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February 3, 2007






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--------- Inspiration For the Week-------"Men ought always to pray." Luke 18:1

If men ought always to pray and not to faint, much more Christian men. Jesus has sent His church into the world on the same errand upon which He Himself came, and this mission includes intercession. What if I say that the church is the world's priest? Creation is dumb, but the church is to find a mouth for it. It is the church's high privilege to pray with acceptance. The door of grace is always open for her petitions, and they never return empty-handed. The veil was rent for her, the blood was sprinkled upon the altar for her, God constantly invites her to ask what she wills. Will she refuse the privilege which angels might envy her? Is she not the bride of Christ? May she not go in unto her King at every hour? Shall she allow the precious privilege to be unused?

The church always has need for prayer. There are always some in her midst who are declining, or falling into open sin. There are lambs to be prayed for, that they may be carried in Christ's bosom? the strong, lest they grow presumptuous; and the weak, lest they become despairing. If we kept up prayer-meetings four-and-twenty hours in the day, all the days in the year, we might never be without a special subject for supplication. Are we ever without the sick and the poor, the afflicted and the wavering? Are we ever without those who seek the conversion of relatives, the reclaiming of back-sliders, or the salvation of the depraved? Nay, with congregations constantly gathering, with ministers always preaching, with millions of sinners lying dead in trespasses and sins; in a country over which the darkness of Romanism is certainly descending; in a world full of idols, cruelties, devilries, if the church doth not pray, how shall she excuse her base neglect of the commission of her loving Lord? Let the church be constant in supplication, let every private believer cast his mite of prayer into the treasury.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotional")

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Israel and the United States are so determined that Masonic leadership will prevail in the control of the Palestinian Authority that they are about to make a really big blunder! Just as Bush's policy in Iraq has sunk America into the sands of Iraq, this policy is likely to sink America into the sands of Gaza!

NEWS BRIEF: "US May Back 40,000-Man Fatah Army", by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Israel National News, Feb 1, 2007

"The U.S. is quietly entrenching itself deeper in the sands of Gaza with a plan to back the entire Fatah-led security force. Hamas and some analysts warn the Americans will get stuck in a quagmire."

As we have stated repeatedly, the Illuminati Plan calls for the complete discreditation of the only two enemies the Elite have ever admitted having: 1) National Sovereignty, i.e, the ability of a national leader to make decisions based solely upon his determination as to what course of action would most benefit his country; 2) Fundamental Christianity.

Should the foreign policies of President Bush fail, and fail spectacularly, both of these enemies can be discredited. If you have not read yet of this Illuminati Plan to use President Bush to discredit these two enemies of the global plan, read NEWS1929, "CAMPAIGN TO DISCREDIT PRESIDENT BUSH SEEMS MOVING INTO HIGHER GEAR".

Therefore, every Bush foreign policy initiative MUST be seen as a failure -- almost every single one! With this concept in mind, let us now return to this unbelievable foreign policy initiative, as described by Israel National News.

"The Bush administration already has committed itself to provide $86 million to finance training and equipment for the personal 'Presidential Guard' of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. However, the U.S. is also now considering funding all of the PA security forces in order to counter the Hamas militia..."

As we have reported in past newsletters, this entire struggle between Hamas and Fatah of the Palestinian Authority is a fight between the Freemasonry of Fatah leadership and the non-Masonry of the Hamas leadership!

You see, Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, is a recognized Mason, as the book, Codex Magica, reveals. Hamas leadership wants nothing to do with secret societies and so is mightily resisting Abbas and his Fatah militant group. One news report last week said that Hamas leaders believed Abbas was willing to lose 500-700 of his Fatah fighters if he could win the civil war erupting with Hamas.

Now, why should we be surprised to learn that Skull & Bones President George Bush, is committing the United States to a massive support of Abbas' Fatah party? After all, Bush is just helping out his fellow Mason, Mahmoud Abbas!

But, this strategy might enmesh America into another quagmire! Can anyone say "Vietnam"?

"The security forces include at least 40,000 members, more than twice the number allowed by the Oslo Accords, and include many convicted terrorists whom Israel has freed. It also is common for Fatah security officers to simultaneously be members of Hamas and other terrorist organizations .... Hamas media spokesman Ghazi Hamda charged that the American aid is aimed to promote conflict between Hamas and Fatah in order to allow the Bush administration and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to become the dominant force in the area."

