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April 9, 2008

UPDATED - Friday, April 11

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"If Obama Is Elected President -- Will He Be Assassinated?"

Scuttlebutt is streaking throughout the Internet that Obama will be assassinated soon after he ascends to the Oval Office. Remembering that the Illuminati loves to telegraph their punches ahead of time, we conclude that this scenario might actually occur!

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. Homosexuality continues to "come out of the closet" in Western countries.

Senator Obama boldly reveals himself as the strongest, most vocal supporter of Gay Rights in the history of Presidential campaigns!

Barack Obama has told the Gay Lesbian magazine, "The Advocate", that, if elected President, he planned to push for the strongest possible "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" and would continue to be the strongest pro-gay/lesbian advocate of any presidential candidate in history!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama promises 'gays' 'strongest possible bill': Tells homosexual mag he's 'more vocal' for them than any candidate in history", World Net Daily, April 10, 2008

"In a sit-down interview with the 'gay' magazine the Advocate, Sen. Barack Obama said, if elected, he foresees eliminating the military's 'don't ask, don't tell policy' and passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, opposed by many faith-based groups that argue it would force them to accept homosexuals in leadership."

This story is just the boldest in a long line of stories which demonstrate that Obama is not only a Liberal, but he is one of the strongest advocates of gay rights of any politician ever. As this news story subtitle said, he brags that he is more vocal in supporting gay rights than "any candidate in history"! When a politician does that kind of bragging, he has made a calculated choice that such a stance will not cost him enough support to cast him in the role as being "unelectable".

This next segment reveals even more horror, as Obama voices strong support for giving transgender homosexuals legal protection.

"Obama indicated he wants the bill to include protection for transgenders, but acknowledged opposition in Congress is strong, noted David Brody, senior national correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network's news division, or CBN News."

As a final blow, Obama even says he wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

"... Obama issued an open letter to the "LGBT community" assuring them he believes in "full equality" for homosexuals and stating that, unlike Sen. Hillary Clinton, he advocates the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act."

If a Democrat ascends to the White House in November -- either Hillary or Barack -- Christians have much to fear, because the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" will include provisions that anyone or any organization who voices Biblical condemnation of homosexuality will be guilty of "Hate Crimes" and could be prosecuted. At this point, Christian leaders can start going to jail!

At the very least, we now know that Senator Obama is NOT a Christian but is, in fact, an unchristian Liberal who could prove to be the Christian's greatest nightmare!

But, why should we be surprised? As Cutting Edge pointed out weeks ago, Obama's Economic Adviser is a Skull & Bones man while his Foreign Policy Adviser is the Leftist-leaning Trilateral co-founder, Zbigniew Brzezinski (Read full details in NEWS2267, "Senator Obama Has Strong Ties To Illuminati - Communist Illuminati At That!")

But, Senator Obama is not the only one in America pushing hard for increased acceptability for homosexuality, as our next segment reveals.

The latest corporate example of this dramatically increased acceptability is the roll-out of a new ad campaign from the vodka company, Absolut.

NEWS BRIEF: "Absolut's new campaign: Celebrate homosexuality", World Net Daily, April 8, 2008

"The vodka company that envisions an 'Absolut' world in which Mexico regains the U.S. Southwest is now unveiling two new 'lifestyle-driven' ads focused on homosexual men and their 'members', and same-sex couples."

"Calling itself the 'preferred brand of vodka for gay and lesbian consumers', the Absolut Spirits Co. says it's targeting homosexuals for the first time with a campaign 'embracing both the humorous and socially conscious'."

A great many large corporations have been attracted to the gay/lesbian crowd because a many of them are professionals who earn significantly more than the average wage. Some companies, like Ford Motor Company, have come under great fire from Conservative and/or Christian groups for their pro-homosexual ad campaigns, and rightly so.

Absolut Vodka, however, has no such fear, since precious few Christians traditionally buy their product -- at least, I assume that this is the case!

Now, Absolut tells the world why it is creating this new ad campaign.

" 'Absolut challenges the status quo by presenting a bold and optimistic worldview that speaks directly to gay men and women', the company said in a news release."

"The ads began appearing late last month in local and national 'LGBT media', or lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender."

This Western cultural move in the past 30 years to embrace homosexuality is simply End of the Age prophecy being fulfilled! Jesus warned us that one of the major End of the Age signs would be the dramatic increase in homosexuality.

