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April 14, 2007

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--------- Inspiration For the Week-------"And they fortified Jerusalem unto the broad wall." Nehemiah 3:8

Cities well fortified have broad walls, and so had Jerusalem in her glory. The New Jerusalem must, in like manner, be surrounded and preserved by a broad wall of nonconformity to the world, and separation from its customs and spirit. The tendency of these days break down the holy barrier, and make the distinction between the church and the world merely nominal. Professors are no longer strict and Puritanical, questionable literature is read on all hands, frivolous pastimes are currently indulged, and a general laxity threatens to deprive the Lord's peculiar people of those sacred singularities which separate them from sinners. It will be an ill day for the church and the world when the proposed amalgamation shall be complete, and the sons of God and the daughters of men shall be as one: then shall another deluge of wrath be ushered in. Beloved reader, be it your aim in heart, in word, in dress, in action to maintain the broad wall, remembering that the friendship of this world is enmity against God.

The broad wall afforded a pleasant place of resort for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, from which they could command prospects of the surrounding country. This reminds us of the Lord's exceeding broad commandments, in which we walk at liberty in communion with Jesus, overlooking the scenes of earth, and looking out towards the glories of heaven. Separated from the world, and denying ourselves all ungodliness and fleshly lusts, we are nevertheless not in prison, nor restricted within narrow bounds; nay, we walk at liberty, because we keep His precepts. Come, reader, this evening walk with God in His statutes. As friend met friend upon the city wall, so meet thou thy God in the way of holy prayer and meditation. The bulwarks of salvation thou hast a right to traverse, for thou art a freeman of the royal burgh, a citizen of the metropolis of the universe.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions)

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. "Three strikes and you're out"!

Three dramatic events in Iraq during the past six months seem to symbolize America's total defeat in Iraq. We shall examine the two most recent events and then go back to an enormously important attack which occurred last October!

Strike #3 -- The Green Zone (Coalition HQ and Iraqi Government Center), was hit by a powerful explosion inside the Iraq Parliamentary Cafe, killing three Ministers of Parliament.

NEWS BRIEF: "Large Explosion Hits Iraqi Parliament Cafe", Kazinform News, April 12, 2007

"An explosion has hit a cafeteria at the Iraqi parliament, killing at least two MPs and injuring several other people ... The cafeteria is reserved from MPs and their staff, some of whom were having lunch there when the blast happened .. The building, where the parliament was in session, is located inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone."

"The bridge and the cafeteria attacks are major blows to the much trumpeted Baghdad security surge now in its third month ... MP Mohammed Hassan Awad from the National Dialog bloc (a Sunni group not part of the government) was killed in the blast. Another MP was also killed and at least three more parliamentarians were injured in the blast ... the police believed the total number of casualties may be much higher ... The blast may have been caused by a bomb left in or near the cafeteria rather than a suicide bomber ..."

When fighting an insurgency guerilla war, the government military and police must maintain firm control over the infrastructure of the country, and they must firmly control their headquarters. The very fact that American forces cannot prevent a suicide bomber from penetrating into the Green Zone is proof positive that the insurgency is slowly taking over the country.

In fact, this bombing within the Green Zone delivers a crystal-clear message from the insurgency to the American and Iraqi commands: we can strike you any place, at any time, and under any circumstance. We are the power in control in Iraq.

You can also now consider that President Bush's "surge" plan in Iraq is a failure. This offensive has now spent its initial energy, and Baghdad is now more bloody than ever.

Strike #2 -- When the radical Shi'ite cleric, al-Sadr, an ally of Iran, can muster a million-man march in Baghdad demanding that American forces leave, you know that the power of the insurgency is unprecedented and has probably reached the point where their power can no longer be contained.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Baghdad Gulag", Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, April 14, 2007

"US corporate media/think-tanks may think they fool strands of US public opinion (or themselves), but they don't fool Iraqis on the (dangerous) ground. No realist in his right mind could possibly ignore the 14-kilometer-long throngs compacted all along the Kufa-Najaf road this past Monday, on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. There were hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than a million Iraqi nationalists, waving Iraqi flags - with no room for a religious divide - responding to Muqtada's call for 'Occupation out!' The Shi'ite million-man march proved once again Sadrists rule the Shi'ite street - and are the most powerful political force among Iraqi Shi'ites."

