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--------This Day In Baptist History-------------- First Amendment Freedom of Religion Secured Through Efforts of Baptists!

The Diary of Isaac Backus is a treasury of interesting tidbits of American history from 1741 to 1806. During that particular period, Baptist churches were being illegally taxed to support state churches. These years encompass much of the era of open persecution that our forefathers bore in this 'land of the free', before religious freedom was won. Isaac Backus 'became the agent of the Western Assocation of Baptist Churches formed in 1767 to promote religous liberty ... The point of chief difference was the power of the state to tax for the support of religion. Interestingly enough, Backus employed principles which American colonists used against England:

1) It is essential to liberty that representation and taxation go together

2) Causes must be tried by unbaised judges

3) It is not the PENCE bu the POWER to impose the pence to which objection is made

In the journal entry of January 31, 1796, the man of God penned these words, '... about eight men came here from Harwich, voted for a large [support] for their [Congregational] pastor and taxed all the Baptist to pay for it ... they seized six men for it and carried five of them to prison ... After many such occasions of oppression, the 'Baptists carried their grievances to the Continental Congress ... With the assistance of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Madison and others in the halls of Congress, the Baptists triumphed, securing for themselves and all alike freedom of worship in these United States by the adoption of the first amendment to the Constitution. Let us again remember that the first amendment to our national constitution, that assures one and all religous freedom, was secured by the efforts of our Baptist forebears. A secular writer has stated, "The amendment was adopted on the 25th of September, 1789, and there it stands as a beacon-light to the world, and as a monument to Baptist watchfulness and unswerving loyalty to liberty." ["This Day In Baptist History II", 366 Daily Devotions, Febrary 6]

---------- Inspiration For the Week----------- ""For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ." [2 Corinthians 1:5]

There is a blessed proportion. The Ruler of Providence bears a pair of scales--in this side He puts His people's trials, and in that He puts their consolations. When the scale of trial is nearly empty, you will always find the scale of consolation in nearly the same condition; and when the scale of trials is full, you will find the scale of consolation just as heavy. When the black clouds gather most, the light is the more brightly revealed to us. When the night lowers and the tempest is coming on, the Heavenly Captain is always closest to His crew. It is a blessed thing, that when we are most cast down, then it is that we are most lifted up by the consolations of the Spirit. One reason is, because trials make more room for consolation. Great hearts can only be made by great troubles.

The spade of trouble digs the reservoir of comfort deeper, and makes more room for consolation. God comes into our heart--He finds it full--He begins to break our comforts and to make it empty; then there is more room for grace. The humbler a man lies, the more comfort he will always have, because he will be more fitted to receive it. Another reason why we are often most happy in our troubles, is this--then we have the closest dealings with God. When the barn is full, man can live without God: when the purse is bursting with gold, we try to do without so much prayer. But once take our gourds away, and we want our God; once cleanse the idols out of the house, then we are compelled to honour Jehovah. "Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord." There is no cry so good as that which comes from the bottom of the mountains; no prayer half so hearty as that which comes up from the depths of the soul, through deep trials and afflictions. Hence they bring us to God, and we are happier; for nearness to God is happiness.

Come, troubled believer, fret not over your heavy troubles, for they are the heralds of weighty mercies. ["Morning and Evening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon, in the A.W. Tozer CDROM Library]

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* "This Day In Baptist History II - 366-Day Devotions" - Personal Devotional Book - The Baptist heritage is one so glorious that we would greatly enrich our spiritual lives if we knew about those dedicated saints of old! Sadly, the history of the Baptists has largely been written out of religious and secular history books, even though the Baptist movement predated Martin Luther by centuries! Did you know Baptists are not Protestants?

With this daily devotional, you shall learn the glorious and bloodstained paths of our Baptist forefathers. As the Apostle Paul stated: "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith" [Heb 12:1-2]

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. A "Smoking Gun" piece of evidence surfaced last week which proved that President Bush intended to lie about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their capability of delivering such WMD. You see, in approximately mid-2002, Bush and his officials were leaning very heavily on the CIA to produce the kind of firm intelligence reports that would convince the American people and the governments throughout the world that Saddam was heavily armed with WMD and the artillery shells, missiles, and aerial capability that would deliver such fearsome weapons to battlefield targets and to other nations in the region. Further, Bush officials wanted the CIA to state that Saddam had definitely linked up with Osama bin Laden to deliver his WMD to terrorist organization, thus threatening every urban area in the entire Western Civilization.

However, CIA analysts up and down the ladder refused to put their signature to such reports. To get the kind of "intelligence" published, President Bush set up a rogue "intelligence" organization within the Pentagon called the Office of Special Plans (OSP). The people staffing OSP were more than willing to provide the Bush Administration with the kind of urgent "intelligence" warnings for which they were seeking. From OSP came all the terrorist warnings concerning Iraq's fearsome WMD capabilities. From OSP came the linkage between Saddam and Osama; it is highly doubtful that, without OSP, the president would have been able to produce the intelligence reports firm enough to base his invasion.

Now you can understand why CIA Director, George Tenet, could state last week: "The CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion."

