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---------- Inspiration For the Week----------Spiritual Nourishment
"In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.” Philippians 2:15; ["Spurgeon, Morning and Evening Devotions, Tozer Library]

We use lights to make things manifest. A Christian man should so shine in his life, that a person could not live with him a week without knowing the gospel. His conversation should be such that all who are about him should clearly perceive whose he is, and whom he serves; and should see the image of Jesus reflected in his daily actions. Lights are intended for guidance. We are to help those around us who are in the dark. We are to hold forth to them the Word of life. We are to point sinners to the Saviour, and the weary to a divine resting-place. Men sometimes read their Bibles, and fail to understand them; we should be ready, like Philip, to instruct the inquirer in the meaning of God’s Word, the way of salvation, and the life of godliness.

Lights are also used for warning. On life's shoreline of rocks and shoals, a light-house is sure to be erected. Christian men should know that there are many false lights shown everywhere in the world, and therefore the right light is needed. The wreckers of Satan are always abroad, tempting the ungodly to sin under the name of pleasure; they hoist the wrong light, be it ours to put up the true light upon every dangerous rock, to point out every sin, and tell what it leads to, that so we may be clear of the blood of all men, shining as lights in the world. Lights also have a very cheering influence, and so have Christians. A Christian ought to be a comforter, with kind words on his lips, and sympathy in his heart; he should carry sunshine wherever he goes, and diffuse happiness around him.

Gracious Spirit dwell with me;
I myself would gracious be,
And with words that help and heal
Would thy life in mine reveal,
And with actions bold and meek

Would for Christ my Saviour speak" (Spurgeon, Morning and Evening Devotions; Tozer CDROM Library]

---------- Articles Posted ----------

* "ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER SHARON MAY HAVE JUST PROVIDED HIMSELF THE TIME AND "LITTLE ITTY-BITTY" FIG-LEAF COVER WHICH WILL ENABLE HIM TO UNILATERALLY WITHDRAW FROM PALESTINIAN AREAS! -- As PM Sharon and Palestinian Chairman Abbas agree to another perfectly worthless "Hudna" ceasefire, nothing makes sense, except the reality that this ploy will enable Sharon to unilaterally withdraw. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2007.cfm

* "OCCUPIED IRAQ HAS BECOME A "SATURATION ENVIRONMENT" OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION -- CIVILIANS AND US SOLDIERS GOING CRAZY! In addition to spreading misery and death amongst both Iraqi civilians and American troops with Depleted Uranium, now we learn that our soldiers are also dying and being driven crazy through our own E.L.M. rays!

Is this the reason 25,000 US troops were just secretly evacuated from Iraq? -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2006.cfm

* "CLOSE LOOK AT IRAQ'S "FREE" ELECTIONS SHOWS THAT THE RULES ARE SET TO POSSIBLY PRODUCE A FAKE, FRAUDULENT RESULT: POSSIBLY DESIGNED TO KEEP AMERICAN POWER SECURE - President Bush and all his supporters have shouted to the world that the Iraqi elections "prove" his invasion policy to have been correct. TV images fly around the world, showing courageous Iraqis going to vote, in the face of death.

But, a close examination of the election process and the American rules governing it shows a possibly completely different picture. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2005.cfm

* "Indigo Children and Conversations with "God" -- Guest Column by Berit Kjos - Author is channeler for 'Kryon,' a spiritual entity who predicted the coming of Indigo Children -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/db049.htm


---------- Bookstore Resource Update ---------- Purpose Driven Church and Other End Times Apostasies

* "Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church? A Documentary on the Teachings of Rick Warren"

The "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren has become a #1 bestseller and has been distributed to over 180,000 pastors worldwide. His theology has infiltrated almost every Christian denomination, coming like a flood into a city, leaving no house untouched. It is imperative we "test the spirits" of his teachings to see if they come from God.

This book complements both "Deceived On Purpose" and "Outcome-Based Religion". This book exposes Rick Warren's SHAPE Program and its Carl Jung occultic foundation. This shocking revelation proves that Rick Warren is really practicing sorcery and even enforcing on members of his own congregation.

372 pages -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=992

* "Deceived On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church"

Cutting Edge has warned that Rick Warren's "Purpose-Driven Church" is not only part of the Apostasy foretold at the End of the Age, but is one of the 4 religious factors driving the world toward the New Age goal called a "Religious Paradigm Shift". With his New Age background, author Warren Smith had no difficulty spotting the major, serious New Age underpinnings of the "Purpose-Driven Church".

Smith is well aware of the unprecedented spiritual deception occurring right now in "Christian" religious circles; it is just as our Lord forewarned in Matthew 24:4, 11, 24. What is the bottom line warning from author Warren Smith? "Rick Warren is in the process of leading the church astray". Prayerfully read this book, for your precious eternal soul is at stake if you are part of the "Purpose-Driven Church". -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=882

* "Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift" - Book on CD by Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge Ministries

Are big changes taking place in your church? Has the expository preaching of the Word of God been replaced by lectures in “Psychology 101?” Have the messages from the pulpit been so permeated with “tolerance” that sin is no longer identifiable? Has the emphasis of reaching the lost for Christ been replaced by the mantra bringing in the unchurched? Does the pastor use so many translations of the Bible that you are no longer sure what the Bible actually teaches? Have the hymnals been trashed in favor of the overhead projector? Has the choir been supplanted by a contemporary “praise band?” Has the direction of the Holy Spirit on the service been replaced by “40 Day” campaigns? Has your church mushroomed in size with throngs of people that have no idea of what they believe? If the answer to the majority of these questions is “yes,” your church is falling victim to Outcome-Based Religion.

