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February 13, 2008



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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. Democrat Party presidential primaries continued to occur according to the way we thought they would.

Senator Obama wins some states while Hillary wins other states. But, each candidate comes to the nominating convention short of winning the nomination outright, so the "Super-Delegates" will have to select who will be the Party's nominee!

Let us begin with Senator Obama's sweep of victories yesterday (Tuesday, 2/12).

NEWS BRIEF: "Hillary Clinton swamped as Obama wins big in D.C., Maryland and Va. primaries ", New York Daily News, February 13, 2008

"Hillary Clinton got swamped in the 'Potomac Primary' Tuesday, her foundering campaign plunging to a new low as Barack Obama extended his winning streak to 8-0 since Super Tuesday. Obama cruised to huge victory margins in Washington, D.C.; Virginia, and Maryland, winning all three contests by 20 points or more."

I find it interesting to see journalists using the word, "foundering" at this stage in the campaign. As you will see shortly, Hillary and Obama are nearly even at this point in delegates won. Therefore, it is hyperbole right now to speak of the Clinton campaign as foundering. Now, if Clinton loses Ohio and Texas in March, you can speak of her campaign as foundering.

Hillary is said to be already looking to those contests.

NEWS BRIEF: "Clinton looks to Ohio, Texas", Financial Times, February 13, 2008

"The outcome was widely forecast. But Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming defeat to Barack Obama in Tuesday night’s 'Potomac primaries' nevertheless stung badly and intensifies pressure on her to do something – anything – to forestall the Democratic nomination from slipping out of her grasp."

Later in this article, the author returned to common sense.

"Given the see-saw character of the Democratic primary season so far, it would still be premature to declare Mr Obama as the clear frontrunner, even though some news organisations now give him an overall lead among delegates, which includes the tally of unelected 'super-delegates'. But it is possible to say that if Mrs Clinton fails to win both the primaries in Ohio and Texas in three weeks, then the pressure on her to concede will start to mount. Much can still happen between now and then."

Yes, indeed, much can still happen between now and then.

Remember, the entire electoral process is rigged, with the Illuminati having already decided who is going to win, by how much and who the Vice Presidential candidate is going to be - in both Republican and Democrat Parties. We could not care less who is the standard bearer for either party, since we know that, whoever wins will faithfully carry out the future steps toward the planned New World Order.

However, I have been watching Hillary being groomed for the Presidency since 1992, as I have already stated. Unless the Global Elite has changed their collective mind as to who they want elected -- and they have done that on occasion -- I believe that, no matter the day-to-day ups and downs, Hillary will be the standard bearer for the Democrats in 2008.

The delegate counts are nearly even at this stage.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama Takes Delegate Lead From Clinton: Obama had 1,223, Hillary had 1,198", Associated Press, February 13, 2008

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Barack Obama took the lead in the race for Democratic delegates for the first time Tuesday, moving ahead of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama got a boost from newly released results from Saturday's Washington state caucus. He extended it with wins Tuesday in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia ... In the overall race for the nomination, Obama had 1,223, including separately chosen party and elected officials known as superdelegates. Clinton had 1,198. It will take 2,025 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination."

Therefore, the contest is a dead-even race at this moment in time, in spite of the fact that Obama has won 8 straight primaries since "Super Tuesday". At this point, it might be helpful to our newer readers to review the fact that all major events are scripted by the key secret societies like the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers, and Skull & Bones. Listen to this key quote from New Age author, Peter Lemesurier.

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself ... is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the actors ... have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to arise. The time for action will have come." ["The Armageddon Script", P. 252]

Once you really understand that all major events are scripted well in advance, you will have come a very long way in being able to properly discern current events. Remember that the skill of the propagandist is making preplanned events unfold so they seem to be accidental.

Before we leave this section, let us list the two new Headline Analysis Articles on this election which we have recently posted.

Senator Obama Has Strong Ties To Illuminati - Communist Illuminati At That!

One adviser is a member of Skull & Bones while the other is a one of the founders of the infamous Trilateral Commission! Proof positive that no candidate gets elevated to the high post of President unless they have sold out to the Illuminati!
Additionally, Wolf Blizter asked during the California debate if a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary candidacy was in the immediate future. Neither candidate shot the idea down!