Once you understand that President Bush set up this bogus "intelligence" agency -- OSP -- so he could get the kind of "intelligence" reports he wanted, you can see that this reality establishes guilt, as it shows an intent to deceive! Do not be mislead by incessant reports of an "Intelligence Failure", always keeping in mind that the President intended to deceive you!

We have written two important articles on this subject: The title of the two articles is: "BUSH/BLAIR JUSTIFICATION OF IRAQ INVASION: NOW PROVEN TO BE LIES, DISTORTIONS, EXAGGERATIONS!" -- Part 1 of 2 is NEWS1890 while Part 2 of 2 is NEWS1890b. Please take the time to read these articles carefully, for they establish the true nature of President Bush and all his CFR cabinet officials. The truth is shocking!

II. President Bush completed announcing the last two members of his nine-member panel he has created to "investigate" how our "intelligence" regarding Iraq's WMD could prove to be so completely wrong. Remember our revelation last newsletter that the Illuminati loves to conduct "investigations", because they know they have control over the "investigators".

In our last newsletter -- 020704 -- we reported that 5 out of the original 7 commission members were known CFR; therefore, the panel was heavily weighted toward certain Bush control. The other 2 members had Yale connections, as Richard Levin is the current Yale University President, while Patricia Wald is a Yale graduate. What about these last two members?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush fills final places on Iraq WMD panel", ABC News Online, Friday, February 13, 2004

"US President George W Bush has named two top academic figures as the final members of a commission investigating failures in intelligence used to justify the Iraq war ... Mr Bush picked Charles Vest, who has served as president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T. ) since 1990, and Henry Rowen, a public policy and management professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business."

It did not take long for our research to determine that these two men are as firmly in the back pocket as the previous seven had been.

Henry Rowan is CFR - "Henry Stanislaus Rowan, RAND Corp., Professor, Stanford Univ., Public Policy". ("Who's Who of the Elite: Members of the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission", by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr., p. 143)

* Charles Vest is the President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as this article above stated. While he is not listed as either CFR or Skull & Bones, he is most definitely indebted to the President of the United States, whomever he is at any particular time. You see, M.I.T. receives a monstrous sum of $250 million annually from the Federal Government that funds the many Research and Development projects upon which the university desperately depends. ("Teddy's FOBs --- Friends of Bush", by Evan Gahr, Jewish World Review, http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/gahr032001.asp).

You can bet that, if Charles Vest -- or any President of M.I.T. -- were to issue a report severely critical of the President of the United States, M.I.T.'s Board of Directors would probably fire him immediately so as to not lose any of this massive annual funding!

However, the information on Charles Vest just keeps getting more interesting. He is friends of both Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy and Republican President George Bush! In his pursuit of the annual feed at the pork trough, Charles Vest adroitly straddles the political fence, keeping a leg on both sides. He has contributed funds to both Democrat and Republican candidates, and he was under "serious consideration to serve as White House science adviser." [Ibid.]

Charles Vest has also used his power and authority as M.I.T. president to espouse the causes of radical feminists. "Compared to his other endeavors, Vest's bankrolling the Democratic liberal elite is small stuff. Far more problematic has been his willingness to make common cause with feminists ... At MIT, Vest cleared a path for feminists determined to reap innumerable benefits from dubious charges of gender discrimination. The campaign for 'pay equity' and other liberal goodies reached its crescendo in March 1999 with the release of the 'MIT Study on the Status of Women.' Based on 'data' MIT refused to release, the report declared the university guilty of institutional ... discrimination against women faculty ... The much ballyhooed report became the focal point of the effort at MIT and nationwide to further subsume science to gender equity dictates. That evidently pleased Vest, who urged colleagues to act upon the MIT report "personally and collectively." [Ibid.]

This sad fact was reiterated by Prism Dispatches (http://www.asee.org/prism/mayjune/html/dispatches.html, May/June 1999), while adding this statement. "MIT President Charles Vest intends to do more than just acknowledge the issues, and has vowed to work for a more diverse faculty."

Charles Vest has served President Bush very well. On August 12, 2002, Vest served as the guest speaker to the "Technology and Innovation" panel which itself was a part of the Bush White House discussion entitled, "Jobs & Economic Growth" (http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/08/20020812-2.html). Judging from the hit-and-miss economic performance since this time, we can only question the validity of the decisions made during this high-profile meeting.

Finally, When President Bush called for E-Voting -- Electronic Voting -- to "correct" the problems stemming from the 2000 Presidential Election, particularly in Florida, Charles Vest stepped forward with M.I.T. technology to offer the "solution". Vest and Caltech President David Baltimore established a "Voting Technology Project" that will "prevent a recurrence of the problems that threatened the 2000 U.S. Presidential election" (http://www.vote.caltech.edu/). The only problem, as critics see it, is that E-Voting will make it that much easier for the Illuminati to steal the election!

So, you can see how important Charles Vest is to the entire establishment of the United States' Government, on both sides of the aisle. Truly, President Bush will control this panel, which means he will control its verdict. Keep this fact in mind as you listen to the innumerable stories day after day that talk about this "impartial panel".