Outcome-Based Religion is another manifestation of the 21st Century that is all about meeting the needs of the consumer with as little inconvenience as possible. It is no secret that we have become a “Super Walmart Society” that flocks to the mega-store, the mega-mall and yes, even the mega-church. Church growth has become the order of the day within broad-based protestantism, evangelicalism, and even fundamentalism with the catch-phrases like “seeker-sensitive,” “seeker-friendly,” and “purpose-driven” becoming household terms among conservative religious individuals.

Unfortunately, the developers of the methods and practices currently implemented to build this New Paradigm Church have not considered the Word of God as a valid source document in the developmental process. In lieu of an operational system built upon God’s absolute truth, they have chosen a strange mixture of behavioral science, marketing techniques, “Management by Objective”, General Systems Theory, and cultural relativism bathed in religious terminology to concoct a program for optimal church growth.

This book gives the reader the vital information needed to identify the warning signs needed to stand in defense of the Faith in the face of this gathering storm of apostasy. It should be required reading for all pastors and lay people who desire to understand the deceptive nature of this apostasy, and particularly those who are battling this movement within their own church. Finally, this book exposes the very real danger that if this movement continues unchecked, there may well arise a new generation that “knows not the Lord.”

This CD is in PDF format, and fully searchable. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=899

Understanding Spiritual Deceit From Another Source

*"A Time of Departing: How A Universal (Occult) Spirituality is Changing The Face of Christianity"

Is "Contemplative Prayer" really a valid vehicle to gain a closer walk with God? A New Age, neo-pagan prayer practice is now sweeping the Christian Church. Those participating in "Contemplative Prayer" have seriously departed from Biblical teaching on prayer and have incorporated Eastern religious practices which directly conflict with Scripture.

This book goes to the heart of pagan spirituality and courageously asks how this false, pagan prayer approach is deeply affecting the Evangelical Church.

Jesus warned against unparalleled spiritual deception in Matt 24:24, but did promise that God's Elect will be forewarned so they could not be deceived. This book sounds just this type of warning! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=936

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* "Purpose Driven Combination Offer! :Who's Driving Purpose Driven Church"/"Deceived On Purpose"/"Outcome Based Religion" - Books -- Save $5 over buying these three (3) books separately! Each book examines the Purpose Driven Church phenomenon from a completely different aspect.

* "Who's Driving The Purpose Driven Church" demonstrates that this church movement is really Sorcery in disguise and that it draws heavily from the desperately wicked Human Psychologist, Carl Jung.

* "Deceived On Purpose" reveals the strong New Age foundation to Purpose Driven. How many of us would ever think the occultic New Age Movement could actually reinvent itself, transforming into a "Christian" church?

"Outcome Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift" shows the huge Biblical errors Rick Warren is teaching. This book on CD also shows that Warren's movement is also contributing mightily to the New Age concept that, before Antichrist could arise, a huge shift in religious thinking -- Paradigm Shift -- must occur. That Paradigm Shift is now under way, greatly propelled by the Purpose Driven Church. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=993

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The whole Christian world is silently going through the dramatic change in religious thinking, called a "Paradigm Shift". Until this shift occurs, Antichrist cannot arise. Once this shift does occur, discerning Christians can know that Antichrist is close. Such a "Paradigm Shift" is now under way, powered by four major factors running together simultaneously. They are: 1) "The Passion of the Christ"; 2) Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren; 3) "Da Vinci Code" which propagates the Merovingian Bloodline lie, without which Antichrist cannot appear

"Poison In The Passion" booklet - Dr. Watkins comes very close to Cutting Edge in his critical, Biblical analysis of "The Passion". His most important contribution lies in holding up this movie to the World of God -- "But what saith the Lord?" -- Since we all will be judged by the Bible, we must use it in discerning all matters of life, including "The Passion"

Great combination offer to give to friends, loved ones, co-workers Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, which falsely assures people they can take the Mark of the Beast and still go to Heaven.

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* "Confessions of An Economic Hit Man: How US Global Companies Are Brutally Using Loan Contracts To Advance Cause of Global Government and Economy"

The riveting, fast-passed personal inside story of how American corporate executives are working to advance the plan to a Global Economy and Global Government through deceptive economic contracts! "Economic Hit Men" are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder.
Such men convince targeted countries to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, ensuring that these contracts are issued to US corporations. Saddled with huge debts, these countries then come under the control of the US Government, World Bank and various aid agencies, who then turn into "loan sharks", dictating repayment terms and bullying foreign governments into submission.

Now you will understand why the World Bank and G-8 offered debt relief immediately to countries devastated by the tsunami; such debt forgiveness bonds the debtor country even tighter to the global banking system

Perkins reveals true, powerful, and bone-chilling personal story that names names and connects the dots (David Korten, author of best-selling "When Corporations Rule the World".

250 pages -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=984

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Our popular culture has turned nasty, very anti-christian, and very harmful to the spiritual walk of Christians. TV, movies, and now the Internet completely fulfill Jesus' End of the Age prophecy: "Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." (Matt 24:12) Is the Internet affecting your love of Jesus? -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=991

* "Humility - As God Taught Brother Andrew Murray (1828-1917)" -- This is a marvelous book about Christian humility. Bigger ones have been written, but no better ones. Nor has any other author who wrote on humility ever journeyed from the strong pride to deep humility as did Andrew Murray; the pride of this missionary was originally so great that he tried to stop the beginning of a revival in his church in South Africa, a revival for which his father had earnestly prayed for 60 years.

