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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------How About These Excuses For People Thinking That God Cannot Use Them?

The next time you are in "pity party" mode, thinking God cannot use you, just remember:

* Noah became drunken, even after he served the Lord (Genesis 9:21 the story; 1 John 1:9, the remedy)
* Abraham was too old
* Isaac was a daydreamer
* Jacob was a liar
* Leah was considered blemished in the sight of Jacob, who "despised" her (Genesis 29:31). Yet, she bore six sons, including Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, from whom God created the 4 of the 12 tribes of Israel
* Joseph was abused by his brothers
* Moses had a stuttering problem
* Gideon was afraid
* Samson was a womanizer
* Rahab was a prostitute
* Jeremiah and Timothy were considered too young for ministry
* David had an adulterous affair and was a murderer
* Elijah panicked at the threat of a woman and was suicidal
* Isaiah served God three years while walking around naked and barefoot (Isaiah 20:2-3)
* Jonah ran from God
* Naomi was a widow
* Job went bankrupt
* John the Baptist ate bugs
* Peter denied Jesus Christ thrice
* The Disciples fell asleep after the Master asked them to pray for Him at one of the most terrible times of His ministry
* Martha worried about everything
* The Samaritan woman was repeatedly divorced, yet Jesus used her to witness to her village
* Zaccheus was too small
* Paul was too religious, too extremist
* Timothy had an ulcer --- AND
* Lazarus was DEAD!

You have no excuses now. God can use you to your full potential, beginning with where you are right now in your life. Besides, you aren't the message; you are just the messenger. Remember the wonderful words of the Apostle Paul, who considered himself the "chief of sinners":

" I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Phil 4:13)

(Author Unkown)

---------- Bookstore Resource Update ---------- Unparalleled Spiritual Deception Is THE Hallmark Characteristic of The End of the Age

"Take heed that no man deceive you" (Matt 24:4)

"... many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many" (Matt 24:11)

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets ... if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" (Matt 24:24)

Born Again Christians today, and their pastors, have been forewarned enough that they should know that Jesus is "near, even at the very doors". Yet, the vast majority are thoroughly deceived, and therefore, asleep. We offer these bookstore resources as excellent material which is designed to wake up the sleeping Christian.

"Purpose Driven Church" -- The Prophesied Church of Laodicea ?


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Each book examines the Purpose Driven Church phenomenon from a completely different aspect.

"Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church" demonstrates that this church movement is really Sorcery in disguise and that it draws heavily from the desperately wicked Humanist Psychologist, Carl Jung.

"Deceived On Purpose" reveals the strong New Age foundation to Purpose Driven. How many of us would ever think the occultic New Age Movement could actually reinvent itself, transforming into a "Christian" church?

"Outcome Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift" shows the huge Biblical errors Rick Warren is teaching. This newly released book also shows that Warren's movement is also contributing mightily to the New Age concept that, before Antichrist could arise, a huge shift in religious thinking -- Paradigm Shift -- must occur. That Paradigm Shift is now under way, greatly propelled by the Purpose Driven Church.


* "Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift: Outcome-Based Religion" --

DVD -- VHS - by Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries

Are big changes taking place in your church? Has the expository preaching of the Word of God been replaced by lectures in “Psychology 101?” Have the messages from the pulpit been so permeated with “tolerance” that sin is no longer identifiable? Has the emphasis of reaching the lost for Christ been replaced by the mantra bringing in the unchurched? Does the pastor use so many translations of the Bible that you are no longer sure what the Bible actually teaches? Have the hymnals been trashed in favor of the overhead projector? Has the choir been supplanted by a contemporary “praise band?” Has the direction of the Holy Spirit on the service been replaced by “40 Day” campaigns? Has your church mushroomed in size with throngs of people that have no idea of what they believe? If the answer to the majority of these questions is “yes,” your church is falling victim to Outcome-Based Religion.
Outcome-Based Religion is another manifestation of the 21st Century that is all about meeting the needs of the consumer with as little inconvenience as possible. It is no secret that we have become a “Super Wal-Mart Society” that flocks to the mega-store, the mega-mall and yes, even the mega-church. Church growth has become the order of the day within broad-based protestantism, evangelicalism, and even fundamentalism with the catch-phrases like “seeker-sensitive,” “seeker-friendly,” and “purpose-driven” becoming household terms among conservative religious individuals.

Unfortunately, the developers of the methods and practices currently implemented to build this New Paradigm Church have not considered the Word of God as a valid source document in the developmental process. In lieu of an operational system built upon God’s absolute truth, they have chosen a strange mixture of behavioral science, marketing techniques, “Management by Objective”, General Systems Theory, and cultural relativism bathed in religious terminology to concoct a program for optimal church growth.

This video gives the reader the vital information needed to identify the warning signs needed to stand in defense of the Faith in the face of this gathering storm of apostasy. It should be required reading for all pastors and lay people who desire to understand the deceptive nature of this apostasy, and particularly those who are battling this movement within their own church. Finally, this video exposes the very real danger that if this movement continues unchecked, there may well arise a new generation that “knows not the Lord.”

2 hours, 30 minutes

Great General Apostasy


* "New World Order Religion: The Great Global Apostate Church" --


Unity of, and tolerance for, ALL religions of the earth, from Roman Catholics to Muslims, to New Age, to Shamans and Witchdoctors, is clearly the trend we see today as the world rushes to Antichrist and his False Prophet. See revealing film clips, quotes, and footage of world-renowned prominent religious leaders and understand the false “gospel” they teach. You will hear prominent Christian leaders state false doctrine from their own lips that you would never believe had you not seen them speak.

These leaders' false teachings are fulfilling Matthew 24:24 -

"For there shall arise .... false prophets... if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" [Matt 24:24]
"... that day will not come except the apostasy comes first (unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come)..." [2 Thess 2:1-3]

3 1/2 full hours of instruction for only $24.99!

* "The Light That Was Dark" -- Book

Another 'End of the Age' spiritual warning from the author of "Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church" -- Warren Smith. This book is a sober warning that the current Church is being seduced by the same false teachings and the same false Christ that has drawn many people into the New Age Movement.
'Led down a yellow brick road by Pied Piper spirits, I had, with best intentions, landed in a metaphysical New Age world, where the Christ being proclaimed was not the REAL Christ at all. A well-orchestrated and perfectly timed series of supernatural experiences synchronized to make me think they were coming from God had convinced me that my involvement in alternative spirituality was 'meant to be' by God.

