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---------- Inspiration For the Week----------"To gaze upon His beauty"

"Though a host encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, [even then] in this will I be confident.

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and insistently require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord in His presence all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty, the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness, of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple.

For in the day of trouble He will hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will He hide me; He will set me high upon a rock." [Psalm 27:4-5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

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* "UNCANNY PARALLELS BETWEEN RECENT RED LAKE SCHOOL SHOOTERS AND THE 1999 SHOOTERS AT COLUMBINE AND OTHER CLINTON-ERA SCHOOL SHOOTERS" - "Trench Coat Mafia" strikes again in a school. Parallels in these shootings is eery, spooky, and revealing! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2017.cfm

* "RUSSIA - CHINA ACTIVELY ACTING TO COUNTER U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, MAKING WAR MUCH MORE LIKELY!" -- The news that China and Russia are are cooperating to invade Taiwan and that Russia is planning to go to war over Iran and Syria, shoots the "Wars and Rumors of Wars" index straight "off the charts"! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2016.cfm

* "RELIGION OF ANTICHRIST SUDDENLY SURGING IN IRAN!" -- Sudden surge in the ancient pagan religion of Zoroastrianism in Iran is another "sign of the times", a sign that the appearance of Antichrist is clearly close. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2015.cfm

* "PROTESTANT CHURCH APOSTACY REACHES NEW PROPORTIONS -- ANOTHER SIGN THE END OF THE AGE IS NEAR" - Baptist Book Stores, and the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, are urging its people to buy "Resurrection Eggs" to aid them in celebrating Easter! This mixes Paganism with the most beloved Christian celebration, another sign of the End of the Age being fulfilled in your Daily News. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1162.cfm

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------
"The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People"
- Book

I. As the predicted end draws near for poor Terri Schiavo, the discerning citizen must draw a distinctive line between the personal issue of suffering and the issue of government involvement in killing a citizen who has never expressed their will to be killed.

If you understand this issue, you will see that all of our lives are being placed in jeopardy if the state can kill their citizens either against their will, or in the absence of knowing their will. Let us review the news stories first.

Federal Courts Refuse To Order Feeding Tube Reinstated

Many undiscerning people thought one of two things about the law Congress passed and President Bush signed at 1:11am on Monday, 3/21/2005:

1. Some thought the bill actually ordered the feeding tube restored -- it did not. It only allowed Terri's advocates to petition Federal courts

2. Most people thought Federal judges would ride to the rescue, snatching Terri from those nasty, death-dealing state judges. As we stated in last week's newsletter, this notion is foolish, since it was the Federal Judiciary who gave us Abortion on Demand through Roe vs Wade and have legalized Sodomy (NEWS1830). Federal judges are no "riders on white horses" who have the best interests of the citizenry at heart. Since Masonic President Franklin Roosevelt lashed out so bitterly at a Supreme Court who struck down many of his New World Order "New Deal" plans, the Illuminati has carefully and gradually stacked the High Court with their own people. We shall return to this subject in a few moments.

NEWS BRIEF: "Federal Appeals Court Denies Request to Have Terri Schiavo's Feeding Tube Reinserted", by Errin Haines Associated Press Writer, AP Breaking News, March 23, 2005

"ATLANTA (AP) - A federal appeals court refused early Wednesday to order the reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, denying the latest emergency request by the severely brain-damaged woman's parents to keep her alive. A panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said in a 2-1 ruling that the parents 'failed to demonstrate a substantial case on the merits of any of their claims'."

A select panel of three judges from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled early Wednesday (3/23) that Terri's case to remain alive was not strong enough to warrant them reversing the Florida State Judicial ruling. Of course, this ruling is a travesty of justice for many reasons, some of which we list below; but, the major point here is that this Federal court did not prove to be the savior of Terri's life like so many earnest people had fervently hoped. An appeal was immediately made to the U.S. Supreme Court.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Supreme Court Turns Down Schiavo Case", My Way News, March 24, 2005

"PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a plea from the parents of Terri Schiavo to restart her feeding on Thursday, leaving them nearly out of options and time in the seven-year legal fight for their brain-damaged daughter's life ... The court did not explain its decision to stay out of the Florida family drama that was taken up by Congress and President Bush."

This ruling lets stand the decision of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Florida State courts. Now, unless a miracle intervenes, the state of Florida may proceed to kill Terri, a process which has already begun.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush attempted a new tactic to save Terri's life.

"A Florida court rebuffed another last-ditch attempt to prolong Schiavo's life by Gov. Jeb Bush, the president's brother. The Republican governor wanted a state welfare agency to take custody of the 41-year-old woman who suffered brain damage from a cardiac arrest when she was 26."

This case could have been decided a long time ago when Terri's parents attempted to gain legal custody over Terri from her husband, Michael. They were stating that they would like to take Terri home and begin rehabilitation of her, since they have long maintained she is not in a "Persistent Vegetative State", an assertion backed by testimony from a nurse who cared for Terri. However, Michael has fought this request tooth and nail, and has received the backing of the Florida Judiciary. Had Judge Greer allowed the parent's request, the state would have saved themselves a whole lot of money and aggravation; since this common sense approach did not work, one can only conclude that a hidden agenda is being followed here. We believe two possible hidden motives are currently at work in this sad case:

1. Since Terri originally came to the hospital with evidences of being beaten and with her parents believing she had been strangled, we wonder if Michael is trying to ensure she will never wake up one day to tell a story which might land him in jail.

