Details of Yassir Arafat's Funeral and Burial

DEBKAfile Intelligence

12 November 2004

Egypt stages military funeral for Yasser Arafat at Cairo airport at 11 a.m. IST under tight security. Dignitaries there to pay last respects – but public not admitted. Prayer for dead at 11 a.m. IST led by Al Azhar sheikh Tantawi.

Saudi crown prince Abdullah attends Arafat funeral, after arrival of Syrian president Assad, who never received Arafat in Damascus. Also present are presidents of Algiers, Tunisia, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon and Sudan. Libya and Kuwait sent officials not heads of state. Abbas led Palestinian delegation followed by Kaddoumi and Rouh. US represented by assistant secretary of state Burns, UK and EU separately by foreign secretaries.

Arafat’s coffin to be flown to Ramallah for burial before sunset Friday

Reinforced Israeli security forces placed on maximum preparedness on West Bank and Jerusalem environs. The West Bank and Gaza Strip are under closure. Extra Jerusalem police posted at sensitive sites on highest alert since onset of 2003 Iraq war to avert more violent eruptions.

Thursday night, hundreds of Palestinians groups streamed into North Jerusalem’s French Hill, stood outside Old City’s Damascus Gate, hurled rocks at passing Israeli police cars and other targets.

Access to Temple Mount for last Friday of Ramadan worship restricted to men bearing ID over 45 and women of all ages. Jihad and Hamas will stage symbolic burial ceremonies in Gaza












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