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---------- Inspiration For the Week--- "I'll smash the convention"

One young fellow, thumping the table, said, "I'll smash the whole convention". I had a quiet talk on the subject with Hyde. He was one of the committee and manifested such a tender, loving spirit and was so sane through it all ... He said that the committee had never called for confessions, that it was the Spirit of God that had moved men to confess. He said that legislation on the question, and setting apart special meetings for confessions, would be like taking the matter out of the Holy Spirit's hand ... I well remember how earnestly he said that the sin of immorality was more prevalent among the Christians than any one dreamt and that the Holy Spirit saw that extreme measures were needed to get men to realize the sin. "Some men, I fear", said Hyde, "are guilty, and are afraid that the Holy Spirit will compel them to confess". How tenderly he spoke of these men, how confident he was that the Lord, at the right moment, would reveal clearly His will in the matter; it was one of the darkest hours of the Sialkot Convention, and yet Hyde's face was full of joy, for he knew that victory was assured.

Victory came: those who opposed confession went together in the prayer room, hoping to discuss the question. Hyde was praying, several others of the committee were praying, and they gave such a hearty welcome to those men to pray with them that they did so, and after some time ... someone began to praise God, and all joined in singing and the prayer room became once more a praise room ... how much better it would be to settle our differences by meeting together to pray, by allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way with us ...the best way to meet all this was to keep quiet in a corner, praying that the Holy Spirit might come and reveal His will and direct men's thoughts in the right path ... This was Hyde's way of meeting difficulties, and this was the way of the Master ... Whatever may be the trouble, let us put ourselves in the right attitude towards God and then wait for the Holy Spirit to work in us to do what is right ... [Hyde] lived so near the Lord that he was sensitive to the slightest promptings of His will, and he seemed to know at once when the Lord was not with him. How everything fitted together because all was under the direct control of God for the good of His servant! ["Praying Hyde: A Prayer Classic", p. 79-81]

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Laura Bush cracked crude sexual innuendo jokes while her "Born Again" husband laughed heartily. Laura said Bush was leaving her sexually unsatisfied and that Bush used to masturbate horses' phallus. This is the most incredible instance of evil spiritual fruit imaginable; we have added this filthy language to our table, "President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits".

NEWS BRIEF: "Laura Bush Talks Naughty", by John Tierney, The New York Times, May 3, 2005

"... on Saturday night, Laura Bush set a new standard. After interrupting her husband and telling him to sit down, she did a stand-up routine that included what was probably the first joke told in earshot of a president that involved him and a horse's phallus. Mrs. Bush called her husband Mr. Excitement for going to bed by 9 o'clock and turning her into a 'desperate housewife'. She said that Lynne Cheney's Secret Service code name became Dollar Bill after they both went to Chippendales (where they ran into Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Noting that Andover and Yale did not have 'real strong ranching programs', she said Mr. Bush had started his ranching career by trying to milk a horse - a male horse ... Her timing had the audience howling, and the edgier lines had them gasping. Jokes about pent-up sexual frustration from a prim librarian? With her born-again husband sitting there and enjoying it? And cameras recording it ..."

This one paragraph succinctly expresses the most incredible filth I have ever heard! Let us quickly examine the points Mrs. Bush voiced:

1. Laura said her husband was going to be so early that she has become sexually dissatisfied. She has now become one of the "Desperate Housewives". In this TV series, housewives who are sexually unfulfilled seduce a wide variety of men who come into their lives. A friend related to me that in the one episode he saw, one of the "desperate housewives" seduced her young gardner!

2. Laura's joke about President Bush masturbating the phallus of a horse -- a male horse -- is absolutely unthinkable! The phrase "trying to milk a horse - a male horse" is a country idiom which means that Mr. Bush was masturbating a male horse! This is bestiality, and quite disturbing coming from the lips of the First Lady with President Bush sitting there laughing. But, most importantly, it reveals the true heart of Mr. Bush; when you consider Mr. Bush's reaction to her joking, you will see he has a heart of an unsaved sinner!

3. Mr. Bush was just "sitting there and enjoying it"! If my wife were speaking these filthy jokes, I would have immediately arisen from my chair, walked quickly up to the stage with as stern a face as I could muster, and take my wife away from the microphone and off the stage. By sitting there and enjoying it, President Bush signaled to the entire world that he approved of what his wife was saying and considered her remarks not only acceptable, but enjoyable.

4. Mrs. Bush then stated that she was bar-hopping with Mrs. Cheney and that they ran into Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at a showing of the Chippendales -- a male stripping group! Once again, we see sexually explicit language from Mrs. Bush -- approved by Mr. Bush -- and a signal to the youth of America that this "born again" President finds nothing wrong with a person viewing a stripper performance on-stage.

Mr. Bush showed his true inner heart of hearts by allowing his wife to continue, but most importantly, by laughing along with the rest of the audience. These are not the actions of a genuinely Born Again believer; therefore, we have added this incident to our table, "President Bush's Evil vs Good Spiritual Fruit".

Each person who still thinks that President Bush is truly a Born Again believer, each pastor who has defended this President from his pulpit, and each Evangelical Christian leader who is encouraging his followers to follow this President, must now take fresh stock of their position on this man! He truly is NOT the Born Again believer he has always claimed to be. Since his re-election, we are seeing glimpses of the real President Bush.

Remember the Biblical standard for determining whether a person is genuinely a Born Again Christian -- Jesus Himself set this standard:

"Ye shall know them by their fruits ... Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Matt 7:16-20)

Notice Jesus did NOT say, you shall know them by their "words", or by their "Madison Avenue" public personna -- Rather, "ye shall know them by their fruits" is Jesus' standard for Christians; but Christians by the millions, and pastors by the tens of thousands, are insisting that President Bush is a Born Again Christian simply because he SAYS he is; they are accepting his testimony at face value, and are ignoring his dozens of provably evil spiritual fruits. We encourage you to read our 4-part classic expose' on this issue:

* Ye Shall Know Them By Their "Words" - Part 1 - Key Satanic Doctrine: "In all ages the people of the world have accepted words for deeds, for THEY ARE CONTENT WITH A SHOW and rarely pause to note, in the public arena, whether promises are followed by performance."

