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March 11, 2009


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Heavy government regulation is starting to bite hard throughout the economy -- just as the Fascist model requires!

NEWS BRIEF: "Banks may pay dearly for government aid", International Herald Tribune, March 11, 2009

"WASHINGTON: The list of demands keeps getting longer. U.S. financial institutions that are getting government bailout funds have been told to put off evictions and modify mortgages for distressed homeowners. They must let shareholders vote on executive pay packages. They must lower dividends, cancel employee training and morale-boosting exercises, and withdraw job offers to foreign citizens."

These list of demands must appear to be outrageous to any citizen who has not yet come to grips with the reality that the purpose of this entire crisis has been to bury the old system called Capitalism so the new system called Fascism can be instituted.

I read an article in my local newspaper in February where a gentleman expressed outrage that President Obama would dare demand that executive pay be limited. This man said that Obama was ignorant of the fact that he had no authority to make such a demand of a privately owned company.

Oh, yes he does, in this newly created Fascist Economy! In the Capitalist Economy, the government treads lightly, intervening only in extreme cases where fraud or monopoly is present; but the Fascist Economy demands heavy government regulation every single day of the year.

Let us return now to our featured news story, as we discover that the Obama Administration is counting on public outrage to enable the government to reach even further into the banking industry with its myriads of bureaucratic regulations.

"As public outrage swells over the rapidly growing cost of bailing out financial institutions, the administration of President Barack Obama and lawmakers are attaching more and more strings to rescue funds ... Some bankers say the conditions have become so onerous that they want to give the bailout money back ... One of the biggest concerns of the banks is that the program enables Congress and the administration to add new conditions at any time." (Emphasis added)

This is the "brave new economy" into which we have been thrust. Furthermore, the government now cannot be expelled from the inner sanctums of these banks by simply paying the monies back. If history has taught us anything, it is that, once the 900-pound government gorilla has gotten through your front door, it will prove impossible to throw him out.

Even companies who have refused government bailout loans will discover that they are now subject to the same regulatory powers to which companies who have accepted the funds now find themselves subject. The government will simply say that it must regulate all banks or all insurance companies or all automakers in order to make absolutely certain that no company can ever hurt the American people again. All protestations from companies who have managed their business affairs correctly and prudently will fall on deaf ears.


II. Right on cue, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke told his buddies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that he needs MORE REGULATION!

He further recommended that such regulation be expanded globally!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bernanke Tells CFR: New Financial Authority Is Needed", by Steve Watson, Prison Planet, March 10, 2009

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has told an elite gathering that a new overarching financial authority should be created by the government and empowered with sweeping new regulatory responsibilities."

The Illuminati always creates a huge crisis whenever it wants to move the country into accepting the changes it wants to implement. During such a crisis, a panicked people will not only accept changes they would normally oppose vehemently, but they will be so scared they will demand that the government implement the onerous changes - and without delay.

This economic crisis is no different. Notice the bold words used in this sentence.

"new overarching financial authority'

"empowered with sweeping new regulatory responsibilities"

These are heavy-duty words and soon will be backed by equally heavy-duty laws and regulations.

Now, listen as Bernanke believes such new heavy-duty regulations should expand worldwide.

"Bernanke also coyly indicted to the renowned globalist group that he believes a new international order could be fomented out of the crisis. 'We must have a strategy that regulates the financial system as a whole, in a holistic way, not just its individual components', Bernanke said in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations."

Then, Bernanke verifies what we said in our first news story, above.

"Large firms will require 'especially close' oversight in the future, Bernanke noted, adding that regulators need the authority to seize such firms. 'Some of the policies I propose can be implemented and developed under the existing authorities of financial regulators, indeed we are in the process now of doing just that. But in other cases, Congressional action will be necessary to create the requisite authorities and responsibilities'. Bernanke said."

This statement nails the door shut, proving that the 900-pound government gorilla can never be thrown out of the boardroom. When the Fed Chairman said that "regulators need the authority to seize such firms", he is hinting that all privately-owned firms the government wants to control will be controlled eventually, even if their current financial situation is excellent and they have taken no bailout funds.

The owners of Ford Motor Company are forewarned.

Do you remember the mantra of the Global Warming fanatics? When they are shown that facts do not fit their theories, they state that mankind needs to immediately implement steps to "solve" the problem because if we wait to see the evidence, it will be too late to prevent catastrophe.