'Following the signs and wonders of these deceptive spirits, I had jumped through my spiritual hoops with almost flawless precision. As my wife and I had unknowingly plugged into the realm of the spirit world, we never realized that most of the voices to whom we were listening were part of the deception, against which the real Jesus Christ had long ago warned. [Warren Smith, former New Age disciple]

Tens of millions of Americans have fallen into this cleverly-laid spiritual trap and are today cheering on events leading the world straight to Antichrist. Are these type of deceived people the ones of whom Paul warned? "Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false, in order that all may be judged ..." [2 Thess 2:11-12a]


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* "The Paganization of Music In Christian Worship" -- Book

Secular, pagan, and occult musical styles have crept into the Christian Church, all dressed up with new Christian lyrics. Old, traditional hymns -- tried, true, and full of Biblical doctrine -- have been thrown on the scrap heap of Christian Church history.

This trend has become even stronger with the recent influx of Purpose Driven churches in America. Naively, pastors, music directors, and younger members of congregations have unknowingly embraced musical styles that can have spiritually negative effects on their listeners -- effects which can become devastating.

Dr. Jack Wheaton, composer and instrumentalist, masterfully covers this horrific deterioration in music in today's Christian Church, giving recommendations as to how to fix the problem -- before it is too late! http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1139

Occult Deception


* "Kabbalah And The Rise Of Mysticism" - DVD

"Whether disillusioned by the self-imposed blinders and myopia of contemporary "science," or frustrated by the moral bankruptcy of unbridled materialism, increasing numbers of desperate people are now seeking "answers" outside the realm of natural phenomena and are pursuing the supernatural. The anguished plea of the disenfranchised now begs the question, "Is there anyone out there?"
Beyond the beguiling allure of many contemporary forms of ancient paganism, such as New Age, Wicca, and others, many people have become attracted to a form of Hebrew mysticism known as Kabbalah. The popular press is speckled with articles of prominent Hollywood personalities who have taken up a popular contemporary version of Kabbalah

It is particularly paradoxical to find these occultic practices embedded within Judaism, despite the numerous explicit prohibitions against all forms of the occult recorded throughout the very Torah that is so highly venerated among the Jews. . .

. . .Anyone with a modicum of Biblical literacy should realize that occult practices are expressly prohibited in the Scriptures. Scripture condemns by name spiritism, mediumism (“channeling”), and necromancy, and various forms of sorcery and divination, including astrology and magic. In ancient Israel, divination was a capital crime; if someone was caught casting a horoscope, or other occultic practice, they were put to death. Why? Because God is jealous of His uniqueness, and He alone knows what the future holds. To intrude on His office is to attempt to intrude on His glory. Occult activity also courts deception and betrayal from the demonic realm, and promotes evil under the guise of legitimate religious practice. Occult involvement will eventually lead to eternal judgment for those who refuse to forsake it."

Running Time Approximately 120 Minutes. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1059

Behold A Pale Horse
-- One of THE Books Exposing Illuminati Plan and the Incredible Deception

Cooper writes about the coming New World Order, and the Plan, which the "Power Elite" of this country and this world are implementing, that will bring about the Global Government, Economy, and Religion. Cooper is dead set against this coming global government, and urgently shows how the Plan is proceeding NOW.
Cooper provides much first hand information based upon his career in U.S. Naval Intelligence, on the energetic leadership our Government is providing to implement this global system of Government, Economy, and Religion.

Former Satanists -- as well as New Age adherents -- consider this book to be THE most important insider revelation concerning the plan to produce the New World Order in all its violence, death and destruction

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Jesus warned in Mathew 24 that "For as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be". This video features Cutting Edge staff teacher and lecturer, Mac Dominick, who takes us through a Biblical study of Genesis chapter 6 and other books of the Bible to explain just what was happening in the days of Noah and how Angels married Human women and had Children by them, known as Nephilim.

When you order this video, we shall include as a bonus a FREE audio tape, "Aliens, Antichrist and UFO's". This Cutting Edge video will take you through the Bible and show why we believe that this has now happened again. Watch and learn why the Nephilim are back! What are demons, aliens and UFOs and what do they have to do with the days of Noah and the Nephilim spoken of in Genesis that were on the "Earth in those days and thereafter"?

The time is now "thereafter"!

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Mass Media sources are now reporting that an American/Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities is "imminent", i.e., less than 10 weeks away. Yet, other news reports seem to indicate that the West really has no stomach for this fight, while Iran's powerful allies -- Russia and China -- repeatedly warn the West against military action.

Clearly, the Dialectic Struggle is in play on this issue. Let us examine this developing story from the angle of the Dialectic: 1) Will strike, news stories are true; 2) Will not strike, news stories are exercise in "Rumors of Wars", possibly designed to achieve ends other than war.

News Stories Indicating Imminent Iranian Strike Is Likely -- Another War

NEWS BRIEF: "Military Attack against Iran Now Imminent: US and Israel will destroy Iran's nuclear facilities in less than 10 weeks from now", Israel National News, January 20, 2006

"World renowned investigative reporter and terror expert Kenneth R. Timmerman, author of the bestselling book 'Countdown to Crisis: the Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran', and Carl Limbacher, reporter for NewMax.com, reveal that the US and Israel will destroy Iran's nuclear facilities in less than 10 weeks from now."

This news report may, or may not, be true, as we cannot help but realize that both these reporters are Establishment men, ready and eager to regurgitate the Bush Administration line.

NEWS BRIEF: "Europe Rejects Nuclear Talks With Iran: Thus cranking up international pressure on Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment", Excite News, January 18, 2006

"PARIS (AP) - Europe, backed by the United States, on Wednesday rejected Iran's request for talks on its nuclear program, cranking up international pressure on Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said 'there's not much to talk about' until Iran halts nuclear activity. But Iran's president accused the West of acting like the 'lord of the world' in denying his country the peaceful use of the atom. The quick dismissal of Iran's request for a ministerial-level meeting with French, British and German negotiators focused attention on the next step: the U.S. and European push to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council, which could impose economic and political sanctions."

However, both Russia and China have already gone on record warning that negotiations with Iran have not been fully pursued, strongly hinting that these two permanent members of the UN Security Council would invoke their veto power to prevent the world body from taking any action which might trigger either all-out war or serious economic disruption to the entire world; remember, Iran is a major oil producer and her missiles could close the Strait of Hormuz within minutes to all oil traffic.


NEWS BRIEF: "Iran scorns EU draft nuclear resolution", Gulf News, 1/19/2006

"Berlin: European powers began circulating a draft resolution yesterday that asks the UN nuclear watchdog to report Iran to the Security Council, drawing a scornful response from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 'It is clear this is politically motivated', he said when asked about the text drafted by France, Britain and Germany. 'We are asking them to step down from their ivory towers and act with a little logic' he said."

"Britain, France and Germany want the IAEA's 35-nation board to meet on February 2-3 to vote on a draft resolution that would refer Iran to the Security Council, ratcheting up diplomatic pressure on Tehran and opening the door to eventual sanctions. US and European officials say a majority on the IAEA board favours referral, but they want as much support as they can muster from countries like Russia, China and other sceptics."

