Law Might Have Effect of Creating A "Torture Czar" Cabinet Level Position

> The Senate amendment to the new Defense Appropriations Act would
> explicitly prohibit the U.S. government from subjecting those in its
> custody to cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment or punishment.
> It's pretty straightforward stuff. Yet despite a rousing 90-9 vote
> for its passage, there are still dark forces at work trying to subvert
> the intent of this measure, the language of which must survive the
> conference committee in the House of Representatives.
> If the morality perverters have their way, there will be a carve-out
> to exempt the CIA from this prohibition. They are seeking this with
> the express knowledge that sadists (acting under the color of CIA
> authority) have been responsible for the horrific abuses which made
> necessary further action and clarification of existing law. This
> exemption would in fact turn the measure on its head to AUTHORIZE
> torture by a particular agency, diametrically contrary to the
> amendment's intent. They might as well appoint a "Torture Czar" and make it a cabinet level position.
> Actually, for all practical purposes we already have a torture czar . . .
> it's the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Yes, it is
> Cheney himself who is PERSONALLY pressuring the conference committee
> to rescind the McCain amendment in this way (just as he was pressuring
> CIA analysts in the cooking of the justification for war with Iraq).
> It has been Cheney himself who has taken a lead role from the
> beginning, talking in 2002 about the need to revive the "dark arts."
> Since they could no longer keep the abuses at Guantanamo and Abu
> Ghraib and elsewhere classified, they have prosecuted a couple of
> selected patsies for these crimes, while their agency handlers right
> up through the chain of command have continued in their unconscionable ways.
> This is not to let the president himself off the hook. In the first
> place there is Bush's own overreaching lust for absolute dictatorial power.
> Indeed, his longtime attorney and ally, Alberto Gonzales, put his name
> on the infamous Jan 25, 2002 memo, referring to the Geneva convention
> as "quaint." But what many people do not realize is that the heart of
> that reprehensible legal pretzel job was drafted by David Addington,
> the staff attorney closely associated with Dick Cheney. And would
> anybody like to guess Mr. Addington's current title in the White
> House? That's right. He just replaced the indicted "Scooter" Libby as Cheney's Chief of Staff.
> There isn't a "talking head" out there not drinking their own "talking
> points Kool-Aid" who believes the Fitzgerald investigation is remotely
> close to being finished. If anything, the allegations in the Libby
> indictment, which identify Cheney as the one who specifically advised
> Libby that Valerie (Plame) Wilson worked under the covert wing of the
> CIA, suggest that the Vice President is at least one of the big game
> that the Special Counsel is still pursuing. The tight-lipped Fifth
> Amendment-type reactions given by Cheney in the aftermath of the
> indictment to explain his own role in the leak scandal do nothing to dispel the intrigue.
> Instead the administration is circling the torture-advocate wagons
> even tighter with the promotion of Addington, while the shadow of
> Traitorgate continues to darken over their heads.
> Especially now, with the chickens of treason coming home to roost in
> the nest of the chicken hawks themselves, this is the last time in
> history for the authors of torture as official American policy to be
> allowed to push for largesse for even wider atrocities. We must all
> immediately contact our senators and members of the House of
> Representative who might have influence on the conference committee to
> demand that the overwhelmingly approved language of the McCain
> amendment remain intact in the final Defense Appropriations Bill.
> ACTION FORM: (McCain Amendment)
> We must also recognize that this is profoundly related to the
> selection of a replacement for Harriet Miers as Supreme Court nominee.
> Remember -- one of the talking points of the neocons (before they
> turned on her for not being sufficiently and demonstrably loyal to
> their causes) was that she would support the president's policies in the deceptively dubbed "war on
> terror." But the universal common denominator of all Bush appointees is
> their submissive endorsement of the unlimited expansion of the
> president's power to do whatever he likes in defiance of Congress and
> even the people themselves.
> In his own confirmation hearing Roberts refused to say (among other
> things) whether the Congress would have the power to stop a war if the
> president ignored their authority. That case might come before him,
> he argued, as if he knew something we didn't. And it most certainly
> will if Bush is not stopped from making any more such appointments.
> Roberts and his ilk will not legislate from the bench (as if that were
> the boogie man to be feared). No, instead they will UN-legislate from
> the bench, perhaps even to remove the McCain language from American
> law by court order on the grounds that it would interfere with the
> power of the president to play God. Remember also that in his first
> day on the bench of the high court Roberts left the sheep's clothing
> in his chambers to ask aggressively why they should not overturn the
> TWICE-expressed will of the people in the Oregon "Right to Die" case.
> For all of these reasons we must demand that the next nominee to the
> Supreme Court be a true moderate and a true nonpartisan. One of the
> truly beautiful things about Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is
> that the American people can look at his work and agree that it will
> be based entirely on the facts and the law. Even opposing attorneys
> of those he has indicted must concede that he is unwavering in his
> fairness and his integrity, favoring neither side by any inherent
> bias. We can demand no less from the next justice to be appointed to the Supreme Court.
> ACTION FORM: (Supreme
> Court)
> If we all speak out, we can remove the Vice President from his
> position as the torture czar. It's not as if he doesn't have enough
> other black hats to wear; he's already serving in the capacity of treason czar as it is.
> Sheriff Fitzgerald is working on that last one. The rest is up to we
> the people.
> Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
> to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.
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