"As it was in the days of Lot ... Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed." [Luke 17:28-30]

God's judgment will fall upon all cultures, all nations, who embrace this abominable lifestyle. Do not be deceived! Listen to this New Testament warning.

"Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire." [Jude 1:7]

This Absolut ad campaign is another huge warning sign to all discerning people that End of the Age prophecies are being dramatically fulfilled -- in your Daily News! Take note for yourselves and start warning people in your Sphere of Influence!

Jesus is coming soon!

II. Five full years after President Bush's invasion of Iraq, the country is literally destroyed!

Few people even noticed that, on the 5th anniversary date of the invasion, no Iraqi demonstration thanking the Americans for their overthrow of Saddam occurred!

What is wrong with the Iraqi people? Aren't they thankful that President Bush toppled that awful tyrant, Saddam?

NEWS BRIEF: "After five years of U.S. occupation, Iraq is destroyed as a country", Seattle Post Intelligencer, March 18, 2008

" ' It reminds me of Iraq under Saddam', a militant opponent of Saddam Hussein said angrily to me last week ... Gun-waving soldiers first cleared all traffic from the streets. Then four black armored cars, each with three machine-gunners on the roof, raced out of the Green Zone through a heavily fortified exit, followed by sand-colored American Humvees and more armored cars. Finally, in the middle of the speeding convoy, we saw six identical bulletproof vehicles with black windows, one of which must have been carrying Maliki."

"The precautions were not excessive, since Baghdad remains the most dangerous city in the world. The Iraqi prime minister was only going to the headquarters of the Dawa party, to which he belongs and which are just half a mile outside the Green Zone ..."

Did you catch that statement?

"Baghdad remains the most dangerous city in the world"!

How can that be, since nearly every Bush official has been saying for months that the "surge" program was working so well that the overall security in Iraq in general, and in Baghdad in particular, was greatly improved? If this kind of excessive protection of a Prime Minister is necessary to protect him when he is only going a half mile from the Green Zone Headquarters, you know that the enemy really does own much of Baghdad.

Further, now you know how easy it is for the insurgents to hit the Green Zone with rockets and mortar shells. Mortars are notoriously short-range weapons, so when the HQ gets hit with mortar shells, you have to realize that the enemy concentration is very close.

"Five years of occupation have destroyed Iraq as a country. Baghdad is today a collection of hostile Sunni and Shiite ghettoes divided by high concrete walls. Different districts even have different national flags. Sunni areas use the old Iraqi flag with the three stars of the Baath party, and the Shiite wave a newer version, adopted by the Shiite-Kurdish government. The Kurds have their own flag."

This author continues, noting that the Iraqi people displayed a hostility to American forces from the very beginning of the war, even though they were glad to be rid of Saddam.

Then, when civil war really started in earnest in February, 2006, the country truly exploded into vast bloodshed. Iran finally stepped in shortly after President Bush announced his "surge" program which he hoped would calm Iraq down enough so the Americans could remove the bulk of their forces. Iranian leadership very quickly ordered the radical Shi'ite cleric, al-Sadr, to announce a unilateral ceasefire for his Mahdi Army. This ceasefire allowed Bush to pretend that his "surge" was working, and to begin withdrawing some units.

Finally, as negotiations between Iran and the United States were scheduled to begin on the final status of Iraq, al-Sadr ordered his Mahdi Army into action. They quickly denied American and British forces the control over the oil-rich area around Basra, and they gave the Iranian government great leverage as the talks over final-status begin.


When this author states that "five years of occupation have destroyed Iraq as a country", he is not even talking about the massive, and fatal, contamination by Depleted Uranium (D.U.) weaponry used by the American and British forces.

If you are not familiar with this subject, please click to our Depleted Uranium Section, where you will see our articles on this horrific subject. Briefly stated, all D.U. munitions exploded in Iraq since March 20, 2003, have turned into fine dust, and has mingled with the abundant dust present in Iraq.

This uranium-contaminated dust has settled in people's lungs, in the air, in the water, and in the soil which is used to grow food. Over the next 20 years, virtually the entire Iraqi civilian population will be either dead or dying and the country will be unlivable. During this time period, over 90% of all soldiers who served in Iraq will also be dead or dying of D.U. poisoning.

At that time -- if we are still here -- people will recognize President Bush and his Cabinet officials, as being responsible for the greatest genocide in world history!


