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---------- Inspiration For the Week----------"Prayer must come first"

"... our sins hinder our prayers. We may be very sure that we cannot keep on long in secret prayer while we nurse secret sins in our lives. But what we wish to emphasize is that prayer must come first, that whatever duty has to be set aside for a time, prayer cannot be. Let us take this lesson from Hyde's life. Our Savior wept over Jerusalem, and this was one reason Hyde had such influence over men -- he followed the example of his Master and Paul and wept over men. Could we keep back the tears, did we realize the terrible condition of men, the cost of their salvation, the sin of rejecting the message?

This comes from prayer, getting face to face with Christ -- the Crucified Christ, and then going straight from the sacred, secret sanctuary of His presence to be face to face with a lost world, we would cry out with Jeremiah, 'Oh, that my head were waters and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for those around us'.

This is the Spirit of Christ that works in us -- the spirit of prayer, of preaching, and of persuading men. Let us yield ourselves anew to the Spirit, and He will work this spirit into our lives." ("Praying Hyde: Apostle of Prayer", edited by Captain E.G. Carre', p. 98; Emphasis was in the original]

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* NEWS1992 -- "QUAKE IN IRAN ON 12/26/2003 AND THE ASIAN QUAKE ON 12/26/2004 CONTAIN OCCULT SIGNATURE: WERE THEY TRIGGERED BY EITHER HAARP OR SCALAR WAVES?" When you understand the occult numbers and characteristics of these two devastating earthquakes, you will be able to determine for yourself whether HAARP or Scalar weapons waves were used to trigger them. Possibilities are more than interesting; they are staggering.

* NEWS1991 -- "PRESIDENT BUSH CONTINUES TO PROMOTE PAGAN RELIGIONS - CHRISTIAN LEADERS ARE FORBIDDEN BY SCRIPTURE TO PROMOTE ANOTHER RELIGION" - God does not allow a leader of a nation to set aside Biblical principles as he conducts the affairs of state!

Pertinent Scripture: "... what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?" [2 Cor 6:15-16]

* "The Incarnation: The lowly path of our heavenly King", guest article by author Berit Kjos -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/db046.htm

* NEWS1990 -- "BOTH PRESIDENT BUSH AND HIS FATHER SUPPORT "AMERICAN CLERGY LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE" (ACLC) -- A REV. MOON ORGANIZATION PUSHING FOR CHURCHES TO THROW OUT THEIR CHRISTIAN CROSSES!" Now, we discover both Presidents Bush supporting the ACLC, the group which is encouraging their American churches to throw their Christian Crosses in the trash -- literally toss it into a dumpster


--------Focus: Key Doctrinal Truth----------"Pre-Existence of Souls"

The theory that the souls of men existed in a previous state. The theory can take various forms: (a) It can be presented as the belief that all souls exist in a treasury from which they are called forth to inhabit men. (b) It can be presented as a blatant belief in reincarnation, holding that occurrences in a former life have some power to determine the present condition of a soul. (c) Origen taught that man's present material existence is a punishment for sins committed in a previous existence. (d) Mormonism teaches that the soul, which is synonymous with spirit, is with God in heaven until sent to indwell the newly-conceived baby.

None of these theories can claim any support for their ideas from the Word of God. All shades of reincarnation and its attendant notions are foreign to Scripture. The Bible teaches that souls, upon quitting this life, enter into everlasting blessing in the presence of God, or everlasting punishment in separation from God. (Philippians 1:23; 2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Luke 12:4-5)

See also Soul; Traducianism ["Dictionary of Theological Terms: Ready Reference of Over 800 Theological and Doctrinal Terms", by Alain Cairns, Page 336]


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With this daily devotional, you shall learn the glorious and bloodstained paths of our Baptist forefathers. As the Apostle Paul stated: "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith" [Heb 12:1-2]

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This thoughtful, well-written exposition of Luke 1:28, 45-55 should answer all your questions on this subject which has divided Catholics and Protestants - Baptists. Literally, this issue has caused much deadly Protestant blood to be shed.

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This valuable book proves beyond all doubt that a tight tie exists between Freemasonry and Satanism. This author examines the rituals, doctrines, and literature of Freemasonry, comparing it to identical literature in both Satanism and Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. Since Masonic leaders -- like Albert Pike -- admit that Freemasonry is IDENTICAL to the Egyptian Mysteries, this line of study is absolutely critical. The Egyptian Mysteries is the original headwaters for both Satanism and Freemasonry.

After studying this material, you will see how it is possible for Masonic organizations to always have the right leadership in place at just the right time in history, in order to achieve just the right event necessary to move the world closer to the appearance of Antichrist.

Strong material is also presented which ties Freemasonry into Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). If you have been troubled by SRA in your background, or if you know someone who has SRA in their background, this material should be of great assistance.

Former Satanist, and Mason, William Schnoebelen writes the Forward to this book.

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Your eyes will be opened by this study, as you realize that the symbols which comprise the Great Seal are blatantly Masonic and deeply occultic. From the very birth of our nation, occult forces have been mightily at work in order to subvert our American government and way of life so the Plan of the Great White Brotherhood may go forward to produce their spiritual superman, Antichrist.

It has always been the method of secret societies to manipulate the "masses with the few". With key people in prominent positions, secret societies have always been able to accomplish mighty things with just a few people acting in great secret. When secret societies are acting in concert, the people wielding the power are hidden in the shadows. Always, great and mighty deception is the rule of the day.

Understanding the Illuminati Plan

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Smith is well aware of the unprecedented spiritual deception occurring right now in "Christian" religious circles; it is just as our Lord forewarned in Matthew 24:4, 11, 24. What is the bottom line warning from author Warren Smith? "Rick Warren is in the process of leading the church astray". Prayerfully read this book, for your precious eternal soul is at stake if you are part of the "Purpose-Driven Church".

