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---------- Inspiration For the Week----------"His heavenly kingdom." 2Timothy 4:18

Yonder city of the great King is a place of active service. Ransomed spirits serve Him day and night in His temple. They never cease to fulfil the good pleasure of their King. They always "rest," so far as ease and freedom from care is concerned; and never "rest," in the sense of indolence or inactivity. Jerusalem the golden is the place of communion with all the people of God. We shall sit with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in eternal fellowship. We shall hold high converse with the noble host of the elect, all reigning with Him who by His love and His potent arm has brought them safely home. We shall not sing solos, but in chorus shall we praise our King. Heaven is a place of victory realized. Whenever, Christian, thou hast achieved a victory over thy lusts--whenever after hard struggling, thou hast laid a temptation dead at thy feet--thou hast in that hour a foretaste of the joy that awaits thee when the Lord shall shortly tread Satan under thy feet, and thou shalt find thyself more than conqueror through Him who hath loved thee. Paradise is a place of security. When you enjoy the full assurance of faith, you have the pledge of that glorious security which shall be yours when you are a perfect citizen of the heavenly Jerusalem. O my sweet home, Jerusalem, thou happy harbour of my soul! Thanks, even now, to Him whose love hath taught me to long for Thee; but louder thanks in eternity, when I shall possess thee.

"My soul has tasted of the grapes,
And now it longs to go
Where my dear Lord His vineyard keeps
And all the clusters grow.

"Upon the true and living vine,
My famish'd soul would feast,
And banquet on the fruit divine,
An everlasting guest."

[C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning And Evening Devotions", KJV

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------



2) IRAQ, TO START KILLING CLERICS" -- America's "Christian" President has again shown his evil fruit, as he carries out actions forbidden by law and by International Convention, in complete disregard for his own people and his own rhetoric. When will people start to wake up? -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2010.cfm

* "SHARON THROWS ISRAEL INTO TURMOIL! TAKES EARLY, BOLD, UNEXPECTED STEPS TO BEGIN UNILATERAL DISENGAGEMENT" - Opponents to Sharon's policy to unilaterally withdraw from Palestinian territories have underestimated the wily old general. He has just taken several incredibly bold steps to begin the process. Israel cannot believe what they are seeing! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2009.cfm

"Civil War" talk is hanging thick in the air in Israel.


* "STAGE NOW FULLY SET FOR GENUINE CHRISTIANS TO BE TOTALLY DISCREDITED, SO TRIBULATION-AGE PERSECUTION CAN EASILY FOLLOW" - President Bush has skillfully presented himself to the American people as a "man of faith", a Christian who prays and reads his Bible daily. Too many non-Christians look at his invasions and his dangerous foreign policy as an outgrowth of his peculiar belief in Bible prophecy.

When Bush is thoroughly discredited because his policies resulted in the annihilations of World War III, people will turn on genuinely Born Again Christians with prosecutorial vengeance. Just as the Plan calls for. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2008.cfm


As PM Sharon and Palestinian Chairman Abbas agree to another perfectly worthless "Hudna" ceasefire, nothing makes sense, except the reality that this ploy will enable Sharon to unilaterally withdraw. - VHS or DVD *


* "Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin” - This important book is a detailed effort to present to the reader the facts of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin’s propagation of the teachings of Black Magician Aleister Crowley and the satanic, magical cult he founded -- the “Argenteum Astrum -- and his immense influence on modern Rock Music, especially the group, Led Zeppelin's.



* "REBUILDING THE TOWER OF BABEL: The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church": Chapter 1, 'Angel of Light' -- New Age goal of a "whole system transition to a planetary society” is now being realized in the "Purpose Driven Church"! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/rtb1.html


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. As the Bush Administration cranked up the psychological warfare against Iran, two questions immediately jump forward. 1) What was the source of that strong blast 150 kilometers from Iran's nuclear power plant?; 2) Is Iran being threatened because of the "threat" which is posed by an Iranian-backed clergyman possibly ascending to power as Prime Minister in the newly elected government?

NEWS BRIEF: "Powerful blast in Iran", The Australian, February 17, 2005

"A POWERFUL blast occurred near Iran's Gulf port of Daylam today and witnesses reported seeing a missile being fired from an unidentified plane, local television reported. The blast came at a time of high tensions between the US and Iran, which is under intense international pressure over its nuclear activities ... A government source told the television the explosion could have been the result of a fuel tank falling from an Iranian plane, contradicting reports that it was a missile."

Since the Iraqi election of January 30, a great deal of American pressure has been exerted against Iran, even threatening her with imminent attack unless she publicly announced her intention of giving up her nuclear weapons program (which she, the UN, and Russia denies) and unless she ceases her intervention into Iraqi politics. Therefore, the world is expecting an American or Israeli attack on Iran's many scattered - and some buried - nuclear facilities.

As word spread of this explosion, many people throughout the world wondered if the attack was underway. Further, this initial report that eyewitnesses saw a missile being fired from an airplane further fueled speculation that the attack had begun.

However, one fact reported by the establishment news out, Voice of America, settled the issue: the powerful explosion could not be the beginning of an American attack, because it occurred 150 kilometers from the nuclear power plant.