III. Israeli Prime Minister Sharon has completed that 180° turnaround we predicted! (In NEWS1824 posted in July, 2003, also in NEWS1817 in late May, 2003, and in Newsletter112203). In the newsletter, we remarked:

"In our newsletter of several weeks ago, we noted that the Illuminist muscle behind the Geneva Accord was significant, and should not be ignored. We noted that, even though Prime Minister Sharon had come out strongly against the this accord, he has been known in the past to suddenly reverse his position on issues by a remarkable 180°! We noted that we should watch to see if Sharon would inexplicably reverse his position here. Sharon is hinting at just this kind of reversal!"

The "hint" that Sharon was dropping which led us to believe that a complete reversal of his long-standing policy might be planned began when he started to say that he might adopt a "parallel" initiative if the Palestinians did not carry out their obligations to stop terror and dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, as called for by the "Road Map". The "Road Map" plan calls for Israel to withdraw to her pre-1973 war boundaries, which is bad enough; however, the new "Geneva Accord" calls for Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 Green Line boundaries, a plan that would split Israel into three separate territories, making her defense militarily difficult if not impossible. Abba Eban once referred to these borders as 'Auschwitz' borders.' The term fits, because once Israel is carved up into these three separate enclaves, her enemies will likely believe the Jews are living now in the same type of ghettos Hitler created as his springboard for annihilation!

For this reason, Sharon called the Geneva Accord "treasonous" and publicly refused to even consider it. However, as Sharon's "unilateral withdrawal" has begun taking shape, experienced observers can see that Sharon has, indeed, completed his 180° reversal, and is apparently carrying out the Geneva Accord provisions even as he is publicly stating his objection to it. The "fix is in", and the Illuminati is going to get its International control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount!

Let us consider the facts, chronicled by Israel Insider:

First, let us consider what Sharon has already done to damage Israel:

* Abruptly declared his support for a Palestinian State (Read NEWS1817).

* Accepted United Nations supervision, along with that of other superpowers, in the context of the Road Map; which means the loss of sovereignty.

* Declared the uprooting of all of the communities of the Gaza region, and the proposal to the Council of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha) to agree to the immediate destruction of Netzarim, Morag and Kfar Darom, while "voluntarily" uprooting Ganim and Kadim, Homesh and Sa-Nur in Samaria.

* Refuses to maintain the Trans-Samaria Highway east of Ariel - a sign of his intention to abandon the stretch of land between Eli and Shilo, the entire hillside region, as well.

* Declares his unilateral withdrawal plan, which encourages the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian State by the Fatah and the rest of the terrorist groups after the withdrawal. This automatically leads to the cancellation of the conditions included in the Road Map and in the speeches of US President George Bush; specifically, the dismantling of terrorist groups, democratization and financial accountability.

At this point, this article asks a rhetorical question which might mean life-or-death to every Jewish citizen. "As for the naive innocents who misled themselves and calculated that the (Road Map) conditions will never be fulfilled - and therefore, there is nothing to worry about, and Sharon has no real intention to withdraw - have had their illusions proven false. Have they learned their lesson, yet - that for every 'conditional concession' by Israel, the 'condition' falls while the 'concession' remains?

This article continues: "Sharon insists on releasing thousands of terrorists with blood on their hands in exchange for a piece of material from the body of Ron Arad; this is merely an excuse to acquiesce in the Palestinian demand for the release of all the security prisoners, as written in the Geneva Initiative, which Sharon is implementing

I merely shook my head at the prospect that Israel would release up to 450 terrorists, many of whom had Israeli blood on their hands, for a few fragments of material supposedly from Air Force aviator Ron Arad, plus the remains of three murdered soldiers, plus one alive businessman! Why, this lopsided deal would only encourage Palestinian terrorists to believe that their 22-year campaign of suicide bombings was producing the very goal they cherished all along, i.e., the gradual dismemberment of Israel.

This article continues:

* The abandonment of northern Samaria has begun. The military base that separated Jenin from Ganim and Kadim has been evacuated. (This change means that these communities will no longer be able to offer any protection against Palestinian militants who want to invade homes and murder Jewish citizens in their beds, which they have done on occasion!)

* With the settlers, there is a complete severing of relations. They are being pushed outside the consensus through economic sanctions: Half of the Magen David Adom budget has been cut. There is again sniping every night on the roads and ambulances will not be available.

* The "Mivtzar" project, which involved settlers providing security for their communities, has been canceled.

* The Weisglass document, sent to the Attorney General, from June 2003, which includes a commitment by Sharon to Condoleeza Rice, is under full implementation: Any construction outside the currently existing line of homes in Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, including in Maaleh Adumim, has been forbidden. There is no budget for development. State lands can no longer be used for Jewish settlement.

* The separation fence is moving towards the Green Line. The security fence is becoming a political fence.

* 'Restraint' in the face of terrorism has returned. There have been no military reactions in the wake of the murders at Erez Crossing or for the slaughter on bus no. 19 in Jerusalem.

