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Saturday, February 1-15, 2010
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Body Scanner = Naked Movie Star Pictures; That Didn't Take Long

Cell Phone Users: Your Privacy Is Gone! Cell phones double as tracking devices

Virginia delegates pass bill banning chip implants as ‘mark of the beast’

All Seeing Eye of Horus Formed During the Official 911 Memorial Service at Ground Zero

Hillary Clinton Warns: 'Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship'

Top US general warns of 'unintended consequences' of Iran strike

World may not be warming, say scientists

Still haven't got your swine flu shot? There's plenty left

Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Subpoened In AIG Fraud Case

NATO: Troops miss target, kill 12 Afghan civilians

Army chief Sir Jock Stirrup: Afghan blunder is 'very serious setback'

At Scene Of Battle In Afghanistan, IEDs 'Are Everywhere'

Biden and Cheney talk terrorism and war: Agree on little

Jewish center was a target in Pune terrorist bombing

US, UK, Australia issue travel advisories after Pune terrorist bomb blast

Individual Mandate: A sticking point in the healthcare debate

Alleged Alabama killer was suspect in attempted bombing of Harvard professor

Sarah Palin and Scott Brown set the United States frothing

Palin plays politician around Daytona 500

Neo-Nazis rally on Dresden 65th bombing anniversary


Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM to look for tax incentives as it considers reopening a plant

GM adding a shift, recalling 700 in Oshawa

GM brings 1,000 jobs to hard-hit area

$129M Maryland project raises GM's electric-car bet

Lawyers, consultants eat up bankruptcy resources for old GM

European stocks rise before Greece meeting on Monday

Eurogroup to push Greek reforms, not prepare bailout

Rescuing Greece. Economic union. Two different things

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel gave fair warning before Gaza attack, only targeted terrorists

Israel's War Drums 2010: Arab Viewpoint

Hamas armed wing warns Israel against launching another war on Gaza

Abbas suspends top aide who mocked PA president on sex tape

Syria is no different from Hamas or Hezbollah

Michigan lawmakers work on bills to limit property seizures by police

Ahmadinejad: Iran doesn't need nukes, they haven't helped Israel

US seeks to shore up support for tough Iran stance

Netanyahu Heads to Russia with Call for 'Crippling Sanctions' on Iran

No reason to stall Iran dfense missiles deal: Moscow

Saturday-Sunday, February 13-14, 2010



Israel is accused of waging covert assassination war across the Middle East

Dubai not ruling out Mossad hand in murder of Hamas official

A Warning To The Tea Party Nation: by Chuck Baldwin - Big Government neocons posing as champions of conservatism co-opted and destroyed the Conservative Revolution of 1994

Today's News

Israeli-Palestinian Population swap as part of peace

Global Economic Recovery Underway: European Central Bank Chief

White House formally invites Republicans to health-care summit

Afghanistan offensive on Taleban starts 'without a hitch'

Female professor charged in university shooting

Yanukovych opens door to Russian navy keeping base in Ukraine

The winner takes all in Afghanistan

Google - Government Spying Partnership?

How Google Buzz for mobile will change your life: And our culture too

Google Buzz Privacy Issues Have Real Life Implications: Privacy violations are "baked into" the design of Buzz, on purpose

Google updates Buzz social-networking service amid privacy concerns

2 Days Of Buzz: 9 Million Posts And Comments. 200 Posts Per Minute From Mobile. And Security Fixes

How to Use Google Buzz: Or just get rid of it

Google considers stand-alone version of Buzz

Recent Flashback News

Don’t Be Evil,’ Meet ‘Spy on Everyone’: How the NSA Deal Could Kill Google

Google Said to Seek Spy Agency’s Advice After Attack: NSA / Google combining forces

Police want backdoor to Web users' private data: An encrypted, police-only "nationwide computer network"

Anti-gay religious group wants Twitter to 'serve god'

Atheist billboards in Sacto: 'Are you good without God?'

Senate Democrats race to regain bipartisan coalition on jobs bill


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Global Economic Recovery Underway: European Central Bank Chief

Dollar hits 8-month high

US retail sales rise brightens recovery picture

J.D. Power sees positive year ahead for automakers

Obama administration's exit strategy from its $86 billion investment in the auto industry rests on an improved economy

GM's Lutz Complains: Auto execs are 'way' underpaid

Ford Van 'Transit Connect' may deliver profits: A Commercial Delivery Vehicle

Obama nuke plant loan reflects new energy strategy: Lessen dependence on foreign oil and reduce the use of other fossil fuels blamed for global warming

McCain expected to face tough re-election bid

Doubts about Dominican adviser snag Americans in Haiti: Puello has been a high-profile advocate for the jailed Baptists as they navigate the Haitian justice system

