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February 6, 2008


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

Yesterday's "Super Tuesday" Presidential Primary yielded the results in the Democrat Party which Cutting Edge has been predicting for over a year. Hillary Clinton is now the front-runner to be the Democrat Party's Presidential nominee.

Senator Obama ran a strong second and seems in a position to be named the Vice Presidential candidate with Hillary.

I. NEWS BRIEF: "N.Y. senator takes Calif.; pair divvy up states, delegates ", By Scott Helman and Marcella Bombardieri, The Boston Globe, February 6, 2008

"CHICAGO - Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battled into the early hours today in their 22-state Super Tuesday showdown, with each gaining important wins across the country. Clinton won the biggest prize, California, but Obama captured more states overall."

Cutting Edge felt that Hillary would win a slight edge so she could be considered the front-runner, but that Senator Obama would win his share of states, so he could be considered the candidate in second place. This is exactly how "Super Tuesday" turned out!

"Neither Obama nor Clinton scored a decisive win nationally. Results were still coming in for a couple of states, but Obama had finished first in thirteen and Clinton in eight. As of 1 a.m., Clinton had added 365 delegates and Obama 335."

Both sides claimed victory, of course.

"Clinton's senior strategist, Mark Penn, told reporters during a conference call last night that late-breaking voters went for Clinton, which he said showed momentum. 'People saw her as having the right experience', he said. 'It is not a choice between experience and change; it is how you can bring change and make change happen'."

We have said for a long time that Senator Obama has one major disadvantage, i.e., his utter lack of experience at the International level and his limited experience at the National level. If this weakness did not show up in the Democrat Primaries, we felt the Republican nominee would pound on it during the general campaign. But, in the past few weeks, we heard Hillary warn that, while Obama may excite people about change, only she had the experience which could make that change possible. This point is critical and Hillary owns a major advantage.

Hillary's victory party in her New York City headquarters was said to be "energized"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Excitement builds in Clinton camp", BBC News, February 6, 2008

"At 1800 Eastern Time (2300 GMT), the mood at Hillary Clinton's camp in New York was cautious, with her advisers downplaying expectations, talking of a tightening race and a mixed night. By 2130, the atmosphere had relaxed considerably, with the crowd onstage cheering wildly after victories for Mrs Clinton in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas - her adopted home state - New Jersey, Missouri and, of course, New York, her backyard.

" 'Madam President' read one banner."

If there was one "surprise" of the night, it was Hillary taking Massachusetts, the state of the Kennedy clan -- you know, the Establishment family who endorsed Senator Obama.

"The win over Barack Obama in Massachusetts was savoured by her supporters, as local Senator Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Hillary's rival had been seen as significant. Evoking the memory of John F Kennedy and comparing him to Barack Obama was not as powerful as the Clinton camp had feared."

If Senator Ted Kennedy's glowing comparison of Obama to his brother, President John F. Kennedy, did not carry significant weight in Massachusetts, it will not carry any appreciable weight throughout the rest of the United States. Evidently, the "torch" has not been passed to Senator Obama!

Hillary spun her victory in the most positive light imaginable.

"Dressed in eye-catching yellow, Hillary Clinton told supporters: 'Tonight we're hearing the voices of people across America' ... The voters defied the pundits' expectations again, we're excited about beating the perceived momentum that Obama had ...."

This last quote is most important and one upon which we must focus. In politics, sometimes the result is interpreted in light of expectations beforehand. Therefore, when Hillary bested Obama overall, her victory is seen as even greater because the Mass Media had been beating the drums relentlessly since Obama took South Carolina, saying that he had almost irresistible momentum on his side. Therefore, the Clinton camp is casting the results as a dramatic victory because it was achieved against all his "perceived momentum".

A good political strategist will deliberately play the expectations game. He or she will downplay the chances of their candidate, and raise public expectations of the opponent. Then, when his candidate does far better in the election than the public perception was beforehand, that victory or near-victory will be given a greater boost.

At this point, let us examine the REAL "wild card" in this entire sham of the Democrat Primary. With most news stories predicting a close Clinton-Obama fight right down to the finish line, the issue of the "Super Delegates" will gain more and more importance. What is this kind of delegate? This next story tells us.

NEWS BRIEF: "California Dems still have delegates for the taking", SF Gate, February 6, 2008

"While the public's eye is on Hillary Rodham Clinton's primary win Tuesday in California, a second, behind-the-scenes fight is being waged in the Democratic ranks over 'superdelegates' - party insiders who make up 71 of the state's 441 delegates."

