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March 31, 2010


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Gary Kah, author of En Route To Global Occupation, is a former high-ranking government official who reveals the plans to force a new Satanic World Government and then exposes the Satanic Religion behind the entire conspiracy. 2 hours 30 minutes -

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2 hrs. 40 min. --

---------- This Week's Hot News --------


I. Federal agents are now boldly accusing the 'christian' militia in Michigan of plotting to overthrow the U.S. government!

Is a propaganda case being built which will one day be used to arrest Christian leaders and accuse them of plotting to overthrow the government?

This premise is not too far-fetched, for the Illuminati Plan speaks of just such a blueprint.

NEWS BRIEF: "Christian Militia accused of plotting war on US government", Excite News, March 30, 2010

"WHEATLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - A ninth alleged member of a Christian militia group that prepared to battle the Antichrist and the U.S. government was arrested after the FBI played recorded messages from family and friends, who urged the man to give himself up, over loudspeakers outside a home in rural Michigan. Joshua Matthew Stone peacefully surrendered to heavily armed authorities Monday night. His father and seven others believed to be part of the Michigan-based Hutaree appeared in court earlier on charges they plotted to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral - all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the government."

This scene seems almost unreal. In fact, it sounds as though pandemonium had set in, with pleas being loudly broadcast outside this man's home. Add in numerous FBI special agents and many family and friends, and it seems that the situation was chaotic.

Furthermore, the charges are outlandish. It does not seem as though any person could actually believe that only nine people could incite a significant uprising against the United States government.

But, if these charges are meant to begin a process of propaganda against genuine Christians, then this unfolding scenario makes sense.

United States authorities say they believe they have smashed the conspiracy.

"Most of the arrests came during weekend raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. FBI agents moved quickly against Hutaree because members planned an attack sometime in April, prosecutors said. Authorities seized guns but would not say whether they found explosives. The arrests dealt 'a severe blow to a dangerous organization that today stands accused of conspiring to levy war against the United States', Attorney General Eric Holder said."

Notice the card shown above, one of the many cards in the Illuminati Card Game. Each of the cards is designed to show an action which the Illuminati is going to take in order to overthrow and destroy this present order so that a New World Order can be set in place.

This card tells us that the Illuminati plans to deliver "death to all fanatics".

Therefore, I believe it possible that the Illuminati may have created this group and brought it to this point just so they could make a case against everyone who believes literally in prophecy. We shall discuss this probability later in this segment.

How does a propagandist go about to discredit a huge religious movement that was instrumental in the founding of this nation and still claims about 30 million adherents?

1) The first step is to make a dramatic move against a fringe christian organization whose stated goals are so startling and so repugnant to the vast majority of American citizens that they can thoroughly discredit the fringe group.

2) Then, as the long, drawn-out process of a trial starts, the facts from this trial are so incendiary that the average American citizen just plainly gets mad.

3) The verdict should be so heavy that people are surprised by it, but they conclude that this men must be guilty or else the punishment would not be so strong.

4) The idea slowly takes shape in people's minds that any other conspiracy nuts who might be close to these men in their anti-government position should be arrested and given the same harsh punishment.

5) Gradually, the focus moves toward the center. While people originally believed that this 'christian' militia was so radical that few people shared their beliefs, the propaganda expert slowly controls the flow of news so that more and more Christians who are toward the center are tainted with the same broad brush as the nine original men.

The Waco conflagration is a good example as to how this propaganda brush can move inexorably toward the people in the center. After government forces had killed everyone at Waco, President Bill Clinton took public note of David Koresh's literal belief in the Book of Revelation. Looking straight into the camera, President Clinton intoned, "Maybe we should take a close look at anyone who literally believes in the Book of Revelation'!

Wham! Just like that, the propagandist painted tens of millions of Americans with the extremely broad brush of the "dangers" inherent in a literal belief in the Book of Revelation. Evidence that Koresh's really believed literally in the Book of Revelation is sketchy at best; but, what is not debatable is that Clinton took Koresh's' supposed belief in Revelation all the way to the center, where tens of millions of Americans most certainly live.

