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---------- Inspiration For the Week------------- "If God be for us, who can be against us"?

"So, too, the Holy Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance. And He Who searches the hearts of men knows what is in the mind of the Holy Spirit, what His intent is, because the Spirit intercedes and pleads before God in behalf of the saints according to and in harmony with God's will. We are assured and know that, God being a partner in their labor, all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose." [Romans 8:26-28; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Imagine this understanding! 'Things work out for good' for God's people because the Holy Spirit is interceding for us, because God is a 'partner in their labor", and because God and the Holy Spirit are working together in our lives according to a plan they conceived for us before the Foundations of the World were ever laid! How precious.

"What then shall we say to all this? If God is for us, who can be against us? Who can be our foe, if God is on our side? ... Who shall ever separate us from Christ's love? Shall suffering and affliction and tribulation? Or calamity and distress? Or persecution or hunger or destitution or peril or sword? Even as it is written, For Thy sake we are put to death all the day long; we are regarded and counted as sheep for the slaughter. Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us. For I am persuaded beyond doubt, am sure, that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending and threatening nor things to come, nor powers, Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." [Romans 8:31, 35-39; Ibid.]

"... in Your book all the days of my life were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them..." [Psalm 139"16b; Ibid.]

ALL the days of our lives, including our exit from this world -- this "veil of tears" -- have not only been planned by God, but are backed by His Omnipotent power, to be exercised on our behalf! Praise the Lord, for He is so good!

---------- Resource Update ----------

* "Expendable Elite": Special Forces Called To Carry Out Government's 'Dirty Operations', Only To Be Threatened With Murder Themselves! Green Beret Retired Lt. Col. Marvin reveals the "dirty work" details of his Special Forces in Vietnam. If you do not believe our government is capable of deliberately killing our own friends and our own men, this book is for you! Author is now Born Again, and his book is recommended by Dr. Stan Monteith, Radio Liberty.
OPERATION SNUFF CROWN: "Your job is to terminate (Cambodian) Prince Sihanouk, make it look like Viet Cong." This mission had "Highest Authority". However, when Marvin refused to abandon his friends and principles, our government made him and his men the enemy, sending an armored regiment of ARVIN soldiers, with US advisers to take them out. Only by the grace of God did he survive. This kind of Special Forces operations continues today.

Hardcover book, 361 pages, 25 pages of photos, maps -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=668

* NOTE: The reality of "Expendable Elite" -- that our government plans assassinations of its enemies and can even kill its own elite -- is also the subject of our book on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy -- "Regicide: The Murder of the King". The author of Regicide is a former Assistant CIA Director at the time that agency was conspiring to murder the President. The contention of this author is completely backed by photocopies of CIA and Russian KGB documents. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=469

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---------- Articles Posted ----------

* "SINCE 9/11 THE WORLD HAS CONTINUALLY BEEN SUBJECTED TO GLOBAL "RUMORS OF WARS" - PROPHECY IS BEING FULFILLED IN DAILY NEWS! HAVE YOU NOTICED? "What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? Jesus answered ... ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... the intolerable anguish" [Matt 24:6, 8; Parallel Bible]

Let us review the many, many instances of "rumors of wars" officially issued since 9/11, to see how thoroughly End of the Age prophecy is being daily fulfilled! We shall conclude with recent examples to demonstrate the sharp increase in rhetoric that should cause us to worry that the planned time for these threats to materialize may be getting close at hand. This treatise is not an article, but a thorough study of the hundreds of "rumors of wars" that have filled our ears since 9/11. You will discover a betraying sense of headline repeats, almost as if someone had created the headlines well in advance! - NEWS1888 (will be posted Monday evening)

* "GLOBAL PUSH MAY BE ON TO FORCE PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THE OCCULT 'SEVEN NOAHIDE LAWS' - COUNTERFEIT TO THE 10 COMMANDMENTS" - Ever since President Bush, Sr., signed a law committing the United States to support the Noahide Laws, the Illuminati has quietly been active, pushing the Biblical 10 Commandments off center stage so they can bring in the Satanic Noahide Laws. The threat to all Gentiles is huge! Do not be fooled!

You may finally understand why it was necessary to officially remove the 10 Commandments from the Alabama State Judicial Center in November, 2003! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1887.cfm

* "WARNING! YOU CANNOT TAKE THE 'MARK OF THE BEAST' FOR ANY REASON AND STILL GO TO HEAVEN!" Part 1 of 2 -- Incredibly, the Left Behind series portrays the lie that a person who is "forced" to take the "Mark of the Beast" may still be in right standing with God and go to Heaven! Once you read the truth contained within this article, you will agree that, just perhaps, the Left Behind book series may be the most dangerous spiritual books in all of history.