Do you remember the infamous "smoke-filled backrooms" where the rich and powerful secretly gathered out of the glare of the public eye to nominate the person they wanted in a particular office? These Democrat "super delegates" are the modern era equivalent to that old power-brokering arrangement. Note the words, above, "party insiders".

"These delegates answer to no one, but they could well tip the balance in a tight national race. And in this contest, most give Clinton the edge. Thirty-one of the superdelegates are members of Congress and the rest are members of the Democratic National Committee. Being insiders, most have long ties to the Clintons. So far, the Clinton campaign counts 34 superdelegates in their camp - including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Bay Area Reps. Ellen Tauscher, Lynn Woolsey, Mike Thompson and Tom Lantos, and 12 other House members."

Senator Obama has only seven super-delegates in his camp, leaving 25 "up for grabs". The reality is that nothing is really "up for grabs". These super-delegates are in place to ensure that the candidate of the Illuminati is truly nominated.

So far, results seem to indicate that the final slate will be Hillary for President, Barack Obama for Vice President. That will be spun as the Democrat Dream ticket. Already, Hillary is said to be appealing to women and Hispanics, as well as the oldster voter, while Obama is said to be appealing to Blacks, the idealistic and the 'hip" young.

Such a national ticket for President could be sold to the American public as being an unbeatable candidate, especially if the Republican candidate is Senator John McCain!

II. Senator John McCain is said to have taken a commanding lead in the Republican race for President.

NEWS BRIEF: "McCain takes command",, February 6, 2008

"Republican John McCain took firm control of the Republican presidential race yesterday with victories from California to Connecticut ... McCain took a commanding lead with victories in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois and Arizona, all of which award national convention delegates on a winner-take-all basis. He won California by a big enough margin to secure most or all of its delegates..."

In states where the winner of a primary takes all the delegates, the victor can pile up delegates so quickly as to give him the nomination rather early in a 22-state primary. On the other hand, where convention delegates are proportioned according to the percentage of vote achieved, the process toward getting enough delegates to win the nomination is more protracted and drawn out. It appears that many of the Republican primaries are built around "winner take all", whereas the Democrat primaries are built around proportional allocation. For this reason, the Republican nomination could be sewn up quickly, while the Democrat nomination could drag out right up to the convention.

"The result was a bitter disappointment for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who was not only beaten by McCain, but by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in several Southern states."

Romney might be the most appealing of the Republican candidates, but it is quite probable that, in this election, McCain is the one whom the Establishment wants. As I stated earlier, I cannot believe that McCain is the one being touted as the candidate to lead the Republican slate. In fact, McCain's sudden elevation from "also-ran" to front-runner is strong evidence that the whole election process is fixed!

Consider the negatives against McCain:

1) While he touts his Prisoner-of-War experience, the same veterans who came against him after he won the 2000 New Hampshire primary, accusing him of collaborating with the Communist North Vietnamese guards in order to obtain preferential treatment, will come strongly against him in the general election.

This anti-McCain campaign will make Kerry's "Swift Boat" detrators seem mild!

2) McCain is going to be seen as a clone of President Bush. In fact, McCain will be seen as the candidate who will continue Bush's war policies and his disastrous economic policies. Mass Media pundits are already saying that the electorate is very tired of Bush and his policies. McCain will be seen as an exact of the President.

"A vote for McCain is a vote for Bush"

Can you see the campaign slogan now?

3) McCain could also be seen as the "Bob Dole" candidate! Do you remember Bob Dole, the 1996 Republican candidate running against President Bill Clinton? Dole was an established war veteran. He was twice decorated for heroism, receiving two Purple Hearts for his injuries, and the Bronze Star Medal with combat "V" for valor.

He was proud of his nearly paralyzed right arm, touting it as evidence of his bravery and resolute character under fire. Yet, he was also seen as old and out of touch. Bill Clinton defeated him in a three-way contest, with Ross Perot being the spoiler third candidate.

Senator John McCain carries all the "Bob Dole" negatives plus a few more of his own.

4) McCain has the reputation for an explosive temper. If he displays that kind of temper on the campaign stump, he could be portrayed as out of control.

5) McCain is not seen as a Christian, but is pro-Choice and he opposes the Marriage Amendment Act.

