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---------- Inspiration For the Week----- "I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing." Ezekiel 34:26

Here is sovereign mercy--"I will give them the shower in its season." Is it not sovereign, divine mercy?--for who can say, "I will give them showers," except God? There is only one voice which can speak to the clouds, and bid them beget the rain. Who sendeth down the rain upon the earth? Who scattereth the showers upon the green herb? Do not I, the Lord?

So grace is the gift of God, and is not to be created by man. It is also needed grace. What would the ground do without showers? You may break the clods, you may sow your seeds, but what can you do without the rain? As absolutely needful is the divine blessing. In vain you labour, until God the plenteous shower bestows, and sends salvation down. Then, it is plenteous grace. "I will send them showers." It does not say, "I will send them drops," but "showers." So it is with grace. If God gives a blessing, He usually gives it in such a measure that there is not room enough to receive it.

Plenteous grace! Ah! we want plenteous grace to keep us humble, to make us prayerful, to make us holy; plenteous grace to make us zealous, to preserve us through this life, and at last to land us in heaven. We cannot do without saturating showers of grace. Again, it is seasonable grace. "I will cause the shower to come down in his season." What is thy season this morning? Is it the season of drought? Then that is the season for showers. Is it a season of great heaviness and black clouds? Then that is the season for showers. "As thy days so shall thy strength be." And here is a varied blessing. "I will give thee showers of blessing." The word is in the plural. All kinds of blessings God will send. All God's blessings go together, like links in a golden chain. If He gives converting grace, He will also give comforting grace. He will send "showers of blessing." Look up to-day, O parched plant, and open thy leaves and flowers for a heavenly watering. ["C.H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]

---------- Resource Update ----------

* "The RISEN Redeemer! -Reality and Relevance" -- With the Evangelical and Catholic world simply agog over the bloody movie, "The Passion", this book is a much needed breath of fresh air! The Biblical emphasis is upon the Resurrection, not the "Passion" of Jesus Christ! This Biblical fact has been the heart and soul of Baptist and Protestant doctrine for the past 500 years!

"The Passion" movie is likely to strongly move people into the wrong direction again, toward the Roman Catholic emphasis on Jesus' agonizing death. This book is a must read for many people who do not understand this mighty Biblical Resurrection doctrine. NO historic event can begin to compare to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. It was a momentous event that transformed not only the world but also countless precious souls. The Resurrection is one of the fundamentals of the faith - at the center of Biblical Christianity there is an empty tomb! Jesus' Resurrection has been called "the most attested fact in history". This work will be instrumental in dispelling any doubt about the historical veracity of the resurrection. This author examines the Biblical evidence for resurrection and the implications for the believer. You will be drawn closer to the Savior Who died to rise again, to redeem you unto eternity in Heaven! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=682

* "Amazing Grace - Video - The History Behind The 5 Great Hymns That Changed The World" -- On this video Dr. Al. Smith takes part in telling the thrilling stories behind five favorite hymns. Your family will watch in awe as the stories of these hymns come to life in a bold new way. See how God inspired our most loved 5 Hymns of the Christian Faith.

INCLUDES: "Amazing Grace" // "It is Well With My Soul" // "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" // "Silent Night" // "How Great Thou Art"

This is the film to show non-believers, for these songs glorify God and will allow the Holy Spirit to work within the soul of a sinner. One of the most dynamic, heart-warming, high-quality video we have ever sold! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=688

* "Amazing Grace - DVD - The History Behind The 5 Great Hymns That Changed The World" -- Once you understand how the Holy Spirit indwelt selected song writers through the history of the Christian Church, you will appreciate how much God wanted His people to enjoy songs that lighten the heart even as their lyrics enlighten the soul! I have cried tears of joy as I have learned the ways in which God worked through some of these Christian writers of yesteryear to give us the music He wants us to sing in our services, songs that glorify Him.

The writers of some of these songs paid a high price for the lyrics they wrote. God ploughed their hearts deeply and thoroughly with great trials before He gave them the inspiration for the lyrics. Through the greatest of human tragedies comes the sweetness refrains and melodies when God is in the work. This is the film to show non-believers, for these songs glorify God and will allow the Holy Spirit to work within the soul of a sinner. http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=689

Contains the same songs as the video.

* "Biblical Music - Keeping the Good Old Paths!" - This book is about Christian music – a vital subject for the Church of Christ. It is important that we understand what God’s Word says about music and praise. Sloppy or irreverent music has no place in contemporary worship. There is no reason for churches to rely on worldly arrangements, Godless lyrics, worn-over rock tunes, or spiritless songleaders! This book helps us understand God’s view of music and its importance to the church.
What other pastors have said about this book… “This book will be a great asset for those musicians and pastors seeking a foundation for the music program of their church. Thank you for giving us something to help us clearly draw the lines of distinction from a biblical position in the area of music in the church.” “This is excellent! This is what I was looking for. I am in the process of writing my personal philosophy of music to include in my overall ministry philosophy. I will definitely include some of your points. You have met a need! Thanks.” -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=681

* "The King James Bible Code" -- God's special order fills the pages of His Word, the Holy Bible. The most important battle we fight today is the battle for the Bible. We need a clear call to get back to the basics. The King James Code is not a book of secret knowledge, but a guidebook unfolding for its readers a numerical journey that starts with the beginning of creation and takes us through the end of time.