* Part 1 of 2 - Lays the foundation for our study, plus revealing the grievous doctrinal error of "Left Behind" which teaches that God will place a visible mark in the forehead of all believers - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1886.cfm
* Part 2 of 2 -- This Part 2 demonstrates that no one can take the "Mark of the Beast" and still go to Heaven! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1886b.cfm
* "BUSH - ASHCROFT ARGUING TO 9TH CIRCUIT COURT THAT THEIR GOVERNMENT CAN TORTURE AND SUMMARILY EXECUTE PRISONERS WITHOUT THE COURTS HAVING ANY JURISDICTION WHATSOEVER!" No truly Born Again believer would attempt to "defend" the liberties of the nation by adopting evil, corrupt methods like torture and summary execution. In NEWS1553 and NEWS1579, we reported that the Bush Administration had redefined "terrorist" so you and I could be declared "Domestic Terrorists" and/or "Enemy Combatants". The planned dictatorship draws ever closer. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1885.cfm

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. President Bush's State of the Union address has to be the most important news story during this past week. Let us quickly examine this speech. First, let us examine his major points.

A. Concerning Iraq

1. "Last January, Iraq's only law was the whim of one brutal man. Today, our coalition is working with the Iraqi Governing Council to draft a basic law, with a bill of rights." We find it disconcerting that our plan calls for the Iraqis to have a Constitution and Bill of Rights, even as ours is being rent to shreds by this Administration, Congress and Supreme Court. However, remember that Stalin's Communist Soviet Union had a Constitution filled with glowing rhetoric, but this document obviously conferred no freedom upon those hapless people. Further, Stalin also conducted "elections", none of which he lost!

2. Democracy is predicted as "taking hold" in Iraq. As we pointed out in our Newsletter of 12/20/2003, the Illuminati wants nothing better to establish democracy all throughout the Arab region, for they know such a system is much more easily manipulated than regimes controlled by a strongman. As Stalin once stated: "He who casts his vote counts for nothing, but he who counts the vote counts for everything".

3. Promises to work with United Nations to complete transfer of political power to the Iraqi interim government by the end of June. Watch this development carefully for we shall more urgently call upon the UN to take us out of this mess as time goes on.

4. "Because of American leadership and resolve, the world is changing for the better." The reality is far different: beneath the surface of events, Arab anger over the American intrusion into the Middle East and over our perceived role of fighting Israel's enemies for her, is building. If America is badly damaged in terrorist attacks, the Arab nations will waste no time attacking our interests and those of Israel with all their might.

B. War On Terror and Rogue Nations
1. Took credit for Libya deciding to give up her WMD program. However, news reports since Colonel Gaddafi made this startling announcement have revealed several interesting problems: (a) Libya does not have the extensive and advanced WMD program she is reported to have [See BBC News story, "Libya's 'advanced' nuclear efforts", 4 January 2004, on Daily News Updates for January 4]; (b) Libya immediately began to insist that Israel give up her nuclear arsenal just as Libya gave up hers, thus revealing the hidden agenda behind Gaddafi's announcement in the first place! (c) Gaddafi insisted that his decision to give up his WMD program was more the result of working with the European Union and Great Britain than with the US.


2. Stated US determination to get rid of North Korea's nuclear program and insisted we were determined to ensure that no "rogue states" ever get their hands on WMD. However, if our intelligence on these other rogue states is as flawed as it was on Iraq's supposed capabilities, these other states may not actually have WMD either. Let us review the latest news on the total lack of WMD in Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ex-US inspector: Iraq does not hold WMD", Jerusalem Post, January 23, 2004

" 'Iraq does not hold any weapons of mass destruction', according to David Kay, who stepped down Friday from the position of head US arms hunter in Iraq ... President George W. Bush, in justifying the war in Iraq last year and the occupation of Iraq, said he feared Saddam would supply weapons of mass destruction to terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida."

Indeed, the Bush Administration repeatedly blared this line for almost two years following the attacks of 9/11. An article last July from the BBC News presents this situation in even further terms.

NEWS BRIEF: "The intelligence 'black hole' over N Korea", BBC News, 17 July 2003, reported in Daily News Updates.