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Outcome-Based Religion is another manifestation of the 21st Century that is all about meeting the needs of the consumer with as little inconvenience as possible. It is no secret that we have become a “Super Walmart Society” that flocks to the mega-store, the mega-mall and yes, even the mega-church. Church growth has become the order of the day within broad-based protestantism, evangelicalism, and even fundamentalism with the catch-phrases like “seeker-sensitive,” “seeker-friendly,” and “purpose-driven” becoming household terms among conservative religious individuals.

Unfortunately, the developers of the methods and practices currently implemented to build this New Paradigm Church have not considered the Word of God as a valid source document in the developmental process. In lieu of an operational system built upon God’s absolute truth, they have chosen a strange mixture of behavioral science, marketing techniques, “Management by Objective”, General Systems Theory, and cultural relativism bathed in religious terminology to concoct a program for optimal church growth.

This book gives the reader the vital information needed to identify the warning signs needed to stand in defense of the Faith in the face of this gathering storm of apostasy. It should be required reading for all pastors and lay people who desire to understand the deceptive nature of this apostasy, and particularly those who are battling this movement within their own church. Finally, this book exposes the very real danger that if this movement continues unchecked, there may well arise a new generation that “knows not the Lord.”

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. A gigantic earthquake measuring 9.2 on the Richter Scale struck on December 26, 2004, just a few miles off the Indonesian peninsula of Sumatra. The resulting tsunami rose to over 45 feet high in some beach areas and struck with such speed and enormity that, as of this writing, over 170,000 people have perished. As is always the case with such a monstrous story as this, we have to examine several aspects in order to fully appreciate the impact this earthquake and tsunami might have on the regional and the global scene.

A. The enormity of the earthquake and its interesting timing raise dynamic questions which demand answers. We posted an article on this subject, and encourage you to read it before you proceed with this newsletter. This article is NEWS1992, and is entitled, "QUAKE IN IRAN ON 12/26/2003 AND THE ASIAN QUAKE ON 12/26/2004 CONTAIN OCCULT SIGNATURE: WERE THEY TRIGGERED BY EITHER HAARP OR SCALAR WAVES?"

To properly understand this quake in Asia, you must also understand the quake in Iran. Both quakes occurred on December 26, one year apart. However, since 2004 is a Leap Year, the separation of the two quakes is 366 days, not 365, which means that the quakes occurred "one year, one day" apart. That fact, plus the many details of both the Iranian and Asian quakes constitutes a strong numeric "Occult Signature" on these quakes.

You will discover that the numerics of these two quakes center on "11" and multiples thereof, like "33". The dedicated occultist has long ascribed the number "11" to the coming spiritual superman, Antichrist -- as has Scripture, Daniel 7:7-9.

Once you understand that this event contains such a strong "Occult Signature", you will be better able to properly ascertain the real reasons behind these two quakes. Remembering that the world is spiraling toward the beginning of the Final Birth Pangs which will produce Antichrist, we have to remember that the one basic requirement is that the world has become capable of joining together in a One World Government, Economy, and Religion BEFORE Antichrist can appear. Prophecy in Revelation 17:12-17 makes it quite clear that the final 10 rulers of the age will transfer their power and authority to the Beast once he arises; the wording of this prophecy strongly implies that they hand him a world which is already joined as One in government, economy and religion.

The Illuminati understands this very well, which is why the Pentagon's new global strategy conceives that all nations fall into one of two groups: 1) Core Functioning nations whose government and economy are at the point that they can easily meld into the cashless system of Antichrist, where "no man can buy or sell save he that has the Mark". 2) "Non-Integrating Gap" nations whose governments and economies are very far away from this ideal. These governments need to be "jolted" into making massive internal changes which will propel the world into this global goal.

Thus, the United States invaded Iraq, while Australia invaded the poor, helpless Solomon Islands and Indonesia invaded the Aceh Province. Once one nation in a region of Non-Integrating states is invaded, or threatened with a "Regime Change" attack of some sort, the hope is that the other nations in that region will "take the hint" and begin a massive, rapid internal change on their own.

We explain this Pentagon strategy in two major articles:



Once again, if you have not yet read these most important articles, please do so now, for only then can you understand what we are about to share with you now. NOTE: Both of these articles are now free.

If you study the above quake map carefully, comparing it to the world map in each of the two articles, above, you will realize that the nations most impacted by this quake and its resulting tsunami, are all "Non-Integrating Gap" countries. As such, they all need a massive "jolt" in order to propel them into making rapid changes as demanded by such global organizations as the United Nations and the World Bank so that they can all become "Core Functioning" states. IF our theory is correct, we should see an effort to mount a global and/or a strong regional response.

B. Indonesia immediately calls for a regional conference, with key global nations invited. Remember, while Indonesia is officially considered a "Non-Integrating Gap" country, her leaders have been working with the Bush Administration in carrying out the mandates of the Pentagon's strategy, as evidenced by her invasion and continued warfare against the Aceh Province.

NEWS BRIEF: "Indonesia announces international summit on tsunami", Khaleej Times, 31 December 2004

View tsunami animated graphic May take a couple of minutes to load.

"JAKARTA - Indonesia said on Friday it would host a major summit of global leaders to discuss tsunami devastation across Asia, take stock and plot how to overcome the world’s worst natural disaster in living memory. The conference in Jakarta, slated for January 6, will gather heads of state from countries around the Indonesian ocean, which have counted tens of thousands of deaths as seismic shockwaves buried their coastlines in water ... Heads of state from India and Sri Lanka, which have both suffered massive casualties and damage, were expected to attend the conference as well as all 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations."

Right on schedule, Indonesia -- a tsunami victim country whose leaders have been cooperating with the Bush Administration since March, 2003, in carrying out the Pentagon's strategy in Southwest Asia -- calls for a conference to determine how they can cooperatively overcome this tremendous devastation. This cooperative effort might logically lead directly in participating countries making rapid and massive internal changes that will facilitate their move into "Core Functioning" nation status.