2. I believe someone chose Terri Schiavo's case chose her to serve the same role as "Jane Doe" served in the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision. Before the Court could make a decision to legalize Abortion on Demand, a case had to be brought forward. "Jane Doe" served as that case.

Now, let us examine the hidden Republican hand behind the Schiavo suffering.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Appointees Help Murder Terri Schiavo: GOP Cannot Be Trusted With Life Issues", by National Chairman Dan Charles, America First Party

"Conservatives and Pro-Life activists have long been trapped in the Republican Party by the fiction that the GOP is Pro-Life. Billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of votes have gone to the Democrat and Republican Parties and their various front groups based solely on that fiction. That fiction was laid bare for the world to see by today's 10-2 decision by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals not to even hear the appeal by Terri Schiavo's parents. Those who voted GOP on the promise of Pro-Life judges must wake up to the fact that they were snookered."

Chairman Dan Charles then lists the true facts which demonstrate exactly how undiscerning GOP and Bush voters were "snookered". Remember, during this prophesied unprecedented Last Day's deception (Matthew 24:4, 11, 24), the truth is most often exactly opposite the public rhetoric (NEWS1558). Here are the facts of the case:

1. Republicans control the 11th Circuit, with GOP Presidents appointing 7 of the 12 judges.

2. Six of those Republican appointees--the one Reagan appointee and all five appointed by the current President or his father

3. The two judges who voted to give Terri Schiavo a chance to live are Judge Tjoflat, a Ford appointee, and Judge Wilson, a Clinton appointee.

4. Among the many GOP appointees voting with the culture of death is Judge William Pryor, appointed by the current President Bush right after he finished prosecuting former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore -- 10 Commandments in the Alabama statehouse issue.

I bet few of you know that President Bush nominated the very judge who prosecuted Judge Moore for his refusal to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama statehouse! Yet, most Christians still believe the President backed Judge Moore in his stance that America should not get rid of the Ten Commandments!

5. Republicans control the Florida legislature and the U.S. Congress -- as well as the Florida judges, as noted above.

Kelley McGinley of "Retaking America" notes many of the same facts, but adds others.

NEWS BRIEF: "Republicans Responsible for Schiavo's Sacrifice!", Retaking America, March 24, 2005

"One of President Bush's appointees is none other than the Judas Iscariot, Bill Pryor, who voted with the other Republicans to kill Terri. No surprise there. Remember Pryor was the Attorney General who agreed to remove our 10 Commandments and prosecuted Chief Justice Roy Moore. "

"Florida circuit court Judge Greer, who presided over the Schiavo case, is a Republican and just resigned from his church ... When the Florida legislature voted to save Terri, nine senate Republicans voted NO. Jeb Bush could sign an executive order disallowing court ordered euthanasia. Governors all over America order stays for murderers. Why can’t he order a stay for Terri?"

This question is a very, very good one: why doesn't Governor Jeb Bush just issue an Executive Order to stop this court murder? If he were as concerned as he says he is, and if his tears were real, he would simply issue that Executive Order and Terri's feeding tube would be reinstated, thus buying precious time to resolve this issue in the form of life, not death.

But, you say, if Terri said that she did not want her life prolonged by artificial means, shouldn't we respect that wish? If Terri had, indeed, expressed that wish, we should allow her to die peacefully. But, she never expressed that wish, as her husband, Michael, admitted. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Terri Schiavo's Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath", by Davvy Kidd, News With Views, March 23, 2005

"Terri's parents should have produced the video from Larry King's show, March 18, 2005 and asked the judge to watch Michael Schiavo let the truth slip out:

"Larry King: Do you understand how they (Terri's family) feel?"

M. SCHIAVO: Yes, I do. But this is not about them, it's about Terri. And I've also said that in court. We didn't know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want..."

Did you catch Michael's slip of the tongue, on nationwide -- nay, worldwide -- television? Michael admitted that Terri had never stated that she wanted to be put to death. Michael Schiavo actually admitted "We didn't know what Terri wanted". Therefore, Terri should be allowed to live. This is especially true since Terri has never been in a "Persistent Vegetative State" and can be rehabilitated. We have already posted a video, above, where one of Terri's nurses strongly stated that Terri was not in "PVS" and should not be murdered. Let us now return to Ms. Kidd's article to gain even more insight along these lines.

" Doctors take an oath to preserve life and by dozens of sworn statements, Terri Schiavo has much life left, she only needs rehabilitation, speech therapy and proper care ... If I were a doctor or nurse at Woodside Hospice, I would contact Terri's parents and tell them that I will go into a court of law and tell the truth about Terri's condition and that what is happening is murder - even if it cost me my job. No paycheck is worth being an accomplice to murder." (Ibid.)