10 rocket barrage strikes American-Iraqi base; 2 injured

Israeli - Palestinian War

Deputy FM: Israeli Arabs won't lose by joining Palestinian state - Offers triangle swap of Israeli Arab towns, villages

Israeli Defense experts tell Ynet Syria unable to obliterate Israel, but can wreak havoc in case of war

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Finish Israel off if it attacks

Likud MKs Charge: Livni's Vote Shows She Wants to Surrender Golan Heights

Terrorists Set Off Bomb Near IDF Patrol; No Soldiers Hurt

IDF Kills Global Jihad Terrorist in Air Strike Near Karni

Terrorist Murderer's Home to be Razed

Dubai not ruling out Mossad hand in murder of Hamas official

Syria delighted with new US envoy: Post had been vacant for five years

Obama accused of helping Iran: His 'bankrupt policy of appeasement' may have killed fight for freedom

US Preparing Sanctions To Harm Iranian Elite

New twist in Iran's nuclear brinkmanship

Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power To Advance His Agenda

Climategate inquiry stumbles on the start line

How being vegetarian does more harm to the environment than eating meat

U.N. jump-starting cash collections for 'climate change': Says $10 billion must be raised to kick off programs

Rothschild names first non-family chief executive: Dating back to 1769

Police Detective Jokes That "Open Carry" Advocates Should Be Shot

Shiite rebels rupture Yemen truce: Army charges


February 12, 2010


The “Green Police” Creep

Feds push for tracking cell phones

Next war with Israel will be regional: Senior Hamas leader

Obama Administration Makes Grants for Health Information Technology

Iran hails nuclear advance on Revolution Day

U.S. dismisses Iranian uranium enrichment claims

Sex Valentines issued by Planned Parenthood


Chilling aerial images of 9/11 attack released - Shows implosion straight down into its footprints

"9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site DVD - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up"

Physics defy the official government storyline!


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Advisers Predict Unemployment of 8.2% by 2012

White House report offers glowing jobs prediction: 95,000 to come each month

After Rare Bipartisan Deal, Reid Slashes Jobs Bill

IMF offers to help Greece

EU stops short of immediate aid for Greece

China Raises Bank Reserve Ratio to Cool Fastest-Growing Economy

Bill Clinton Undergoes Heart Surgery

End of Kennedy political dynasty as Patrick bows out

An irritated Nancy Pelosi speaks out

Google snaps up Aardvark 'social search engine'

"Non-Integrating Gap" Nations

Bound, gagged bodies of women found in Afghanistan

Calm returns to war-torn Yemen

Iran's supreme leader praises mass turnout at state-backed rally on revolution day

Iran uses 'enemies of God' charge on protesters

Murdered Hamas leader did not meet Iranian official

Election campaign officially begins ahead of Iraq's nationwide vote in March

Joe Biden update: Iraq one of Obama's 'great achievements'

Headline News Article


The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

The Pentagon has divided the world into two segments. Since the attacks of 9/11, Wars, Rumors of Wars, Earthquakes in divers places, volcanoes, and pestilence has ravaged countries in the 'Non-Integrating Gap'! Events have shown both a pattern and a purpose, not occurring by accident or by random. Millions are displaced and are dying.

But, the worst is yet to come!

Time for Obama to go 'gangsta' on GOP: CNN Commentator perpetuates myth of actual struggle between Democrats and Republicans

Israeli - Palestinian War

Will Israel join the European Union?

Work begins on moving part of security barrier

Syrian Official: Golan tax breaks prove Israel doesn't want peace

Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri fears war with Israel

Israeli PM plays down minister's Lebanon war claim

Sec/State Hillary Clinton says Blair to play bigger role in Mideast

No independent probe of Gaza war

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assures solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict

'ME Muslims tend to support Hamas, Hizbullah'

Calif. Muslim Students Arrested for Protesting Israeli Oppression

1,500-year-old street uncovered in Jerusalem's Old City


February 11, 2010


"Iran Is Now A Nuclear State"- President Ahmadinejad

Biden: Major terror attack on U.S. unlikely

Obama Report: 95,000 Jobs to Come Each Month

Global bank tax near

Israelis stake their claim on Jerusalem's heart

'Gay' judge asked to quit California marriage case

British govt forced to publish U.S. torture allegations

British SAS take out top 50 Taliban commanders

It's ba-ack! Health-care plan redoubles 'marriage penalty'

Obama czar's 'homo-genda' proposed for U.S. schools

Google Buzz Criticized for Publicly Disclosing Gmail Contacts

My Left Breast Put Fancy TSA Scanner to the Test


Non-Integrating State - Ancient Persia

'Tense' Iran marks anniversary, confirms nuclear breakthrough

Iran Begins Enrichment to 20%, Still Open to Deal

Iran: Destroy Israel if it strikes

Obama Takes Several Gambles in Bid to Defuse Nuclear Standoff With Iran

Nuclear Iran must be stopped: Israel

Protesters clash with police as Iran marks Islamic revolution

Iran decision now: Israeli strike on Iran may be crucial to our future despite its painful price (Jewish Editorial)


