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With Hillary Clinton being maneuvered into position as the Democrat Presidential Candidate for 2008, we need to remind you what kind of person she is, what her key policies likely to be, and what were the key fruits of her husband's Presidency. These video scenes chronicle the essential years of the Presidency and Co-Presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton (NEWS1225).

Remember the facts of Ruby Ridge, Flight 800, World Trade Center Bombing of 1993, Waco, Oklahoma City, L.A. Shootouts, the killing of Ron Brown, drug dealings in Arkansas, and so many more critically important events. The Clintons delivered a body blow to national morality, and began the process to destroy our form of government, our rights and our liberties.

With Bill Clinton back on the world scene and rumored to be in line for UN Secretary General and with Hillary rumored to be in line for the 2008 Presidency, this video is critically important to keep people from forgetting the true nature of these two leaders.

Multi-media presentation with so many actual TV clips which document every situation, 2 1/2 hours. View Our Trailer

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As a child, Chiniquy memorized scriptures at his mother's knee and developed a deep love for God. Becoming a priest, he wanted desperately to place full trust in his "church", but was hit by waves of doubt as his "church" claimed adherence to the Gospel, yet violated it at every turn. His jealous superiors falsely accused him, but Abraham Lincoln, a young lawyer from Illinois, defended him and saved his reputation. Chiniquy proves that it was the Jesuits who later killed Lincoln, and explains why. Finally, after twenty-five years as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, his bishop demanded that he give up his precious Bible, and pledge blind obedience to the "church. After a dark night of struggle, he emerged gloriously saved, and led almost the entire Catholic population of St. Anne, Illinois to trust in Christ alone. Here is the finest work ever written to show, from the inside, what Catholicism really is. You will feel Chiniquy's broken heart for Catholics, even as he clearly refutes Catholicism's errors. Now, abridged from the 1886 edition, it is even more readable than before!

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The Marian Apparitions' Plan calls for this "miracle" to unite all religions under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church! These Marian Apparitions are REAL -- they are demons masquerading as the Virgin Mary so men and women the world over will worship her rather than Jesus

But, most insidiously, demons are masquerading in other major world religions, appearing as apparitions of the primary Goddess of that religion -- from Hinduism to Buddhism. Therefore, the Marian Apparitions are appealing to Hindus and Buddhists, thus uniting these religions under Rome.

The authors of this critically important book ask these questions: 1) Who is the "Queen" of Revelation 18? 2) Who is the "Lady of Kingdoms" referred to in Isaiah 47:5? You may be shocked to realize that the Catholic Virgin Mary is just a reincarnation of this Chaldean "Lady of Kingdoms". It is time to uncover this mystery, expose the identity and agenda of the "Queen", and realize her prophetic place in Scripture.

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The Roman Catholic Church is totally outside the Will of God at this End of the Age, Ecumenical period in which we are now living.

Global interest in all things Catholic today springs up in spite of the moral disasters of the Catholic priests and moral confusion amongst the faithful.

Bennett speaks from a position of an insider, for he was born and raised in a devout Irish Catholic family and studied for 8 years in theological preparation for the priesthood. After 14 years of comparing Catholic teachings to the Bible, Mr. Bennett was suddenly convicted by the Gospel message -- faith in God's Grace and provision through Jesus ALONE.

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Revelations showing us our lawless President continued strongly this week. Americans discovered that Bush has ordered his Federal Government to routinely record all phone calls of all Americans, all the time!

NEWS BRIEF: "Critics alarmed as feds take your phone records", The State, May 12, 2006

"WASHINGTON — Lawmakers demanded answers from the Bush administration Thursday about a spy agency secretly collecting records of millions of ordinary Americans’ phone calls to build a database of all calls within the country."

Can you imagine the Federal Government using the excuse of Islamic terrorists to build a database of "ALL" Americans at "ALL" phone calls at "ALL" times? Following the 9/11 attacks our pleas that the government was going to carry out exactly this type of action fell on really deaf ears! Now, nearly five years later, we discover that the government has been doing exactly what we warned about so very long ago! Many times, I really hate being correct.

This next segment shows that the government has been alternately coercing and paying to get these records and that this illegal activity against normal, ordinary Americans who would never, ever be "terrorists" began shortly after 9/11.