"Promoting conflict" is also known as the "Dialectic Process", and is one of the most important elements in the New World Order Plan. Of course, the Illuminati does not want peace and unity between the Palestinians, no matter what their public rhetoric states, for the ultimate plan is the complete victory of the Masonic leadership of Abbas and his Fatah group. This next segment demonstrates that Hamas leadership understands this reality quite well.

"A second Hamas spokesman, Ismail Radwan, was more blunt. 'Whenever the United States sees that the Palestinians are about to achieve a unity agreement, it sends Condoleezza Rice to the region, or publicly announces sending weapons and money to Abbas, because it does not want unity among the Palestinians ..."

At least there is no wishful thinking on the part of Hamas. Now, let us examine the extent to which the United States is committed to supporting Abbas' Fatah terrorist organization.

"The U.S. has committed $86 million for the Presidential Guard and another $42 million to promote programs aimed at countering Hamas. The Americans maintain that its aid will not go for weapons but instead will be used for training and for uniforms, radios and other equipment. However, massive American aid to Egypt and Jordan has made it easier for those countries to ship rifles, with Israel's approval, to Abbas ..."

The quagmire into which the United States may slip lies in the fact that Abbas is just as committed to destroying Israel as is Hamas. President Bush is likely to discover that, after all the money and arms he has shipped to Fatah -- with the aim of destroying Hamas -- Abbas is likely to make a pact with Hamas after all, and unite to wage war against Israel.

II. Cutting Edge has long taught that official government public rhetoric is most often very different than the beliefs and plans of the inner circle. Just weeks after the 9/11 attacks, we posted an article which has certainly "stood the test of time"; if you have not yet read this treatise, please read NEWS1558, "Breaking Out of the Propaganda Box -- Learning To Think In The Opposite Direction To Find The Truth".

This news article, below, illustrates the reality of this understanding. Israel is not nearly as concerned about the supposed Iranian nuclear development as official pronouncements would lead you to believe! This article also reveals the truth that this entire public rhetoric against Iran is just nonsensical propaganda, designed to keep the "Rumors of Wars" flying.

Finally, this article reveals the manner in which government officials deliberately mislead their citizens! In the first section, note the difference between the public stance of Israel's leaders and their internal, secret understanding.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel mixes rhetoric on Iran with realism", By Gareth Porter, Asia Times, Feb 1, 2007

"When Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared last week that his country could not risk another 'existential threat' such as the Nazi Holocaust, he was repeating what has become the dominant theme in Israel's campaign against Tehran - that it cannot tolerate an Iran with the technology that could be used to make nuclear weapons, because Iran is fanatically committed to the physical destruction of Israel."

This is the oft-repeated public position of the Israeli government. Prime Minister Olmert has become one of the most outspoken leaders of the Western world, warning about the terrible dangers of a nuclear armed Iran. However, as this next segment shows, the private understanding of Israel's leaders is far different.

"The internal assessment by the Israeli national-security apparatus of the Iranian threat, however, is more realistic than the government's public rhetoric would indicate .... Since Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad came to power in August 2005, Israel has effectively exploited his image as someone who is particularly fanatical about destroying Israel to develop the theme of Iran's threat of a 'second Holocaust' by using nuclear weapons." (Emphasis added)

"But such alarmist statements do not accurately reflect the strategic thinking of Israeli national-security officials ... the internal Israeli view of Iran, Parsi said in an interview, 'is completely different'. . Parsi, who interviewed many Israeli national-security officials for his book, said, 'The Israelis know that Iran is a rational regime, and they have acted on that presumption'."

How about that? Israel is deliberately lying to her people and to the peoples of the world! While her leaders are publicly painting Iranian officials as irrational Hitler-type leaders, Israeli officials quietly know, in their inner circles, that Iranian leaders are just as sane and reasonable as are any other national leaders.

Cutting Edge pointed out this fact in a somewhat different manner in our article, NEWS2120, "NUCLEAR ARMED IRAN VS. AMERICA -- WHOM SHOULD THE WORLD FEAR?"

This article is must reading for all who genuinely want to understand the truth about Iran and this terrible public relations campaign which the Bush Administration has waged for the past four years. Between this Asia Times article which shows the true manner in which the Israeli leadership really views Iran, and our Cutting Edge article, above, you will know the truth.

Now, this article turns to the subject of how difficult it would be for Israel to strike Iranian nuclear facilities; please note that American forces would face all but one of the difficulties Israel faces.