However, there is much more to this story. Not only is Terri NOT a "Persistent Vegetable", but there a lot of facts screaming for attention, even though no one in authority is paying any attention to them. On the night Terri originally was admitted to the hospital in a coma, she showed definite signs of being physically beaten; further, her parents believed Michael had tried to strangle her, because of the marks on her neck. Listen to Ms Kidd on this issue:

"Two years ago, the loving husband received permission to finally get rid of the thorn in his side and her feeding tube was withdrawn ... Instead of simply divorcing her, he has vowed to 'keep his promise to Terri'. This husband who has lived with another woman for over a decade, recently turned down one million dollars in cold, hard cash to simply give custody of Terri to her parents. Instead, he has chosen to make sure Terri dies and continue the agonizing pain her family is going through every minute of the day, not to mention Terri being starved to death. Wow, that's a dedicated adulterer if I've ever seen one!" (Ibid.)

My suspicion is that Michael does not want Terri to ever regain consciousness so she could begin to tell what Michael had done to her that night. Ms Kidd makes allusion to this possibility also.

Before we leave this segment, let me return again to my original statement, above. This issue is NOT whether a person has the right to say that they do not want to be kept alive artificially for a very long period of time. I have thought a lot about this issue for myself, and do not want 21st Century medicine keeping me alive when the normal processes would have brought about my death. In other words, I would want to be treated naturally, and if there was absolutely nothing medical science could do to restore my health, allow the natural death process to occur. However, I would also not expect to be tortured to death by starvation and dehydration! I am sure the doctor would be able to prescribe pain killing medication, and allow me to die in peace, eating and drinking to the very end. Persistent reports from medical people attending to Terri have stated that she can eat and drink on her own, but that the feeding tube had been kept in place on Michael's orders.

What I do object to in this instance is the role the state is playing. The state is about to gain legal precedent for being able to kill a person who has never given any indication that this euthanasia is what he or she wanted! This is the same "slippery slope" down which Germany slipped during the time of Adolf Hitler.

Let us now examine this facet.

II. The major victory in Germany from 1933-1938 was that Hitler was able to gain legal authority, allowing the state to decide when a person should be murdered. He started with those "devalued persons", those sick and handicapped

NEWS BRIEF: "Hitler Targeted The Handicapped First", Traditional Values Coalition, March 24, 2005

"The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum features an online display showing how German physicians under Adolf Hitler (and even before Hitler came to power) had created a euthanasia program to kill those deemed “unworthy of life.” According to the Museum: “The victims included the mentally retarded, the institutionalized mentally ill, and the physically impaired.”

"The Museum noted: “The ‘euthanasia’ program required the cooperation of many German doctors, who reviewed the medical files of patients in institutions to determine which handicapped or mentally ill individuals should be killed. The doctors also supervised the actual killings ... The roots of Hitler’s euthanasia program began in 1920 with the publishing of an essay by Dr. Alfred Hoche and law professor Karl Binding. The essay, “Releasing Persons from Lives Devoid of Value,” recommended a new medical ethic to deal with mental patients and those whose lives were considered worthless ... useless individuals were to be killed to save money and to release them from the perceived miseries of living a life devoid of value."

According to some of the angry email we have been receiving, many people believe that Terri is "just a shell" and is living a life that has lost all its meaning. Such people forget the testimony of nurses and of her parents who say that Terri does communicate with them non-verbally and is far more responsive than the news media is reporting. Speaking of the news media, have you noticed that most of the news outlets are using the same words to refer to Terri? Rather than calling her by name, they refer to her as that "severely brain-damaged woman", thus removing the human element from the equation, much as abortionists refer to the baby being killed in the womb as a "fetus".

Did you know that doctors for over a decade now have admitted in private surveys that they kill their patients under certain circumstances? Once we have reached the point where doctors are admitting that they kill their patients under any circumstances, you can bet your last dollar that doctors are going far beyond this point, and are killing patients without their knowledge. Indeed, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and born-again Christian, Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, states emphatically that American doctors are killing in this manner simply because patients under their care have reached a point that they are living "lives unworthy of life". In his book, "The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People", Dr. Wolfensberger states, "Nursing Care is killing patients in ways that disguise the true cause of death, mostly by the over-prescription of mind-altering and body-destroying psychoactive drugs..."It is my personal estimate that various forms of death-making account for at least 200,000 deaths per year of handicapped and afflicted people. If this estimate is correct, WE ARE KILLING FAR MORE HANDICAPPED PEOPLE PER YEAR, THAN THE NAZIS DID BETWEEN 1939-1945." ["The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People"; emphasis in the original]

This incredible statistic comes from a Holocaust survivor, activist doctor on behalf of the handicapped. Dr. Wolfensberger is Professor at Syracuse University's Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation and Director for the Training Institute for Human Service Planning. I find it very interesting that he would compare America's current secret euthanasia program for ill and handicapped people to that of Adolf Hitler's Nazis. Dr. Wolfensberger then makes a statement which sums up the seriousness of the problem, especially as it relates to each one of us. On page 62 of his book quoted above, Dr. Wolfensberger states:

"...the likelihood is relatively high that persons afflicted with multiple devalued conditions will not leave a hospital alive -- even if their affliction and/or illness is relatively moderate. In many locales in North America, it is dangerous to admit to a typical general hospital a moderately retarded person who is above the age of 60. Secretly, and without involving relevant relatives...death-dealing decisions about such individuals may be made by medical personnel. Often, the only way to assure the safety of such afflicted persons in hospitals is to place at their bed a 24-hour 'guard', family members, advocates, friends, private duty nurses...who want to see that person live."