"The disclosure was reported in USA Today on Thursday. It said AT&T Corp., Verizon Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corp. telephone companies began contracting to turn over records of tens of millions of customers’ phone calls to the NSA program shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, citing anonymous sources USA Today said had direct knowledge of the arrangement."

President Bush was predictably "outraged" and in his denial mode.

"Facing mounting congressional criticism, President Bush sought to assure Americans their civil liberties were 'fiercely protected. The government does not listen to domestic phone calls without court approval', said Bush, without confirming the program of the National Security Agency. 'We’re not mining or trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans'.” (Ibid.)

Americans might place a little more credence in this denial if the President had a dependable track record of honesty and of abiding by the very law and Constitution he has sworn to uphold. However, his repeated assaults on our privacy and on our liberties has rendered this latest denial unbelievable.

Just a few days ago, we learned that President Bush has refused to abide by more than 750 laws since he took office ("Bush challenges hundreds of laws", The Boston Globe, April 30, 2006). Since he has proven to be so lawless, why should be depend upon what he says here?

"The newspaper’s disclosure could complicate Bush’s bid to win confirmation of former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden as CIA director. It also re-ignited concerns about privacy rights and touched off questions about the legal underpinnings for the government’s actions and the diligence of the Republican-controlled Congress’ oversight of a GOP administration." (Ibid.)

Our concern about President Bush's CIA nominee began the second we learned he was a former general. You see, high-ranking military officers tend to be less concerned about protection of civilian's rights than they are about "results". Achieving the end goal is much more important than any other consideration.

If General Hayden wins confirmation as CIA Director, we will have a goal-oriented military man in charge of domestic spying on American citizens. Not good news!

Now, let us review a news story specifically dedicated to this subject of the next CIA Director. You will discover that the NSA was operating under General Hayden during the time of these illegal telephone recordings!

NEWS BRIEF: "NSA Program Puts CIA Nominee on Hot Seat", The Wall Street Journal Online, May 11, 2006

"New disclosures about National Security Agency data-collection of domestic U.S. calls could further jeopardize the confirmation of Gen. Michael V. Hayden as CIA director. Senators say they plan to use hearings on Hayden’s nomination to examine reports that the NSA wasn’t just monitoring overseas calls believed tied to terrorists but also gathering information on domestic calls as well. Hayden, who headed the NSA between March 1999 and April 2005, would have supervised the data-collection program."

During the time I served with U.S. Military Intelligence, I came firmly to believe that the news about the Federal Government was always bad and always corrupt. After nearly 4 years of serving at a "Pentagon Of The East" in Okinawa, and operating with a "Top Secret, Crypto" security clearance, I most assuredly did not trust government officials -- whether Republican or Democrat. In the intervening years since 1972, I have almost always been proven right whenever I assumed the opposite of what our leaders were saying, so much so that, in November, 2001, I posted an article everyone needs to keep in mind -- NEWS1558, "Breaking Out of the Propaganda Box: Learning To Think In The Opposite Direction of Propaganda To Find The Truth".

Time and time again since 9/11, I have urged my readers to assume the opposite direction of the public rhetoric. We must do so in this situation now. Most assuredly, Bush Administration leaders have "allowed" NSA leaders to mine the entire database of domestic phone calls in order to begin setting up the future planned dictatorship. This is the Illuminati Plan, a Plan which Bush has faithfully served since 9/11.

As we return to this Wall Street Journal article, we shall see that the Democrats are mounting a typical partisan response.

" 'I think this is also going to present a growing impediment to the confirmation of General Hayden [to be CIA director] ' ... said Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who will vote on the nomination in the Senate Intelligence Committee. 'I believe we are on our way to a major constitutional confrontation on Fourth Amendment guarantees of unreasonable search and seizure'. Earlier this week, Feinstein had sounded far more positive: 'We need a respected, competent intelligence professional who can command respect and manage this growing agency', she said. 'Based on what I know so far, Gen. Michael Hayden appears to fit that bill'.” (Ibid.)

An entire population of the United States of America has just seen its Fourth Amendment rights extremely violated. Will we see this charge become part of the package of charges President Bush may face one day in Impeachment? We can only wait to see, but remember that Cutting Edge began sounding this alarm that Bush was being deliberately discredited back in February, 2004 (NEWS1929).