That is how propaganda works and I believe we may be seeing the first specific blow being dealt the genuine body of Christians in this country. The process will take time to complete, but the day will come when the secular American looks upon genuine Christians with the type of horror and disgust now reserved for the terrorist.


II. The nasty word, "Amnesty" for illegal aliens is once again popping up in the news.

"Amnesty" will quickly turn into "North American Citizen"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Next cramdown on taxpayers? It's amnesty and it's ba-a-ck!", World Net Daily, March 29, 2010

"A former member of Congress says last weekend's shooting death of an Arizona rancher on his own land is what will happen more and more unless America takes back its own borders – even as President Obama makes promises that ultimately could reward those who break federal laws to gain entrance to the U.S."

"Obama's latest promises on immigration came as Congress passed his unprecedented takeover of health care ... 'I have always pledged to be your partner as we work to fix our broken immigration system, and that's a commitment I reaffirm today," he said in a video message to open-borders supporters rallying in Washington the same day Congress approved 'Obamacare'."

This next segment comes as close to the truth as any in a long time.

"... Democrats view illegal aliens as votes, and too many Republicans see the illegals as cheap laborers."

Indeed, this issue is bipartisan. Republican President George W. Bush had eight long years in which he could have secured the Mexican-American borders. But, he did not. Bill Clinton likewise did not secure the border. President Obama is also not going to secure the border.

Why on earth have these Presidents so completely "dropped the ball" on this issue?

The answer is simple: these politicians -- Democrat and Republican alike -- do not share your view and my view that these illegal aliens who have come across the border by the tens of millions should be punished in any way.

Their worldview on this subject is far different than ours, but they have not told you yet. These politicians understand that the ultimate goal is to eliminate the borders with Mexico to the south and Canada to the north, so that the North American Union may be established!

Once NAFTA is created, then the problem over illegal immigrants will disappear in a flash! All illegal immigrants will instantly become North American citizens. At that moment, all such immigrants will be granted 'de facto' amnesty, because their new citizenship will automatically grant it.

This is the real goal of our politicians, as they are marching in lockstep toward the creation of supernation #1 -- North American Union -- of the Illuminati's global plan to redraw all sovereign nations into only 10 supernations. And, that, my friends, in another step in fulfilling the 2,600-year-old prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 (Read full details in NEWS1002, entitled, "NAFTA: The Shocking 'Rest of the Story' ")

As this news of amnesty and of securing our borders unfolds in your daily news, do not allow yourself to be distracted from keeping your eye on the correct target. The phony public rhetoric will try to keep you focused on these false words; rather, stay focused on the creation of the North American Union which will become the final solution of the illegal immigrant crisis.


III. Female Islamic suicide bombers struck a Moscow subway station during rush hour, killing at least 38 people.

The New York City subway authority immediately took precautionary steps in light of this Russian attack.

NEWS BRIEF: "Female suicide bombers blamed in Moscow subway attacks", CNN World News, March 29, 2010

"Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- Russian investigators combing two subway stations attacked by female suicide bombers think Chechen rebels may have been behind the rush-hour strike that killed dozens of people. 'Our preliminary assessment is that this act of terror was committed by a terrorist group from the North Caucasus region', Alexander Bortnikov of the Federal Security Service said of the investigation at one of the blast sites ... Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the "terrorists" responsible for the Moscow subway attacks Monday 'will be destroyed'."

What measures are Russian authorities planning to institute to prevent another suicide terrorist attack?

"We are providing Moscow metro with additional CCTV cameras. Today's events show we should not only continue this work but to make it more effective. Changes in legislation may be necessary."

Since suicide bombers wear their bombs strapped underneath clothes, I am uncertain exactly how additional surveillance cameras would stop future bombing. However, a dictatorial government wants as many surveillance cameras as possible, for it enhances their ability to track and arrest dissidents.

Immediately, American authorities began to implement new procedures based solely on the Moscow attacks.