* The closures and checkpoints were removed, and have not returned.

* Sharon allows Sheikh Yassin to openly threaten to kidnap Israeli Jews, Rantisi marches at the head of armed and masked demonstrators, the assassins of Rehavam ("Gandhi") Ze'evi are having fun in Jericho, the wanted men in the Mukata come and go as they please - there is a celebration of abandoned responsibility. Sharon is displaying complete fecklessness in security matters, just like after the Dolphinarium bombing. The achievements of Operation Defensive Shield are being progressively reversed.

* Sharon's entire security doctrine has been blown away. The Arabs have successfully identified Sharon's weak point and helplessness, his loss of security and political direction, his current focus on only two things: dismantling settlements, instead of dismantling terror infrastructures, and his criminal investigation.

And They Are Celebrating"

This picture is one of national suicide! Israelis threw out that "Liberal" Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, in 2001, bringing in that old general war hero, Ariel Sharon. He promised to end the terror and provide the personal and national security Israel so desperately desired. However, in the best tradition of the Illuminati, Sharon has achieved exactly the opposite of his public rhetoric! He has quietly and consistently sold his constituency right "down the river"!

But, as if these statistics were not bad enough, you only have to consider the economic impact of this terror since Arafat launched his Intifada on September 29, 2000. [NOTE: I received most of these statistics from a subscriber living in Israel]

* Unemployment has crept upward to 16%, or 400,000 ("400,000 Israelis Unemployed - More than Thought", Arutz Sheva News, 2/10/2004)

* 1 in 5 elderly are going hungry and 30% have no heat as Israel struggles right now with snow and cold

* 30% of the children are going hungry

* Municipal workers have not been paid in nearly one year and are finally on strike. Garbage collection has stopped

* Israel is suffering a significant outflow of population as American and Russian Jews are now leaving to go back to their home land. They cannot find jobs in Israel.

Why would Israel commit this kind of national suicide? Why would her leaders say soothing things, while doing just the opposite behind their backs? Why has both Bush and Sharon coddled and protected that arch-terrorist Arafat, protecting him as he launches bloody terror attack after another? The answer is difficult to comprehend, for it does appear that, after longing for a rebirth of National Israel after 1,900 years out of their homeland, current Illuminist Jewish leaders seem determined to destroy the Jewish state and encourage her Arab neighbors to attack her once these changes have been implemented!

We believe the following factors are at work:

1) Prophecy is going to be fulfilled. In Daniel 12:1, we read: "AND AT that time of the end Michael shall arise, the great angelic prince who defends and has charge of your [Daniel's] people. And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness, and distress such as never was since there was a nation till that time." [Daniel 12:1a; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

As Jewish Illuminist leadership seemingly takes Israel down, the nation may very well get to the point where God will command Michael, Israel's great supernatural protector, to "stand up" to actively defend the country. As we have noted in previous articles, God has promised that Israel will never again be thrown out of her land once she returns (Amos 9:14-15). We may very well be seeing the beginning of this seemingly hopeless situation prophesied in this passage.

2) Israel may be deliberately taking unilateral steps to make herself seem weak, divided, and without strong leadership, so that the combined Arab enemies (Palestinians, Syria, Egypt and possibly Jordan) will be tempted to attack. Once the Arabs stage their assault, Israel will use her WMD and possibly Fuel Air bombs, to annihilate the Palestinians (NEWS1620), to so destroy Damascus it will be a "heaping ruin" (Isaiah 17:1) and so destroy Egypt her government will fall.

If this is the scenario, then Sharon's plan makes some sense. He agreed to release 450 bloody terrorists for almost nothing in return, as we noted above, thus causing the Arabs to believe he is tottering and weak and, perhaps senile! Thus, more terrorists will kidnap Israelis and Arafat will send wave after wave of suicide bombers against innocent Israeli citizens. The Arabs must believe they have Israel on the run right now!

3) Sharon may be maneuvering to pass control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to International control. Once that occurs, the U.N. can then erect their combination Temple/Church/Mosque in Jerusalem (Read this part of the plan in NEWS1052). After this kind of control is established and the combination worship center has begun construction, the Pope can make his planned trip. Listen to Illuminist Bill Lambert, House of Theosophy Director for New England, speaking to a seminar for members only and their guests in August, 1991:

"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem to announce that all religions should be combined into one. This action will then finally break the Middle East logjam."

According to the Illuminati plan for Israel, this combination worship sector, along with its combination worship building, will " finally break the Middle East logjam." Furthermore, this action will also break the power of the Orthodox Religious Jewry, another favorite Illuminati goal.

4) The Illuminati may be so discouraging the average Jewish citizen that, once the situation gets so bad, and once Israel comes through the planned war, they will enthusiastically embrace Antichrist as an alternative to the disastrous leadership Israel has had for the past two decades!

We must watch Israel very carefully, for events are going to get mightily rough!

IV. Did President Bush commit the politically "unpardonable sin" this week that can be pointed to later as THE one act that cost him re-election? Prior to the 1992 election, President Bush, Sr., betrayed his long-repeated pledge, "Read My Lips: No New Taxes". Conservatives were so furious by this betrayal, they never forgave him, causing millions to stay home.