NEWS BRIEF: "Explosion Rocks Southern Iranian City", Voice of America, 16 February 2005

"Iranian television is reporting that there has been a large explosion near the southwestern port city of Daylam in Bushehr province ... Iran and Russia are building a nuclear reactor in Bushehr, about 150 kilometers south of where Wednesday's explosion occurred."

If the powerful explosion occurred 150 kilometers (100 miles) from the location of the nuclear reactor in Bushehr, then the power plant was most definitely not the target, and was not under attack. Later articles stated that the explosion was also not an accidental release of an airplane fuel tank. What, then, might have been the cause of this powerful explosion?

We believe it highly possible that Iran might have shot down an American drone which was on its way to spy once more over the Bushehr nuclear power facility. Is that possible? You be the judge.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Says the United States Has Flown Spy Drones Over Its Nuclear Sites", AP Breaking News, 16 February 2005

"TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - The United States has been flying spy drones over Iran's nuclear sites, Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi said Wednesday, responding for the first time to reports of American unmanned surveillance craft over Iran ... His remarks supported a report Sunday in The Washington Post that quoted unnamed U.S. officials as saying the drones have been flying over Iran for nearly a year to seek evidence of nuclear weapons programs. The newspaper said the drones had been leaving from U.S. military bases in Iraq and were equipped with air filters designed to pick up traces of nuclear activity."

If this explosion was an American drone being shot down, does Iran have that capability, given the fact that our drones are very sophisticated? Yes, remember the Russian contribution to Iran's air defenses which we have already reported? We covered this new capability in one of our recent articles, "Russian Checkmate In The Middle East?" (NEWS2003). We quote relevant portions of this article:

"Russia has reportedly completed construction from Syria to Iran of the same type of sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense which currently defends Moscow. Undoubtedly, Russian advisers are helping man this defense ... Russian president Vladimir Putin and Syrian president Bashar Assad, who arrived in Moscow Monday, January 24, will sign a $70 million deal for the sale of 20 SA-18 Igla-S batteries mounted on Armored Personnel Carriers. One of the most effective missiles against low-flying aircraft on the market, the SA-18 is manufactured at the Russian KBM factory near Moscow ... The Igla-S is also effective against small targets like reconnaissance drones, helicopters and cruise missiles. Missile experts report that when fired against fighter craft an Igla-S has the effectiveness of two missiles fired in a single round – or five missiles when launched against a cruise missile."

To reiterate the above pertinent point: "The Igla-S is also effective against small targets like reconnaissance drones ..."

I find it interesting to see that this drone may have been shot down within hours after The Washington Post ran the story that American drones have been flying regularly over Iranian nuclear facilities. With the Russian complete air defense system newly in place, perhaps the Iranian hardline rulers wanted to make a statement to the United States.

What about our earlier quote, from The Australian, that witnesses reported seeing a missile being fired from an unidentified plane? Perhaps what they were seeing was the missile trail from the plane to the ground, not realizing the missile which created it had flown from the ground to the plane, instead of vice-versa.

If this is the case, then Iran has just thrown the gauntlet down to the United States, having declared that she is now going to actively defend against further American intrusions. Will America risk inflaming the war further? Can she risk it, now that the U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector ElBaradei has boldly stated that Iran possesses no nuclear weapons. He was right about Iraq not possessing WMD, so you have to give him credit here, also. Can Bush risk spreading the war, when Russia's Putin has just announced that Iran's nuclear facilities are just pursuing peaceful purposes?

An editorial in the Asia Times raised one more possibility as to what caused the explosion: US psywar (Psychological Warfare) campaign being conducted against Iran. This article is most interesting:

NEWS BRIEF: "Psywar keeps Tehran on tenterhooks", Asia Times, Feb 18, 2005

"To any intelligence analyst, it should be obvious that the United States has already embarked on a psychological warfare (psywar) campaign to keep Iran on tenterhooks in the hope of thereby breaking its will to resist US pressure to agree to the dismantling of its uranium enrichment capability."

"It is in this context that one has to view the rhetoric of 'no option excluded' coming at regular intervals from President George W Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other US leaders, orchestrated leaks to the media of Pakistan's cooperation with the US in a possible covert action against Iran's military nuclear capability ... of US drones (unmanned surveillance planes) flying unhindered over Iran's nuclear establishments from bases in Iraq, and the latest reports of a mysterious blast near the southern port city of Dailam in Iran on Wednesday ... The third option is psywar, utilized with the aim of breaking the Iranian will so that the other two options become unnecessary. This option has no unacceptable risks, but its ability to produce the expected results is uncertain."

"The US has already embarked on this option. The psywar is being waged at two levels - the political and the paramilitary ... This psywar is being waged from bases in Iraq and Pakistan. Its purpose is to create fear in the minds of Tehran and Moscow about the inevitability of US paramilitary action against Iran's nuclear establishments if they do not see reason and give up their present obduracy ... It is in this context that one has to view the reported mysterious blast at Dailam, Bushehr province. The location of the blast is about 150 kilometers from the site where the Russians are constructing the nuclear-power stations."