Would this pairing represent the Democratic Party's "Dream Ticket"?

An endorsement by Rothschild and Bilderberger is much more powerful and carries much more weight than an endorsement by Skull & Bones and a founder of the Trilateral Commission. We can only wait to see how the primaries unfold from this point onward.

What kind of political firestorm would erupt if Hillary got the nomination even though Obama led her in delegate numbers, and in the total votes cast? You could expect a huge cry of protest reverberating all throughout the Democrat convention. Why, that scene would provide the TV networks with a great amount of action everyone will want to see!

However, if Hillary then turned to Obama for the Vice Presidential post, the two of them would "kiss and make up" so they can present a united front against the Republicans.

The planned ending of the Democrat nomination could turn out to be very interesting and compelling theater.

II. As Senator John McCain garners the endorsement of President Bush, thus propelling him toward a first-ballot victory at the Republican convention, the veterans who believe he betrayed this country during the Vietnam War come out swinging in public.

Vietnam Vets Against John McCain are starting to be heard!

NEWS BRIEF: "SWIFT BOATING OF JOHN McCAIN LONG OVERDUE", Devvy Kidd, News With Views, February 11, 2008

"Viet Nam Veterans against McCain has set up their operations and are now going after McCain ... Allegations are swirling around the Internet that McCain was never tortured during his time as a POW. Some veterans who were over in that Hell hole many decades ago, maintain McCain was given preferential treatment because he collaborated with the enemy. Viet Nam Vets against McCain also have a page on their web site providing interviews and documentation pointing to McCain's collaboration with the communists. Make no mistake about it: These vets are dead serious about exposing the real John McCain."

As I have already stated in past weeks, these allegations began to air after McCain's 2000 New Hampshire Primary victory, and quickly dissipated as McCain lost the nomination to George W. Bush. However, those allegations are very real and, I believe, probably true. As these charges fly repeatedly through the air during the campaign, John McCain can be perceived as very damaged.

You see, McCain is running as the "tough guy" President who will be able to lead America through to victory in the "War On Terror" and to reinstate America's image overseas. If these charges stick, then the "tough guy" image is shown to be completely false and could scuttle the Republican presidential candidate, sending the entire effort to the bottom of the political sea.

However, the powers behind the throne who are moving McCain toward the Republican nomination knew of these allegations well beforehand, and knew that these Vietnam Vets were going to come forward with a vicious campaign. Therefore, the very fact that they continued to move McCain to the Republican nomination means one of two things:

1) They plan to cause McCain to be elected no matter the allegations, something they can easily do since they control the entire election apparatus.

2) They plan for the story to unfold that the major reason the Democrats win, and win big enough to carry Congress for the Democrat Party, is because the American people finally saw through John McCain and turned in disgust from him.

Let us return to this featured story to see how vulnerable McCain truly might be once these facts start coming to the forefront.

"I want McCain not only gone from this race, I want him driven from public office in shame and humiliation as he so justly deserves for selling out and betraying our POW/MIAs ... This is going to become a very emotional issue for vets as well as Americans, but one that must be exposed. The question in my mind is how the 'fair and balanced' media organizations, i.e., FAUX (FOX) News Network, will treat this round of swift boating? Going after Kerry was a no brainer, but McCain is the anointed water boy for the globalists and a Republican." (Ibid.)

We could not have said it any better -- "McCain is the anointed water boy for the globalists..."

I find it highly interesting to realize that the G.O.P. seems about to nominate the weakest, most vulnerable candidate! His negatives might even surpass Hillary's! What if the Republicans not only lose the White House, but both houses of Congress as well? That means that the frightening dictatorial powers known as Patriot Acts 1 and 2 pass to the new Democrat President -- America's 44th President.

Remember the rule of thumb: whenever the Illuminati plans for the next 4 years to revolve around Domestic issues, they cause a Democrat to rise to the Oval Office. If they plan for the emphasis for the next 4 years to be Foreign Affairs, they cause a Republican to rise to office.