II. As a result of all these terribly negative stories about President Bush, his approval ratings have plummeted to within one percentage point of President Nixon's historic low.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush Dips Into the 20s: Approval rating now 29%", The Wall Street Journal Online, May 11, 2006

"President Bush’s job-approval rating has fallen to its lowest mark of his presidency ... 29% think Mr. Bush is doing an 'excellent or pretty good' job as president, down from 35% in April and significantly lower than 43% in January. Approval ratings for Congress overall also sank, and now stand at 18%."

If elections were real -- instead of being manipulated -- this off-year election might turn out to be a "throw the bums out" election, with both the White House and Congress feeling the brunt of voter wrath. However, even though electronic voting allows for complete control of the electoral process, a public case can be made that a "throw the bums out" election had just occurred.

A great many Americans are now reportedly convinced that President Bush's leadership has failed:

"Roughly one-quarter of U.S. adults say 'things in the country are going in the right direction', while 69% say 'things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track' .... Iraq remains a key concern for the general public, as 28% of Americans said they consider Iraq to be one of the top two most important issues the government should address, up from 23% in April."

Shortly after American forces were celebrating their "victory" over Saddam in mid-April, 2003, we warned that somehow, someway, the Iraq War must be seen as a severe debacle for President Bush. The Illuminati has staged two world wars (NEWS1056) and countless other wars during the past 100 years in order to create the global rule that National Sovereignty was NOT allowed in the New World Order. If President Bush's illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq proved a smashing success, National Sovereignty would continue as a proven method by which government leaders run their countries, and a global dictatorial government with real power and authority might never be established.

But, if President Bush's National Sovereignty war against Iraq proved horrific, the planned global government would be advanced dramatically! (Read NEWS1929) After National Sovereignty is thoroughly discredited, only the United Nations top leader would be able to authorize any action on the part of any nation whatsoever.

We are seeing the outworking of this plan. The United Nations is slowly being manipulated into place as the global dictator.

Meanwhile, the discrediting of the President continues.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hard-core GOP flee Bush, pollsters find", The Seattle Times, May 11, 2006

"WASHINGTON — Disaffection over spending and immigration have caused conservatives to take flight from President Bush and the Republican Congress at a rapid pace in recent weeks, sending Bush's approval ratings to record lows and presenting a new threat to the GOP's 12-year reign on Capitol Hill, according to White House officials, lawmakers and polling data."

Finally, we are seeing the Mass Media paint a picture that all major Republican political leaders are now agreeing that they are facing potential disaster in this upcoming Fall election. You see, Republicans control both Houses of Congress and all committees; therefore, when polls show that only 18% of all voters approve of the way Congress is doing its job, that means that only 18% of American voters approve of Republican leadership of Congress.

That provides enough reason to see a Democrat sweep this Fall, a sweep which could result in President Bush's impeachment.

"The Gallup polling organization recorded a 13-percentage-point drop in Republican support for Bush in the past couple of weeks. These usually reliable voters are telling pollsters and lawmakers they are fed up with what they see as out-of-control spending by Washington and an abandonment of core conservative principles. There are also significant pockets of conservatives turning on Bush and Congress over their failure to tighten immigration laws, restrict gay marriage and put an end to the Iraq war, as well as the rash of political scandals, according to lawmakers and pollsters."

Why has it taken Conservative voters so long to realize that President Bush began betraying them in the first months of his Administration, especially in the fields of gay marriage, bloated budgets, and refusal to roll back any Clinton initiatives, and especially his thousands of Executive Orders issued just before he left office?

"Since Bush took office, government spending has increased by more than 25 percent, the largest increase under any president since Democrat Lyndon Johnson. At the same time, Bush and the Republican Congress dramatically increased the government's role in — and overall spending on — education and Medicare by enacting the No Child Left Behind law and a new prescription-drug program for seniors." (Ibid.)

