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March 20, 2012

UPDATE -- March 21 at 5:30pm


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---------- This Week's Hot News -------

I. Rick Santorum, Republican Presidential candidate, is staunch Roman Catholic; is he also Opus Dei?

Santorum is also a Theocrat of the highest caliber, believing that Church and State should be one, with the Pope commanding the political ruler!

, Part 2, Antipas Ministries

"Opus Dei is no normal 'Christian' institution. It is essentially an extremely right-wing, politically-oriented and very taciturn Catholic organization that historically has been linked with fascist and neo-fascist organizations around the world. "

Many people have long believed that Opus Dei and the Jesuit Order work hand-in-hand trying to return the Pope to the position of supreme political head of all individual countries as well as supreme religious head of the Roman Catholic Church.

This position was the one held by the Pope prior to the emergence of Martin Luther and the Protestant Movement. Since that time, Rome has been attempting to return all political power back to the Pope.

Opus Dei is a very mystical, occult secret society within the Catholic Church. They regularly practice self-mutilation and infliction of pain. They use several methods to "mortify the flesh":

1) Cilice - a spiked chain worn around the upper thigh for two hours each day ... generally Opus Dei members are extremely hesitant to admit that they use them. It is a painful mortification which leaves small prick holes in the flesh;

2) Discipline - a cord-like whip ... used on the buttocks or back once a week. Opus Dei members must ask permission to use it often, which many do ... the Founder was so zealous in using the discipline he splattered the bathroom walls with streaks of blood ... The real point is that even if the cilice and the discipline are acceptable forms of penance, their use shows that Opus Dei members are NOT ordinary people, not free agents." []

We also urge you to consider the demonic, personally destructive emphasis Opus Dei places on flagellation, personal blood letting and the splattering of one's blood. The members of this secret society are absolutely spiritually driven to this kind of destruction of their personal body. (Read full details in NEWS1895, "Secular Eyewitness Account of the Movie, 'The Passion of the Christ' ", by Mel Gibson)

Listen now to some quotes from the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva, and you will hear the sound of demonism, not of the loving Holy Spirit.

* "Blessed be pain. Loved be pain. Sanctified be pain. Glorified be pain!" (The Way, p. 208)

* "... Deny yourself. It is so beautiful to be a victim." {Ibid., p. 175)

* "You have come to the apostolate to submit, to annihilate yourself ... (The Way, 936)

These disciplines emanate from the vicious spirit of Antichrist, not the loving spirit of Jesus Christ. Yet, Opus Dei continues to spread its counterfeit Christian spirit throughout the world. Now, we learn that Rick Santorum is a member of this horrific secret society.

"... Opus Dei hasn't changed its stripes - it's the same vicious beast that brutalized all the countries listed above, and many more besides ... (Ibid., Antipas Ministries)

Evangelicals should reject Rick Santorum for the only reason that he is Catholic, the church of the future False Prophet of Revelation 13 (Read full details in NEWS1052). Why should genuine Christians support a man for President whose religion is the false and counterfeit christianity called Roman Catholicism? I have just as much of a problem supporting a Catholic as I do a Mormon.

Why are Evangelicals so terribly blind as to the true nature of our political process and our political leaders? The demonic Guiding Spirits of the New Age Movement had a very shocking prediction made in New Age circles over 20 years ago. Listen and weep:

"Evangelical churches will be the chief instrument to bring the New World Order to birth" [New Age Author, Jeremy Rifkin, "The Emerging Order: God in the Age of Scarcity", p. x-xi]

Can you believe this quote? Radical New Age author, Jeremy Rifkin, writing this book in 1979, was hobnobbing with Evangelical Christian, Pat Robertson, who even had a "puff piece" TV interview with Rifkin on 'The 700 Club'!

Since President Ronald Reagan convinced Evangelical leaders in 1981 that he was "one of them", Evangelical Christian leaders and followers have been blindly submissive to the Republican Party! Even today, too many Evangelicals still believe that old Skull & Bones George W. Bush, was a Born Again Christian, all his eight years of evil fruits notwithstanding.

However, Rick Santorum poses the real risk of trying to bring America under the yoke of the Roman Catholic Pontiff. You see, Santorum is a Theocrat. What is a Theocrat? He is one who does NOT believe in any kind of separation of Church and State; he believes they should be one, with one top ruler, in this case, the Pope!

"In 2008, after he had lost his Senate seat and his political fortunes were close to bankrupt, Santorum spoke to the students at Ave Maria University in Florida ...[He said] 'This is not a political war at all. This is not a cultural war. This is a spiritual war. And the Father of Lies [Satan] has his sights on what you would think the Father of Lies would have his sights on: a good, decent, powerful, influential country—the United States of America' ..."

This statement sounds like one which Evangelicals can and should support. However, Santorum is carefully disguising his stand on Theocracy. Rick believes that "if it is indeed a spiritual war, the church should seize control of the state so that the war can be successfully prosecuted..." (Ibid.)