My sense is that, after 8 disastrous years of the Bush Foreign Policy debacle, the next 4 years are going to revolve around Domestic issues. Certainly, carrying out the Plan to dissolve our Constitutional government and throwing dissidents into jail in response to the next planned terrorist attack is a Domestic issue. What a better scenario can there be to have a woman as the 44th President, who can shed a tear or two as she announces these draconian measures and promises to return liberties and freedoms once the "terrorists" are put down.

That IS the Plan, don't you know?

"... The gentiles are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? ..... There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ..... It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ....." ["The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol #11 -- The Totalitarian State]

As we end this section on the Republican Presidential Primaries, it does look like the backroom movers and shakers have maneuvered Senator McCain as the winner. Whether he selects Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee as his Vice Presidential candidate is anyone's guess.

However, we cannot rule out a Third Party candidacy with Huckabee and Ron Paul, backed by the Evangelical Right - an effort led by Dr. James Dobson. The anger being felt by genuine Conservatives and/or Christians over a McCain Presidential nominee is just now being felt and just now beginning to gain steam.

If a Third Party Republican candidacy does materialize, leaders of that movement will claim that this is the only way in which they could "make their voices known". The reality is that such a candidacy will be sold to the American people as the surest way in which to guarantee a Democrat victory.


III. Israel apparently is edging closer to all-out war with Hamas in The Gaza Strip.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli generals impatient with government foot-dragging on Gaza operation", DEBKAfile Intelligence, February 12, 2008

"Prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Ehud Olmert were signaled by Israel’s highest military officers that they were fed up with straining at the leash and being held back from effective ground action to stamp out the Palestinian missiles and terror at source in Gaza. (General) Ashkenazi told members of the IDF high command Monday night that the IDF had already been issued with the requisite orders and directives to carry out this mission ..."

For months now, PM Olmert and Defense Minister Barak have been sitting on this IDF plan for war, holding them back from dealing effectively with the barrage of terror rockets being daily lobbed on Israeli territory. Why are these civilian officials allowing their helpless civilians to languish under the barrage when the Army could easily stop the attacks?

The reasons are several:

1) Washington always urges the Israeli government to "show restraint" in responding to even the most horrific terrorist attack by the Palestinians.

2) "Controlled Conflict" is the way in which the Global Elite achieves their goals. People will allow their freedoms to be curtailed and/or taken away if they are under the threat of attack; in this instance, both PM Olmert and President Bush want the Israeli citizenry totally angry so they will allow a Palestinian State to be established. You see, that will be the solution offered to an angry and despairing Jewish citizenry, i.e., if a Palestinian State is established, these daily attacks will stop.

3) Hamas is doing its level best to keep this conflict going, because they do not want a Palestinian State carved out according to this Western Masonic Plan.

How frustrated and angry are the IDF generals about Olmert's refusal to allow them to attack according to their military plan?

"Uniformed IDF generals came as close to criticizing the government as conceivable in Israel’s democracy. What they implied not too subtly was that in Feb. 2008, while the army was ready for its national mission, the government was not. The Olmert government was falling into the same dithering mode which spelled disaster in the Lebanon war less than two years ago ..."

The failure of the Israeli Defense Force to achieve a knockout blow against Hizbullah in 2006 emboldened all Arabs, making them think they had fought the vaunted Jewish army to a standstill. If the IDF attacks Hamas in The Gaza Strip and also does not achieve a knockout victory, the Arabs will truly believe Israel is "ripe for the picking".

General war will then be inevitable.

Hamas is already changing her tactics against the Israeli Defense Force.

NEWS BRIEF: "New Hamas tactics greet Israeli force in Gaza early Tuesday", DEBKAfile Intelligence, February 12, 2008

"... the Golani brigade, armored forces and reservists raiding Hamas’ missile and terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday, Feb. 12, had their first taste of Hamas tactics for blocking a major incursion ... Driving forward in the northern, central and southern sectors, the Israeli force encountered Hamas opposition on all three fronts from mortars and Qassam missiles designed for the battlefield ... The attacks were well-coordinated by a single command."

We have heard rumors that Hamas is copying the successful tactics against the IDF which Hizbullah used in the 2006 Lebanon War. If that is the case, and if Hamas also has the weapons now to back up these tactics, the IDF could be in for a very long and bloody war.