"Israel's frequent threat to attack Iran's nuclear facilities is also at odds with its internal assessment of the feasibility and desirability of such an attack ... the Iranian situation does not resemble that of Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor, which Israeli planes bombed in 1981. Unlike Iraq's program, which was focused on a single facility, the Iranian nuclear program is dispersed; the two major facilities, Natanz and Arak, are hundreds of kilometers apart, making it very difficult to hit them simultaneously. "

"According to military experts in Israel and elsewhere, the Israeli Air Force does not have the strength that is needed to destroy the sites in Iran in a preemptive strike ... the awareness of that reality was 'trickling down to the military-political establishment'. Javedanfar, Melman's co-author in a forthcoming book on Iran's nuclear program, agrees. 'There is no way the Israelis are going to do it on their own', he said."

Yet, public rhetoric continues to shout that Israel is going to destroy the Iranian facilities by herself if no one else is willing to do so. Last week, we saw an article which told the bogus story that American jets turned back some Israeli jets which were on their way to Iran to destroy the nuclear facilities. We refused to even post such a propaganda story on our Daily News Updates!

Now, this article tells of the most serious problem facing an Israeli air force attack on Iran's nuclear facilities:

"Francona recalls that he and two retired US Air Force generals on the trip to Israel told Israeli Air Force generals they believed Israel did not have the capability to destroy the Iranian nuclear targets, mainly because it would require aerial refueling in hostile airspace. 'The Israeli officers recognized they have a shortfall in aerial refueling', Francona said. In the end, the Israelis know they are dependent on the US to carry out a strike against Iran."

Yes, American air forces possess an aerial refueling which presumably could operate in hostile airspace; but, can they realistically refuel attack planes over Iranian airspace? The Russians have recently completed installing the same state-of-the-art anti-aircraft system which protects Moscow and other Russian cities. Just last month, the Russian Defense Minister announced that the final delivery of missiles for that system had been delivered to Iran.

Therefore, Iran is now protected by Russian anti-aircraft systems. To demonstrate their new capability, Iranian air defense forces shot down an American drone spy aircraft!

American air forces may not really be able to fly aerial refueling planes over Iranian air space! Cutting Edge has posted several news stories in the past few months from American military sources which cite formidable obstacles to any American attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Thanks to massive Russian intervention, Iran may be one of the most effectively protected country on earth!

III. Iran's plan to combat American invasion of Iraq was, from the beginning, to "light many fires" of conflict throughout the Middle East. Events seem to be revealing that Iran is very close to successfully reach that goal.

Civil Wars seem to be erupting in several places at once in the volatile Middle East, just as the Iranians planned originally (Read NEWS1910)

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey warns of 'very big civil war' in Kirkuk", M&C News, January 27, 2007

"Istanbul - Turkey warned Saturday against integrating the multiethnic city of Kirkuk, northern Iraq, into an autonomous Kurdish region. 'I fear that it could come to a very big civil war,' said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan in a television interview."

"Turkey fears that Kurdish control of the oil-rich city could lead to the creation of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq and one which is capable of surviving economically."

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq", By Jonathan Gorvett in Istanbul, Al jazeera News, January 26, 2007

"Turkey's parliament went into secret session this week to debate sending troops to invade and occupy northern Iraq for security purposes. More than 30,000 people have been killed in the confrontation between the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) and the Turkish army – about 400 last year alone, according to Turkey's Human Rights Association."

This figure seems so high as to almost unbelievable, but it is used in the next segment to justify a Turkish invasion of Iraq.

"Onur Oymen, the deputy chairman of the Opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), said: 'Northern Iraq is the only place in the world where a terrorist group can operate without being pursued. If the Iraqis and the US are not prepared to take action over this, then we must'."

"Oymen referred to bases in northern Iraq belonging to the PKK which has been fighting Turkish troops since the 1980s to try to establish a separate Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey."

Cutting Edge has warned in the past several weeks that a combined Turkish - Iranian attack on northern Iraq is most definitely possible, and that both Turkey and Iran are massing forces on their respective borders of northern Iraq.

Finally, civil war is erupting in Israel, between Fatah and Hamas. We spoke to this issue from another perspective, above, but few people realize how completely out of control the infighting has become between these two rival terrorist groups.

