Russian Scientists Report Hurricane Katrina Packed Winds of 217 MPH: Making her a Category 6 Hurricane

August 30, 2005

David Icke Website

"Russian Scientists are reporting this morning that the Massive Super Storm striking the United States was the worst in all of recorded history, not only to the unprecedented geographical expanse of this Super Storm, but also to its high winds, and were estimated at being over 217 miles per hour. The tidal surge preceding this Super Storm has been estimated by Russian Scientists as being over 50 feet in height which their reports state would have reached into their inland areas in some places up to 3 miles."


"To the American City of New Orleans, which lies entirely under sea level, these reports state that an incredible disaster awaits them as their drainage canals are flooding into this city as well as numerous breakages in their protective levee system. Not since the Great Disaster of 1953 in the Netherlands has the world seen a catastrophe of this magnitude."