As always, a Republican Party in control quietly acts just like Democrat leadership; incredibly, in most cases, the Conservative voter just does not understand. In most cases, the major reason they do not understand is that their local papers do not give them the genuine stories they need to properly comprehend what is being done to them. For this reason, Cutting Edge began Daily News Updates in early October, 2001, posting between 40-100 articles daily, most of which are from foreign news sources. For this reason, Cutting Edge readers understood these issues a very long time ago.

One thing is true: Fall elections are going to be terribly interesting!

Behold A Pale Horse

III. The Iranian President seemed to surprise the White House this past week by sending President Bush two diplomatic letters supposedly designed to solve the crisis over Iran's intentions over nuclear weaponry. The first letter was written by Iran's President and seemed to be a cover for the second, more private, letter written by the spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

NEWS BRIEF: "Experts: 2nd Iran letter ground for talks with US", YNET News, May 10, 2006

"The White House rejected a letter sent by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President George W. Bush in which he suggested 'new ways for getting out of the current, fragile international situation' over Iran's nuclear program. American officials said the timing of the letter was meant to coincide with and influence Security Council talks and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed it as unserious, saying 'this letter is not the place that one would find an opening to engage on the nuclear issue or anything of the sort'."

However, a second letter might be the type of "back-channel" type of diplomatic activity which has produced results in the past years.

"But Time Magazine said a second letter written by an aide to spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei offers serious grounds for negotiations. The two-page letter, Hassan Rohani, defends Iran's resolution to acquire nuclear know-how but makes an offer that the issue be taken off the UN Security Council and be dealt with by the International Atomic Energy Agency ... Nuclear experts consulted by Time said the letter offers 'hopeful signs' that Iran may be willing to resolve the dispute over its nuclear activities."

Diplomatic experts noted that the difference between dealing with the explosive President Ahmadinejad and the really serious, aide to laid-back cleric Ayatollah Khamenei is truly "night and day". Listen:

" 'The important, if implicit message to Washington in Rohani's declaration', Samii said, 'is you may not like hardline President Ahmadinejad, but we do have more pragmatic leaders with concrete proposals, like Rohani, whom you have known for years, and whom you can deal with now if you want. His proposals amount to recognition of Washington's concerns." (Ibid.)

These letters may represent a bold attempt to back President Bush down on his seemingly insane preoccupation with a country who has possessed nuclear weaponry since at least early, 2002 (NEWS1660).

At least one columnist believed these letters should be taken seriously, for reasons which may surprise you. Has this author been reading Cutting Edge?

NEWS BRIEF: "Why US Should Respond to Iran’s Overture", by Simon Jenkins, The Guardian, carried in Arab News, 11 May 2006

"Conventional wisdom can be summed up in a simple declaration that a nuclear Iran one day may be undesirable but not half as undesirable as a war on any scale likely to prevent it."

We have been declaring for three years now that the war which would be required to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons on her own is going to be so horrific that the entire Industrial Civilization is likely to come crashing down. Therefore, the Illuminati cannot approve of an attack unless and until she is ready to launch the World War III planned to produce Antichrist.

We urge you to read a recent article we posted which describes this situation perfectly. "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?"

IV. There is absolutely no question but that Iran would "win" any struggle with an international community intent upon levying "sanctions".

NEWS BRIEF: "How Iran will win a sanctions war", Asia Times, May 11, 2006

"Over the past two months US President George W Bush and officials of his administration have repeatedly asserted that diplomacy is crucial to resolving the Iran nuclear issue. But rather than focusing on relations between Washington and Tehran, this diplomacy has been fixated on gaining international support for US-led economic sanctions against Iran."

We have long noted this diplomatic oddity with North Korea. Rather than establishing bi-lateral negotiations between the two parties actually involved in the dispute -- North Korea and the United States -- the Bush Administration pushed and pushed for 4-party or 6-party negotiations. North Korea was insulted that America would not speak to her directly; the result is that President Bush's plan has given North Korea the time she needed to perfect her nuclear capability. Were Washington really concerned about North Korea's nuclear program, she would not have been pursuing a plan designed to produce "non-action". If North Korea's nuclear program were really a danger, President Bush has utterly failed, for his plan has allowed that nation 6 additional years in which to perfect her nuclear weapons program.

Of course, the Illuminati Plan envisions that, one day, the world will awaken to understand -- with great horror -- that North Korea really does have both nuclear warheads and the means by which to deliver them to targets half a world away. Listen to this part of the Plan.