"How much confidence can anyone have about intelligence estimates regarding North Korea's nuclear programme, in light of the row over Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction? Unfortunately, for policymakers and the public alike, the answer is not much. North Korea is widely considered by intelligence officers as the hardest target to crack in terms of reliable information, and there are political pressures at work within the Bush administration that raise the spectre that intelligence may also be manipulated for ideological purposes."

We could not have said it more clearly. Yet, Cutting Edge believes that North Korea will probably yet reveal to the world her nuclear capability, for the New World Order Plan seems to have this development in mind. Listen to this part of the plan:

"A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, The Armageddon Script]

3. "Twenty-eight months have passed since September 11, 2001, over two years without an attack on American soil, and it is tempting to believe that the danger is behind us. That hope is understandable, comforting - and false." Indeed, this assumption is totally false. In these past 28 months, this Administration and other nations around the world have systematically been changing laws to give them dramatic dictatorial powers in the event of further attacks. Once these officials have achieved their desired goals in getting all the authoritarian powers necessary, the next urban attack will occur to give them the excuse they need to dissolve the Constitution, just as General Franks warned.

Therefore, just because all of these hundreds of terror warnings have not occurred, you cannot assume they never will occur. Another urban terror attack is likely simply because it is planned, and necessary in order to collapse the current system known as the "Old World Order". Once this old order is gone, the "New World Order" can be established. The next urban terror attack will occur according to the occult plan, and will occur with a strong "occult signature", just as the attacks of 9/11 were carried out by the "Sacred Occult Numbers". [Read NEWS1756]

C. Marriage -- "America must also value the institution of marriage". Bush then reaffirmed his belief that a marriage is defined as the "union of a man and a woman" and declares that one state may not define marriage for other states. While this statement is very welcome, we must caution our readers to wait to see how this promise actually translates into action, for it was only a few weeks ago where President Bush said just the opposite. On January 14 Daily News Updates, we carried this most sobering story:

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of "Healthy" Marriage: Conservatives confused by Bush's "hedging and hesitation", New York Times, January 14, 2004.

"WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 — Administration officials say they are planning an extensive election-year initiative to promote marriage, especially among low-income couples, and they are weighing whether President Bush should promote the plan next week in his State of the Union address ... the measure was especially timely because they were facing pressure from conservatives eager to see the federal government defend traditional marriage ... "This is a way for the president to address the concerns of conservatives and to solidify his conservative base," a presidential adviser said ... The president's proposal may not be enough, though, for some conservative groups that are pushing for a more emphatic statement from him opposing gay marriage ... In an interview with ABC News last month, Mr. Bush was asked if he would support a constitutional amendment against gay marriage and gay civil unions.

" 'If necessary', he said, "I will support a constitutional amendment which would honor marriage between a man and a woman, codify that, and will — the position of this administration is that whatever legal arrangements people want to make, they're allowed to make, so long as it's embraced by the state, or does start at the state level'."

Thus, President Bush said on ABC News in December that he would approve "whatever legal arrangements people want to make ... so long as it's embraced by the state ..."

Now, in his State of the Union address, Bush says no state can dictate to another in the definition of marriage. We shall have to wait to see how his actions actually play out before we can determine exactly what his position will be. However, Bush's record on Gay issues is just as radical as Bill Clinton's was, according to Concerned Women of America [NEWS1652]. Indeed, Bush's dependence upon the gay vote is so strong we shall be pleasantly surprised if he actually strongly supports the Biblical definition of marriage.

Glaring Omission: President Bush did not mention either a Palestinian State or his much-publicized "Road Map" by which Israel shall be carved up. This omission surprised observers, leading some to conclude that his plans to divide this tiny nation will have to wait until after the election in November. We shall have to wait to see how events play out, because the Middle East region is always only one major terrorist attack away from complete conflagration.


Of course, we should expect that President Bush would put a "spin doctors" pleasant face upon the world and domestic scene during his State of the Union address. However, the stark reality behind many of the issues President Bush raised was so greatly removed from his rosy picture, The Observer, London, wrote a very lengthy article giving the real statistics behind the issues covered in this address, as well as some of the issues ignored in Bush's speech. This article is well worth reading. It is entitled, "George W Bush and the real state of the Union", and may be found at: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/americas/story.jsp?story=482947

Another great article on the State of the Union address may be found at The Toronto Star, a Canadian newspaper we quote often in Daily News Updates. The article is entitled, "Bush Act Starting To Wear Thin". The URL address is unbelievably long, so just go to the Daily News Updates for January 22, 2004.!