But in following years, God taught Andrew Murray the ways of humility, and its tight connectedness to faith, holiness, happiness and exaltation. This biography of Andrew Murray shares his Godly insights born of Divinely sent trial and tribulation with you. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=880

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"We take our stand near the prayer closet of John Hyde, and are permitted to hear the sighing, the groaning and to see tears coursing down his face, to see his frame weakended by foodless days and sleepless nights, shaken with sobs as he pleads, 'O God, give me souls or I die'!" -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=830

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. Many in the Mass Media were all agog over the "ceasefire" between Israel's Sharon and the Palestinian's Abbas proclaimed at the end of the Egyptian summit. Do people really believe that a "new hope for peace" has really been born? History will quickly prove this "ceasefire" to be fragile and exceedingly short lived, but its proclamation seemingly has bought Sharon and Peres the time to get their Unilateral Withdrawal accomplished.

Let us review the news:

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon, Abbas Declare Cease-Fire at Summit", Excite News, February 9, 2005

"SHARM EL SHEIK, Egypt (AP) - Israeli and Palestinian leaders returned home to hammer out the details of a cease-fire they declared at a dramatic summit meeting in an Egyptian resort, trying restore trust in the post-Yasser Arafat era after four years of bloodshed ... Despite the hopeful ambiance, the ghost of a 2003 truce that lasted less than two months, and the knowledge that a single serious attack could torpedo this one, hung heavy in the air."

No kidding! Since 1981, when Arafat launched his suicide campaign against Jewish civilian targets, the Israeli Prime Minister and the Palestinian Chairman have announced dozens of such "ceasefires", which have always degenerated within hours. No discerning observer was fooled for one minute about this perfectly worthless "ceasefire". After all, Palestinian Chairman Abbas was Arafat's right-hand man for two decades as the two of them continuously sent suicide teams into Israeli territory to wreak havoc and bloodshed. During the time Abbas was running for election as Chairman, he reiterated over and over his determination to continue the "resistance campaign" which Arafat had begun -- a threat to force all Jews to "drink of the Mediterranean Sea", i.e., annihilate them all.

Nevertheless, Sharon and Abbas agreed to an "official" ceasefire between national Israel and the budding Palestinian State.

It did not take long for the Palestinian terror organizations to play their role in this script.

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian terror groups say they are not bound by 'hudna' declarations", Israel Insider, February 8, 2005

"Two key Palestinian terror groups criticized Israeli and Palestinian pledges to end bloodshed ... A Hamas representative said his group is not bound by the truce. Their remarks came shortly after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared at the summit an end to all military and militant operations ... Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip, also dismissed the summit, saying 'It did not achieve anything. From our people's interests, the Israeli position did not change."

Indeed, nothing has changed. But, the equation, which will allow Sharon to unilaterally withdraw on the one hand while allowing the Palestinians to continue their resistance, is now set. As we noted above, Sharon and Abbas form the "official organizations" agreeing to a ceasefire, while the Palestinians form the "unofficial resistance" supposedly beyond anyone's firm control. Thus, after each attack, Abbas can publicly condemn the bloodshed just as Arafat used to do, and also like Arafat, intone that such attacks do not advance the Palestinian cause.

Sharon can continue the Israeli pattern of condemning the attack, urge support for Abbas to reign the terrorists in, and proclaim that such bloodshed will not be allowed to derail the "peace process". Under this arrangement, Sharon and Peres can continue their Unilateral Withdrawal under the pretense of being at peace with the official Palestinian Authority.

We have posted a revealing new article analyzing this situation -- NEWS2007, "Israeli Prime Minister Sharon May Have Just Provided Himself The Time And The "Little Itty-Bitty" Fig Leaf Cover Which Will Enable Him To Complete His Unilateral Withdrawal".

Sure enough, terrorist attacks began anew, within hours of the official ceasefire announcement.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ceasefire Explodes with Dozens of Mortar Shells and Rockets", Artuz-Sheva, February 11, 2005

"The ceasefire and "new hope for peace" declared at Sharm a-Sheikh just two days ago exploded last night and today amidst 36 Arab-fired mortar shells and Kassam rockets at Gush Katif towns. No one was hurt in the attacks, though was one house in N'vei Dekalim suffered a direct hit, and electricity was out in most of Gush Katif - the bloc of Jewish communities in southern Gaza - for several hours. Israel submitted a formal complaint about the attacks to the U.S. and to Egypt, which hosted the Sharm a-Sheikh summit on Tuesday."

Prime Minister Sharon nearly let the cat out of the bag as to what the ultimate goal of this entire process when he whined to the Palestinians, begging them to cease operations so he could complete his full withdrawal. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon to Release Palestinian Prisoners Involved in Deadly Attacks - if Militants Hold Fire", AP Breaking News, Feb 10, 2005

"JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's prime minister signaled in a newspaper interview Thursday he is ready to release large numbers of Palestinian prisoners involved in deadly attacks - a significant Israeli concession - if militants halt attacks during Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip this summer."

Believe me -- both Sharon and Abbas want Israel out of Gaza this summer and out of the West Bank after that. Sharon cannot be seen as "retreating under fire".

Chairman Abbas did his part by taking action as soon as he got home from the Egyptian summit.