* Ye Shall Know Them By Their "Words" - Part 2 - Demonstrating the false nature of the "battling" between political parties

* Ye Shall Know Them By Their "Words" - Part 3 - King Hezekiah's advice to President Bush! Spiritual difference between the way the two men handled national crises is startling -- but most revealing.

* Ye Shall Know Them By Their "Words" - Part 4 - Adolf Hitler claimed he was Christian! "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior" - Speech, 12 April 1921

This incident shows the ease with which President and Mrs. Bush engage in the most vile of language and sexual innuendo. While this kind of fruit is totally inconsistent with a genuinely Born Again believer, it is very consistent with a family who has been generationally committed to the Black Magick secret society of Skull & Bones!

We have updated our table on President Bush's fruits. Print it off and distribute it as widely as you possibly can! This latest news story makes it very likely that, for the first time in five years, genuinely saved Christians may be more likely to listen to the truth as to the genuine spiritual condition of this President.

Behold A Pale Horse

II. The month of June may be a most exciting one, if the two major news story trends actually play out as they are contemplated in this month of May!

Suddenly, this past week we witnessed the possible coalescing of two major news events we have been separately following for a very long time: Iran's nuclear enrichment program and the North Korean nuclear arms capability. Quite abruptly, we read that both these "crises" may erupt close together, in the month of June.

Iran's Uranium Enrichment Crisis

Even though we know that the Iranians have possessed nuclear warheads since at least June, 2002 -- the Bush Administration, Israel, the European Union, and the United Nations Secretary General are all pretending that Iran does not yet have nuclear warheads, but is close to gaining that capability through its present nuclear enrichment program. The new development is that the news media is suddenly carrying stories indicating that President Bush intends to attack these facilities in June.

In this Scott Ritter story, please note two factors: 1) Ritter's source was someone within the Bush Administration; 2) How many times the word, "June" was mentioned.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran", by Scott Ritter, former US Chief Arms Inspector in Iraq, Raiders News, May 3, 2005

"Late last year, in the aftermath of the 2004 Presidential election, I was contacted by someone close to the Bush administration about the situation in Iraq.
There was a growing concern inside the Bush administration, this source said, about the direction the occupation was going. The Bush administration was keen on achieving some semblance of stability in Iraq before June 2005, I was told. When I asked why that date, the source dropped the bombshell: because that was when the Pentagon was told to be prepared to launch a massive aerial attack against Iran, Iraq's neighbour to the east, in order to destroy the Iranian nuclear programme.

"Why June 2005?, I asked. 'The Israelis are concerned that if the Iranians get their nuclear enrichment programme up and running, then there will be no way to stop the Iranians from getting a nuclear weapon. June 2005 is seen as the decisive date' ... the source did not say that President Bush had approved plans to bomb Iran in June 2005, as has been widely reported. The president had reviewed plans being prepared by the Pentagon to have the military capability in place by June 2005 for such an attack, if the president ordered."

Thus far, we have been told several things:

1) The President of the United States believes that the "decisive date" by which American and/or Israeli had to act to prevent the kind of Iranian enrichment which would make a nuclear warhead was June, 2005.

2) An American attack plan seems to be contingent upon some degree of stability in Iraq by that month

3) An American attack is planned to be both aerial and "massive".

4) President Bush ordered the Pentagon to have both the plans and the "military capability" ready to go in June, 2005

Now, let us return to this featured story for more detail. Iran has gotten more belligerent as the time marched on toward June, 2005. She is apparently not afraid of the big, bad, American wolf.

"That Iran has been a target of the Bush administration's ideologues is no secret: the president himself placed Iran in the 'axis of evil' back in 2002, and has said that the world would be a better place with the current Iranian government relegated to the trash bin of history. The Bush administration has also expressed its concern about Iran's nuclear programmes ... In September 2004, Iran rejected the International Atomic Energy Agency's call for closing down its nuclear fuel production programme (which many in the United States and Israel believe to be linked to a covert nuclear weapons programme). Iran then test fired a ballistic missile with sufficient range to hit targets in Israel as well as US military installations in Iraq and throughout the Middle East." (Ibid.)

Iran seemingly is not worried about a possible attack on her facilities by either America or Israel. We shall view this factor in a few minutes, but for now, let us return again to Ritter's article.

"The Israeli policy toward Iran, when it comes to stopping the Iranian nuclear programme, has always been for the US to lead the way ... It seems that Tel Aviv and Washington, DC aren't too far removed on their Iranian policy objectives, except that there is always the unspoken 'twist': what if the United States does not fully support European diplomatic initiatives, has no interest in letting IAEA inspections work, and envisions UN sanctions as a permanent means of containment until regime change is accomplished in Tehran, as opposed to a tool designed to compel Iran to cooperate on eliminating its nuclear programme? Because the fact is, despite recent warm remarks by President Bush and Condi Rice, the US does not fully embrace the EU's Iran diplomacy, viewing it as a programme 'doomed to fail' ... The IAEA has come out with an official report, after extensive inspections of declared Iranian nuclear facilities in November 2004, that says there is no evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme; the Bush administration responded by trying to oust the IAEA's lead inspector, Muhammad al-Baradai. And the Bush administration's push for UN sanctions shows every intention of making such sanctions deep, painful and long-lasting. Curiously, the date for the Bush administration's move to call for UN sanctions against Iran is June 2005." (Ibid.)

Ritter repeats this date again, trying very hard to impress it upon our minds -- June, 2005. But, then, he repeats it again:

"According to a US position paper circulated in Vienna at the end of last month, the US will give the EU-Iran discussions until June 2005 to resolve the Iranian standoff." (Ibid.)