The change in attitudes amongst the German people of the medical profession was subtle and gradual. Listen:

"... the shift that took place among doctors was subtle. It began with the view that there is such a thing as a life not worthy to be lived. “Gradually,” said Alexander, “it led to killing the socially unproductive, the ideologically unwanted, the racially unwanted, and finally all non-Germans.” [Traditional Values Coalition, Ibid.]

This is the current holocaust afflicting so many people in Western societies today, including Terri Schiavo. The disaster which is threatening to unfold is that this case may set a legal precedent which states that governments may kill people without their express consent "under certain circumstances". Once that legal door is open just a tiny crack, then pro-death forces will shove that door wide open, just as they did in Abortion on Demand. Remember the compromise? Abortion was to be allowed only in narrowly prescribed circumstances -- in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother. Today, we stand at almost 50 million dead babies in the womb. America stands at the same crossroads with Adult Euthanasia.



III. Another reason I believe someone in authority chose Terri Schiavo to be a test case to gain legal precedent to allow state governments to kill citizens in cases where they have not agreed, is the revelation as to who the lawyer for Michael Schiavo is and what he background is. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Schiavo doctor a right-to-death activist", WorldNetDaily, March 23, 2005

"The neurologist chosen by Michael Schiavo to examine his estranged wife, Terri, is a right-to-die activist who has been a featured speaker for the pro-euthanasia Hemlock Society. Dr. Ronald Cranford testified in the court cases before county court Judge George Greer that Terri Schiavo was in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery ... His diagnosis has been disputed by Dr. William Hammesfahr, who said, 'I spent about 10 hours across about three months and the woman is very aware of her surroundings. She's very aware. She's alert. She's not in a coma. She's not in PVS'. Hammesfahr added, 'With proper therapy, she will have a tremendous improvement. I think, personally, that she'll be able to walk, eventually, and she will be able to use at least one of her arms'."

"Cranford is a member of the board of directors of the Choice in Dying Society, which promotes doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia. He was also a featured speaker at the 1992 national conference of the Hemlock Society. The group recently changed its name to End of Life Choices .... He blamed 'right-to-lifers' and 'disability groups' for discouraging families from making the choice for euthanasia. He applauded European values that embrace euthanasia."

Since the intrinsic nature of mankind is evil, giving the medical profession and/or the state the right to terminate the life of a person who had not given prior permission is tantamount to ensuring the next holocaust/genocide against people whom society has branded as "devalued". Adolf Hitler is the best modern example. While the German medical profession began the slide down that slippery slope in the early 1920's, about a decade before Hitler ever came to power. However, once the medical profession was silently killing thousands of devalued people, Hitler took the last step of killing people on the basis of religious and racial qualities -- deviating from already objectionable medical killing of physically - mentally devalued people.

In Hitler's mind, a person was "devalued" simply because he was a Jew, a gypsy, a Christian. The same scenario is developing right now in the writings of the New World Order writers. Listen to New Age author, David Spangler:

"In 1976, one of the most influential leaders in the drive toward the New World Order, David Spangler, wrote a book entitled "Revelation:The Birth Of A New Age". After recounting the many joys which mankind will experience in the New World Order, Spangler then begins a chapter entitled "Two Worlds". He explains that the people now living are divided into two groups: Those who have raised their consciousness sufficiently to where they can accept the New World Order, and those who have refused to do so. Spangler suddenly states, on page 160, that this second group "..have no place in the new world". Several pages later, Spangler asks the rhetorical question, "What will happen to those who cannot attune to the new? Where will they go?"

We do not have to wait long to find out where these people who can never accept the New World Order will go. Spangler says, very euphemistically, that these people will be "withdrawn" from the world and sent to an "upstairs room" to be "retrained" in the principles of the New Age. If this does not sound like killing, Spangler leaves no room for doubt, as he states in the next paragraph that these people will stay in their "upstairs room" until they can be "released safely into physical embodiment again". Obviously, for one to be "released back into physical embodiment", they must have first been separated from their present physical embodiment!

DVD --

IV. So many Iraqi people are now dying of Depleted Uranium poisoning that, today, a mother who has just given birth will not ask whether her child is a boy or a girl, but whether the child is normal or deformed!

NEWS BRIEF: "After the War Comes Cancer", DW-WORLD.DE, 09.03.2005

"Iraqi women fear for their children's future. Information collected for a German project investigating the use of uranium-charged ammunition in Iraq shows that when Iraqi women fear for their children's health, it is with good reason ... the first thing Iraqi women ask when giving birth is not if it is a boy or a girl, but if it is normal or deformed. The number of cancer cases and children born with deformities has skyrocketed after the two Gulf Wars."

If you have not yet read our "Depleted Uranium" articles and expert testimony, please take a moment to do so now.