This conference is also likely to lead to at least an unofficial coalition of these nations. The Illuminati has long held that one of the prerequisites for a global government would be the consistent creation of regional efforts. Once the world has been grouped into regional cooperative blocs, it would be easier to coalesce those blocs into a global government. This vision led directly to the formation of NATO, SEAN and ASEAN coalition.

Notice now that nations and/or organizations outside the affected region have also been invited.

"United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan is also listed to attend ... Major aid donors Australia, New Zealand, the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea were also invited to the event which will attempt to generate more offers of assistance and formulate an action plan to revive the region. Representatives from the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, Asian Development Bank and European Union are also on the guest list." (Ibid.)

Therefore, you can see that this disaster has already spawned a major diplomatic effort involving all victim countries, plus the countries and organizations most interested in establishing a truly global government and economy -- United States, United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organisations, Asian Development Bank and European Union.

Also right on schedule, calls have been heard urging that the United Nations -- not the United States -- must take the lead in these efforts.

NEWS BRIEF: "Short attacks US over tsunami aid", BBC News, Friday, 31 December, 2004

"Former Cabinet minister Clare Short has criticised the US-led tsunami aid coalition, saying the UN should be leading efforts. President Bush has announced that an alliance of the US, India, Australia and Japan will co-ordinate a humanitarian drive. But Ms Short said the effect of the parallel coalition would be to undermine the UN. She said only the UN had the 'moral authority' to lead the relief work ... But it can only do it well if it is backed up by the authority of the great powers."

From the beginning, Illuminist leaders foresaw the day when the United Nations would control all countries in the world. Listen to this occult plan:

"The Atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it ... It belongs to the United Nations, for use or threatened use ..." ["The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", Alice Bailey, Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 548, written May 1946]

However, Secretary General Kofi Annan is widely seen as weak, ineffective, and possibly corrupt. As we have noted before, a concerted effort -- led by the United States -- seems to have been underway for some months now to force Annan out of office. Might this terrible disaster be the catalyst to finally drive him out? It is entirely possible, and we must carefully watch the news as it develops. If the world body deems Annan to be incapable of coordinating such a massive regional and global effort, we might see him removed and replaced by a strong, charismatic leader who could galvanize nations throughout the world into a coordinated effort of rebuilding -- a rebuilding which is likely to greatly modernize each of the 11 nations impacted by this tsunami.

Who might this new United Nations Secretary General be? Since President Clinton left office, we have heard repeated calls for him to be the next UN Secretary General. We are not predicting that he will be, but just pointing out that he very well might be elected to that position. Such a move would place a most powerful , charismatic Illuminist at the head of the UN at a most important juncture in world history.

C. As the death toll passes 174,000, we hear reports that might push the final figure toward 1,000,000!

NEWS BRIEF: "Indonesia Needs Help, Death Toll Expected To Exceed 400,000", Bernama.com, December 30, 2004

"KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- The death toll in Aceh , the region worst hit by last Sunday's tsunami, may exceed 400,000 as many affected areas could still not be reached for search and rescue operations ... the estimate was based on air surveillance by Indonesian authorities who found no signs of life in places like Meulaboh, Pulau Simeulue and Tapak Tuan while several islands off the west coast of Sumatra had 'disappeared' ... the latest death toll of more than 40,000 in Aceh and northern Sumatra did not take into account the figures from the other areas, especially in the west of the region."

Since the tsunami reached upward to 45 feet in some areas, we would not be surprised to hear that entire villages, cities, and islands have been annihilated. Current news reports seem to be hinting that the true death toll is going to be much, much higher than the nearly 200,000 now being reported. Let us now go back to our featured article to see how completely destroyed some of these towns seem to be.

"Aerial surveillance found the town of Meulaboh completely destroyed with only one building standing. The building, which belonged to the military, happens to be on a hill ... there were about 150,000 residents in Meulaboh, which was located 150km from the epicentre of the earthquake while Pulau Simeuleu had a population of 76,000." (Ibid.)

This news is positively staggering! In the town of Meulaboh, the only sign of the town is one building standing! Where are the 150,000 citizens of this city? Aerial surveillance should be seeing tens of thousands of survivors milling about a devastated city, but no, we are told that all pilots can see was one building left standing, but no people.

Survivors in other parts of the region now have to be concerned with the onset of disease.

"Rusdihardjo said that at this time international help, especially in the form of medicines, clean water, food and clothing, were desperately needed by Indonesia to aid survivors in Aceh 'Now we are worried about the outbreak of diseases such as cholera, the work of disposing corpses and the absence of clean water following the contamination of water sources', he said." (Ibid.)

D. Right on cue, a scientist warns that such a tsunami could hit the United States one day, while a Russian scientist issues a similar warning to South America.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Day After Tomorrow' scenario could play out here", Leo Standora and Paul H.B. Shin, Raiders News, 20 December 2004

"A British researcher insists that it's only a matter of time before a killer tsunami like the one that swamped south Asia hits New York and the East Coast. The stage was set for the mega-disaster in 1971, when an eruption loosened a 12-mile-wide chunk of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Islands. If and when the 500 billion tons of barely hanging rock finally barrels into the Atlantic, it could make the disaster flick 'The Day After Tomorrow', look like a joke, experts say. Prof. Bill McGuire, of the Benfield Hazard Research Center at University College in London, said the largest tidal wave ever would race across the Atlantic at up to 600 mph and hit New York as well as shorelines from the Caribbean to Boston. Towering waves of up to 75 feet would engulf the city, traveling miles inland, destroying everything in their path, he told the Daily News .... It would take the wave eight to 10 hours to race across the Atlantic after the massive volcano hits lands in the ocean."

Cutting Edge has posted similar news articles in past months. It seems that, just as we are trying to cope with the news of one major disaster, we hear one or two more. A Russian scientist has similarly warned South America.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russian Scientist Predicts Massive Tsunamis in South America", MosNews, 30 December 2004

"A Russian scientist has warned that a deadly tsunami like the one that devastated south-east Asia over the weekend could strike in places like Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia. Yevgeny Dolginov, a professor of geological studies at the Russian University for Peoples’ Friendship, estimated the risk to areas around the world using a theory based on tectonic plate movements ... “I feel it is necessary to warn the embassies of countries located around the equator about the possibilities of massive earthquakes in the near future,” Dolginov was quoted as saying ... Among other possible danger zones, he named Equatorial New Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Gabon."