NEWS BRIEF: "Abbas sacks top security officials", The Jerusalem Post, February 11, 2005

"Wary of burying the Sharm e-Sheikh declarations within barely 48 hours, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon adopted the IDF's recommendations Thursday evening to hold fire and grant Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas more time to stop Palestinian mortar attacks. The decision was not unrelated to Abbas's swift move ... to sack several senior security officials in the Gaza Strip. Abbas's move, the first of its kind since he succeeded Yasser Arafat, was viewed by Israeli security officials as an indication of the new Palestinian leader's resolve to end violence and enforce law and order in the Gaza Strip."

The world has now entered into a new era in the Israeli plan to fully implement the 1992-1993 Oslo Accords, which means completely withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled, as we detail in NEWS2007.


II. Meanwhile, the Israeli Government is moving forward to begin the process of withdrawal, flying in the face of tremendous internal opposition.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bill to implement expulsion plan passes on vote-change by anti-Israel Arab", Israel Insider, February 8, 2005

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon won a Pyrrhic victory as his Evacuation/Compensation bill passed a vote of the Knesset Finance committee only by a single vote cast by Communist Party MK Mohammed Barakeh, who openly identifies himself as a Palestinian hostile to Israel and Zionism ... His surprise change of vote ... gave the bill a 10-9 majority, enabling it to advance the compensation clauses of the resolution for its final plenum votes next week. But the fact that the bill's passage in committee relied on a self-identified Palestinian and one of the Knesset's most outspokenly hostile opponents of Israel has already generated intense embarrassment among Sharon's ministers."

Now, that is embarrassment for Sharon and Peres! To have their precious withdrawal plan rescued by a Communist M.K. (Minister of the Knesset) is the height of political humiliation. This reality demonstrates the thin edge of support which Sharon and Peres hold for their seemingly suicidal plan to give all this territory to the Palestinians, knowing the IDF will be hard pressed to protect Israel and knowing that the Palestinians still hold to the ultimate goal of annihilation of the Jewish state.

This next article shows that the Israeli Government is already turning over territory and towns to Palestinian Authority.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jericho to be first to go to Palestinian Authority control", The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 11, 2005

"Jericho will be the first city where Palestinian soldiers will gain full security control once the transfer process swings into action some time next week. Israel has promised to hand over the security control of five major West Bank cities in the framework of confidence-building measures toward PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. After Jericho, Palestinian forces will take control of Kalkilya and Tulkarm and Bethlehem and Ramallah will follow at a later stage. Nablus, Jenin and Hebron, all considered major terror nests, would not be handed over to the Palestinians until a later date, security officials said."


III. The Bush Administration also allowed its mask to fall when Sharon seemed to waffle about whether to hold an election allowing the people to decide whether Israel should fully and unilaterally withdraw. The biggest surprise to me was the reason President Bush was so opposed to an election! Listen carefully.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Referendum may erode US support' ", The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 11, 2005

"Israel might lose ground in Washington if it carried out a disengagement referendum that would delay implementation of the plan ... 'In my view I don't think anything that will postpone, or interfere, with the timetable or orderly manner of carrying out disengagement would be viewed favorably in Washington', (Foreign Minister) Ayalon told The Jerusalem Post ... 'they (Bush Administration) have stressed repeatedly in all their meetings in Jerusalem, and said it publicly, that the timetable should be kept, and it is important to carry out the disengagement according to schedule and without any obstacles', he said."

We have just been told something very, very significant in these remarks by the Israeli Foreign Minister!

1). TIMETABLE -- We have just been told that the primary American concern is that the "timetable" and the "schedule" must be adhered to! I have never, ever before seen any indication that Israel's Unilateral Withdrawal is tied to any schedule whatsoever. Cutting Edge has repeatedly stated that God's prophetic schedule is driving these events, and that the Illuminati cannot carry out any part of their plan until and unless God's timing permits them.

But here, we learn that an invisible -- but firm -- timetable/schedule does exist and President Bush expects Prime Minister Sharon to adhere to it. Were he to agree to subject the unilateral withdrawal question to Israeli voter approval, the election itself would cause a delay in the withdrawal timetable.

Therefore, we now understand that the primary reason for the angst of the Bush Administration regarding elections is whether the timetable will be followed. As Cutting Edge has said all along, there is a timetable for these planned events in Israel, events which are crucial to beginning the slide into the planned World War III. Watch Israel and her planned withdrawal; when you see that 99.3 percent of the Palestinian population is now separated from the Jewish, you will know that the time for the Final Birth Pangs War is close at hand.

2). This story strongly implies that the Bush Administration is really in control of events in Israel. Even though Sharon has tried mightily to appear independent of American control, he really is tightly controlled by the White House.

3). These revelations also mean that the global Illuminati is controlling events in Israel. As we reveal in NEWS1643, the most important goal of Illuminized Freemasonry is to gain control over the Temple Mount so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple, in fulfillment of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation regarding the temple of Antichrist.

This burning desire means that the Illuminati cannot allow Israel to be destroyed, because their Antichrist will have no Jewish nation to deceive, as prophecy states will occur -- just as Jesus cannot allow Israel to be annihilated because He would have no Jewish nation to save at Armageddon and over which to rule for 1,000 years.

Therefore, the goal of this tremendously long and arduous "Peace Process" with the Palestinians has to have a goal other than the stated one of providing a Palestinian State. Indeed, the real goal is to allow Israel the opportunity to annihilate the Palestinians, in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18 and Ezekiel 34 (Explained in NEWS2007).