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Says He’s ‘Fierce’ Free-Market Advocate

Obama: recovery not complete until jobs restored

The Jimmy Carter Jobs Credit

Obama Doesn’t ‘Begrudge’ Bonuses for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs Top Executives

Flashback: Obama Says Bonuses Are Violation Of "Our Fundamental Values"

Word to the Wealthy: Pay More Tax in 2010

Jobs wanted, good wages preferred

Stock futures rise on Greece rescue hopes

EU Reaches Greek Accord, Will Apply Strict Rules

CITI to let distressed homeowners stay for 6 mos.

Fed in Talks With Money Market Funds to Help Drain $1 Trillion

Obama Says Automakers Must Act Decisively on Safety Complaints

Secretary LaHood On Toyota: "We're Not Going To Let Up"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel begins rerouting West Bank barrier

Soldier from elite unit fatally stabbed by Palestinian police officer in W. Bank

Palestinian policeman who killed IDF soldier 'had personal problems'

Soldier's murder was latest in trend of terror by PA security

Clinton aide visits ahead of talks: Gen. Selva the first of series of officials to assess W. Bank situation

Israel and America, or Israel and the Palestinians? Editorial

IAF strikes militant cell in Gaza Strip; 1 killed

Hamas's Judicial System Legitimizes The Rocket Attacks At Israel: Also Rejects The Legitimacy Of The State Of Israel

Excavation uncovers evidence supporting 1,500-year-old mosaic Jerusalem map

Iraq gives hundreds of former Blackwater security guards 7 days to leave country

Moroccan Authorities Raid Bible Study, Arrest Christians

Memo to public schools: Stop pushing sex!

Look what they're erasing from U.S. history! American heroes could get swapped for hip-hop culture in textbooks

Google Dangles 100 Times Faster Internet Speeds In Fiber Plan - as the government readies a national broadband plan

Michelle Obama On Health Bill: "We Don't Have A Choice"

First Lady Links Childhood Obesity to National Security

New York Times: Incredible Blizzards Prove Global Warming

February 10, 2010


Poll: 75% 'angry' at government

Obama says he's open to health care compromise

Arsonists on rampage as 11 churches burn

Extremists gone wild on 'green' energy bill

Disinformation Tactics: Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark

License to Kill? Intelligence Chief Says U.S. Can Assassinate American Citizen 'Terrorists'

Palin, Pipes, Iran, and Rallying Around the Flag

Pro-Russian Yanukovych wins Ukraine vote by 3.5%

US official: Iran uranium plan 'provocative'

Iran says nuclear fuel swap remains an option

Obama Warns: Significant Sanctions against Iran 'in Weeks'

China PLA officers urge economic punch against U.S.

US missile shield aimed at Russia: Top Russian general

For GOP and Obama, partisan actions follow bipartisan talk

In poll, Republicans gaining political ground on Obama

4.3 earthquake 'rattles people awake' in west Chicago suburbs


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stocks climb on hopes for Greece debt assistance

\Will Eurozone worries affect global mkts?

Are Investors Jumping the Gun on Greece?

The Dow breaks 10,000. Been there, done that repeatedly

Dollar Rises Before Bernanke Testimony

Kentucky town feels Toyota's pain

Toyota finds friends among D.C. investigators

Japan Transport Minister: Toyota Issue Won't Affect Relations With US

Honda expands airbag recall expanded to 440,000 cars

GM predicts double-digit rise in January sales

GM considers adding shifts to meet increasing demand

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan autographs sexy body-scan printouts at Heathrow

U.S. poised to seize Afghan town: Attack is 1st major offensive since Obama announced adding 30,000 troops

Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanon's PM Hariri: We'll stand with Hizbullah in case of war

Can Gaza become a Somalia or Yemen?