"New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said police are stepping up security in the New York City subway system."

"In Washington, Metro, the operator of the city's transit system, said it is expanding security in light of the Moscow attacks. Coincidentally, it had a terror drill this past weekend and is holding another one Monday."

"In Atlanta, Georgia, MARTA's police department has heightened security measures throughout the transit system."

Then, the outrage spread to other places on the globe.

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he was 'appalled' by the incident ... "

"Interpol, the international police agency, condemned the attacks and offered help to Russian authorities in the investigation."

Since Russia is attempting to draw the nations into her orbit which are planned to be part of the Illuminati 1-Nation Reorganization Plan, it might be deemed necessary to spawn terrorist attacks on her soil which would present the Russian government with the necessary terror crisis which would facilitate the creation of the Russian / Eastern Europe supernation -- #5 (NEWS1002)

A dictatorial government can facilitate the creation of a supernation than a messy, slow and noisy democracy.


Indeed, Wednesday headlines screamed the necessity of Russia implementing new police type powers in order to deal with the terrorism racking Russia.

NEWS BRIEF: "President Medvedev Calls for New Anti-Terrorism Laws as Russia Mourns ", Voice of America News, 30 March 2010

"Russian President Dmitri Medvedev is calling for new laws to combat terrorism, as Moscow holds a day of mourning for 39 people killed Monday in twin suicide bombings on Moscow's metro. In televised remarks, the president also called for new measures to increase safety in public transportation and other public places."

"... authorities say the bombings in central Moscow were carried out by two women with links to Islamist insurgents in Russia's restive southern republics. Monday's bombings are the first in the Russian capital in six years."

Just as President Bush and the Congress used the 9/11 attacks as the excuse to pass tough new dictatorial laws, Russia's leaders are carrying out the same tactic. When a strategy works, you might as well use it again and again and again, and in countries all around the world.


IV. Israeli citizens are increasingly coming to the belief that President Obama is Islamic in his inner heart and is becoming the major threat to Israel's continued existence.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama tears up Israel’s carte blanche", Times Online, March 28, 2010

"‘Let me know if there is anything new,” was Barack Obama’s final, somewhat contemptuous, instruction to Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, whom he left in a room at the White House and subsequently stiffed for dinner ... There’s now a widening irritation in Washington over Netanyahu’s refusal to accept that Israeli intransigence over settlements is badly hurting America’s interests around the world. This is a real change."

"... Israel’s role as an ally has become muddied. How do you trust an ally that steals British citizens’ identities for an assassination? How can the United States make overtures to moderate Arab regimes concerning, say, Iran if the Israelis keep poking the Arab world in the eye over settlements?"

"So who will blink first? Netanyahu can tolerate only a certain amount of international isolation, especially if he wants real American support on Iran. And, in truth, very few of either party support expansion of settlements on the West Bank or in the part of Jerusalem that would be a future Palestinian capital. If Obama were to propose a detailed American two-state solution, he could move the ball forward. In many ways he already has. Simply by challenging Netanyahu so publicly, he has made the Cairo speech he delivered last June seem less of a mirage."

"Remember healthcare. The key thing to understand about Obama is his persistence. And the key thing Netanyahu needs to be reminded of is: Obama has a gift for getting his enemies to destroy themselves."

Remember the Bible and God's many prophecies to Israel at the End of the Age. Many Christians today are not well informed concerning God's wonderful promises to Israel and to her End of the Age security. Therefore, we encourage you to read our treatise on these iron-clad promises of God.

Please read NEWS1010, entitled, "God's Modern Day Miracle -- Israel A Nation Again".

Once you see God's unconditional promises that she will never be plucked off the land again, you will understand that, while Israel is going to suffer greatly during the upcoming trial of Antichrist, Israel will never, ever be destroyed.

NOTE: This newsletter continues below the Twitter announcement.

