Nez Pierce Indians Are Leaving Cap Wilderness Area: Other Indian tribes also leaving Yellowstone Area

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Posted By: Novade
Date: Thursday, 15 January 2004, 1:28 a.m.

While browsing I ran across a discussion on a forum indicating the Nez Perce tribe were leaving the above area. Apparently tribal leaders White Eagle and Smiling Bear held an emergency conference and decided the tribe needed to pull back from the coastal areas as large game animals were doing so.

They are located in Oregon's Imnaha area. They indicated they would follow the animals to Hell's Canyon and the Cathedral Cave area. Other Indians in the area are moving in with tribes in Idaho and are leaving the Yellowstone area.

Reports also indicate the animals and the Snake River itself are eerily calm.

I cannot give anyone a guarantee concerning this information but anyone living in this area should be able to verify. There was a recent earthquake of 3.3 in Washington and five volcanoes have become active in Russia. Massive ash is said to be comming from Shiveluch on Kamchatka Peninsula over the past 24 hours with local tremors and thermal anomalies. Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Bezimyanny are also spewing ash as will as Japan's Mount Attoso.

It is not out of the question these anomolies may be spreading around the ring of fire through Alaska and the Pacific coastal areas.

I do not know how valid the information is concerning the local tribes but if I lived in that area, I would take a look at it.

When the animals begin a retreat, it would seem serious.