Given the ability of scientists to cause massive earthquakes anywhere in the world at any time, residents of these countries would do well to heed these warnings. Furthermore, virtually every South American country warned is a "Non-Integrating Gap" country, whose governments are ripe for a "Regime Change" triggered by some national calamity.


II. Israel apparently has a "Unity Government", as Prime Minister Sharon's office announced a firm agreement with Peres.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon seals new Israel coalition", BBC News, 30 December 2004

"Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and opposition leader Shimon Peres have agreed a compromise deal which paves the way for a new coalition government. Correspondents say Mr Peres' precise role had been the final obstacle to forming a coalition. This was held up by a constitutional ban on having more than one vice-prime minister, a title Mr Peres had sought. Mr Peres has agreed to become deputy premier - making him the most senior person in government after Mr Sharon ... A new national unity coalition could now be formed as early as next week.

"Mr Sharon's office released a statement saying: 'Peres will be named as number two to the prime minister and will be considered the most important member of the cabinet after the head of government'."

It appears that Israel now has the kind of stable, firm-footed government it needs if it is to forge ahead with forced evacuations of Jewish settlements located throughout the areas which are designated to be controlled by the Palestinians. As we have repeatedly stated before, what is really occurring here is what Cutting Edge predicted many years ago, when we noted that the Palestinians were the descendents of the "House of Esau" of Obadiah 15-18 (Related prophecy found in Isaiah 34). Israel is separating the populations so she may fulfill the prophetic annihilation of the Palestinians.

We have written three articles on this most important subject:

* NEWS1422 -- "THE COMING PROPHESIED ANNIHILATION OF THE PALESTINIANS -- TODAY'S HOUSE OF ESAU" -- In this article, posted in October, 2000, we noted that, before Israel could annihilate the Palestinians in fulfillment of this prophecy, she would have to separate the Jewish population from the Palestinian, so she would not kill her own people. We envisioned some sort of barrier, with the removal of the far-flung Jewish settlements as the last step. This prediction is coming true in our Daily News.



Jewish Settlements In West Bank

Note that this map concerns only the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, not the Gaza Strip, located southward off this map, bordering Egypt. Israel is planning to give up control of all the Gaza, which is controversial enough. But, as every discerning person realizes, if the Israeli government is going to prevent the Jewish settlers in the West Bank from being killed along with the Palestinians, every settlement in this area will have to be pulled out. With this idea in mind, the following news story makes a great deal of sense.

Just hours after news agencies revealed that Sharon and Peres had reached a Unity Government agreement -- thus guaranteeing the forced evacuation of the Gaza Strip -- Sharon's deputy, Olmert, dropped the next bombshell: after withdrawal from Gaza, Israel was going to evacuate settlements in the West Bank. The story below reflects Sharon's immediate denial.

NEWS BRIEF: "PM Sharon Denies Olmert´s 'Disengagement-2' Plan", Israeli National News, December 30, 2004

"PM Sharon's Bureau rejects the idea raised by Minister Olmert in The Jerusalem Post today, according to which a second disengagement plan from additional areas in Judea and Samaria is on the way. 'There is no option of sitting and doing nothing', Olmert was quoted as telling The Jerusalem Post today. 'Israel's interest requires a disengagement on a wider scale than what will happen as part of the current disengagement plan'. He said that this will need to happen whether or not a viable peace partner emerges on the PA side. Olmert was the first government minister to allude to the current disengagement/withdrawal/expulsion plan ..."

Prime Minister Sharon immediately denied what his Deputy Defense Minister had just publicized. He did so on the basis of political expediency, not on the basis of truth. As this above map illustrates, Israel has no choice but to pull these settlements out of the West Bank area if they are to carry out the plan to completely eradicate the Palestinians.

However, Sharon simply had to deny what Olmert said, because the time has not yet arrived for the full truth to be told to the beleaguered Israeli people. Let them first get used to the idea of unilaterally withdrawing from The Gaza and then spring the rest of the plan upon them. However, Olmert did not go out on his own in making this "shocking" revelation; he most likely was acting as a "stalking horse" for Sharon. In the past, Olmert has broken bad news for the Israeli people, followed by a Sharon denial, followed by his original remarks being carried out.


III. An American family who has just lost their son to Depleted Uranium poisoning blames the government and has the opportunity to air their grievances over NBC TV News!

NEWS BRIEF: "Metro Family Blames Death on War Related Illness", KSHB NBC News, Kansas City, December 29, 2004

"The family of a metro soldier fears he died from a war-related illness. They shared their story exclusively with NBC Action News. 35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garton spent 16-months in Iraq. His family says ammunition used by soldiers poisoned him. They claim he was exposed to depleted uranium dust during a rescue mission in Fallujah in May .... Clay’s dad Duane Garton says, 'Thirty-five years I had the boy. He went through 16 months of hell, he come back, and they didn't do nothing for him. That's what I don't understand, why they couldn't do something for him. They just let him lay there and keep going down and down'."

"A memorial fund has been set up to benefit Clay Garton's three children. To donate, call the Raytown branch of the Bank of America at (816) 979-6292."

You can hear this actual NBC News program video. Listen carefully and you will weep. You will see the agony in the eyes of the father of Sgt. Garton and the pain in the face of his mother. When the father says that the Army did absolutely nothing for his son, even as he was deteriorating, you will recognize the truth behind the term, "throw away soldiers", a term an author from American Free Press used to describe the Pentagon's attitude toward our soldiers in Iraq. A retired Army Major friend of mine used the same term in late March, 2003, as Coalition Forces were invading Iraq. (Read Newsletter December 18, 2004, Paragraph II)

We have been hoping that the news about the disaster being caused by Depleted Uranium Munitions would begin to spread throughout the American population, for only then do we have a hope of turning the attitude of this country in the right direction. Right now, too many Americans believe the government lies and belief that the war in Iraq is essential to the global war on terror. Thus, we were encouraged when the NBC News reporter which you will see in this video, above, states that the knowledge of this D.U. poisoning is spreading throughout America.

