Bush's Free Ride For Illegals - Biggest Treachery In US History


By Warren Withers

So far, no one is calling this what it is: perhaps the biggest act of treachery in American history. Online polls so far show from 80-97% of respondents want illegals deported immediately. But Bush...the non-elected hand-puppet Illuminati Bonesman ...is executing the 'plan' perfectly. The country is bankrupt, the states are bankrupt, the cities are bankrupt, the schools are destroyed, the health care system is failing, etc, etc, ...largely due to illegal immigrants - of several races and cultures certainly, but inarguably 70% of which are from our 'neighbor to the south.'

These 'emigrants' are essentially Mexico's lowest level denizens, and the great majority do NOT come here enamored of American history, its culture and its ideals with a dream of becoming AMERICANS. Instead, they come here for the biggest gravy train of handouts, services, and welfare on the planet, and, of course, to send money back to 'Mehico'. It's not Arnold's 'hasta la vista, Baby' anymore, it's 'Viva La Raza, amigo.' Money from Mexicans sent 'home' is Mexico's number TWO source of revenue after oil. I'll bet you didn't know that. All money which should stay here to help our economy come back from fiscal oblivion.

Further, Bush's 'reform' will instantly remove MILLIONS more jobs from Americans. The argument that 'they only do the work Americans don't want' is a putrid monumental fiction not to mention an insult to American citizens of all races and creeds who have built this nation over the past two plus centuries and who desperately need work in this current period of massive unemployment.

There will now be a HUGE charge over the nearly non-existent border by millions MORE 'immigrants' as they mockingly stride and stomp across the Bush-betrayed corpse that once was a magnificent experiment in nationhood...once the 'light to the world.' How ironic that our nation is finished off, not by a pin-headed, bleeding heart 'liberal' in the White House, but by a tinhorn 'Republican conservative' front man for Globalist imperialism. There will be no longer be a penalty for invading this country...just show a 'job' on paper and get a three year ticket to ride on the biggest gravy train in history. And then get three more years via a renewal, simply by showing one is still 'employed.' And then three more...and three more...can we spell 'p-e-r-m-a-n-e-n-t'? And does this also mean the deluge of Mexican babies born here during these 3 years are automatically American citizens?

This is the final blow, basically and all of it was predicted years ago. Bush's handlers have been consumed with wiping out the middle class and bringing America down to second, and then third world status. True globalism would never function with a strong, independent America. The middle class had to be destroyed...which has been accomplished...and the fiber of our culture had to be diluted and shredded by countless spray-painting, hyper-reproductive hordes whose sole mission is 'Reconquista'.

These are NOT the immigrants of a century ago who came here, legally, proudly, to study and revere American history and its culture and social values. This new lowest class is filling out the bottom end of the world's newest banana republic. There will be the rich...and the poor. And a forelorn remnant of a middle class. The great $6-$10 trillion dollar losses in the stock market crash of a couple years ago pounded our middle class. No accident, that. And now the turkey American public is pumping up the absurdly overvalued US stock market to even more ludicrous highs. This next crash will erase another massive chunk of wealth among the middle class which is just now figuring out how it will NEVER get out of credit card debt and how outsourcing white collar, high-tech and service industry work will push it into the dusty pages of history.

Rather than work to restore America and its values and infrastructure, Bush is ensuring its final collapse. Chump America has been sold out, betrayed, dumbed down, duped and made the hated laughing stock of the planet. America...drowned, broken, crushed, its very identity now awash in the primitive 'culture' of countless millions who seek to reclaim the entire Southwest, not by firing a single shot but by breeding...breeding...breeding.