Iraq Major Headlines: Three US Marines Die In Booby-Trapped Building In Fallujah

DEBKAfile Intelleigence

14 November 2004

Three marines died Sunday upon entering booby-trapped building in central Fallujah, raising 6-day operation's death toll to 25 Americans, 5 Iraqi troops.

Near main town highway, 13 US troops wounded in firefight. At least 1,200 insurgents killed since last Monday, among them 100 foreign fighters, including Syrians and Chechens.

Marines report discovery in Fallujah of mutilated body of Caucasian woman with long blond hair. Two known Western women hostages in Iraq – both seized last month: Irish-Iraqi Care executive Margaret Hassan, 59, and Polish-born Teresa Borcz Khalifa, 54

US warplanes struck insurgents in northern Iraqi town of Mosul where new front opened as Fallujah offensive began to wind down.

Sunni insurgents are mounting attacks and local Iraqi police officers have fled. Gunmen said to control parts of south and west of Iraq’s third largest city. Iraqi government is rushing four National Guard battalions into Mosul from Syrian and Iranian border garrisons. Baghdad airport shutdown extended indefinitely.











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