People need to start asking tough questions, like, why did we invade when we knew Weapons of Mass Destruction were not present in Iraq? We supposedly invaded in order to prevent Saddam from killing more of his own people, as our government alleged that he killed over 300,000 Iraqi citizens. However, American Foreign Policy has never revolved around removing a tyrant who was killing massive quantities of his own people. Idi Amin, dictator of Uganda, killed between 300,000 - 500,000 of his own people, but American soldiers were never sent to invade his country.

No, the Bush Administration did not invade Iraq for either reason. We invaded Iraq because the Illuminati had decided decades ago that Iraq is the main point of emphasis during the final drive to the New World Order. The Bible predicted that such a foreign army would come against Iraq in the Latter Days (NEWS1804), giving us just one more exciting example as to how the Illuminati Plan to produce their Antichrist fulfills Bible prophecy!

How did the Pentagon respond to this family whose son was just lost to Depleted Uranium poisoning?

"The government contends the health risks are low." (KSHB NBC News, Ibid.)

Does the Pentagon really expect Americans to believe that there is a "low health risk" when soldiers are breathing in uranium dust? Is that what you believe?

We would encourage you to read the following additional sources of Depleted Uranium information:

* Video on the Presidential campaign website for Congressman Dennis Kucinich

* News Story accompanied by video: "Daughter of Soldier Contaminated with Depleted Uranium in Iraq Born with Deformities"

* Several Cutting Edge Indepth Articles - One article quotes a retired Indian Navy Admiral warning that dust irradiated with uranium are blowing 1,000 miles from the the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, thus spreading the nuclear holocaust throughout the Middle Eastern Region. Other articles describe the physiological devastation wrought by D.U. contaminated dust lingering in the body.

* "How Depleted Uranium Weapons Are Killing Our Troops" -- Accompanied by Pictures

* "Pentagon Brass Suppresses Truth About Toxic Weapons: Use Constitutes A War Crime"

Before we leave this subject, we offer the following news story to demonstrate that the Army views its soldiers coldly as "throw away" soldiers, not really caring about their welfare, nor how they will cope with the rest of their lives after being shattered in Iraqi combat. The kind of inhumanity demonstrated by this story is the same kind of inhumanity I witnessed time and again when in Army Intelligence during the Vietnam War. An individual grievance against the Army was only possible in the most unlikely instance where a Congressman or Senator intervened on behalf of the poor soldier. But, for every one soldier for whom a higher authority intervened, there were probably several thousands who were just victimized because they were powerless, and the Army simply did not care.

NEWS BRIEF: "Yanks go to bat for injured G.I.", by Deborah Kolban, New York Daily News, December 31, 2004

"After losing an arm in Iraq, Orange County soldier Robert Loria came home - only to be slapped with a $6,000 bill for a lost helmet and sleeping bag and travel expenses to and from the hospital. To make matters worse, the Army took the money out of Loria's bank account - leaving him stranded in Fort Hood, Tex. Yesterday, Loria's fortunes turned 180 degrees. At a special ceremony at the Department of Veterans Affairs Museum on W. Houston St. in Manhattan, the New York Yankees gave the Bronx Bombers fan a check for $25,000. The check comes on top of the $6,000 debt being forgiven by the Army - thanks to the efforts of Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-Middletown) and Sens. Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

"A special Army task force is looking at the cases of 19 other injured veterans who may have had payroll situations similar to Loria's. 'We want to make sure nobody goes through this again', Clinton said yesterday. Loria lost his arm when a roadside mine blew up as he was driving a fellow soldier to the hospital."

BOOK or VIDEOIV. Wracked by a growing international criticism firestorm over American use of extreme torture since the Abu Ghraib prison scandal broke, the Justice Department rewrote their original memo to acknowledge that prisoner torture does, indeed, violate American law and International law.

Remember, the reality is that this type of torture has been occurring since the 9/11 attacks!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rewritten Justice Department Memo Says Torture Violates U.S., International Law", By Curt Anderson Associated Press Writer, 12/31/2004

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department released a rewritten legal memo on what constitutes torture, backing away from its own assertions prior to the Iraqi prison abuse scandal that torture had to involve 'excruciating and agonizing pain'. The 17-page memo omitted two of the most controversial assertions made in now-disavowed 2002 Justice Department documents: that President Bush, as commander in chief in wartime, had authority superseding U.S. anti-torture laws and that U.S. personnel had several legal defenses against criminal liability in such cases. The new document said torture violates U.S. and international law."

"Critics in Congress and many legal experts say the original documents set up a legal framework that led to abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, in Afghanistan and at the U.S. prison camp for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ... The Justice Department memo, dated Thursday, was released less than a week before the Senate Judiciary Committee was to consider Bush's nomination of his chief White House counsel, Alberto Gonzales, to replace John Ashcroft as attorney general."

"Most of the original memos were signed by then-assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee, who was writing in the shadow of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks as government officials scrambled to confront a new terrorist foe. Bybee is now a judge on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco."