Did the Bush Administration make the same type of grievous error this past week?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush report: Sending jobs overseas helps U.S.", By Seattle Times wire services, February 10, 2004

"WASHINGTON — The movement of American factory jobs and white-collar work to other countries is part of a positive transformation that will enrich the U.S. economy over time, even if it causes short-term pain and dislocation, the Bush administration said yesterday. The embrace of foreign 'outsourcing', an accelerating trend that has contributed to U.S. job losses in recent years ... 'Outsourcing is just a new way of doing international trade,' said N. Gregory Mankiw, chairman of Bush's Council of Economic Advisors, which prepared the report. 'More things are tradable than were tradable in the past. And that's a good thing'."

The Democrats lost no time responding legislatively.

"Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, questioned the credibility of the job-creation forecast. 'I've got a feeling this report was prepared by the same people who brought us the intelligence on Iraq', he said. 'I don't think we need a new report about jobs in America. I think we need a new president who's going to create jobs in America'." [Ibid.]

Then, Kerry got specific: " 'These people', he said of the Bush administration, 'what planet do they live on? They are so out of touch.' Last year's Economic Report of the President predicted that 1.7 million jobs would be created in 2003. Instead, the nation lost 53,000 jobs. In Bush's three years in office, 2.2 million jobs have disappeared." [Ibid.]

NEWS BRIEF: "White House Under Fire for Outsourcing Proposal", Fox News, Friday, February 13, 2004

"WASHINGTON — Under new legislation introduced by a group of Senate Democrats on Thursday, American employers would be required to warn their employees and affected communities before moving any jobs overseas. The Jobs for America Act (search) was introduced in response to President Bush's annual economic report, released Monday, in which he highlighted the benefits of sending jobs to other countries.

"This week, Americans learned something important. Exporting jobs isn't an accident — it's administration policy," Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, chief author of the bill, told reporters on Capitol Hill ..."

Senator John Kerry again weighed in on the issue: “In their economic report, the Bush administration said that sending American jobs overseas is good for America and good for the economy. They've delivered a double blow to America's workers — 3 million jobs destroyed on their watch, and now they want to export more of our jobs overseas. What in the world are they thinking?" [Ibid.]

Therefore, if you have just lost your job, do not worry, for your phone will soon ring with a Bush government employee on the other line telling you that you are going to be re-trained for a new job that will pay you much better than your old job! President Bush guaranteed it!


V. Senator John Kerry's presidential campaign seemed to take on an aura of inevitability last week!

NEWS BRIEF: "Kerry looks ahead to Bush", BBC News, Wednesday, 11 February, 2004

"If John Kerry looked very hard to beat before primaries in Tennessee and Virginia, he now looks completely unstoppable. As he had said in his victory speech on Tuesday night, he had won in the East, the West and the North, and now he had won in the South. As a front runner, John Kerry has already been campaigning more against President Bush than his Democratic challenger."

What a difference a few short weeks makes when the Illuminati is running the campaign! Just weeks ago, Senator Kerry was an unknown candidate struggling to just make a decent showing in the Iowa election. Pundits felt Kerry was too Liberal and too closely associated with the Massachusetts type political machine, best typified by Senator Ted Kennedy and President John Kennedy. However, Kerry won "surprisingly" in Iowa and has been winning consistently since. More and more each day, it seems that we shall have a Bonesman Kerry opposing Bonesman Bush for the November election.

Suddenly, a sex scandal hit the Kerry bandwagon, seemingly threatening his candidacy.

NEWS BRIEF: "Kerry sex scandal lurking? Internet report cites suspicions", philly.com, February 13, 2004

"The worlds of politics and the media were all atwitter yesterday over a report on the popular Internet site, the Drudge Report, that Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry - the Democratic presidential front-runner - may be brought down by a sex scandal. Six years ago, it was a similar item on the Drudge Report that brought the world's attention to the affair between then-President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky - sparking the scandal that led to Clinton's impeachment. Late last night, Matt Drudge - the conservative gossipmeister who runs the site - said several leading TV networks and newspapers had been trying to confirm an alleged relationship between Kerry, who is married to ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry, and a young woman that started in spring 2001. An earlier item said the woman had worked for the Associated Press for a short time.

"But there's one huge problem with the story, which raced through newsrooms across the country like a computer virus: Nobody has been able to confirm that it was true."

Later Friday, Kerry denied the report emphatically. Gossip rag magazines, especially the Sun in Great Britain, even claimed that they knew the woman's identity and had spoken to her parents. The father of this woman even gave the magazine the breathless quote for which it was looking, when he was quoted as calling Kerry a "sleazeball" for taking up with his daughter.

Many people assume that the old Judeo-Christian ethic that used to govern elections still holds. However, do you not remember how President Clinton rewrote the rules regarding sexual scandal? During the unfolding Clinton sex scandal -- including stories of Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office -- each new "juicy" story only made Clinton more popular! The average male citizen admired the President for being able to have sex with so many women, while too many female citizens fantasized about having sex with the President! The result was that Clinton prospered because of the sex scandal! We wrote about this phenomenon in NEWS1200.