The Illuminati has always feared the power of the people, knowing that if a vast majority of a population were ever to turn on them, there is no military power strong enough to control millions of angry citizens united in purpose.

The very idea that Shi'ites could mobilize one million marchers demanding an American pull-out, four years after the Bush invasion, is proof positive that America is losing control in Iraq.

NOTE: Remember one more salient fact -- From the beginning, the insurgency in Iraq has been Sunni, not Shi'ite. The American forces have been battling Sunni fighters, while the Shi'ites have been the victims of Sunni massacre, time and time again. The Shi'ite leadership in Iran has consistently urged fellow Shi'ites in Iraq to not strike back against the Sunni insurgency in response to murderous sectarian attacks, for only the Americans would benefit from a Sunni/Shi'ite civil war.

Therefore, a Shi'ite million man march means that Americans will now be facing double the enemy they have been battling for the past four years. If we have been unable to defeat just a Sunni insurgency, how much more unable we will prove to be to defeat a combined enemy!

Strike #1 -- In early October, 2006, Iraqi insurgents successfully attacked and destroyed Camp Falcon, the most important, and the largest, American ammunition depot in Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ammo dump at U.S. base in Baghdad in flames", ABC News, October 10, 2006

"BAGHDAD - A fire broke out at an ammunition dump at a U.S. base in southern Baghdad on Tuesday night, causing a series of explosions that rocked the capital ... The explosions are from ammunition 'cooking off', the military said, adding that it had no immediate reports of U.S. casualties. Iraqiya state television showed pictures of a huge fire lighting up the night sky. Reuters reporters in central Baghdad heard more than 30 explosions, which began at about 11 p.m. (4 p.m. EDT). The Interior Ministry said the blasts had shaken three neighborhoods close to Forward Operating Base Falcon in the southern district of Doura."

Later reports indicated that this huge ammunition dump fire might have been caused by insurgent rocket fire. In fact, it is now commonly accepted that insurgents did, indeed, attack Camp Falcon, destroying enormous amounts of munitions stocks. At the time, discerning observers took this successful attack as a strong indication that Coalition Forces were losing control of the military situation.


II. After crossing Iraq's northern border on March 22, attacking Kurdish forces, Turkey has now launched a major offensive which thrust her army 20-40 kilometers into Iraq!

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkish Commandos Cross Into Iraq to Destroy Kurdish Terrorist Camps", Assyrian International News Agency, April 11, 2007

"The Turkish army crossed 20 kilometers into Iraq in an effort to destroy camps located to the east of Zaho. Elsewhere in northern Iraq security forces went 30 to 40 kilometers in, up to the rural areas of the Haftanin, Sinaht and Pirbela provinces ... The military units in place along the border are carrying out constant scanning and patrolling of the area, and reports indicate a large convoy of armored vehicles and tanks on their way to Cizre and Silopi. It is speculated that in addition to the special force units already placed along the border, another 200,000 soldiers have been moved to the region."

Can you imagine that Turkey might be about to commit 200,000 soldiers to an attack on Iraq? We posted last week a major Headline News article in which we stated that Bush's policies had forced Turkey out of its traditional pro-West orbit into the Russian orbit, along with Iran. If you have not read this article, please take a moment to do so now.

"Western Pressure Has Now Forced Turkey Out of the Pro-American Orbit and Into the Russian - Iranian Orbit! Turkey is now aligning herself with Russia, just as Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy foretells." - NEWS2198.

Consider how pro-West Turkey has traditionally positioned herself.

1) Since World War II, Turkish generals have been so pro-West that they have staged military coups against civilian governments which they considered to be too Islamic.

2) Turkey has been trying to join the European Union for years now.

3) Turkey is a member of NATO, and has just assumed control of NATO forces in Afghanistan, a rotating position.

4) Turkey has been so pro-Israel that she has created, and maintained, numerous military and political agreements with the Jewish state.

5) America considered Turkey to be so much of an ally that The Pentagon actually off-loaded much materiel and supplies in Turkey prior to the American-led invasion of Iraq, anticipating that Turkey would send up to 100,000 troops across the northern border, thus opening a fatal second front against Saddam Hussein.