Perhaps this is the reason IDF generals are so anxious to get the clearance from PM Olmert and Defense Secretary Barak for this major attack into Gaza; they know the enemy is rapidly upgrading her tactics, training, and weaponry. Every day the civilians do not allow the military to attack can cost the IDF dearly when she does attack.

Egypt is the wild card here. If her leaders were cooperating with Hamas' leaders in knocking down the 7 miles of border barrier between Egypt and The Gaza Strip, then Israeli troops might well be facing Egyptian commandos dressed as Hamas fighters. Israeli military intelligence has repeatedly warned since that border barrier was breached that sophisticated arms and highly-trained militants were freely flowing both ways across the border.

Are we getting nearer the moment when Daniel 12:1 9 is fulfilled?

"AND AT that time of the end Michael shall arise, the great angelic prince who defends and has charge of your [Daniel's] people. And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness, and distress such as never was since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered..." (Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

The great archangel Michael may have to arise soon to again defend Israel!


IV. Even amongst all this talk of war with Hamas, and with Hizbullah threatening from across the Lebanese border, negotiations between the office of PM Olmert and the Palestinian Authority over the status of Jerusalem continues.

These negotiations are critically important in the establishment of the coveted Palestinian State. What few people realize is the extent to which the Israeli government is now caving in to the demands of the Palestinians.

Once these details are known, Israelis will be ready to lynch Olmert, while the Palestinians will consider Abbas' Fatah to be their hero!

NEWS BRIEF: "'Jerusalem talks on and under table': There will be no Israeli control over East Jerusalem", The Jerusalem Post, February 13, 2008

"Hatem Abdel Qader, the Jerusalem affairs adviser to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad, confirmed Tuesday that Jerusalem is one of the issues currently being discussed by Israeli and PA negotiators. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Abdel Qader said Jerusalem 'is not only on the table, it's also under the table'."

What this cryptic statement means is that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the status of Jerusalem in the new Palestinian State is being secretly carried out "under the table".

In other words, PM Olmert is giving so much ground to the Palestinians in these negotiations that he knows he had better keep it secret until the very last moment, when the outrage from many, if not most, of the Jewish citizenry will be too little, too late, to prevent the concessions from being activated.

But, there is more! The Palestinians are nearly bragging as to how much they are gaining from the Israelis!

"The Palestinians made it clear during the negotiations they were insisting on a full Israeli withdrawal from the eastern part of Jerusalem that was captured by Israel in 1967. 'Jerusalem is one of the main core issues', Abdel Qader, who is also a top Fatah leader, told the Post. 'Although we haven't reached the stage of a breakthrough in the negotiations on Jerusalem, we can say that the talks are continuing. The Israeli government knows that there will be no solution without solving the problem of Jerusalem'."

This next negotiating statement is breathtaking, considering that the Palestinians are the "Little Mouse That Roared" and the Israelis are the giant.

"Abdel Qader dismissed the idea that Israel would retain control of some parts of east Jerusalem. "Our position is, 'Take it all or leave it,'" he said. "We have also made it clear to the Israelis that we won't accept any partial solutions for Jerusalem. As far as we are concerned, Jerusalem must be one geographic, political and religious unit."

At this point, the Palestinian official noted the opposition of the religious Right group, Shas.

""Shas is not new to Israeli politics," he said. "I can't understand why they're so upset. What did they think, that peace could be achieved without [dividing] Jerusalem? Have they forgotten that [then-prime minister] Ehud Barak already offered us large parts of Jerusalem at the Camp David summit [in 2000]?"

Yes, this is the very same Barak who is now Defense Minister. Why did Barak, as Prime Minister, offer the Palestinians large chunks of Jerusalem at the Camp David Summit in 2000? He offered this concession because the matter had already been decided in the Oslo Peace Accords of 1992-1993 (Read NEWS1911 and prepare to be shocked!)

The "concessions" which PM Olmert are secretly making now is nothing more, nor less, than what the Israeli government promised the Palestinians under Yassir Arafat in the 1992-1993 Oslo Accords!

All these "negotiations" are just window dressing to hide the fact that all matters have already been worked out! Truly, Peter Lemesurier was right when he said that all major events are thoroughly scripted and that all government leaders are simply actors and actresses speaking their part! (See above quote)

V. Democrat controlled Congress has just passed dictatorial legislation which proves that Democrat and Republican are just "two peas in the pod", i.e., that there is no difference between the two parties.

