Abortions

Top Trump official calls bankers, will convene 'Plunge Protection Team': "Banks have ample liquidity available for lending"

Leftist Women’s March Being Torn Apart from Within Over Hate for Jews

President Trump’s Christmas message for Democrats

Shutdown Could Affect 800,000 Workers, Force Trump to Skip Florida Vacation

Christians at risk of extinction in land where Christmas began

Trump: Contract Awarded to Build 115 Miles of Border Wall in Texas

New York Times Pressures Credit Card Giants to Blacklist Gun Purchasers

Police: Armed Shoppers Stop Shoplifters from Stealing Power Tools from Store

IAF Drama in the Skies Above Damascus

Gaza terrorists warn locals: 'Celebrating Christmas is evil'

Retiring Rep. Jimmy Duncan Salutes President Trump For Troop Withdrawal From Syria

Mount Ebal: The Lost Altar Scientists Refuse to Find

CHUCK AND NANCY TWEET IDENTICAL Anti-Trump Christmas Eve Messages In Embarrassing Gaffe

ALYSSA MILANO Gets BURNED When She Mocks Triple Amputee Veteran’s GoFundMe Effort To Build Trump Wall

Read The Vile Hate Mail Sent To Triple Amputee Veteran Behind #GoFundTheWall: Encouraged By Liberal Media And Celebrities

North Carolina State University Launches 'Satanic Student's Club' To Promote Humanism, Self-Love, and the Individual Will

President Trump Signs Bill To Name Virginia Post Office After Fallen Army Capt. Khan: Khizr Khan praised Hillary at Dem Convention

Democrats Accused Of Anti-Catholic Bias Against Nominee For Neb. Judicial Seat

Mueller Special Counsel Erased Texts Between Strozk and Page



December 24-25, 2018

Eruption/Tsunami News

Indonesian Tsunami: Fresh eruption causes panic as search and rescue teams struggle to reach remote villages - "At least 429 people have been killed"

No warning meant no escape from Indonesia tsunami

"I felt I was about to die": Indonesian band member recalls scene after tsunami struck

Breaking News

Top Trump official calls bankers, will convene 'Plunge Protection Team': "Banks have ample liquidity available for lending"

Trump blasts Fed as the 'only problem' with the economy

Chief Justice Roberts’ Blocking Contempt Ruling in Robert Mueller Probe Could Lead to Secret Supreme Court Argument

Trump Says Contract Awarded to Build 115 Miles of Border Wall in Texas

Stealth Indonesia tsunami turns perfect night into instant nightmare

Indonesia tsunami death toll rises above 370 as authorities fear second wave

Tsunami wave strikes Indonesian pop band during show

Aerials show the aftermath of the tsunami

FBI, DHS: No ‘Specific’ Christmas Threats to U.S. Despite Jihadi Menace

Key News

Merry Christmas—We’re All Gonna Die (Again)!

Poll: More Americans in Holiday Spirit Now than in 2010

Netanyahu's Coalition Collapses: Israel Heading To Elections On April 9th

IDF Raises Alert Level as Hamas Threatens Renewed Attacks

Pro-Choice Dem. Senators Attack Judicial Nominee for His Catholic Faith

Lessons Learned From Impeachment, Clinton’s Case Gives Dems Reason To Proceed Cautiously

Super Blood Moon To Pass Over U.S. Capital on Trump’s Pesident-aversary - January 21

President Trump: I Gave Jim Mattis A Second Chance after Barack Obama Fired Him

Trump rips Mattis, McGurk after resignations

Backed by Christian Organization, House Passes 'Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act'

China Promoting Trade Talk Progress That Trump Demanded Months Ago

Trump’s Year of Tariffs: American Manufacturing Optimism Soars to Record High

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Looks To Boost Economic Confidence

Ivanka Trump Successfully Pushes House To Pass Women’s Entrepreneurship Act

War Of Words Continues Between Turkish President, Israeli Prime Minister

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF Raises Alert Level as Hamas Threatens Renewed Attacks

Israel Fends Off Terror From All Sides

Egypt steps in to curb Gaza border violence

US should recognize Golan as Israeli

PM: Elections possible now that Hezbollah tunnels are neutralized

Netanyahu's Coalition Collapses: Israel Heading To Elections On April 9th

Top Iranian official predicts corruption will annihilate Israel

PM Netanyahu: US withdrawal from Syria will not affect Israel

Fmr Mossad head warned Russia: 'States will begin to disintegrate from within'

Liberal American Jewish Federation crossing line in Israel criticism

Seventh Heavy Lifter"Shimshon" delivered to the IAF: C-130J Super Hercules military aircraft

INTO THE FRAY: Commanders taking the name of Israel's security in vain

Read The Vile Hate Mail Sent To Triple Amputee Veteran Behind #GoFundTheWall: Encouraged By Liberal Media And Celebrities

Democrat Tells Tucker: Democrat Party Has Gone ‘Absolutely Crazy’

It Gets Better: CNN’s “Reporter Of The Year” Claas Relotius Embezzled Donations Away From Syrian Street Children




December 22-23, 2018

Key News

Shutdown Imminent: Congress Adjourns Until After Funding Deadline

Partial government shutdown triggered as funding lapses amid border wall dispute -- YouTube

The Latest: Dems blame Trump’s “temper tantrum” for shutdown

Supreme Court rejects Trump plea to enforce asylum ban

President Trump Signs First Step Act: Sweeping criminal justice reform

LeBron James Whines: ‘Old White’ NFL Owners Have ‘Slave Mentality’ -- James is worth more than $100 Billion

Pope Tells Sexually Abusive Priests to Turn Themselves In: "Catholic Church will "never again" cover up clergy sex abuse

US aircraft carrier arrives in Persian Gulf, shadowed by Iranian boats

Trump Addresses Americans About Government Shutdown

Trump Keeps His Promise – Congress In Disbelief

A border wall by any other name ... is steel slats?

Jason Chaffetz: Trump's border wall may get funding after all (thanks to this dirty little Washington secret)

Triple Amputee Veteran draws millions in donations for Trump’s border wall using GoFundMe

Feds spend more in food stamps in ONE month than POTUS wants for entire YEAR of wall funding

Competing Border Wall GoFundMe Campaigns Belie America’s Direction: Proof positive that the democrats are doomed

CA’s Sanctuary Laws Protected Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered Two People: Was deported twice

WHEN JUDGE SULLIVAN HEARS ABOUT THIS…“‘Catch and release’ will be replaced with ‘catch and return’ ”

Israel/Palestinian War

UN Appeals to the World to Fund Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ Policy

‘Palestinian Terror Will Not Uproot Us,’ Netanyahu Declares at Site of Atttack

Poll: Majority of Palestinians Want Hamas’ Leadership

Mattis cancels trip to Israel

Hamas says teen killed along Gaza border

Lebanon's border is tense as Israel excavates 'Hezbollah tunnels'

Jewish woman attacked by two teens in Paris suburb

Paris jewelry store says Ben Gurion Airport is in 'occupied territory'

Gog-Magog War Is Building

Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia join forces against Iran in Syria

Trump Is Smarter Than the Generals

President Trump Fights To Bring Troops Home From Syria: Democrats Fight For More War