- DVD -- VHS IV. As the news aired that the final election results in Iraq would be delayed once again, reports have surfaced which seem to indicate that Cutting Edge was correct when we reported that the laws and rules under which the election was held seemed to be designed to produce the results the Bush Administration wanted. If you have not read our expose' in NEWS2005, please take a moment to do so now.

Listen to the news of last week, which hints that the final election result might be different than what the tally truly turned out to be. You might be surprised.

NEWS BRIEF: "Shape of Post-Election Iraq Being Hammered Out in Backroom Dealmaking", AP Breaking News, 2/10/2005

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Turbaned men in clerical robes huddle with politicians in Western business suits, hammering out the future of Iraq in backroom dealmaking. The political horse-trading has begun even before final results of the Jan. 30 national elections are announced. None of the 111 candidate lists is likely to end up with the two-thirds majority needed to make key decisions, so much of the face of the new Iraq - at least in the coming transition period - will be molded by alliances and deals ... The assembly will elect a largely ceremonial president and two deputies, who in turn will choose the prime minister. The assembly then ratifies the choice. U.S.-backed interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who leads a rival ticket, is believed to be seeking to hold onto the position."

As we stated in NEWS2005, "the head of the government will be selected, not elected."

The person whom the Bush Administration has previously selected will be the Prime Minister of the new government. The rules were deliberately set up by former administration Paul Bremer to ensure that the American hand would invisibly control the entire process so that a Prime Minister would be selected who would pro-American. The new Prime Minister might be Allawi, who currently holds that position in the Interim Government, or it could be a person not well known publicly, but very well known to the American commanders.

Remember what we revealed in NEWS2005: each candidate running had to pass American approval before the elections ever started! Each candidate now knows to whom they report.

One thing is certain: the final announced winner will be acceptable to the American administration.

One news media outlet in London understands the situation very well. Listen to their analysis of this farcical election.

NEWS BRIEF: "The cheers were all ours: Iraq's illegitimate election did not justify the invasion, nor did it make occupation popular", The Guardian (London), February 11, 2005

"Iraq is a 'totalitarian state', and that's official, according to the logic of Condoleezza Rice this week ... the new US secretary of state let down her political hair and stunned the company with the looseness of her terminology ... She was talking about Iran ... She used to call Iran's Islamic republic 'authoritarian', she told them, but since the parliamentary polls last spring, in which candidates at one end of the spectrum were off the ballot, Iran had moved to being 'totalitarian'."

This is truly an amazing slip of the tongue! Our new Secretary of State did not think ahead before she spoke. By saying that Iran was now a "totalitarian state" simply because they forced certain candidates off the ballot, immediately brands Iraq as 'totalitarian' because -- as we report in NEWS2005 -- American Administrator Paul Bremer forced certain candidates off the ballot before the ballots were even printed! Bremer's litmus test was simple: all candidates who opposed the American occupation and who wanted our forces to leave were thrown off the ballot.

Further, all Sunni candidates were automatically excluded from the electoral process because they considered the entire election an American sham, and urged their people not to vote. Therefore, Secretary of State Rice just informed the world that the new "elected" Iraqi government is totalitarian. She should learn to think matters through before she speaks!

Now, let us return to this Guardian article:

"Why is it taking as much as two weeks to come up with a result in Iraq? In the polling station, where I watched the count, when the doors closed last week, they tabulated all 1,500 votes in just over three hours. Everything seemed above board and the results were given out "on background". But they had to be sent to Baghdad for 'checking' before a public declaration ... As the old saying has it, what matters is not who votes, but who counts." (Ibid.)

This whole process just smacks of a controlled election! Yet, most Americans do not realize what is occurring because American news outlets do not carry the story; they are still running stories telling people how successful this election was and how democracy is truly going to take hold in Iraq. This fact is the reason Cutting Edge is so determined to take much of the news from non-American sources for our Daily News Updates. We post articles daily from Great Britain, Scotland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan, as well as some American. You are getting the most balanced news coverage possible in the world in Daily News Updates.

Let us now return to our featured article:

"So this was certainly not an election which justified the invasion after the event or gave the occupation some kind of popularity among Shias. Nor did it reduce the pressure for a withdrawal of foreign troops and the dismantling of the bases the US is building. The main Sunni parties boycotted the poll because the Americans refused to give a timetable. The Shia parties will have to explain to their voters what they are doing to get one." (Ibid.)

This understanding is sobering, because it reveals that most Iraqis want the Americans out of their country, and are divided only by the exact means by which that expulsion is going to occur. Just as the Iraqi people did not originally greet American soldiers as 'liberators', so now they are united in their desire to throw us out.

But, now we return for a really shocking bit of news!

"As Iraqis know, the main killers in Iraq are not the insurgents but the Americans. The Iraqi ministry of health's latest statistics show that in the last six months of 2004 they killed almost three times as many people as the insurgents did." (Ibid.)

Can you imagine? The entity responsible for killing the greatest number of Iraqi civilians is NOT the "insurgency", but the American military force which was sent in to Iraq to "liberate" the people from Saddam! We have reported on a number of occasions in this space that the best estimates of the number of Iraqi civilians killed outright by American gunfire exceeds 100,000 people (Newsletter, October 30, 2004, Paragraph VIII)

Truly, the truth usually lies in exactly the opposite direction in which our politicians and our public leaders are directing us -- Read NEWS1558 for full details.