All leaders on both sides of the aisle are equally committed to the establishment of the New World Order, the destruction of the Old World Order, and the implementation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (portion quoted above).

This horrific new dictatorial law is a prime example of this reality.

NEWS BRIEF: "Senate OKs New Rules on Eavesdropping", by Pamela Hess, My Way News, February 13, 2008

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate on Tuesday approved new rules for government eavesdropping on phone calls and e-mails, giving the White House much of the latitude it wanted and granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that helped in the snooping after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."

I am constantly amazed how much mileage this Skull & Bones President, and his Illuminati allies, have gotten over the attacks of 9/11. As the Illuminati Card Game proves, the 9/11 attacks were planned at least a decade in advance as part of a large series of actions designed to bring the Old World Order crashing down!

Further, this card game sees these actions as being carried out by agents of the Illuminati!

Now, even 6 years after 9/11, and in the absence of any further terrorist attacks, the Congress and the President are still inventing new laws which are consistently eroding our freedoms and liberties! And, what is even more amazing is that the American people are simply sitting on their hands, allowing this freedom grab to continue.

One day soon, the time for the next major planned terrorist attack will arrive, and all these terrible laws will finally be enacted. At that time, all dissidents will be rounded up and thrown into the concentration camps shown in the video, above.

Now, let us return to this featured article, so we can see how private companies are being coerced into spying on you and me.

"Protection for the telecom companies is the most prominent feature of the legislation, something President Bush had insisted on as essential to getting private sector cooperation in spying on foreign terrorists and other targets. The bill would give retroactive protection to companies that acted without court permission ... About 40 lawsuits have been filed against telecom companies by people alleging violations of wiretapping and privacy laws."

In other words, the Federal Government is so intent upon spying on you and me that they are coercing private businesses to cooperate with their invasive searches for information. Immediately after the attacks of 9/11, Cutting Edge began to warn that the government was going to use this "War On Terror" as an excuse to erode our Constitutional protections and freedoms to the point where, one day, the government could throw dissidents in jail for no good reason whatsoever.

We also pointed out that the new dictatorial laws which the Illuminati Plan envisioned to be enacted after these "terror attacks" would have nothing to do whatsoever with preventing future attacks. The kinds of intrusive laws now on the books would not have prevented the attacks of 9/11, and will not prevent the next attack.

These laws are simply designed to reduce us to a dictatorship/Martial Law situation. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is one of THE major planning documents. We are planning a very powerful DVD on the Protocols which should be out in about six months. When viewed with the past 50 years of history in mind, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion comes alive. It is only then that you realize how Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush have been carefully following its script.


VI. A co-founder of the Palestinian terrorist group, and one of the most wanted terrorists in the entire world, was assassinated Tuesday (2/12) in Damascus.

This assassination was immediately blamed on Israel's Mossad and may trigger Hezbullah to start a war with Israel, quite possibly at the same time that the IDF is invading The Gaza Strip. If this is the case, then Israel would immediately be embroiled in a two-front all-out war with the Palestinians.

NEWS BRIEF: "Dead in Damascus", The Wall Street Journal, February 14, 2008

"Tuesday's death in Damascus of Imad Mughniyeh looks like an unambiguous victory. Before Osama bin Laden took the spotlight, Mughniyeh was probably the world's most wanted and elusive terrorist, a man with an FBI price tag of $5 million on his head. He masterminded some of Hezbollah's deadliest attacks in the 1980s and 1990s ..."

At this point, the Wall Street Journal article lists the many terrorist attacks which Western Intelligence has blamed on Mughniyeh. We encourage you to read this article in full, because this man had a lot of blood on his hands.

"Mughniyeh died in a car bombing, probably orchestrated by Mossad, though Israel denies it. It'd be nice to think the CIA was up to this, but we have our doubts. The location -- Damascus -- of his killing is of special note, and the private intelligence agency Stratfor reports that he died as he was leaving a meeting at a Syrian intelligence office ... At least Mughniyeh will kill no more."

Israel's top officials seemed to gloat in this hit.