Pompeo: The US isn't giving up the fight against ISIS

Erdogan delays Syria operation, welcomes US troop withdrawal

Trump Is Right About Syria (and Turkey)




Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia join forces against Iran in Syria

Vienna: One dead, others wounded in shooting at famous Figlmüller Restaurant

Somalia: Deadly blasts rock Mogadishu near presidential palace

Ethnic violence forces thousands from Ethiopia into Kenya

American Christian Artists Might be JAILED for Refusing to Work With Same-Sex Weddings ------- "As In The Days of Lot"

LeBron James Whines: ‘Old White’ NFL Owners Have ‘Slave Mentality’ -- James is worth more than $100 Billion


December 21, 2018

Breaking News

Senate Advances House Spending Bill with Wall Funding

Supreme Court rejects Trump plea to enforce asylum ban

Erdogan delays Syria operation, welcomes US troop withdrawal

Reporter who broke news of Steele dossier used to surveil ex-Trump aide calls its claims largely 'false'

Key News

‘On to the Senate’ — Donald Trump Celebrates House Victory for Border Security Funding Bill

Defense Secretary James Mattis Calls It Quits: At the end of February

Trump Administration Considering Withdrawing U.S. Troops from Afghanistan: One even warning of a 'military coup'

The border wall fundraiser is already among GoFundMe's top 5 campaigns ever

Support for Wall Hits Record High

Dept. Of Homeland Security To Make Asylum Seekers Wait In Mexico As Cases Are Processed

DHS Nielsen announces deal with Mexico to overhaul asylum process, combat 'catch and release'

WH Adviser on Border Crisis: Democrats Fight for Illegal Immigrants, Trump Fights for Americans

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel And The Structural Islamic Discrimination of The UN.

‘We hear Hamas digging terror tunnels,’ say residents of Israel’s south

UN Security Council to Discuss Hezbollah Terrorist Tunnels In Emergency Session

Is Lebanese Army Aiding and Abetting Hezbollah? Israel Thinks So

UN slashes more aid to Palestinians

Palestinian opens fire at site of deadly Samaria attack

Knesset committee contradicts ombudsman’s assessment, says IDF ready for war

UN Appeals to the World to Fund Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ Policy

Abbas: How Dare Israelis Take Measures to Fight Terrorism?

Nikki Haley Replacement, Heather Nauert, Helped Further Trump Administration’s Pro-Israel Platform

Legal Decision As To Whether to Indict Netanyahu Is Coming Quickly

Northern Africa / Middle East - Supernation #7

"Free Kurdistan" Forming

Israel’s ‘unofficial’ reaction to US pullout from Syria: Disappointment

Trump’s Controversial Decision to Pull Out Of Syria Sets World Teetering

Trump Critics Call for Removal from Office over Syria Withdrawal

Syrian Kurds look to Damascus, Moscow to stop Turkish attack

If Syria crisis escalates, Kurdistan Region may see new wave of refugees

Trump decision to withdraw from Syria opposed by senior advisors

As US sanctions bite, Iran increases trade with Iraq, Kurdistan Government

Syrian Kurdish leaders due in Paris to discuss US pullout

Border Boss Just Exposed Enormous Obama Secret The Media Helped Hide For Them

Trump Administration Will Require Millions of Able-Bodied Welfare Recipients to Get a Job

Reorganizing World Into The Prophetic Ten Supernations

North American Union -- USMCA -- Supernation #1

‘Possible quagmire’ awaits new trade deal in Congress: Big Business is nearing panic

USMCA: Trump Signs New Trade Agreement With Mexico And Canada To Replace NAFTA

Why the U.S. Chamber supports USMCA (U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement)

Trump Tweets USMCA Will Pay For Border Wall: Experts Are Skeptical

Dunlop Joins the USMCA as Official Tire Partner

USMCA Announces 2nd Annual Motorcycle Summit Registration Is Now Open!

In Dec. 2008 Al Gore Said Arctic Ice Cap Would Be Gone In 5 Years, It’s Still Here

The Latest Prison Reform is Not Real Prison Reform

California Cops ‘Frustrated’ With Sanctuary Laws


December 20, 2018

Breaking News

Trump Resurrects Farmer Performance Video as He Signs Farm Bill

Gun Rights Supporters Outraged over Donald Trump’s Bump Stock Ban

Dept. Of Homeland Security To Make Asylum Seekers Wait In Mexico As Cases Are Processed

Criminal Justice Reform Bill Headed To President’s Desk

Key News

Once Invisible Now Exposed: Once invisible force behind so many obstacles to freedom has now been unmasked

Democrat Judge Says U.N. Rules Require Deported Migrants Be Flown Back into U.S.: Judge Emmet Sullivan

World Follows Trump’s Lead: Nations Abandon Legal ‘Framework’ Building UN Migration Pact

More countries will not sign UN Migration Pact – Hungarian FM

They Lied: The UN Migration Pact IS legally binding and could be valid FOR ALL countries

Trump: I Will Not Sign Democrat Legislation Without Funds for Border Security

Mark Meadows (R-NC): President Trump, Veto this Spending Bill, Fight for the Wall


Israel/Palestinian War

Escalation in the West Bank: The Need for a Change in Israeli Strategy and Policy

The Palestinian Terrorist Pioneering Spirit

Israel: Gunmen behind Ofra and Givat Assaf shootings are brothers

Watch: The failed 'two-state solution'

Netanyahu to host fifth Israel-Greece-Cyprus summit today: discuss regional strategic issues, including plan to lay a gas pipeline from Israel to Europe

Northern Africa / Middle East - Supernation #7

"Free Kurdistan" Forming

Trump pullout from Syria leaves Israel alone to battle

Rouhani and Erdogan meet following US decision on Syria

Iran’s likely resurgence

PM Netanyahu: We will step up our efforts against Iran in Syria after US pullout

How Russia Defeated America In Syria

Masoud Barzani expresses concern for Kurdish nation on US withdrawal from Syria


December 19, 2018

Breaking News

Chicago Tribune: Gun Control Not the Solution for American Firearm Deaths

Financial Times Names George Soros ‘Person of the Year’

Senator Schumer (D-NY): WH Needs Congressional Approval to Reallocate Money to Wall, They Won’t Get It

Mueller deliberately withheld the most crucial and exculpatory piece of evidence from Judge Sullivan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has No Idea She Just Busted Out Obamacare’s Massive Failures

Goodwin: Trump faces far greater scrutiny and investigations than the Clintons under a new double standard of justice

Key News

UN hit list can bypass Congress and fund Trump border wall

Today’s Chaos Over Flynn Sentencing Is Result Of FBI Entrapment

Former Prosecutor: My Colleagues Coerce Innocent People — Like Flynn — To Plead Guilty Every Day

‘Beyond Unfair’: Flynn ‘got railroaded.’ Judge was either ‘unprepared or vindictive,’ says ABC News analyst

Democrat-Appointed Judge Lambastes Flynn

Attorney Sidney Powell: Mueller Has Destroyed Evidence And Obstructed Justice In Flynn Case – Mueller’s Time Is Up

U.S. Rightly Rejects UN Global Compact on Refugees

State Department Pledges $10 Billion to Develop Central America, Southern Mexico

French Generals Allegedly Label President Macron a ‘Traitor’ over UN Migration Pact

Russia To Move Troops To Disputed Kuril Islands Near Japan

PM May’s Train Wreck: How The EU Outplayed The UK In Brexit

For Trump and the journalists, the party's over

America Will Not Stand For The Coup Being Realized

EPA Rolls Back Job-Killing Obama Rules

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro Uninvites Cuba, Venezuela from Presidential Inauguration

Senate approves Trump-backed criminal justice overhaul: House approval expected overwhelmingly

Trump offers more farm aid to protect against Chinese trade war retaliation

Israel/Palestinian War

God is calling them Home now!