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

When the time comes for North Korea to demonstrate her capability, people will wring their hands in despair, and will blame President Bush's weak policy for allowing this to happen. Under Bush, America does not talk to her declared enemies directly.

The President also refused to deal directly with Saddam Hussein prior to his invasion.

President Bush is now following the same course with Iran. But, this time, Iran is not allowing herself to be pushed into multi-party talks with the United States. She is following the lead being aggressively provided by Russia and China -- two powers whose combined assets are more than enough to deter America, given our current state of military affairs.

Since this is reality, President Bush will probably opt to "impose sanctions" on Iran with a small "coalition of the willing", the same kind of verbiage which helped us sink into the quagmire called Iraq.

"With Russia and China unwilling to play along, economic sanctions against Iran will be imposed by a small group of key US allies without the United Nations' imprimatur. These sanctions will prove much more damaging to those countries applying them than to Iran." (Ibid.)

Again, we have stated this reality again and again over the past three years during which Bush has been threatening Iran. The ability of Iran to effectively retaliate against our modern, oil-thirsty Industrial Civilization, and her alliance with oil-rich Venezuela, and her military forces capable of shutting down the Straits of Hormuz, all combine to make it certain that Iran can hurt us far more than our impotent sanctions could ever hurt her.

"As in Iraq and North Korea, the application of US diplomacy to Iran will create the opposite of its intended goal ... Washington's recent efforts to halt Tehran's nuclear-energy program have centered on drafting a Chapter 7 UN resolution citing Iran as 'a threat to international peace and security' and ordering the country to stop its uranium-enrichment work. Such a resolution, backed by the force of international law, would give Tehran a short period to comply. If it failed to do so, Washington could seek UN support for economic sanctions or military action to enforce compliance." (Ibid.)

Before you fall for America's lie that a nuclear-armed Iran would produce an "unacceptable" threat to international "peace and safety", take a few moments to read our expose' on this subject: NEWS2120, "Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom Should The World Really Fear?"

Once you understand these principles, you will understand the fallacy of the Bush position and can appreciate the fact that his policy is so dumb it has to be the outworking of a deliberate plan to simply raise the level of "Rumors of War", and to set the stage for the planned World War III.

This next segment views the ridiculous concept of the effectiveness of "sanctions". To understand that economic sanctions do not work, you have only to remember that America slapped harsh economic sanctions against Cuba in the early days of the dictatorship of Fidel Castro -- and he is still alive and kicking America today. Time and space do not allow us to reprint this next segment of our news article, above, but we encourage you to read it, for then you will understand that Bush can do little but complain and verbally threaten.

Iran possesses the rich resources which Cuba never possessed. She also has the backing of Russia and China, both of whom could take advantage of lower global demand for Iranian oil which sanctions would produce to buy up surplus Iranian oil at very good prices and to work out long-term deals.

The West, on the other hand, will likely see oil prices surging above $100 per barrel and possibly $200. All this economic disaster, for a problem which has been manufactured from the beginning, is even now being manipulated to keep oil prices high and is ensuring that Jesus' prophecy of "Rumors of War" (Matt 24:6) continues to be fulfilled in your Daily News.

Finally, one editor can see this issue clearly enough to warn against going to war against Iran on the same flawed basis as we used to justify the Iraqi invasion. Even though he thinks that Bush ordered the invasion because of "faulty intelligence" (Read NEWS1890) his opinion is likely shared by millions of American citizens who can see that the Bush Administration is trying to justify an attack on Iran on the same basis as their old refrain about Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Let's not be fooled again", Column by Eugene Robinson, Cincinnati Post, 05-11-2006

"... But Monday, as the Decider nominated Gen. Michael V. Hayden to take over what's left of the CIA, I thought of Bush's 'can't get fooled again' line, which some misfiring brain cells must have borrowed (approximately) from the old song by The Who. Whether Hayden sails through confirmation or Bush is forced to come up with a Plan B, the primary mission of the CIA's new leader should be to make sure that Americans don't get fooled on Iran the way we got fooled on Iraq."