Government regulators will argue along the same lines. They will argue that they be given the authority to regulate even well-run companies, because if they wait until problems emerge, it will be too late to save the world's economies from catastrophe!

Believe it nor not.

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III. America has just endured a dictatorship these past eight years!

President Obama will not relinquish any of the gains in dictatorial power which Bush gained for the White House, but will use those powers in a heartbeat if he is the President when World War III begins.

And, President Bush will have led the way.

NEWS BRIEF: "America had a dictator for eight years: George W. Bush", by David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster, The Raw Story, March 6, 2009

"It was a casual refrain near the dawning of former President George W. Bush's political career on the national stage. Most took it as a joke. 'If this was a dictatorship it'd be a heck of a lot easier', he so memorably said. 'Just so long as I'm the dictator'."

His presidency now a smoldering memory, Harper's contributing editor Scott Horton thinks that perhaps he wasn't kidding after all. In a March 3 column, Horton extrapolated on 'George W. Bush's Disposable Constitution' ... Since the Monday release of nine previously-secret Bush administration legal memos claiming that the president has the power to ignore the Constitution when fighting terrorism, experts have almost unanimously denounced both their legal reasoning and their conclusions. 'These memos provide the very definition of tyranny', Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Tuesday. 'These memos include everything that a petty despot would want'."

Forget "petty despot"! George Bush became a dictator on a mighty big stage.

President George W. Bush gained authoritarian powers that met or exceeded the dictatorships of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin! When you combine the powers which Bush seized through his false interpretations of the Constitution with the powers gained by Patriot Acts I and II, you have a most powerful tyranny on paper, hanging over this entire country like a Damocles Sword, awaiting only the beginning of the planned provocation which shall trigger it all.

We appreciate the fact that, finally, President Bush is being exposed in national media for the dictator he truly turned out to be, but Cutting Edge was warning within weeks after the 9/11 attacks that the objective of the attacks was to allow Bush to gain dictatorial powers for the White House. We just wish we have been listened to in late, 2001 and early, 2002!

Let us quickly review the articles we wrote, warning that dictatorship was one of the goals of 9/11:

NEWS1550 - "Bitter Fruits of Bush's War On Terrorism -- Proposed Loss of Personal And Constitutional Freedoms (Posted September 27, 2001)

NEWS1553 - "Bush Administration Is Already Redefining Terrorist?" (Posted October 4, 2001)

NEWS1575 -- "Rush Toward Dictatorship! Bush Administration To Use Civil War Era 'Seditious Law' That Jails People Who Just Criticize Government" (Posted November 10, 2001)

NEWS1680 -- "Bush/Ashcroft Begin Implementation of A Police State Citizen's Spy Program As America's March To Dictatorship Continues" (Posted July 13, 2002)

NEWS1691 -- "President Bush Authorizes Summary Execution of 'U.S. Enemies' Both Within and Without The United States" - Reuters News

"A/G Ashcroft Plans Concentration Camps For U.S. Citizens Who Are Deemed Enemies" - L.A. Times

"Homeland Security Chief, tom Ridge, Redefines Terrorist As Being Americans" - Associated Press

(Posted August 17, 2002)

NEWS1739 - "We Can Now The Hideous, Occult Face of President Bush's Homeland Security Agency, The U.S.A. Patriot Act And All of Its Supporting Laws!" (Posted November 19, 2002)

As we already stated, we wish the American people had listened to us in 2001-2002, as events are proving our original contention to be absolutely true.


IV. Enough Christian Churches throughout the world have fallen away from Biblical Truth enough that Antichrist cannot be too far away.

The evil national fruits we are about to share with you is proof positive that the stage is now set for the "Man of Sin" to arise.

NEWS BRIEF: "Those With No Religion Fastest-Growing Tradition", U.S. News & World Report, March 9, 2009

"A major new survey of religion in America reports three huge trends:

1) "that 'nones'—people claiming no religion—constitute the only 'religious' tradition that's growing in all 50 states"

2) "that nearly 40 percent of mainline Protestants now also identify themselves as evangelical or born again"

3) "the nation's massive Roman Catholic population has shifted from the Northeast to the Southwest. According to one survey's investigators, 'California now has a higher proportion of Catholics than New England'."

Let us concentrate on the people of Category #1 - people claiming no religion.