This current news article demonstrates that Rick Santorum's political loyalties lies within the Opus Dei secret society.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rick Santorum has embraced Spanish priest behind devout Catholic group Opus Dei", The Washington Post, March 19. 2012

"In a speech at the gathering, Santorum embraced the ideas of Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva, who had urged ordinary Catholics to bring an almost priestly devotion to Catholic principles in every realm of life and work."

This mild mannered wording disguises the fact that Josemaria Escriva was one of the "Fathers of Pain and Fleshly Mutilation", as we discussed above. The Apostle Paul was one of those who warned against having anything to do with someone who mutilated the flesh.

"Look out for those dogs [Judaizers, legalists], look out for those mischief-makers, look out for those who mutilate the flesh." (Philippians 3:2; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

While Paul was speaking here specifically against those Jews who insisted that a person could not be saved unless they practiced circumcision, he could very well have been thinking of the pagan religious practice -- carried out with a powerful evil spirit -- of beating themselves until their blood ran out, practiced by such Satan worshippers as the adherents of Baal.

Neither Old Testament Judaism nor New Testament Christianity ever advocated mutilating the flesh as a means by which to conquer its sinful fleshly lusts. Rather, the New Testament Church taught that fleshly lust could only be controlled by the Holy Spirit.

"This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." (Galatians 5:16)

If personal flagellation is not of the Holy Spirit, then by whose spirit does it come? When members of Opus Dei practice flagellation, whose spirit is exciting their souls? The answer can only be the spirit of Antichrist, blowing powerfully through this world today.

The Republican Presidential primary of 2012 uniquely offers two major candidates who are committed Theocrats:

1) Rick Santorum -- believes all political power should be subservient to the Pope.

2) Mitt Romney -- believes a Theocracy should be established in America, with the top LDS prophet as the head of both church and state.

Genuine Christians should never vote for either man.

Both these men, as President, threaten our Constitutional free government because they both are committed Theocrats,and they are both sold out to the Illuminati Plan for the New World Order! Doubt it not!

UPDATE -- March 21 at 5:30pm

Mitt Romney scored an "extraordinary win" in Illinois, thus giving him the aura of "invincibility"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Romney hails 'extraordinary victory' in Illinois primary", CNN News, March 20, 2012

"Mitt Romney scored a decisive win in the Illinois Republican presidential primary Tuesday night, with the former Massachusetts governor holding a double-digit lead over his top rival. 'We thank the people of Illinois for this extraordinary victory', Romney told supporters in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg ... With 99% of precincts reporting, Romney led former Pennsylvanian Sen. Rick Santorum by a 47%-to-35% margin. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was running third at 9%, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich brought up the rear at 8%."

"Romney "hasn't definitely won," CNN political analyst David Gergen said. "But in a campaign that has had many, many unexpected twists and turns, I think we may look back tonight and say tonight was the final big turning point. 'Here in a big state, Newt Gingrich has faded as a candidate', Gergen said. 'Santorum had a chance to go one-on-one against Romney, in effect, and Santorum somehow has gone off the rails in his campaign'."

Now, Romney has over 500 delegates, almost twice as many as Santorum. From now on, the primary campaign is Romney's to lose. Soon, the GOP will probably have a staunch Mormon as its presidential nominee!

The time is now to get the word out to your friends and loved ones and co-workers that no Christian can support a Mormon for anything. The Bible forbids it, as Bill Schnoebelen proves in his newest DVD, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom: 2012 Election Alert".

Buy your copy now.


II. Mitt Romney is accused of "flip-flopping" over issues during the past 20 years.

Why should we be surprised, when the Mormon Church has flip-flopped terribly on issues over the past 150 years?

NEWS BRIEF: "Mitt Romney mirrors his Mormon church", The Washington Post, March 19, 2012

"The press is pawing over Mitt Romney’s religion, and the candidate may just welcome this scrutiny. It marks him as a man of active faith and diverts attention from an issue that necessarily plagues him: Mitt Romney, flip-flopper. Critics point shrilly to well over a dozen strong positions he has conveniently changed on issues like health care, minimum wage, and gay rights. In response, Romney pleads learning curve. He’s adapted, he says, to 'new information'. In the business world, non-adapters get fired. "

Did you know that the Mormon Church has "flip-flopped" on significant issues over the past 150 years? This fact should be troubling to Evangelicals who think of Mormonism as just an alternate Christianity, because the God of the Bible never, ever changes -- from Eternity Past to Eternity Future, God remains the same!

Facts of "position changes" of the historic Mormon Church:

Issue #1 -- Early Mormon teaching was that black people were "slackers" in the previous existence and received a black skin when born into this Earthly realm. Therefore, blacks were denied the priesthood and the "Temple Recommend".

Listen to the unbelievable statement on this issue from Brigham Young, successor to Joseph Smith as leader of the LDS:

"In 1863, Young reported that he said, 'Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so'." (Journal of Discourses, vol. 10, p. 110).

In 1978, with the IRS threatening to move legally against the Mormon Church because they were denying American citizens the priesthood and the ability to attend Temple services solely on the basis of skin color, the Current Prophet at the time, Spencer W. Kimball, announced a "profoundly significant spiritual experience" which led him to understand that blacks were now equal with whites.