Then, Scott Ritter sounded a warning very reminiscent about our false public rhetoric in the year before the Iraqi invasion: the Bush Administration has no solid evidence to back up their warnings that the current Iranian nuclear program is designed to produce nuclear warheads.

"Bolton and others in the Bush administration contend that, despite the lack of proof, Iran's nuclear intentions are obvious. In response, the IAEA's al-Baradai has pointed out the lack of a 'smoking gun' which would prove Iran's involvement in a nuclear weapons programme." (Ibid.)

Did you catch that phrase?: " Bush Administration has no solid evidence to back up their warnings"

Nevertheless, Bush officials seem ready to regurgitate their Iraqi propaganda campaign to justify an attack.

"But, based upon history, precedent, and personalities, the intent of the United States regarding Iran is crystal clear: the Bush administration intends to bomb Iran ... the journalists who populate the mainstream American media will continue to sleepwalk on their way to facilitating yet another disaster in the Middle East." (Ibid.)

This last sentence reveals something very interesting: Ritter considers the mass media to be complicit in the attacks we have carried out thus far in the Middle East. Perhaps, he believes, the Bush Administration might not have been able to invade Iraq under such false pretenses had not the mass media been more critical of his statements. Ritter is absolutely correct. The mass media has been a covert ally of the Bush Presidency, especially regarding the plan to attack Iraq. Cutting Edge daily drew upon foreign news sources for our Daily News Update section for the entire year prior to the actual invasion (March 20, 2003). Since these news sources were not as controlled as the American sources, we understood that President Bush and his men had NOT proven their case concerning Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction. As our military forces were rolling across the Iraqi border, we warned that there was not one shred of proof; now, two years later, we were proven correct -- from the mouth of the White House inspector!

Yet, President Bush seems to be determined to repeat this past pattern of behavior regarding Iran. Mass Media stands accused of being quietly complicit.

Now, let us quickly discuss the requirement, as stated above, that the attack on Iran was dependent upon some degree of stability in Iraq. Cutting Edge readers will know that there is no such stability, but you gain that knowledge because you have been reading Cutting Edge news stories and news analysis. The average American reading the average American newspaper and watching the average TV news coverage, may not realize how badly things are going. While some of the carnage is reported, not all is. Further, American politicians and generals have strongly stated in the past few weeks that America is starting to win this war, and that the Iraq will be able to shoulder its own defense soon.

The average American may view the Iraq situation as having achieved some stability.

The bottom line is simple: America seems determined to attack in June, 2005, and has ordered its military to be prepared to carry out such an attack.

North Korea's Nuclear Capability

After years of warning North Korea to stop working on her nuclear warhead program, the Bush Administration is suddenly warning that North Korea may explode a nuclear device to prove to the world that she does possess these types of warheads. What is the date by which North Korea may carry out this nuclear demonstration? June, 2005.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea fears US attack: ‘Pyongyang to carry out nuclear test in June’ ", International News Herald, mAY 1, 2005

"SEOUL: North Korea accused the United States on Saturday of conducting more than 170 spy flights against the communist country and said they show that Washington is preparing an attack ... the military used planes such as the U-2, RC-135, E-3 and EP-3 for aerial espionage ... The United States is locked in a confrontation with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program. Six-nation talks aimed at halting the North’s nuclear ambitions have been stalled since last June. Meanwhile, United States has warned the International Atomic Energy Agency that North Korea has been preparing to carry out an underground nuclear test since March and could go ahead as early as June."

North Korea has always stated that she has learned a valuable lesson from our invasion of Iraq. Her leaders realized that President Bush did not order the invasion until United Nations arms inspectors had publicly stated again and again and again that they did not believe Saddam possessed nuclear weapons. Once Bush was assured that Iraq did not possess nuclear weapons, he invaded, using false rhetoric to justify the attack. Had Saddam actually owned nuclear weapons, President Bush would not have dared attack -- according to the thinking of North Korean officials.

Therefore, North Korea has publicly stated many times that the only way to avoid a United States attack is to actually possess nuclear weapons. North Korea certainly does possess them, for she inherited the nuclear enrichment plants which the old Soviet Union had built there, and from these facilities, has created a nuclear arsenal. In October, 2002, Cutting Edge posted an article -- NEWS1720 -- in which we reported that North Korea claimed she already possessed nuclear warheads, and in which Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted that North Korea's nuclear program was beyond the point of no return!

Then, in March, 2003, we posted an article -- NEWS1781 -- in which we further reported that North Korea had at least 100 nuclear warheads plus the ballistic missile capacity to reach the Western portion of the United States. But, even more worrisome, North Korea was in the final stage of testing intercontinental ballistic missiles which could reach the Eastern Seaboard! We included a very insightful map showing the range of these various missiles in the North Korean arsenal.

Just three days after alerting the world that North Korea might be planning a June, 2005, nuclear test to demonstrate her capability, "US intelligence" stated that it had detected heavy equipment moving earth in possible preparation for an underground nuclear test.

NEWS BRIEF: "US detects N Korea’s test preparations", International News Herald, May 4, 2005

"SEOUL: US intelligence has detected the movement of heavy equipment in North Korea that points to possible preparations for an underground nuclear test ... US spy satellites had captured frequent movements of trucks in the northeastern region of Kilju, as well as the movement of cranes and other heavy equipment into the area. 'US intelligence authorities believe the images and other information point to preparations for a possible underground nuclear test' ... US and Japanese news reports last week said Washington had warned some governments and agencies that North Korea could be preparing for a test ... US officials have said they believe North Korea has already amassed enough fissile material to make six to eight bombs ... "

If the United States is now stating that North Korea "has already amassed enough fissile material to make six to eight bombs", we should be shouting "Intelligence Failure", that commonly used term to cover such disasters as Pearl Harbor, the attacks of 9/11, and the failure to find WMD in Iraq. For the entire four years of the current Bush Administration, rhetoric by the bucketful has poured forth with warnings that, unless the United States acted soon, North Korea would obtain nuclear weapons capability. In other words, official public rhetoric of Bush Administration foreign policy stated that the ultimate objective was to keep North Korea from ever obtaining this type of weapons capacity. Therefore, to admit that they now possess the "fissile material to make six to eight bombs" is to admit that this foreign policy had failed, and that our earlier intelligence had been wrong.