"Confusion in Tehran over the incident, which was reportedly spectacular without causing any human casualties, is evident from the contradictory statements emanating from Iran on the cause of the blast ... A spokesperson of Iran's Supreme National Security Council said there was no incident and that people were stirring trouble with such reports. She reportedly said the council had declared that reports of a blast near the nuclear plant were just part of an ongoing campaign of psychological warfare against Iran."

We shall just have to wait to see how this will all play out. However, the Bush Administration has been breathing rhetorical fire against Iran since June, 2003, but has backed down each time, only to begin the rhetoric again. This time, threats have reached new crescendos, using the same tired theme which proved so false in Iraq.

DVD - VHS --

II. A growing American concern over whether the newly elected Iraqi political parties might name a Prime Minister who would demand that foreign forces leave Iran may be partly responsible for the massive rhetorical campaign against Iran.

NEWS BRIEF: "Al-Hakim, head of victorious Shiite-led ticket, holds close ties to Iran", The Boston Herald, February 14, 2005

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, the turbaned pro-Iranian cleric heading the Shiite ticket that won Iraq's national elections, is a longtime ally of Tehran's religious establishment who led an anti-Saddam Hussein militia for two decades from exile. Al-Hakim, who's in his 50s, was born in the holy southern Shiite Iraqi city of Najaf and is the son of the late Grand Ayatollah Mohsen al-Hakim, one of the leading Shiite clerics of the 20th century ... His increasing prominence, matched with his mullah-like dress and close Iranian ties, led many - including the United States - to fear that Iraq was heading toward closer ties with Iran, and, possibly, the establishment of a government based on Iran's theocratic model."

As this election unfolded, news reports began to circulate that the Bush Administration was very concerned that they might lose control of the electoral process, after all (Read NEWS2005 to see how the Iraqi election was rigged). Since the predominate Shi'ite Party did not get 66% of the vote, the new Prime Minister would have to be named from a backroom political deal which would produce a coalition. As we pointed out in the article, above, even though the secular party of Interim Prime Minister Allawi garnered only 14% of the vote, Allawi conceivably could be named Prime Minister because of this backroom dealing.

However, if this backroom coalition were to produce a religious cleric who would be Prime Minister, the United States might just be faced with the most unpleasant circumstance of hearing the new government demand that all foreign forces leave quickly. Such a repudiation of Bush Administration policies would be devastating for the future foreign policy goals of President Bush. He simply cannot allow this scenario to occur.

This prospect became serious enough that Interim Prime Minister Allawi felt compelled -- or was he ordered? -- to formally warn the leadership of the Shi'ite Party who commanded the most votes during the election. Listen carefully:

NEWS BRIEF: ""Allawi party warns Iraq PM favorite over Iran ties", Tehran Times, February 16, 2005

"The secular party of Iraq's outgoing prime minister Iyad Allawi on Wednesday warned the religious Shiite now tipped to succeed him, over his ties to Iran and the role of Islam in the state ... sources in the coalition that won the January 30 elections and that is backed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said interim vice president and Dawa party leader Ibrahim Jaafari had been chosen as the list's premiership candidate. In a thinly veiled reference to Jaafari's ties with the neighboring Islamic Republic of Iran, Allawi aide Imad Shahib said 'he has to behave as an Iraqi. He has to be loyal to Iraq and not to another country'."

Obviously, the "other country" to whom Allawi referred was Iran. Once again, Allawi was warning Iran to stop interfering with Iraq's internal affairs, which Iran has been doing vigorously ever since our invasion on March 20, 2003. In April, 2004, we posted NEWS1910, in which we reported that Iran had virtually declared a regional war with the United States and revealed the exact "lighting many fires" strategy by which her leadership had launched this war. We encourage you to read this highly instructive analysis, because events have since confirmed the points we made.

Now we realize also that, in April, 2004, when Iran launched this new, aggressive war by proxy in Iraq against Coalition Forces, she was getting first deliveries of the Russian anti-aircraft defense systems which finally became operational in late 2004 (NEWS2003). In other words, Iran did not get really aggressive in her campaign against America until she first saw initial deliveries of this Russian system arriving in her country.

By the time Iraqi elections occurred on January 30, 2005, Iran felt protected by this sophisticated anti-aircraft defense system. Her meddling in the backroom political negotiations must now be bold and audacious. Listen to the final warning from Interim PM Allawi as we return to our current Tehran Times article.

"Religion is a dangerous thing for Iraq. We don't want the Lebanese (civil war) story to be repeated here. There are Shiites and Sunnis in the same tribes, in the same families, but if we go down this road, we will create divisions', he told AFP. 'The prime minister should not be a Sunni or a Shiite, he should be the best leader for Iraq', Shabib said. 'Doctor Jaafari is our friend ... but what we say to SCIRI and Dawa is: 'Be careful'." (Ibid.)

Is "Be Careful" a physical threat? You bet it is. Further, President Bush has reportedly already organized teams of Iraqi assassins, trained by the Americans, and armed with foreign weapons bought oversees. These assassins will be quietly dispatched to kill key religious clerics who did not heed Allawi's warning, who are too stridently anti-American, and whose policies could one day cause them to call for an American withdrawal. We have detailed all the facts in our latest article, NEWS2010.