PA Paid 1.2 Billion Shekels for Terrorism in 2018

Israel reveals Hezbollah's latest cross-border terror tunnel

IDF Chief of Staff visits northern forces

PM Netanyahu: Hezbollah plotting to 'conquer part of Galilee' through use of tunnels

Why is Hezbollah so quiet about the destruction of their attack tunnels?

Netanyahu: In Syria, IDF is fighting against Iran alone

Investigation: IDF Is Ready For War, But Future Budget Cuts Could Weaken Military

What's Guiding Israel's Actions On The Lebanon Border?

EU tells Trump: Peace deal must include Palestinian state

Australian Labor party passes resolution to recognize ‘Palestine’

Sanhedrin Invites Nikki Haley to be Honorary President of Organization of 70 Nations

Reorganizing World Into The Prophetic Ten Supernations

North American Union -- USMCA -- Supernation #1

Former top Dem says new Trump trade deal could be "better" than NAFTA

NAFTA 2.0: The Wins and Losses in the new Trade Agreement USMCA

Trump Claims Mexico Is Still 'Paying For The Wall' Thanks to Money Saved With USMCA

Trump insists military will build the border wall

Northern Africa / Middle East - Supernation #7

"Free Kurdistan" Forming

Who speaks for the Kurds?

‘ISIS defeated in Syria,’ says Trump, amid reports of US troop withdrawal

US denies Turkey has green light to attack Kurdish areas of Northern Syria

ISIS has executed 700 prisoners since Hajin ouster on Friday

Children in poor, rural areas of Kurdistan Region being left behind: UNICEF

Kurdistan to develop ties with Germany in all sectors: PM Barzani

SDF Commander: Russia pushing Turkey to attack US-backed forces

Economic News

U.S. Secures 20-year Deal to Supply Natural Gas to Poland

President Trump Heading to Davos World Economic Forum in January

Trump Urges Federal Reserve to ‘Feel the Market’ Before Raising Interest Rates

EU’s Importance Wanes as German Economy Shrinks, Loses Business Confidence

Study: Trump’s Aluminum Tariffs Creating Thousands of American Jobs

Boycott-hit Chick-fil-A flying high in fast-food rankings

Seedy Chicago Abortion Facility Calls 911 for Patient Suffering Seizures During Abortion



December 18, 2018

Breaking News

Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Postponed: Judge Backs Off ‘Treason’ Questions

Former Prosecutor: My Colleagues Coerce Innocent People — Like Flynn — To Plead Guilty Every Day

Journalist Who Broke News Of Steele Dossier Admits Much Of It ‘Likely False’

Trump Might Learn to Relish Any Impeachment Proceedings

Angel Moms Call Out Nancy Pelosi: Would You Support Border Wall if It Saved Your Loved One?

White House Signals ‘Other Ways’ to Fund Border Wall to Avoid Gov. Shutdown

Arizona Gov. Appoints Rep. Martha McSally to Replace Jon Kyl in Senate

Key News

Mueller Special Counsel Releases Original ‘302’ of Michael Flynn Interview

Flynn 302 Report Finalized Three Weeks After Ambush Interview – Strzok Text Messages Show McCabe Approved Wording

FBI Releases Key Steele Dossier Document: Unverified Charges

REPORT: Russia Targeted Mueller In Disinformation Campaign

Christopher Steele: I Was Hired to Help Hillary Clinton Challenge the 2016 Election Results

WashPost Columnist: 2018 Elections Mark ‘Beginning of the End’ of ‘Gun Lobby’

Victims Of Illegal Alien Violence Rally For Stronger Border Security

Democrats Funded ‘Wall’ Under Bush, Obama–Refuse Same Barrier to Trump

Democrat Reps., Lawyers Escort Caravan Migrants Across the Border

White House Communications Official Says President Trump ‘Very Focused’ On Wall Funding

Clemson Prof in NYT: Human Extinction ‘Might Just Be a Good Thing’, Because of Global Warming

Media Warns Democrats Not to Nominate White Guys in 2020: "hell to pay if the Party nominates white males"

No Confidence Vote Back On: Corbyn Files Motion Against PM After All

Business Group: Labor Shortages in Trump’s Economy Boost Blue-Collar Voters

Israel/Palestinian War

PA official Saeeb Erekat: All of Jerusalem on table

Are Israelis Living in Judea and Samaria ‘Settlers’?

Knesset caucus demands ouster of Hebron civilian observer force in wake of new revelation

Is Israel Facing Third Lebanon War and New Intifada?

Hamas Celebrates 31 Years of Terror, Hate, and Destruction

Watch: Inside Hezbollah terror tunnel

Tunnels and Terror: How Terror Organizations Got A PhD in Tunneling

Prime Minister visits scene of deadly terror attack: Local officials urge PM to bar Palestinian traffic in area

It’s the Tenth of Tevet 5789, and Jerusalem is under siege again!

PM Netanyahu to Attend Bolsonaro Inauguration As Brazilian President

Can These Kurdish Fighters Help The U.S. Out of a Crisis In Syria?

Qatar's Doha Forum Gives Iran A Platform In Post-ISIS Middle East



December 17, 2018

Key News

Emails Reveal Obama Admin’s Push To Create Russia Scandal Hours Before Trump’s Inauguration

The Globalist Mindset: They Hate You

Joy Reid And Guest Fantasize About Ivanka Being Arrested: ‘Only Way We’re Really Going To Get To Trump Is If You Go After His Kids’ (Video)

Two More Good Reasons to Shut Down Mueller’s Probe

The ‘Trump Doctrine’ Is the Future of Conservative Foreign Policy

CBO Suggests $1 Trillion Carbon Tax: Even Though France Reels From Anti-Carbon Tax Riots

Trump Needs To Take His Border Wall Pitch To The Voters And Expose Democrat Hypocrisy: Mike Huckabee

Is the Pacific Ring of Fire Getting Ready for the End-of-Days?

Yellowstone Volcano Was Hit by Earthquake Swarm of 2,500 Tremors

British Schools Ordered to Teach Eight-Year-Olds That ‘Boys Can Have Periods Too’

British Judge Blocks Deportation of Rapist Who Faked Christian ‘Conversion’

Labour British Official: Jews responsible for all wars in the world

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel has missiles that can reach any target through- out the Middle East: PM Netanyahu

The Price of Territorial Withdrawal

The moment PA realized Trump was moving US embassy to Jerusalem

IDF Uncovers Fourth Hezbollah Attack Tunnel

Lebanese soldiers aim weapons at IDF forces working along border

Wounded IDF Soldier's Message – We are strong and will triumph”

Israel Defense Officials: We can contain terror wave

How did IDF bus come into range of Hamas anti-tank missile?