If Bybee is a judge on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, then we understand how Bush and Ashcroft could be so bold as to argue that the President had the right to hold prisoners without charges, without trial, torture them, and summarily execute them, without the court having any say whatsoever! [NEWS1885; Posted January 6, 2004)

The plain truth of the matter is that the Bush Administration began indirectly torturing people soon after the 9/11 attacks, as our posting of such news articles can be found on our Daily News Updates as far back as November, 2001. What Bush officials wwere doing was transfering the victim to a foreign country in which torture was an accepted practice. Read this following news story carefully:

NEWS BRIEF: "Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War", By Dana Priest, Washington Post Staff Writer, Monday, December 27, 2004

"The airplane is a Gulfstream V turbojet, the sort favored by CEOs and celebrities. But since 2001 it has been seen at military airports from Pakistan to Indonesia to Jordan, sometimes being boarded by hooded and handcuffed passengers. The plane's owner of record, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., lists directors and officers who appear to exist only on paper. And each one of those directors and officers has a recently issued Social Security number and an address consisting only of a post office box ... the CIA uses to conceal involvement in clandestine operations. In this case, the agency is flying captured terrorist suspects from one country to another for detention and interrogation.

"The CIA calls this activity 'rendition'. Premier Executive's Gulfstream helps make it possible ... Since Sept. 11, 2001, secret renditions have become a principal weapon in the CIA's arsenal against suspected al Qaeda terrorists, according to congressional testimony by CIA officials. But as the practice has grown, the agency has had significantly more difficulty keeping it secret. According to airport officials, public documents and hobbyist plane spotters, the Gulfstream V, with tail number N379P, has been used to whisk detainees into or out of Jakarta, Indonesia; Pakistan; Egypt; and Sweden, usually at night, and has landed at well-known U.S. government refueling stops ... Human rights groups are working on legal challenges to renditions, said Morton Sklar, executive director of the World Organization for Human Rights USA, because one of their purposes is to transfer captives to countries that use harsh interrogation methods outlawed in the United States. That, he said, is prohibited by the U.N. Convention on Torture.

"The CIA has the authority to carry out renditions under a presidential directive dating to the Clinton administration, which the Bush administration has reviewed and renewed."

It should come as no surprise to anyone that, since Bush officials had gotten away with torturing "Al Qaeda" prisoners since the early days after 9/11, this practice was then boldly spread to the military prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "War Crimes", Editorial, The Washington Post, Thursday, December 23, 2004

"THANKS TO a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union and other human rights groups, thousands of pages of government documents released this month have confirmed some of the painful truths about the abuse of foreign detainees by the U.S. military and the CIA -- truths the Bush administration implacably has refused to acknowledge. Since the publication of photographs of abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison in the spring the administration's whitewashers -- led by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld -- have contended that the crimes were carried out by a few low-ranking reservists, that they were limited to the night shift during a few chaotic months at Abu Ghraib in 2003, that they were unrelated to the interrogation of prisoners and that no torture occurred at the Guantanamo Bay prison where hundreds of terrorism suspects are held. The new documents establish beyond any doubt that every part of this cover story is false ... the documents show that the abuse of prisoners was already occurring at Guantanamo in 2002 and continued in Iraq even after the outcry over the Abu Ghraib photographs.

"The Bush administration refused to release these records to the human rights groups under the Freedom of Information Act until it was ordered to do so by a judge. Now it has responded to their publication with bland promises by spokesmen that any wrongdoing will be investigated. The record of the past few months suggests that the administration will neither hold any senior official accountable nor change the policies that have produced this shameful record ... For now the appalling truth is that there has been no remedy for the documented torture and killing of foreign prisoners by this American government." (Ibid.)

V. "Al Qaeda" terrorists have allegedly carried out their first attempt at assassinating one of Saudi Arabia's Royal Family! Oil prices immediately surged.

NEWS BRIEF: "Riyadh Attack Was First Al Qaeda Attempt on Life of Saudi Royal – Prince Mohammed bin Nayef", DEBKAfile Exclusive Report, December 30, 2004

"The night in Riyadh was torn Wednesday, December 29, by three huge explosions – not just the two officially confirmed. They were followed by long bursts of gunfire in northern and eastern Riyadh. DEBKAfile’s exclusive counter-terror sources reveal that the three car bomb blasts were part of an al Qaeda attempt on the life of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdelaziz, son of the Saudi interior minister, deputy minister and director of the ministry’s security unit which runs the war on terror. This was the first attempt by Osama bin Laden’s organization to assassinate a member of the Saudi royal family. It is a pivotal event in that it sharply escalates the terrorist offensive besetting the kingdom and raises the stakes on both sides ... Had the assassination plot against Prince Mohammed succeeded, a major upheaval would have ensued – destabilizing not only the oil kingdom but sending tremors around the Arab and Muslim Middle East as well."

The Royal House of Saud has long been under terrorist attack. If this oil-rich kingdom can be brought down and her oil denied to the Western world, the economies of all industrialized nations will immediately convulse. Even though Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront in producing the most radical of Islamic militants, her government has remained staunchly pro-Western when it comes to providing oil to the world.

Terrorist attacks against the heart of the Saudi government have been evolving into more sophisticated operations. We can only hope such attacks never actually succeed.

VI. Events in Iraq remained bloody, with militants scoring some heavy hits against American interests. The ability to hold elections on January 30 was called into question, once again.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mortar strike sets fire to Iraqi oil refinery", IOL News, December 31 2004

"Baghdad - A mortar strike set fire to Baghdad's Dura oil refinery on Thursday night, an interior ministry official said ... 'We cannot stop the fire so we called other fire departments from outside Baghdad', the official said. The attack occurred at 10pm, the official said. The Dura refinery is also home to Baghdad's main power plant."

NEWS BRIEF: "26 die in Mosul battle", The Times of India, DECEMBER 30, 2004

"MOSUL: A frontal assault on US troops by dozens of Iraqi insurgents in Mosul left an American soldier and about 25 guerrillas dead in one of the boldest attacks yet on occupying forces in Iraq. Battle raged late on Wednesday as US president George W Bush said his forces would do all they could to make it possible to hold next month's election in Mosul and other violent cities. But many residents of Mosul say they are too afraid to vote."