Read this article carefully and weep for the death of the ideals for which President Bush sent our brave men and women to the Middle East to fight. This is a picture of the true "freedom, liberty, and democracy" which we have imposed on Iraq.

Behold A Pale Horse

III. A popular, former Prime Minister of Lebanon was killed by a monstrous bomb in broad daylight. Syrian Intelligence was immediately blamed, even though Israel was to state three days later than Hizbollah was the likely culprit.

Tensions flared mightily in the region. Let us examine this most important story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syrian Military Intelligence Eliminates Hariri and Reform Hopes for Lebanon", DEBKAfile Intelligence, February 14, 2005

"Monday, February 14, Rafiq Hariri, five times Lebanese prime minister, multi billionaire, builder of a country devastated by 15 years of civil war, was assassinated by a huge car bomb that ravaged the Lebanese capital’s seafront. Two ministers in his party and 6 of his bodyguards, including its chief Yahya Al Arb, were among the dead ... The attack is described as the most brutal since the civil conflict ended in 1991."

"Last year, Hariri stepped down in protest against the extension of pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud’s presidency and was about to take the lead of the opposition ... For the first time in the annals of the Arab-Israeli dispute, Lebanon’s senior opposition politicians (Rafiq Hariri, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt and the Christian Maronite archbishop Nasrallah Sfeir) are pressing for the government in Beirut to recognize Israel and sign a separate peace treaty with the Jewish state - without reference to Damascus ... and acting on a signal from Washington."

If this demand was not enough to spark the assassination of these three men, President Bush's next step certainly could have caused the murder. This one demand which President Bush only recently made on Syria was startling.

"... for Washington, Assad’s most important test now is no longer Syrian implementation of Security Council 1559 on Lebanon - or even the evacuation of Syrian troops. Both are important but not the key, which is the dismantling of the Syrian-Lebanese intelligence outfit which ... is composed of the Syrian Reconnaissance Service and Lebanese General Intelligence ... This is the mechanism that controls Lebanese politicians, including members of parliament. As long as it is active, there is little to be gained by pulling Syrian troops out of the country; Damascus will continue to pull the strings in Beirut." (Ibid.)

Therefore, the timeline of key events becomes very clear. Immediately before the bombing, two major events occurred which seemingly might have provoked the attack:

1) Former Prime Minister Hariri and two colleagues presented a demand to the pro-Syrian government to normalize relations with Israel, even to the point of making peace.
2) The Bush Administration suddenly demanded that the Syrian Intelligence Service be disbanded and pulled out of Lebanon.

Of course, Syria would react to prevent such a move. The question is why these three Lebanese leaders would feel so emboldened by Washington's backing that they would risk their lives to so boldly propose peace with Israel? If the Bush Administration did promise Hariri and his colleagues protection, Syria quickly showed that, in this region, her forces still rule.

American reaction was quickly forthcoming.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Recalls Ambassador From Syria", AP Breaking News, Feb 16, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States has called its ambassador home from Syria while expressing 'profound outrage' over the assassination of a Lebanese leader who had protested Syrian influence in Lebanon ... U.S. officials stopped short of directly accusing Syria of carrying out the murder, but Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday the assassination was the 'proximate cause' of the ambassador's recall."

In other words, President Bush did not break diplomatic relations with Syria, which would have been quite serious, but just pulled our ambassador from Damascus for "urgent consultations". Notice the admission, above, that we could not yet conclusively prove that Syrian Intelligence carried out the bombing. The next story presents the same fact.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Calls on Syria to Pull Troops from Lebanon", By Steve Holland, Reuters, 17 February 2005

"Washington - President Bush demanded Syria pull troops from Lebanon on Thursday in the wake of the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri and said he would seek support from European leaders next week to put more pressure on Damascus ... He said it was too early to conclude that Syria had a role in killing Hariri. Washington has used the outrage prompted by the assassination to intensify pressure it was already bringing on Damascus to withdraw from Lebanon."

Indeed, no "Smoking Gun" exists yet that would tightly tie Syria to the bombing. The Israeli government threw more confusion into this volatile mix by suggesting that Hizbollah might have been the culprit.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hizbollah suspected in killing", The Australian, February 16, 2005

"ISRAELI Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom indicated today that his government believed the Syrian-backed Hizbollah militia may have been involved in former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri's killing ... US officials have already started putting indirect blame for the 'heinous' act on Syria and its 14,000-strong military force in Lebanon. During a visit to France on Monday, Mr Shalom said he hoped to convince France to classify the Hizbollah, a Syrian-backed Lebanese Shiite militia which has launched attacks on Israel, as a terrorist organisation. Israel has consistently lobbied for Hizbollah to be put on the European Union's list of terrorist organisations ..."

While Israel's Foreign Minister did admit in this article that Israel had no proof one way or another who was behind the assassination, government ministers at this level are usually circumspect enough that they do not spout off with no evidence to back their assertions. Israel apparantly believes Hizbollah was behind the assassination.