Russia warns Lebanon against violations of Israeli territory

Judea and Samaria residents protest: 'We are done being silent'

Malaysian PM: No country has right to recognize Jerusalem

U.S. Navy May Stop Docking in Haifi After Chinese Take Over Port

Israel’s Well-Documented Economic Optimism

European Professionals Visit Israel to Study Innovation and Entrepreneurship

‘Martyrs’ Killed by Jews Receive ‘Double Heavenly Reward': Says Palestinian Cleric

PM Netanyahu: We’re building normal ties with Arab world without Palestinian peace deal

Democratic Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib plans to wear a traditional Palestinian dress to her swearing-in ceremony next month at Congress

Iranian general accidentally kills himself while cleaning his pistol

U.S. Internet Speeds Skyrocket One Year After Net Neutrality Was Lifted

Federal Court Blocks Trump Admin’s Religious Exemption for Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

Pope Francis Lauds U.N. ‘Global Compact’ for Immigration

The Truman Show Is Now, The Trump Show Is Coming

U.S.-Backed Kurdish Fighters Digging Trenches In Syria Ahead Of Turkish Attack


December 15-16, 2018

Key News

Federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional

A Lesson For Americans: Venezuelan Exile Rues The Day They Let Hugo Chavez Take Their Guns, Now At the Mercy of Government

The ‘Trump Doctrine’ Is the Future of Conservative Foreign Policy

Trump's 11th Hour Offensive To Secure America's Southern Border

Trump Urges Democrats to Avoid Potential Partial Government Shutdown

Middle Eastern Women Coalition Endorses President Trump For 2020

Members Of Congress Will Now Have To Pay Out Of Pocket To Settle Sexual Harassment Claims

Sabotage: British Govt Blocking Discussion of Brexit Backstop Alternatives, Inquiry Demanded

Documents Reveal Obama State Department Urgently Provided Classified ‘Russiagate’ Documents to Multiple Senators Immediately Ahead of Trump Inauguration

The exact moment that the House Committee learned there is an active ongoing criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation

Congressional Witnesses Claim FBI Is Investigating Clinton Foundation

The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year: Trump's cancels annual event

Reporter John Solomon: DIA has document completely exonerating Michael Flynn but REFUSES to release it

Congressional Budget Office Suggests $1 Trillion Carbon Tax Even After France Reels From Anti-Carbon Tax Riots


Dennis Quaid: ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Controversy Has Gone ‘a Little Far’

Trump Announces: Mick Mulvaney Will Serve as Acting Chief of Staff

Matt Gaetz (R-FL): My ‘Informed Guess’ Is Kushner Will Be Next Chief of Staff

Robert Mueller Gives Michael Flynn’s ‘302’ to Judge: Agents Thought He Did Not Lie

Michael Flynn Judge Requests FBI Interview Records Before Sentencing

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinian Arabs clash with IDF near Ramallah

PA security forces beat Hamas protesters with batons

Nahal Haredi soldier who was murdered in Givat Assaf attack is laid to rest

Judea and Samaria always on edge

Soldier killed in shooting thanked God for 'privilege of defending Israel'

Divorce the Palestinians? The Conflict Isn't Territorial

ACT NOW! Demand that Temple U Fire Marc Lamont Hill!

ICE Deports Quarter of a Million Illegal Aliens, 6K Gang Members in 2018

Trump Hikes Arrests of Illegal Aliens to Highest Level in Four Years

Rio Grande Valley Stash House "take down" leads to Sex Offender Arrest

Deceased Migrant Girl’s Father Did Not Report Illness for 7 Hours: Media smears Border Patrol as "KILLERS"!


GM Will Offer 2,700 Jobs to Workers at Closing Plants

Tis the Season: Strong Holiday Spending Gives Big Boost to Retail Spending

China Says It Will Suspend Its Anti-US Car Tariff for Three Months

Economists versus CFOs: 90% of Economists See No Recession in 2019

"Free Kurdistan" Nation Is Forming

The Turkish state and Kurds — incompatible since 1923

Sheikh Abdulsalam’s vision for Kurdistan still inspires 104 years later

WATCH: Sihela – Sinjar road opens more than a year after Kurdish, Iraqi forces clashed

U.S.-Allied Kurdish Fighters Capture Last Town Under Islamic State Control

Hundreds mourn at burials in Makhmour for Kurds killed in Turkish airstrikes

US legislators express warmth toward Kurds

Kurdistan 24 in Hajin: US-backed forces advance amid Islamic State tunnels, snipers

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad arrives in Kurdistan: Meeting with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister

Kurdish refugees from Iran plead for UN & KRG winter assistance

December 14, 2018


Key News

Iran says U.N.-led ceasefire in Yemen's Hodeidah is step toward peace

.S. Spends $116B Per Year On Illegal Alien Welfare: Border Wall Costs Only $25B

Trump Vows to Build Wall Without Congress

President Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Considered For Next Chief Of Staff

Both Cases Against Trump Are Falling Apart In Real Time

The Federal Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Just Dropped A Major Bombshell

DOJ/FBI Miss Grassley Deadline for Info on Raid on Uranium One Whistleblower…Hmmm

Alan Dershowitz Rips Mueller’s ‘False’ Prosecutions

Commission Investigating Parkland School Shooting Votes 13-1 to Arm Teachers

Report: Clinton Foundation caught misleading the IRS

Strasbourg market attack suspect killed in French police shootout

Egyptian President: Migrants Must ‘Abide by Laws, Customs, Traditions, and Culture’ of the West

Americans Pay Lower Utility Rates in All 50 States Thanks to GOP Tax Cuts

House Democrats Plan New Traffic Tax

Nancy Pelosi due to be America's oldest House Speaker

Alleged Russian Spy Cooperating Before Hearing: U.S. Officials

Justice Dept. Recovers Missing Strzok Text Messages

Trump, in Fox News interview, says he never ‘directed’ Michael Cohen ‘to do anything wrong’

David Hogg Is Still Trolling Marco Rubio, and Still Getting Schooled for It

Pres. Trump Responds To MSNBC Host Brzezinksi’s Homophobic Slur On His Cabinet Member

Why are CNN and MSNBC Such Cesspits of Racism and Bigotry?