"Pastor Hoggard In Person: Prophetic State of the World Conference, January 7, 2010"

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In this 3 part DVD set, you will see topics such as the true foundations of America's beginnings, the identification of Washington, D.C. as a pagan high place and new discoveries about Bible Numerics

At the end of the seminar Pastor addresses the issue most people had on their mind: America is very, very close to crossing that Judgment Line with God. The loss of our freedoms is now only awaiting the next 'trigger event' -- either World War III or the next real terror attack.

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Cutting Edge Is Now Using Twitter!

We have now begun to use the new medium of communication, Twitter. Whenever we see a story which needs to be disseminated quickly, we shall post it on Twitter. To follow Cutting Edge on Twitter, go to or you can use the RSS feed by clicking the icon below. Follow us on or RSS feed


V. Speaking alongside Radical Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, Cornel West raises the possibility that white men might assassinate President Obama!

The Attorney General needs to arrest this man on Hate Crimes charges!!

NEWS BRIEF: "'Right-wing white brothers' may 'attempt to kill' Obama", By Aaron Klein, World Net Daily, March 30, 2010

"Speaking at a televised roundtable alongside Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, a personal friend and recent adviser to President Obama decried 'right-wing white brothers' who are attacking Obama and who 'could even attempt to kill him'."

"Cornel West, an extremist race-relations instructor at Princeton, was speaking last Saturday at the "We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda" conference in Chicago organized by talk show host Tavis Smiley. The event was broadcast on CSPAN. Stated West, 'There are a number of highly misguided right-wing white brothers and sisters who are engaged in assault and attack and could even attempt to kill him (Obama). So we have to protect our brother. There's no doubt about that. And we have to keep track of those forces that will lie and degrade. ... He is our brother. He needs to be protected'."

According to the basic premise of the new 'Hate Crimes" law, Cornel West is guilty of a hate crime against all 'White Brothers", for there is scant evidence that any white men are plotting to assassinate the President. Even though every president faces some individual crazy people who might want to kill him, I have heard of no evidence that any "White Brothers" are now conspiring to kill President Obama.

In 2007, Cornel West attacked the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and right-wing forces in Latin America. When Barack Obama took the microphone he called West 'a brother' and a 'genius , a public intellectual, a preacher, an oracle ... he's also a loving person'."

Nevertheless, if any white person made the same incendiary remarks against 'black brothers' who are supposedly planning to assassinate the President of the United States, they most assuredly be arrested for a 'hate crime'.

Wouldn't it be the supreme irony if the first major arrest under the new Hate Crimes Law would be a black leader, arrested under the authority of a black president and a black attorney general?

I would not hold my breath, because President Obama will be most forgiving of his "genius" friend!

If President Obama needs to fear anyone trying to kill him, he had better fear the Illuminati, his handlers and backers. If Obama strays from the script laid down for him, he could join the ranks of Martin Luther King, President John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln, of top leaders assassinated by the Masters of the Illuminati -- just as the DVD shown above clearly proves.

VI. Liberal, left-leaning New York Times columnist boldly states on TV that the 'Death Panels' set up by Obama's National Health Care Law will operate to save the government a 'lot of money".

Paul Krugman verifies the recent Cutting Edge Headline News article, in which we stated that the "Expert Advisory Panels" would operate as 'Death Panels', in the Nazi mold.

NEWS BRIEF: "N.Y. Times columnist: Death panels will save 'a lot of money' ", By Bob Unruh, World Net Daily, March 30, 2010

"Left-leaning New York Times economic columnist Paul Krugman says the so-called 'death panels' established by President Obama's trillion-dollar nationalized health-care plan will end up saving 'a lot of money' for the government. The comments from Krugman, who also writes on the New York Times blogs, came during a discussion of 'Obamacare' on the ABC News Sunday program 'This Week'."

At this point, Krugman verifies our understanding as to how these 'Death Panels' are going to operate and how they will save the government money.

