Harry Potter's new adventures become erotic and brutal


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Millions of Harry Potter's admirers, the most popular young magician of these days, storm bookstores and cinemas as soon as new stories about him come out. Now, they are looking forward to a new, fourth film about Harry’s adventures. The premiere of the film is fixed for November 18, but it may disappoint even die-hard fans of the miracle-making boy. It was already after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out that readers and literature critics stated that Joanna Rowling’s world she created in her books was getting gloomier. In the new film, Hollywood special effects experts did their best so that the British board of film classification decided the film is too cruel and conferred the 12A rating to it. In other words, children under 12 may watch the film only in their parents' presence of.

But the filmmakers are not at all disappointed with the unfavorable rating. Director of the new film about Harry Potter, Mike Newell, is absolutely sure that the book which he made into a movie is not at all a novel for kids. “Children who liked the first movie about Harry Potter are 14-16 years old today; and we cannot make a too na?ve movie for them,” Newell says.

Emma Watson performing the role of Hermione shares the director’s opinion and says: “One should reconcile oneself to the fact that some of the film heroes must die as the action develops.”

But British censors are rather cautious about the film not only because a friend of Harry’s dies in the film and ugly monsters appear in it. The matter is that British citizens shocked with the July terrorist acts in London believed that there was some underlying political theme in some of the movie scenes.

Meanwhile, getting adult is one of the basic themes of the new film. The filmmakers make it obvious that both the heroes and the spectators are no longer children. This first of all becomes clear in relations between male and female characters of the film. Once young and innocent Hogwarts students now share feelings differing from ordinary friendship between a boy and a girl. Hermione turns into a glamorous girl and becomes popular among guys. And Harry Potter himself has his first kiss with a charming co-student.

The film suggests that the actors have outgrown their heroes. The age difference between the actors and the movie heroes will be perfectly blatant by the moment when filmmakers decide to make the sixth film about Harry Potter. In 2007, when the sixth book by Joanna Rowling is to be made into a movie the actors will be aged 17-19 and they will have to play 16-year-old students. So, it is already rumored that the present-day cast will be employed in the fifth film but the filmmakers will have to find new actors to perform in the sixth film. At least, the young actors employed in the films about Harry Potter now have great opportunities to play in other films and they seem to be less enthusiastic about more films about Harry.