Lebanon is also threatened with civil war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel on the brink of civil war", by Matthew Fisher, CanWest News Service, News, January 29, 2007

"JERUSALEM -- Israel faced the possibility of civil war on both its southern and northern borders Sunday, with Fatah and Hamas gunmen and bombers hunting and killing each other in Gaza, and Sunnis and Shias struggling to maintain a precarious peace in Lebanon after deadly in riots erupted in Beirut last week ... Faced with an almost total collapse of law and order in Gaza, senior leaders from Fatah and Hamas both accepted invitations from the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah, on Sunday to meet with him at Islam's holiest site in Mecca to try to broker a new ceasefire."

"Achieving a lasting truce will not be easy -- the two sides failed in talks just last week in Syria. Fatah and Hamas both have military wings, with Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades being stronger in the West Bank and Hamas' Izzedine Al Qassam Brigades being stronger in Gaza. But neither side seems able to control some of its followers ... The two sides have been arming themselves for months with light weapons -- such as machine guns and rocket launchers -- for just such a showdown, while talks that began last spring on a power-sharing national unity government have stalled. Iran and radical Islamists across the Arab world have bankrolled Hamas, while the U.S. supports Fatah."

How bloody has this civil war become?

"More than 60 people, including several children, have died in the past two months ..."

It would seem that Iran is right on target, and probably on schedule, in achieving her original goal of "lighting many fires" in the Middle East as the method to fight President Bush's invasion of Iraq.

IV. At the same time that President Bush is said to be "itching for a fight" with Iran, American lawmakers are trying to take action to prevent just such a conflagration.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush 'spoiling for a fight', Mail & Guardian Online News, 1 Feb 2007

"United States officials in Baghdad and Washington are expected to unveil a secret intelligence “dossier” this week detailing evidence of Iran’s alleged complicity in attacks on American troops in Iraq. The move, uncomfortably echoing Downing Street’s dossier debacle in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, is one more sign that the Bush administration is building a case for war. "

Cutting Edge has already noted that the Bush Administration has been using the same justification for war with Iran as they did to falsely justify the war against Iraq. (Read NEWS2106, posted in late January, 2006, almost exactly one year ago!)

The Bush Administration has been long using the same scare tactics to build the case for war against Iran that they used against Iraq; yet, each time, the propaganda would die down for a while, the naval vessels stationed off the coast of Iran would quietly go home, and the world would get a brief respite from all this nonsense, at least for a while.

But, this article, above, is correct: the Bush Administration is again using the same propaganda tactics to build its case for war with Iran.

"Sean McCormack, the state department spokesperson, said this week the administration had a body of evidence implicating Iran in sectarian attacks against Iraq’s Sunni minority."

Ho, hum, we have heard of all this rhetoric before. Iran has been openly supporting Shi'ite forces against Sunni forces in Iraq for four long years! American officials are starting to only now vigorously protest.

"The CIA and Pentagon are also touting intelligence that 'Iranians are smuggling into Iraq sophisticated explosive devices, mortars and detailed plans to wipe out Sunni Arab neighbourhoods”, the paper said. Officials would make a 'comprehensive case' this week. But George W Bush has already acted on information received. He confirmed on Monday that he had ordered US forces, in effect, to kill or capture Iranian 'agents' targeting Americans in Iraq — as happened last month when five Iranian officials were detained in Irbil."

"The Bush administration, an American commentator suggested, is 'once again spoiling for a fight'."

Remember that the bottom line goal here is to completely discredit President Bush, as we have noted, above. If the President really launches an attack against Iran, he may very well see that adventure turn just as disastrously as his Iraq adventure became.

I can think of no better way to thoroughly discredit the President.

American lawmakers reacted strongly to this "spoiling for a fight" news.

NEWS BRIEF: "Lawmakers move to restrain Bush on Iran", Asia Times, Feb 3, 2007

"WASHINGTON - Increasingly concerned about the escalating rhetoric against Iran by senior US officials, including President George W Bush, members of Congress are trying to put limits on his ability to attack the Islamic Republic. Their efforts so far have primarily taken the form of what one lobbyist refers to as "resoliferation" - that is, the proliferation of a number of mostly non-binding resolutions - in both the House of Representatives and Senate - asserting that Bush must seek Congress' approval before any attack on Iran or any of Iraq's other neighbors."

This type of Congressional restraint has always proven ineffective in controlling the behavior of a sitting President, so I am confident they will fail against Bush also.