But, shockingly, South Korean officials moved quickly to deny they had ever received a diplomatic warning from the U.S., and they doubted that the "test preparations" which American intelligence officials had claimed was really true. Does anyone smell Iraq all over again?

"US and Japanese news reports last week said Washington had warned some governments and agencies that North Korea could be preparing for a test, which would represent a serious escalation of tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons ambitions ... On Tuesday Seoul shot down the latest report, with Defence Minister Yoon Kwang-ung telling reporters before a cabinet meeting there were no unusual indications in the area. A Defence Ministry official told Reuters there also was no foundation to the Chosun Ilbo report that the US intelligence was passed on to the South Korean government. He said a project to dig a tunnel had been detected in the same area in the late 1990s and the two countries had been watching it closely, without any sign of preparations for a test. 'It is not clear what the purpose of the tunnel is', the official added." (Ibid.)

Aha! The North Koreans have been working on a tunnel in the area since the "late 1990's", so heavy equipment moving a lot of earth does not necessarily mean that an underground nuclear test is imminent. Remember Colin Powell's now infamous speech to the United Nations Security Council, in which he presented old, outdated intelligence photos, accompanied with a false explanation as to what the pictures meant? Even though U.N. intelligence experts quickly debunked Powell's claims, no one really listened and the American-led invasion commenced. Now, so many people know the truth about those pictures and their false explanations that Powell himself has gone public, insisting that he "was misled".

Now, the South Koreans are attempting to explain the truth behind the latest pictures and American intelligence reports explaining them.

In summary, it is possible the world has reached the point when the next steps toward the beginning of the planned Third World War may occur. If an American aerial attack and/or invasion of Iran were to occur, followed by a North Korean nuclear explosion, panic might quickly set in. Regarding Iran, remember that Russia's Putin, back by Germany's Schroeder and France's Chirac, solemnly told the U.S. on April 12, 2003, that they would not permit any more American "regime changes" in the region (NEWS1802). Since that date, Russia has equipped Iran with the same anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system currently protecting Moscow; operation of this defense system is probably possible only because Russian military advisers are on the ground. Therefore, an attack on Iran is not only difficult because she had buried and scattered her facilities, but because it would be an attack on Russia herself. As we demonstrated in NEWS2026, American naval supremacy is not what it used to be, and a nation using the same tactics which "destroyed" 16 American naval vessels -- including an aircraft carrier -- in these simulations is exactly what a hostile nation like Iran will probably employ. Since Iran is actually wielding superior weapons than the opponent in these recent war games, the American death toll could be much larger. In particular, the Iranians have long deployed the Russian supersonic "Sunburn" missile, which American vessels cannot stop! (Read details in NEWS1449)

An American attack on Iran could provide the spark which could launch the Middle East into an all-out war.

Regarding North Korea, the plan is quite bold:

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script")

Has the "end of the period" finally arrived? Is this the meaning behind this June, 2005, rhetoric? Or, is the Bush Administration simply posturing ? Is this verbal barrage simply further fulfillment of the "Wars and rumors of wars" prophecy? We can only wait to see how events play out. At some point in time, events truly will explode.

III. If Iran really is under the American military gun, her leaders were not acting afraid as the verbal rhetoric against them intensified. Maybe these Iranian leaders know the military balance of power better than we do.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran: U.S. Needs a 'Punch in the Mouth' ", News Max, May 2, 2005

"Speaking on a tour of south-east Iran, the spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the U.S. was arrogant, rude and deserved a punch in the mouth ... Warning the U.S. to stay out of his country's nuclear program, Khamenei also said Iran's presidential elections in June would not have any impact on its nuclear policy. His vitriol came on the heels of Iran's statement on Saturday it might resume suspended enrichment-related activities next week ... Khamenei warned it was not up to the U.S. to decide which countries needed nuclear technology."

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran vows to pursue nuke plans, slams U.S., Israel", Ha'aretz News, May 5, 2005

"UNITED NATIONS - Iran vowed on Tuesday to press ahead with nuclear activities that could be used to make weapons and accused the United States and Israel of threatening international peace with their own atomic arsenals. 'Iran is determined to pursue all legal areas of nuclear technology including (uranium) enrichment, exclusively for peaceful purposes', Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi told a conference to review the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty."

We believe that Iran's current uranium enrichment facilities are designed for peaceful purposes, because she already possesses nuclear warheads which she bought from Pakistan! The Russian general, whom we quoted, above, told the world in 2002 that Iran already possessed nuclear warhead capability.

Remember, we are not predicting any of these major events in the month of June. Since Israel is fully 8 months from completing her separation of population from the Palestinian, the actual outbreak of hostilities might be many months past June. We shall just have to wait to see how events transpire.

IV. The United Nations opened a critically important meeting to review the old Nuclear Proliferation Treaty on Monday, May 2. At the beginning of this conference, North Korea launched a "warning shot across the bow".

NEWS BRIEF: "With Chilling Scenarios, Clashing Priorities, Global Nuclear Meeting Opens", AP Breaking News, May 3, 2005

"UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The voice was soft, calm, familiar. But the scenario Kofi Annan sketched out was chilling. A nuclear bomb goes off in a great city. Chaos ensues, and a frightened world asks, 'Was this an act of terrorism? Was it an act of aggression by a state? Was it an accident? Tens or hundreds of thousands would be dead, the U.N. chief said, and questions, implications and dread would consume world leaders. Treaties might collapse, trade and economies totter, human rights and freedoms come under threat. It was Monday's arresting opening to a month long conference reviewing the workings of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, at a moment of rising nuclear tensions in the world, on a day when speakers called for concessions from many sides - Iran, North Korea, America, Russia - to move toward a world free of the nuclear threat.