PM Netanyahu: Palestinians must know EU won't deliver Israel on Palestinian State issue

Palestinian Authority corruption and sex scandal is called an Israeli conspiracy

Jewish group rates Obama's 1st year - Anti-Defamation League gives US president 'A' for effort, 'F' for results in Mideast diplomacy

Arabs Attack Christian Evangelists in Samaria

Jihad Culture of Death Promises 72 Dark-Eyed Virgins For Suicide Terrorists

Costa Rica Elects First Female President, Jewish VP

February 9, 2010


British minister says Iran not part of 'axis of evil'

GOP Wary of Pitfalls in Obama's Health Care Summit

'Satan's video game' makes Super Bowl appearance

Abbas considers peace talks

Bring Jordan into peace talk equation

Personhood battle moves into courtroom: Effort seeks to establish constitutional rights for unborn

Planned Parenthood Pushes Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10

Weak Dollar Illusory: "Dollar is as valuable now as 35 years ago"

Iran - Ancient Persia

Iran TV: Higher Uranium Enrichment Process Started

New sanctions on Iran are only path left: Gates

Force considered as Iran ramps up enrichment: Conservative Party warns of possible full-scale military attack

Huckabee: Obama should support Israeli strike on Iran

Iran still open to talks on nuclear fuel swap

China calls for talks over Iran nuclear issue

Iran Nuclear Move Angers West, and Russia

Iran opens production lines for modern drones

Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Supreme Leader Khamenei

Non-Integrating Gap Countries News

Haiti: Aid Summit May Cool Tensions Among South American Leaders

Pakistan: Lifting the Veil on US Troops in Pakistan - "US servicepeople are not supposed to be dying in Pakistan"

Pakistan does not have 'hegemonistic designs': PM Yousuf Raza Gilani

Pakistan: Pakistani ex-minister escapes assassination attempt

Pakistan: Six suspected Taliban militants arrested with suicide vest, grenades in Pakistan, going to attack a Five-Star Hotel

Pakistan: May adopt tough stance over Indian peace talks offer

Pakistan: Taliban Confirm Chief Killed, Power Struggle Breaks Out

Pakistan: Iran backs Indo-Pak talks; offers help if required

Afghanistan: Gates Shores Up War Allies

Afghanistan: NATO, Afghans to hold Taliban bastion forever

Sri Lankan Army takes Gen Sarath Fonseka into custody

Fierce Iraq war opponent Rep. John Murtha dies

Obama creates new global-warming agency: "Whether we like it or not, climate change represents a real threat"

Judge being gay a nonissue during Prop. 8 trial: "The biggest open secret in the landmark trial over same-sex marriage being heard in San Francisco is that the federal judge who will decide the case, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, is himself gay"

Christian speech targeted as 'hate': 'Gays' pledge to 'pursue every method' of protesting flyers for school students

S.F. schools consider costly gay support program

Is cross-dressing in fatigues next? Editorial


Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians set terms for talks as violence flares

Abbas under ‘intense’ pressure from EU to return to talks

Fatah wants US to clarify Israeli talks

PM hopes to resume peace talks in few weeks

Palestinians favor bin Laden, Ahmadinejad over Hamas

Hamas rejects Palestinian Authority call for July elections

Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad cannot deliver: Does not represent Palestinian thinking


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Euro Rallies on Greek Aid Speculation

Stock futures climb ahead of opening

China’s Loan Growth, Inflation Probably Accelerated

Blue-Collar Jobs in Strong Demand for 2010

Nissan returns to profit in Oct-Dec quarter

Toyota Extends Recalls to Hybrids to Repair Brakes - Going Global In Recall Effort

North Korea’s Kim Reiterates Denuclearization Pledge

Obama's new pick: Missour Governor that linked Christians, violence - Missouri report tied 'domestic terrorists' with opposition to abortion, immigration - Panel to advise him on military actions inside the U.S.

Obama Hits Lowest Approval Mark



February 8, 2010



"Conservative" Oklahoma Passes Law Making It Illegal For Homeowner To Fortify Private Home Against Entry By Law Enforcement

Today's News

Leader ousted by Ukraine's 'Orange Revolution' set to return to power: Pro-Russia candidate

Obama invites Republicans to summit on health care

President Obama: The scold President

A killer above the law?

Obama official accuses GOP of using terrorism as 'political football'

Palin won't rule out 2012 run

Geithner Says U.S. Will ‘Never’ Lose Aaa Debt Rating

'Focus on the Family' Seeks "Broader Tent"


Fascist Global Economy Forming

G-7 Vows to Keep Stimulus Even as Budget Gaps Widen

G-7 Pledges Action to Force Banks to ‘Bear the Cost’ of Failure

Euro recovers vs dollar, euro zone worries remain

JPMorgan’s CEO Dimon Gets $17 Million Stock Award Bonus

BofA Bailout Warrants May Fetch Record $1.5 Billion

Promises Kept: Obama's critics overlook his achievements — such as his rescue of a devastated economy - Establishment Editorial