One Lord, Two Witnesses, Three Days in the Tomb, Four Gospels, Five Smooth Stones, Six Days, Seven Seals, Eight People in the Ark, Nine Fruits of the Spirit, Ten Commandments

God uses consistent numerics to unfold His purposes. "The Bible is an ordered book, written by the author of order, and is, therefore, a mathematical book." -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=690

* "Grand Canyon: A Different View" - Master Color Photography Book Series -- Great Homeschooling Resource!! "For 15 years I was taught the evolutionary model of how the Grand Canyon was formed, but it never made complete sense... When I studied the Creation model, things started to come together. I hope you will come to believe, as I do, that the Canyon is not only a chilling museum of death, with its trillions of fossilized creatures who were terrorized as walls of mud and water froze them in time; it is also a reminder to Christians that God's Word is true and can be relied upon." (Tom Vail, Grand Canyon River Guide) http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=687

* "Scientific Analysis of Genesis" -- Noted Science Professor Challenges Evolution and Scientific Atheism! Can scientific evidence prove the Earth to be less than 10,000 years old? Dr. Edward Buck, Professor of Aerodynamics, Nuclear Engineering, Geological Engineering, and other subjects for more than thirty years at the University of Oklahoma, answers both the above questions in the affirmative. Dr. Buck has worked on Project Mercury at NASA, as well as the F4 fighter. He has written over 150 scientific papers, and he rejects the possibility of an old Earth or the process of evolution occurring within either plant or animal life. In fact, this noted scientist, engineer, and professor in one of America's higher schools of learning, concludes that scientific evidence supports the Genesis account of special creation.
This book is entitled to serious consideration by every high school and university student; it needs to be in every school library in the United States.

Great Homeshooling Resource! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=691

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. "The Passion" movie -- Another Gospel, Another Jesus -- In a nutshell, this is the core blasphemy contained within this movie. The key distinctive between Biblical truth and Roman Catholicism is simple, but so very important that over 70 million Protestants who held to this Biblical doctrine were martyred by Rome's Inquisition chambers: The Bible states that Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross was a substitutionary act that was sufficient to save the sins of all mankind forever. Roman Catholicism teaches that Jesus' sacrifice was not complete, was "lacking"! To make up for that supposed "lack", the Virgin Mary stepped into the scene, becoming the Co-Redeemer, Co-Sufferer with Jesus during His trial, torture and crucifixion.

Listen to Pope John Paul II declare this to be Catholic doctrine: "She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." [Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris, n. 25)

In the movie, the only time a substitutionary sacrifice is even mentioned is in the Garden of Gethsemane! A female Satan whose voice sounds distinctly male, taunts Jesus saying:

"... do you really believe that one man can really bear all the burden of sin forever? No one man can bear that burden; it is too heavy, too costly."

Satan sneers terribly at the idea that one man's sacrifice could possibly pay the entire sin burden of the whole world. Surprisingly, Jesus did not rise to a defense in this movie when challenged by this female Satan! He said not one word in defense of this sneering accusation! He merely said, "If possible, let this chalice pass from me..."

One of the major facts we learned as we studied the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan (NEWS1055) is that the original proposal must come from a proper authority figure! Listen to the way in which the Illuminati chose to word this all-important concept. Step #1 of this Six-Step plan reads as follows:

"Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum." [Emphasis was in the original]

Thus, in this movie, it is very important that a proper authority figure never did positively state the substitutionary sacrifice doctrine! Only a sneering Satan stated this concept, without Jesus strongly defending it! Please take a few moments to really meditate on this very, very important concept. A person who knows their Bible well will look at Satan's statement and relax, thinking that the movie has made this key point of a substitutionary sacrifice. However, an unchurched person who knows nothing about the Bible and has never had the Gospel presented to him is not likely to make this connection strongly enough to be moved to be saved! Such an unchurched person is likely to see a sneering Satan impugn the idea that one man's sacrifice could possibly atone for the sins of the entire world and believe that Satan was right! The chance that an unsaved, biblically illiterate person is likely to come to the conclusion that Satan was right is immeasurably increased by the fact that Jesus did not strongly rise to defend the substitutionary principle!

This principle is so key you must understand it fully. An unchurched person is likely to see a tortured, brutally crucified Jesus, and say in his heart, 'what does that mean for me?' Most people will never make the connection between Jesus' sacrifice and what that means for their eternal soul. For this reason, we believe this movie has little to no real significance in an evangelistic outreach. So many apostate churches like Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven churches are attempting to bring people who have seen this movie into their churches, where they will never hear the proper Gospel. We believe that little genuine spiritual seed is likely to come from this movie.