"People on the right, they're simultaneously screaming, 'They're going to send all the old people to death panels,' and 'It's not going to save any money', he said. Another panelist interjected, 'Death panels would save money', to which Krugman responded:

"The advisory panel which has the ability to make more or less binding judgments on saying this particular expensive treatment actually doesn't do any good medically and so we are not going to pay for it. That is actually going to save quite a lot of money. We don't know how much yet. The CBO gives it very little credit but, but most, most of the health care economists I talk to think that's going be a really, uh a really major cost saving."

Just as Adolf Hitler did in Nazi Germany 77 years ago, ObamaCare significantly cuts the funding of a great many programs designed to provide care for those "devalued" citizens, the elderly, the terminally ill, the insane, the handicapped. Once the force of decreased funding collides with the force of increased demand, the Death Panels can then go to work.


I well remember my thoughts many years ago as I read the moans and groans of New Age leaders who were crying for severe population reductions, to the extent of 66%.

I wondered what would happen when the incredible numbers of the "Baby Boomer" generation began to age into elderly status. What would happen when the greatest swelling of births in American history met the Illuminati Plan of severe population reduction?

New Age author, Bill Cooper, supplied the key understanding when he stated:

""The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate ... they did not relish the possible consequences of an enraged public upon discovering that they were being systematically murdered ..." (Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", page 167; Emphasis added)

Listen to another quote from Cooper:

"Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide." [Ibid., p. 49]

Do you think it just a coincidence that, at the exact time when the Baby Boomer population tsunami is approaching that the American Government passes a most draconian 'Death Panel" law? I think there is no coincidence.

The Illuminati answer to the Baby Boomer generation is to "take control ... to reduce the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide".

As my generation is killed by decisions of the Death Panels, American leaders will consider these deaths to be "benevolent"! Doubt it not.


New Headline News Articles

New Health Care Law Will, Indeed, Set Up Death Panels

National Health Care Bill Contains the Skull & Bones Illuminati Signature of '322'!

This reality means that the National Health Care is simply part of the Illuminati Plan to finally bring America to dictatorial subjection President Obama is simply following the script written for him, "... a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any ... who oppose us by deed or word."

This law crowns the Independent Medicare Advisory Board (IMAB) as an untouchable regulatory authority wielding dictatorial powers. This law is the Worst Case Scenario for Americans who fall into one of the "Devalued" categories, Elderly, Terminally Ill, Vegetative State, or Insane.

President Obama's Health Care Law gives rebirth to the Nazi Biomedical Vision - the bloody Nazi World is back!

How Israel Might Start World War III

Is it possible that the fake propaganda effort against Iran might lead to an all-out global conflagration?

Israel is giving land away to the United Nations under the guise of declaring certain sites and lands as "World Heritage Sites". Can you say "Sovereignty Surrender"?

Jerusalem was give away to U.N. control in 1999. This past week, Israel handed control to the U.N. of even more ancient Jewish sites. Why are Palestinians so angry? Because designation of a site as a 'World Heritage Site' also deprives the Palestinians from exercising control over those coveted sites.


Is President Obama Ordering the Assassination of American Citizens?

Reports tell us that Obama has ordered the 'targeted assassination' of more American citizens than did Bush/Cheney! Obama's campaign supporters are once again being betrayed by this Illuminati President

Unlike Ford, Toyota Has Never Demonstrated The Belief That It Is OK For Their Customers To Burn!

Documenting the unfolding saga of how the American Government seems to be mounting an unrelenting P.R. campaign to so damage Toyota's reputation that sales of government-controlled automakers will increase. Obama's Bottom Line is at stake!


The Mind-changing Myths of AVATAR

Blending Hinduism, Shamanism and Goddess Spirituality

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

The Pentagon has divided the world into two segments. Since the attacks of 9/11, Wars, Rumors of Wars, Earthquakes in divers places, volcanoes, and pestilence has ravaged countries in the 'Non-Integrating Gap'! Events have shown both a pattern and a purpose, not occurring by accident or by random. Millions are displaced and are dying.

But, the worst is yet to come!

Iraq Is Dying!