Toyota stumbles but its 'kaizen' cult endures

AIG-Gate: The World's Greatest Insurance Heist

Costa Rica elects Chinchilla first woman president

Iran - Ancient Persia

Iran to enrich uranium to 20% as nuclear fears grow

Iran: 20% uranium enrichment not against NPT

Netanyahu makes every anti-Iran effort in Russia

Iran's Bushehr N plant running after 1 more test

U.S. calls for greater international pressure on Iran

Iran May Yield to Coordinated Sanctions: Defense Secretary Gates

More nuclear posturing from Ahmadinejad

Iran to make defense missile system better than Russian

Non-Integrating Gap Countries News

Afghanistan: Afghan war claims 2 US-led soldiers

Afghanistan: Taliban will negotiate, but path fraught with risk

Afghanistan/Pakistan: US rejects 'direct talks' with Taliban

Somalia: Witnesses say Ethiopian troops back in Somalia

Somalia: Top Islamist rebel killed in Somalia

Haiti: Haitians protest mayor's corruption, hoarding of aid

Haiti and the Voodoo Curse: The cultural roots of the country's endless misery - A species of the sorcery religions which are principal obstacles to progress in Africa


Health Care News

Obama Asks Republican Lawmakers to Discuss Health Care Overhaul

Clinton-Era Health Aides Push to Save Obama's Plan

Obama tries to rally Democratic troops

Overhaul’s Failure Will Ignite U.S. Health Industry Mergers

China shuts down training website for hackers

Israeli - Palestinian War

Massive Israeli police raid in east Jerusalem

Palestinians want peace talks to focus on borders

Israeli case for war with Syria - and Lebanon

Jordan urges US to push ME peace

Palin tells Obama to back Israel, bomb Iran

Assad: Syria will stand by Lebanon

IDF Ethicist: War Crimes Claims are Nonsense

Jewish-Arab Center Professor: No Such Thing as Palestinian Refugees

Obama Proposes New Global Warming Agency


Saturday-Sunday, February 6-7, 2010


Don’t Be Evil,’ Meet ‘Spy on Everyone’: How the NSA Deal Could Kill Google

Secret Summit of World's Top Central Bankers

G-7: Officials Seek To Calm Euro-Zone Concerns And World Markets

Forum 'chatter' hyping imminent attack on U.S.

Congressman Warns: Naked Body Scanners Are Just About Harassing Innocent Passengers

Jesuit teachers at top German school admit sexually abusing boys

DARPA’s New Plans: 'Crowdsource' Intel, Edit DNA

Pentagon Trying to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms’

We need a 'new capitalism' to take on China: If the West isn’t to slide into irrelevance, governments must be much more active in taking control of the economy NOTE: By definition, this is Fascism, where government heavily regulates the economy

Non-Integrating Gap Nations

3 Special Forces G.I.s Killed in Pakistan. Now Can We Start Treating This Like a Real War?

Thousands attend Shiites' funeral in Pakistan: Victims killed in a double-suicide attack

Iran blames US-led mission for Afghan war quagmire

Afghan Taliban use modern anti-detective IEDs

Iran near $30bn oil deals with foreign firms

Iran proposes signing nuclear disarmament treaty

Iran starts mass-producing 2 new missiles

Houthis kill 23 Yemeni government soldiers

Al-Shabab fighters pour into Mogadishu, Somalia

Former Chinese official sees 'dark clouds' in U.S.-China relationship

Chrysler bankruptcy lawyers raise eligibility question: Defense of dealer dismissals cites question of Obama's birth

The Tea Party is still taking shape

New 'bill of particulars' cites Obama failings: Tea partiers told 'he has ignored history, apologized to Arabs, pursued socialism'

Tea partier shares 'single greatest threat to America': Climate alarmism dubbed bigger danger to nation than terrorism, nuclear weapons

West greets Iran nuclear claim with scepticism

Bill Clinton urges solution to Haiti 'kidnap' case

Obama suggests extending debate as way to pass health reform: Would enlist Republicans and potentially extend debate into the spring

Democrats Scramble to Draw GOP Support for Jobs Bill

Looming regional war involving Syria, Israel and Lebanon -- or more hot air?

Is this Israel's calm before the storm?

Palestinians seek details from US on proposal for indirect peace talks with Israel

Hamas "regrets" civilian deaths

"Perfect execution" points to Israel's Mossad - Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh's expertly assassinated

Dubai could seek Netanyahu arrest over Hamas murder

Despite Lancet Retraction, the Vaccine-Autism Controversy Remains

Serious Vaccine Reactions to Now Be Called 'Coincidence'?

