Yellowstone Caldera: Set Up By A "New" and Incredibly Powerful Terrorist Weapon of Mass Destruction

Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 00:39:54 -0600

Below is an article on a possible indicator of a most serious strategic potentiality, since it involves a new kind of "weapons of mass destruction" (WMD) strategic threat to the United States (and to the entire Western world) as potent as an all-out nuclear strike from Russia with the Russians firing everything they've got. The actual weapon to be used is an old weapon developed and deployed in the early 1960s, but with a novel application.

From the article, it seems something odd may be going on vis a vis quake reporting also. If this report is true, then the U.S. may have deliberately refrained from reporting a fairly large quake near the super caldera associated with Yellowstone.

This follows the same quake reporting USGS folks removing from their website a previously reported quake activity in the Bering straits.

If that Yellowstone quake was indeed a manmade event, then someone (most probably the Yakuza /Aum Shinrikyo teams in Russia , using their scalar interferometers leased from the Russians at the end of 1989) could be tuning up a U.S. catastrophe of truly gigantic proportions. If a sudden eruption of that giant Yellowstone caldera were deliberately stimulated, there would be hell to pay across the entire United States and much of the world , with horrible results that could destroy North America and even threaten the extinction of human life on earth. The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that, in the view of many geophysicists, the Yellowstone caldera is in a geological period when just such a natural eruption could occur anyway. This means there is lots of natural geological stress already on the caldera, rendering it much easier to stimulate a very powerful eruption with catastrophic consequences.

Note also the proximity to the coming giant strategic Russian exercise. This may be the communist-dominated faction of the FSS/KGB (which controls the energetics superweapons) allowing their lessee Yakuza client to participate in the planning and preparation for that strategic exercise.

In 1997 the U.S. government actually confirmed the use of "electromagnetic weapons" to stimulate volcanoes into eruption, control the weather, and induce earthquakes. One can easily observe and photograph the ongoing weather engineering all over the U.S., and particularly here in Huntsville , and we have published such results for decades . Here's a statement by Secretary Cohen (then U.S. Secretary of Defense) 1997 on the subject, in a direct quotation:

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nationsIt's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."

[Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997].

In addition to continuing to operate and use their leased Russian interferometry weapons on site in Russia, the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo also took the technology back to Japan with them, and set up their own weapons production facilities there. They apparently used them to kill certain Japanese politicians opposing the Yakuza . This was not an activity of the Japanese government!

Scalar interferometry weapons theory originates from the two Whittaker papers of 1903 and 1904, and the science is rigorous, although it is not ordinary electrical engineering. The former Soviet Union deployed the first strategic scalar interferometer weapons in 1963, using one to kill the U.S.S. Thresher nuclear submarine off the U.S. coast. To build scalar interferometry weapons, one has to first develop longitudinal EM wave technology. To see a rigorous theoretical explanation of this kind of effect in higher group symmetry electrodynamics, by a master theorist, see M. W. Evans et al., "On Whittaker's Representation of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo, Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy by Scalar Interferometry," Journal of New Energy, 4(3), Special Issue, Winter 1999, p. 76-78.

The Yakuza definitely should be accounted as a major though very clandestine world terrorist organization, absolutely dedicated to the total destruction of the United States. Because they have scalar interferometry weapons, the Yakuza are potentially much more deadly strategically than the Al Qaeda. Those Yakuza scalar interferometry weapons still operated on site in Russia are under the direct operational control of the KGB/FSS. We may be watching one more preparation by the Yakuza, tuning up and doing an artillery registration with these interferometry weapons to be able to initiate one or more caldera events iin the U.S. The potential super caldera involved could be stimulated into an event so catastrophic that it could destroy America and even pose a threat to the extinction of all humanity were such desired. For the FSS/KGB to allow the Yakuza crews to set up that capability would certainly pacify the Yakuza clamor to directly participate in any eventual destruction of the U.S. The Yakuza used these same interferometers to shoot down the TWA-800, e.g. and are using them right now to strongly engineer the weather over North America and elsewhere.

There are at least two other such calderas in the United States (see enclosed article s ), which also could be targeted by Yakuza hostile scalar interferometry.

If this quake in Yellowstone is a deliberate warm-up test, it should be closely followed by world intelligence analysts as a possible "hostile registration" of superweapons for what could then be a highly unorthodox but terrible strategic strike on the U.S. that could destroy the entire nation in a single blow. Please read the enclosed articles, which are just a small sampling of what such stimulation of one or more caldera eruptions could do.

Again, the U.S. Secretary of Defense publicly confirmed the hostile use of these weapons to initiate quakes and stimulate volcanic eruptions. So the weapons are known to be already being used in just such fashion. The Yellowstone caldera is also known to be one of the largest on earth, and capable of doing the damage to totally destroy the U.S. and even much of the Earth. This is not foolishness, but deadly serious information.

Tom Bearden. Lt Col (Retired)
ADAS, Feb. 8, 2004