NEWS BRIEF: "Dichter says Israel should act against Iran if pushed to the wall", Ha'aretz Daily, 1/19/2006

"Former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter said Thursday that Israel should let the international community act to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons but, if pushed to the wall, should act against Iran. Avi Dichter told Army Radio that Israel was currently satisfied with the international community's efforts to stop Iran from enriching uranium but must act if it faces the real danger of Iran possessing nuclear weapons. 'I don't think it is correct for Israel to act alone on a matter that really disturbs and engages the enlightened countries of the world, lead by the United States', Dichter said. 'If we feel that we are facing an imminent threat, Israel has the real insights and a bit of experience on how to deal with such matters a moment before someone tries to destroy us'."

The entire Western world is now on the same propaganda page. We know, and have reported this news often, that Iran has possessed nuclear weapons since 2002 (NEWS1660); therefore, this entire Western effort to scare people into backing an attack on Iran's' nuclear facilities is either designed to continually foster a "Rumors of War" scenario or is designed to trigger the all-out regional war which will produce the planned Third World War, out of which the Masonic Christ will stride.

Further, as Iran has pointed out, the United States has no business criticizing another nation for developing nuclear weapons, even if that were the goal of the Iranian nuclear program. Historically, America is the only nation to use nuclear weaponry in war: Japan in 1945, and Depleted Uranium in 1991 against Iraq, in 1999 against Kosovo, in 2001-2006 against Afghanistan and in 2003-2006 against Iraq again. Entire populations are going to eventually die from D.U. Therefore, nations like Iran want to hear no criticism about nuclear weapons from the United States -- that is their view.

NEWS BRIEF: "Powell Charges: Iran is going down Iraq's path and cannot be trusted to "tell the truth", The Scotsman, January 18, 2006

"COLIN Powell yesterday warned that Iran was heading down the same path as Iraq had done before the 2003 invasion and could not be trusted to tell the truth about its nuclear programme. The former United States secretary of state said he believed Iran posed a serious threat to the rest of the world in the same way that Iraq had done, and he refused to apologize for the action the US took against Saddam Hussein's regime."

We included this news article just so you can see and hear the rank hypocrisy of the Bush Administration. Former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell actually tried to hold Iran up to a standard of "truth telling", even though every discerning person on earth knows by now that Iraq never had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and likely destroyed their program following the 1991 Gulf War.

Even the President's own weapons hunter, David Kay, admits that Iraq never had WMD. Kay, former head of Bush's WMD investigation team in Iraq, said that a person is "delusional" if they continue to believe WMD ever existed! Just as UN inspectors repeatedly said, Saddam never had any WMD. The only way in which Bush could get the "intelligence reports" he needed to say that WMD were a threat in Iraq was by deliberately creating a bogus intelligence service called "Office of Special Plans", from which the bogus reports poured forth [NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b).

Lies, distortions, and exaggerations filled the air waves from Bush Administration officials during the entire year leading up to the March 20, 2003, invasion. Therefore, Powell is guilty of the most incredible rank hypocrisy I have ever known possible, to suggest that the Iranians are not capable of telling the truth. The blackest type of kettle is truly calling the pot "black".

Can anyone forget the joke President Bush told on himself about not finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Millions of Americans considered this joke to be the greatest example of hypocrisy and lack of feeling ever to come out of the White House, since hundreds of thousands of people are likely to die in a war the President based upon sheer lies. Listen to the President joking about not finding WMD in Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Family of Slain Soldier Calls Bush WMD Jokes 'Disgraceful' ", Democracy Now, March 26th, 2004

"While millions of people marked the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq this week by protesting against war on Saturday, President Bush marked the event in a different way: joking about how no weapons of mass destruction were found. At a black-tie dinner for Radio and Television Correspondents' Association on Wednesday, Bush poked fun at himself and his administration for, among other things, not finding weapons in Iraq. At one point Bush showed a photo of himself looking for something out a window in the Oval Office. He said: 'Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere'."

"After a few more slides, there was a shot of Bush looking under furniture in the Oval Office. Bush said 'Nope. No weapons over there'. Then another picture of Bush searching in his office. He said 'Maybe under here'. According to the Nation's David Corn many of the journalists at the dinner laughed throughout the skit."

When you contrast this tasteless joke, coming from a Skull & Bones heart that demonstrably does not care for people, to the unbelievable tens of thousands of people whose lives were either lost or dramatically changed for the worse, you can see the kind of President America truly has. And, you can see how hypocritical these statements from Bush and Powell truly are.

News Stories Indicating Imminent Iranian Strike Is Not Likely -- Just "Rumors of Wars"

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush seeks his enemies' help in Iraq to avoid defeat in Iraq: Seeking help of Sunni insurgents and the government of Iran!", Asia Times, January 18, 2006

"WASHINGTON - To avoid failure of its mission in Iraq, the administration of US President George W Bush has been driven to seek the help of two major enemies - the Sunni insurgents and the government of Iran ... US officials in Baghdad are now pursuing contacts with both declared enemies, with the aim of obtaining their cooperation in overcoming otherwise seemingly insurmountable obstacles to success in Iraq."

What kind of "success" can the Bush Administration win in Iraq when it must cooperate with Iran, the "Mother of All Enemies", in order to achieve it? Remember, Iran was the nation bold enough to send ambassadors to all major Arab capitols the very week Coalition Forces were invading Iraq, telling of her strategic plan to defeat America in the Middle East (NEWS1910), and that this master Plan began with allowing Coalition Forces an easy victory over Saddam!

This master Plan envisioned that, after America had become bogged down in Iraq, and after Iran had stoked the fires of insurgency in Afghanistan and the former Russian breakaway countries, Iran would create a war with Israel. Therefore, the question of the hour is simple, but profound: Is Iran deliberately stoking the fires of war, attempting to prod the Americans and/or the Israelis into an attack on her nuclear facilities?

Such an attack would immediately allow Iran three opportunities: 1) The opportunity to close the Strait of Hormuz to oil shipping, using her state-of-the-art Russian hypersonic missiles; 2) Would allow Iran to militarily strike against undersized American forces within Iraq; 3) And would allow Iran to strike with terrorist attacks in American cities, as she has already threatened to do so (NEWS2074).

However, if President Bush really needs the Iranian leadership if it hopes to leave Iraq with a fig-leaf of "victory", then the Western powers are likely to resist the temptation to militarily strike Iran -- unless they are ready for the final phase of Middle East regional war to begin.

NEWS BRIEF: "West resigns itself to a nuclear Iran: Behind the scenes there is no stomach for a fight", The Scotsman, 15 January 2006

"WESTERN governments face defeat in their attempts to stop Iran from pursuing its drive to become a nuclear power. Officials in London and Washington now privately admit that they must face the painful fact that there is nothing they can do, despite deep suspicions that Tehran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons under cover of researching nuclear energy for peaceful purposes ... Publicly, the US and Britain, the two countries that have adopted the most hawkish stance, are pressing for international action to stop Iran. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said last week that it was time for the UN to confront Iran's 'defiance' over its nuclear programme, while British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw insisted that sanctions were now 'on the table'."

