"Al Aqsa" -- Dome of the Rock -- Is In Danger!

15 June 2003


Before dawn Sunday, Israeli undercover troops killed Qassam missile operative belonging to Arafat’s al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in north Gazan town of Beit Hanoun. Two Qassam rockets landed near Sderot cemetery later Sunday.

DEBKAfile’s military sources: This is first senior al Aqsa terrorist found operating in northern Gaza and explains Arafat’s resistance to handover of local Palestinian security force to Dahlan. Qassam and terror threats will not stop before IDF operation roots out causes

Israeli shot dead near Jenin Friday night was Staff Sgt. Mordecai Sayada of Golani, 21, from Tirat HaCarmel. Wearing helmet and flak jacket, he was on patrol in armored “Sufa” battle jeep when single bullet struck his throat. This is first recorded case of bullet penetrating “Sufa” armor.

Al Jazeera: Mortar attack on US military compound in Ramadi west of Baghdad sets building on fire.

US force of 1,300 seals off Saddam loyalist stronghold of Fallujah for house to house search for militia leaders and weapons. Earlier US army began questioning 74 suspected al Qaeda members in Iraq

DEBKAfile Special Military Report reveals: Syria smuggles Arab combatants and al Qaeda operatives into Iraq to reinforce anti-US resistance mounted by Saddam loyalists, is paid for traffic from cash and gold salted away in Iraq by Saddam and sons.

Assad regime also smuggles fighters, weapons and funds to Arafat’s Fatah-Tanzim and al Aqsa Brigades, becomes primary supplier of Palestinian terror machine

More details in DEBKAfile Military Report below

John Wolf meets Sharon and Mofaz Sunday after interview with Shin Beit Director Dichter Saturday night when he arrived at head of 12-man US team to monitor road map implementation.

Powell Friday: It’s important to get the terror down so there will be no need for action against terror. Calls for Israeli self-restraint. We’re trying to persuade, Hamas, Fatah and Tanzim.

In Umm Fahm, Israeli Muslim leader Sheik Hatib accuses occupants of “Black House” (al Qaeda’s term for US White House) of endorsing Jewish state out of Christian messianic fervor. Al Aqsa is in danger! He declared.