Even if these stories about Senator Kerry prove to be true, it is very doubtful that they will bring down his candidacy. American national morality is well past the stage where it was affected by Biblical morality.

One person emailed me this week suggesting that Kerry might just be a "stalking horse" candidate for the real Democrat in the race, Hillary Clinton. While this possibility is an intriguing one, no evidence whatsoever exists that might suggest it might be true. We shall just have to wait to see how events play out.

VI. A developing story this past week seemed to suggest that the true nature of the Depleted Uranium situation in Iraq may be far more severe than even we have reported!

NEWS BRIEF: "Warning Of Uranium Contamination & Risks In Iraq", UMRC Information Bulletin, 2-11-4

"Recently completed laboratory analyses show two members of Uranium Medical Research Centre's (UMRC) field investigation team are contaminated with Depleted Uranium (DU). The two field staff, one from Canada and the other, from Beirut, toured Iraq for thirteen days in October 2003; five months after the cessation of Operation Iraqi Freedom's aerial bombing and ground force campaign. Using mass spectrometry, UMRC's partner laboratory in Germany measured DU in both team members, urine samples."

Now, this is hot news! Two members of these UMRC teams spent just 13 days in Iraq -- including in the Baghdad area -- touring the country, and they still came down with Uranium Poisoning -- in only five months! What were these men doing? They were taking samples of the air, dust, and water, and recording the degree of Depleted Uranium poisoning. They were not engaged in combat nor were they fighting guerrillas. They were simply working as civilians, just breathing the air and going about their business.

And, in just five months time, two men are contaminated with uranium!

For many months, Cutting Edge has taken the lead in warning that our soldiers were being placed in serious risk of injury and death because of their daily exposure to Depleted Uranium. We have written a major article on this subject, NEWS1843, posted late July, 2003. In this article, we made some startling statements which this current article seems to substantiate. We said:

* "When a DU shell is fired, it ignites upon impact. Uranium, plus traces of plutonium and americium, vaporize into tiny, ceramic particles of radioactive dust. Once inhaled, uranium oxides lodge in the body and emit radiation indefinitely. A single particle of DU lodged in a lymph node can devastate the entire immune system according to British radiation expert Roger Coghill." ["US Shells Leave Lethal Legacy," Toronto Star, July 31, 1999; also "Radiation Tests for Peacekeepers in the Balkans Exposed to Depleted Uranium," www.telegraph.co.uk, 12-31-02]

* "The Royal Society of England published data showing that battlefield soldiers who inhale or swallow high levels of DU can suffer kidney failure within days. ["Depleted Uranium May Stop Kidneys In Days," Rob Edwards, New Scientist.com, 3-12-02; also "Uranium Weapons Too Hot to Handle," Rob Edwards, New Scientist.co.uk, 6-9-99]

* "Other soldiers that breathe in lesser amounts do not suffer immediately, but have a high chance of breathing in enough to cause serious problems later on. How many of the ground soldiers are contaminated enough with Depleted Uranium residue? "Any soldier now in Iraq who has not inhaled lethal radioactive dust is not breathing." [Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops", Worthington, Amy The Idaho Observer, 4/16/03]

* "U.S and British troops deployed to the area are the walking dead. Humans and animals, friends and foes in the fallout zone are destined to a long downhill spiral of chronic illness and disability. Kidney dysfunction, lung damage, bloody stools, extreme fatigue, joint pain, unsteady gait, memory loss and rashes and, ultimately, cancer and premature death await those exposed to DU." [Worthington, op. cit.]

We also reported that our medical source, a doctor in a foreign army, told us that, over a period of time -- perhaps a generation -- this Depleted Uranium poisoning might get so severe as to make human life impossible in Iraq. Iraqis might die in such numbers that the survivors would begin to leave the country. Since this scenario seemed too severe to believe, I sought out a scientific treatise to either confirm or deny this assertion. Could an entire country really be ruined by daily exposure to Depleted Uranium left from the battlefields and the bombardments by Coalition Forces?

Last week, I received an academic book published in Great Britain entitled, "Depleted Uranium: Deadly, Dangerous, and Indiscriminate", Russell Press, Ltd. 2003.

This book provides devastating scientific information. Here are some excerpts:

"Exposure to DU is greatest on battlefields and in regions devastated by war. Entire populations can be endangered, because the region affected can be much greater than (just) those where military missiles and DU-armored vehicles were actually used ... Entering the body by inhalation, ingestion, through the skin, or present in the form of surgically inextricable shrapnel, it can concentrate in different organs and pose various health problems ... After conflict, there is a serious contamination risk to the resident population ..." [P. 61]

Did you catch the pertinent phrase? "Entire populations can be endangered"

The revelations continue:

"In the impact of a DU missile (a penetrator ) on a hard target, or of a missile against the DU plating of an armoured vehicle, particles of DU are released in aerosol forms (ceramic compounds, essentially oxides). It is known that a large part of the DU contained in a penetrator becomes an aerosol made up of tiny particles of uranium oxide ... This dust then falls on the battlefield, covering the ground and the wrecks of the armoured vehicles. It is lifted and transported long distances by the wind and can penetrate deep into the ground, carried by surface water and rain. Inhaling this dust is probably one of the principal sources of contamination ... Observation of US Gulf War veterans show that in accordance with previous studies, a high percentage of breathable dust from the impact of DU missiles on hard targets is found in the form of soluble oxides in the lungs .. inhalation seems to be the major means of contamination in US and British veterans of the Gulf War." (Page 63)

Did you catch the pertinent phrase? "It (DU dust) is lifted and transported long distances by the wind and can penetrate deep into the ground, carried by surface water and rain."