From the beginning of the Iraq War (March-April, 2003), the expert medical source advising us told us that the damage which would be done by our Depleted Uranium munitions would be so terrible that, in 20 years, Iraq would be unlivable, untold millions would die, and virtually all our soldiers would become sick and begin to die. As we have chronicled, this horrific scenario is unfolding daily, and we get glimpses of it in our Daily News. This article reinforces that this terrible tragedy is unfolding.

This next article gives us even more insight.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democracy Betrayed: The horror of Depleted Uranium is not limited to Iraq – It may well
be at our doorsteps. The information which some governments are concealing is presented here",

"'I’m horrified. The people out there – the Iraqis, the media and the troops – risk the most appalling ill health. And the radiation from depleted uranium can travel literally anywhere. It’s going to destroy the lives of thousands of children, all over the world ... The speaker is ... Dr Chris Busby, the British radiation expert, Fellow of the University of Liverpool in the Faculty of Medicine and UK representative on the European Committee on Radiation Risk, talking about the best kept secret of this war: the fact that, by illegally using hundreds of tons of depleted uranium (DU) against Iraq, Britain and America have gravely endangered not only the Iraqis but the whole world. these weapons have released deadly, carcinogenic and mutagenic, radioactive particles in such abundance that – whipped up by sandstorms and carried on trade winds – there is no corner of the globe they cannot penetrate – including Britain. For the wind has no boundaries and time is on their side: the radioactivity persists for over 4,500,000,000 years and can cause cancer, leukemia, brain damage, kidney failure, and extreme birth defects – killing millions of every age for centuries to come. A crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time."

THIS is the legacy of the war against Afghanistan and Iraq, unleashed by christian President George Bush on the basis of lies, distortions, and deceptions. Now you know why President Bush did not order this invasion until he had received a one-year exclusion from the International Court for War Crimes. ("US demands total impunity on war crimes", World Socialist Web Site, 12 October 2002]

Every day, every battle, every windstorm, Depleted Uranium dust is falling all throughout the world, most of it landing on "Non-Integrating States". Soon, the toll of sick, dying, and dead shall be skyrocketing so greatly that the truth will inevitably come out. In the meantime, Coalition Forces continue to explode Depleted Uranium munitions.



V. A few days ago, we posted a story concerning the Red Lake school shooter. This article is NEWS2017, entitled, "Uncanny Parallels Between Recent Red Lake School Shooter and the 1999 Shooters At Columbine, and the Other Clinton-era School Shooters".

If you have not yet read this article, we encourage you to do so now. We uncovered the reality that the recent shooter at the Red Lake school possessed many things in common with the school shooters of the Clinton era. Some of these common characteristics are shocking and revealing; remember, our conclusion was that these shooters were mind controlled, as evidenced by the fact that they shot themselves to death after they had completed their rampage. These are some common characteristics:

* Shooters Wore Trench Coat To School Daily -- Mixing Combat Clothes: The Trench Coat Mafia are deeply occult, with its members deeply into Gothic scenes, immersing themselves in a pseudo-medieval world of dark images ... trench coats serve as a symbol for everything from Hitler and the Nazis to mass murder to suicidal fantasies ... ... the shooters ... were deeply into death -- talking, reading, and dreaming about it."

* Shooters Are Deeply Into The Occult World -- Admired Adolf Hitler

* School Shooters Killed Loved Ones Before Shooting At Schoolgrounds

* Shooters Killed Themselves After Their Murderous Rampage

* School Shooters Target Christians -- "Do you believe in God"?

* School Shooters In the Past Linked To Prozac -- While this trait was common to the Clinton-era school shooters, at the time we posted NEWS2017, we could not find any hard evidence that the Red Lake shooter was on Prozac. However, the morning after we posted the article, many people sent in news stories detailing the Prozac link. This shooter was also on this mind-altering drug.

NEWS BRIEF: "'The clues were all there': School shooter depicted as deeply disturbed, ignored teen", San Francisco Chronicle, March 25, 2005

"Redlake, Minn. -- Two days after a shooting rampage on the Indian reservation here left 10 dead, friends, relatives and neighbors of Jeff Weise -- the 16-year- old assailant -- began to sketch a portrait of a deeply disturbed youth who had been treated for depression in a psychiatric ward, lost several close family members, sketched gruesome scenes of armed warriors and was removed from the school where he gunned down most of his victims Monday ... Those willing to be interviewed described Weise as a young man who drifted among various homes on the reservation, listening to heavy metal music, proclaiming his affinity for Adolf Hitler ... Weise's father, Daryl Lussier Jr., committed suicide in 1997. Two years later, a serious automobile accident killed a cousin and left Weise's mother partly paralyzed and brain damaged.

"He was taking the antidepressant Prozac and at least once was hospitalized for suicidal tendencies.."

During the time of the Clinton-era shootings, Black Magick practitioners were bragging that these shootings were part of a larger plan to overthrow the values of society. What is the bottom line goal behind these school shootings? We believe it to be Gun Control, as we state in our article, above. No dictatorship tolerates citizen gun ownership; Hitler did not begin his public euthanasia program, nor his internal persecutions, nor his World War III, until after he had confiscated most of his citizen's guns. That is a fact of history.