However, Syria backs Hizbollah very strongly, so it does not really matter whether the culprit was Hizbollah or the Syrian Intelligence Service, for each road runs back to Damascus. Syria may be maneuvering in order to accidently trigger fulfillment of a very ancient prophecy for Damascus, which is the longest continuously occupied city in the world. She has never suffered complete destruction. Listen to prophecy:

"THE MOURNFUL, inspired prediction, a burden to be lifted up, concerning Damascus [capital of Syria] ... Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins." (Isaiah 17:1; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

This destruction of Damascus, capitol city of Syria, awaits and may be drawing close if these events continue to spiral out of control. Note that God does not specify which military force will wreak this damage on Damascus; most people assume Israel will deliver this prophetic blow, but it just as easily could be the United States.

For this reason, Syria is rushing into an alliance with Russia, as we have previously reported. Russia's Putin announced that he will sell Syria anti-aircraft systems so that he can throw a Lebanon/Syria/Iran anti-aircraft net up over the region with his moveable radar antenna trucks. Putin also said he was still going to sell the sophisticated shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to Syria's Assad.

America's new real enemy is now Russia in the Middle East -- protector now of both Syria and Iran. (Read Putin's stark warning of April 12, 2003)

V. Israel is in turmoil over this week's climactic Unilateral Disengagement events; the internal struggle is so intense, some are talking "Civil War".

A. Prime Minister Sharon showed last week why he was such a feared Army general and why he should not be underestimated in this struggle with the settlers over his Unilateral Disengagement Plan. Sharon struck quickly and powerfully this week as he released both a top general with the Israeli Defense Force and the head of the Shin Bet Security Service.

Both these lifelong soldiers have served Israel well, and have received many commendations. Their firing came simply because they used the power and publicity of their office to pronounce their extreme opposition to Sharon's withdrawal plan. Both men saw nothing but disaster written all over the plan.

We cover this incredible development in our new article, NEWS2009, "Sharon Throws Israel Into Turmoil! Takes Early, Bold, Unexpected Steps To Begin Unilateral Disengagement". In all my years of watching Israel daily, I have never seen such unbelievably tough decisions made by a Prime Minister. Only "tough as nails" Sharon could make this type of decision.

Of course, Sharon's opponents must now feel a little intimidated, realizing that, if Sharon could sack two such high-caliber, high-profile men like these two, he could get very tough very fast against settlers opposing his withdrawal. As we explain in NEWS2009, Sharon then immediately ordered the IDF to "lock down" the civilian populations in Gush Katif, in the southern Gaza Strip, and settlements in the northern part of the territory -- 10,000 Israeli citizens are suddenly under Marshal Law.

With these developments, some Israeli citizens are talking about "Civil War", with a strange twist which leaves one thinking maybe Sharon has a staged "provocateur" shocker up his sleeve.

NEWS BRIEF: "Civil War 'Talk' Heats Up", Israel National News, Feb 13, 2005

"As tensions over the withdrawal/expulsion plan intensify, talk of a civil war or violence between Jews is also heating up. Some fear another Avishai Raviv-type provocation against the right-wing ... Avishai Raviv (pictured above) is believed to have encouraged Yigal Amir to assassinate Yitzchak Rabin in 1995 ... Raviv was similarly the driving force behind the fictitious Eyal organization, which 'took credit' for attacks against Arabs that never occurred - leading to the ostracizing of the nationalist camp by many."

What does all this mean? Raviv was the shadowy government agent behind the carefully planned plot to implicate Yigal Amir in the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin in 1995, an assassination many Israelis belief was carried out by government agents on behalf of Shimon Peres. Rabin had suddenly changed his mind about the Oslo Accord, to the point Peres feared he would use the power of his office to wreck the entire plan.

If you seriously doubt this possibility, please get a copy of Barry Chamish's book, "Who Really Killed Yitzchak Rabin?" and study the evidence yourself. In NEWS2009, we detail all the strange events occurring in Israel right now which seem to indicate that the Sharon government may be preparing a national disaster he can blame on the Right Wing, thus discrediting them at the very moment he is preparing them to be forcibly evicted from their settlements in the predominately Palestinian areas.

V. The British Foreign Secretary dropped a huge bombshell last week when he stated that Israel will be stripped of her nuclear weapons.

NEWS BRIEF: "LAHORE, Feb 14: Israel will be the last country to be disarmed (of its nuclear arsenal), says British Secretary of State Jack Straw. Tel Aviv was facing threat to its very existence (from its Arab neighbours) , so it would be the last state to be disarmed ..."

The very idea that Israel would be forced to give up her nuclear arsenal raises many troubling questions, does it not? I can think of several most interesting questions:

1) Straw's comments presuppose that Israel will answer -- or is now answering -- to a higher sovereign power than her own. This possibility may shock those people who still believe Israel is calling her own shots, but not shocking for those of us who have long realized that the global Illuminati rules over both America and Israel -- from Great Britain's House of Windsor.

Further, as we have reported many times before, the ultimate plan is for all nations of the world to give up their nuclear weapons to the United Nations. Listen:

In April, 1946, Alice Bailey wrote this part of the plan. "The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present...It belongs to the United Nations for use..or for threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head." (Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 548).

Therefore, you know that the plan existed to strip nuclear weapons from all nations who owned it all the way back in 1945.

The United Nations is that sovereign power, and it intends to "use" or "threaten to use" those nuclear weapons against all states who oppose her global "benevolent" power. But, what can you expect from an organization headed by Antichrist?