"The latest resolution, introduced on Wednesday by a group of five House Democrats, declares that it is the policy of the United States not to enter a preemptive war with Iran and bans the expenditure of congressionally appropriated funds for covert actions designed to achieve regime change or to carry out any military actions against Tehran in the absence of an imminent threat."

"While all of these resolutions are either non-binding or include provisions that could be easily ignored or circumvented by an administration determined go to war and willing to stage a provocation to do so, lobby groups and activists on both the left and the right say they hope they will serve as a 'shot across the bow' of administration hawks. 'It's about time Congress focuses attention on this issue and tries to take back its constitutional right to declare war and not simply write a blank check to the president', said Carah Ong, an Iran specialist at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, who is coordinating anti-war efforts by some 50 groups across the political spectrum."

We could not agree more! Congress should take the power to wage war back from the President, a power it lost when President Johnson and Nixon continued to wage war in Vietnam, even though neither possessed a declaration of war from Congress.

In the meantime, Iran makes it very clear that she is depending heavily upon Russia in this entire mess, just as she will be depending upon Russia when her forces are marching with Russian forces to attack Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Looks to Russia As Global Mediator", By NASSER KARIMI Associated Press Writer, reprinted by Brietbart News, Jan 28, 2007

"TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran wants Russia to help mediate in the standoff with the U.N. Security Council over Tehran's nuclear program, Iranian state radio said Sunday as a ranking Russian diplomat met with top Iranian leaders. The radio said Iran was looking to Russia for 'new proposals, such as enrichment of uranium on Russian soil', and expects Russia to 'take a close stance with the international community' to help Iran resolve its nuclear standoff."

Look for Iran to adopt a number of soft approaches to America and Europe, with Russia's blessing, in order to turn President Bush's angry tactics aside.

But, for now, please understand that President Bush's heavy-handed rhetoric and military maneuvers are simply driving Iran into the arms of the Russian Bear. About one year ago, we posted an article to this effect, and encourage you to read it now.


Prophecy is being fulfilled, in your Daily News!

Behold A Pale Horse

V. To set the record straight, Iran's nuclear power program does NOT break any international laws, making President Bush's demand to stop it unreasonable and unlawful.

NEWS BRIEF: "Debunking Iran's nuclear myth makers", Asia Times, Jan 25, 2007

"The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has requested that Iran suspend its uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities as a 'confidence-building measure', in light of Iran's 18 years of non-transparency. Tehran now faces two paths: either heed this call or face tougher sanctions and, worse, the possibility of war ..."

" 'It is starting to look like a real tragedy', a Tehran political-science professor told the author, adding, 'An inexperienced mayor [of Tehran] with no previous international exposure was put at the helm, and he brought in his aides who were equally novices in the realm of international politics, at a critical time in Iran's foreign relations. The result has been near-disastrous. But, hopefully, other leaders will put a stop to this nonsense."

"That hope is based on the fact that the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, has made known his displeasure with Ahmadinejad's hardline politics ... Ali Larijani, the head of powerful Supreme National Security Council, proposed a temporary freeze early last year ... What would a temporary suspension achieve? The answer is: it would satisfy, albeit temporarily, the United Nations Security Council's demand, reflected in Resolutions 1696 and 1737, for a halt to the enrichment activities..."

Now, listen carefully to this next segment!

"In other words, no matter how insistent the United States and its European allies are on a permanent suspension, there is nothing in either the UN resolutions and/or the IAEA resolutions that would endorse their unreasonable demand, which lacks a legal basis."

Did you get that understanding? The demands of the United States and its European allies that Iran halt its nuclear power project are "unreasonable" and "lacks a legal basis"!

International law permits a country to build and maintain nuclear power facilities for peaceful purposes. Iran has long insisted that peaceful nuclear power is her only goal, and no evidence has ever been brought forth which would contradict that claim.

In fact, we know that Iran does not need to pursue the making of an atomic device by her own scientists because she has possessed militarized nuclear warheads since at least early 2002 (Read NEWS1660, "Mushroom Clouds In The Middle East")

What Iran is doing is not illegal according to any international law! That reality further shows the propaganda lie in which the Bush Administration is engaged against Iran.


VI. When President Bush told the American people that he needed to "surge" an additional 21,500 troops through Iraq, he was not telling the whole story. The real number is close to 50,000!