III. Even as America is negotiating with the Iraqi and Iranian governments on the final status of our withdrawal, word is received that a secret agreement is being worked out with the Iraqi central government to allow American presence almost indefinitely.

NEWS BRIEF: "Secret plans being drawn up for US troops to stay in Iraq", News, April 8, 2008

"A secret draft agreement is being drawn up to allow United States forces to remain in Iraq indefinitely ... The document, which was written a month ago and is and marked "secret" and "sensitive", is intended to replace the United Nations mandate for coalition troops, including British forces, to remain in Iraq, which expires at the end of the year."

"The draft authorisation would allow for the US to 'conduct military operations in Iraq and to detain individuals when necessary for imperative reasons of security'." Discerning people have long asked why the Bush Administration was building a huge, state-of-the-art embassy in Iraq when American forces were supposed to leave after establishing democracy to Iraq. This incredibly large and expensive embassy, critics argued, simply screams "long-term occupation".

Now, this secret agreement seems to be laying the groundwork for a nearly permanent occupation. Since this fact is so blatant, the American government is forced to deny the obvious.

"It does not set a time limit, but describes the arrangement as temporary and points out that the US does not want 'permanent bases or a permanent military presence' in the country. It also states that the US does not seek to use Iraq as a base to launch operations against other states."

If the Bush Administration is willing to sign an agreement which forbids American forces from using Iraq as a springboard from which it can "launch operations against other states", this is further evidence that President Bush has no intention whatsoever of ever attacking Iran.

Indeed, the reality is exactly what we have been saying since Summer, 2003 -- the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 forbids an assault on Iran, and certainly forbids a devastating attack.

America will continue its stay into Iraq well into the presidency of the 44th President of the United States.


IV. As General Petraeus testified before Congress yesterday, he urged a halt to American withdrawal plans, said that the "gains" in Iraq were fragile and might come undone, and argued that our troops needed to stay "indefinitely".

NEWS BRIEF: "Gen. Petraeus insists U.S. needs to stay in Iraq indefinitely", New York Daily News, April 9, 2008

"WASHINGTON - Gen. David Petraeus said Tuesday that at least 140,000 U.S. troops should remain indefinitely in Iraq - and also appeared to move the goalposts for defining the success of their mission."

Bush Administration officials have been forced by events to constantly "move the goalposts" as far as what constituted success; further, these officials have been forced by events to constantly redefine why America had to lead the invasion of Iraq in the first place!

"Despite genuine gains ... the progress, while real, is fragile and is reversible', he cautioned the Senate Armed Services Committee ... 'The U.S. troop surge 'significantly reduced' what had been the main threat from Al Qaeda in Iraq' ..."

Since the attacks of 9/11, we have noticed that government leaders have consistently expanded the use of the term 'Al Qaeda'. At first, this group was the organization behind the attacks of 9/11, and they were said to have terror cells scattered throughout the world. But, gradually, the fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq were said to be 'Al Qaeda', and now this term is applied to terrorists fighting local governments all throughout the globe. In other words, 'Al Qaeda' has become the global 'straw man' whom the United States loves to hate.

Now, notice that General Pratraeus again attacks Iran, accusing the Persian Kingdom of aiding and directing the militant forces fighting within Iraq. This charge is a longstanding one, a charge which has not been able to be proven conclusively in the past.

"... the effort to stabilize the country was in peril from so-called 'Special Groups' of terrorists trained and funded by Iran who were behind the recent violence in Basra and Baghdad, he added. 'Unchecked, the Special Groups pose the greatest long-term threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq' ... He said the new main threat from Iran influenced him in deciding to stop troop withdrawals at the end of July when the remaining surge troops come home to leave U.S. force levels at about 140,000."

Isn't it interesting that, even as the top American general is blaming Iran for the troubles in Iraq, American and Iranian officials continue negotiating Iraq's longterm stability?

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Speaks

At the time when General Petraeus was testifying before Congress, telling them that American troops needed to stay in Iraq indefinitely, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published a paper saying the very same thing! Now, we know Petraeus and President Bush are simply following orders!

However, this CFR article also admitted that the entire war effort could eventually fail!

NEWS BRIEF: "A Freeze in the Surge ", Council on Foreign Relations, April 8, 2008

"In testimony before the U.S. Congress on April 8, Gen. David H. Petraeus advocated for an open-ended suspension (AP) of troop withdrawals scheduled to begin this summer. The so-called pause, which would be followed by a 45-day period of 'consolidation and evaluation' of future troop needs, would leave roughly 140,000 on the ground, more than the 132,000 in Iraq when President Bush announced a 'new way forward' in January, 2007."