"But behind the scenes there is no stomach for a fight. The US is the only country that could take military action. But with the US military already seriously overstretched in Iraq and with the mid-term congressional elections approaching there is no impetus in the White House or in Congress for another military adventure. 'Iran would be a far tougher country to try to attack than Iraq. It is three times as big and has highly motivated armed forces', a Foreign Office diplomat said yesterday."

Actually, the truth may be that Israel may be the only Western nation which can attack Iran, because she has the Scalar Weaponry and Quantum Potential capability which could pierce Iran's defenses which are designed and directed by Russia. And, remember this: explosions and devastation wrought by this most advanced weaponry look like and sound like conventional explosions. Therefore, Israel could carry out this attack using her Scalar and Quantum Potential weapons, while the Mass Media could spin the story to make it look like the Americans carried out the attack. US forces alone are likely to be unable to penetrate Russia's Scalar and Q.P. defenses which she has erected over Iran.

It well might be that Western leaders "have no stomach" for this fight. When you couple this possibility with the reality that President Bush needs Iranian support to enable him to successfully withdraw from Iraq, you realize that, just maybe, all this rhetorical buildup is just empty, hot political air.

We encourage you to read another news article, which reports that Great Britain has backed down from her military threat rhetoric. "UK backs down over nuclear sanctions on Iran", The Scotsman, 18 January 2006.

Factors to keep in mind concerning this Iranian situation:

1) We have heard this rhetoric before, beginning in Summer, 2003. Yet, neither the Israelis nor the Americans actually attacked.

2) We have heard a specific attack date before. In September, 2004, we heard that President Bush was going to pull an "October Surprise" during the Presidential Election by attacking Iran. "Before the end of October" was the mantra; now, we are hearing "before the end of March".

3) The Illuminati needs much money to finance their last charge to the New World Order; therefore, they have manipulated oil price increases (NEWS1925), through a variety of factors, including a great number of suspicious refinery fires and refineries being destroyed by hurricanes the past two years; however, nothing keeps the price of Oil Futures higher for a greater period of time than continual war rhetoric against Iran. As we noted, above, Iran not only is a major oil producer, she also can immediately close the Strait of Hormuz with her hypersonic missiles and then keep US naval vessels so far off shore they cannot effective bombard Iranian positions (Read NEWS2026 for shocking details).

4) The rhetorical buildup about Iranian WMD threat seems eerily similar to the buildup against Iraq. Furthermore, the actual case against Iran is just as weak and open to dispute as Bush's case was against Iraq; since we know our "intelligence was flawed" in Iraq, how can we be sure when our "Intelligence" is correct when they say Iran is "almost ready to get nuclear weapons"?

The answer is obvious! The very fact that Western leaders can use the same noxious rationale against Iran now that failed so abysmally with Iraq shows the absolute disdain they have for the intelligence of their average citizen. The Illuminati believes the average person is little more than a dumb ox. This rhetoric against Iran demonstrates this fact all too well.

5) Iran is preparing to begin selling her oil in her own currency, or perhaps in Euros (rather than in American Dollars), by March -- the very time frame being mentioned by these various news reports for an attack. Such a move would seriously undermine President Bush's ability to forge ahead with his aggressive "Regime Change" foreign policy. If other oil exporters followed Iran's lead, America's economy could quickly hit the skids.

Russia's Putin has already hinted that he is prepared to start selling Russian oil in Euros rather than Dollars. If this transition occurs, American policy could be badly damaged, and our ability to force "Regime Changes" throughout the world seriously undermined; America might actually have to start living within a budget. Can this possibly be the REAL reason America seems so adamant to attack Iran -- to prevent Iran from taking the lead in selling oil in currencies other than American Dollars?

6) Iran seems protected from her hardline government falling because of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy. "Persia" (Iran) is foretold to be one of the nations marching with Russia against Israel, which means her government must be hardline anti-Israel and anti-West, precisely the kind of government she now has. If her hardline government is overthrown after an attack, it will likely be replaced with a pro-Israel, pro-West government. Therefore, we believe that Iran may suffer an attack on her nuclear facilities, but her current hardline government will not be overthrown.

7) Cutting Edge reiterates that if an attack on Iran is carried out, that means the Illuminati is ready to go into the next phase, which is all-out regional war -- the war designed to produce the World War III, out of which the Masonic Christ will stride.

II. If all-out regional war is imminent, the fabricated "Bin Laden" tape which surfaced Thursday makes sense. Domestic terrorism against cities throughout the Western world is planned once the Middle East Regional War begins.

Before we begin this segment, remember two factors:

1) The CIA created the Taliban during the years of President Carter, a group which spun off another CIA creation, Al-Qaeda;

2) The bin Laden family was close oil business partners with the Bush family prior to the beginning of the campaign to use Al-Qaeda as the global terrorist "bogeyman".

3) Just weeks after the 9/11 attacks, Cutting Edge noted that, if our theory was correct, it would be better for White House P.R. people to never see bin Laden captured.

Now, let us review this new "threat" from Osama bin Laden.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bin Laden talks of truce but threatens US with new attacks: Audio tape dismisses tightened security and says al-Qaida is ready to strike", The Guardian (London), January 20, 2006

"Osama bin Laden broke a year-long silence yesterday to warn Americans that al-Qaida is preparing new attacks against the US, according to a new audiotape attributed to him. 'The operations are under preparation and you will see them in your houses as soon as they are complete, God willing', the speaker on the tape said. At the same time he offered a 'long-term' truce dependent on the US pulling out of Iraq."

The mythical Osama bin Laden, who has "eluded" the most intensive manhunt in history by the most sophisticated intelligence network in existence -- at least, if you believe American propaganda -- suddenly now appears on camera "threatening" the United States with "another" attack. While the world labors under the misunderstanding as to who carried out the attacks of 9/11/2001, Cutting Edge subscribers and readers know that the attacks were carried out by the Illuminati, and were known to members of the occult as far back as 1990-1995 (Read our articles in "Illuminati Card Game" section).

Let us now return to this featured story.

"Al-Qaida has not attacked the US since September 11, 2001, but Bin Laden said that was not because the organisation had been foiled by tightened anti-terrorism measures. 'The proof of that is the explosions you have seen in the capitals of European nations', he said. Despite the threatening message, US anti-terrorism officials said yesterday they had seen no specific or credible intelligence to indicate a coming al-Qaida attack." (Ibid.)