II. Prime Minister Sharon continues to be in hot political water over a bribery scandal involving both Sharon and his son. This scandal is rumored to be capable of bringing Sharon's government down. Let us quickly review:

NEWS BRIEF: "PM: 'I won't quit'", Ha'aretz Daily, 1/24/2004, carried in Daily News Updates 1/24.

"Businessman and Likud wheeler dealer David Appel was indicted Wednesday for bribing the prime minister and his deputy, Ehud Olmert, during the late 1990s. State Prosecutor and acting attorney general Edna Arbel said in the wake of the indictment that she believes there is sufficient evidence to being charges against the prime minister. On Thursday night, Sharon ignored reporters' questions about the Appel indictment, stating only that he would complete his full term as prime minister."

Speaking to a cheering crowd of Likud Party supporters, Sharon struck the defiant pose that has so long been his trademark. However, an Israeli TV station reported that the reality was far different.

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will resign if indicted on charges of accepting bribes from businessman David Appel, according to associates of the prime minister, Channel Two television reported Friday evening."

Several weeks ago, we reported that Sharon may be in political trouble. Our perplexity is the same as it was then: Sharon has completely served the plans of the Illuminati these past several years, including dramatic 180° turnarounds regarding a Palestinian State [NEWS1817 and NEWS1819 for full details]. Just this week, Sharon abruptly turned again, this time stating that, in any future peace negotiations, Israel would have to give up the Golan Heights! ["PM: Peace will require giving up the Golan", Jerusalem Post, January 20, 2004, carried in Daily News Updates, 1/20.]

Therefore, if Sharon has served the Illuminati program so well, why isn't the Illuminati protecting him now? Why are they seemingly setting him up to fall from power? The possible answers are just a couple:

1). Sharon has become so unpopular it is necessary to bring someone else on to carry out the Illuminist plan for Israel

2). We have noted that, if Israel is made to appear weak, Arab nations might be tempted to strike, thus giving Israel the opportunity to use her vastly superior weapons to annihilate entire states of Arab enemies. Certainly, if the "Road Map" or the "Geneva Accords" are implemented, Israel will be so carved up she will find it very difficult to militarily defend herself from a combined internal Palestinian attack and an external Syrian/Egyptian attack. According to this possible scenario, a weakened Sharon might also contribute mightily to this "weakened Israel" facade.

No matter how it turns out, remember God's promise that He shall never allow Israel to be thrown back out of her land once He brings her back [NEWS1010 and NEWS1011 for full details].

III. An American naval officer advocated the unthinkable last week: Dismembering and dissolving the nation of Israel!

NEWS BRIEF: "Thinking The Unthinkable - Dismantle The State Of Israel", By Capt. Jakaboski, USN, Rense.com, 1-22-4

"How many more terrorist attacks can our poorly defended country suffer; how many thousands, if not millions of casualties can we absorb: before public opinion will balk at further support for Israel? These are terrible things to say. Nevertheless, there is little logic in risking the lives, property, and civil liberties of this free nation, which holds no brief against Islam, or against Arab nations. The only solution will be to ask the Israeli citizens (not the many thousands of non-Israelis in the country) to leave. Not without compensation. The wealthy Arab states should be more than willing to compensate, in cash, all Jewish owners of property."

After noting that Captain Jakaboski was a retired naval officer and retired judge, Rense.com noted that he graduated from Yale University! While we have no direct evidence that Jakaboski is a Skull & Bones man, we still can only wonder at the terrible fruits still pouring out from Yale! Public officials who are not Bonesmen, but who are terribly affecting our way of life are: President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General John Ashcroft. Once again, the "Yale worldview" is coming forth loudly and clearly.

Born Again Christians will remain firmly persuaded, on the authority of God's Word, that Israel will never be thrown out of her land. However, we can only wonder if all the contradictions of America supporting Arafat's terrorism even after we had boldly stated we would never do so, aren't leading to this kind of demand? Are we reaching the point where Daniel 12:1 is about to be fulfilled"?

"And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book." [Dan 12:1]

Note that God will only deliver those Jews who are "written in the book", those comprising the one-third remnant of Zechariah 13:8-9!

IV. Popular TV series, "Threat Matrix" conditions people to dirty bomb atomic attack on a large metropolitan city! For the past 2 years, we have been steadily conditioned to believe that Al Qaeda is likely to attempt to destroy America with a nuclear device; indeed, this is the plan, as New Age author, Bill Cooper, has told us emphatically in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse". Further, we have reported a December 31, 2003, threat reportedly from Al Qaeda in which they threaten to blow up New York City on February 2 [Read NEWS1883].