At this point, the tenor of this CFR article dramatically changes.

"But more than a debate over troop numbers in Iraq is a larger question of whether or not the mission in Iraq is worth the fight—or if the United States can even win .... yet Iraq’s future is not without significant roadblocks. CFR Senior Fellow Steven Simon writes in Foreign Affairs that the 'Anbar awakening' model, where Sunni tribes turned their weapons against al-Qaeda in Iraq, could yet fail ... Equally vexing are recent Shiite-on-Shiite clashes in Basra and the capital. The Iraqi Army was reportedly unprepared (NYT) for the resistance of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army."

At this point, the CFR article notes that Iranian involvement in these recent clashes raise the vexing question as to whether the Iraqi government is really in charge of the country! Since the hidden agenda has always been the division of Iraq into three areas -- Kurds, Shi'ite, and Sunni -- we believe that these clashes simply represent Iran's bold move to ensure that the planned Shia (Shi'ite) nation will be loyal to her and will control its oil-rich region around Basra.

Note that this map, above, was printed in the American Armed Forces Journal in their June, 2006, issue. This map represents the true agenda of President Bush when he ordered the invasion. For full details, please read our NEWS2213, "President Bush's "New Middle East Map" Is Enraging Friends and Foes Alike". We anlayze this official government map carefully, producing surprise after surprise. You will discover that our government has lied to us in many, many ways about the real goals of this Iraq War)

In fact, in the News Alert of April 7, we noted that the battle of Basra between Shi'ite groups and the Iraq's Army resulted in defeat for the beleaguered Iraqi forces. Furthermore, the net effect of this Shi'ite victory was to deny American and/or British control over the oil riches of Basra and the immediate surrounding area!

Indeed, when you look at this map -- above -- closely, you will see the new Shi'ite country designed to be carved out of the original Iraq not only includes Basra, but snakes down the Iranian side and down the Saudi Arabian side! This understanding is incredible! Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are to lose territory. Iran may not care, because she will likely control the Shi'ite government of this new "Arab Shia State' behind the scenes, but Saudi Arabia is likely to resist this new map with all her strength.

Let us go back now to this CFR article as the author reaches a startling conclusion.

"As CFR Senior Fellow for Defense Policy Stephen Biddle sees it, the best the United States can do is to change its definition of winning in Iraq."

If that is the best America can now do, the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, is going to be considered a most despicable war. President Bush will likely be discredited by history, much as Cutting Edge was warning in the heady days of April, 2003, when Americans were celebrating Bush's easy "victory" in the war. Illuminati writings are clearly insistent that the ability of individual leaders of any country in the world to pursue a foreign policy which he feels in right for his nation should be eliminated. Therefore, we concluded that the only reasonable expectation for this planned war in Iraq would be a disaster for the President. Such a disaster would strengthen the Illuminati claim that no national leader could act on his own on any subject.

V. As this particular Illuminati Card Game shows, Saddam Hussein was part of the Illuminati Plan from the beginning -- when the CIA brought him to power in a coup in 1968!

With this thought in mind, let us review the Fifth Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad, a military victory made inexplicably easier when Saddam ordered his Republican Guard to strategically retreat from the city rather than fighting for it block by block.

NEWS BRIEF: "Deadly fighting in Baghdad as Iraq marks Saddam's fall", Associated Press, April 9, 2008

"BAGHDAD (AFP) — Iraq on Wednesday marked the fifth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's iron-fisted regime with the nation still in turmoil, the capital under curfew and a surge of deadly violence in the Shiite bastion of Sadr City ... The US military says it is chasing 'criminals' firing rockets into Baghdad and the heavily fortified Green Zone where the Iraqi government and US embassy are sited."

"Saddam's hometown of Tikrit was also under a day-long curfew, an AFP correspondent said. It took US invading forces just three weeks to defeat Saddam's forces and topple his regime on April 9, 2003."

At this point, Americans were jubilant, believing that American-led Coalition Forces had just achieved a quick and easy victory against Saddam. Little did anyone realize just how long and how disastrous this war was going to turn out to be -- a planned result, as we attempted repeatedly to warn our readers.