Since 9/11, whenever a bogus "terror alert" was issued by some official organ of the Bush Administration, the caveat, "no specific or credible intelligence" has always been the sure-fire indicator that the alert was made up and would not materialize. We encourage you to read a study Cutting Edge conducted a little over a year ago, in which we listed many of the bogus "terror alerts" since 9/11, and even demonstrated a number of scary headlines which repeated so often it seemed like someone had not only created the headline but also decided how far apart they should be spaced (Read NEWS1888 -- the greatest proof of "Rumors of War" imaginable. Warning -- if you print NEWS1888, you will need over 70 pages in your printer. This article took almost two weeks to prepare).

"The CIA said that the voice was Bin Laden's, but the White House rejected the offer of a truce. 'We do not negotiate with terrorists, we put them out of business," said spokesman Scott McClellan, adding that al-Qaida leaders were on the run ... The release of the tape, parts of which were broadcast by al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based Arabic TV channel, may have been timed to quash speculation that Bin Laden had died or been killed. His last taped message came in December 2004."

Osama bin Laden offered the "truce" based upon his assessment that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was going so well for the Muslim side that the time had come to offer a truce. Read this article for the insight: "'Iraq war working in our favour' ", Gulf News, 01/20/2006.

To understand that this Osama bin Laden "threat" may work to boost President Bush's sagging popularity, please take a moment to read this article.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bin Laden threats may boost Bush", BBC News, January 20, 2006

" Americans hardly need a tape of Osama Bin Laden to remind them they are threatened by extremists, as the War on Terror has overshadowed their lives since 9/11 ... It may raise awkward questions about why the world's most advanced military and intelligence services are unable to capture Bin Laden, believed to be hiding in a rugged area along Afghanistan's border with Pakistan."

"Yet the most immediate political effect will probably be a boost in support for President George W Bush. The commander-in-chief has been under intense pressure in recent weeks, accused of trampling on civil liberties in pursuit of terror suspects. His defence has been that America is a nation at war. So Bin Laden's latest threats to launch new attacks on the US will only serve to underline this argument. The White House will also cite the tape when trying to convince allies abroad that the use of tough tactics is justified - even when civilians are killed, as in last week's air raid in Pakistan."

President Bush can also conveniently use this tape to press his continued erosion of Constitutional liberties and individual rights of which he is profoundly guilty. With the political air swirling with complaints about his actions, about his lies about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about his domestic surveillance without court order, and a host of other issues giving rise to "Impeachment Talk", Bush must have shouted with glee when this tape aired.

He can now look, and talk, "Presidential", trying to act tough like John Wayne. This new "terror threat" could positively reverse his decline in the polls! This next segment speaks even more clearly to the reality that no independent evidence exists to support this "bin Laden threat".

"While warning against downplaying the taped threat, law enforcement and intelligence sources say there has been no increase in 'chatter' indicating an imminent attack in the US, where the national threat level remains at 'yellow alert' ... Despite previous Bin Laden warnings, there has been no major terror attack in the US since 9/11 ... In an example of the al-Qaeda leader's eye for timing, the most-heavily reported of the numerous Bin Laden messages came in October 2004, just ahead of the US presidential elections."

I well remember the October, 2004, "threat". Analysts noted then that his threat would help the President against John Kerry, for it was only on the issue of "fighting terror" that President Bush was heavily supported. While Kerry was successfully attacking President Bush on so many other issues, both domestic and foreign, he was never able to erode any of the public's support for Bush on the "War on Terror" issue.

III. Using right of Eminent Domain as recently enunciated by the Supreme Court, the State of Florida forced James Hardy to sell his 160 acres so the $8 billion Everglades restoration plan could go forward. Your private property rights are truly threatened.

NEWS BRIEF: "Everglades tug-of-war comes to end", By John Zarrella, CNN, January 13, 2006

"John Zarrella covered Jesse James Hardy's battle to keep his property for nearly two years ... I met Jesse James Hardy in 2004. When you leave Interstate 75 in Naples, Florida, you make your way, first along paved highway through new developments and subdivisions. Eventually, the houses become spaced farther and farther apart until there are none at all and you enter a pine forest. The pavement gives way to dirt and rock. After a left, a right and another right, you are driving along a canal bank. A couple more miles up this gravel road with your dust trail behind you is an entrance cut through the pines and the cabbage palms. At the end of the road is a shack, and standing on the porch is Hardy. He's got a scraggly beard. He's wearing a T-shirt and desert camo pants. In his youth, Hardy was in the Navy."

In other words, James Hardy was a man who wanted to live by himself, away from the press and rush of civilization. And, he had the money to buy 160 acres in order to "guarantee" his privacy. Or, so he thought.

"Hardy's story has been well documented. Thirty-two years ago he bought 160 acres in Collier County for $60,000. Nobody wanted the property but him. The ground is rock. In summer, mosquitoes are thick enough to nearly blacken the sky. It's hot, miserable, surrounded by nothing for miles, and Jesse Hardy loves it. Problem was, the state of Florida decided it had to have Hardy's property for its $8 billion Everglades restoration plan. They called it the 'hole in the donut'. The restoration plan calls for flooding thousands of acres to restore the natural flow of water through the Everglades south to Florida Bay."

In days past -- before the Republican-controlled Supreme Court ruled that city and states could seize private property under certain circumstances -- James Hardy would have won his battle with the State of Florida. However, consistent with the High Court ruling that city and state governments could seize private property if their planned development would produce more taxes than the present, legal ownership is providing, Florida struck at Hardy with their newly-gexpanded Eminent Domain powers.

"Using its eminent domain authority, the state ultimately forced Hardy to sell. But Hardy's fight lasted three years before his attorneys advised him to go ahead and settle. There was no way he could win ... this life, Jesse always said, was all he wanted. He didn't want the money, never wanted to take it he said because now, at 70 years old, he doesn't know what he'll do with it."

Now, James Hardy has been forced out and the State of Florida can proceed with its fancy $8 billion "Everglades restoration plan". Your private property may be next. Are you ready to fight the developers and your local and/or state governments? Private Property Rights have always been the cornerstone upon which our Private Enterprise economy was based. If people can no longer own their property, or if they can be thrown off it, our entire economic system is going to slow, topple, and then fall.

Of course, this is the final part of the Plan.

IV. The Republican-controlled Supreme Court this week upheld the Oregon Assisted Suicide law. Soon, public Adult Euthanasia will be as commonplace as Abortion on Demand is right now.

Of course, Bush Administration P.R. people have adroitly positioned the President on the opposing side.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oregon’s assisted suicide law upheld", The State, January 18, 2006

"WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday ... (ruled that) a federal drug law cannot be used to punish doctors who, under a state law in Oregon, help terminally ill patients end their lives ... The ruling clears a legal morass surrounding the long-embattled Oregon law and paves the way for other states to consider assisted-suicide measures that involve physicians ... Former Attorney General John Ashcroft had declared in 2001 that the law implicitly permitted him to decide that assisted suicide wasn’t a 'legitimate medical purpose' and to prevent doctors from acting under the Oregon law. But Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the court, said that declaration assumed 'an authority that goes well beyond the attorney general’s statutory power'. He noted that Ashcroft’s interpretation 'delegates to a single executive officer the power to effect a radical shift of authority from the states to the federal government'.”

