White House Insiders Reports That "Osama bin Laden" Tape Was A Fake


January 20, 2006:


“Yet again, our grossly incompetent CIA, in conjunction with the prevaricating manipulators in the White House, have produced another faked “bin Ladin tape” threatening to attack the United States but “offering a truce.” The CIA has produced at least ten “original terrorist” tapes in the past three years. A man named Morton Weil, working for the CIA out of Waco, Texas, puts these together using someone fluent in Arabic. The documents are produced in Langley, sent to the NSC for vetting and, if approved as written, sent by courier to Waco, Texas where they are translated (from the English) into Arabic and then recorded by a person, as yet unnamed, fluent in that language .

I lunch twice a week with an Arab diplomat who, obviously, is an educated man and fluent in his native tongue. He not only knew bin Laden but has heard him speak a number of times. His opinion? Fake.

His reasoning?

Bush is presently doing so badly in the domestic (and foreign) opinion polls, yet did so well as “The Great Protector of America” after 911, that he seeks to recapture his permanently lost glory by first posing a threat to the US and then stepping forward again, shield and sword in hand, to defend the American people against foreign (and non-Christian) terrorists.

He and Rove feel that his poll numbers will rise once again. The problem is that very few people believe these rigged and seemingly never-consummated terrorist “warnings” and so once again, the boy cried “Wolf” in vain.

I also know someone on the NSC and they told me this morning that they really wished the CIA would be a little more accomplished in their fakes.

His reasoning?

It has been known, officially, that bin Laden died of kidney failure in a Pakistani hospital in August of 2002 and obviously isn’t making any tapes now. A live bin Laden, however, is a good boogyman with which to terrify the American public into slavishly believing our government is trying to protect them. Secondly, there is no reference to the Koran in the message, something always found in original, period, bin Laden announcements. Thirdly, the fake bin Laden does not make any references, as original messages have, to past Western atrocities against Muslims and, finally, the tape is far too short.

What is this source’s reasoning? That the CIA’s blunder in killing 17-25 perfectly innocent Pakistani civilians in a badly botched rocket attack against a bin Laden supporter has caused an uproar in Pakistan, (and elsewhere) an ally, albeit a very dicey one. First, the CIA “revealed,” through paid Pakistani stooges, that “many top terrorists” were killed in the attack although the sole victims were women and children and two sets of grandparents. Their logic is that while the intended target was “mysteriously absent” at the time of the attack, the slaughter of the innocents was justified because “many top terrorists” were eradicated.

Typical high-level bald-faced lies.

This latest taped fake is designed both to give Bush increased stature to a disbelieving American public and to justify any future actions against more generally completely innocent civilians.

The Bush Administration is drawing an enormous bill that is going to have to be paid by the American people, hopefully for the criminals, long after they are out of office and living in tax-payer supported safe (and non-extraditable) retirement in the south of France or Tahiti.

Something needs to be done about all of this murderous corruption.

When Patrick Henry, addressing the Virginia House of Burgesses, made a negative reference to their King George, some stooge shouted “Treason!” at him.

His reply, and one we all ought to contemplate?

“If this be treason, Sir, why make the most of it!”