V. North Korea dropped a "bombshell" last week when she admitted to possessing nuclear weapons after all!

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea Announces It Has Nuclear Weapons, Won't Return to Nuclear Disarmament Talks", AP Breaking News, Feb. 10, 2005

"SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea on Thursday announced for the first time that it has nuclear weapons and rejected moves to restart disarmament talks any time soon, saying it needs the weapons as protection against an increasingly hostile United States ... 'We ... have manufactured nukes for self-defense to cope with the Bush administration's ever more undisguised policy to isolate and stifle the (North)' the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency."

Ever since President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, North Korea has maintained that, had Saddam really possessed nuclear weapons, America would never have attacked. As proof, North Korea noted that Bush did not launch the attack on Iraq until after the UN weapons inspectors had conclusively proven that no WMD existed. In that assertion, North Korea is entirely correct, even though their application of the facts stands Conventional Wisdom on its head; rather than being angry at the firm insistence of UN investigators that Iraq had no WMD, President Bush was actually using them to verify that Saddam had no WMD -- and attacked as soon as that final verification was publicized. Once again, the reality is completely in the opposite direction of the stated rhetoric!

Therefore, North Korea has always maintained that the only way to forestall an American attack is to develop and deploy her own nuclear weapons. In her statement of Thursday, North Korea gave no indication as to how long she had possessed nuclear weapons, but Cutting Edge has maintained for years that North Korea had nuclear weapons at least since the very late 1990's. If you have not read our articles on this subject, we invite you to do so now, for the story they tell is compelling. This truth shows the lie we have constantly been fed, that North Korea is tantalizingly close to producing nuclear warheads, and only a concerted American and/or International effort can stop her. She has had nuclear warheads since at least 2002-2003!

This are our archived articles on this subject"


* NEWS1780 - "NORTH KOREA MAY BE ABLE TO HIT U.S. CITIES WITH BALLISTIC MISSILES!" - When US authorities discovered a North Korean dummy warhead in Alaska, a very sobering truth hit home: American cities seem to be under the North Korean ballistic gun armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction. - Posted March, 2003


As you can see, North Korea has possessed nuclear weapons for some time, even as public rhetoric continues to scare us into believing that they do not yet have them, but are quickly working toward them, and will get them soon unless the United States acta unilaterally. Even though this rhetoric has been convincing, it has also been dead wrong all this time.

The reaction of the Bush Administration was a cautious rejection of this revelation, as our officials sought to cast doubt on North Korea's claim. Our new Secretary of State Rice set the US tone in response to this "shocking" news.

NEWS BRIEF: "N Korea deepens isolation with nuclear stance: US", ABC NewsOnline, February 10, 2005

"North Korea would only deepen its international isolation by confirming it has nuclear weapons and pulling out of six-way talks on its nuclear program, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said.

"She was responding to a statement from North Korea that it had manufactured nuclear arms for self-defence and was suspending participation in talks on its atomic program for an indefinite period. 'If in fact this is the case, then the North Koreans are only deepening their isolation because everyone ... [has] been very clear that there needs to be no nuclear weapons on the on the Korean peninsula', Dr Rice said in an interview with RTL television during a visit to Luxembourg, which holds the EU presidency. The new top US diplomat reiterated that the United States had no intention of attacking North Korea."

This statement does not make a whole lot of sense, either, for the North Korean has been one of the most isolated nations on earth since the first Korean War ended. She has been called the "Hermit Kingdom" for the way in which she voluntarily isolated herself, walling off her kingdom from the rest of the world.

The bottom line to this "controversy" regarding North Korea's nuclear program is simple; she has a major role to play during the Final Birth Pangs War the Illuminati calls "World War III". Listen to the exact wording of this Plan:

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

When you think through this Plan, several factors hit home quickly and powerfully:

1). When the time comes for North Korea to make her move, she will display a nuclear capability far in excess of what we have been stating. President Bush will suffer one more humiliating "massive intelligence failure".

2) During the crisis, mankind will fear for their survival. This implies that North Korea's capability of delivering warheads with ballistic missiles will also be far greater than our intelligence has hinted is remotely possible.

3) The United States will never tell its people that her HAARP electromagnetic technology is capable of offering nearly a 100% effective missile shield against incoming ballistic missiles. Were this information ever to spread widely around the globe, people would no longer be afraid of what North Korea could do to them; therefore, this anti-missile capability must remain hidden from the general public. Perhaps the best way to keep that fact hidden is to publicly state that you are going to develop an anti-missile technology, sometime in the future.

4) The very fact that we are talking about a nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula proves that the world has moved into the timeframe known as "toward the end of the period".

VII. Rhetoric against Iran continued very strong, even as America suddenly softened her position.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush: World Must Speak with One Voice on Iran Nukes", Yahoo News, 2/9/2005

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Wednesday Iran with a nuclear weapon would be a 'very destabilizing force' and that it was important for the world to speak with one voice against Tehran's program. 'The Iranians just need to know that the free world is working together to send a very clear message: Don't develop a nuclear weapon', Bush said. "

Once again, we see the same rhetoric which become all too familiar during the buildup to the Iraqi invasion, and all too effective in scaring the undiscerning. This is the template statement by which our leaders try to scare the people:

"(Rogue State) is about to get nuclear weapons, but does not have them yet and can be prevented if we move quickly to attack."