6) McCain once said that Hillary would make a good President.

While Mitt Romney was seen as underachieving on Super Tuesday, Mike Huckabee won five states when no one figured he could achieve anywhere near that kind of feat!

NEWS BRIEF: "Romney Wins Massachusetts", The Boston Globe, February 6, 2008

"John McCain tightened his grip yesterday on the Republican presidential nomination, sweeping the winner-take-all states across the Northeast and also winning the delegate-rich states of California, Illinois, Missouri, and his home state of Arizona."

"After a surprising string of wins yesterday, Mike Huckabee vied with Mitt Romney to be McCain's main competitor and extend the race."

Mitt Romney is said to be gamely determined to carry on, but may be forced to drop out. If he does drop out, he is likely to be tabbed as a Vice Presidential candidate. He looks young and energetic and could be presented as the candidate who would infuse the campaign with enthusiasm and energy.

Mike Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas, and a former pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention. While his victories in these five states will not get him the nomination, they might propel him to the role of "spoiler". We have stated before that one of the possibilities at the Republican convention is a third-party candidate.

Such a candidacy could be seen as splitting enough conservative votes away from the official Republican candidate as to ensure Hillary's victory. To reiterate, Hillary Clinton is perceived to carry a very heavy baggage of negativity, i.e., a large number of people who really dislike her. When she wins, political pundits are going to have to create a story which will convince undiscerning Americans why Hillary won.

Senator Obama would neutralize many of Hillary's negatives if he was her Vice Presidential candidate.

But, a Republican third-party candidacy with Mike Huckabee at the top would also explain why Hillary won. If Ron Paul was the Vice Presidential candidate, then tremendous numbers of Christian and/or Conservative votes could be seen going to that ticket. Every vote for this third-party ticket will be seen as an indirect vote for Hillary/Obama because it would be a vote taken away from the official Republican ticket.

Dr. James Dobson reacted strongly against a possible McCain ticket, voicing a complaint many Christians will feel.

NEWS BRIEF: "James Dobson to boycott election if McCain nominated", By Christa Marshall,
The Denver Post, 2/5/2008

"Saying Sen. John McCain is 'not a conservative', Dr. James Dobson proclaimed today he would refrain from voting in the 2008 election if the Arizona senator is the Republican nominee. 'Should John McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe this general election will offer the worst choices for president in my lifetime. I certainly can't vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama based on their virulently anti-family policy positions. If these are the nominees in November, I simply will not cast a ballot for president for the first time in my life'."

The question as yet unanswered is whether Dr. Dobson will answer the call to a Mike Huckabee third party ticket.

III. The radical Palestinian party, Hamas, seemed to sense that this is the time to escalate its attacks against Israel, her leaders enthused by the lack of effective Israeli countermeasures following the knocking down of the Egyptian-Gaza border wall two weeks ago.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Government Stalls While Hamas Escalates", DEBKAfile Intelligence, February 6, 2008

"Vacillation or dithering was the original sin committed by the Olmert government in the Lebanon War and the primary cause of its inconclusive outcome ... The belligerence of Hamas and its terrorist allies’ escalates unchallenged and the fundamentalist Palestinian rulers of Gaza go from strength to strength, while the dithering goes on."

Some weeks before Hamas sent 250,000 Palestinian civilians against the border wall with Egypt, enabling their bulldozers to knock the wall down, the IDF presented a detailed military plan to Prime Minister Olmert. This plan would have toppled the Hamas regime and handed control back to Abbas' Fatah faction. However, Olmert could not make up his mind, and before he could decide anything, the radical Hamas action against the border wall made any IDF action moot and meaningless.

".... The Israeli army is being held down to limited forays which do nothing to stop the flying missiles and rockets, any more than Olmert’s performance did in the Lebanon War."

Hamas also acted with suicide bombers against the Israel nuclear facility town, Dimona. We shall report on this terror attack in Dimona below.

"Shortly before the Dimona attack, a 'senior Israeli military officer' warned: 'Some 200,000 Israelis in the towns of Kiryat Gat, Ofakim, Ashdod and Eilat are about to join Sderot and the Gaza Strip’s other neighbors as targets of the current Palestinian short-range offensive' ... He pointed out that whereas the first Qassam missiles were of 2 km range, Hamas and Jihad Islami have been allowed to acquire new weapons capable of striking at a distance of 18 kms."