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinians seriously wound IDF soldier in rock attack near Beit El

IDF names 2 soldiers killed in Samaria terror ambush

Abbas spokesman blames Israel for newborn’s killing in Ofra terror attack

Gun Attacks In West Bank Brings Back Memories of Worse To Come

PM Netanyahu launches major crackdown to combat Palestinian terror attacks

Israeli Forces Eliminate 2 Murderous Palestinian Terrorists

Opinion: Israelis don’t want to ‘settle scores,’ they want a policy of deterrence

Abbas’ Party Hails Terrorists Behind Recent Attacks as ‘Heroic Martyrs’

Canadian opposition condemns Palestinian terror, government silent

Hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators clash with IDF north of Ramalla

Guatemala Tells Israel: ‘Our Friendship Will Last Forever’

The strategic importance of bolstering Jewish settlements: In a narrow area on the Mediterranean coast"

Judea and Samaria are always on edge

Parents pull 11-year-old Joshua Trump out of school after he was bullied, hazed for his last name


December 13, 2018

Key News

Trump Tricks Chuck and Nancy into Owning Border Crisis During Oval Office Meeting: Was first round in 2020 Presidential Campaign

VP Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Vote After Outgoing Republican Senator Tries to Block Trump Judicial Nominee

Michael Cohen Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

Economic Experts Praise President Trump’s Supply Side Plan For Economic Successes

Canada Releases China’s Huawei CFO

Sports Illustrated Chooses Christine Blasey Ford To Present Award To Sexual Assault Survivor

Strasbourg Terror Suspect Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Attack, Has 27 Prior Criminal Convictions

NJ State Police: ‘No Plans to Go Door-to-Door’ to Enforce "High-Capacity" Magazine Ban

Democratic Socialists of America Is a Communist Organization

Migration from an Islamist perspective

Israel/Palestinian War

Fatah Calls On Palestinians To Confront the IDF, thus Escalating Situation

Palestinian terrorist shot and killed two Israeli soldiers Thursday morning in Judea and Samaria

This is how the Barkan terrorist was eliminated

Born too soon, dead too soon: Opinion

Bereaved Mother: 'I will bring many more babies into the world'

Israelis don’t want to ‘settle scores,’ they want a policy of deterrence

PM Netanyahu: Israel’s ‘long arm’ will reach every terrorist

Hezbollah Tunnels Expose Iran’s War Machine inside Israel

IDF Official: Much of Hezbollah’s Arsenal Unable to be Precision-Guided

Selling Land to Jews Will Get Palestinians Killed

Croatia's purchase of Israeli jets stalled over necessary US approval

Israel, Russia agree to improve cooperation in Syria

IDF delegation reaches ‘understanding’ with Moscow

South Korea acquires Israel-developed missile warning system

Black BET Founder Bob Johnson Praises Donald Trump for Founding Opportunity and Revitalization Council

Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) Calls Out Dems: ‘Do Black Lives Only Matter in Election Years?’

Trump administration files Supreme Court appeal after Ninth Circuit ruling halting new asylum policy

One Indisputable Takeaway From Comey Performance: Thank God Trump Won

Strasbourg Christmas Market Shooting: Three Dead, 12 Injured

Strasbourg gunman ID'd as Islamic religious extremist, suspects arrested

Trump-Pelosi brawl sends Congress back to the drawing board on spending

Nancy Pelosi Questions President Trump’s Manhood After Oval Office Showdown

Democrats Can’t Find $5 Billion for Border Wall But Gifted Iranian Regime with $5.7 Billion and Pallet of Cash

U.S. Military Digs In For Long-Term Border Security Mission

Theresa May calls off MPs' vote on her Brexit deal

A Story of Massive Democrat Voter Fraud

Project Veritas Wins in Court Over Undercover Videos

Tucker: What crime has Trump committed?


December 12, 2018

Israel/Palestinian War

US poised to present Middle East peace plan 'soon'

PA input unwanted in ‘Deal of the Century’

Peace Index: Netanyahu Preferred Candidate to Serve as Israel’s Next PM

Serious IDF flaws spotlighted at Knesset meeting

PM warns Hezbollah against targeting tunnel operation

'We don't want a repeat of Yom Kippur War catastrophe'

Not everything can be decided in court

Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount: Third World War or Civil Rights Movement?

Survey: 38% of European Jews Considering Escape from Europe

'We recognized J'lem as Israel's capital because it's the truth': U.S. State Department Spokesman

'Hard to achieve peace when world won't condemn terror': White House envoy Jason Greenblatt

Nikki Haley Replacement, Heather Nauert, Helped Further Trump Administration’s Pro-Israel Platform

Judge Orders Stormy Daniels To Pay $293,000 In Legal Fees In Defamation Suit

U.S. House Passes Maternal Mortality Bill

Climate Change News

Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Gains Big Backer, but Shows Signs of Falling Apart

Across the World, Climate Alarmism Is in Retreat

As cities confront climate change, is density the answer?

Cartoon of the Day: Frozen

Sir David Attenborough Predicts the ‘Collapse of Civilization’ at UN Climate Summit


Saudi Arabia is no longer an oil influencer. Nor an ally to the U.S.: "If Saudis relinquish control of Mecca to Iran"

DNC Chair Complains That Voters Are Influenced By The ‘Pulpit On Sunday‘


December 12, 2018

Breaking News

Strasbourg, France: Christmas Market Shooting: Two Dead, 11 Injured

Trump clashes with Pelosi, Schumer on border security in explosive Oval Office meeting

Media Cover-Up: Middle Eastern men groom and rape girls as young as 10 in Finland

Palestinian Authority earmarks $340M for terrorists and martyrs in 2018 budget

Factory Job Openings Hit Record High: " tariffs are not hurting U.S. manufacturers"

On The Horizon! China Moves to Lower Tariffs on US Cars from 40% to 15%

Key News

Trump’s Trade Triumphs–Trade War Truce, Deals for Farmers, Prices for Consumers

Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts Reject Two Cases Involving Planned Parenthood

Separated Immigrant Families, Christine Blasey Ford Among Finalists for TIME’s 2018 Person of the Year

Senator Cory Booker refuses to condemn Farrakhan or Iran

Terrorism Charges: Coming Soon For New Mexico Jihadists?

Volunteer Shot While Campaigning for Chicago City Council Candidate

Why Is The Media Demanding Trump Impeachment 'NEWS'?

James Comey Admits He Knew Democrats Financed ‘Pee’ Dossier Before He Signed off on the FISA Warrant

Israel/Palestinian War

Security forces thwart 3 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria

Senior IDF brass heads to Russia to update Moscow on Hezbollah

Bahrain Defends Israeli Campaign to Eliminate Hezbollah Tunnels

Wave of Terror: 3 Palestinian Attacks in 24 Hours

Pregnant mother wounded in Arab drive-by shooting is recovering: Baby still in critical condition

IDF raids Palestinian news agency in hunt for gunmen

As Unrest Builds, A Volcano of Violence Is Waiting To Erupt In West Bank

PM Netanyahu Vows No Jew To Be Uprooted From West Bank As Long As He Leads

IDF uncovers another Hezbollah terror tunnel

UN General Assembly Legitimizes Hamas’s Evil Acts: Genocide against Jews is Hamas’ definition of “resistance"

Arab League warns Brazil against embassy relocation

Australia set to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Political Fallout: Macron Agrees to Murder "Mother Earth"

President Macron declares 'economic and social state of emergency'

“Your Time Is Up White People!” South African Government Sets Date For White Farmers To Give Up Land Without Compensation

Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy

Henry Kissinger warns tech, political leaders at White House about unregulated AI


December 11, 2018

Angela Merkel: Trump Has Almost Destroyed The New World Order

WHAT? Kavanaugh sides with liberals in Planned Parenthood case

Key News

Media Frenzy: Patriotism Or Treason?

Corsi sues Mueller over alleged grand jury leaks, seeks $350M in damages

'Collusion-gate', The Turkey Is Coming Out Of The Oven!