Others weighed in on this subject:

NEWS BRIEF: "Rice: Iran's energy projects can eventually be used for weapons programs", Arabic News, 2/5/2005

"US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice alleged Iran is attempting to hide its nuclear weapons-related activities under cover of civilian nuclear power, and should live up to its obligations to have verification inspection of its nuclear sites ... Rice said Iran is attempting to use the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as a 'cover' of seeking civilian nuclear power, in order to 'disguise activities that we believe could lead to a nuclear weapon. She said that Europe, the United States, Russia and the International Atomic Energy Agency need unity of message and unity of purpose..."

Note that Rice is wanting Iran to open her nuclear sites to inspection, exactly the tactic used in Iraq in 2002 and early 2003, where UN investigators inspected Saddam's facilities; once President Bush knew that Saddam definitely did not have WMD -- because UN investigators told him so -- he attacked. Note also that her message is consistent with that of Bush -- Iran does not have nukes now, but soon will have them if we don't attack.

Rumsfeld weighed in with the same tired refrain:

NEWS BRIEF: "Rumsfeld: Iran 'Years Away' from Nuclear Weapon", Reuters News, 2/6/2005

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran is believed to be years away from having a nuclear weapon and the United States has decided to use diplomacy, not military action, in dealing with the issue, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Sunday. 'It's fairly clear from the public statements of the Iranians that, that they are on a path of seeking a nuclear weapon and don't have it at the present time', Rumsfeld said in a taped interview with CNN's 'Late Edition'."

How tired is this refrain? We heard it repeatedly when Bush was setting the stage for our attack on Iraq and now we are seeing it set the stage for a possible attack against Iran and North Korea.

This next story is very informative, especially since it is coming from the President's own former WMD hunter.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former WMD hunter sees 'eerie similarities' in Iran", ABC News Online, February 8, 2005

"The US Government's former chief weapons inspector, David Kay, has warned the Bush administration not to repeat the mistakes it made with Iraq in Iran. Mr Kay says there is an eerie similarity between discussion of Iran now and events before the Iraq war. 'Now is the time to pause and recall what went wrong with the assessment of Iraq's WMD [weapons of mass destruction] program and try to avoid repeating those mistakes in Iran', Mr Kay wrote in today's Washington Post ... What is in doubt is the ability of the US Government to honestly assess Iran's nuclear status and to craft a set of measures that will cope with that threat short of military action by the United States or Israel ."

On the surface of it, this warning is quite shocking; not only is it true, but the statement is coming from an American official trusted by the Bush White House. Of course, where this warning breaks down is in its implication that the reason Bush was so wrong about Iraq's WMD is because his intelligence failed him; the truth is that Bush invaded Iraq because that was the Illuminati Plan. He ordered this invasion even though he knew Saddam had no WMD.

Just as the rhetoric seemed to build in intensity against Iran, the tone inexplicably softened.

NEWS BRIEF: "US takes a new tack", Asia Times, Feb 9, 2005

"The past weekend has few parallels for its extraordinary spectacle of public diplomacy. In a series of calibrated statements, numbering over a dozen within the space of 72 hours or so, senior officials in key positions in the US administration toned down their rhetoric against Iran. US Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and, not to be underestimated by any means, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz contributed to this ... Rumsfeld went a step ahead to deny that any covert US military operations were under way in Iran."

The President of Iran even chimed in to say some nice words about the need for democracy in the Middle East.

Why is our public rhetoric suddenly mellowing against Iran? Could it be that Russia is getting involved in a very big way? Let us now examine what Russia is now doing to defend Iran against a possible American attack.

NEWS2003 - "RUSSIAN CHECKMATE IN THE MIDDLE EAST?" We examine the very sophisticated anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense system Russia has now completed in Iran, to protect her nuclear facilities from attack. Russia has forcefully inserted herself in the US-Iran debate, and now has elite military forces on the ground manning those radar sites. These men could be killed during any American attack, thus propelling Russia into a major confrontation with the United States.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia, Iran May Sign Nuke Deal This Month", Reuters News, Feb 7, 2005

"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia is preparing to sign a deal with Iran this month to start atomic fuel shipments for a Moscow-built nuclear reactor there ... The move is certain to enrage the United States which says Iran can use Russian fuel to secretly make a nuclear bomb. Washington has long called on Russia to drop the plans. The source in Russia's Atomic Energy Agency said Moscow and Tehran had largely settled all remaining technicalities and were preparing to sign the accord when Alexander Rumyantsev, the agency's head, travels to Iran at the end of February."

You can bet the Russians will protect their huge investment in these brand new Iranian nuclear facilities. Note that Russia completed the deployment of their most sophisticated anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense system BEFORE they signed these agreements to supply Iran with the fuel for her new plant.

Since China has also inserted herself between America and Iran, on Iran's side, it is interesting to note how China and Russia are suddenly cooperating in ways not seen for several decades.

NEWS BRIEF: "China stocks arsenal with Russia weapons", The Boston Globe, February 8, 2005

"BEIJING -- Blocked from buying U.S. and European arms, Beijing has stocked its arsenal with Russian-made supersonic fighters and other high-tech weapons, and is investing in the development of its own cruise missiles. Its acquisitions from Russia alone would equip an air force and navy for a mid-size country -- scores of supersonic Su-27 fighters, destroyers, submarines and anti-ship missiles. Flush with cash from its economic boom, China spent more than $13 billion on Russian weapons in the decade ending in 2003, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, known as SIPRI, which tracks international arms sales. Chinese purchases have saved Russian arms makers from bankruptcy at a time when Moscow's military rarely can afford warships and other big-ticket items."