But, in the past four years, the Turkish government has so consistently moved toward the radical Islamic position that she has been coordinating her political moves with Iran! In fact, I believe that this Turkish invasion of Iraq might very well be an "Iranian invasion by proxy"! Iran hates the Kurds just as much as the Turks do, and has made noises that she might invade northern Iraq. However, an Iranian invasion across the northern Iraq border would most certainly trigger an American military attack; but, a Turkish invasion across Iraq's northern border would probably not trigger any kind of concrete American reaction.

This next news story indicates how precarious the American military situation is right now.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey launches offensives on rebels", Yahoo News, April 12, 2007

"Washington repeatedly has cautioned Turkey against staging a cross-border offensive, fearing that it could destabilize the region and antagonize Iraqi Kurds, who are allied with the U.S. But Iraq's government is barely able to control its own cities. U.S. commanders, who are battling the Iraqi insurgency in the middle of the country, are stretched too thin to take on Turkish Kurds hiding in remote mountains near the frontier."

The key problems facing America are:

1) Iraq's government is "barely able to control its own cities". In fact, the Iraq government does not control most of its own cities, even "barely";

2) American forces in the middle of the country are "stretched too thin".

Therefore, you have to consider that this Turkish invasion of Iraq simply represents the latest in the original Iranian tactic of "lighting many fires" in order to defeat the American invasion of Iraq (Read NEWS1910, "Has Iran 'Ignited Many Fires' To Set Off Middle East Regional War?"

This Turkish invasion of northern Iraq may also so complicate military matters that America cannot now afford to open yet one more war front by attacking Iran. Don't you find it incredibly interesting that this Turkish invasion has occurred right in the middle of American preparations to attack Iran?

For this reason, I believe that Turkey is acting on Iran's behalf here. This Turkish invasion is probably an Iranian proxy war!

III. As American forces continue their daily battle against Sunni insurgents in Iraq, we lost all sense of the amount of Depleted Uranium munitions which US forces are expending.

NEWS BRIEF: "US forced to import bullets from Israel", By Andrew Buncombe in Washington, The Independent, Originally published 25 September 2005, republished 13 April 2007

"US forces have fired so many bullets in Iraq and Afghanistan - an estimated 250,000 for every insurgent killed - that American ammunition-makers cannot keep up with demand. As a result the US is having to import supplies from Israel. A government report says that US forces are now using 1.8 billion rounds of small-arms ammunition a year."

"John Pike, director of the Washington military research group, said that, based on the GAO's figures, US forces had expended around six billion bullets between 2002 and 2005 ... 'using these figures it works out at around 300,000 bullets per insurgent. Let's round that down to 250,000 so that we are underestimating'."

"... The Pentagon reportedly bought 313 million rounds of 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 50-calibre ammunition last year and paid $10m (about £5.5m) more than it would have cost for it to produce the ammunition at its own facilities."

At the mention of 50-caliber ammunition, warning flags immediately raised in my mind, for I remember well that this caliber is Depleted Uranium. Therefore, as American forces daily fire 250,000 rounds in order to kill one insurgent, they are spraying uranium-contaminated dust continually in the air.

I have stated before, and I say it again, I believe the major reason Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld committed less than one-half of the number of troops the Pentagon said they needed was because this Iraq War was not meant to be won; rather, this war was intended to cover Iraq with D.U. dust in horribly fatal levels. And, since winds carry this dust over 1,000 miles from the battlefields, the entire Middle East, including India and western parts of China, are daily receiving D.U. dust.

What is the Sixth Seal again?

"And when He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature call out, Come! And another horse came out, flaming red. And its rider was empowered to take the peace from the earth, so that men slaughtered one another; and he was given a huge sword." (Revelation 13:3-4; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Latest estimates are that almost 900,000,000 (900 million) throughout the Middle East and India and China are breathing D.U. dust daily. Depleted Uranium weaponry certainly constitutes a "huge sword", don't you think?

IV. President Bush took another step this week which strongly points to the reality that he plans to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, and is looking for a scapegoat on which he can pin the defeat.