Indeed, Hamas does seem ready to field longer-range weapons from the northern Gaza Strip border. With the breached wall allowing Egyptian weapons to flow freely, Israel may soon have to contend with sophisticated Egyptian missiles on her very border, missiles which not only have greater range, but are extremely accurate.

"DEBKAfile’s Middle East military sources maintain that the here and now are very much a part of the strategy developed by Iran and Syria for defeating – and if possible destroying -the Jewish state."

These are the steps in this plan:

1. They have armed the Lebanese Hizballah and the Palestinian Hamas and Jhad Islami with an arsenal of short-range missiles for relentless cross-border attacks ... Tuesday, Feb. 5, saw Sderot hit by 17 missiles. Three longer-range Grad rockets exploded in Ashkelon."

2. The second stage, consisting of medium-range missile attacks is impending..."

3. Iran and Syria are both armed with ballistic missiles for use in the third stage of their campaign"

"Therefore, while Olmert, Barak, LIvni and Ashkenazi dither over a defense barrier on the Israel-Egyptian border and appeal to Cairo, Israel’s enemies are fully occupied with tightening a noose of short-range missiles around all of Israel’s land borders."

Israel today is in far graver danger than at any time in recent history.

IV. Hamas claimed credit for successfully carrying out the first suicide bomber attack within Israel in about 3 1/2 years! The town selected was important in two ways:

A) It was the town where Israel's nuclear reactor is located;
B) Dimona is not protected as yet by the security barrier wall

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel mulls more pressure on Gaza after Hamas suicide attack claim", AFP News, February 6, 2008

"JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel decided on Wednesday to start building a reinforced barrier along parts of its porous border with Egypt in a bid to prevent infiltration attempts by Palestinian militants ... Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his defence and foreign ministers decided on the move after a three-hour meeting at the premier's office ... The encounter, which also included senior security officials, came a day after the Islamist Hamas movement claimed responsibility for Monday's deadly suicide bombing in Israel, the first such attack in a year. A 73-year-old woman was killed in the bombing in Dimona."

For the past two weeks, the IDF has been warning PM Olmert that Hamas was infiltrating unknown numbers of extremist militants across the breached barrier at the Egyptian border, and that many of these militants could find their way into Israel to carry out terrorist attacks.

These military warnings fell on deaf ears.

"The attack came after a near two-week border breach between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, raising fears in Israel that Hamas militants were among the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who poured into the Sinai when the border was open. Hamas said on Tuesday that two of its members from the occupied West Bank had carried out the bombing, the first time that it claimed responsibility for a suicide blast inside Israel in three and a half years."

Hamas, Iran, Syria, and possibly Egypt seem to be carrying out a well-planned and coordinated effort to stop the Annapolis "Peace Plan" from ever occurring. Remember, that plan envisions carving out a Palestinian State from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, a western Masonic plan which Hamas, Iran and Syria totally oppose. (Read NEWS1643, " FERVENT MASONIC DESIRE TO REBUILD SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE EVENTS OF THE MID-EAST TODAY")

Right now, Israel is clearly on the defensive and seems to be back pedaling.

Unless Israel and her western backers turn this situation around quickly, the planned Palestinian State may never be established.

V. Under tremendous pressure from the Bush Administration, the Senate overwhelmingly voted for tax relief and cash rebates in an enormous effort to stabilize the economy.

NEWS BRIEF: "Senate advances tax rebate bill in an 80-4 vote", Houston Chronicle, February 4, 2008

"WASHINGTON — An economic aid plan to send rebates of $600-$1,200 to most taxpayers passed a key test Monday in the Senate, where Democrats are pushing to add more than $40 billion in help for seniors, disabled veterans and the unemployed. Democrats were ratcheting up pressure on Republicans to support the add-ons, part of a proposal to pump $204 billion into the economy over the next two years. The House passed its $161 billion economic stimulus package last week with overwhelming backing from both parties."

Some news stories earlier in the week suggested that enough Senators were against this plan that the Senate may not follow the lead of the House of Representatives in quickly passing this economic stimulus plan.

However, this is an election year, and the Democrats who control the Senate do not want to be seen as being uninterested in stimulating the economy by refusing to pass legislation which would put enormous sums of money into the pockets of the average to poor citizen.

After all, Hillary is campaigning on the slogan that she represents the workers of America!