February 5, 2010


Breaking News

Obama admits health care overhaul may die on Hill

Stocks dig out after big selloff: Finished at 10,012

Tea Party convention aims to boost the movement

Powerful Explosions Kill More Than 30 Shi'ite Pilgrims in Karbala

Today's News

Cracks in Israel's Armor: Palestinian Viewpoint

Patriot Act - Eight Years Later

Brown's independence could face Senate test: Different kind of Republican, willing to work with Democrats

Airport Body Scanning Raises Radiation Exposure

Tea Party Convention Plans National Organizing Strategy for Elections

Europe fears rock global stock markets: Rout sent investors fleeing to the safety of US government debt

Nuclear missile threats to U.S. mount

Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million employees

Google Said to Seek Spy Agency’s Advice After Attack: NSA / Google combining forces

Police want backdoor to Web users' private data: An encrypted, police-only "nationwide computer network"

Swedish Justice Minister reluctant to store personal data: European Data Retention Directive trying to force Sweden to capture personal data

Amid Controversy, Truth Truck Rocks Miami At Super Bowl - CBS agreed to air a television ad from Focus on the Family that will explore Pam Tebow’s story of pressure put on her to abort her now famous son, Tim Tebow, winner of a Heisman Trophy. This decision enraged abortion groups, who have unsuccessfully pressured CBS to withdraw the ad

South Korean marines storm beach in war games with US

Bosom bombers: Women have explosive breast implants - Authorities alarmed by possibility of surgically placed explosives -- (Another fake terror alert?)

Pig lungs in human transplants move step closer


Health Care News

Obama Budget Rigs Healthcare Numbers

Gov't moving into central role in health care: With or without President Barack Obama's planned redo

Washington state mulls ‘public option’ health insurance

Republican Plan for Health Care Reform Has Long Way to Go

Democrats May Be Banking on Different Health Care Strategy

Obama on Health Care: Let’s Sit Down, Take Our Time, Then Move Forward on a Vote

Canadian Premier's Heart Surgery In U.S. Plans Raise Questions About Health Care

Scott Brown Sworn In as 41st GOP Senator: Says Stimulus 'Did Not Create One New Job'

India offers to revive high-level peace talks with Pakistan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Cracks in Israel's Armor: Palestinian Viewpoint

Strike on Iran would not help Israel: Former Swiss ambassador warns

FM Lieberman Warns Assad as Syria, Israel Trade Threats

US urges Syria, Israel to show restraint

Netanyahu: 'Prepared to Meet Syria for Talks' without preconditions

Assad sits comfortably on his throne: Has become the pivotal player in the rapidly realigning Middle East

PM Berlusconi vows Italy's firm support for Israel

Dubai may seek PM's arrest over Hamas man's assassination

Public's Faith in IDF Climbed in 2009

Fayyad's Palestinian Authority: Funding Terrorist Families

Iran: Readiness to enrich uranium abroad proves cooperation

Iran: Moscow gave anti-missile reassurance

Number of Ohio lethal injections could set record


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Payrolls May Have Climbed in January as Economy Recovered

European Central Bank President Trichet Struggles to Convince of Euro-Area Solidity

G-7 Splits Hurt Investor Confidence

Stock futures are pointing to a lower opening as investors await monthly jobs report

Obama to Back Raising Small Business Loan Limits to $1 Million

Toyota's chief apologizes for global recalls

'Monopoly' Gets a Makeover: Debit cards and an ATM instead of paper money - Monopoly goes cashless!



February 4, 2010


PM Erdogan warns Israel about consequences of losing Turkey As An Ally

(December 21) 2012 and the economy

US spies still authorized to kill American 'terrorists' overseas

US Baptists to appear before Haitian prosecutor: Charged with "Child Trafficking"

Africa considers resettling Haitians

Sr. US Treasury Official openly serves on council of Rothschild-founded “Earth” bank

West wary as Iran president agrees to nuclear deal terms

Sarah Palin star of controversial National Tea Party

Toyota profits are up, but troubles deepen

Afghan 'geological reserves worth a trillion dollars'

Pakistani police: Bomber rammed US soldiers' car, killing 3

Pakistan faces backlash after attack on U.S. troops: Taliban bombing that killed three U.S. special forces soldiers could further weaken the government

Gas tankers from Yemen allowed into Boston Harbor: City's mayor says Coast Guard putting profits ahead of American lives

Brown taking over the late Sen. Kennedy's seat

Pentagon abandons two-war doctrine

House faces tough vote on $1.9 trillion more debt

A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?

Australia blocks shipments to Iran over nuclear fear

Obama vows tougher China stance

NSA Working with Google to Understand Chinese Hacker Intrusion: Talking about forming a defense partnership

How Great Is Ford? It’s a Carbon Trading Pioneer, Too

Groups Welcome Appeal of Genocide Charges against Sudan’s Bashir: International Criminal Court (ICC) asserting its authority


Health Care News

What Happens If Nothing Happens to Health Care? Obama was on the verge of a victory that eluded all his predecessors, as Congress neared approval of legislation to expand health-insurance coverage to nearly all Americans

Poll: Americans Doubtful Health Overhaul Will Pass

US Sen Baucus Remains 'Confident' Health Bill Will Pass

The President's GOP Outreach Comes Too Late

Health-Care Burden Shifts to U.S. Government as Spending Soars

Health Care’s Share of U.S. Economy Rose at Record Rate


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bernanke Vows to Defend Fed Autonomy at Swearing-In Ceremony