NEWS BRIEF: "A big hit for the two Ehuds", The Jerusalem Post, February 14, 2008

"Shortly after the Prime Minister's Office released a statement denying any connection to the assassination of Hizbullah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh on Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert strolled into the Knesset cafeteria in a very good mood ... Like the September attack, Mughniyeh's killing may never officially be attributed to Israel, but Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak will try to find a way to ensure they receive credit for it nonetheless."

"Barak already seemed to hint that something was in the works when he pleaded with politicians on Monday to stop suggesting possible targets. The assassination couldn't have come at a better time for either Ehud."

This article continues by describing the political turmoil engulfing both PM Ehud Olmert and Defense Secretary Ehud Barak. Both men should receive a real kick upward in approval ratings following this bold assassination.

Israel's security service immediately increased the level of alert throughout the whole world, and the IDF immediately reinforced its presence on the Lebanon border.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel braces for reprisal after Moughniyah hit", Reuters News, February 14, 2008

"JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel put its embassies and other interests abroad on high alert and reinforced troops on the Lebanese border on Thursday after the assassination of Hezbollah's top guerrilla commander. Hezbollah's chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel with "open war" after the Shi'ite Muslim group and its main backer Iran accused the Jewish state of killing Imad Moughniyeh with a car bomb in Damascus on Tuesday.

"The Israeli government rejected the charge, although its Mossad spy service had long regarded Moughniyah as a 'terrorist mastermind'."

Knowledgeable analysts immediately warned that this "targeted killing" may result in war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Death of Hezbollah Kingpin: A war awaits", By Ehsan Ahrari, Asia Times, February 14, 2008

"Those who live by the sword must die by the sword. Imad Mughniyeh must have known the adage, and now he, like all of his alleged victims, has met a violent death, of all places, in Syria, where he was hiding because that was perceived to be the safest place for him. The 45-year-old Mughniyeh was said to be one of Hezbollah's top security strategists and high on America's list of wanted 'terrorists'."

The United States immediately expressed its happiness over this murder, saying that the "world is better off without him". This next segment addresses that statement.

"The world may be a better place, but the chances of another outbreak of violence between Hezbollah and Israel have escalated by more than a few notches ... What is important is that, even though the Hezbollah-Israeli hot war of July-August 2006 is officially over, that war continues ... The best-equipped forces in the Middle East could not eradicate Hezbollah."

At the end of this 33-day war in July-August, 2006, we warned that, by fighting IDF to a standstill, Hezbullah could legitimately claim victory, which led Arabs throughout the world thinking that they could actually defeat Israel on the battlefield. This belief would lead to a war sooner rather than later. Now, with the Islamic world in outrage over this murder, Hezbullah might decide to attack Israel, especially if the IDF actually invades The Gaza Strip to overthrow Hamas.

If a war is to be fought between Israel and the two Palestinian terror groups -- Hamas and Hezbullah -- it needs to be fought soon so the Palestinian State can be created. As long as these two groups remain, they will likely be able to forestall the creation of the Palestinian State.


VII. In a direct slap against official Bush terror policy, the U.S. Senate voted to ban waterboarding and other torture techniques.

We find it incredible that the "Christian" President, George W. Bush, has to be told by a secular Congress that he cannot torture suspects, especially those who have not been tried and found guilty of any crime.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Senate votes to ban waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods", By David M. Herszenhorn, International Herald Tribune, February 14, 2008

"WASHINGTON: The Senate voted to ban waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods that have been used by the CIA against high-level terrorism suspects, setting up a confrontation with President George W. Bush, who has threatened to veto the bill ... The prohibition of coercive interrogation methods, part of a broader intelligence authorization bill, would limit all American interrogators to techniques permitted in the Army Field Manual, which bars the use of physical force. The Senate voted 51 to 45, with 5 Republicans joining 45 Democrats and 1 independent in favor of the ban."

Senator John McCain immediately voted against the Senate measure, even though he says he is officially against the use of torture against innocent prisoners. Democrats instantly jumped on this election-year issue, demanding the Bush sign this measure.