The greatest recipient of this movie will be the Roman Catholic Church. This movie is so strongly Catholic that it will reinforce Catholic doctrines in the minds of her devout and lukewarm alike. Family members of Catholics who have spurned the Church are likely to be drawn back because of this most emotionally draining movie.

In fact, Catholics could very well look at the weak, indecisive Jesus and realize that Roman Catholic doctrine is correct -- "She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." [Ibid] Satan will be seen as being entirely correct: Jesus' sacrifice was not enough to save the sin of the whole world! His sacrifice had to be augmented by Mary's suffering! Jesus was, and is, "lacking"! Mary's suffering provides what Jesus lacked, thus making His sacrifice complete and perfect! Mary must suffer for the sins of the world, or no salvation is possible!

And, Mary did, indeed, suffer with Jesus throughout this whole movie. Gibson portrays her as being spiritually connected with Jesus. When He felt pain, she felt pain.

Furthermore, this movie exaggerates the point that Jesus could never have made it through His 12 hours of suffering had Mary not been there for Him, giving Him strength to go on. Time and again, Jesus is beaten to the point He simply collapses, seemingly unable to go on, seemingly in danger of dying right there on the spot. However, His eyes meet Mary's eyes and suddenly, He is infused with new physical strength and inner determination. At the very end of the crucifixion, Mary calls out, "Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, I want to die with you". This movie depicts exactly what Pope John Paul II said, above.

"She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." [Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris, n. 25)

This disgusting Catholic belief is clearly and boldly stated in this movie. Do you think Protestants ought to go see it? Do you think this movie is a proper evangelisation tool? Remember the Biblical doctrine that God will not allow a holy result to come from an unholy source. He cares just as much about methods as He does about results. Listen to the Scripture:

"And if anyone enters competitive games, he is not crowned unless he competes lawfully, fairly, according to the rules laid down." [2 Timothy 2:5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

And, make no mistake, this movie was conceived and produced by unholy, Roman Catholic professionals! A Jesuit priest was one of the script writers, Jesuit priests served continuously in advisory capacities and a high ranking Opus Dei -- a Catholic blood-oath secret society -- official was an assistant director to Mel Gibson. Unholy methods never can achieve holy results.

In fact, you have to remember how genuine salvation occurs. Jesus stated: "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him." [John 6:44]

Did this Scripture say that a person is brought to the point where he/she desires to receive Jesus as Savior because they are emotionally whipped and sawed by a movie brutally depicting the torture and crucifixion of Jesus? No, it says that only when the Father calls a person can that person come to Jesus! Therefore, is God going to use an unholy movie -- created by unholy Catholic officials -- as a means by which to bring people to His Son? Of course, not.

But, that old deceiver Satan, loves to fool people into thinking this fundamentally Catholic movie is going to be a great Evangelistic tool. Be careful of the supposed conversions, for Satan is expert in creating the false tare plant rather than the genuine wheat! Remember that a tare plant looks exactly like a wheat until the very end of the growth cycle, when the wheat grows a full head of seed while the tare grows a very tiny head of inedible seed. From the beginning all the way to the setting of the head of seed, the tare plant looks exactly like a wheat plant! [Read the parable of the Tare: Matthew 13:24-30]

At the End of the Age, Jesus foretold in this parable, Satan would plant many false tares in the fields of the world. This movie is likely to produce "tare conversions".

Satan also loves to jerk people emotionally so they will make a shallow decision for Jesus that will die out just as quickly as the shallow plants of which Jesus warned in His parable of the Sower and the Seed [Luke 8:5-18]

Bold Catholic Dogma and Heresy Taught Here

Bold Roman Catholic doctrines are taught in this movie; in fact, I believe this movie may be the single strongest statement of Roman Catholic heresy in world history! We list these Romish doctrines very clearly in our article, NEWS1896, and invite you to carefully and prayerfully read it. The Bible states that the End of the Age would be characterized by the most appalling Christian Church apostasy imaginable. Listen the prophetic words of the Apostle Paul:

"But relative to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to meet Him, we beg you brethren let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the apostasy comes first (unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come) and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition)." [2 Thessalonians 2:1-3; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]


".... when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth?" [Luke 18:8; Ibid.]

One of THE major signs that the End of the Age is truly approaching is when you see the great majority of Christian churches falling away from the Fundamentals of the Faith. A pastor or church leader that knowingly moves away from teaching the "full counsel" of God, and begins incorporating unbiblical and human elements in his services and his teaching, is literally -- and Biblically -- opening the door to Antichrist. How many well-meaning pastors have ever thought of this sober fact as they lead their churches into areas that are not Biblical?

Pastors, teachers and leaders who are falsely assuring their followers that this movie is consistent with Scripture and does not teach any unique Catholic doctrine, are simply opening the door wide open to the appearance of Antichrist! Below, we shall deal with the falsehoods of Dr. Dobson, but he is not the only one who is encouraging Christians to go watch, and support, this movie.