"Under the 35-year-old Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), states without nuclear arms pledge not to pursue them, in exchange for a commitment by five nuclear powers - the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China - to move toward nuclear disarmament. Three other nuclear states - Israel, India and Pakistan - remain outside the treaty. Malaysia's foreign minister, Syed Hamid Albar, representing the 116-nation Non-Aligned Movement, complained that 'the nuclear weapons states continue to believe in the relevance of nuclear weapons', contrary to the spirit of the NPT. Rademaker said, however, the Bush administration is 'proud to have played a leading role in reducing nuclear arsenals', via the 2002 Moscow Treaty, for example, under which the United States and Russia are to cut back deployed warheads by two-thirds, to between 1,700 and 2,200 each, by 2012. That agreement has been criticized for not requiring destruction of excess warheads taken off deployment, or providing a transparent timetable and open verification of reductions."

Rademaker sought to focus attention instead on Iran, saying, "We dare not look the other way."

Thus, while the rest of the world was trying to focus attention on the nuclear stockpiles of the existing nuclear states, the American delegate was forcing attention on Iran and her supposed current program to enrich uranium -- even though no American official has conclusively proven that Iran's current nuclear program is anything other than peaceful.

The day before this nuclear conference opened, both North Korea and Iran sent a warning shot at the delegates.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rogue states fire nuclear shot over bow", The Australian, May 3, 2005

"NEW YORK: As delegates from 190 countries gathered in New York to begin their five-yearly review of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, Iran vowed to press on with its controversial atomic program and North Korea fired a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan. North Korea shocked the world in August 1998 by firing a long-range Taepodong-1 missile with a range of 2000km over Japan into the Pacific Ocean, claiming it was a satellite launch. Short-range missile launches have been more routine. North Korea's last high-profile launches were in March 2003 when it lobbed two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan, coinciding with the inauguration of South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun.

"... the launch heightened concerns about North Korea's intentions as it continues to boycott six-nation talks on its nuclear arms program ... The missile test came as Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made remarks apparently aimed at Washington's concerns over Tehran's nuclear program. 'The shameless arrogance and rudeness has gone so far that it has given rise to such comments that Iran does not need nuclear technology. This is none of your business', Ayatollah Khamenei said ... The nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which took effect in 1970, now seems in many eyes ineffective as the world faces a new era of "rogue" states and transnational terrorist groups seeking to obtain weapons of mass destruction."

This arrogance of North Korea and Iran against the superpower America seems unbelievable, unless you factor in two important realities:

1) Both Iran and North Korea possess military machines far more formidable than Saddam's troops proved to be.

2) Both Iran and North Korea realize that America is over-extended and cannot fight any prolonged war right now. If these two countries can survive an American aerial strike(s), they are confident that America does not possess the ground troops necessary to invade their country. Therefore, Iran reached an agreement with Russia to install the same anti-aircraft and anti-missile system which is currently protecting Moscow, a system currently on the ground and operating. Maybe they intend to blunt enough of the American air attack to survive and then wait to see if the Americans dare invade.

This next news story tells the story as to how over-extended American forces are right now.

V. Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts strain US fighting power: May not be able to win any new wars as quickly as originally planned.

NEWS BRIEF: "Report Warns: Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts strain US fighting power", Khaleej Times, 4 May 2005

"WASHINGTON - The US military may not be able to win any new wars as quickly as planned because the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained its manpower and resources, the nation’s top military officer told Congress in a classified report. Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described the US military as in a period of increased risk ... 'We will prevail', Myers said when asked about the report. 'The timelines (to winning a new war) may have to be extended and we may have to use additional resources, but that doesn’t matter because we’re going to be successful in the end'. Myers predicted the risk would go down in a year or two ... The US military has timelines in place for defeating its potential adversaries, given enough soldiers, tanks, aircraft and warships to do the job. But with so much of those resources tied up fighting insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, those timelines could slip, Myers said..."

Any time an adversary knows that his enemy is lacking in manpower, he might be tempted to try to devise a way to defeat their superior foe. As the war games in 2002 demonstrated, the American Navy is lacking the capacity right now to fight low-level, close-in asymmetrical battles using low-level weapons. Our Navy was equipped to fight the modern Russian Navy on the high seas. We cover this frightening reality in NEWS2026, "16 U.S. NAVAL SHIPS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PERSIAN GULF! INCLUDES ONE AIRCRAFT CARRIER DESTROYED -- Recent War Games Disaster".

One way to further weaken a foe who is already lacking manpower is for more than one adversary to strike at once, at completely different parts of the globe. Therefore, this odd timetable of June may be more significant than we might like to think. What would happen if the following attacks took place nearly simultaneously?

1) America attacks Iran, throwing significantly large military assets into the air and naval battle. Such an American attack would likely start a Regional War which eventually would drag Israel into war with Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians.

2) North Korea initiates the action which will fulfill her plan in the Third World War, i.e., "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script"). She might attack the South in huge numbers, or she may use her theater missiles to attack an American target, quite possibly using nuclear warheads.

3) China attacks Taiwan, fulfilling her plan in this World War III by starting the third conflict.

What would happen if this scenario occurred? I asked basically this question during the June, 1999, U.S. Naval Strategy Conference in Newport, Rhode Island. I addressed my question to a civilian adviser to President Clinton, Dr. Kurth, who had addressed the high-level Naval delegates and had just begun a Question and Answer period. Dr. Wood, Dean, Center For Naval Warfare Studies, introduced Dr. Kurth. He called Dr. Kurth as the "smartest man in the world". Dr. Kurth reciprocated by calling Dr. Wood "the wisest man in the world", tongue in cheek, of course, as the result of recognizing that Dr. Kurth IS the "smartest man in the world".

I asked the following question:

"Dr. Kurth, let me propose a scenario. Suppose that, two weeks from now, the Middle East blows up into a major war between Israel and her Arab neighbors, drawing the US Navy into the Middle East to keep shipping and oil lanes open. Suppose that, two weeks after that, North Korea invaded South Korea using nuclear weapons. The US Navy would be drawn into that region. Then, suppose that, two weeks later, China attacked Taiwan. Could we prevent China from attacking and conquering Taiwan?"