2) This is not the first time we have seen calls for nations to give up their nuclear weapons to the United Nations!



3) Whenever you hear a major power hinting that they might consider giving up a major weapons program, you can rest assured that the leaders of that power are convinced that they have a weapon even more powerful than the one they are giving up. In 1986, after decades of fruitless nuclear negotiations between the USSR and the United States, Russian leaders suddenly caved in, agreeing to drastic cuts in ballistic missile and nuclear warhead numbers. Why did the Russians so quickly change positions?

We now know they had just fully implemented their fearsome Electromagnetic Weapons system called "Scalar Waves" (NEWS1776 and NEWS1776b. See also our Weather Control section.)

Lt. Col. Beardon has always maintained that Israel is one of the nations possessing scalar weaponry. Therefore, she can now afford to give up her nuclear weapons. Since both Russia and America operate satellites capable of locating nuclear warheads anywhere on earth at any time -- even if they are encased in lead -- Israel could safely give up her nuclear arsenal. She would be protected from the Arabs unleashing a nuclear bomb against her by this satellite technology, and she would be protected by her vastly superior scalar wave weapons program.

Still, Israel probably will not give up her nuclear weapons until her leaders can hand it to their Jewish Messiah in person -- a man which will be revealed at the mid-point of the Tribulation Period as Antichrist.

VI. The news from Iraq regarding Depleted Uranium just became a lot more serious. Women who have been intimate with husbands and boyfriends returning from Iraq are now coming down with "mysterious cancers"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Women Getting Mysterious Cancers From US Soldiers", Rumor Mill News, 15 February 2005

""Not only were soldiers exposed to depleted uranium on and off the battlefields, but they brought it home. Depleted uranium in the semen of soldiers internally contaminated their wives, partners and girlfriends. Tragically, some women in their 20s and 30s who were sexual partners of exposed soldiers developed endometriosis and were forced to have hysterectomies because of health problems."

You will discover that this information parallels that of the women exposed through sexual intercourse following the 1991 Gulf War, just as we report in our Depleted Uranium section. Tragically, the wholesale, and often willfull, ignorance of most people is causing much death among certain segments of our population. For example, those people with Cutting Edge understanding would never have encouraged their youngsters to go fight in the military during this time period, for they would have known the truth that our military is simply fighting to produce Antichrist.

Similarly, those people with Cutting Edge understanding would have understood the risks of Depleted Uranium. Wives and girlfriends of returning veterans would have been forewarned of the danger to them through intercourse and could have at least sought out expert medical advice before engaging in unprotected intimacy. This story is one of saddest I have ever reported, but the news just gets sadder. Listen to the provable track record from the original Gulf War of 1991. The women today are facing even more danger from their returning husbands and boyfriends, because these current soldiers have been far more contaminated than their counterparts in 1991.

These are the provable facts from 1991 returning soldiers and their loved ones:

"In a group of 251 soldiers from a study group in Mississippi who had all had normal babies before the Gulf War, 67% of their post-war babies were born with severe birth defects! They were born with missing legs, arms, organs or eyes or had immune system and blood diseases. In some veteran’s families now, the only normal or healthy members of the family are the children born before the war Women.............. have reported increases in endometriosis, birth defects in babies, leukemia in children and cancers and other diseases in adults."

Please take a few moments to listen to this incredible video from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, shot in early 2004 when he was running for President. Mr. Kucinich has his medical facts straight and is the only politician speaking out.

"Congressman Dennis Kucinich Deplores The Use of Depleted Uranium In Iraq and Afghanistan"

All of Iraq is now contaminated with levels so deadly the people are already starting to get sick, and are starting to die. Soon, all of Iraq will be unlivable, within 20 years, no one will be able to live in that country any more! This is the true "freedom and democracy" we have given these poor people!


VII. Iraq exploded in violence again this week, producing so many news stories, we will be able to only give scant space to each article. But, taken collectively, these articles demonstrate how poorly the war seems to be going for our forces right now.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why are US military nurses being moved from Walter Reed to Iraq?", by Margie Burns Blog, February 14, 2005

"Bad news, it looks like: about 35 nurses from different branches of the service now working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, are being told they have 30 days to get their affairs in order. Next stop, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for about 5 weeks. Then it’s on to Iraq ... The 35 or so nurses being shipped out are the equivalent of 'one floor' of round-the-clock shifts at Walter Reed, all of whom have heavy-duty experience in the shock trauma unit or the burns ward. Apparently all or most of them, in other words, are experienced in trauma ... The need for nurses in the service is dire ... This group of nurses will arrive in Iraq around the beginning of May."

"One immediate question is why ... The more sinister possibility is that this is one early warning sign of some new deviltry planned for Iraq by the White House. The quietness and abruptness of the move do not inspire confidence, though admittedly the quietness and abruptness could be a political response to a worsening combat situation that the White House will not acknowledge."

As soon as the new Iraqi Prime Minister is announced, the battle lines will form, and all-out war could ensue. Shi'ite is likely to fight Sunni and both could wind up fighting the Coalition Forces. When you factor in the newly armed Iraqi militia trained by the US to assassinate religious clergy while blaming it on some other group, you have the mix of a total, bewildering war in which the enemy will be everywhere and the munitions will be firing in all directions.