This whole world is swirling toward a complete fulfillment of all prophecies. All three segments of civilization are moving toward globalism at the very same time: Government, Economy, Religion. This movie will provide a great movement -- probably a quick movement -- toward an accommodation with the Roman Catholic Church, whose Pope has been chosen by the Illuminati to be their False Prophet (NEWS1052). This movie is moving apostate, biblically-illiterate Christians firmly into the hands of Rome.

Speaking of unbiblical scenes, how about that scene with the female Satan taking the role of a demonic Virgin Mother and holding that demonic Divine Child in her arms? Did you see the smirk from Hell when that albino-white baby turned to view Jesus being scourged? This scene can only be that of the coming Antichrist! What is that doing in a move that is supposed to be consistent with the four Gospels? We explain this scene in NEWS1896.

Roman Catholic sources are chortling over the success of "The Passion", even as they are wondering why Evangelicals are so enthusiastic! Let us now review some of these Catholic authors as they write about Gibson's movie.

II. Official Vatican website crows that "The Passion" is a Mass! When you went into the theater to see this movie, did you have any inkling you were really walking into a Mass? Furthermore, did Dobson, Billy Graham and Rick Warren tell their people they were going into a Roman Catholic Mass? Listen to this revelation from an official Vatican website, "ZENIT: The World Seen From Rome"

NEWS BRIEF: " 'The Passion' … for Its Author, Is a Mass", Vittorio Messori, ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome, Date: 2004-02-18, Code: ZE04021821

"Gibson, a Catholic who loves the Tradition, is a strong champion of the doctrine confirmed by the Council of Trent: the Mass is ... 'above all' Jesus' sacrifice, the bloodless renewal of the passion ... This film, for its author, is a Mass."

How can this be? Could this film really have been created specifically to be a Mass? Yes! Once you understand the Mass - yes - the film is a Mass. How can this be, you ask, for this film simply depicts Jesus' scourging, false trial, and brutal crucifixion. Right? Exactly right! But, did you not know that this is precisely what a Mass is?

Let us define this most blasphemous of religious ceremonies, carried out worldwide by the innumerable thousands every day. Let us define the Mass, drawing from a Roman Catholic Catechism:

"The Mass continues the Sacrifice of the Cross. Each time the Mass is offered, the Sacrifice of Christ is repeated. A new sacrifice is not offered, but by divine power, one and the same sacrifice is repeated. 'As often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord, until He comes (1 Cor 11:26). In the Mass, Christ continues to offer Himself to the Father as He did on the Cross. And in the Mass, the Father continues to accept His Son's gift as He did in the Resurrection and the Ascension." ["The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism", Catholic Book Publishing, p. 171]

Sacrificing Jesus daily, putting Him back on that Cross daily, is an abomination to God! Not only did God keep Moses from entering the Promised Land because he struck the rock (Jesus) twice, but the writer to the Hebrews makes it quite plain that a person cannot even be saved as long as they hold Jesus up to shame continually! Listen:

"If they then deviate from the faith and turn away from their allegiance--it is impossible to bring them back to repentance, as long as they nail upon the cross the Son of God afresh ... and are holding Him up to contempt and shame and public disgrace." [Hebrews 6:6; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

For centuries, Roman Catholic people were frozen out of simple salvation as long as they continued to go to Mass! As long as they participated in the daily torturing and crucifixion of Jesus, they could not be saved! Once they became Born Again, the Holy Spirit would bring a conviction to their heart that they could no longer go to Mass! In the vast majority of centuries since Martin Luther, this decision could very well result in their martyrdom!

When Evangelical Christians believe that there is no real difference between Catholicism and Christianity, they are impugning the entire Protestant Reformation! By their actions, they are stating that Martin Luther was wrong and that over 70 million Protestants died in vain! Yet, Evangelicals must take this view or they would not be urging their people to attend this movie, thinking it would help lead people to the genuine Jesus!

People are all caught up in the current fever that this movie represents one of the greatest evangelizing tools of all time! Would you take a prospective convert to a Roman Catholic Mass in order to win them for Jesus Christ? Of course, not, you say. Then, you would not take them to this Hollywood Mass called "The Passion"!

Now, let us hear from another Catholic source, Belief Net"

III. NEWS BRIEF: "What's Catholic About 'The Passion'? A Lot", Belief Net, http://www.beliefnet.com/story/140/story_14094_3.html

"The Stations of the Cross, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, and Catholic mystics' visions shape Mel Gibson's work. What's in "The Passion of the Christ" that's not in the Bible? Mel Gibson has said that while drawing most heavily from the Gospels, he also based his movie on extra-biblical sources, many of which fuel his Catholic faith. Scenes corresponding to the Stations of the Cross, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, and visions of Catholic mystics appear in the film. The Stations of the Cross are a Catholic devotion meant to evoke a contemplative experience of Jesus' last hours. The faithful follow a series of 14 pictorial images representing scenes of Jesus' condemnation, his road to Calvary, and his crucifixion. The images often are shown on the walls of Catholic churches so believers can move from one "station" to another, reflecting on Christ's suffering."