U.S. Stock-Index Futures Retreat Amid Sovereign Debt Concern

Touradji Buys Steel Companies Betting on Economic Turnaround

Tax credits, highway funds in Senate jobs bill

Weak global oil demand decreases Shell profit

EPA biofuels guidelines could spur production of ethanol from corn

European Stocks Sink Amid Greece Fallout

US unions have a new boss: The government

HIJACKING SCIENCE: From global warming to evolution, psychology to sociology, corruption runs deep

'Lady Al Qaeda' Aafia Siddiqui convicted of attempted murder

MIT Scientist convicted of trying to kill Americans blames Israel

US brands Iran's rocket launch 'provocative'

Israel threatens to 'use force' against Iran: Strategic Affairs Minister

The message is clear: Israel must not strike Iran: Senior European diplomat


Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Says Mideast Peace Talks Could Resume in Weeks

Israel Warns Syria It Would Lose Any Future War And Would Collapse

Israel pushing Middle East to war: Syria's Assad

Italian PM Slams Goldstone Report and Hugs Israel

Israel Submits Report Rejecting UN Charges of Gaza War Crimes

Both Israelis, Palestinians Disappointed after Obama's First Year in Office

Little chance for prisoner release breakthrough: Prospects for dramatic change slim as Hamas, Israel talk tough on Shalit deal

Netanyahu: If Hamas wants a prisoner deal - there will be one

Ayalon Urges Palestinian Authority: Stop Your Culture of Hate

PM's Office Reiterates: Jerusalem to Remain Undivided, No Palestinian Authority Offices to Open

US: War games in Asia-Pacific to affirm long-term stay


February 3, 2010


Vieques, Puerto Rico Island residents sue U.S. - military made them sick: Depleted Uranium extensively tested

International Criminal Court To Rule Again On Al-Bashir Genocide Charge

Neocon: Obama Should Save Presidency By Attacking Iran

Obama Adviser: Amnesty to 8 million illegal immigrants will ensure 'progressive' rule

Obama 'hate crimes' in lawsuit bull's-eye

Why climate-change alarmists can't tell the truth

Obama's dangerous political gamble

Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Job Growth: Climbing Back Toward the Green

Obama seeks $30 bln from TARP for small business loans

New US bank plan offers lending incentive -Geithner

Democrats to Unveil Jobs Package

Obama Plan Worries Cities That Rely on Space Jobs

Stocks Rise as U.S. Earnings Beat Forecasts

News Corp profit up on ad recovery and 'Avatar'

Volcker Looms Larger in Federal Reserve as Ties With Bernanke Strengthen

Senator Dodd ‘Strongly’ Supports Volcker Rule Limiting Banks

EU to Back Greek Deficit Plan

Bank of America Said to Pay Bankers Average Bonus of $400,000

AIG to Dish Out $100 Million in Bonuses

Toyota's Lost Its Quality Edge? Not So Fast

Toyota's U.S. Sales Skid; Ford Gains

Gold Falls for a Second Day as Stronger Dollar Curbs Demand

Israel To Approach Eurobond Market To Set Benchmark

Pakistan blast kills 3 US Marines

Motorbike bomb kills 20 in Iraq - 117 others were wounded

Military Chief Says Gay Ban Should Go - gays should serve openly in the military

Obama Plan to Meet Dalai Lama Prompts New Friction With China

China Increasingly Stands Up To U.S. On Global Stage

Obama Retreats From Goal of Cap-Trade Bill

Cap And Trade Scam To Be Enforced At State Level

Iran Unveils New Satellite Capabilities on Eve of Revolution Anniversary

Italy PM: We cannot accept a nuclear Iran

Iran Threatens World, Not Just Israel: President Peres

Israeli - Palestinian War

The New Palestinian Statehood Push and the Nuclear Threat to Israel

Italian PM Berlusconi: Goldstone Gaza report unfairly incriminated Israel

IDF legal official: Israel should probe Goldstone Gaza report

Fear of peace will be the death of Israel

Israel must "roll back" and end occupation: Palestinian PM Fayyad

Israel No Longer Suspected in Dubai Assassination: Hamas Suggests PA to Blame

'FT sees Israel as main cause of ME problems' - Financial Times

Health Care Part 2 of 3: Reconciliation a real possibility?

Democrats Change Health-Care Tack

Health care needs new approach

Nancy Pelosi heads for a two-track plan for health care reform

POTUS on Health Care: 'You Got a Better Idea? Bring It On'


February 2, 2010


Deficit climbs to record under Obama's budget

California Bill would let clergy refuse to marry gays

Was swine flu ever a real threat?