NEWS BRIEF: "Surge Troops Actually Number Almost 50,000: Double the Troops in 'Surge' ", Defense, 2/01/07

"President Bush and his new military chiefs have been saying for nearly a month that they would 'surge' an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq, in a last, grand push to quell the violence in Baghdad and in Anbar Province. But a new study by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says the real troop increase could be as high as 48,000 -- more than double the number the President initially said."

How can this be? Did the President tell another lie to the American people? Well, he kind of forgot to mention how many troops would have to go over to Iraq to support the 21,500 additional fighters.

"That's because the combat units that President Bush wants to send into hostile areas need to be backed up by support troops, 'including personnel to staff headquarters, serve as military police, and provide communications, contracting, engineering, intelligence, medical, and other services', the CBO notes."

"Over the past few years , DoD’s practice has been to deploy a total of about 9,500 personnel per combat brigade to the Iraq theater, including about 4,000 combat troops and about 5,500 supporting troops ... According to the study, the costs for the 'surge' would also be dramatically different than the President has said. The White House estimated a troop escalation would require about $5.6 billion in additional funding for the rest of fiscal year 2007. Of that, about $3.2 billion was supposed to go to the Army and Marines for their escalated activity."

What makes this story so incredible is that the top commander in Iraq -- General George Casey -- admitted this week that the President does not need anywhere near 21,500 extra troops.

NEWS BRIEF: "Top general: Bush went overboard on troop surge", Boston Herald, 2/2/07

"WASHINGTON - The top U.S. general in Iraq contradicted his commander in chief’s plan for a troop surge yesterday, while taking flak from a leading GOP presidential contender over war strategy.

Outgoing Gen. George Casey, who is nominated to become Army chief of staff, said at his Senate confirmation hearing that the situation in Baghdad requires fewer than half the 21,500 new U.S. troops President Bush has ordered."

However, the President is likely to get his full number of "surge" troops, and this sad reality means that hundreds of thousands of men who have previously served and released, are liable to get called up again!

NEWS BRIEF: "Thousands may be involuntarily called for tours", Montgomery, January 28, 2007

"Hundreds of thousands of National Guard and Reserve members previously mobilized for tours in Iraq and Afghanistan are exposed anew to involuntary call-up under a policy change unveiled with President Bush's plan to 'surge' forces into Baghdad. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he has rescinded a rule, set in 2002, that barred involuntary mobilization of reserve personnel beyond a "cumulative" 24-month ceiling for a wartime emergency."

Isn't it amazing how completely the government owns its citizen army members? Previous promises -- a.k.a. commitments -- are routinely swept up and thrown into a garbage can at the whim of the Commander in Chief. This lesson was one of many I learned while serving for four years in US Army Intelligence, and we are seeing it again here -- in one of the saddest wars in our country's history.

"But Brig. Gen. James W. Nuttall, deputy director of the Army National Guard, said a majority of Guard soldiers will not be surprised by the policy change, given the nature of the wars they've experienced firsthand. 'The reality is that most soldiers, having served once in theater, knew that this was going to be a long war and that at some point we were going to have to come back to them', Nuttall told Military Update."

This next segment acknowledges that this repeated tours of duty is taking a toll on the marriages and the employment of the Guard soldier.

"... most future deployments of reservists will involve whole units rather than individual volunteers to improve unit cohesion. Fewer soldiers, Nuttall said, will have to tell spouses or employers that they're volunteering for another tour, and so face the prospect, he quipped, that 'one will be handing them divorce papers, the other will hand them a pink slip'."


VII. It is not often that an Elite Illuminati leader opens his mouth so boldly that our breath is taken away, but this occurred recently from Nick Rockefeller. Listen and be amazed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rockefeller Admitted The Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population", Prison Planet, January 29, 2007

"Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who personally told him that the elite's ultimate goal was to create a microchipped population ... Russo is perhaps best known for producing Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy but was more recently in the spotlight for his exposé of the criminal run for profit federal reserve system, the documentary America From Freedom to Fascism."

Doesn't this sound like prophecy fulfillment to you?

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Rev 13:16-17; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

During my nearly 20 years of studying the Illuminati Plan and comparing it to prophecy, I was amazed time and time again by the breathtaking degree to which their plans fulfill Bible prophecy, some of which is 2,600 years old. These proud, arrogant Illuminists have no idea that their grand plans were dictated to them by the power of Omnipotent God!