To realize just how planned this war truly was, we now turn our attention to the toppling of Saddam's statue.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saddam statue topples with regime", BBC News, 09 April 2003

"There have been scenes of jubilation in Baghdad as US tanks rolled into the very heart of the Iraqi capital, confirming that the government of Saddam Hussein has been ousted from power. In the main square in Baghdad, a group of Iraqi men attempted to pull down a massive statue of Saddam Hussein in an unprecedented show of contempt for the Iraqi leader."

"The metal plaque at the base of the statue was torn off and the statue's marble plinth attacked with a sledgehammer. The men scaled the statue to secure a noose around its neck but were unable to pull it down. Then US troops joined in, and used an armoured vehicle to gradually pull down the statue. The extraordinary scenes were watched by millions across the world live on television."

This event was a great propaganda victory for the Americans, for it symbolized to the world that President Bush had been able to make good his threats to topple Saddam, while it simultaneously emasculated Saddam in the eyes of the world!

At least one veteran reporter was aware that this event was completely staged.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saddam Statue Scene Staged", by Robert Fisk, writing in The Wisdom Fund, April 11, 2008

". . . a statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down on Wednesday, in the most staged photo-opportunity since Iwo Jima. .. "

Another person chimed in:

"Rather than a spontaneous mass demonstration, the photo clearly shows that only a couple hundred Iraqis participated in the largely empty and heavily guarded Fardus Square. American tanks and troops surrounded the square and one armored vehicle 'helped' the Iraqis pull down the statue."

Now, let us examine the Illuminati Card Game, shown above left - "Don't Forget To Smash The State".

The picture on this card shows three government statues in various degrees of being destroyed. The implied message is that the destruction of a leader's statue is symbolically equivalent to destroying the state over which he ruled!

And, note the headline: "New World Order"

Make no mistake about it: the invasion of Iraq and the toppling of Saddam were undertaken as part of the Plan to bring about the New World Order. The toppling of Saddam's statue also was thoroughly planned and undertaken to symbolize the complete fall of Saddam Hussein.

Just as this Illuminati Card foretold!



VI. A nationally renowned hurricane expert is forcefully calling "Global Warming" a hoax! Just as we have been arguing for years.

NEWS BRIEF: "Expert: 'We're brainwashing our children' about global warming", The Weather Guys, April 7, 2008

"William Gray, the well-known Colorado State University hurricane forecaster, routinely uses the annual National Hurricane Conference as a platform to bash global warming. In a statement to Florida Today, Gray argued that the scientific consensus on global warming is bogus — and 'a mild form of McCarthyism has developed toward those scientists who do not agree' that mankind is in danger."

We agree on this premise, but do not think that the "McCarthyism" which has sprung up to protect the lie called 'Global Warming' is mild. We have read of researchers being fired and losing tenure because they dared speak the truth. For these individuals, the pressure is not "mild".

Now, Dr. Gray gets really interesting.

"We are also brainwashing our children on the warming topic. We have no better example than Al Gore's alarmist and inaccurate movie which is being shown in our schools and being hawked by warming activists with little or no meteorological-climate background."

"Some scientists believe global warming will actually decrease — not increase — the number of hurricanes that form over the Atlantic Ocean each year. Last Friday, in the final session of the hurricane conference, a pair of climate experts said rising sea-surface temperatures in and near the Caribbean could strengthen vertical wind shear. Robust wind shear is the bane of hurricanes, as it tends to tear apart cyclones during their formative stages."

" 'If (global warming) were to happen, that is an effect which should be more hostile to hurricane building', said Thomas Knutson, research meteorologist with the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton, N.J."

Since all this is true, why is Establishment Science and Politics so very anxious to scare citizens to death with their false propaganda? To understand this question, we need only to turn to New Age author, Bill Copper.

"... the secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order". ["Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]

Make no mistake about it: Global Warming is one of the global crises the secret societies have invented to scare people into accepting a global government. Remember the formula -- "Global Warming = Global Dictatorship".



VII. Opposition to the creation of the North American Union (NAFTA) has grown so fierce, the entire change-over may be renamed -- a favorite tactic of Adolf Hitler!

NEWS BRIEF: "Repackaging, Renaming, Relaunching the SPP", Intel Strike News, April 9, 2008

"With the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America Leader Summit in New Orleans fast approaching, there are calls to rename and relaunch this whole process. This could be in an effort to try and kickstart the SPP as it is encountering fierce resistance. Beware because any new incarnation could be seen as a victory when in reality nothing would have changed except for the name."