Governments are the greatest killers of people throughout over 4,000 years of human history. Not only do we see state governments gaining control over people's lives through the Terry Schiavo case, but we know the fact of history that all dictatorships seize control of privately owned weapons, and then they turn on them with a vengeance. Once Lenin and Stalin got control of their citizen's weapons, Stalin turned on the persecution. By the time he finished, Communist leaders had killed over 20 million people!

And, this Illuminati plans to reduce world population by 4 billion quickly in only 7 years!



VI. Unilateral Disengagement news became very interesting this past week. We shall speak about several subjects today.

1. The Sharon government began to crack down on settlers resisting his disengagement plans.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon Gov’t says Yesha under belligerent occupation", Jerusalem Newswire, March 24, 2005

"JERUSALEM -- The government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon this week insisted Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip (Yesha) were under belligerent Israeli occupation as it worked to thwart a High Court petition by Jewish settlers, stating their rights were to be violated by the 'disengagement' plan. The Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria insists their basic human right to live where they choose without regard to religion or race would be violated when Sharon's government comes to forcibly uproot them this summer."

"But state representatives ... wrote that 'the areas of Judea and Samaria and the area of the Gaza Strip have been held by Israel since the Six Day War and until today, in belligerent occupation'. As such, the settlers have 'no grounds for claiming today that they thought they were going to live within the boundaries of the State of Israel when they took up residence in these areas, explained the two attorneys."

In effect, the government of Israel is saying that, since it has been governing this territory militarily under the state of "belligerent occupation", the Jewish settlers cannot claim their normal rights to live within Biblical Israel. Thus has the Sharon government set the legal stage to oust the Jewish settlers.

However, as if this scenario seems to be the stuff of which nightmares are made, consider this next story.

NEWS BRIEF: "New prison wing for pullout protesters", ynet.com News, By Raana Ben-Zur, March 23, 2005

"Israeli prison initiates special 'Withdrawal Ward' that could house up to 900; reserved for people arrested during protests of Sharon's pullout plan. Protesters of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's pullout plan will have their own designated section in one of Israel's prisons should they participate in violent clashes with police, Israel Prison Service officials said."

Sharon does, indeed, seem intent upon discrediting the religious settlers through this upcoming confrontation over his forced evacuation of Jewish citizens from the predominately Palestinian sectors of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. We shall be posting an article on this subject next week. Watch out for it.

VII. Israel's plan to separate the Palestinian population from the Jewish took a planned turn this past week, as Israel turned over two cities to control of the PA (Palestinian Authority) -- Jericho and Tulkarem -- even though Palestinian terrorist violence had not abated.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jordan Valley Residents React to Jericho Handover", Israel National News, March 18, 2005

"While Israel was handing over Jericho to Palestinian Authority security control yesterday, Israel's security forces were forced to deal with the 41 current terrorist warnings in effect ... Several issues had been in dispute regarding the transfer of Jericho, including the checkpoints around the city and control of the village of Ouja just to the north. As per the final agreement, the checkpoints along the Jordan Valley Highway – a critical south-north artery leading from Jerusalem to the Kineret Sea and Golan areas – will remain in place. The western checkpoint, however, was removed, enabling free Arab travel from Ramallah to Jericho. "We will no longer be able to stop terrorists from using this route," an army officer told Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler."

The dirty little "secret" of this entire operation is that Israel is continuing to hand over Palestinian towns to PA control, even though no infrastructure exists in the Palestinian Authority which would enable them to begin effectively governing these cities. The only reason this handover of governing authority has occurred is that the "schedule" by which the Palestinian population will be separated from the Jewish is getting close enough that transfers of authority must begin, even if the PA is not ready and even if terrorism dramatically increases as a result. (We explain this "schedule" in Newsletter for February 12, 2005, Section III)

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel to begin transfer of Tulkarem to Palestinians Monday", Khaleej Times, 20 March 2005

"JERUSALEM – Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Sunday that Israel would begin to hand over security control to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem from Monday ... Last Wednesday, Israel handed over limited security control of the West Bank city of Jericho to the PA in the first steps of a full security handover that is set to take four weeks to complete. Ceding security in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Qalqilya, Tulkarem and Jericho was a key issue agreed at a landmark Israeli-Palestinian peace summit in Egypt early last month."

Therefore, Israel has now ceded control of five Palestinians towns, with many more to follow. This path of authority turnover will continue to parallel the path of Israel forcing its citizens to evacuate settlements which are currently in the territory which Israel plans to completely turn over to the Palestinians.

And, behind these scenes, Israel continues to build the Security Fence, behind which 99.3% of all Palestinians will reside once these combined operations are completed. From that moment on, Israel can go to war, and the prophecy of Obadiah 151-18 will be fulfilled, as we describe in NEWS1422, above. World War III will then be ready to begin, at a moment set by Almighty God and followed to the second by the global Illuminati.