Obama: Counting on GOP Support on Health Care

Obama does an about-face

Iran criticises U.S. missile deployments in Gulf

US missile test mimicking Iran strike fails: Radar system malfunctioned

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama pitches aid for struggling small businesses

With Eye on Its Reputation, Toyota Issues Repair for Pedal

Toyota fears greater damage from latest recall due to unprecendented scale

Rate Decision by Central Bank Hurts Australian Dollar

Saab will be profitable by 2012

Whirlpool profit more than doubles: Helped by big gains in Latin America, Asia

Oil near $75 in Asia amid improved economic data

Paul Volcker Has A Great Plan To Fix Wall Street ... But Where Is Tim Geithner?

Defense shares gain on spending boost in U.S. budget

U.S. seeks calm as China fumes over Taiwan arms

Factbox: How China's anger could hurt ties with the U.S.

China Warns Obama Against Meeting with Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama's Envoys Hold Talks with China

GOP senators perfect art of stalling

Supreme Court's ruling has been misunderstood: The high court's decision forces corporations to disclose their backing of political speech

'Don't ask, don't tell' policy on gays in military to change: Military will no longer aggressively pursue disciplinary action against gay service members whose orientation is revealed against their will by third parties

States Restart Health-Care Push : Tight Budgets May Limit Legislative Efforts to Lift Coverage as National Plan Stumbles

House should grit teeth, pass Senate health care bill: Editorial

Pelosi can get votes to pass health care bill with Senate changes

Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran condemns Israel over Hamas commander assassination

Hamas decides to freeze prisoner swap talks with Israel

UN evidence counters Israel's account of Gaza war

Israel disciplines two officers for attack on populated area in Gaza war

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi 'dreams' of Israel becoming an EU member

Abbas offers talks with Israel if building halted

Israel rejects call for 3-month freeze of settlement construction

Armed men gun down 2 in Taliban birthplace

55 countries submit pledges to cut emission to UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) by 2020

Italy says firmly against new Iran energy deals

February 1, 2010


Haitians combine voodoo with organized religion to deal with devastating earthquake

More than 1,200 tiny quakes hit Yellowstone Park

The Sharply Dressed Man Who Aided Mutallab Onto Flight 253 Was U.S. Government Agent

US Marines facing a 'different war' in Afghanistan

Secret detention may amount to crime against humanity: UN experts warn

Iraq to sue US, Britain over depleted uranium bombs

Iraq suicide bomb attack kills 41, wounds 106 pilgrims

Feds claim authority to regulate in-state commerce

U.S. speeds up arms buildup with Gulf allies: Initiatives with Arab nations, military aimed at thwarting Iran attacks

China, Iran Prompt U.S. Air-Sea Battle Plan in Strategy Review

Iran more optimistic about the future than ever

Enough Is Enough: Why we can no longer remain on the sidelines in the struggle for regime change in Iran - CFR Establishment Viewpoint

US starts large war game in Pacific

Taliban-Pakistani army links deepening? More and more Pakistan army officers are being identified with extremist beliefs

Pakistani president Zardari sacrifices a black goat daily to ward off evil eye

Taliban denies reports that leaders met with U.N. envoy

Taliban threaten to bombard brothels in Attock, Pakistan

Dozens killed, wounded in Somali capital: Mortar attacks

Princess Diana 'regretted marrying into German family'

World Economic Forum - Davos, Switzerland

World Economic Forum lost glamour

A week of tense bankers, recovery hopes, star gazers

Iran’s foreign minister joins the Davos Debates

Davos security chief dies in apparent suicide

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Politicians Can't Wait for Bankers to Find Global Harmony on Regulations

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly -Bloomberg exposes Conspiracy

U.S. Stock Futures Rise on Manufacturing Rebound: Euro Rallies

Obama Offers $3.8 Trillion Budget With Focus on Boosting Jobs

Obama’s Jobs Bill May Cost $100 Billion

Policymakers see global growth reviving, still fragile

Bank failure plan key to regulatory reform

Toyota Recall Is Moment to Counter China’s Rise

Euro Proving No Reserve Asset as Central Banks Shift

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel allows Palestinians to grab foothold in capital

Abbas considering indirect talks with Israel

Abbas: Israel's West Bank occupation leading to one-state solution

Hamas supporters held in crackdown by Abbas

Israel admits using white phosphorus during Gaza 22-day war in 2009

Hamas commander assassinated in Dubai was key arms smuggler

Obama didn't mention Israel-Palestine in the State of the Union

Toyota recall reaches Israel

Top Muslim group withholds tax records from IRS: Terror-linked CAIR still delinquent in filing 2007 returns

Crisis-pregnancy centers to be gagged? Planned Parenthood pushes law dictating what counselors say to women


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