NEWS BRIEF: "Baghdad commander of Iraqi security forces assassinated", Kahleej Times, 28 December 2004

"BAGHDAD - The commander of the Iraqi National Guard in the capital city was assassinated on Tuesday by a suicide bomber who drove a car bomb into the convoy transporting the official ... In addition to killing Madhar al-Maula, the explosion wounded several convoy passengers ... North of Baghdad, a dozen Iraqi policemen were killed by insurgents who attacked a police station about 15 kilometres outside Tikrit, police said. The attack was the deadliest among several in the area that claimed 17 lives, police said."

Once again, we see that the insurgency is strongly attacking officials cooperating with Coalition Forces. Even Prime Minister Allawi cannot feel secure. Iraqi citizens are starting to get the message, that their lives are in danger if they cooperate with the American forces or the Interim Iraqi Government. Cooperative religious leaders are also under attack. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "SCIRI’s Hakim escapes assassination bid: At least 13 people killed in suicide car bombing near Baghdad office of top Iraqi Shiite leader", Middle East Online, 27 December 2004

"BAGHDAD - Top Iraqi Shiite leader Abdel Aziz Hakim escaped with his life after a suicide car bombing at his office on Monday that killed 13 people ... The bombing was the latest attack against the country's majority Shiite community in the run-up to next month's crucial elections ... 'Thirteen people were killed and 66 were injured and about 60 cars were destroyed', the interior ministry official said."

Isn't it amazing how occult numbers keep cropping up in daily news about this war and about other disasters? Remember the premise of Pastor David Myers of Last Trumpet Newsletters, that when the Lord is about to deliver judgment upon a people, He causes news events to carry judgment or occult numbers. We wholeheartedly concur.

NEWS BRIEF: "Last half of 2004 deadliest ever for US troops in Iraq", By Ned Parker , Middle East Online, 31 December 2004

"The last six months of 2004 proved the deadliest period for US forces in Iraq despite the formal end of the US-led occupation in June, with a total of 503 soldiers killed ... Rather than deflating the insurgency, the first half year of Iraqi sovereignty under the US-backed interim government saw a surge in bloodshed ... Observers says the violence testifies to the insurgency's staying power and evolution. 'There is no question the growing death toll indicates a growing insurgency', Jorst Hiltermann, Middle East director of the International Crisis Group, said."

Elections were on everyone's minds this week.

NEWS BRIEF: ""Powell: Insurgency in Iraq will not end", Middle East Online, December 28, 2004

"WASHINGTON - US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday that the insurgency in Iraq 'will not end', as insurgents are determined to derail the country's democratic transition. Powell reiterated that Iraq's January 30 elections will take place as scheduled and that the US and Iraqi forces are working to have security in place for the polls. But, he told CBS television, "the insurgency will not end. These insurgents are determined to have no representative government. They want to go back to a tyranny', Powell said."

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush: Election puts Iraq at crossroads", Pittsburgh Tribune Review, December 30, 2004

"CRAWFORD, Texas -- President Bush on Wednesday denounced Osama bin Laden's call to boycott the Iraqi elections, saying the balloting offers a choice between free expression and a "dark vision of the world" viewed by the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks. In an audiotape, bin Laden urged Iraqis to boycott the Jan. 30 election. In the tape aired by Al-Jazeera on Monday, bin Laden said the Iraqi vote for a national assembly is being held under an interim constitution 'imposed by the American occupation" and 'infidel' because it did not rely solely on Islamic law. 'Everyone who participates in this election will be considered infidels', bin Laden said. Bush said the balloting marks a crossroads for Iraq."

NEWS BRIEF: "Radical Iraqi groups call democracy a farce", Middle East Online, 31 December 2004

"DUBAI - Radical Islamist groups in Iraq said in an Internet statement Thursday they considered democracy "farcical and un-Islamic" and warned that no-one who took part in next month's polls would be safe. 'Those who participate in this dirty farce will not be sheltered from the blows of the mujahedeen', said a statement posted on an Islamist website signed by the Al-Qaeda linked Ansar Al-Sunna, the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Army of the Mujahedeen.US-led forces and the Iraq security apparatus are boosting their numbers across the country fearing attacks by insurgents aimed at derailing the January 30 vote."

However, this increased security force is not convincing some Iraqis.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mosul election staff reportedly resigns: All 700 employees quit after insurgents threatened them", IndyStar, December 31, 2004

"BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Three militant groups warned Iraqis against voting in Jan. 30 elections, saying Thursday that people participating in the "dirty farce" risked attack. All 700 employees of the electoral commission in Mosul reportedly resigned after being threatened. The warning came a day after insurgents in Mosul, which has seen increased violence in recent weeks, launched a highly coordinated assault on a U.S. military outpost. The United States said 25 insurgents were believed slain and a U.S. soldier was killed in the battle ... The radical Ansar al-Sunnah Army and two other insurgent groups issued a statement Thursday warning that democracy was un-Islamic. Democracy could lead to passing un-Islamic laws, such as permitting gay marriage..."

One news story focused on this "Clash of Civilizations" concept inherent in the sudden insistence by the insurgency that they were fighting against Coalition Forces so that they could prevent Iraq from legalizing gay marriage! As ludicrous as this seems on the surface, many Muslims have always considered the West to be morally degenerate, including allowing gay unions.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi Rebels Say They're Fighting To Prevent Gay Marriage", by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff, Posted: December 30, 2004

"(Baghdad) Three Iraqi rebel groups, including the one claiming responsibility for the Dec. 21 suicide bombing of the U.S. military base at Mosul where 22 people were killed, said Thursday they are fighting to prevent 'homosexual marriage'. Ansar al-Sunnah and two other rebel groups, posted messages on their websites warning people not to vote in the January elections, declaring that democracy is un-Islamic. The statements said that democracy would lead to passing un-Islamic laws, such as permitting same-sex marriage ... Homosexuality is illegal in most Islamic countries."

