Tell Bureaucrats to Stop Harassing Parents


June 17, 2003

> Kim and George Bryant have been home-schooling their two kids,
> George (15) and Nyssa (13), much to the chagrin of the Waltham
> Public School (WPS) system. The Bryants thus far have refused
> to force their children to take a government-mandated
> standardized test to assess their education level.
> The WPS empire struck back last year, obtaining a court order
> giving custody of the kids to the Department of Social Services
> (DSS), which ever since has been threatening to take the kids
> away from their parents.
> As the MetroWest Daily News reported on Friday, "Both sides
> agree that the children are in no way abused mentally,
> physically, sexually or emotionally, but legal custody of the
> children was taken from Kim and George Bryant in December 2001."
> They were ruled to be "unfit" for not filing educational plans
> with the government.
> Unfit. For not filing paperwork. With the government school
> system. Over the education of their OWN children.
> In fact, George Bryant was actually ARRESTED six years ago for
> failing to comply with the government's dictates over the
> home-schooled education of HIS children.
> Arrested. Thrown in jail. Like a criminal. For taking personal
> responsibility for the education of HIS kids.
> This six-year legal battle exploded on Thursday as bureaucrats
> from the DSS showed up at the Bryants' home with police escorts
> at 7:45 a.m. and attempted to remove the children from their
> home and force them to take the mandated tests.
> Once again, the Bryants told the government agents to pound
> dirt, resulting in a seven-hour standoff. "This has been a
> six-year battle between the Waltham Public Schools and our
> family over who is in control of the education of our children,"
> said Bryant.
> How DARE these parents stand up to the government and defend
> their right to raise their children as they see fit? Who do
> they think they are?
> At least, that's the attitude of one outrageous government
> bureaucrat involved in this brouhaha.
> "We have the legal custody of the children and we will do with
> them as we see fit," DSS trooper Susan Etscovitz told the
> Bryants Thursday morning. "They are minors and they do what we
> tell them to do."
> It is near impossible to describe the rage I feel inside every
> time I read those chilling words.
> WE will do with them as WE see fit. They do what WE tell them
> to do.
> The sheer audacity of a bureaucrat to make such a statement
> about someone else's children who are in no way abused in any
> shape, form or fashion is beyond comprehension to me.
> Comrade Etscovitz maintained on Thursday that, "No one wants
> these children to be put in foster homes. The best course of
> action would be for (the Bryants) to instruct the children to
> take the test."
> One can just imagine her words being delivered with a thick
> East German accent: "Oon now, all vee need ees dee kidz!"
> This isn't about education. It's about control. It's about an
> imperial government trying to crush a movement in its infancy
> which could one day spell the end of the public school monopoly
> over our kids' educations.
> Home-schooling means children might start learning again. REAL
> learning. Not "whole language" and "self-esteem." Learning about
> radical notions such as freedom, liberty and personal
> responsibility. Notions such as limited government and the
> Constitution and the vision of our Founding Fathers.
> Yeah, we can't have THAT!
> ACTION ITEM: As it appears that DSS is getting its marching
> orders from the Waltham Public Schools, it seems the best place
> to start is with the School Superintendent there. Her name is
> Dr. Susan Parrella. She can be reached via email at
> or by phone at (781) 314-5400 or
> fax at (781) 314-5411.
> Emails are great... but nothing quite ruins a bureaucrat's day
> like dealing with a flood of phone calls. I know. I just called.
> The woman who answered the phone hung up on me when she found
> out what I was calling about. They do NOT want to answer any
> questions about this.
> Oh, and by the way. I reached Ms. Etscovitz this morning. She
> was not a happy camper once she found out what I was calling
> about. Refused to comment on her "we will do with them as we see
> fit" statement, saying only, "I'm terminating this conversation
> now," before slamming the phone down.
> I think it would really bug her if a lot of people called (781)
> 641-8500, so please, please don't rattle her cage, OK? That
> number not to call again to reach Susan Etscovitz is (781)
> 641-8500. That's (781) 641-8500. (You could also fax her at
> 781-648-6909.)
> -- Chuck Muth
> We normally set up a website with a pre-written letter to
> Congress, etc. However, we thought it would be much more effective
> for our members to make contact as described above, in their
> own words. If you get a response you'd like to share, be sure
> to drop us a note. As this issue develops and is "bumped up
> the ladder" of responsibility, we'll let you know who to contact
> next.
> NOTE: The situation in Waltham has gotten WAY out of hand.
> Outraged Americans across the country need to contact these
> bureaucrats NOW to express their outrage and demand they do the
> RIGHT thing. Be sure to forward this email to everyone you know
> who wants to help save parental choice in America, starting in
> Massachusetts. Thank you!
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