"The Senate measure would send $500-$1,000 rebates to a wider group of people than the House measure covers, add $14.5 billion in jobless benefits and include $5.6 billion in renewable energy tax breaks over the next 10 years. The rebates would extend to 20 million senior citizens and 250,000 disabled veterans left out of the House bill because they don't earn enough to qualify ... $1 billion in heating aid for the poor and a housing rescue package included in the House bill could pass and be enacted quickly."

In other economic news, the price of crude oil continues to drop.

NEWS BRIEF: "Crude Oil Falls Near $89 on Forecasts of Increased U.S. Supply", Bloomberg News, February 5, 2008

" Crude oil fell to trade around $89 a barrel in New York on speculation a government report tomorrow will show U.S. supplies rose for a fourth week ... Inventories in the world's largest oil consumer probably gained 2.2 million barrels last week as refining rates dropped to a 22-month low, according to a Bloomberg survey of 11 analysts."

Don't you just love news stories which contain the favorite occult numbers? In this one paragraph, we see the number '11' and its multiples used repeatedly.

* Increase of 2.2 million barrels of oil inventory -- 11x2

* Refining rates dropped to a 22-month low

* Bloomberg consulted 11 analysts

Pastor Meyers of Last Trumpet Ministries noted, after the tremendous number of '11's noted in the 9/11 attacks (Read NEWS1756, "Events Continue To Occur 'By The Numbers' -- Sacred Occult Numbers"), that he considers such use of occult numbers in news stories to be indicative of God's impending judgment.

Pastor Meyers said he was convinced that, when God begins to move to judgment against a nation, He will cause events to occur according to judgment numbers. Certainly, the number '11' is the Biblical number for Antichrist, as he is seen appearing on the world scene after the 10 Kings arise (Daniel 7:7-8)

To this, Cutting Edge adds that the Illuminati loves to telegraph its punches (NEWS2104, "Startling Revelation: Now We Know Why The Illuminati 'Telegraphs' Their Punches").

By causing news stories to occur by certain sacred occult numbers, the Illuminati is signaling what is happening or going to happen, and is gloating in the fact that we, the victims of their plans, can do nothing about stopping them! I am convinced that this is the major reason that we see almost a daily dose of news stories which are steeped in eleven and its multiples and thirteen and its multiples.

Watch for these type of stories in our Daily News Updates You will be shocked to see how such many times stories with these occult numbers and their multiples occur -- signs of the Times!

VI. The Federal Government is insistently moving us toward the type of biometric identification required in the "Mark of the Beast" system!

NEWS BRIEF: "FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping", CNN Technology News, February 4, 2008

"The FBI is gearing up to create a massive computer database of people's physical characteristics, all part of an effort the bureau says to better identify criminals and terrorists."

I am constantly amazed how much mileage the Illuminati continues to get from the one attack on 9/11. Yes, these attacks were horrific and yes, too many Americans believe the lie that Arab militants carried out the attacks (Read 'Illuminati Card Game' articles), but at some point, you would think Americans would wake up to realize that our very liberties are being threatened by these repeated assaults against our personal lives and against our personal privacy.

And, that they would wake up to realize that the real target of these "terror prevention" laws is to tightly control the very American citizen who is supposed to be protected!

"The bureau is expected to announce in coming days the awarding of a $1 billion, 10-year contract to help create the database that will compile an array of biometric information -- from palm prints to eye scans. Kimberly Del Greco, the FBI's Biometric Services section chief, said adding to the database is 'important to protect the borders to keep the terrorists out, protect our citizens, our neighbors, our children so they can have good jobs, and have a safe country to live in'."

These kinds of statements are pure hogwash, as no study has ever confirmed that any of these intrusive measures would have prevented the attacks of 9/11, or prevent such attacks in the future. Indeed, they cannot prevent future attacks, because these terrorist attacks are "government provocateur" operations, carried out by government operatives in order to overthrow this "Old World Order" so the new one can be established. (Read 'Illuminati Card Game' articles).

Now, let us return to our featured article for more information.

"But it's unnerving to privacy experts. 'It's the beginning of the surveillance society where you can be tracked anywhere, any time and all your movements, and eventually all your activities will be tracked and noted and correlated', said Barry Steinhardt, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Technology and Liberty Project."