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia and China announce strategic partnership in a bid to counter expanding Western military and fiscal influences", India Daily, February 03, 2005

"Tang Jiaxuan, a member of China's State Council, said Russia and China have similar positions on regional and global issues. Tang said Moscow is Beijing's key ally in its effort to maintain a strategic partnership. Sources say, Russia and China have formally joined hands to stop expanding American and European military as well as economic global influences. The strategic partnership can be very significant in providing a combined counter effect to the only Super Power of the world – America."

"The partnership between China and Russia actually started last year just after the start of the Iraq war. The two countries came close to each other in terms of supporting each other ... Russian and Chinese military are having secret joint sessions to create the strategy of self defense ... China's creation of a mechanism to consult with Russia on security issues marks the first time China has ever entered into such a venture ... International think tanks suggest that soon Russia-China strategic partnership will form a NATO type military and G7 type economic alliance. India and Brazil will be invited to join the alliance."


VIII. A Fundamental Pastor was shocked when FBI agents visited his office to talk about one of his sermons six months earlier!
American law enforcement may now be starting down the road to actively attempting to control sermons coming from pulpits whose pastors still boldly preach the Gospel -- the whole Gospel.


"MOUNT VERNON - ... The 32-year-old pastor, who has been a minister for 13 years, received what he called the 'shock of his life' last November and is still incredulous about the chain of events that took place. On Nov. 23 - the day before Thanksgiving - he received a phone call from an agent with the FBI who requested to speak with him in person ... One of the agents opened a file and told me that the FBI wanted to question me about a sermon that I preached on Memorial Day nearly six months before', Steele said. 'At first I just laughed and said, ‘you're kidding, right?' and then I could tell by the look on their faces that they weren't kidding."

"They were in no way abrasive, but the things they started asking me about were specific quotes that I had made during that sermon. I was certainly taken aback by the fact that they had exact quotes and I would say that whoever contacted the FBI had to be at the service. Steele said he quickly recalled the sermon was about abortion and was one of a series of eight sermons on controversial cultural issues, such as separation of church and state, homosexuality, gambling, etc."

These are the "hot topics" today among secular powers controlling our country today. "Hate Crimes" legislation is on the books now which, when enacted, will shut down pastors and their churches who still dare preach on these issues. We may be further down the road toward religious persecution than we have believed.

IX. Terri Shiavo's parents lost a key battle with the Florida Appeals Court which may allow the state -- and her husband -- to finally kill her. Adult Euthanasia will then take a huge step forward.

NEWS BRIEF: "Terri Schiavo's Parents Lose Religious Liberties Argument at Appeals Court", Life News, February 8, 2005

"Clearwater, FL (LifeNews.com) -- A Florida appeals court has again denied Terri Schiavo's parents an opportunity to argue before the court that starving their daughter to death would violate her religious liberties. Bob and Mary Schindler say that Terri is a Catholic and euthanizing her would run contrary her religious beliefs. The 2nd District Court of Appeal denied a handful of motions the Schindlers filed and did not issue a written opinion in the case. That means they are prevented from appealing the decision to the Florida Supreme Court."

Once again, we are faced with a tremendous loss of religious freedom and protection in this country. In case after case, America's traditional religious freedoms and protections have been eroded. Now, this country enters a very dangerous area when a state court makes a ruling which could kill a person, even against their own religious beliefs.

Once this precedent is set, it will not take long before living adults who do not wish to be euthanized on religious grounds may be put to death. Our march into this Neo-Nazi New World Order continues rapidly.

One of the excruciating facts is that this ruling is not even good, sound science.

NEWS BRIEF: "Study Reveals Disabled Patients Like Terri Schiavo Show Awareness", Life News, February 8, 2005

"New York, NY (LifeNews.com) -- Disabled people who are treated as if they have no awareness of their surroundings or that they cannot interact with others may be absorbing more than previously thought, according to a new study. The research sheds more like on the plight of people like Terri Schiavo. A team of neuroscientists in New York, New Jersey and Washington used imaging technology (MRIs) to compare the brain activity of two disabled people in conditions similar to Terri's and the level of activity of health individuals. As expected, the minimally conscious subjects showed brain activity at less than half the levels of the healthy subjects."

"But, the researchers also made audio recordings of loved ones telling cherished stories or recalling shared experiences. In each of the brain-damaged patients while the recordings played, the level of neural activity matched that of the health patients."

Medical researchers were shocked at this discovery.

"We assumed we would get some minimal response in these patients, but nothing like this," said Dr. Nicholas Schiff, an assistant professor of neurology and neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical College in Manhattan and the study's lead author. The findings, if repeated in other experiments, could have a significant impact on how the medical and legal community treat such patients. Dr. Joseph Fins, chief of the medical ethics division of New York Presbyterian Hospital, told the New York Times, 'This study gave me goose bumps, because it shows this possibility of this profound isolation, that these people are there, that they've been there all along, even though we've been treating them as if they're not'."

If the state allows Terry Shiavo to live just a little while longer, modern science may yet find the answer as to how to bring her fully back to the land of the living.

---------Conclusion----------------"Daily Delivered From Sin's Dominion"!

"But God shows and clearly proves His own love for us by the fact that, while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us. Therefore, since we are now justified ( acquitted, made righteous, and brought into right relationship with God) by Christ's blood, how much more certain is it that we shall be saved by Him from the indignation and wrath of God. For if while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, it is much more certain, now that we are reconciled, that we shall be saved and daily delivered from sin's dominion through His resurrection life." [Romans 5:9-10; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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