Long distances: How many miles is Ancient Babylon from contaminated Baghdad? My understanding is that it is only about 13 miles away. When those legendary dust storms of the Middle East gets fully underway -- as it does on numerous occasions every year -- the DU contaminated dust lying in a battlefield becomes airborne and travels dozens and dozens and maybe even hundreds of miles away. A person then begins to breathe in this dust, and the killing begins.

We dropped about 315 tons of DU munitions during the 1991 Gulf War I (Ibid.), but over 2,000 tons during 2003.

This academic study then confirmed that the mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome" of 1991 was a combination of Depleted Uranium poisoning plus toxic vaccinations given our soldiers before they got into the theater -- confirming Cutting Edge analysis of 8 months ago.

Fully 75% of Gulf War I veterans are now suffering from "Gulf War Syndrome", making it likely that an equally high percentage of sickness and fatalities will occur among soldiers from this war. As I was contemplating the fact that the true situation on the ground might be getting close to "worst case scenario", I thought of our historically-unprecedented switching of forces beginning to occur right now. We are moving 120,000 men in to Iraq with their new Stryker equipment while we are moving an equal number of men out, equipped with their Abrams Tanks. In the entire history of American warfare, we have never, ever switched forces wholesale; we have always sent in individual soldiers to replace others, or some units to replace other units, but we have never swapped an entire army.

I know the Pentagon position is that we are doing this because of the switch of equipment. But, I wonder, if an unspoken reason is that the Pentagon knows that a significant proportion of the soldiers who have been in theater for months is now sick and getting sicker -- to the point of losing combat efficiency at some point along the timeline! If this is the case, then this complete switching of our entire army in Iraq makes sense. Our medical doctor in a foreign army and the retired Army Major both agreed that this could well be the case.

We have just waged nuclear war on Iraq for the second time in 12 years, nuking their population and our own soldiers - See a video on this subject at: http://www.ericblumrich.com/pl_lo.html

VII. Watching the news carefully since New Year's Day, I have realized that, slowly and imperceptibly, the United Nations being asked to take more charge in Iraq even as we try to extricate ourselves.

NEWS BRIEF: "American plan for Iraq needs complete overhaul, United Nations envoy warns", The Guardian (London), February 14, 2004

"The UN threw America's latest political plan for Iraq into disarray yesterday by making it clear that direct elections cannot be held before the June 30 transfer of power to an Iraqi authority ... Last night the UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, said power should still be handed over to the Iraqis this summer as planned. But his aides said there would not be time to hold "credible elections" before then. He distanced himself from the controversial US plan, hinting that it would have to be drastically rewritten or shelved."

Once you take the time to contemplate the full meaning of this paragraph, you will probably find that you are mightily surprised. First, this UN envoy seems to be holding himself above American authorities. He seems almost demanding that our leaders drastically rewrite or shelve our original plans. Secondly, this proposal of transferring power on June 30, even if elections have not yet been held, means that Coaltion Forces will have left Iraq under the banner of defeat. Immediately after our forces leave, Iraqi insurgency forces will rush in to fill the power vacuum, taking control of the country. At this point, a major part of the reason we invaded Iraq will have been defeated. Not only do we now realize that Iraq possessed no WMD, but after we unilaterally leave, we just might discover that the country is in the hands of militant Muslims rather than the secular Saddam Hussein!

For weeks, America has virtually been begging the United Nations to come back into Iraq. Right now, UN election teams are working throughout the country. Watch events carefully, for you may discover more instances where we are beginning to hand authority over to the United Nations. Truly, Cutting Edge was right in Summer, 2003, when we wrote that President Bush's fiasco in Iraq will result in the strengthening of the global power and authority of the United Nations (NEWS1854).

VIII. After February 2 passed with no terrorist nuclear attack on New York City, nuclear fear headlines have appeared nearly daily.