"Enormous political implications here. Released today, the American Religious Identification Survey—conducted by the Program on Public Values at Trinity College—pays special attention to the growing ranks of American 'nones'. From the press release:

"The percentage of Americans claiming no religion, which jumped from 8.2 in 1990 to 14.2 in 2001, has now increased to 15 percent. Given the estimated growth of the American adult population since the last census from 207 million to 228 million, that reflects an additional 4.7 million 'Nones'. Northern New England has now taken over from the Pacific Northwest as the least religious section of the country, with Vermont, at 34 percent 'Nones', leading all other states by a full 9 points."

"Many people thought our 2001 finding was an anomaly," [Ariela] Keysar said. We now know it wasn't. The 'Nones' are the only group to have grown in every state of the Union."

America is now moving rapidly into the "post-Christian" phase of our national existence. Soon, the time will truly be ripe for the persecution of genuine Christians. It happened that way in Nazi Germany and it will unfold here in much the same manner.

Hitler could persuade the German people that Jews were less than human and could be disposed of as one would dispose of rats, only after his rule from 1933-1938 had completed the national trend into secularization, a trend which began in the last decade of the 19th Century. This DVD, above, captures this reality very clearly -- "Freedom To Dictatorship In Only 5 Short Years".

Since World War II, Americans have become more and more secular, moving by the tens of millions away from traditional Christianity. The time is drawing nigh when a charismatic secular President could lead America from freedom to dictatorship in a rapid timeframe. It took Hitler only five short years to complete the national swing into a secularism which proved deadly to 6 million Jews and 12 million other devalued people.

America is at this brink now.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


V. President Obama doomed innumerable pre-born babies when he signed the Executive Order to allow Stem Cell Research on human embryos.

In the issues of Stem Cell Research and Abortion, President Obama is making President Bush look positively Conservative/Christian!

NEWS BRIEF: "What Obama's executive order on stem cells means", Los Angeles Times, March 10, 2009

"With the stroke of a pen, President Obama cleared the way Monday for the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies to fund research using all kinds of human embryonic stem cells ...Obama's executive order removes funding restrictions put in place by President George W. Bush and fulfills an oft-repeated campaign promise. Scientists, patient advocacy groups and politicians on both sides of the aisle praised the action."

The next part of this news article noted that it was President Bush who had been the first President to allow research using human embryos. The only detail that is different from what President Obama has done is a simple difference, but profound.

"Bush was the first to allow scientists to study human embryonic stem cells with federal funds. But he personally opposed the research on moral grounds because the cells can't be made without dismantling human embryos. To discourage the destruction of additional embryos, he limited federal funding to cell lines that had already been made by August 2001, when his policy went into effect. Obama's executive order removes that restriction, making hundreds of newer lines eligible for NIH funding."

When Bush took this action, to allow research on established lines of pre-born babies, we predicted that he was "Six-Stepping" America into Stem Cell Research, and that the time was coming soon when a future President would remove the "strict restrictions" Bush had set in place. (Read full details in NEWS1518, entitled, "Stem Cell Research -- Sliding Quickly Down That Slippery Slope. Six-Stepping Attitudinal Change Plan Paving The Way!", posted in August, 2001)

You will discover that our prediction eight years ago came true exactly as we envisioned! After Americans had been conditioned to accept Stem Cell Research using human pre-born babies under "strict guidelines", they would easily accept research under much broader guidelines. This is the pattern of the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan and it works to perfect each and every time it is used.

President Bush simply opened the forbidden door slightly in July, 2001, and now President Obama is kicking it wide open. Shame on all Christians who applauded President Bush when he allowed Stem Cell Research on humans under "strict guidelines". They trumpeted that they had achieved a great victory because they prevented a much broader program. Little did they realize that they had just accepted a delayed defeat.

What is that infamous saying?

"He who refuses to learn from history is doomed to repeat it"!

---------- Articles Posted ---------- Headline News Articles

"New Cards of the Illuminati Card Game Depict Scenes of Major Current Events!"

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"Wanted: 100,000 Financial Cops To Regulate New Fascist Economy!"

This call for a new army of financial overseers is to be expected as the Federal Government gears up to thoroughly regulate businesses all throughout this complex economy.


"Purging the Memory of our Christian Roots: How America lost its way & freedom"

by Berit Kjos

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past" -


“…Him declare I unto you.” Acts 17:23(b)

To believe in the existence of a supernatural entity beyond human control is innate to man and only the most stubborn among us try to deny it.


