Kids can barely wait for new Potter book

June 16 2003

Shepparton News

Mooroopna North Primary students can't wait for the fifth book in the Harry Potter series to be released next week.

Year 2 to Year 4 teacher Bree Kennedy said students began reading the popular Harry Potter books at the beginning of the year and watching the movies in class and at home.

"Harry Potter books are a breath of fresh air," Ms Kennedy said.

"It's great to see them get excited about reading.

"Because the books are a series, the kids can get to know the characters and recall them and then understand the plot on a more in-depth level.

"Also, with telly and Playstation, it's hard to get the kids to love reading."

Ms Kennedy said she had ordered the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and would begin reading it in class as soon as she could get her hands on it.

"They're always asking me, `Will we be reading Harry Potter today,' "Ms Kennedy said.