However, we were shocked to learn that the TV series, "Threat Matrix" is to air a program on January 29 in which this type of plot is to be the scenario presented! Listen to this scenario as we discovered on the official "Threat Matrix" site: http://abc.go.com/primetime/threatmatrix/index.html

"Next Episode: Thursday, January 29, 8/7c -- "Extremist Makeover" -- In order to avert a deadly radioactive blast, the Threat Matrix team has to work with an unsure suspect to identify terrorists who, after plastic surgery, now have new faces."

For those of you not familiar with this program, we turn to another segment of this official website to learn that this show is simply conditioning for Homeland Security.

"Threat Matrix is a one-hour drama about a highly specialized, elite task force created to respond to the Threat Matrix report, a document that is presented to the President every morning, identifying the current greatest threats to U.S. security. The team's mission is to keep the country safe from international and domestic threats, using their combined expertise and cutting-edge technology to help them fight the many faces of terror and enemies determined to destroy our way of life. Taking audiences behind the headlines and into the world of homeland security, Threat Matrix dramatizes what we are doing in the world of homeland security, why we are doing it and whether or not it is working."

Last season's series of "24" revolved entirely around a thermonuclear device that was planned for a large city. At the last moment, the heroes of the series flew the atomic device out in the desert where it blew up relatively harmlessly. Americans are definitely being conditioned to a coming nuclear attack on one or more cities, using either a "dirty bomb" radiological device or an actual nuclear bomb.

Therefore, we find it highly disconcerting to discover that Americans are being politically conditioned to this most deadly part of the plan! As General Tommy Franks prophetically conditioned us not too long ago, our Constitution cannot survive the next deadly terrorist attack on an American city. Let us review Franks' comments:

NEWS BRIEF: "Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack", NewsMax.com, Nov. 21, 2003

"Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government."

The conditioning process seems to be picking up speed and intensity.

V. President Bush revealed his true Illuminist credentials this past week as he turned American education into the path of the United Nations educational curricula!

NEWS BRIEF: "Learning globally", The Washington Times, January 18, 2004.

"The Bush administration has begun issuing grants to help spread a United Nations-sponsored school program that aims to become a 'universal curriculum' for teaching global citizenship, peace studies and equality of world cultures. The goal is to devise a curriculum to teach 'a set of culturally neutral universal values to which all people aspire', based on human rights, equality of the sexes and 'open-mindedness to change and obligation to environmental protection and sustainable development'."

Just like that, Bush has redirected the American educational system into the path of the U.N. educational curricula. This U.N. curricula will teach young people Evolution rather than Creation, how to become good, loyal Global Citizens rather than American patriots, and New Age Polytheism that worships the Mother Gaia Natural Earth religion!

Notice the Illuminati buzz words in this statement:

** Universal Curriculum -

** Global Citizenship

** Peace Studies - Teaches the lie that peace can only be achieved through U.N. programs

** Equality of World Cultures - Promotes acceptance of all religions equally and makes illegal anyone who says another religion is false. The words, "set of culturally neutral universal values" is most key

** Equality of the Sexes - Undermines the Patriarchal teaching of God's Word

** 'Open-mindedness To Change - Strikes a death blow to any religion whose values and attitudes are permanently fixed to God's Word

** Obligation to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development - These buzz words mean that the current Industrial Civilization in which we are currently living is planned for destruction so mankind can again "live in harmony" with Mother Earth! [Read articles at Weather Control section]

Private Christian schools and Homeschoolers are at serious risk because of this curricula. They will soon be under severe pressure to teach it to their students, with threats from the U.N. that they will be shut down if they do not comply. As the United Nations is allowed to become more powerful and more intrusive into our internal affairs, this threat will simply magnify. By this action, President Bush is handing American education over to the Anti-Christ value system of the U.N.!

Thus does President Bush open himself up for inspection with this action. Anyone who is familiar with the plan to destroy the Old World Order -- based upon Judeo-Christian values -- so the New World Order (Kingdom of Antichrist) can be established, will immediately see that Bush is thoroughly Illuminist, not Christian. We must add this action to Bush's Bad Fruits vs Good Fruits table.

VI. The One World Religion took a huge step toward reality this week, as the Anglican Church is about to recognize the Roman Catholic Pope as their supreme leader!