"Pro-Western Turkey Now Moving Steadily Into Anti-Western Iranian Orbit!"

Last piece of the prophetic puzzle now slipping into place! Turkey is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to march with Russia and Iran to attack Israel



"Another Reason The Illuminati Will Not Allow This Current Economic Condition To Deteriorate To Levels of the Great Depression!"

The Global Elite fears an aroused population, especially if they are aroused to take to the streets in open confrontation with government forces. Therefore, this current economic condition will not be allowed to get even close to this type of mass panic. -

"'Hell On Earth' - Demons Scouring The Earth During The Great Tribulation"

You don't want to miss the Rapture, for then you will have to deal with Antichrist, Satan, and the demonic hordes which God lets out of prison so they can afflict mankind. Have you ever stopped to think what kind of 'Hell on Earth' these demons will inflict upon mankind?


"As In The Days of Lot" -- Re-emergence of Homosexuality In Society Sure Sign That Jesus' Return Is Close

You will be shocked to learn how much power the homosexual lobby has amassed in American and other Western nations. But, after reading this article, you will gain a new sense of the lateness of the prophetic hour. -

'Gays' crush Christian speech: TV stations cave to homosexual lobby, refuse to reveal LGBT agenda


"President Obama Immediately Throws His Weight Behind Masonic President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority In A Renewed Drive To Create A Palestinian State"


Rather than condemn Israel for her attack on Hamas in The Gaza Strip, President Obama calls Palestinian (Masonic) President Abbas to restart the process of creating a Palestinian State! With Hillary Clinton now confirmed as Secretary of State, Obama seems poised to restart efforts to create a Palestinian Nation.

With Hamas badly weakened at this moment, Palestinian President Abbas may be able to speak for the Palestinian people and reach an agreement with Israel to create a nation carved from Biblical lands. Now you know how important Israel's attack against Hamas truly was, and how in line with the Illuminati Plan to create the Palestinian State.

Video - Book

"Henry Kissinger Has Proclaimed That Obama Is Primed To 'Create New World Order'!" We have felt since 1992 that the final events needed to conclude the New World Order might occur during the administration of the 44th President. Now, one of the most powerful member of the Illuminati has just stated that Obama is uniquely positioned to create the final New World Order, a.k.a. Kingdom of Antichrist.


"Is Obama The Coming Antichrist?"

Can it be that Senator Barack Obama is THE Antichrist foretold in the Bible?

He certainly has run a Messianic type Presidential campaign and has been called a 'Messiah' by Farrakhan.
Are we witnessing the public coming to power of the Antichrist? You be the judge after reading this article. Matthew 24 and key prophecies in Daniel are key passages if we are to understand this issue.


--------Concluding Inspiration ---------- "Let Israel rejoice in him." Psalm 149:2

Be glad of heart, O believer, but take care that thy gladness has its spring in the Lord. Thou hast much cause for gladness in thy God, for thou canst sing with David, "God, my exceeding joy." Be glad that the Lord reigneth, that Jehovah is King! Rejoice that He sits upon the throne, and ruleth all things! Every attribute of God should become a fresh ray in the sunlight of our gladness. That He is wise should make us glad, knowing as we do our own foolishness. That He is mighty, should cause us to rejoice who tremble at our weakness. That he is everlasting, should always be a theme of joy when we know that we wither as the grass. That He is unchanging, should perpetually yield us a song, since we change every hour. That He is full of grace, that He is overflowing with it, and that this grace in covenant He has given to us; that it is ours to cleanse us, ours to keep us, ours to sanctify us, ours to perfect us, ours to bring us to glory--all this should tend to make us glad in Him.

This gladness in God is as a deep river; we have only as yet touched its brink, we know a little of its clear sweet, heavenly streams, but onward the depth is greater, and the current more impetuous in its joy. The Christian feels that he may delight himself not only in what God is, but also in all that God has done in the past. The Psalms show us that God's people in olden times were wont to think much of God's actions, and to have a song concerning each of them. So let God's people now rehearse the deeds of the Lord! Let them tell of His mighty acts, and "sing unto the Lord, for He hath triumphed gloriously." Nor let them ever cease to sing, for as new mercies flow to them day by day, so should their gladness in the Lord's loving acts in providence and in grace show itself in continued thanksgiving. Be glad ye children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis Added)

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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