At this point, the author of this Catholic article lists each of the 14 Stations of the Cross, with an explanation. This author quite correctly stipulates which Station of the Cross are Biblical and which are unbiblical. Of course, numerous positions of the Stations of the Cross never occurred in the Bible, and are there only because of Roman Catholic supposed visions!

This Catholic author concludes in most Catholic manner.

"While Protestants and other non-Catholics may find the extra-biblical sources unfamiliar, there has not been an outcry that it is 'too Catholic'. The Stations of the Cross, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the writings of Catholic mystics provide extra material with which Gibson created his artistic statement of faith. In effect, the film offers an insider's view of Catholic traditions to which the faithful have turned for centuries in an effort to understand Christ's sufferings."

Did you catch that pertinent phrase? "the film offers an insider's view of Catholic traditions"

Did you hear that, Mr. Dobson, Billy Graham, and Rick Warren? This film was NOT Biblical, not Christian, but an "insider's view of Catholic traditions"!

Another article on Belief Net gives much more insight.

IV. NEWS BRIEF: "Hymn to a Savage God: Mel Gibson uses a 'hidden script' based on visions of a German nun in making his film", By John Dominic Crossan, Belief Net, http://www.beliefnet.com/story/140/story_14099_1.html

"Before you see Mel Gibson's film, 'The Passion of the Christ,' read the script. I don't mean the film's actual script, or even the New Testament, upon which the film is based. Rather, I mean the hidden script: "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ" from the Meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich. Sister Anne Emmerich was an Augustinian nun and mystic who lived from 1774 to 1824 in Germany. Her life was one of poverty, hardship, and suffering, with its final decade spent bed-ridden in constant pain. During the last Lent of her life, she experienced visionary meditations on Jesus' passion, recorded by the poet Klemens Brentano and published in 1833. Inspired by this work of mystical visions, Gibson has created a film that is two hours of unrelenting brutality. The fleeting flashbacks to the earlier life of Jesus and Mary serve more to intensify than alleviate the savagery. They do not explain how Jesus' life led inevitably to this death or why anyone wanted him dead let alone publicly crucified. He is victim, not martyr."

Bingo! This last point, above, is exactly our contention, both in NEWS1896 and at the beginning of this newsletter! This Catholic author agrees with Cutting Edge, that people who are not familiar with Scripture will have no good idea why Jesus was crucified and certainly no good idea as to how His savage crucifixion might impact them spiritually! Without this kind of connection, this film has little, if any, Evangelical outreach potential! Ponder this very, very carefully!

This Catholic author continues, and he makes it quite clear he is troubled by the movie. Listen:

"Thus, my main question about this film is: when does the sustained depiction of a sadistic action become itself an obscene viewing? Even or especially if it actually happened that way? The question is not whether scourging and crucifixion were savage (of course!) or whether Jesus suffered terribly (of course!) but whether this film's unrelenting sadism is pornographic?"

Christians have railed against Hollywood's depiction of mindless violence, death, blood, guts, and gore. Yet, too many Christians are more than willing to subject themselves to just such a Hollywood depiction, not stopping to think that the Holy Spirit -- working 2,000 years ago in the minds of the Four Evangelists -- chose not to spell out in gruesome detail the violence, blood, guts and gore in the Gospel account of Jesus' trial, scourging and crucifixion. Why would we allow Hollywood to depict something God chose not to depict!

Then, this author decries the fact that Gibson is even more brutal than either the Biblical account or Sister Emmerich!

"... it is also true that Gibson relentlessly escalates the brutality of the Roman auxiliary soldiers above what is present in 'The Dolorous Passion'. Both script and film portray the scourgers as sadistic brutes. A first twosome starts with rods and a second twosome finishes with an iron cat-o'-nine-tails tipped with sharp hooked claws. But Gibson goes beyond even Emmerich with his final stroke. As Jesus' body slumps to the ground, the last blow wraps a clawed tip around his head and destroys his right eye.

"During the crucifixion, Emmerich describes long, sharp nails whose 'points came through at the back of the cross'. Once again, Gibson goes beyond that by flipping the cross over so that its weight slams down on top of Jesus' pinioned body. He then has the soldiers hammer Emmerich's nail-points at right angles until they are flat to the wood, the reverberations going through it to the hands and arms of Jesus ... Gibson's insistent brutality simply films Emmerich's ghastly vision."

Not only is this Catholic author absolutely correct that Gibson went far beyond even Sister Emmerich's ghastly vision, he might do well to consider the possibility that the reason Gibson went well beyond any source for his depiction of brutality and blood is that he was being secretly driven by the insidious blood-oath secret society, Opus Dei, whose members beat themselves daily and seem to develop a personal penchant for unrestrained violence and the spilling of blood. Listen to the founder of Opus Dei and measure his words against Gibson's "pornographic" bloody scenes.