Dr. Kurth look down at the podium for a few brief seconds and then said, "Yesterday, Admiral Johnson stated that the US Navy needed 15 Carrier Battle Groups to fulfill its global mission. If we had those 15 Carrier Battle Groups, we could defend Taiwan under the scenario you have just drawn up."

I wrote in my notes that, with only 12 Carrier Battle Groups, we could not defend Taiwan if the US Navy were tied up in other simultaneous conflicts prior to and parallel to, China attacking Taiwan." (NEWS1299)

Dr. Kurth had just told us the answer: with the current level of naval forces in the world, America could not win simultaneous battles should they erupt from the Middle East to the Korean Peninsula to Taiwan.

American forces ARE at risk, and may not have the luxury to wait until our leaders marshal the manpower, train that manpower, and get the new manpower married to the equipment in the theater of battle. The Russian and Chinese modern weaponry -- like their unprecedented supersonic missiles -- are so destructive and destroy so quickly, we might not have the opportunity to marshal the manpower we now lack, in order to ultimately prevail.

VI. The U.S. military must have thought that they had the torture and sexual scandal at Abu Ghraib safely swept under the proverbial rug; the lowest ranking people involved were being found guilty or were confessing and were being sent to jail. Top-level commanders seemed safely tucked away under the protective wings of the Pentagon. Even Pfc. Lynndie England confessed her guilt.

But, then a judge seemingly threw a monkey wrench into the whole affair.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pfc. Lynndie England's Guilty Plea Tossed by Judge, Leaving Case at Square One", AP Breaking News, May 5, 2005

"FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) - In what military legal experts describe as a 'shocker', the judge put the case of former Abu Ghraib prison guard Pfc. Lynndie England back at square one. Col. James Pohl tossed out the plea agreement that the reservist reached with prosecutors after Pvt. Charles Graner Jr., the reputed ringleader of the abuse, testified Wednesday on her behalf. Pohl found that Graner's statements contradicted England's previous testimony and declared a mistrial. Pohl's finding sent the case back to Fort Hood's commander, Lt. Gen. Thomas Metz, who will decide what charges, if any, England should face.

"England, 22, had pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of conspiracy to maltreat prisoners, four counts of maltreating prisoners and one count of committing an indecent act, many of which were captured in photographs. Under military law, Pohl could formally accept her guilty plea only if he was convinced that she knew at the time that what she was doing was illegal. Graner told Pohl that pictures he took of England holding the leash were meant to be used as a training aid for other guards. But England had told Pohl when she entered her plea that the pictures were being taken purely for the amusement of the guards. Allen Rudy, a Dallas attorney, said Wednesday he could not recall a military plea being scrapped under such circumstances during his 25 years as a Navy lawyer and judge. 'That is a shocker', Rudy said. 'But (Pohl) has to protect the defendant in that situation. ... He has to make sure she wasn't talked into it by her lawyer or her parents or someone else'."

Now, this case will not quietly go away, as the military had fervently hoped.

However, there was one matter which had to be cleaned up before the military could safely forget about the whole scandal. Someone in the officer corps had to take the fall, and the military had just the commander in mind -- and that officer wasn't even Regular Army - she was only a reservist! (NOTE: Having served in the Army for nearly 4 years, I can accurately tell you that this is the attitude "Army lifers" have toward reservists)

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush demotes U.S. Army general in Abu Ghraib scandal", Swiss Info, May 7, 2005

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A one-star Army Reserve general became the first high-level military officer punished in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal on Thursday when President George W. Bush demoted her to the rank of colonel. Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski was disciplined after Army leaders deemed her job performance 'seriously lacking' and accused her of concealing a past shoplifting arrest. The Army said in a statement Karpinski had been reduced in rank to colonel, although an investigation by the Army inspector general's office 'determined that no action or lack of action on her part contributed specifically to the abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib'. Karpinski said last year she was being used as a 'convenient scapegoat' for detainee abuse that was the fault of others."

General Karpinski had dared open her mouth last Fall, reporting that the blame for this scandal reached all the way up to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and then to the White House. (Read Newsletter for September 18, 2004, Paragraph II)

Perhaps that is part of the reason she was demoted! However, note that she was demoted "although an investigation by the Army inspector general's office 'determined that no action or lack of action on her part contributed specifically to the abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib'." When the Army needs a scapegoat, truth is the first casualty!

Yes, General Karpinski was a scapegoat, as the old charge of "shoplifting" was dredged out of the past in order to grease the skids.

However, the news about this torture and sexual humiliation scandal may not even now die down, for Congress may be getting into the action.

NEWS BRIEF: "Army Finished With Senior Officer Cases in Abu Ghraib Cases, but Congress Is Not", AP Breaking News, May 6, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Army has offered its last word on holding its generals accountable in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, but Congress is going to have the final say ... Some in Congress have sharply criticized the Pentagon for failing to hold the more senior officers in Iraq accountable and instead pinning most of the blame on low-ranking soldiers like Pfc. Lynndie England. She pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of conspiracy to maltreat prisoners, four counts of maltreating prisoners and one count of committing an indecent act, many of which were captured in photographs that shocked the world when published a year ago. But the military judge rejected the plea agreement she had reached with prosecutors. The Senate Armed Services Committee has said it intends to hold hearings soon to assess whether senior Defense Department civilian and military leaders were adequately held accountable for Abu Ghraib. Among those cleared by the Army was Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who was the top Army general in Iraq at the time of the prisoner abuses. He has been faulted by some for leadership failures but has never been accused of ordering or sanctioning any abuse of prisoners."

If Congress gets involved with hearings, General Karpinski might prove to be a key witness. Who knows but that she might exact some measure of revenge before this sorry case is finally concluded.

VI. As Israel prepares the final withdrawal steps necessary to separate her population from the Palestinians, Former Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the Sharon government to not allow Egypt to get close to the Gaza border.