President Bush's firm position that waterboarding is not legal was immediately undercut by his own Justice Department.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Justice Department: Waterboarding is illegal", February 14, 2008

"WASHINGTON: A senior Justice Department official says laws and other limits enacted since three terrorism suspects were waterboarded have eliminated the technique from what is now legally allowed. The set of interrogation methods authorized for current use is narrower than before, and it does not today include waterboarding," Steven G. Bradbury, acting head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, says in remarks prepared for his appearance Thursday before the House Judiciary Constitution subcommittee.

" 'There has been no determination by the Justice Department that the use of waterboarding, under any circumstances, would be lawful under current law', he said."

Notice the words which Mr. Bradbury used in this statement: he said that "the use of waterboarding, under any circumstances" would be illegal "under current law"!

Therefore, President Bush is without excuse as his minions have used a lot of torture techniques -- other than waterboarding -- since the attacks of 9/11. The most infamous of these torture techniques have been at Guantanamo Bay Prison and in Iraq's military prisons, most notably at Abu Ghraib!

We find it incredible that the Justice Department has issued this ruling, because the previous Justice Department under the leadership of Attorney General Gonzales adopted the opposite stance. In fact, during his time as White House legal counsel, Alberto Gonzales told the President after 9/11 that he was not held to the normal standards of conduct regulated by national and international law.

President Bush then started the process which culminated in widespread torture of "terrorist suspects" and Iraqi civilians. We urge you to read our expose' of this sorry subject in NEWS1979, entitled, "American Fundamental Christians And/Or Patriots Have Much To Fear From An Attorney General Gonzales".

You will want to weep as you realize how unlawful this "Christian" President Bush has acted since the attacks of 9/11. This reality is more rotten spiritual fruit, allowing us to apply Jesus' standard for determining whether our President is truly Born Again!


---------- Articles Posted ----------

"What If Crude Oil Is Likely NOT Fossil Fuel! Not Created From Dead Dinosaurs and Plant Life? Likely Is Available Continuously And In Almost Limitless Supply?"

What if crude oil is non-biological and the Earth creates new supplies constantly? What if scientific teaching for the past 120 years is dead wrong? The ramifications are HUGE!

N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration made the initial discovery!

"Senator Obama Has Strong Ties To Illuminati - Communist Illuminati At That!"

One adviser is a member of Skull & Bones while the other is a one of the founders of the infamous Trilateral Commission! Proof positive that no candidate gets elevated to the high post of President unless they have sold out to the Illuminati!

"Did You Know That Adolf Hitler Claimed To Be A Born-Again Christian?"

As Americans go to the polls, we need to remember that the most evil people can, and do, put on the most deceptive face to deceive the undiscerning. In the upcoming election, Hillary Clinton is now being touted as a Born Again Christian. Obama claims to be member of United Church of Christ -

"The Rothschild Family -- Bilderberger Group -- Endorses Hillary Clinton As President!

Additionally, Wolf Blizter asked during the California debate if a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary candidacy was in the immediate future. Neither candidate shot the idea down!

Would this pairing represent the Democratic Party's "Dream Ticket"?

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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God." 1 John 3:1,2 0

"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us. "

Consider who we were, and what we feel ourselves to be even now when corruption is powerful in us, and you will wonder at our adoption. Yet we are called "the sons of God." What a high relationship is that of a son, and what privileges it brings! What care and tenderness the son expects from his father, and what love the father feels towards the son! But all that, and more than that, we now have through Christ. As for the temporary drawback of suffering with the elder brother, this we accept as an honour: "Therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not." We are content to be unknown with Him in His humiliation, for we are to be exalted with Him. "Beloved, now are we the sons of God." That is easy to read, but it is not so easy to feel.

How is it with your heart this morning? Are you in the lowest depths of sorrow? Does corruption rise within your spirit, and grace seem like a poor spark trampled under foot? Does your faith almost fail you? Fear not, it is neither your graces nor feelings on which you are to live: you must live simply by faith on Christ. With all these things against us, now--in the very depths of our sorrow, wherever we may be-- now, as much in the valley as on the mountain, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God." "Ah, but," you say, "see how I am arrayed! my graces are not bright; my righteousness does not shine with apparent glory." But read the next: "It doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him." The Holy Spirit shall purify our minds, and divine power shall refine our bodies, then shall we see Him as He is. (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

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