* "Blessed be pain. Loved be pain. Sanctified be pain. Glorified be pain!" (The Way, p. 208)
* "... Deny yourself. It is so beautiful to be a victim." {Ibid., p. 175) (Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva, founder)

V. Official Vatican website crows about how many precious resources Gibson poured into his movie.

NEWS BRIEF; " 'The Passion' … for Its Author, Is a Mass", Vittorio Messori, ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome, Date: 2004-02-18, Code: ZE04021821 - Quoted above, in item, II.

"The Gamble - Mel has said it with pride tempered by humility, with pragmatism kneaded with mysticism which becomes in him a singular mixture: "If this work was to fail, for 50 years there will be no future for religious films. We threw the best in here: as much money as we wished, prestige, time, rigor, the charism of great actors, the science of the learned, inspirations of the mystics, experience, advanced technology."

Mel Gibson is the consummate, traditionalist Roman Catholic. He poured between $25-30 million into this movie and for what reason? To promote the Traditionalist Catholic viewpoint. And, to draw Protestant and Liberal Christians to the altar of Rome, where they can join the Hindus, Buddhists and other mother goddess religions of the other side of Rome's altar. The One World Church is taking shape! The Illuminati chose the Pope to be its False Prophet figure in 1991 (NEWS1052) and now it has released "The Passion" to make this plan a reality.

Now, you know why the 1995 Illuminati Card Game had a crucifixion scene called "The Spear of Longinus" [NEWS1893].

VI. The real story of this movie may be the Evangelical leaders who have strongly supported "The Passion". We shall be writing an article on this subject next week. However, today we want to briefly mention the terrible falsehoods Dr. James Dobson is feeding his Focus On The Family faithful. Listen to the assurances Dobson makes.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Greatest Story Ever Told", Dr. Dobson's Newsletter: February, 2004

"There are no specific references to unique Catholic doctrine in the film ..."

As we demonstrate in NEWS1896 , and as we shall further demonstrate in follow-up articles, "The Passion" systematically presents every Roman Catholic heretical doctrine against which brave Protestants and Baptists have been fighting since the days of Martin Luther and his predecessors, the Anabaptists. How bad is the Catholic doctrine in this movie?

Former Catholics who work with Cutting Edge were very disgusted with this movie, for it strongly presented every dogma from which they fled! Early next week, we shall be issuing an article from their unique perspective -- former Catholics who are now Born Again and very Biblically literate! While Dobson and Billy Graham and Rick Warren are praising this film for its Biblical accuracy, the truth lies in exactly the opposite direction! This movie is literally crawling with unbiblical doctrines and scenes totally made up by a stigmatist, mystic nun in the early 1800's! We just cannot emphasize this point enough! This movie is rank Traditionalist Catholicism.

With this last thought still in your mind, listen again to Dobson:

"... the script was 'adapted from a composite account of the Passion assembled from the four biblical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ... Gibson himself has said that, in making the movie, 'I wanted to bring you there and I wanted to be true to the Gospels'."

Dobson's assurance here, plus Gibson's statement, represents the standard to which the movie should be judged. It is NOT consistent with the four Gospels and it is not true to those Gospels. While some truth is mixed in, the falsehood is so strong that one could make the point that Gibson was following the "Gospel of Anne Emmerich" when producing this abominable movie.

Focus On The Family has been a concern for Cutting Edge for a decade now. Dr. Cathy Burns has written a book entitled, "Focus On The Family -- Little Known Facts". When you read the dubious activities and causes Dobson has actively promoted over the years -- all them leading to Ecumenism -- you will understand why he could authorize parents to read Harry Potter to their children, why his Vice-President could publish a book entitled, "Finding God In The Lord of the Rings", and why he could now enthusiastically endorse Mel Gibson's "The Passion".

Biblical Focus

If the Roman Catholic daily emphasis is upon the sufferings of Jesus, what is the Biblical emphasis? God did not present a gruesome picture of Jesus sufferings for a very good reason: He wanted Christians to focus on the Resurrection! We will live in Heaven one day because of Jesus' Resurrection! Without the Resurrection, Jesus' crucifixion would have been absolutely worthless. What did the Apostle Paul say?

"But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ." [1 Cor 15:13-15]

"But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you." [Romans 8:11]

"And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness. Now it was not written for his sake alone, that it was imputed to him; But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead; Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification." [Romans 4:22-25]

Because of these Scriptures and others, Biblical Christianity has always focussed on the Resurrection! That is why our cross is empty! Roman Catholics are stuck on Jesus' sufferings and that is why their Jesus is still on His cross! The Resurrection is the only reason Jesus is not considered just another dead prophet who started just another religion. Focus on the Resurrection and His empty tomb, not on the Crucifixion! That is the Biblical truth.

We hope and pray that some people will become genuinely saved from this movie; however, genuine conversions will only come when a Biblically literate, Born Again believer comes alongside a person who is being convicted by the Holy Spirit and shows that person the path to true salvation. This movie may open doors to speak to people about the true Jesus and the true way to salvation, but do not depend upon it as an 'evangelisation tool'.