Andrew McCarthy: Feds Will Try to Indict Trump on Campaign Finance Charges

Rep. Nadler Floats Impeachment: Says New Mueller Revelations Could Justify Removing Trump

Deep State Mueller’s ‘Bombshell’ Court Filings Turned Out To Be ‘Duds’… Someone Please Tell Liberal Media And Especially CNN!

Senator King (I_ME): Third of the Country Would See Impeachment as ‘Revenge,’ ‘Coup


The British Empire Is Dead: Long Live the Empire!

Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Propose Reviving Death Tax

"The Worst Deal in History": PM Theresa May's Brexit Surrender

British PM Theresa May to delay key vote on Brexit deal to avoid huge defeat

One look and you're in: Biometric scanning now being rolled out in Atlanta International Airport

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu: Israel is Bulwark Against Iranian Take-Over of Middle East

Why “pro-Israel” is “pro-America”

UN Approves Terror, Torpedoes Peace

Amid tunnel tensions, Lebanese army sends troops to Israeli border

Understanding the Danger of Hezbollah on Israel’s Lebanon Border

Hezbollah takes close-range photos of IDF soldiers

Liberman: We transfer funds to Hamas and receive terror

Hamas Celebrates After Pregnant Jewish Woman Is Critically Injured When Terrorists Open Fire In Ofra, Israel

Ofra's Night of Terror: ‘He Shot the Pregnant Woman First’

Right-Wing Politicians Push For Bill To Legalize Outposts After Ofra Terror Attack

Palestinian man wanted for selling land to Jews murdered in Israel

Survey: 38% of European Jews Considering Escape from Europe

Oman has given Israeli airline El Al permission to enter its airspace

Israeli gas line to Jordan lauded as 'boost for peace'

Nine out of Ten European Jews Feel Mounting Anti-Semitism

Angela Merkel: Trump Has Almost Destroyed The New World Order

Hating America Has Become the New Normal Among the Left

Police shooting of hero with gun sparks call for national dialogue

Father Speaks Out After Daughter is Allegedly Murdered by Illegal Alien: ‘He Stabbed Her to Death’

Italy Adopts Hardline Immigration Law

U.S. Subsidizes Soros Radical Leftist Agenda Worldwide: New Judicial Watch Special Report Shows

Bumbling, Stumbling, Lying Nancy Pelosi Decries Trump/GOP Economic & Job Gains as harmful to America

Clinton Nightmare! Chief Financial Officer Of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant On Crime Family

President Trump Suggests Paris Climate Accord Agreement ‘Isn’t Working Out So Well For Paris’

The Snow Job In Poland: Paris climate treaty, would put the United Nations and IPCC in charge of our energy use

David Hogg: Someone Tell Marco Rubio Bible Verses Don’t Protect Kids from Bullets

DNC Chair Tom Perez Bashes Christianity as Republican Organizing Tool

Mounted Police and APCs Deployed as ‘Act IV’ of Yellow Vest Protests Unfolds

What do protesters in France want? Read 'official' Yellow Vest manifesto

Money Laundering & Swamp Rules: Who Benefits?

House GOP Releases Comey Transcript

Comey confirms FBI used unverified dossier paid for by Clinton and Dems to justify spying on Trump

Defeat and the Dossier Explain Everything

Senator Lindsey Graham: He Will ‘Get To The Bottom’ Of FISA Abuse As Senate Judiciary Chairman

Sovereignty and Transcendence: Why the Left Hates the Holidays

OPEC’s worst nightmare? Iraq could be next to abandon oil cartel

Oil Edges Down Following OPEC Production Cut Deal


December 8-9, 2018

Key News

Judge SHOCKS! Clinton Mails Are ‘One Of The Gravest Modern Offenses’ To Transparency’

Mueller Memo Details Michael Cohen’s Lying to Investigators on Russia: But, found no evidence that any Russian collusion exists

Dershowitz Predicts: Mueller Will Issue Report That Has ‘Political Sin’ and Not Crime

President Trump Will Name Pro-Life Bill Barr As Attorney General: He Strongly Opposes Roe v. Wade

New Attorney General: Let’s Call Him “The Mueller Crusher”

President Trump Calls For Vote On Prison Reform Proposal

‘Death Cross’ Portends More Near-Term Losses For U.S. Stocks, Then Rebound: No Crash

Macron’s France: Shock Video Shows Cops Line High Schoolers Against Wall

French police clash with 'yellow vest' protesters on Champs Elysees: Paris in lockdown

What was Going on at the Bush Funeral? Hillary, Biden and Pence all Received Mysterious Envelopes

Senate Judiciary Committee Cancels Meeting Over Sen. Flake’s Refusal To Vote

Mom of Daughter With Down Syndrome: OK to Abort Babies With it Because Their Care is Expensive

Tax Dollars Fund Purchasing Aborted Baby Parts to Transplant Their Brain Tissue Into Mice

Israel/Palestinian War

Campaign launched to Construct Messianic Golden Royal Crown

Time to Return Temple Artifacts to the Jewish People

Line Between Good and Evil becoming Clearer After Major Missile Strike in Syria

'Civilization is indebted to the Jewish people': President Trump speaking at White House Hanukkah reception

EU supports Israel in 'Northern Shield' operation

IDF Demands UN Force Neutralize Hezbollah Terror Tunnels

Netanyahu Says IDF May Be Forced to Act in Lebanon

Lebanese FM: Israel preparing for military assault

Palestinians: No Difference Between Hamas and Fatah

WATCH: Israel’s New Anti-Drone Tech Grounds Terror Groups

Germany’s Christian Democrats elect Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as Merkel's replacement

Mexico wants to end caravans: 4 Nations want to increase jobs in the region as a way to stem the flow of U.S.-bound migrants" - Comprehensive Central American Development Plan



December 7, 2018

Breaking News

‘Great Violence’ in Paris Anticipated as Police Staff Join Macron Protests

Boris: PM May Deal Lets EU ‘Bully and Blackmail’ UK into Fishing Industry Surrender

Largest Oil and Gas Reserves Ever Assessed Found in West Texas

Trump taps William Barr for attorney general, Heather Nauert for UN ambassador

President Trump Names Pro-Life Bill Barr As Attorney General: He Strongly Opposes Roe v. Wade

9th Circuit Judge Who Slammed Trump's Travel Ban Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised, FDR Was Not

Key News

H.W. Bush’s Finest 30 Seconds: The Willie Horton Ad - by Ann Coulter

PM May’s Ex-Chief of Staff: ‘This Week Brexit Was Finally Killed’

Hundreds of Pages of Evidence of Potential Wrongdoing By Clinton Foundation Given to US Attorney by P.I. Firm

#MeToo 2020: Sen. Kamala Harris Claims Ignorance Over Long-time Employee Sex Abuse Case

Murdoch’s Fox News Endorses Prison Reform Legislation

"Florida Georgia Line’s" Tyler Hubbard Doubles Down: Ban Private Gun Sales at Gun Shows, Flea Markets

William Barr Leading Contender for Trump’s Next Attorney General

FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet

Senator Grassley Demands Answers From Wray Over Raid Of Whistleblower On Clinton Foundation

NYT Admits DNA Test ‘Darkened Lingering Cloud’ over Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Ambitions

Winning: Fiat Chrysler to Build First New Auto Factory in Detroit in 27 Years

Jobless Claims Fell Last Week, Still No Signs of Tariff Strains

Temple of Satan Installs Holiday Statue in Illinois Statehouse

Classy Bush Funeral Reminds Us of Just How Awful the McCain Family Is

Israel/Palestinian War

UN General Assembly Fails to Adopt First-Ever Resolution Censuring Hamas

Sderot, Israel: From Missiles to Menorah

Ex IDF intel chief says PM revealed sensitive info to Hezbollah

Lebanon should be held accountable

MK Bennett says Israel will destroy Lebanon if war breaks out

The unknown at the end of the Hezbollah tunnel

IDF Official Reveals: Operation countering tunnels stunned Hezbollah beyond measure

Tunnel Vision: How The Next War With Hezbollah Might Have Looked -- "Conflict might also see the participation of US troops alongside the IDF"

Heather Nauert: How Does Trump's Ndew U.N. Ambassador Stack Up On Israel?