Once again, a Supreme Court whose majority has been appointed by Republican Presidents over the past several decades, has struck with a controversial decision which radically alters our traditional values system of end-of-life morality, a system based largely on Biblical values. The Scriptural world view is that God is sovereign over all matters of a believer's life, including the end of life. Jewish and Protestant theologians have always taken the position that no doctor or any other medical authority had the right to kill patients -- even if that patient supposedly wants to die.

You see, the world learned a valuable lesson when its researchers studied the manner in which the Germany of Martin Luther turned into the bloody nation of Adolf Hitler. To their chagrin, these researchers realized that the bedrock resistance to physican-assisted killing began to be eroded in the early years of the 1900's, fully 30 years before Hitler ascended to power. One of these studies was written by a renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, in his book, "The Nazi Doctors". Dr. Lifton systematically showed how the Nazi holocaust, which ultimately killed over 18 million people, actually began in the early 1920's, as doctors and nurses began to kill people under their care, people whom they felt no longer had "quality of life".

Certain doctors and nurses were killing several types of people in their institutions:

* The terminally ill. Doctors and nurses argued that they were actually acting very humanely on the behalf of their terminally ill patients when they euthanized them, because they were preventing them from long periods of pain and mental anguish. In some cases, patients wrote letters asking the doctors to euthanize them.

* The emotionally ill. Again, doctors and nurses reasoned that these people could not enjoy a normal life, and therefore, should be killed. Such killing was deemed to also benefit German society by preventing state resources from being endlessly poured into keeping individuals alive who could never contribute anything back to the state.

* The physically handicapped. All the arguments listed above were used in this category of people. At the beginning, people were euthanized who were extremely handicapped; however, by the end of the war, people were being killed for the slightest of reasons, i.e., if their ears were malformed. Remember, human beings are creatures of gradual change. Satan is well aware that, if he can open the door to an objectionable practice just a crack, he can later open it gradually further and further, until he finally has it open all the way. Such was the case in pre-Nazi Germany, and such is the case today in America, as the scenario is unfolding before our eyes. How important was the gradual public acceptance of the euthanizing of the types of people we have just discussed?

Dr. Lifton states emphatically in his book, "The Nazi Doctors", that Hitler's ultimate holocaust would simply not have been possible had it not been for the interim step of euthanasia. This statement is very heavy, and it should sound all sorts of alarms in our hearts and heads about the direction this country is headed. This is the step in which this Supreme Court decision is taking us, and contrary to the news reports, President Bush is fully supportive of this issue. Let us now see how this Supreme Court decision is being spun by the White House P.R. team.

NEWS BRIEF: "Supreme Court blow to Bush over assisted suicide", The Guardian (London), January 18, 2006

"The US supreme court yesterday upheld the right of doctors in Oregon to help terminally ill patients commit suicide, in a ruling that marked a serious defeat for the Bush administration.
The court voted that the federal government did not have the power to overrule Oregon's voters, who voted twice for the state's unique 'death with dignity' law which has been used by more than 200 people since it took effect in 1997. The six to three majority left the new chief justice, John Roberts, appointed last year by George Bush, in the minority. It suggests that even if the president's second court nominee, Samuel Alito, is confirmed by the Senate, as expected, the administration will not be able to count on a majority for its actions. The ruling demonstrated that the new swing vote on the court will be Anthony Kennedy, a moderate conservative who wrote yesterday's majority decision."

This propaganda idea that President Bush is opposed to physician-assisted suicide is as bogus as the concept that Bush is opposed to Abortion on Demand. Last week, we quoted Reverend Chuck Baldwin as he boldly stated that the Republican Party has no interest whatsoever in overturning Roe vs Wade and that Judge Alito will not provide the "swing vote" necessary to stop abortions.

Mark my word: President Bush is an unrepentant "Skull & Bones", a death-based, Black Magick secret society. His grandfather was instrumental in funneling money to Adolf Hitler, beginning in 1924 (Anthony Sutton, "Best Enemies Money Can Buy"), and he is just as committed as any other Illuminist in the plan to reduce the word's population by 66%. The President just takes this stand because he wants to convince his gullible Christian Christian Conservative voters that he is really trying hard to achieve their goal -- that he just has their best interests at heart, but is stymied by forces beyond his control.

President Bush's P.R. position on this issue is just another instance of the Dialectic Struggle being worked out, in the Daily News -- President on the one hand, the Supreme Court on the other hand.

One other matter before we leave this subject: How Republican-controlled is this Supreme Court? Consider the current nine Justices and the Presidents who appointed them:

* John G. Roberts, Jr. -- Appointed by Republican President Bush, Jr., 2005

* John Paul Stevens -- Appointed by Republican President Ford, 1975

* Sandra Day O'Connor -- Appointed by Republican President Reagan, 1981

* Antonin Scalia -- Appointed by Republican President Reagan, 1986

* Anthony M. Kennedy -- Appointed by Republican President Reagan, 1988

* David Hackett Souter -- Appointed by Republican President Bush, Sr., 1990

* Clarence Thomas -- Appointed by Republican President Bush, Sr., 1991

* Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- Appointed by Democrat President Clinton, 1993

* Stephen G. Breyer -- Appointed by Democrat President Clinton, 1994 (Source: "Biographies of SCOT" -- http://www.supremecourtus.gov/about/biographiescurrent.pdf)

Incredibly, seven of the nine current Justices of the Supreme Court were nominated by Republican Presidents! This is the High Court who has just ruled in favor of the Oregon Physician Assisted Suicide! This is the High Court who legalized Sodomy in 2003. In fact, it has been Republican Supreme Courts which have given America almost all the unbelievably horrible rulings since World War II which have stripped so much of the Christian values system from our national life.

Yet, because voters do not think, do not reason, and do not remember, we hear the Republican propaganda machine every election warn that voters must elect Republicans to the Office of the President because that President will have the opportunity to nominate Supreme Court Justices and we want those Justices to reflect Christian values! Pastors repeat this lie from their pulpits and their parishoners just dutifully nod their heads and cast their votes for the Republican.

