NEWS MAX Promoting "Judical Tyranny" Campaign

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Please find below an important message from, the conservative Web site leading the charge for "Patriotism in Action." They have some important information to share with you regarding the UNCONSTITUTIONAL "judicial filibuster" by Senate Democrats against President Bush's nominees, and what YOU can do to stop them.

Thank you.

Stop and Liberal Senators from Judicial Tyranny!
ALERT: The far-leftists at are at it again -- and this time, they want to stop President Bush from nominating solid conservative judges to the Supreme Court and other federal seats.

So WE need to stop THEM, by getting Senators to change one Senate rule -- and stopping their "judicial filibuster".

Now you can send YOUR Blast Faxes NOW to the U.S. Senate!

Right now,, heavily funded by George Soros, is running television commercials showing a herd of elephants (the Republican Party symbol) trampling Congress. held over 100 sparsely-attended rallies around the country last week to support the Democrats' UNCONSTITUTIONAL filibustering of President Bush's judicial nominees, with sore loser Al Gore headlining their rally in Washington, D.C. A few weeks before that, held a larger rally in DC; leading the charge at MoveOn's rally was Senator Robert "KKK" Byrd (D-WV) -- the same Sen. Byrd who once said regarding filibuster rules, "This Congress is not obliged to be bound by the dead hand of the past."

In fact, it was Sen. Byrd who led the charge to establish new Senate precedents in 1977, 1979, 1980, and 1987 -- including a number of precedents that were designed specifically to stop filibusters. So once again, the folks on the left are nothing more than blatant hypocrites.

But of course, that's not keeping them from trying to stop the Senate from fulfilling its constitutional duty to "advise and consent" on the President's nominees... so now it's up to YOU and ME to STOP and their partners-in-crime in the Senate. has already been in the forefront of this issue, publishing and broadcasting ads across the country, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of conservatives to take action. Go here for the FULL-PAGE ad that we ran NATIONWIDE for the major conference on Judicial Tyranny that we co-sponsored recently (and which was broadcast nationwide by C-SPAN), which included speakers like Rep. Tom DeLay, Sen. Sam Brownback, Chief Justice Roy Moore, Dr. Alan Keyes, Tony Perkins and many more.

We're also running targeted radio ads against the Democrats' judicial filibuster in selected markets such as the New York City area where our new radio show is being broadcast. And of course, our members have already sent TENS OF THOUSANDS of Blast Faxes to the U.S. Senate, demanding they finally put a STOP to the unprecedented judicial filibusters!

Now is a GREAT time for you to take a stand against judicial tyranny and Democrat obstructionism. We need to make OUR voices heard LOUDER than the far left's voices.

The only reason liberal senators are filibustering these nominees is because they know that each one has the majority support necessary for confirmation. This is typical of liberals -- if they can't win playing by the rules, they change the rules, and that's precisely what they've done with this new concept of "judicial filibusters". Confirmation of a judicial nominee only requires 51 votes, and there are 55 Republican senators. But ending a filibuster requires 60 votes.

Senators need to know that you expect them to do their jobs, which includes voting on the confirmation of each judicial nominee. If they oppose one of President Bush's nominees, they have the right to vote against confirmation, in an up-or-down vote before the full Senate. But they do NOT have a right to prevent the Senate from voting at all.

So now it's time to stop THEM -- and what the Republicans are talking about doing isn't a "nuclear" option, it's the CONSTITUTIONAL option.

The GOP maneuver to counter the Democrats calls for Senate Majority Leader Frist to ask the president of the Senate -- Vice President Dick Cheney -- to rule that the judicial filibuster rule ended with the last session of Congress, or that filibusters can't be used against judicial nominations. Cheney would agree, liberal Democrats like Sen. Byrd would appeal, and the matter would be put to a vote.

A simple majority of 51 Republicans would confirm the ruling, and the rule would be wiped from the books for judicial nominations. All of Bush's nominees for judgeships could then be confirmed on party-line votes.

THAT is the constitutional option -- and THAT is the option that we need to INSIST our Senators support.

And RIGHT NOW is the time to contact them and make that demand. We CANNOT let the shrill voices coming from the radical fringes of be the only voices our Senators are hearing. Our messages MUST get through to the Senate in a POWERFUL way.

And we've got just the way to do that.

TAKE ACTION: is joining with numerous other conservative groups urging people to contact the U.S. Senate to end judicial filibusters. These Senators must hear from you TODAY. It is URGENT that you request an end to the judicial filibuster so that each judicial nominee receives a fair up-or-down, "Yes or No" vote.

And right now, you can send a personalized Blast Fax to EVERY SINGLE SENATOR, demanding that they put a STOP to this unconstitutional action!

The Senate is in recess this week; we need to FLOOD these Senators' offices with faxes, so they have trouble even opening the office door when they return. They MUST KNOW that you want the obstruction and filibustering to end!

It is CRITICAL that you ACT TODAY! If you don't act now and the Senate continues to allow this obstruction, we can expect to NEVER see conservative judges who believe in simply interpreting the original intent of the Constitution, instead of liberals who believe in "legislating from the bench".

HELP US STOP THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FILIBUSTER! If we can FLOOD the offices of all of the Senators with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of faxes, demanding that they allow every nominee an up-or-down floor vote, we CAN stop the liberals dead in their tracks. But we need YOUR help. Send your Blast Faxes to the GOP Senators or the Democrat Senators for just $19, or EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Senators AT ONCE for just $29, RIGHT NOW:

NOTE: As always, you can also send a FREE message to your U.S. Senators, demanding that they put an end to the judicial filibuster - just go to now. Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help STOP the obstruction and filibustering of President Bush's conservative nominees. Thank you!