The problem is: no general yet has stepped forward to volunteer!

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush looks to appoint an Iraq war 'czar' ", New Zealand Herald, 12 April 2007

"WASHINGTON - The White House wants to appoint a high-profile overseer to manage the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but has had trouble finding someone to take the job ... At least three retired four-star generals approached by the White House in recent weeks have turned down the position. The war "czar" would report directly to United States President George W. Bush and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and would have authority to issue directions to the Pentagon and the State Department."

This new position has "scapegoat" written all over it, and these generals who have been asked to take the job, know it right well. Anyone familiar with the military way of thinking would immediately recognize the signs.

This next segment reveals this to be the thinking of at least one general.

"Retired Marine General John 'Jack' Sheehan, a former top Nato commander, was among those who rejected the job. 'The very fundamental issue is, they don't know where the hell they're going', Sheehan told the Post. He said he believes that Vice-President Dick Cheney and his hawkish allies remain more powerful within the Administration than pragmatists looking for a way out of Iraq."

While General Sheehan might think that President Bush and his cabal do not know what they are doing, Cutting Edge has maintained from the beginning that the plan they are following is the Illuminati Plan, which calls for the Iraq War to be a disaster! (Read NEWS1929 for details on how President Bush is being deliberately discredited -- and why Bush is cooperating!)

Other generals also are not volunteering.

"Retired Army General Jack Keane and retired Air Force General Joseph Ralston were also approached and said they were not interested in the position."

These men have served their country honorably and are now retired, with reputations intact. They do not now want to have responsibility for losing these two wars wrapped around their necks -- in public, by professional politicians who know how to really smear someone!


V. War sounds are again being heard in Israel, as Iran gets ready to "ignite" one more war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hizbullah Gearing Up For Another War With Israel", Christian Science Monitor, April 6, 2007

"BEIRUT, Lebanon - The prospect of an attack by the United States against Iran has triggered a flurry of military activity around the Middle East as Tehran mobilizes its allies to prepare a defense ... Lebanese Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran are making defensive preparations in expectation of war ... Hizbullah officials and fighters say that the party has launched an intensified training program with new recruits pushed through month-long courses in camps scattered along the flanks of the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon. Veteran fighters receive refresher courses and can volunteer for 45-day programs to join special-forces units."

Israeli intelligence services have recently warned that Hizbullah has rearmed to the point where she is just as powerful as she was when Israel launched her Summer war.

NEWS BRIEF: Israel Threatened in North, South", by Hillel Fendel, Israel National News, April 11, 2007

"Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Tzvika Fogel, in the clearest warning yet of his long-running series of such warnings, says that though Israel chooses to ignore it, war can be expected in Gaza by this summer - and possibly within a month. Fogel, a former chief of staff for the Southern Command, spoke this morning on Channel Ten television. He warned of two scenarios. One is that Israel will 'continue its ostrich-like stance' until military/terrorist forces in Gaza surprise-attack Israel. A second alternative, if this does not happen by the summer, is that Israel will have no choice but to begin a full-scale offensive against the increasingly-strengthened Hamas-Fatah military capacity."

This war scenario is playing out almost exactly as American Intelligence warned Congress in January, 1997! (Read NEWS1056)

As we warned last week, since Arabs always look for any weakness in the vaunted IDF, it is dangerous in the extreme for highly ranking army officers to say that the IDF is not ready for war and will not be ready for two more years! Wars start on this kind of basis!

This next story quotes the same IDF commander, and seems to indicate that the IDF has failed in the past to earn the people's trust.

NEWS BRIEF: "New IDF Chief: 'The Army Must Be Worthy of the People's Trust", Israel National News, April 12, 2007

"The IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, said on Wednesday evening that the army is implementing lessons learned during the 2006 war in Lebanon. He also expressed his confidence in its ability to carry out any mission that it is assigned .. Lt.-Gen. Ashkenazi told the assembled NCOs and their families that the army is 'improving the preparedness and operational fitness of all of the IDF units, in the headquarters and in the field' ..."

Last week, General Ashkenazi said that the IDF was not currently ready for war, and would not be, for at least two years. I can just see Arab leaders and strategists examining these remarks, and reach the conclusion that Israel is ripe for the picking -- now.