Exactly! As Cutting Edge has always noted, every dictatorship in history tries numerous ways in which to keep detailed tabs on their citizens, especially dissidents. In this coming global dictatorship, the surveillance will be as intense as the dictatorship. In other words, surveillance will be unprecedented! But, it has to be unprecedented, because the Mark of the Beast prophecy foretells an unprecedented global economy, backed by an unprecedented global dictatorship, headed by an unprecedented global dictator -- the Masonic Christ whom the Bible will call Antichrist.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Rev 13:16-17)

One last piece of information is most interesting, as we return to our featured article:

"The FBI already has 55 million sets of fingerprints on file. In coming years, the bureau wants to compare palm prints, scars and tattoos, iris eye patterns, and facial shapes. The idea is to combine various pieces of biometric information to positively identify a potential suspect."

Did you notice the occult number in this paragraph? "The FBI already has 55 million sets of fingerprints on file". The number '55' is '11x5'. In the occult realm the number '5' is the number of 'death' and any replication of this number just intensifies its meaning. Therefore, '55' can be thought of as 'double death'.

How appropriate, for this kind of 'Mark of the Beast' system will be 'double death' to all who take the Beast's Mark.

We wish to remind you that we are having a Pre-Sell of the third video in the 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings', a video called "Eye of the Phoenix". We need 1,000 people to step forward with the $19.99 of the Pre-Sell, or we will not have enough cash to finish this project. This number is far fewer than the number of people who actually bought "Riddles In Stone" last year.

If you loved "The New Atlantis" and "Riddles In Stone", please pre-order now.

We really need your assistance.


---------- Articles Posted ----------

"Did You Know That Adolf Hitler Claimed To Be A Born-Again Christian?"

As Americans go to the polls, we need to remember that the most evil people can, and do, put on the most deceptive face to deceive the undiscerning. In the upcoming election, Hillary Clinton is now being touted as a Born Again Christian. Obama claims to be member of United Church of Christ --

"The Rothschild Family -- Bilderberger Group -- Endorses Hillary Clinton As President!"

Additionally, Wolf Blizter asked during the California debate if a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary candidacy was in the immediate future. Neither candidate shot the idea down!

Would this pairing represent the Democratic Party's "Dream Ticket"?

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Issues Clarion Call For Global Institutions To Make The Final Paradigm Leap To Become The Powerful International Governing Bodies The Plan Has Always Meant Them To Be!"

Brown's bold statements may mean that a "tipping point" has been reached in the many multiple crises which are now roiling the world. The final stages to the New World Order may finally be seen on the horizon.

"Oprah Winfrey and "Friends" Will Teach New Age Course Called "Reflections on the New Age Christ"

Oprah Winfrey is dramatically advancing the cause of the appearance of the New Age Christ (Antichrist). Long a New Age advocate, Oprah is now "pulling out all the stops" in her promotion of Antichrist and his doctrines.


"Canada And America Back Out of Global Warming Provisions Crafted In Bali"

The European Union, Japan, Russia, and China lead the way in approving the most radical Bali Agreement --



--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"Praying always." Ephesians 6:18

What multitudes of prayers we have put up from the first moment when we learned to pray. Our first prayer was a prayer for ourselves; we asked that God would have mercy upon us, and blot out our sin. He heard us. But when He had blotted out our sins like a cloud, then we had more prayers for ourselves. We have had to pray for sanctifying grace, for constraining and restraining grace; we have been led to crave for a fresh assurance of faith, for the comfortable application of the promise, for deliverance in the hour of temptation, for help in the time of duty, and for succour in the day of trial. We have been compelled to go to God for our souls, as constant beggars asking for everything.

Bear witness, children of God, you have never been able to get anything for your souls elsewhere. All the bread your soul has eaten has come down from heaven, and all the water of which it has drank has flowed from the living rock--Christ Jesus the Lord. Your soul has never grown rich in itself; it has always been a pensioner upon the daily bounty of God; and hence your prayers have ascended to heaven for a range of spiritual mercies all but infinite. Your wants were innumerable, and therefore the supplies have been infinitely great, and your prayers have been as varied as the mercies have been countless. Then have you not cause to say, "I love the Lord, because He hath heard the voice of my supplication"? For as your prayers have been many, so also have been God's answers to them. He has heard you in the day of trouble, has strengthened you, and helped you, even when you dishonoured Him by trembling and doubting at the mercy-seat. Remember this, and let it fill your heart with gratitude to God, who has thus graciously heard your poor weak prayers. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits."
(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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