The entire land is covered over with poisoning from toxins and Depleted Uranium. People are slowly succumbing to death through cancer and other diseases brought on by D.U. Remember, both Iraq and Haiti lie within the

"Non-Integrating Gap" region of the world, as envisioned by "The Pentagon's New Map".

Prophecy of Isaiah 13 detailing the utter destruction of Ancient Babylon is nearly complete!

Global "Critical Mass" Being Achieved - Under British Control!

"World Government Convergence - Returning To British Rule"

New DVD by Joan Veon

How do international leaders plan to return effective control of the world system back to British rule? You create an international level of government in which the British control all the agendas and all the agencies. We are nearly at that point now! Believe it or not!

Did you know that all barriers to World Government have now been abolished except for one -- Regulation! To overcome this barrier, the Illuminati plans some huge event which will cause people to DEMAND World Government!

Once this huge crisis hits, Americans will be reduced to slaves and serfs to a World Government system of total control.

This video aims to give you the BIG PICTURE of the timeframe of the coming World Government, its key leaders, its 'power' brokers and the specific areas of control.

Joan Veon is a business woman, international journalist and renowned expert on Global Economics, Sustainable Development, and the United Nations.

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--------Concluding Inspiration ----------"I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth." Ecclesiastes 10:7

Upstarts frequently usurp the highest places, while the truly great pine in obscurity. This is a riddle in providence whose solution will one day gladden the hearts of the upright; but it is so common a fact, that none of us should murmur if it should fall to our own lot. When our Lord was upon earth, although He is the Prince of the kings of the earth, yet He walked the footpath of weariness and service as the Servant of servants: what wonder is it if His followers, who are princes of the blood, should also be looked down upon as inferior and contemptible persons?

The world is upside down, and therefore, the first are last and the last first. See how the servile sons of Satan lord it in the earth! What a high horse they ride! How they lift up their horn on high! Haman is in the court, while Mordecai sits in the gate; David wanders on the mountains, while Saul reigns in state; Elijah is complaining in the cave while Jezebel is boasting in the palace; yet who would wish to take the places of the proud rebels? and who, on the other hand, might not envy the despised saints? When the wheel turns, those who are lowest rise, and the highest sink. Patience, then, believer, eternity will right the wrongs of time.

Let us not fall into the error of letting our passions and carnal appetites ride in triumph, while our nobler powers walk in the dust. Grace must reign as a prince, and make the members of the body instruments of righteousness. The Holy Spirit loves order, and He therefore sets our powers and faculties in due rank and place, giving the highest room to those spiritual faculties which link us with the great King; let us not disturb the divine arrangement, but ask for grace that we may keep under our body and bring it into subjection. We were not new created to allow our passions to rule over us, but that we, as kings, may reign in Christ Jesus over the triple kingdom of spirit, soul, and body, to the glory of God the Father.

(" Morning and Evening Devotions", by Charles Spurgeon, Emphasis added)

"President Bush:
Evil vs Good Fruits"

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"The Lost Riddle" DVD: Expose' of How Dan Brown's Lost Symbol Novel Validates Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Video Series

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"Fall of the Republic"

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"Coming Globalization: Obama, The Middle East, The Vatican" - by Gary Kah

"The State of the Union: Financial Crisis Deepens" by Gary Kah


DVD 3-Part Series

Hoggard Reveals How DNA Used By Satan Today

Foretold In Scripture

Part 1 of 3

"Science is catching up with the Bible!"

Part 2 of 3

"Mother of All Secrets: Most Deadly Secret Concealed by Mankind Now Revealed In the Holy Bible"

Part 3 of 3





"Triple Helix: Genetically Changing Mankind Into Beasts"

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How Close Is The Rapture?

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Pastor Hoggard DVD

"Masonry's True Secrets From the KJV!"

Hoggard is a staunch KJV-only Pastor


"Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" DVD's

Each 3 Hours Long

"The New Atlantis"

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"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

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"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

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Buy Videos 1, 2 and 3, PLUS Declaration of Independence Poster - Save $35 - Nearly 9 Hours of Video


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