NEWS BRIEF: "Synod to debate Pope's supremacy", By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent, news.telegraph.co.uk, 19/01/2004

"The Church of England is being asked to take its biggest step towards accepting the primacy of the Pope and the concept of infallibility since Henry VIII broke from Rome 450 years ago. A joint Roman Catholic and Anglican report arguing that the Pope should be recognised as the 'universal primate' is to be debated by the General Synod next month."

This incredible news jolts us to the realization that the global plan for a One-World Religion continues to gain speed. Soon, all of "Christianity" shall be under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Pontiff, just as the Illuminati has planned for many years [Read NEWS1052]. Every single deviation from fundamentalist Biblical doctrine moves churches steadily further toward the prophesied global religion of Revelation 13, headed by the False Prophet. Keep an eye on this ecumenism, for the gravitation of world's churches toward a world-wide religion must keep pace with the developing One-World Economy and Government!

If you have not been following the encroaching apostasy of Christian Churches that is getting so very large and deep that Antichrist will now be allowed to arise in fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:3, we encourage you to read our articles at "Outcome Based Religion", http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1506index.html

VII. President Bush takes a very large step toward the formation of NAFTA as a single country with his proposal to give illegal immigrants legal status.

When President Bush proposed to grant legal status to Mexican immigrants, people were generally caught flat-footed. What is the world is going on, they asked incredulously? For years, American policy has been to vigorously fight illegal immigration from Mexico. We posted armed Border Guards, utilized aircraft including AWACS planes for a while, sniffing dogs, and a variety of electronic countermeasures. Nothing has really put a dent into our efforts, much like our efforts to stop the flow of drugs!

Therefore, why did President Bush suddenly, and without warning, propose to legalize several millions of illegal immigrants? Some folks think Bush made this proposal because he is courting the Hispanic vote, but I believe he will lose even more votes through this action from his traditional Conservative and Republican constituency. So, what is this President trying to achieve?

I believe it may be time to make the borders dividing Mexico, the United States, and Canada, disappear, so that the economic nation called NAFTA can begin to become reality. If you are not aware that the prophecy foretelling the reorganization of the world into 10 super nations has already been fulfilled, we encourage you to read NEWS1002, "NAFTA: The Shocking 'Rest of the Story' ",and NEWS1311, "War College Proposes NAFTA Military Force".

Western Europe was formed in just this manner. Originally conceived on December 31, 1992, Western Europe -- now known as the European Union -- has moved steadily toward the formation of a single political nation, with borders that have virtually disappeared. NATO has become the official military force of the E.U., while the development of the Euro as the single currency continues to move forward. The E.U. is nearly about to make the final transition from an economic nation to a political nation. The same path is planned for NAFTA, and Bush's proposal to grant legal status to millions of immigrants seems a very good way to make that border with Mexico and the U.S. disappear. If you eliminate the existing border, you not only have one big nation, but you no longer have "illegal immigrants"!

How the Canadian - American border will be similarly eliminated is still not clear. We shall have to see how this scenario plays out. Perhaps the Mad Cow disaster will play a part, as the official word is now out that our single instance of Mad Cow disease came from a cow bought in Canada. It shall be most interesting to see how this part of the plan actually plays out.

VIII. Our loss of personal privacy and the freedoms that accompany privacy have reached very high levels. Perhaps the best way to illustrate our future life under the new high technological surveillance now being implemented across our globe is with a humorous -- but all too true -- story. Listen:

Pizza Hut order in a few years.....

Operator: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your national ID number"

Customer: "Hi, I'd like to place an order."

Operator: "May I have your NIDN first, sir?"

Customer: "My National ID Number, yeah, hold on, eh, it's 6102049998-45-54610."

Operator: "Thank you, Mr. Sheehan. I see you live at 1742 Meadowland Drive, and the phone number's 494-2366. Your office number over at Lincoln
Insurance is 745-2302 and your cell number's 266-2566. Which number are you calling from, sir?"

Customer: "Huh? I'm at home. Where d'ya get all this information?"

Operator: "We're wired into the system, sir."

Customer: (Sighs) "Oh, well, I'd like to order a couple of your All-Meat Special pizzas..."

Operator: "I don't think that's a good idea, sir."

Customer: "Whaddya mean?"

Operator: "Sir, your medical records indicate that you've got very high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol. Your National Health Care provider won't allow such an unhealthy choice."