NEWS BRIEF: "Netanyahu: Egyptian patrol of Gaza risky", The Jerusalem Post, May 4, 2005

"In anticipation of the Cabinet's meeting Wednesday to deal with the question of security along the Philadelphi route, a number of officials warned that an Egyptian deployment along the route could compromise Israel's security. Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu argued that handing over responsibility for the Egypt-Gaza border to armed Egyptian soldiers when Israel withdraws from the area this summer would violate Israel's peace agreement with Egypt, which secures Sinai as a demilitarized zone. In attempting to solve the tactical problem of arms smuggling over the border, Israel may be generating a far graver strategic problem, Netanyahu said in an interview with Israel Radio Wednesday. Hundreds of Egyptian soldiers operating a short distance from important strategic installations could compromise Israel's security, he said ... in a very rare move, the Knesset secret services subcommittee warned Cabinet ministers against allowing armed Egyptian forces to deploy along the Philadelphi route."

"The committee issued an urgent letter to the Cabinet stating their opinion that Egypt's eagerness to cooperate in patrolling the route may be rooted in suspect motives, Army Radio reported. 'Egypt's insistence to deploy soldiers along the Philadelphi route raises the suspicion that they are interested in breaking the Sinai demilitarization taboo, rather than in combating smuggling [across the border]', the letter cautioned."

These tales of caution should be well taken by the Sharon government, for Egypt still is equipping her forces and training them to fight only one enemy -- Israel. This agreement between Sharon and Egyptian President Mubarak will allow Egyptian soldiers to patrol right up to her border with Gaza, which right now is Israel's border, but is soon to become the Palestinian border with Egypt. What would happen if the Palestinians "invited" the Egyptian Army to come across this border and occupy Gaza? Egypt would have forces within mortar range of Israeli soft civilian targets!

Both Sharon and Netanyahu are members of the Illuminati and are both sold out to this risky plan of action. Netanyahu's warnings were just meant to facilitate the debating so necessary to make the Dialectic Struggle work. However, his warning is based in reality, and if Sharon gets Israel into too much trouble and war, the Illuminati has its hand-picked man ready to pick up the mantle, criticize Sharon, and move forward to the next stage.

Israel's plan is very risky, but Israel's leaders are convinced that their advanced weaponry, such as Scalar Weaponry and the Neutron Bomb, will deliver her from her combined enemies even though she has deliberately weakened her defenses to the point where Conventional Wisdom says that Israel is no longer militarily defensible.

The day is quickly coming when Daniel 12:1 is going to be literally fulfilled: "And at the time of the end, Michael shall arise, the great angelic prince who defends and has charge of your (Daniel's) people. And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness, and distress, such as never was since there was a nation till that time. But at that time, your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the Book of God's plan for His own." (Daniel 12:1; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

God's mighty hand will deliver Israel, but not before she suffers greatly. Events are prophesied to be so very bad that Michael, the Archangel of Israel, is going to have to speed to her defense. Israel is the key to End Times prophecy, and her separation of population is the key to sensing when the planned World War III is going to begin.

VII. English voters in Great Britain reelected Tony Blair for an unprecedented third term. Surprise! The globalist candidate always seems to win.

NEWS BRIEF: "Blair gets a battering", By Joe Murphy, Evening Standard, This Is London, 6 May 2005

"A chastened Tony Blair saw his majority chopped today from 160 to around 64 - and received a bloody nose in London. Mr Blair's triumph at a third Labour term was marred by a lacklustre turnout by his own supporters and a series of shock defeats blamed on Iraq protests and tactical voting. The biggest backlash came in London and the South-East, where Labour suffered spectacular defeats and fell to third place in the region."

NEWS BRIEF: "Labour's majority slides away", The Guardian (London), 6 May 2005

"Labour edged painfully into an unprecedented third term in power early today as a sharper than expected swing against the government left Tony Blair in office, but without the authoritative electoral mandate he had sought. Though television exit polls suggested that Mr Blair would match Margaret Thatcher's triple election record, Labour's huge majorities of 179 and 165 at the last two elections looked set to fall, to between 60 and 80 seats on estimates at 4am. Downing Street had hoped for more than 80, and both Mr Blair and Gordon Brown, safely re-elected, stressed the need to listen more carefully to an electorate which, Mr Blair conceded, wanted a smaller government majority.

"Speaking in Sedgefield this morning the prime minister defended New Labour's achievements - 'we can be very, very proud of what we have done' - and called it a "huge rebirth of our party". While he invoked "a real sense of enthusiasm for the third term agenda', Mr Brown's succession may now come sooner than later."

I find it surprising that, on the morning after winning an unprecedented third term as Prime Minister, Tony Blair is suddenly confronted by a debate as to how long of his third term he should serve before giving way to the more popular Gordon Brown. This next article speaks directly to this subject.

NEWS BRIEF: "Blair leadership dilemma after muted victory: Labour Despite winning historic third term, party must face up to prime minister standing down sooner rather than later", The The Guardian (London), 6 May 2005

"Despondent Labour figures were struggling last night with the paradox of a historic third term and the possibility of Tony Blair being pressed to stand down sooner rather than later. Blairites emphasized the fact of a third term, as they worried whether he could survive on a reduced majority. One insider said that the result called for "stability" inside the party rather than instability - which would mean no immediate leadership contest. But pressure from within the party, and the struggle to avoid repeated defeats in the Commons, may make it difficult for Mr Blair to stay at the helm for long. Few expect him to last beyond 2006, and some believe he will go more quickly. His departure may turn on whether the French vote for the EU constitution at the end of the month requires Britain to go ahead with its own referendum. His most obvious short-term point of departure would be after the British presidency of the G8 and Europe in the second half of the year."

"Lord Falconer, the lord chancellor and another close ally of Mr Blair, said: 'The critical point is that the prime minister has led the government into a third term. Mr Blair will have been vindicated'."