"At Any Price: How America Betrayed My Kidnapped Daughters For Saudi Oil"

VIII. Consider these two simultaneously occurring news stories:

* Oil and gas prices are at record levels

* Congress is beginning to hear arguments from President Bush's men about the "national need" to begin drilling in the Alaskan oil field located in the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge"

Is there a connection? You be the judge.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil vote opens spigot on debate: Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could be an energy boon -- and a peril for wildlife", The Detroit News, March 20, 2005

"No environmental battle in the past 25 years has aroused more passion than the seesaw struggle over the future of a strip of coastal tundra at the far northern tip of Alaska. The Senate's vote this past week to allow oil and gas drilling there did not seal the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Legislative hurdles remain. But for the first time in more than 20 years of debate, the president and Congress have signaled that they agree the nation's energy needs justify tapping into the nation's largest wildlife preserve, a place many Americans believe should be untouchable."

This battle has been long, arduous and contentious, pitting the barons of industry against the protectors of wildlife. For many years, the wildlife people have won the battle, especially with the backing of President Bill Clinton and his Vice President, Al Gore. Both men were strong pro-environmentalists and used the power of the Presidency to thwart all oil industry attempts to begin drilling in pristine environmental location, as well as offshore.

In fact, this article continues, by mentioning the issue of off-shore drilling.

"Moreover, the proponents and critics of drilling in the preserve see the vote as the opening wedge in a broader campaign, reflected in pending legislation, to open other areas off-limits to energy exploration. Oil industry executives have tied exploring the preserve to a larger agenda of opening areas that are off-limits." (Ibid.)

Therefore, while Congress is beginning to debate such a contentious issue, what better way to gain public support than by contriving an "oil crisis"? I can think of no better method to gain the support of the average American, many of whom are now driving gas-hogging S.U.V.'s and R.V.'s, than to drive oil into the stratosphere. Once permission is granted to begin drilling in these areas, the price of oil and gas can come tumbling down.

How can we be sure this oil and gas pricing "crisis" is pre-planned? Listen to this article explain:

NEWS BRIEF: "Proof You Are Getting Robbed At The Gas Station", The New York Daily Post, March 24, 2005

"HERE'S all you need to know to understand that Americans are getting screwed at the gas pump.

Fact 1: The inventory of crude oil in the U.S. right now is 8 percent larger than it was this same week last year. And that's the biggest amount of crude on hand since the middle of 2002.

Fact 2: That the 8 percent increase doesn't include all the oil purchased by Washington and put into the emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which now has 685 million barrels. That's up from 650 million barrels last year and 599 million in '03.

Fact 3: There is 7.5 percent more gasoline in stock right now in this country than during the same week last year. And you'd have to go back to this same week in 1999 to find more gasoline inventory — when the average price at the pump was only $1.01 a gallon.

Fact 4: Including everything made of oil, there is 4.9 percent more supply this year than when Spring began in 2004. And there's about 10 percent more of all petroleum products in stock today than when the Iraqi war began.

Fact 5: American consumers are being conned by speculators — and a media that doesn't ask enough tough questions — into thinking there is some sort of supply problem.

Yes, I believe this "oil supply crisis" is dramatically blown out of proportion simply because Congress is passing legislation to allow oil companies to drill where they have always wanted to drill: offshore and in pristine wilderness areas. Once they got an oil-friendly President in office, the next step would be to manufacture a crisis which would allow enough political pressure to build that would force this bill through Congress, through the Presidency, and past any other obstacles.

Further, once oil begins to flow from these formerly forbidden locations, prices could logically fall, because the story could be spun that these new locations are now pouring enough crude oil to bring down these prices. Only the discerning will ever know that the issue was never about crude oil in the first place.

VIII. Another Pro-Western "democratic revolution" occurred this week, when a pro-Russian president was swept out of office by a "popular uprising".

Once again, the victim was a pro-Russian president! What is the score now, between Putin and Bush? Bush - 3; Putin - 0?

NEWS BRIEF: "Georgia, Ukraine and Now Kyrgyzstan: Opposition Takes Control, President Flees", AP Breaking News, Mar 25, 2005

"BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan (AP) - President Askar Akayev's government collapsed Thursday after opposition protesters took over the presidential compound and government offices ... The popular uprising in this impoverished Central Asian nation of 5 million forced Akayev to flee the country and was breathtaking in its speed ... The government was the third in a former Soviet republic - after Georgia and Ukraine - to be brought down by people power over the past year and a half. The government was the third in a former Soviet republic - after Georgia and Ukraine - to be brought down by people power over the past year and a half."

When I read this sentence, I was immediately alerted, because I knew that Georgia and the Ukraine "democratic revolutions" were bought, paid for, and maneuvered by Western Intelligence. We have covered this issue in previous newsletters. The details of this revolution were very similar to those of the Ukrainian overthrow. Could be there be a CIA connection to this latest overthrow of a former Soviet republic?

NEWS BRIEF: "Geopolitics at Heart of Kyrgyzstan Unrest", MosNews, March 25, 2005

"Mostly it was the Kyrgyz opposition that spoke out about the violations, and certain politicians in the United States. U.S. influence is very strong in Kyrgyzstan — a number of non-governmental organizations are active on its territory, and they they are financed by U.S. organizations. They are the Soros Foundation, and Freedom House. The printing press that prints opposition newspapers is actually owned by Freedom House. The head of this organization is James Woolsey, the former CIA director. And congressmen who have criticized the Kyrgyz government are in fact quite close to these power structures."