Customer: "@#%!@#%!@#%!. What do you recommend, then?"

Operator: "You might try our low-fat Soybean Pizza. I'm sure you'll like it"

Customer: "What makes you think I'd like something like that?"

Operator: "Well, you checked out 'Gourmet Soybean Recipes' from your local library last week, sir. That's why I made the suggestion."

Customer: "All right, all right. Give me two family-sized ones, then.

Operator: "That should be plenty for you, your wife and your four kids, sir. Your total is $49.99."

Customer: "Lemme give you my credit card number."

Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid you'll have to pay in cash. Your credit card balance is over its limit."

Customer: "I'll run over to the ATM and get some cash before your driver gets here."

Operator: "That won't work either, sir. Your checking account's overdrawn."

Customer: "Never mind. Just send the pizzas. I'll have the cash ready. How long will it take?"

Operator: "We're running a little behind, sir. It'll be about 45 minutes, sir. If you're in a hurry you might want to pick 'em up while you're out getting the cash, but carrying pizzas on a motorcycle can be a little awkward."

Customer: "How the world do you know I'm riding a motorcycle?"

Operator: "It says here you're in arrears on your car payments, so your car got repossessed. But your Harley's paid up.

Customer: "@#%/$@&?#!&?#!"

Operator: "I'd advise watching your language, sir. You've already got a July 2006 conviction for cussing out a cop."

Customer: (Speechless)

Operator: "Will there be anything else, sir?"

Customer: "Yes, I have a coupon for a free 2 liter bottle of Coke".

Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but our ad's exclusionary clause prevents us from offering free soda to diabetics."

Welcome to our coming Brave New World! Oh, yes, and our Constitution will be gone by then also!

IX. Suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, Bonesman Senator John Kerry wins the Iowa primary! Listen to the story:

NEWS BRIEF: " 'Comeback Kerry' wins Iowa caucuses", Boston Globe, By Ron Fournier, Associated Press, 1/19/2004

"John Kerry and John Edwards rode 11th-hour surges to a one-two finish in Iowa's kickoff presidential caucuses Monday, dealing a stunning blow to favorite Howard Dean. Kerry's comeback blew the nomination fight wide open, setting the stage for a free-for-all in New Hampshire's follow-up primary ... His campaign given up for dead just weeks ago, Kerry predicted another comeback in New Hampshire's Jan. 27 primary."

If Senator Kerry keeps up this kind of momentum, America might have to choose between two Bonesmen for President -- As the "Fleshing Out Skull & Bones" book reveals, both George W. Bush (1968) and John Kerry (1966) are Bonesmen. Each was chosen by the Illuminati for the most specialized training in the world designed to catapult them into the most influential positions possible. How important is a lifelong Skull & Bones membership to a prospective political candidate? Former Satanist Doc Marquis and White Magic practitioner, David Icke, both have stated that, in a political race, the candidate with the strongest Illuminati credentials wins, unless there is an extremely important consideration that would mandate a contrary result. Always be wary when you see a candidate suddenly coming out of nowhere to establish political strength, especially when there is no galvanizing issue that might propel him; this phenomenon is one of the clear signs that the Illuminati is behind him.

Senator Kerry seemingly just came surging out of nowhere to "win" the Iowa presidential primary. If the Illuminati plan is to have Kerry represent the Democrat Party in the upcoming 2004 election, you can count on further stories detailing his sudden, and continued, rise to prominence. Stories like that have already begun appearing, especially relating to the New Hampshire primary just ahead.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sen. John Kerry's on his way, Jewish backers say", Jerusalem Post, Jan. 21, 2004

"Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's surprising victory in Iowa Monday has led his Jewish supporters to predict that more members of the Jewish community will now back his campaign. Kerry, 60, defied expectations – and recent polls – with the victory ... "People want to nominate a Democratic candidate for president who can beat George Bush and can lead this country in a different direction, who basically meets those two tests," Alan Solomon, co-chairman of Kerry's campaign in Massachusetts, told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday ... John Kerry brings to this race – experience in foreign policy and national security with experience dealing with domestic issues."

Because most Jewish voters tend to believe in "benevolent Socialism", they vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat candidate in races from the lowest level to the highest. It would seem this year would be no different, as the great majority of Jewish voters will probably swing to the Democrat candidate. If that candidate is John Kerry, he would be assured of significant Jewish support.