VII. President Bush calls for a Constitutional Amendment to redefine marriage as union of one man, one woman, at the same time he is acting to placate the gays by congratulating the most "gay marriage friendly" church in North America! As most good politicians who have grown up in the television age have learned to do, President Bush speaks out of both sides of his mouth, depending upon who his target audience is at the time. However, Bill Clinton perfected a slightly different art -- of saying one thing to his core constituency while quietly acting in a completely opposite way to another important (but less than core) group of supporters. The first act, of speaking, gets lots of publicity, while the other act, of taking an action, gets reported only in fringe outlets. This reality keeps the knowledge of what he has done from his core constituency while quietly reassuring his "less than core" supporters.

President Bush has mastered this art, or so it would seem. Let us review two articles which will demonstrate that Bush is trying to simultaneously play both sides of the gay marriage debate.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush backs constitutional amendment prohibiting marriages between same-sex partners", By Deb Riechmann, Associated Press, reprinted in The Boston Globe, 2/24/2004

"WASHINGTON (AP) Jumping into a volatile election-year debate on same-sex weddings, President Bush on Tuesday backed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage a move he said was needed to stop judges from changing the definition of the 'most enduring human institution'.''

President Bush has seemingly placed himself and his administration, squarely on the side of the Christians in this matter of same-sex marriages. We know that pastors and church leaders all across this nation have risen in their congregations to praise the President for this action and to urge that church members pray for this matter and work to support Bush in this election year controversy.

While Cutting Edge agrees that we should pray daily for our leaders as the Apostle Paul says we should do, we have looked below the surface a bit to discover the ugly truth. First, a Constitutional Amendment is exceedingly difficult to accomplish and is likely to take 5-7 years. Fully 66% of the House and the Senate must approve the amendment and then 75% of the states have to ratify it. Therefore, President Bush is throwing his election-year support behind the most difficult remedy for same-sex marriages possible, and the least likely to succeed.

Secondly, this Boston Globe article also states an unpleasant truth that, once properly understood, gives the lie to Bush's public support of a marriage definition through a Constitutional Amendment. Listen attentively:

"Bush, who has cast himself as a 'compassionate conservative', left the door open for civil unions as an alternative to same-sex marriages."

Now, what does this jargon mean? President Bush knows right well that "civil unions" is code for "same-sex marriage". Don't call it "marriage", gay advocates are already proclaiming! Just call "gay marriage" by the more benign term, "civil unions".

Thus, President Bush works to deceive his core constituency -- Evangelical Christians -- into thinking he is on their side in this battle. But, the worst is yet to be reported! Just last Fall, at the same time the President was publicly honoring the institution of heterosexual marriage, he was sending a most interesting letter to the most openly gay church on the planet!

NEWS BRIEF: "George W. Bush's Strange Letter To MCC", by Mary Ellen Peterson, 365Gay.com Newscenter, Los Angeles Bureau, Posted: November 11, 2003 11:06 a.m. ET

"A letter from President George W. Bush has two gay pastors scratching their heads. The letter, on White House stationary, congratulates the Metropolitan Community Churches on its 35th anniversary, and was written the same week the president was observing anti-gay Marriage Protection Week. The letter was received by MCC Moderator Dr. Troy Perry , and Rev. Neil Thomas, senior pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles. The LGBT Protestant denomination was founded by Perry in 1968. Today, MCC provides almost 300 local churches for its 43,000 members and adherents in 22 countries. One of MCC's biggest mandates is fighting for the legalization of same-sex marriage, a position opposed by the President and most of the Republican Party. MCC churches perform more than 6000 same-sex weddings annually."

Concerned Women of America is right! President Bush's gay policy is identical to that of Clinton (NEWS1652).

VIII. As rebels in Haiti succeeded in laying virtual siege to the capital, an interesting development occurred: some bright person called for International Community military intervention!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rebels await order to attack: U.S. questions support for Haitian president; Aristide says he won't resign", By Paisley Dodds, Associated Press, reprinted in IndyStar.com, February 27, 2004

"PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Haiti's rebel leader said his fighters were advancing on the capital Thursday and awaited an order to attack unless President Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigns. The United States questioned whether Aristide could 'effectively continue' in office. With Haiti's ill-equipped police force not expected to put up much resistance against a rebel assault, government loyalists threatening death and torchings began building defenses in front of the National Palace in Port-au-Prince."

For some weeks now, we have been watching this situation with a growing sense of deja-vu, for the current Haitian President, Aristide, is in power simply and only because President Clinton put him in office so we could pull our troops out of that embattled land. Do you remember when President Clinton ordered American military forces to invade Haiti on September 19, 1994, in an effort to "restore order" to that country? While Clinton's aim was to "restore democracy back to Haiti", what really happened is that Clinton set up the scenario by which Aristide would be able to regain power.