How about this line-up of Illuminist power figures?

* James Woolsey, former CIA Director, was speaking quite forcefully this time last year, insisting that a "Fourth World War" was now underway with President Bush's War On Terror. Woolsey calculated that the Cold War was the Third World War, even though we conclusively establish that, since the Illuminati created Communism to be the "Anti-Thesis Force" which would oppose the Western "Thesis Forces", the Cold War was staged (Seminar 2, "America Controls The Flow of History")

* The Soros Foundation, funded by the billionaire George Soros, is one of the premier money foundations in the world today, dedicated to the coming New World Order. Soros took over from Armand Hammer once he died as the funnel through which many billions of dollars can flow to fund the global projects near and dear to the heart of the "power structures".

* American Congressmen are mentioned as having publicly criticized the Kyrgyz government before it.

* Senator John McCain joined these congressmen in criticizing the doomed government. Senator John McCain showed himself to be thoroughly Illuminist when his wife sported her "Hillary Pin", i.e., the Phoenix Bird Pin, after John won a presidential primary in 2000 (NEWS1354)

All these facts add up to the clear hand of Western Intelligences ensuring that the "democratic revolution" so championed by President Bush can and will move forward.

This article then stated how critically important Kyrgyzstan is in the region. Listen:

"Moscow is not involved in any way in what is happening in Kyrgyzstan. But of course it has interests there — like the military base it has in Kant, which was built before the U.S. air base in Menas. And, despite the fact that Kyrgyzstan has a small population, strategically it is in a very important position."

In this one small country, both the United States and Russia operate military bases. One quick look at Kyrgyzstan shows why it is so very strategically located (See Kyrgyzstan Map). China lies closely to the East, Southeast, while Russia is just north of where the map cuts off, and Mongolia is nearby. Kyrgyzstan is strategically located, and now her new president seems to be in the Western camp.

IX. This picture is the story of the extent of moral collapse in America today over the encroaching "Death Culture".

NEWS BRIEF: "Another person arrested trying to hydrate Terri: A child this time", Yahoo News, March 23, 2005

"Gabriel Keys (foreground) is arrested by police officers for trespassing in Pinellas Park, Florida, March 23, 2005. The young protester attempted to take a glass of water into the Woodside Hospice for the brain-damaged Terri Schiavo. A federal judge rejected a request from the parents of Schiavo to order her feeding tube reinserted."

This picture succinctly captured the essence of the moral collapse in America today. When policemen will handcuff a young boy as we see here, carting him off in a police wagon to jail, for his "crime" of trying to take a glass of water into the human being, Terri Schiavo, our collapse is frighteningly close.

What did Jesus say about giving a glass of cold water?

"And whoever gives to one of these little ones [in rank or influence] even a cup of cold water because he is My disciple, surely I declare to you, he shall not lose his reward." [Matthew 10:42; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

If ever there was a person "little in rank or influence", it is Terri Schiavo. Truly, this young boy is to be commended for his example of courage and boldness as he tried to give a cup of cold water to Terri.

Can you see America's national sins piling up, even to Heaven?

"I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues. For her iniquities (her crimes and transgressions) are piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and her crimes and calls them up for settlement. [Revelation 18:4-5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Not only can I see America's sins piled up high to heaven, I can hear the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

---------Conclusion----------------"Looking unto Jesus." Hebrews 12:2

It is ever the Holy Spirit's work to turn our eyes away from self to Jesus; but Satan's work is just the opposite of this, for he is constantly trying to make us regard ourselves instead of Christ. He insinuates, "Your sins are too great for pardon; you have no faith; you do not repent enough; you will never be able to continue to the end; you have not the joy of His children; you have such a wavering hold of Jesus." All these are thoughts about self, and we shall never find comfort or assurance by looking within. But the Holy Spirit turns our eyes entirely away from self: He tells us that we are nothing, but that "Christ is all in all." Remember, therefore, it is not thy hold of Christ that saves thee

--it is Christ; it is not thy joy in Christ that saves thee

--it is Christ; it is not even faith in Christ, though that be the instrument

--it is Christ's blood and merits; therefore, look not so much to thy hand with which thou art grasping Christ, as to Christ; look not to thy hope, but to Jesus, the source of thy hope; look not to thy faith, but to Jesus, the author and finisher of thy faith. We shall never find happiness by looking at our prayers, our doings, or our feelings; it is what Jesus is, not what we are, that gives rest to the soul. If we would at once overcome Satan and have peace with God, it must be by "looking unto Jesus." Keep thine eye simply on Him; let His death, His sufferings, His merits, His glories, His intercession, be fresh upon thy mind; when thou wakest in the morning look to Him; when thou liest down at night look to Him. Oh! let not thy hopes or fears come between thee and Jesus; follow hard after Him, and He will never fail thee.

"My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesu's blood and righteousness:
dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesu's name."

["Morning and Evening Devotions", Classic KJV Edition, by C.H. Spurgeon]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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