Well, Jesus told us "Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16)

The fruits of Republican-controlled Supreme Courts are now on display for all to see. Republicans are to blame for most of these abominable decisions, including Abortion on Demand, Sodomy and now Physician-assisted Suicide. Are your eyes open enough to see this unpleasant truth? ( Read NEWS1978 for the full truth)

V. Within days of assuming the role of Prime Minister, Olmert began to withdraw Jewish settlers from the West Bank. Vice Premier Peres rushed to his rescue, declaring that the withdrawal from The Gaza Strip was only the first step and that the Israeli government is prepared to enter Final Status with the Palestinians quickly, even if they are not living up to their commitments.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Army declares City of Patriarchs a "closed military zone" to all non-resident Jews -- IDF getting ready to evict Jewish Hebron settlers", Israel Insider, January 16, 2006

"The army declared Hebron, the City of the Jewish Patriarchs, a closed military zone forbidden to non-resident Israelis. Israeli police seized buildings and rooftops in a Jewish settler enclave in the holy city of Hebron on Monday, restoring order after three days of riots sparked by plans to evict Israeli squatters from an abandoned Palestinian market. The closure and scuffles could signal the opening salvo in a battle over the West Bank, if Israel follows its pullout from the Gaza Strip last summer with further withdrawals from territory that has far more biblical resonance.'

When Prime Minister Sharon suffered his debilitating stroke and massive brain damage, people wondered what effect his incapacitation might have on Israel's plans to stage a withdrawal from the West Bank. Some analysts opined that his physical incapacity might doom the West Bank withdrawal plan. Butr, this action, ordered by Acting Prime Minister Olmert, seems to have delivered a crystal-clear message: Israel's planned temporary strategic withdrawal from the West Bank will go forward, no matter who is Prime Minister.

Since Olmert is a bland kind of leader, and since he does not possess the charisma of a Sharon or a Netanyahu, he has to possess a strong clout of invisible political power for him to order such a drastic step. But, why should be we be surprised? We knew that the Israeli Illuminati had decided, in early 1990, that the next Arab-Israeli war was going to be the war where they would annihilate entire populations of their Arab and Muslim enemies. Just two years later, the Oslo Accords appeared on the world scene, a document in which Israel stated her intention to withdraw from these territories, in exchange for "peace" with the Palestinians.

What Israel did not tell anyone is that her intention of withdrawing temporarily was simply to pull her own citizens "out of harm's way" so the IDF could then annihilate every living creature in that vacated territory, without having to worry that tens of thousands of Jewish settlers were going to be killed. The purpose of this settler withdrawal is to fulfill Obadiah 15-18, to annihilate the Palestinians completely. If you have not read NEWS1422, NEWS1620, and NEWS2095, we encourage you to do so now. The Palestinians are the "House of Esau" and will be annihilated -- once Jewish settlers are removed.

Since Olmert must have been privately assured of strong military and political backing for beginning to pull out of West Bank now, he acted boldly, even brutally, against the civilian Jewish settlers, who have no understanding of the giant geo-political struggle they are caught up inside.

"Olmert stood his ground, saying he ordered security forces to deal sternly with the defiant settlers. 'There will be no forgiveness or compromises with this unacceptable behavior', he said Monday. 'There are red lines that we will not allow to be crossed' ... The fight over Hebron, where tradition says the biblical Jewish patriarchs are buried, has special resonance for the settlers. Many of the settlers here are extreme, religious nationalists and the city has been the scene of harsh fighting during the five years of Israel-Palestinian violence."

How much of the West Bank does the Illuminati plan to evacuate? This next segment answers that question:

"Sharon's National Security Council had been considering four different West Bank evacuation plans: dismantling isolated settlements, removing a whole settlement region, evacuating 88 percent of the West Bank and evacuating 92 percent of the territory."

Once this much territory is evacuated, the Palestinians will be the only people living in that area. Then, prophecy can be fulfilled, after which Israel will re-occupy Gaza and West Bank.

Israeli voters opposed to the unilateral withdrawal will get no reprieve if the Prime Minister is from the "liberal" Labor Party. Listen:

"The Maariv daily reported Monday that Labor leader Amir Peretz also was considering calling for a large-scale unilateral pullout from the West Bank". As we have stated before, the Israeli Elite have their bases all covered. Now that insider Netanyahu is the leader of the conservative Likud Party, all leaders of all three parties will support the withdrawal plan.

Olmert's action is seen by some to herald the beginning of an giant withdrawal plan, and it might have just begun here, at Hebron.


VII. USAid Agency reports that Iraq is now "out of control", while events this past week proved this contention correct. Meanwhile, a slick Public Relations brochure from the Bush White House paints a rosy picture; remember, though, this brochure was created by the same government who has lied to us on so many issues for so long.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ambush, kidnaps as Iraq braces for vote results", Reuters News, January 20, 2006

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Insurgents mounted a major ambush in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing up to 10 people and kidnapping one and possibly two African engineers in a second coordinated attack in the capital in as many days. In the southern city of Basra, two employees of a U.S. security firm were killed and one wounded when their convoy was blasted by a bomb; the family of a kidnapped American journalist appealed for her release as a group possibly linked to her abductors said it freed a sister of Iraq's interior minister ... There was no word on the fate of the telephone engineers from Malawi and Madagascar after gunmen swarmed onto a busy street to trap the armed convoy in which they were traveling.

"Witnesses and officials said masked gunmen killed at least nine Iraqis and kidnapped the Malawian barely 12 hours after an armed band attacked the compound of a firm supplying food to the Iraqi army in the capital, killing seven Iraqis ... As their convoy of three or four vehicles drove down the main street in the Nafaq al-Shurta area, 'a large number' of gunmen hiding in buildings opened fire as other attackers drove out of side streets, an Interior Ministry official said. A Reuters cameraman counted nine bodies in the hospital morgue. The Interior Ministry source said 10 security guards had been killed in the ambush and up to three people kidnapped."

NEWS BRIEF: "Bodyguards escorting two foreign contractors through Baghdad shot dead", Times Online, January 20, 2006

"IRAQ’S kidnapping crisis deepened yesterday when gunmen attacked an armed convoy that was escorting two foreign contractors through Baghdad ... The attack, in daylight in a lawless, Sunni-dominated area of western Baghdad, happened hours after the kidnappers of Jill Carroll, an American journalist, threatened to kill their 28-year-old captive within 72 hours if the US military did not release all its female prisoners. The two engineers, one from Malawi, the other from Madagascar, had been working for the Iraqi mobile phone company, Iraqna, and were driving towards a damaged antenna in the rebel hotspot of Abu Ghraib when they were ambushed."

"In Basra, two US contractors training Iraqi police were killed by a roadside bomb. In northern Iraq, 35 Iraqi applicants to a police training academy were kidnapped on their way home after failing entrance tests ... Across Iraq, about 40 foreigners are being held by kidnappers, including Norman Kember, the British aid worker. No word has been heard from his abductors since a video of him and three other aid workers was released a month ago. The kidnappings of foreigners are designed to have two effects: to thwart reconstruction efforts, which in turn helps to fan anger against US and British forces, as well as the Government, and to generate money for weapons and explosives for further attacks."