VI. The United Nations' nuclear watchdog organization, the IAEA, is warning again that Iran does not have the nuclear capability which foreign countries think she does.

We should listen to this warning very carefully, for the IAEA was screaming at the top of their collective lungs in the months prior to the Iraq invasion, telling everyone that Iraq did not possess the Weapons of Mass Destruction which Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Powell were claiming.

The IAEA was right then, and they are right now.

NEWS BRIEF: "Head of the UN nuclear watchdog says that Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz", The Jerusalem Post, 13 April 2007

"The head of the UN nuclear watchdog said Iran is operating only several hundred centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, despite its claims to have activated 3,000. Mohamed ElBaradei said Thursday that Iran's nuclear program was a concern, but he discounted Teheran's claims of a major advance in uranium enrichment ... Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Monday that the Natanz facility had begun "industrial-scale" production of nuclear fuel. Iran's top nuclear negotiator said workers had begun injecting uranium gas into a new array of 3,000 centrifuges, many more than the 328 centrifuges known to be operating at Natanz."

"Experts say that 3,000 centrifuges would be enough in theory to develop a nuclear warhead in about a year, but they doubt Iran really had that many devices successfully running. ElBaradei, head of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency based in Vienna, Austria, said, 'Iran is still just at the beginning stages in setting up its Natanz enrichment facility ... The talk of building a facility with 50,000 centrifuges is just at the beginning, and it is (currently) only in the hundreds," he told reporters in the Saudi capital, Riyadh."

We have long maintained that Iran must be developing this nuclear power program for peaceful purposes, because they have possessed militarized nuclear weapons since at least early 2002 (Read NEWS1660, "Mushroom Clouds Over The Middle East" for full details)

Remember these facts if American bombers fly against Iran!

---------- Articles Posted ----------

1) Global Warming Hitting Serious Conditioning In America - Sounds Like We Are in Last Stage of Propaganda Before Forced Implementation of Kyoto Accords

Get ready for disastrous consequences if America is forced into adhering to the Kyoto Accords. Our economy will surely quickly fail.

2) Cats, Warriors, Penguins and Kids - Changing beliefs through myth and magic by Berit Kjos

“In the wake of Harry Potter's popularity has risen a tidal wave of children's books featuring occult thrills. Led by Scholastic, publishers across the country have adapted all kinds of mystical beliefs and magical rituals to the tastes of young readers. Now, a decade later, children across the country are learning to see paganism and syncretism (spiritual blends) as more "real" and "normal" than true Christianity.”

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"The sweet psalmist of Israel." 2 Samuel 23:1

Among all the saints whose lives are recorded in Holy Writ, David possesses an experience of the most striking, varied, and instructive character. In his history we meet with trials and temptations not to be discovered, as a whole, in other saints of ancient times, and hence he is all the more suggestive a type of our Lord. David knew the trials of all ranks and conditions of men. Kings have their troubles, and David wore a crown: the peasant has his cares, and David handled a shepherd's crook: the wanderer has many hardships, and David abode in the caves of Engedi: the captain has his difficulties, and David found the sons of Zeruiah too hard for him. The psalmist was also tried in his friends, his counsellor Ahithophel forsook him, "He that eateth bread with me, hath lifted up his heel against me." His worst foes were they of his own household: his children were his greatest affliction. The temptations of poverty and wealth, of honour and reproach, of health and weakness, all tried their power upon him. He had temptations from without to disturb his peace, and from within to mar his joy. David no sooner escaped from one trial than he fell into another; no sooner emerged from one season of despondency and alarm, than he was again brought into the lowest depths, and all God's waves and billows rolled over him. It is probably from this cause that David's psalms are so universally the delight of experienced Christians.

Whatever our frame of mind, whether ecstasy or depression, David has exactly described our emotions. He was an able master of the human heart, because he had been tutored in the best of all schools--the school of heart-felt, personal experience. As we are instructed in the same school, as we grow matured in grace and in years, we increasingly appreciate David's psalms, and find them to be "green pastures." My soul, let David's experience cheer and counsel thee this day.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions)

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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