Blowing up houses to cause numerous casualties was a common insurgency tactic last week.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mujahideen Blow Up House In Fallujah, Reportedly Killing 24 American Soldiers", Propaganda Matrix, reporting from Free Arab Press, December 29, 2004

"Based on eyewitness reports, Mujahideen detonated explosives that blasted apart the house that US soldiers were searching in the city. According to the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Fallujah, the Mujahideen had planted 500kg of TNT as well as the high explosive 'Austrian' bombs inside the house, located in the al-Wahdah neighborhood. Mujahideen forces attracted the US forces to the house by making them think that a number of fighters were barricaded in it. The Mujahideen then detonated the explosives in the 450 square meter building when the Americans entered the building to investigate. The blast reportedly killed 24 American troops in addition to seven others whose bodies had not been extracted from the rubble..."

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Launches Offensive After Iraq Ambush", The State, December 29, 2004

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. forces launched a new offensive Wednesday against insurgents in an area south of the capital dubbed the "triangle of death," while militants ambushed an elite Iraqi police unit in a Baghdad neighborhood ... The militants set off a huge explosion ... as a contingent of special police and national guards were about to raid a house late Tuesday after receiving an anonymous tip. The blast killed 22 civilians and seven officers, and damaged a dozen nearby homes, a police spokesman said. Between 1,700 to 1,800 pounds of explosives were used in the blast, a U.S. military statement said. American and Iraqi troops searched the rubble for survivors through the night and rescued one civilian. It was not immediately clear whether any of the casualties were guerrillas who appeared to have lured the police into the building."

One wonders if these two stories are the same building blast? If they are the same blast, who is telling the truth? Did 24 American soldiers die as Free Arab Press is reporting, or did 22 Iraqi civilians and seven police officers die as this American source is reporting? We may never know the truth, but if 24 American soldiers did die, you can see how Col. David Hackworth has arrived at a figure of 50,000 soldiers KIA, WIA, and Evacuated from the field of battle, compared to the official . Kur

VII. China continued her tough stance toward Taiwan, passing a law which establishes the legal framework for an attack on the island nation.

NEWS BRIEF: "China vows to prevent Taiwan independence", By John Ruwitch, SwissInfo, December 27, 2004

"BEIJING (Reuters) - China's military will crush any major moves towards independence by Taiwan no matter what the cost, said a government policy paper that accused Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian of escalating tension. The paper on defence was released on Monday as China's parliament discussed a draft anti-secession law that analysts say may contain clauses that would legally bind Beijing to take military action if the island Beijing claims as a renegade province ever declares independence. 'Should the Taiwan authorities go so far as to make a reckless attempt that constitutes a major incident of 'Taiwan independence', the
Chinese people and armed forces will resolutely and thoroughly crush it at any cost', the paper said."

These are fighting words, and come against an island state which has seen and heard many threats from the Chinese mainland. Taiwan knows that the Chinese are anxious to gain full control over Taiwan, but seemingly, her politicians enjoy irritating the mainland leadership. When I was able to wrangle an invitation to the Naval War College annual strategy session in June, 1999, Clinton's adviser -- Dr. Kurth -- who was the keynote speaker, noted the special Chinese angst over Taiwan, and specifically addressed the kind of stance Taiwan simply must maintain.

Dr. James Kurth suddenly veared into the avenue of Chinese "Sphere of Influence", stating that Taiwan has historically been within that sphere. His speech was entitled, "U.S. Foreign Policy In A New Era: Themes and Trends". He stated that the normal and historical "Sphere of Influence" for the Chinese was Korea, Taiwan, and the East and South China Sea. Current Chinese leaders want this old sphere of influence reestablished. They consider Taiwan to be part of formal China. Hong Kong going back to Mainland Chinese control is seen as a prototype of Taiwan returning to China."

At this point, while listening to Dr. Kurth, I mused upon the reality that, in 1952, the Illuminati promised China that she would get Taiwan back! (NEWS1282) Since Dr. Kurth could not mention this fact, he had to invent an historical reason China should logically want control of Taiwan returned to her. Kr. Kurth then spoke of America's role in this struggle.

"The United States should protect China from attacking Taiwan but Taiwan should refrain from a unilateral declaration of independence. Taiwan needs to stay functioning as an independent economy while officially staying as a part of the Chinese Sphere of Influence. This fine line will take the utmost in diplomacy but can and should be done." (Read the full report on Dr. Kurth's speech in NEWS1299)

Of course, on a number of occasions during the past two years, Taiwan has skirted very closely to the edge of declaring her independence, causing China to fume and to threaten. Even a recent referendum which brought Taiwan back from the brink has not calmed China down very much. Of course, she knows that her invasion of Taiwan is planned to be War #3 as the World War III unfolds (NEWS1774).

---------Conclusion----------------"Knowest thou not that it will be bitterness in the latter end?" 2Samuel 2:26

If, O my reader! thou art merely a professor, and not a possessor of the faith that is in Christ Jesus, the following lines are a true ketch (vessel) of thine end.

You are a respectable attendant at a place of worship; you go because others go, not because your heart is right with God. This is your beginning. I will suppose that for the next twenty or thirty years you will be spared to go on as you do now, professing religion by an outward attendance upon the means of grace, but having no heart in the matter. Tread softly, for I must show you the deathbed of such a one as yourself.

Let us gaze upon him gently. A clammy sweat is on his brow, and he wakes up crying, "O God, it is hard to die. Did you send for my minister?" "Yes, he is coming." The minister comes. "Sir, I fear that I am dying!" "Have you any hope?" "I cannot say that I have. I fear to stand before my God; oh! pray for me." The prayer is offered for him with sincere earnestness, and the way of salvation is for the ten-thousandth time put before him, but before he has grasped the rope, I see him sink. I may put my finger upon those cold eyelids, for they will never see anything here again. But where is the man, and where are the man's true eyes? It is written, "In hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torment."

Ah! why did he not lift up his eyes before? Because he was so accustomed to hear the gospel that his soul slept under it. Alas! if you should lift up your eyes there, how bitter will be your wailings. Let the Saviour's own words reveal the woe: "Father Abraham, send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame." There is a frightful meaning in those words. May you never have to spell it out by the red light of Jehovah's wrath! [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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