Amnesty slams Palestinian Authority for torturing Palestinian woman

Former Defense Minister: We knew about Hezbollah tunnels in 2014, but kept it quiet

Santa kneeling before Jesus deemed 'too violent' for Facebook

U.N. CHARGES FACEBOOK AIDING GENOCIDE: Risks facing war-crime trials for facilitating 'hate speech'



December 6, 2018

Breaking News

ANALYSIS: IDF's new gamechanger doctrine in the war against Iran

IDF Discovers Second Hezbollah Terrorist Tunnel Crossing Into Israel

How Much Blood Would Leftists Be Willing To Shed To Disarm Patriotic Americans?

Key News

Scrap All Nukes: Trump vows to grant Kim Jong Un's wishes

Iran’s Rouhani Mulls Blocking Critical Waterway, the Straits of Hormuz

Mueller’s Flynn Memo Disappoints Resisters: No Jail Time or Hints of Collusion

Singapore welcomes pause in US-China trade war

Nation Bids Farewell To 41st President George H.W. Bush

British PM Theresa May loses control over Brexit endgame in war with Parliament

Top US, Mexico diplomats meet in Washington amid migrant crisis

GOP House Leadership Blocked Trump-Backed Immigration Reform

More than 7-in-10 California Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

Caravan Migrant Delivers Baby Day in USA Who Will Be Eligible for Citizenship

President Trump Pressuring OPEC To Increase Oil Production Ahead Of Crucial Meeting

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu launches military operation to destroy 'cross-border terror tunnels' from Lebanon to Israel

Understanding the Danger of Hezbollah on Israel’s Lebanon Border

Hezbollah mobilizing missiles from Syria to south Lebanon

Minister Ariel: 'There's no reason why Nasrallah should sleep quietly' at the Northern Border

What does Israel hope to achieve on Lebanese border?

Watch: Hezbollah's violations of UNSC Resolution 1701

Will UN Vote to Condemn Hamas Today?

'Whoever attacks us - his blood is on his own head': PM Netanyahu

Senior Israeli Official: Russia Is Helping Stop Weapons Transfers To Hezbollah

Netanyahu: Hezbollah Tunnels Were Part of A Plan To Occupy Part of Galilee

'Israel's power will crush Hezbollah': Senior MK warns Lebanon will find itself back in the 19th Century

Thank You, Mr. President: Opinion Column

‘It’s time to leave Europe’: British-Jewish attorney says upon moving to Israel

Saudi Arabia and Trump’s wisdom of low expectations

Senate heading for historic vote to pull US military aid to Saudi Arabia

Russia Holds Naval War Games, Missile Drills in Black Sea near Ukraine

China has 'stern' words with U.S. over ship in South China Sea

US Navy destroyer sails through waters claimed by Russia in Sea of Japan



December 5, 2018

Breaking News

Bush family says president should feel welcome, funeral won’t be Trump-bashing festival like McCain’s

Russia’s Not the Biggest Threat to Our REPUBLIC, California Is

Trump Demands ‘REAL DEAL’ with China Despite Shaken Stock Market

Bond Market Sends Up a Recession Warning Flare: "History suggests that a temporary inversion in discrete parts of the curve is not all that predictive"

Michael Flynn Sentencing Document Shows Collusion — Between Media, Deep State, and Obama Admin

Memo To Congress: French Riots Show Why U.S. Carbon Tax Should Be A Non-Starter

Tehran's Ground Is Sinking Dramatically, And It May Be Too Late to Recover

Russia has ‘60 days to fix compliance with INF’ or US will quit – Pompeo

Israeli technology effectively prevents attacks during G20

Key News

Are We Facing a New Civil War or Just Continuing the Old One?

California's 'Grand Theft Election': California's People's House has become a den of thieves

It's a Li e — except when Obama says it

Full Scale of Brexit Betrayal Revealed After British Government Forced to Publish Legal Advice

Trump’s Nationalism Defined

France: The Revolt of the “Yellow Vests”

Yes, the ‘prison reform’ bill lets out high-risk inmates and sex offenders

Ivanka Trump Ranks High In Forbes List of Powerful Women

GROWN UPS: Bush Family Wants No Anti-Trump Sentiment At Funeral, No Replay Of McCain Service

New York Times Rolls Out Two Hit Pieces on George H.W. Bush

Bob Dole gets emotional while paying respects to George H.W. Bush

Democrat Party Lawlessness Undermines Elections

The D.C. Swamp: Keep Your Eyes on Russia and Forget About Democrat Voter Fraud

Ocasio-Cortez can't answer how to pay for her $40 trillion in new government programs

Trump: China's Xi Jinping 'meant every word' about reaching a trade deal

Robert Mueller calls Michael Flynn cooperation 'substantial,' recommends no jail time

Cohen plea deal: Mueller likely withheld evidence from court exonerating Trump

Migrants Breach U.S. Border, Begin Entering the Country: At California

High Numbers of People in Migrant Caravan Have Serious Illnesses

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF: Hezbollah planned to conquer Galilee

IDF blasts Hezbollah operatives out of terror tunnel

Hezbollah tunnel dug under UNIFIL noses

Iran Turning Lebanon into Base to Attack Jewish State: Israeli Envoy Warns UN

Russia: Israel has right to confront Hezbollah

Netanyahu Warns Lebanon: ‘Hezbollah is Putting Your Lives in Danger

Hezbollah's Attack Tunnels Are Just Part of Israel's Concerns In North

Senior IDF Officer: Hezbollah's Goal Was Cutting Off Metulla From Israel

You Are Modern-Day Maccabees: Israeli President Tells IDF Soldiers

Pompeo In Europe: Gives Ultimatum To Russia, Fiery Defense Of Trump's Foreign Policy

Popular Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Not Sure If Homosexuality Is A Sin

United States and China Snub United Nations Climate Talks


So Sorry, Bill Kristol … The Weekly Standard May Shut Down: Conservative Republican magazine turned "Never-Trumper"

Sen. Hirono Says Dems Are Too Smart & Knowledgeable for Voters

Wall Street Execs Avoid Meeting, Mentoring Women in #MeToo Era



December 4, 2018

Key News

Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge To Trump's Border Wall

Democrats ‘Lining Up’ to Get on Nadler’s Committee Anticipating Impeachment

Senator Lindsey Graham: If Democrats Try To Impeach Trump, It Will Blow Up In Their Face

USMCA Entrenches Tech Companies’ Right To Censor

America’s Gestapo? FBI raid on Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower proves Deep State still controls FBI

Senator Grassley Demands Answers From FBI Director Wray Over Raid of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower

Photos: Frustrated Caravan Migrants Begin Scaling U.S. Border Fence

Mexican Officials to Shutter Caravan Migrant Camp amid Health Concerns

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF launches operation to destroy Hezbollah terror tunnels: "Operation Northern Shield'

PM Netanyahu expresses pride as IDF uncovers first tunnel in Operation Northern Shield

Operation 'Northern Shield': 'Quiet in the south made current Operation Northern Shield possible'

Israel’s northern operation wins broad political backing

White House: 'US supports Israel's efforts to defend itself from Hezbollah'

Analysis: Should Israel take its nukes out of the basement?