"I know that's a lot to ask of the CIA in its present state of disarray. I also know that in the final analysis, the White House will probably fix the intelligence to suit whatever action it decides to take, as the talismanic 'Downing Street memo' and other evidence confirms what was done on Iraq. But the stakes are so high that we have to at least hope for miracles of competence and integrity ... Iran is serious business. An Iran with nuclear weapons wouldn't inevitably trigger Armageddon, but it would shorten the odds. Maybe President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has watched Bush deal with the other two members of the Axis of Evil and concluded the way to deter a U.S. invasion is to be like North Korea, which says it has the bomb, rather than like Iraq, which never did."

We have been reporting this line of thinking for over 2 years now. North Korea's president first enunciated this view, noting that President Bush did not send Coalition Forces across the Iraqi border until the IAEA had informed him for the "umpteenth" time that Iraq did NOT possess WMD. Had Iraq really possessed WMD atop military weaponry which could actually fire back at American forces, Bush would never have dared order the invasion.

One can find ample evidence that this view is correct in the struggle which occurred in the first 2 weeks of battle, when American and British troops could not overwhelm Iraqi defenders who were truly fighting. Victory was gained only when American forces pulled out of combat in southern Iraq and streamed toward a Baghdad which Saddam never intended to defend.

Pundits at that time noted this struggle against supposedly inferior forces, and stated then that the other "Evil of Axis" nations -- North Korea and Iran -- could not have been impressed by the fighting capability of American forces. This view tells you a lot as to why Iran feels so cocky as he confronts President Bush.

Now, let us return to this opinion column.

"The one point on which there is near-universal agreement in Washington is that there are no 'good' options on Iran, and this includes doing nothing. Spy satellites can pinpoint most of Iran's nuclear facilities, but probably not all of them, which means that a 'surgical' air strike would likely just delay the Iranian nuclear program - and, in the process, solidify popular support for Ahmadinejad and the mullahs who rule the country. A full-out invasion would make the disastrous Iraq quagmire look like the quick, tidy 'liberation' it was supposed to be."

We noted the same reality in our article, NEWS2106, "Oh, No! Here We Go Again -- U.S. 'Psyops' Propaganda Using Same Tactics Against Iran That They Used Against Iraq To Justify An Invasion!"

When citizens are politically and spiritually asleep, government propaganda experts can even revert back to tactics which have recently been proven to be false! Such is the sorry state of our Republic today.

IV. Even as President Bush touts the Afghanistan War and its subsequent rebuilding as a success story which he hopes to repeat in Iraq, the reality is really quite different. Truly, truth is most often to be found in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric. NEWS1558

NEWS BRIEF: "Spinning America’s Forgotten War in Afghanistan", by William Fisher, Arab News, 11 May 2006

" 'CONTRACTORS in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work'. This is the conclusion reached in a new report from CorpWatch written by an Afghan-American journalist who returned to her native country to examine the progress of reconstruction. 'The Bush Administration touts the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan as a success story', the report says, but claims that reconstruction has been 'bungled' by 'many of the same politically connected corporations which are doing similar work in Iraq', receiving 'massive open-ended contracts' without competitive bidding or with limited competition."

This report does make it seem as though Bush/Cheny buddies Halliburton and Bechtel are making tons of money in Afghanistan, just as they are doing in Iraq. By now, everyone is surely aware that these friends of the current White House team have received untold billions of dollars of non-competitive contracts. Truly, while on the way to achieving the New World Order, key Illuminati leaders love to line their pockets thickly.

Listen to how bungled matters are and weep.

" 'These companies are pocketing millions, and leaving behind a people increasingly frustrated and angry with the results', the report says. Foreign contractors 'make as much as $1,000 a day, while the Afghans they employ make $5 per day' ... A highway that begins crumbling before it is finished. A school with a collapsed roof. A clinic with faulty plumbing. A farmers’ cooperative that farmers can’t use. Afghan police and military that, after training, are incapable of providing the most basic security."

Near the city of Kabul, a model health clinic which was supposed to be the basis for 81 other modern clinics throughout Afghanistan is "falling apart: The ceiling had rotted away in patches; the plumbing, when it worked, leaked and shuddered; the chimney, made of flimsy metal, threatened to set the roof on fire; the sinks had no running water; and the place smelled of sewage”. (Ibid.)