NEWS BRIEF: "Kerry takes lead in NH, new (Boston) Herald poll shows", The Boston Herald, January 21, 2004

"Sen. John F. Kerry has catapulted into a 10-point New Hampshire lead six days before the nation's first primary, bouncing out of Iowa and over longtime front-runner Howard Dean, according to a new Boston Herald poll. The Massachusetts senator leads Dean 31 percent to 21 percent, with a slipping Wesley K. Clark at 16 percent after skipping the Iowa caucuses. Sen. John Edwards is in fourth place with 11 percent ... Herald pollster R. Kelly Myers called it a 'dramatic turnaround for John Kerry. His once fledgling campaign has found new legs and he now finds himself the clear front-runner in this race', Myers said."

You will probably discover, as time progresses through the campaign, that Senator John Kerry is the favored candidate by the Illuminati to receive the Democrat nomination for President. If this occurs, we will have to literally choose between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. No matter which candidate is then elected, the plans of the Illuminati will go forward unimpeded. Why might the Illuminati choose to maneuver Kerry into the Presidency, when they have their man already in the White House, and can count on him to do their bidding for another 4 years? A couple of possibilities immediately come to mind:

1. If events in Iraq and on the domestic scene continue their downward spiral, President Bush may become a very unpopular man. Already, the Iraq War is becoming a liability, as people realize Saddam really did not have WMD as President Bush and his Administration spokesmen insisted he did. This realization makes Bush either a liar or incompetent, either one of which may be a deadly combination when running for reelection.

2. The Illuminati maneuvers a person into the office of President for one of two reasons. If they want the President to accomplish matters for them in foreign affairs, they will maneuver a Republican into office; but, if they want the President to concentrate on domestic affairs, they will maneuver a Democrat into that office. It might be that the emphasis during these past four years was to be on foreign affairs; certainly, the attacks of 9/11 and the resultant Bush declaration of international pre-emptive strikes place an emphasis on foreign affairs. However, if the next four years are to feature a concentration on domestic affairs, a Democrat would be the preferred person to have in the Oval Office.

Remember this about elections: the Illuminati has always stolen them. Either through stuffed ballot boxes, or dead people voting, or hanging chads, the Illuminati has always gotten their man. Today, with so many election districts going to electronic voting, the art of stealing elections has just gotten easier. When all those electronic impulses reach headquarters, the tally can be changed with a few strokes on the keyboard.

Old Joe Stalin, that old Illuminist - Communist leader, never lost an election, so he can rightly be considered an expert on stealing elections. Listen again to his advice.

"He who casts his vote counts for nothing; but he who counts the votes counts for everything". Never forget this adage!

---------Conclusion---------------- "Do as thou hast said." 2 Samuel 7:25

God's promises were never meant to be thrown aside as waste paper; He intended that they should be used. God's gold is not miser's money, but is minted to be traded with. Nothing pleases our Lord better than to see His promises put in circulation; He loves to see His children bring them up to Him, and say, "Lord, do as Thou hast said." We glorify God when we plead His promises. Do you think that God will be any the poorer for giving you the riches He has promised? Do you dream that He will be any the less holy for giving holiness to you? Do you imagine He will be any the less pure for washing you from your sins? He has said "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." Faith lays hold upon the promise of pardon, and it does not delay, saying, "This is a precious promise, I wonder if it be true?" but it goes straight to the throne with it, and pleads, "Lord, here is the promise, 'Do as Thou hast said.'" Our Lord replies, "Be it unto thee even as thou wilt."

When a Christian grasps a promise, if he do not take it to God, he dishonours Him; but when he hastens to the throne of grace, and cries, "Lord, I have nothing to recommend me but this, 'Thou hast said it;'" then his desire shall be granted. Our heavenly Banker delights to cash His own notes. Never let the promise rust. Draw the word of promise out of its scabbard, and use it with holy violence. Think not that God will be troubled by your importunately reminding Him of His promises. He loves to hear the loud outcries of needy souls. It is His delight to bestow favours. He is more ready to hear than you are to ask. The sun is not weary of shining, nor the fountain of flowing.

It is God's nature to keep His promises; therefore go at once to the throne with "Do as Thou hast said." ["C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions", part of the A.W. Tozer CDROM Library]

Now, dear Christian brother and sister, combine the introduction passage and this concluding passage. Before God ever created the universe, He created a plan for your life that He will make happen because of His Omnipotent power! Therefore, He shall surely deliver you, because "He loves to hear the loud outcries of needy souls" and "It is God's nature to keep His promises".

Relax in God, all the way through our earthly exit and into Heaven!

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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