While Confronting Iran in Syria, Israel May Have To Defy Russia

Israel will strike Hezbollah unless Lebanon intervenes, Netanyahu warns Pompeo in Brussels

Meghan McCain Shuts Down Joy Behar For Using Bush's Death To Attack Trump

Trump Salutes H.W. Bush Casket As Melania Covers Her Heart

Bad News, Democrats, Your Top Candidate Is Bowing Out Of The 2020 Race: Porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti



December 3, 2018

Key News

Pope Francis: There Is ‘No Room’ for Homosexuality in Priesthood

BOMBSHELL: Trump Signals Punishment Is Coming For Clintons

Judicial Watch Sues Over Clinton Foundation Cover-Up

Canada's Prime Minister Leading the Charge To Steal U.S. Sovereignty

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) signed

GOP Senate Document Lists 20 Violent Crimes Eligible for Early Release Under Criminal Justice Reform Bill

The stomach-turning 'ballot-harvesting' that enabled Democrats to walk off with California

A New Order Emerges in Southern Syria: Iran increasing its power

Soros University expelled from Hungary

Chris Farrell: How the State Dept. Outsources YOUR Tax Dollars to George Soros Front Groups

Trump and Xi agree to temporary trade war cease-fire at dinner summit

Climate Change One Of Five Invented Global Crises

Paris in Flames: Violence, ‘Insurrection’ in Third Week of Yellow Jacket Protests

France's Meltdown, Macron's Disdain

Climate Change carbon taxation leading to French Revolution II: Vive la France!

Why We’re Ungovernable, Part 16: France On Fire

Who are France's 'Yellow Jacket' protesters and what do they want?

Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling

Mexico's new president signs deal to stop migrants with his counterparts from three Central American countries: To establish a development plan to stem the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S.

Census Confirms: 63% of ‘non-citizens’ are on welfare, 4.6 million households

Tijuana shuts down migrant caravan shelter

200 Central American Migrants Apprehended in One Day at Texas Border

Caravan Migrants Back Down From Storming Border – Say They Were Lied To By “Leaders” About Entering US

California Attorney General Considering Treasonous Response To Trump’s Border Enforcement

Mueller's case facing possible hit from the Supreme Court

Bongino points out Rosenstein, Mueller both ‘knee-deep’ after Uranium One whistle-blower raid

This Christmas Remember — These Companies Fund Planned Parenthood

U.S. School BANS All Christmas Carols That Mention … JESUS?

Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.: Investigate FBI for being 'weaponized' by Obama

Israel/Palestinian War

Netanyahu, Pompeo to hold urgent talks on 'regional developments'

A New Order Emerges in Southern Syria: Iran increasing its power

ISIS Seizes Iranian Weapons Intended for Hamas

Hamas offers new details of botched IDF raid in Gaza

PM rejects corruption allegations, decries police 'witch hunt'

US Envoy: UN cannot vote away Jerusalem's status as capital

We are counting on you’, Abbas tells pope in Vatican visit

Pope Francis: Abbas is an “Angel of Peace”

Why Iran Funds Palestinian Terrorists

Gaza sentences 6 people to hang for 'collaborating' with Israel

Analysis: Holding ‘Area E1’ may define Israel’s destiny

Hanukkah: Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple)

Syria says US-led coalition fired missiles on its positions

Malicious Cyber Attacks can Falsify Results of CT and MRI Scanners

Satellite Imagery Shows S-400 Surface-To-Air Missile Battery In Crimea

Alaska rocked by several small quakes after massive tremor



December 1-2 , 2018

Key News

George H.W. Bush, the 41st U.S. president and father of the 43rd, has died at age 94

President Trump Remembers Bush 41: He Illuminated ‘Greatness’ of America to the World

Left Attacks George H.W. Bush After His Death: ‘Blatant Racism and Toxic Masculinity,’ ‘F**k Him’

"H.W." Was Generational Skull & Bones Adept

NY Judge OKs sanctuary cities, rules anti-sanctuary law unconstitutional

Interior Secretary: Calif. Needs Better Forest Management To Limit Spread Of Wildfires

Poll: Nearly 2/3rds of Republicans Now Believe in Climate Change; 51% Want Gov. Action

Trump: Meeting with Putin cancelled only because of Ukraine

Trump signs trade deal with Mexico, Canada as pact faces Democratic opposition in Congress

Canada's Prime Minister Leading the Charge To Steal U.S. Sovereignty

Former Shell Oil President: 'Obama Had Nothing to Do With America's Oil Boom'

Jason Chaffetz: Ask Democrats in Congress these seven questions about immigration

Here’s 7 Businesses You Can Patronize That Support the Pro-Life Cause

The Biblical Basis for Passing Pro-Life Laws Saving Babies From Abortion

Refugee Who Raped French 16-Year-Old Girl Acquitted Due to 'Different Cultural Norms'

Latest Syrian Rebel Chemical Attack Leaves Western Media Silent

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Keynotes Cyber Conference

Senate Intel Committee Has Sent Criminal Referrals To Mueller, Chairman Reveals

Mississippi Sen. Hyde-Smith Thanks Trump In Wake Of Election Win

Israel/Palestinian War

UN General Assembly Urges Israel to Completely Withdraw From Golan Heights

US pushes for UN resolution condemning Hamas rockets

'International consensus' on Jerusalem is baseless

V.P. Pence: Support for the Jewish State is not a partisan issue

Hezbollah threatens Israel: Attack and you will regret it

Fox's Laura Ingraham: Blasts Muslim feminist Linda Sarsour as "an anti-Semite hiding in plain sight"

Netanyahu Adds To Legal Defense Team In Corruption Cases

UN Ambassador Danon Sets 3 Conditions for Bright Palestinian Future

GOP Congress Pushing Vote On Israeli Bills By Year's End

Saudi Chess Competition Canceled for Barring Israelis

Non-Delivery of US Arms May Force Turkey to 'Rethink Its Place in NATO'

USGS: 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Anchorage, Alaska

Gov. Rick Scott SUSPENDS Brenda Snipes Citing Malfeasance And Incompetence

Melania Slaps Back at Critics of Her White House Christmas Decorations



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