How does the Bush Administration react to factual reports such as this? Do they fix the problem? Of course, not! They simply award more money to their friends.

"The report says the US hired a number of public relations companies to put a positive face on the reconstruction effort. One of them is the Washington, D.C.-based Rendon Group, which the report says has 'close ties to the Bush Administration'. The Pentagon has awarded Rendon more than $56 million in contracts since Sept. 11, 2001, 'as part of a coordinated effort to disseminate positive press about America and its military in the developing world'. The contracts call for 'tracking foreign reporters' and 'pushing (and sometimes paying) news outlets worldwide to run articles and segments favorable to United States interests'.” (Ibid.)

I cannot remember any more overtly corrupt Presidency since World War II. We know the corruption of Lyndon B. Johnson, but his corruption never was this widespread. Nixon was corrupt, but not even his disastrous Vietnam War laid these kind of "goose-eggs".

This next segment tells the truth of Afghanistan, a country we have been "helping" since November, 2001.

"The basic infrastructure in the country, the report concludes, 'is in shambles; the drug trade is booming. This result should be seen as a major setback to the ‘War on Terror.’ To Afghans, who after decades of war, believed they would finally catch a break, it’s a heartbreak.” (Ibid.)

As always, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Come to think of it, isn't that the standard Democrat mantra against Republicans?

V. Is America going to be forced to leave Iraq, or is she planning a more long-term stay?

NEWS BRIEF: "Murtha Predicts U.S. Pullout From Iraq", Yahoo News, May 11, 2006

"WASHINGTON - Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam veteran first elected in the anti-war fever of 1974, says American troops will be brought home from Iraq by 2007. Either President Bush will bow to public opinion or Democrats will have won control of the House of Representatives and increased pressure on the White House, Murtha, D-Pa., said ... Most likely, there will be a 'tidal wave' that propels Democrats into the majority, said Murtha. He predicts Democrats will gain 40-50 seats — well more than the 15 needed for the party to gain control."

This kind of "Tidal Wave" change could set President Bush up to be indicted on a myriad of charges. However, we must carefully watch the list on which he is indicted, for if the charge of genocide by Depleted Uranium is not on the list, we can know that the "fix" might just be in, as it was during the Clinton impeachment, when the charge of oral sex in the Oval Office was the weakest of all possible charges (NEWS1933).

Now, let us return to Rep. Murtha and his prediction on American withdrawal from Iraq.

"Murtha, 73, a retired Marine colonel who has generally been hawkish on war issues, shocked Washington in November when he said the war could not be won and it was time for troops to come home. He offered a plan that would keep troops in the region in case of a national security emergency."

Keep this last thought in mind, for we shall return to it shortly.

"Murtha was elected in 1974, when public outrage over the Watergate scandal and President Nixon swept Democrats into office. He compared this election year to that of 1974, and to 1994, when the GOP rolled into power — partly because of discontent with President Clinton ... Murtha said he thinks President Bush would have to bring more than half the troops in Iraq back to the United States before election day for it to start to make a difference to voters. 'If that happens, he would have to admit he made mistakes', Murtha said. 'The biggest problem he has had is admitting he made a mistake in going in there in the first place'."

Now, let us hear from a former American military adviser as to what President Bush should do to solve the Iraq disaster.

NEWS BRIEF: "Only US option in Iraq 'is to leave' ", by Robin Hindery, I.O.L. News, May 10 2006

"New York - Iraq is embroiled in a 'low-level civil war' that is forcing the United States to react to events on the ground rather than shape them, according to a former US military adviser who spent two years there studying the insurgency ...said Ahmed Hashim, a professor at the Naval War College."

To understand Mr. Hashim's Illuminist credentials, you not only have to realize that he is a professor at the Naval War College, you have to take note to whom he is speaking here!

"Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations ..." (C.F.R.)

Once again, we see a dedicate Illuminist urging President Bush -- an equally committed Illuminist -- to leave Iraq. Since February, 2004, when we heard Marine Corps General Zinnin (Ret.) accusing Bush of lying to justify the war, we have seen numerous C.F.R. leaders similarly accuse the President and urge him to dramatically change his policy on a wide variety of issues -- from Iraq, to North Korea, to Iran.