When you want to hit the Mormon Church, hit them in the wallet!

Issue #2 -- Joseph Smith taught that a person could not achieve as high a spiritual condition as was possible unless he practiced polygamy. Smith took at least 33 wives and Brigham Young took 55 wives.

Yet, under pressure from the American government in Washington, D.c., the Mormon Church gradually outlawed the practice of polygamy; however, doctrine that polygamy is preferable remains in the Mormon books.

Issue #3 -- Early Mormon, under Smith and Young, believed that an LDS prophet should also be the top political leader, a system known as "Theocracy".

"Both the official church and Mormons generally backed away from certain beliefs they had gone into the wilderness to secure: the theocracy of melding secular government with religious hierarchy, a communal living order very like socialism and not least of all plural marriage. These were bedrock doctrines, touchstones of Mormon orthodoxy that could not, however, be reconciled with the larger American culture, so without repudiating these teachings, Mormons simply gave them up."

This last sentence is key. Mormons simply gave up trying to establish a Mormon Theocracy, but they still believe it to be inevitable one day. Bill Schnoebelen talks of this in his DVD, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom", warning that Mormons still one day intend to take over the American government and establish a Theocratic form of government under the strict rule of the current LDS prophet.

Once you understand their penchant for a Mormon Theocracy, you will understand why they have a full replica of the White House communication center at the top of the Mormon Temple in Washington, D.C.!


III. A new study proves that aggressive radiation cancer treatments create a far more dangerous cancer cell than the one from which the patient is suffering!

NEWS BRIEF: New study: Radiation treatments create cancer cells 30 times more potent than regular cancer cells", Natural News, March 19, 2012

"In a groundbreaking new study just published in the peer reviewed journal Stem Cells, researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Department of Oncology found that, despite killing half of all tumor cells per treatment, radiation treatments on breast cancer transforms other cancer cells into cancer stem cells which are vastly more treatment-resistant than normal cancer cells."

This warning is almost exactly what Bill Schnoebelen says in his newest DVD, above, "Medical Murder: Architects of Madness".

"Senior study author Dr. Frank Pajonk, associate professor of radiation oncology at the Jonsson Center, reported that induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSC) 'were generated by radiation-induced activation of the same cellular pathways used to reprogram normal cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) in regenerative medicine'. Pjonk, who is also a scientist with the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine at UCLA, added, 'It was remarkable that these breast cancers used the same reprogramming pathways to fight back against the radiation treatment'."

Listen to the bottom line conclusion of this Natural News article:

"The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer."

Amen. We concur. Schnoebelen's DVD concurs. The time has come to start "thinking outside the box", realizing that our entire medical establishment is controlled by the same Illuminati forces which want desperately to "increase the death rate" as the major means by which to control population prior to the appearance of the Masonic Christ on the world scene.

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Church Pastors Are Betraying Their Own People!

Some Churches Are Cooperating With The Federal Government In Encouraging Their Members To Get A Useless Flu Shot Right In the Church - Either Before or After Service!

Truly, religious leaders today are fulfilling the Scripture - "Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." (Matthew 15:14)

Human / Supernatural Conspiracy Is Directing The Advance To The New World Order!

A heresy sweeping the Christian world today states that, while Satan is certainly conspiring against God in world events, no human being is consciously participating in the effort against God. One day, all End of the Age prophecies are going to miraculously snap into place with no human effort whatsoever.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the Prophetic reality that God foretold -- over 2,500 years ago -- that human leaders at the End of the Age are going to mount a coordinated attack on Jesus Christ, in conjunction with the demonic host.


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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------""My beloved." Song of Solomon 2:8

This was a golden name which the ancient Church in her most joyous moments was wont to give to the Anointed of the Lord. When the time of the singing of birds was come, and the voice of the turtle was heard in her land, her love-note was sweeter than either, as she sang,

"My beloved is mine and I am His: He feedeth among the lilies."

Ever in her song of songs doth she call Him by that delightful name, "My beloved!" Even in the long winter, when idolatry had withered the garden of the Lord, her prophets found space to lay aside the burden of the Lord for a little season, and to say, as Esaias did, "Now will I sing to my well-beloved a song of my beloved touching His vineyard."

Though the saints had never seen His face, though as yet He was not made flesh, nor had dwelt among us, nor had man beheld His glory, yet He was the consolation of Israel, the hope and joy of all the chosen, the "beloved" of all those who were upright before the Most High. We, in the summer days of the Church, are also wont to speak of Christ as the best beloved of our soul, and to feel that He is very precious, the "chiefest among ten thousand, and the altogether lovely."

So true is it that the Church loves Jesus, and claims Him as her beloved, that the apostle dares to defy the whole universe to separate her from the love of Christ, and declares that neither persecutions, distress, affliction, peril, or the sword have been able to do it; nay, he joyously boasts, "In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us."

O that we knew more of Thee, Thou ever precious one!\

My sole possession is Thy love;
In earth beneath, or heaven above,
I have no other store;
And though with fervent suit I pray,
And importune Thee day by day,
I ask Thee nothing more.

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