Another Scripture comes to mind:

"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." (Psalms 2:1-4; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Now, let us return to our featured article:

"During one conversation, Rockefeller asked Russo if he was interested in joining the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) but Russo rejected the invitation, saying he had no interest in 'enslaving the people' to which Rockefeller coldly questioned why he cared about the 'serfs'."

" 'I used to say to him what's the point of all this', states Russo, 'you have all the money in the world you need, you have all the power you need, what's the point, what's the end goal?', to which Rockefeller replied (paraphrasing), 'The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world'."

Russo also told Alex Jones that Rockefeller was very open about other interesting subjects:

* "Eleven months before 9/11 happened there was going to be an event and out of that event we were going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines through the Caspian sea, we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East, and we'd go after Chavez in Venezuela."

Does that sound like your Daily News to you? Time and time again, in my daily research, I was totally amazed that goals espoused by an Illuminati author actually did occur later, sometimes decades later. Of course, we know that the plan to attack on 9/11 was known in 1990-1995, as the Illuminati Card Game so eloquently revealed. Of all discoveries, this game is the "Smoking Gun" evidence that the Illuminati was behind the attacks of 9/11.

* "Rockefeller also told Russo that he would see soldiers looking in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and that there would be an 'Endless war on terror where there's no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax', so that 'the government could take over the American people' ..."

* "Rockefeller also told Russo that his family's foundation had created and bankrolled the women's liberation movement in order to destroy the family and that population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite."

Once again, the daily working out of this part of the plan is incredibly accurate, as the Women's Lib movement has weakened the institution of the Family, thus reducing the numbers of babies being born. Rockefeller did not mention Abortion, but that is one of the greatest population reductions plans ever implemented!

Mr. Rockefeller then confirmed what Cutting Edge has been saying for years:

* "... Rockefeller told Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women's lib ... because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model."

Let me pose an interesting question to you: Which writer first advocated state-funded and state-operated Public School systems? The answer may surprise you.

Karl Marx was the first to advocate a Public School system, in his Communist Manifesto, published in 1848. Marx realized the indoctrination value of having state teachers instructing the vast majority of young students five days per week. The modern-day Illuminati has so changed the curricula that students are not be academically trained any longer, but are just indoctrinated so they can become obedient global citizens.

We thank Mr. Rockefeller for educating us so completely as to the inner plans of the Illuminati. Truly, their plans will fulfill Bible prophecy exactly! Our Omnipotent God remains firmly on His throne!

---------- Articles Posted ----------

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* "Bush's New, Aggressive Military Actions Against Iran Has Set Entire Middle East On The Edge of All-Out Regional War - America is on a collision course with Iran

American military officials on the ground warn that this behind-the-scenes struggle could explode into open warfare over a single misstep.

One accidental mistake could plunge the world into World War III

* "Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation: Intimidating the masses into socialist consensus"

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"The branch cannot bear fruit of itself." John 15:4

How did you begin to bear fruit? It was when you came to Jesus and cast yourselves on His great atonement, and rested on His finished righteousness. Ah! what fruit you had then! Do you remember those early days? Then indeed the vine flourished, the tender grape appeared, the pomegranates budded forth, and the beds of spices gave forth their smell. Have you declined since then? If you have, we charge you to remember that time of love, and repent, and do thy first works. Be most in those engagements which you have experimentally proved to draw you nearest to Christ, because it is from Him that all your fruits proceed.

Any holy exercise which will bring you to Him will help you to bear fruit. The sun is, no doubt, a great worker in fruit-creating among the trees of the orchard: and Jesus is still more so among the trees of His garden of grace. When have you been the most fruitless? Has not it been when you have lived farthest from the Lord Jesus Christ, when you have slackened in prayer, when you have departed from the simplicity of your faith, when your graces have engrossed your attention instead of your Lord, when you have said, "My mountain standeth firm, I shall never be moved"; and have forgotten where your strength dwells--has not it been then that your fruit has ceased? Some of us have been taught that we have nothing out of Christ, by terrible abasements of heart before the Lord; and when we have seen the utter barrenness and death of all creature power, we have cried in anguish, "From Him all my fruit must be found, for no fruit can ever come from me."

We are taught, by past experience, that the more simply we depend upon the grace of God in Christ, and wait upon the Holy Spirit, the more we shall bring forth fruit unto God.

Oh! to trust Jesus for fruit as well as for life.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotional")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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