Thank God no terrorist attack occurred against New York City on February 2! However, as we pointed out in NEWS1883, the very fact that this threat was publicized means that the Illuminati still plans to carry it out, at a moment to their occult liking. Just as we were beginning to breathe a little easier when the threatened nuclear attack did not materialize, we began to realize that threats of nuclear war and a terror nuclear attack began to regularly appear. Let us review the headlines and the date on which they appeared:

January 5, 2004

January 7, 2004



January 13, 2004

January 19, 2004

January 21, 2004

January 23, 2004

January 30, 2004

February 2, 2004

February 3, 2004

February 5, 2004


February 6, 2004

February 9, 2004

February 10, 2004


February 11, 2004


February 12, 2004

Future Suitcase Nuke Attacks

Nuclear Weapon Radiation Effects
Nuclear Weapon Effects
Nuclear Weapon Thermal Effects
Nuclear Blast Damage and Injury
Suitcase Atomic Demolition Munitions

Study Raises Projection For 'Dirty Bomb' Toll

Return of the Nuclear Threat on US Soil

Expert: More Evidence N. Korea Building Nukes

North Korea Could Soon Be Making 13 Nuclear Bombs a Year

Russia Planning Maneuvers of its Nuclear Forces Next Month
Man in Nuke Triggers Case Ordered Released

Pakistani Nuke Scientist Confesses to Transferring Tech to Iran, Libya, North Korea

Russian Strategic War Games Off Target

Russian Defense Ministry to Conduct First Big Military Exercise in 25 Years

The Nuclear Supermarket

Malaysian Premier's Son Linked to Nukes Probe
'Al-Qaida Has Nukes'
Arab Newspaper Says Al Qaeda Has Ukrainian Nukes

Nukes, Nukes, Who's Got the Nukes?
Pakistan is World's 'Nuke Wal-Mart': Expert

Building the Bomb: North Korean Exiles Reveal 15 Year History of Nuclear Cheating
Bush Seeks Nuke Crackdown

ElBaradei: World May Be Headed for Nuclear Destruction

(Source: http://www.stevequayle.com/index1.html, "Suitcase Nukes" section)

This headline listing is a much smaller version of NEWS1888, where we listed hundreds of news headlines since October 9, 2001. You could easily spot repeating headlines, including the ones about nuclear destruction. When you glance at Steve Quayle's Archived "Suitcase Nukes" section, you will realize we have been subjected to more nuclear terrorist attack headlines this year so far than throughout all of 2003!

Do not be deceived into thinking that no urban terror attack using nuclear weapons will ever take place. As Bill Cooper says in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse", such an attack is planned on New York City. One day that type of attack will occur, and will immediately set into place the entire Illuminati plan by which they will stage Antichrist. As the three planned wars are occurring -- Middle East, Korean Peninsula, Taiwan/China -- urban terror attacks will occur all along the timeline. These urban attacks will allow the government to dissolve our Constitutional government, take away our freedoms and rights, all in the name of "defeating terror" and, of course, "protecting our liberties"

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------


"CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]

""What luck for rulers that men do not think" - Adolf Hitler --- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1890.cfm

* "BUSH/BLAIR JUSTIFICATION OF IRAQ INVASION: NOW PROVEN TO BE LIES, DISTORTIONS, EXAGGERATIONS!" Part 2 of 2 -- Before Bush ordered the Iraq invasion on 3/20/2003, he received numerous warnings from people high and low telling him that the US had not proven its case against Iraq, and that Iraq probably did not possess WMD. We shall show you these articles in this treatise, each one posted as they occurred in our Daily News Updates. Once you read this material, you will understand why Tenet (CIA Director) spoke as he did last week:

"The CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion" [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency] -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1890b.cfm

* "POWERFUL POLITICAL FORCES ALWAYS AT WAR" - The Dialectic Continually At Work - Guest Column by Dr. Dennis Cuddy -- The Skull & Bones and Rhodes Secret Societies team together to control the electoral process! Americans only think their vote means anything as the world gradually moves into the Globalism of the New World Order - http://cuttingedgeministries.net/news/n1891.cfm

--------Conclusion-------------------- "Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil [or, the evil one]." Luke 11:4

What we are taught to seek or shun in prayer, we should equally pursue or avoid in action. Very earnestly, therefore, should we avoid temptation, seeking to walk so guardedly in the path of obedience, that we may never tempt the devil to tempt us. We are not to enter the thicket in search of the lion. Dearly might we pay for such presumption. This lion may cross our path or leap upon us from the thicket, but we have nothing to do with hunting him. He that meeteth with him, even though he winneth the day, will find it a stern struggle. Let the Christian pray that he may be spared the encounter. Our Saviour, who had experience of what temptation meant, thus earnestly admonished His disciples--"Pray that ye enter not into temptation."

But let us do as we will, we shall be tempted; hence the prayer "deliver us from evil." God had one Son without sin; but He has no son without temptation. The natural man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upwards, and the Christian man is born to temptation just as certainly. We must be always on our watch against Satan, because, like a thief, he gives no intimation of his approach. Believers who have had experience of the ways of Satan, know that there are certain seasons when he will most probably make an attack, just as at certain seasons bleak winds may be expected; thus the Christian is put on a double guard by fear of danger, and the danger is averted by preparing to meet it. Prevention is better than cure: it is better to be so well armed that the devil will not attack you, than to endure the perils of the fight, even though you come off a conqueror.

Pray this evening first that you may not be tempted, and next that if temptation be permitted, you may be delivered from the evil one. ["Morning and Evening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon, in the A.W. Tozer CDROM Library]


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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