I agree with Margie Burns' assessment: this reassignment of so many nurses experience in trauma seems to tell you that our military is expecting many more casualties.

NEWS BRIEF: "Five Blasts Kill at Least 36 in Iraq", Excite News, February 18, 2005

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Many kneeling in prayer, Shiite Muslims were attacked in their mosques and on the streets of Iraq on Friday, with five bombings killing 36 on the eve of their holiest day. Shiite officials said they would not allow the carnage to derail their quest to assume political power for the first time in Iraq's modern history. The explosions - three of them suicide attacks - came as Shiite politicians were negotiating over whom to nominate for prime minister ... The attacks happened on the eve of Ashoura, which marks the 10th day of the Islamic holy month of Muharram and the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, in a 7th century battle for leadership of the Islamic world."

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi General Killed by Gunmen in Baghdad", Las Vegas Sun, February 13, 2005

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Gunmen ambushed a car carrying an Iraqi general in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad on Sunday, killing him and two companions ... Brig. Gen. Jadaan Farhan and his companions were traveling in a white four-wheel drive vehicle through Baghdad's Kazimiyah district when the attack occurred."

When insurgents can brazenly and openly kill even highly-protected Army generals, no one in the Interim government is safe. This attack, then, serves a purpose far beyond just the killing itself. Officials up and down the line in the government, plus officials of the incoming government, plus officers of the army are likely to now be very aware of how vulnerable they truly are.

NEWS BRIEF: "Intelligence Officer Shot Dead in Baghdad", The Scotsman, 16 Feb 2005

"Gunmen shot dead an Interior Ministry intelligence officer in a southern Baghdad neighbourhood today ... Attackers opened fire on 1st Lt. Ghazi Hoshi as he was getting into his car to go to work in Dora ... In other violence, assailants yesterday killed Jassim Mohammed Mousa al-Daraji, a former municipal official and ex-Baath Party member in the eastern slum of Sadr City.

"And in another attack, in the northern city of Mosul, gunmen seriously wounded a police colonel and killed his driver."

In one day of violence, insurgents killed an Interior Ministry intelligence officer, a former municipal official an ex-Baath Party member, and a police colonel and his driver! The list of key people in the Iraqi government getting killed and/or abducted is getting very large. Through these types of incessant attacks, governments have a tendency to stop functioning -- especially if their police departments are unable to contain the attacks. The success of these attacks is a very bad sign for the continued life of this Interim Iraqi Government.

NEWS BRIEF: "Deputy Governor Escapes Car Bomb Attack North of Baghdad", AP Breaking News, Feb 15, 2005

"BAQOUBA, Iraq (AP) - The deputy governor of a volatile province north of Baghdad escaped an apparent assassination attempt Tuesday after a suicide car bomber rammed his convoy ... The bomber died, but no other casualties were reported in the insurgent attack in Khalis, 50 miles north of the Iraqi capital."

NEWS BRIEF: "Turk among eight shot dead found north of Baghdad", The Turkish Press, Feb 17, 2005

"SAMARA, Iraq, Feb 17 (AFP) - A Turkish national is thought to be among eight people found shot dead north of Baghdad, Iraqi police said Thursday, adding that all the victims were employed on a US military base."

VIII. At the time President Bush is trying to convince American voters that he really cares about his soldiers whom he has sent off to fight this unwinnable war, his administration is suddenly turning on 1991 Gulf War Veterans, in their hour of greatest need!

NEWS BRIEF: "White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs: Gulf War pilots tortured by Iraqis fight the Bush administration in trying to collect compensation", L.A. Times, February 15, 2005

"WASHINGTON — The latest chapter in the legal history of torture is being written by American pilots who were beaten and abused by Iraqis during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. And it has taken a strange twist. The Bush administration is fighting the former prisoners of war in court, trying to prevent them from collecting nearly $1 billion from Iraq that a federal judge awarded them as compensation for their torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein's regime."

"The rationale: Today's Iraqis are good guys, and they need the money. The case abounds with ironies. It pits the U.S. government squarely against its own war heroes and the Geneva Convention. Many of the pilots were tortured in the same Iraqi prison, Abu Ghraib, where American soldiers abused Iraqis 15 months ago. Those Iraqi victims, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said, deserve compensation from the United States."

Can you believe this nonsense? While fighting our own veterans, the Bush Administration is declaring that the Iraqis tortured at the hands of American soldiers during this war "deserve" compensation! If we are going to compensate these poor Iraqis, we certainly deserve to support our own soldiers who served and suffered because President George H.W. Bush ordered them into combat. These men were captured and tortured for our freedoms during the 1991 Gulf War.

Furthermore, the idea that Iraq cannot afford to pay $1 billion is ludicrous, since many more times that has already been squandered and/or "lost". Just last week, we heard that the Pentagon has "misplaced $1 trillion"!

Once more, this American President demonstrates his real spiritual fruits.