As I said above, Adolf Hitler used this "disbanding" and "renaming" trick several times from 1933-1939, as he was initiating the genocide programs against Jews, gypsies and other "undesirables" within German society. On a number of occasions, enemies of his plan discovered what he was implementing and stirred up such protest that Hitler was forced to announce that he was disbanding the effort. What he really did was to promptly begin the effort anew, under a different name and usually under different leadership. I would not be too surprised to learn that opposition to the creation of NAFTA -SPP is so strong that a similar disbanding and renaming effort might be undertaken.

"There is little doubt that the SPP is in need of a drastic makeover in order to give it a new lease on life. The U.S. think tank Hudson Institute has stated, 'it may ultimately be necessary to redesign and relaunch a new process to take up the work of the SPP under a new acronym'. This follows a recent report by the Fraser Institute which called for expanding and fast tracking the SPP. Co-author of the report, Alexander Moens, said of the SPP, 'the time has come to rebrand the talks and give them a clear mandate'. The report also called for changing the SPP’s name to the North American Standards and Regulations Area (NASRA)."

The major plank of the North American Union is the creation and actual implementation of the regional currency known as the AMERO. The American Dollar is being deliberately manipulated into dramatic decline so that commodities' prices will skyrocket until the American people will absolutely demand some sort of corrective action.

When someone in Washington, D.C., proposes the implementation of the AMERO currency, revealing that prices of commodities will fall dramatically because the AMERO will be a fixed value currency like the EURO, the undiscerning public will demand that the change be made NOW!

---------- Articles Posted ----------

"If Obama Is Elected President -- Will He Be Assassinated?"

Scuttlebutt is streaking throughout the Internet that Obama will be assassinated soon after he ascends to the Oval Office. Remembering that the Illuminati loves to telegraph their punches ahead of time, we conclude that this scenario might actually occur!

"Warning To All Islamic Haters of Israel"

Unrelenting Fury of Hatred Is Setting Palestinians and Other Muslims Up For God's Prophesied Judgment -

Fresh Unique Look At The "Mark of the Beast" - From A Witchcraft Perspective

The long-awaited "Mark of the Beast" will be the latest in a 3,000-year-old tradition of "Satanic Thorns In The Flesh", i.e, inserts under the skin! Satan has been marking his followers and his victims with these inserts for over 3,000 years!

Was the "Thorn In The Flesh" spoken of by the Apostle Paul (2 Cor 12:7) simply a Satanic insert? --


Trade It In On A New One!

"Third-graders plot revenge"

Reviewing the consequences of occult entertainment

1. Desensitization & Brutalization
2. Classical Conditioning |
3. Operant Conditioning


--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my heart was moved for him" (Song of Solomon 5:4)

Knocking was not enough, for my heart was too full of sleep, too cold and ungrateful to arise and open the door, but the touch of His effectual grace has made my soul bestir itself. Oh, the longsuffering of my Beloved, to tarry when He found Himself shut out, and me asleep upon the bed of sloth!

Oh, the greatness of His patience, to knock and knock again, and to add His voice to His knockings, beseeching me to open to Him! How could I have refused Him! Base heart, blush and be confounded! But what greatest kindness of all is this, that He becomes His own porter and unbars the door Himself. Thrice blessed is the hand which condescends to lift the latch and turn the key. Now I see that nothing but my Lord's own power can save such a naughty mass of wickedness as I am; ordinances fail, even the gospel has no effect upon me, till His hand is stretched out. Now, also, I perceive that His hand is good where all else is unsuccessful, He can open when nothing else will. Blessed be His name, I feel His gracious presence even now. Well may my bowels (heart) move for Him, when I think of all that He has suffered for me, and of my ungenerous return.

I have allowed my affections to wander. I have set up rivals. I have grieved Him. Sweetest and dearest of all beloveds, I have treated Thee as an unfaithful wife treats her husband. Oh, my cruel sins, my cruel self. What can I do? Tears are a poor show of my repentance, my whole heart boils with indignation at myself. Wretch that I am, to treat my Lord, my All in All, my exceeding great joy, as though He were a stranger. Jesus, thou forgivest freely, but this is not enough, prevent my unfaithfulness in the future. Kiss away these tears, and then purge my heart and bind it with sevenfold cords to Thyself, never to wander more. (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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The "Light" For Which Masons Seek Is Proven To Be Lucifer!

Former Witch and Mason Provides The Proof


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