Today, Aristide remains in power, but his days are seemingly number for three basic reasons: First, he has a rebel army who is readying an assault on the capital, an army he cannot defeat. Secondly, the United States has publicly questioned whether he can remain in power. This type of announcement is usually the "kiss of death" for a minor dictator like Aristide.

Thirdly, the United Nations is continuing to look and act like a global government and may be the governing force who militarily invades Haiti this time!

NEWS BRIEF: "UN to Consider Options for an International Force in Haiti", by Peter Heinlein, United Nations, NewsVOA.com, 27 Feb 2004

"The U.N. Security Council has issued a call for prompt international intervention in Haiti, but stopped short of authorizing a peacekeeping force. Secretary-General Kofi Annan named a veteran diplomat as his special adviser on Haiti. Jamaica's Foreign Minister K.D. Knight, representing the Caribbean Community, came to the Security Council Thursday to plead for the dispatch of a multi-national force to Haiti."

Now, with everything we have going in this world that seems more important, why should we consider such a small, powerless country like Haiti to be worthy of any attention? The answer is simple: this action in Haiti demonstrates that the Illuminati is still carrying out its "war" against those nations throughout the world who are considered, "Non-Integrating Gap" countries, in order to force them to take the kinds of changes necessary so they can become "Core States".

What am I talking about? We wrote an article almost one year ago which explains why Western countries are invading Iraq, the Solomon Islands, the Aceh Province in Indonesia and why we are threatening nations like Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and now Haiti. This article is NEWS1833, and is entitled, "U.S. -- E.U. -- Invading Africa and All Other 'Non-Integrating Gap Countries".

As far as the Illuminati is concerned, there are only two types of countries in the world: "Core States" and "Non-Integrating Gap Countries". Nations who are already functioning in the new Global System or who are clearly and firmly going in that direction are called the "Functioning Core". Nations who are not now functioning in the Global System and are not likely to do so in the foreseeable future, unless they are kicked into it by U.S. or European troops, or by the threat of invasion, are called the "Non-Functioning Gap".

Illuminati strategy states that those countries who are not now properly "connected" to the Global System economically or politically are likely to "warrant a U.S. military response", i.e., an invasion or threat of invasion, and certainly a public demand for a "regime change". These disconnected nations are called the "Non-Integrating Gap", and in truly arrogant fashion, this strategy threatens to invade these countries in a rather flippant manner.

Key developed states have apparently been designated "Sheriff" in their region. It is their responsibility to ensure that the "Non-Functioning Gap" countries in their region take action to propel themselves into "Core States" or expect an invasion by the "Sheriff".

This is the main reason the U.S. and Great Britain invaded Iraq. This is the reason Australia invaded the poor Solomon Islands and is today called the "Sheriff" by President Bush. This is the reason Indonesia invaded the Aceh Province and continues there today. This is the reason Haiti's current government is likely to go down, unless President Aristide promises to take the kinds of actions that will propel Haiti into the status of a "Functioning Core" state.

You see, the strategy foresees that, once one country within a certain region is invaded, surrounding states will "get the message" and will take the kinds of actions demanded of them so they can become part of the "Functioning Core". Libya was scared to death of our actions in and around Iraq, and so they caved in some months ago, offering to give up their fledgling WMD. Iran is scared and is desperately maneuvering to keep us from invading. The same can be said of Syria. North Korea has been on the the "Functioning Core" hotseat for a number of years right now.

In NEWS1833, we post a map of the world, showing where the "Non-Functioning Gap" regions are right now. Keep an eye on this map, for countries within it may soon be either threatened or invaded.

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---------Conclusion----------------"I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears."

Prayer is the forerunner of mercy. Turn to sacred history, and you will find that scarcely ever did a great mercy come to this world unheralded by supplication. You have found this true in your own personal experience. God has given you many an unsolicited favour, but still great prayer has always been the prelude of great mercy with you. When you first found peace through the blood of the cross, you had been praying much, and earnestly interceding with God that He would remove your doubts, and deliver you from your distresses. Your assurance was the result of prayer. When at any time you have had high and rapturous joys, you have been obliged to look upon them as answers to your prayers.

When you have had great deliverances out of sore troubles, and mighty helps in great dangers, you have been able to say, "I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears." Prayer is always the preface to blessing. It goes before the blessing as the blessing's shadow. When the sunlight of God's mercies rises upon our necessities, it casts the shadow of prayer far down upon the plain. Or, to use another illustration, when God piles up a hill of mercies, He Himself shines behind them, and He casts on our spirits the shadow of prayer, so that we may rest certain, if we are much in prayer, our pleadings are the shadows of mercy. Prayer is thus connected with the blessing to show us the value of it. If we had the blessings without asking for them, we should think them common things; but prayer makes our mercies more precious than diamonds. The things we ask for are precious, but we do not realize their preciousness until we have sought for them earnestly.

"Prayer makes the darken'd cloud withdraw;
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw;
Gives exercise to faith and love;
Brings every blessing from above."

["C.H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening, A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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