DVD - VHS IX. The disastrous Kyoto Accords took effect this past week. Despite pragmatic American opposition to this treaty, enough other nations of the world joined together to ratify this accord, setting the world on the path only Extreme Environmentalists ever dreamed of. When implemented fully, Kyoto will shut down our Industrial Civilization.

NEWS BRIEF: "Global Warming Treaty Set to Take Effect", By Charles J. Hanley, Associated Press, February 14, 2005

"NEW YORK — After seven politically painful years, the Kyoto Protocol finally enters into force on Wednesday, reining in industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse gases' in a first attempt to control climate change. The global pact negotiated in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, remains a small step, potentially eliminating only one-tenth of a projected 30 percent rise in worldwide emissions between 1990 and 2010. Its supporters already are looking beyond it, toward bigger steps once the agreement expires in 2012. Progress will be limited without the United States, however. The world's biggest emitter rejects the Kyoto pact and balks at discussing future mandatory cuts. European environment ministers, key Kyoto supporters, say they will step up efforts this year to win Washington over."

The reason Washington refuses to sign this treaty is simply because everyone realizes that this accord will shut down all Industrial Civilizations once it is fully implemented. Even though the Illuminati intends to do just that, they cannot afford to shut down the American economic engine prematurely. Therefore, in this preparatory period, America will be allowed to function without Kyoto.

We have posted the following articles on Kyoto Accords:




From now on, no one can ever say that an idea coming from an environmental "wacked out" source is so ridiculous it can never take effect! Nothing over the years has been so ludicrous as the principles upon which the Kyoto Accords were based, and yet now this treaty is taking effect.

Just remember this startling fact: the most unbelievable, unworkable parts to this environmental plan are supported by Illuminati government officials! The Re-Wilding Plan carried out by Clinton and now Bush Administration officials is proof positive of this sorry reality.

The very fact Kyoto is taking effect is another sign that the appearance of Antichrist is close, for this is part of his 7-year "Cleansing Cycle" for the earth!

X. We have discovered Laura Bush's confession that President George Bush not not consider himself to be Born Again! Listen carefully, for this is very important information.

NEWS BRIEF: "Encore Presentation: Interview with Laura Bush", CNN Larry King Live, December 23, 2001

"KING: Christmas is first and foremost a time of faith. It has become other things, too and, I guess, excepted world-around as -- whatever your faith is, there's a certain feeling at Christmas.

How important is faith?

L. BUSH: It's been important to me and to my husband really our whole lives.

KING: Well, your husband was a born-again, though, right?

L. BUSH: I don't know if he would say that. But certainly he was an acolyte in the Episcopal Church as a young man, as a child -- I mean, as a -- still in high school. So, you know, church has always been important to him, and he went with his family to church every single Sunday just like I did, you know, from childhood on. So it's really a lifelong -- faith has a lifelong importance to both of us.

But now, I think, it has even more of an importance, because we are comforted by our faith, we are strengthened by it. And also I think we're all so much aware, all Americans are so much more aware of our precious freedoms, and one of those is the freedom to worship however we want to."

When you realize that President Bush does not consider himself to be Born Again, you realize the chances of him truly being saved are somewhere between "nil and none", just as Cutting Edge has been saying since 1999. Furthermore, when Laura immediately takes refuge in George Bush serving as "an acolyte in the Episcopal Church as a young man", she is revealing the total lack of understanding as to what constitutes being Biblically saved, very typical of anyone who has grown up in a Mainline Denomination!

The Bible is very clear that a person knows they are saved, for they depend upon the firmness of both Biblical doctrine and the continuous assurance of the Holy Spirit. If George Bush does not know he is Born Again, then he is not saved! If he is equating serving as an acolyte in the Episcopal Church with being Born Again, he is not saved.

We will be adding this bad spiritual fruit to our table comparing "Bad vs Good Fruits" of President Bush.


---------Conclusion----------------"We all with open face beholding ... the glory of the Lord" (2Cor. 3:18)

servant of God must stand so much alone that he never knows he is alone. In the first phases of Christian life disheartenments come, people who used to be lights flicker out, and those who used to stand with us pass away. We have to get so used to it that we never know we are standing alone. "All men forsook me ... notwithstanding the Lord stood with me" (2Tim. 4:16-17). We must build our faith, not on the fading light, but on the light that never fails. When "big" men go we are sad, until we see that they are meant to go, the one thing that remains is looking in the face of God for ourselves.

Allow nothing to keep you from looking God Sternly in the face about yourself and about your doctrine, and every time you preach see that you look God in the face about things first, then the glory will remain all through. A Christian worker is one who perpetually looks in the face of God and then goes forth to talk to people. The characteristic of the ministry of Christ is that of unconscious glory that abides. "Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with Him."

We are never called on to parade our doubts or to express the hidden ecstasies of our life with God. The secret of the worker's life is that he keeps in tune with God all the time. ["My Utmost For His Highest", Oswald Chambers]

Read about the wondrously dedicated life of Oswald Chambers, whose books of devotion are still the #1 seller in the whole world. Read how God mightily used this simple man, for in his life, you will see the dedication you need in your life in order for God to significantly use you. Remember the chorus, "Little Is Much When God Is In It"? That is the life of Oswald Chambers! That can be your life too.

["Abandoned To God", life story of Oswald Chambers]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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