Now that we have gotten a brief glimpse of the turmoil and terror seizing Iraq today, let us examine the USAid Agency report that "Iraq is out of control".

NEWS BRIEF: "Official US agency paints dire picture of 'out-of-control' Iraq: Contradicts rosy White House view", The Guardian (London), january 20, 2006

"An official assessment drawn up by the US foreign aid agency depicts the security situation in Iraq as dire, amounting to a 'social breakdown' in which criminals have 'almost free rein' ... accounts from the White House and the Pentagon, it also gives a more complex profile of the insurgency than the straightforward "rejectionists, Saddamists and terrorists" described by George Bush. The USAid analysis talks of an 'internecine conflict' involving religious, ethnic, criminal and tribal groups. 'It is increasingly common for tribesmen to 'turn in' to the authorities enemies as insurgents - this as a form of tribal revenge', the paper says, casting doubt on the efficacy of counter-insurgent sweeps by coalition and Iraqi forces."

"Meanwhile, foreign jihadist groups are growing in strength, the report said ... The assessment conflicted sharply with recent Pentagon claims that Zarqawi's group was in 'disarray'."

How often do you have the situation where a Federal Government agency issues a report which flatly contradicts the official White House line? Yet, that is the state of affairs swirling through the Iraq war today. Partly because President Bush did not commit enough troops to the fight to begin with, and partly because the overall Illuminati plan for Iraq was to produce instability and chaos throughout the region, Coalition Forces seem to be close to totally losing control. If the situation continues to worsen, the Bush Administration final pull-out might be chaotic, bloody, and without the least tiny bit of a "fig-leaf" cover behind which the President could hide, claiming victory.

Now, if the President could only get the support of the Iranian government to cover his withdrawal!

VIII. The latest news from New Orleans is not good, and it confirms our suspicion that the city will not be rebuilt according to its original size and glory, but will see portions "re-wilded".

NEWS BRIEF: "Judge Clears Way For New Orleans "Land Grab", Arctic Beacon News, By Greg Szymanski, January 18, 2006

"A New Orleans federal judge last Friday quashed all hopes for 9th Ward residents 'to get their day in court', as he indiscriminately cancelled a January 17 hearing to hear evidence why the city has no right to demolish homes under eminent domain laws. Two weeks ago activists and some local residents filed suit to stop what they say is the 'needless bulldozing' of 44,000 homes in the 9 th Ward, getting a temporary restraining order until further evidence could be presented at this week's hearing. But Brandon Darby, one of the activists instrumental in fighting the city's redevelopment plans, said the judge Friday cancelled the hearing after forcing lawyers on both sides to accept his arbitrary settlement terms. Darby said Tuesday the judge called lawyers into his chambers late Friday, before the long three day Martin Luther King holiday weekend, saying he was suspending the upcoming hearing on the eminent domain issue and ordering that the 'demolition could continue as planned', as long as the city gave adequate notice to all residents."

Can you believe the arrogance of this Federal Judge? After pretending to care about the rights and privileges of these homeowners, the judge called both sides into his chambers and dictated the terms of settlement. And, of course, the ruling elite got the benefit, while the homeowners were horribly harmed. The attorney for the homeowners was very angry.

" 'I couldn't believe what I heard', said Darby of regarding the judge's ruling. 'He basically said all the city has to do was notify each homeowner by telephone or mail, but it didn't matter whether they objected or not. This is just ridiculous. Our attorneys are checking exactly what the notice requirements are, but I am pretty sure it doesn't matter whether home owners object or not'."

Now, get the ridiculous fact revealed by the lawyer for the homeowners; most of the condemned homes were structurally sound, but were going to be demolished anyway! Notice also the leadership of Federal agencies like FEMA and the White House; FEMA deliberately tried to keep the owners away from their property so they would have to accept the government's assessment that their home had to be demolished.

"Darby also wanted to emphasize that a majority of the homes scheduled for demolition are structurally sound, saying many of the owners have been purposely kept out of state by FEMA and hoodwinked into believing their property is worthless, setting the stage for the one of the biggest government land grabs in the history of the United States. What has our country come to when eminent domain laws and fascist government intimidation is used to steal property away from thousands of Americans? ... In the background and behind the political scenes, everybody has to know that from Mayor Nagin right on up to the White House, they are all supporting the rich developers. They are also planning a multi-billion dollar redevelopment plan to build expensive hotels, casinos and high rise housing and the bulldozers now being seen in the 9 th ward are the first step to achieving their rotten goals." (Ibid.)

How many homes are going to be demolished in this manner?

"Besides the 14,000 homes in the 9th Ward scheduled for demolition, 88,000 are expected be next in line for bulldozing in the city's poorer east side, hard hit when the levies exploded, possibly on purpose."

At this point, it does look like most of New Orleans will not be rebuilt according to her former size and glory. Furthermore, while this lawyer believes the land will totally be developed into high-rise, expensive real estate, we shall just have to wait to see. Once the homeowners are driven out, and the land cleared, we can expect a fight to erupt between rich developers and environmentalists as to what should happen to the land next.

Since the ruling elite are totally sold out to the "Mother Gaia" concept, the environmentalists are likely to win that battle, and the land set for "re-wilding".

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---------Conclusion----------------"And of his fulness have all we received." John 1:16

These words tell us that there is a fulness in Christ. There is a fulness of essential Deity, for "in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead." There is a fulness of perfect manhood, for in Him, bodily, that Godhead was revealed. There is a fulness of atoning efficacy in His blood, for "the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin." There is a fulness of justifying righteousness in His life, for "there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus." There is a fulness of divine prevalence in His plea, for "He is able to save to the uttermost them that come unto God by Him; seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them."

There is a fulness of victory in His death, for through death He destroyed him that had the power of death, that is the devil. There is a fulness of efficacy in His resurrection from the dead, for by it "we are begotten again unto a lively hope." There is a fuIness of triumph in His ascension, for "when He ascended up on high, He led captivity captive, and received gifts for men."

There is a fulness of blessings of every sort and shape; a fulness of grace to pardon, of grace to regenerate, of grace to sanctify, of grace to preserve, and of grace to perfect. There is a fulness at all times; a fulness of comfort in affliction; a fulness of guidance in prosperity. A fulness of every divine attribute, of wisdom, of power, of love; a fulness which it were impossible to survey, much less to explore. "It pleased the Father that in Him should all fulness dwell." Oh, what a fulness must this be of which all receive! Fulness, indeed, must there be when the stream is always flowing, and yet the well springs up as free, as rich, as full as ever.

Come, believer, and get all thy need supplied; ask largely, and thou shalt receive largely, for this "fulness" is inexhaustible, and is treasured up where all the needy may reach it, even in Jesus, Immanuel--God with us. (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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