That is the point, is it not? Prime Minister Blair might rightly be called a "magician", or a "sorcerer", for he has won elections despite killing millions of heads of cattle for no good reason in the Foot-and-Mouth slaughter and then taking England to war against Iraq, again for no good reason. Now that his re-election to an unprecedented third term has "vindicated" him and his policies, he might decide the time to "ride into the sunset" was earlier rather than later.

VIII. The possibility that top level politicians and military commanders might some day stand accused in the International Court for war crimes simply will not go away. This week, a group urged the Dutch government to arrest President Bush when he flies into the country to participate in the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

NEWS BRIEF: "Dutch court refuses to arrest Bush", From correspondents in The Hague, News.com.au., May 5, 2005

"A COURT in The Hague turned down a demand by a dozen plaintiffs who wanted to force the Dutch government to arrest US President George W Bush when he visits the Netherlands on Saturday. The judgment was made public today. Mr Bush will be in the south of the Netherlands this weekend to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. The left-wing organisations and activists, accused Mr Bush of 'numerous grave violations of the Geneva Conventions' ... They also said the president was responsible for the deaths of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and Washington's refusal to recognise the International Criminal Court (ICC), the world's first permanent war crimes court."

Earlier, British military officials expressed concern that they might ultimately end up facing War Crimes charges at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. American and British officials certainly have reason to fear these charges, for the way in which they have killed civilians, and have spread Depleted Uranium so thickly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the past few months, the ICC at The Hague has been getting more and more active, hearing War Crimes cases from Third World countries. The time is coming when a major leader will stand trial at the ICC, for you cannot have global government without a global criminal court. The very fact that the ICC is now operating and is now being looked to by many is one more sign that the End of the Period preparatory to the appearance of the Masonic Christ is drawing dangerously near.

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Breaking News: Rick Warren has teamed with a New Age mystic to aid him in his training program at his Saddleback Church. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2030.cfm


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Lodge members emphatically deny that Freemasonry is a religion; however, it must be considered a religious group IF : 1) Meets on a regular basis 2) Uses alters; 3) Prays to deity; 4) Holds rituals; 5) Baptizes; 6) Meets in temples; 7) Has deacons; 8) Serves communion; 9) Operates according to generally agreed-upon doctrine; 10) Teaches path to Heaven after this life.

How much of Freemasonry has infiltrated our churches? Why are Masons allowed to retain their positions of leadership in our churches? Why is Freemasonry incorrectly touted as a harmless fraternal organization when its very roots are steep in the soil of mysticism, magic, and murder? We must take back our churches from these rank occult unbelievers masquerading as genuine Christians. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1048

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Many New Age adherents believe they are serving "Jesus", but they practice forms of Witchcraft and mysticism forbidden in a Bible they have never read. Ray Yungen was once such New Age adherent. Listen to the testimony of a former New Ager, now a pastor: ""I spent 20 years of active involvement in the New Age. This included visualization and Transcendental Meditation to induce altered states of consciousness. Since accepting the Lord 16 years ago I have noticed that many who call themselves Christians participate and promote many of the techniques used by New Agers including contemplative or centering prayer. Your book is very revealing how Satan has deceived even the elect in accepting his deception as to how these techniques open up the individual to a deeper relationship with God, when in all reality they are drawn in deeper to the influence and/or control by evil spirits. It is extremely important that your message gets out to the Christian community." Michael Kole Pastor Jesus Fellowship San Diego, CA

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Outcome-Based Religion is another manifestation of the 21st Century that is all about meeting the needs of the consumer with as little inconvenience as possible. It is no secret that we have become a “Super Walmart Society” that flocks to the mega-store, the mega-mall and yes, even the mega-church. Church growth has become the order of the day within broad-based protestantism, evangelicalism, and even fundamentalism with the catch-phrases like “seeker-sensitive,” “seeker-friendly,” and “purpose-driven” becoming household terms among conservative religious individuals.

Unfortunately, the developers of the methods and practices currently implemented to build this New Paradigm Church have not considered the Word of God as a valid source document in the developmental process. In lieu of an operational system built upon God’s absolute truth, they have chosen a strange mixture of behavioral science, marketing techniques, “Management by Objective”, General Systems Theory, and cultural relativism bathed in religious terminology to concoct a program for optimal church growth.

This book gives the reader the vital information needed to identify the warning signs needed to stand in defense of the Faith in the face of this gathering storm of apostasy. It should be required reading for all pastors and laypeople who desire to understand the deceptive nature of this apostasy, and particularly those who are battling this movement within their own church. Finally, this book exposes the very real danger that if this movement continues unchecked, there may well arise a new generation that “knows not the Lord.”

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Only when you understand that Catholicism is just a practice of pagan, occult religious systems from Babylon to Egypt to other Mystery Religions can you understand the 1,200-year scandal of priests sexually abusing children, young girls and women through the power of the confessional. Only when you understand the occult basis of Catholicism can you understand what is occurring right now and what the full prophetic meaning is.

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---------Conclusion----------------We Are Not Alone!"

We are each like a child lost in a crowded market, who has strayed but a few feet from his mother, yet because she cannot be seen, the child is inconsolable. So we try by every method devised by religion to relieve our fears and heal our hidden sadness; but will all our efforts we remain unhappy still, with the settled despair of men alone in a vast and deserted universe.

But for all our fears, we are not alone. Our trouble is that we think of ourselves as being alone. Let us correct the error by thinking of ourselves as standing by the bank of a full, flowing river; then let us think of that river as being none else by God Himself. We glance to our left and see the river coming full out of our past; we look to the right and see it flowing into our future. But we also see that it is flowing through our present. And in our today, it is the same as it was in our yesterday, not less than, nor different from, but the very same river, one unbroken continuum, undiminished, active, and strong as it moves sovereignly on into our tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord, that I can have confidence in Your unchanging Presence. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I know I am not alone. Amen

["A.W. Tozer On The Almighty God -- A 366-Day Devotional", Christian Publications; Emphasis in original]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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