US "Office of Special Plans" Said To Be Force Behind Hariri Assassination

Plan Was To Blame Syria


October 26, 2005

The Voice of the White House

October 26, 2005: “ We are all back with you again after a brief pause over the intense scrutiny over the Libby/Rove matter. Here is some information, reasonably detailed, that should be of interest. If you will remember, on Monday, February 14, 2005, “Rafiq Hariri, five times Lebanese prime minister, multibillionaire, builder of a country devastated by 15 years of civil war, was assassinated by a huge car bomb that ravaged the Lebanese capital’s seafront. Two ministers in his party and 6 of his bodyguards, including its chief Yahya Al Arb, were among the dead. Efforts to save his life at the American Hospital to which he was carried in critical condition were unavailing. The attack is described as the most brutal since the civil conflict ended in 1991.

Last year, Hariri stepped down in protest against the extension of pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud’s presidency and was about to take the lead of the opposition. A towering figure in Lebanese politics, Hariri was expected to fight the election due to take place in April or May….” (From an Israeli report) The flap over the Plame business pales into insignificance alongside this assassination. Syria wass quickly blamed by both the U.S. and Israel and now let us consider what this was. IN certain exalted circles in the Bush Administration, it is known who did this. The assassination of a very popular Lebanese leader was carried out so as to find a pretext to blame Syria, which has been, and is being done, so as to enable military action against that country. Also, we see in the American press, ongoing horror stories about huge guerrilla raids resulting in the deaths of sensitive young GIs being launched from Syria and so on. The propaganda orchestra is wearing a bit thin in light of continuing leaks.. Hariri was assassinated by a small group of professional assassins, headed by a man who calls himself either Robert H. Lewis, Robert Alan Lewis or Robert Hall Lewis. In actuality, his real name is Robert Lipschitz, born on June 23, 1935. He has two American social security numbers: 451-76-4488 and 114-07-8811. Lipschitz/Lewis, who holds Israeli citizenship although born in the Untied States, has very strong, albeit secret, connections with the U.S. Pentagon, in specific, a secret Pentagon committee, set up by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in October 2001

The secret committee, which prepares false or misleading information for Rumsfeld to use in his reports encouraging military actions in places other than Iraq, is called the Office of Special Plans, and initially was headed by Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith and other Pentagon hawks. Both this committee and its many and close friends in the Israeli Mossad determined that Syria should be the next target of Bush’s Imperial Expansionism in the Middle East and the removal of a very close and hostile neighbor, Syria, would be of great value to Israel.

Similarly, the 911 attacks also were of great political and strategic value to Israel, bringing as it did, the U.S. into active aggression against Israel’s enemies. Please do not forget that during the Gulf War, Hussein actually rocketed Israel and the overblown Patriot missiles did not intercept the incoming rocketry. Look for heightened public outrage expressed via Pentagon handouts, against Syria and then look for a long-suffering but truly democratic Bush to rubberstamp the decision to invade yet another country with the attendant escalated death tolls that are doing his reputation little good.”