When a CFR-controlled President is being attacked by members of the CFR, speaking from CFR forums, you know you are looking at the outworking of a plan to discredit the President.

VI. However, one major factor seems to be shouting against a complete American withdrawal -- the huge American embassy in Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S Embassy in Iraq a Fortress City Inside a War Zone", by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Fox News, May 11, 2006

"WASHINGTON — While politicians debate the length of time American troops and their mammoth military bases will remain in Iraq, construction of a Vatican-size U.S. embassy in the heart of Baghdad signifies a permanent presence is in the cards."

We have heard much of this huge embassy, with some people suggesting that its presence means that the Americans invaded Iraq because the Illuminati planned to make its central headquarters there for its New World Order government, much like Timothy LaHaye says in his "Left Behind" books. However, we doubt that this is the case, for this embassy is being constructed in the "heart of Baghdad", not in Babylon, the capitol of the ancient country under Nimrod. Ancient Babylon is about 45 miles southeast of Baghdad, so this huge new embassy is not really that close to Babylon.

"Construction has been ongoing since last summer ... the new embassy will be a fortified compound sitting on 104 acres of American-owned land. Its completion is expected in June 2007 with a price tag of at least $600 million. The compound will incorporate 21 structures including six apartment buildings with 619 units, several office buildings, a gym, swimming pool, commissary, food court and public utilities like water, sewage treatment and electricity that are separate from the rest of the city. In short, say observers, it will be a walled city within a city — the largest embassy ever built in the world." (Ibid.)

The rest of this Fox News article states that this brand new embassy is proof positive that President Bush is committed to rebuilding Iraq, even though the rest of Iraq is crumbling quickly, and is showing no signs of being resuscitated! Remember, Rep. Murtha's statement, above, of which we urged you to take special notice? Listen again:

"Murtha, 73, a retired Marine colonel ... offered a plan that would keep troops in the region in case of a national security emergency."

Is this what the embassy is going to represent? Is this gargantuan building planned to represent the Illuminati presence in that entire Non-Integrating Middle East Region? We shall have to wait to see how this story plays out, but we suspect that, if Bush's Presidential successor has to pull American troops out after assuming office, he or she will find a reason to keep a strong contingent in the country, headquartered around this new embassy.

Let us now go to another source to gain knowledge as to the physical characteristics of this new embassy.

NEWS BRIEF: "Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace", by Daniel McGrory, Baghdad, The Australian, May 4, 2006

"THE question puzzles and enrages a city: how is it that the Americans cannot keep the electricity running in Baghdad for more than a couple of hours a day, yet still manage to build the biggest embassy on earth? Irritation grows as residents deprived of air conditioning and running water three years after the US-led invasion watch the massive US embassy they call "George W's palace" rising from the banks of the Tigris ... They are not impressed by the architects' claims that it will be visible from space and cover an area larger than Vatican City."

"The design of the compound is supposed to be a secret, but you cannot hide the concrete contours of the 21 buildings that are taking shape ... The heavily guarded 42ha site - which will have a 3m-thick perimeter wall - has hundreds of workers swarming on scaffolding. Locals are bitter that the Kuwaiti contractor has employed only foreign staff ... The plans are rumoured to include the biggest swimming pool in Iraq, a gymnasium, a cinema, restaurants offering delicacies from US food chains, tennis courts and a swish American Club for functions."

Another source says that this facility has "pentagon shaped walls ... with the roads within it being shaped as in a pentagram, and with the 21 buildings being formed as a swastika when viewed from space, the knowledge of the dark intent of this new capitol of the world is both fully known and understood. But like the German people living under the Nazi Regime, and not knowing that their leaders were devout followers of the Dark Religion, the American people will likewise soon awaken to the catastrophic horror of what they have truly become….but, and again, like the German people before them, their awakening will be into a nightmare." (Sorcha Faal Newsletter, May 6, 2006)

The Illuminati Plan is what President Bush is following here, and that plan is most definitely Neo-Nazi (NEWS1004).

If this embassy is shaped as described, above, it certainly represents the future of the Illuminati Plan in that region, and it does sit on the same 33rd Parallel on which Baghdad is located. However, all of Baghdad and Ancient Babylon is covered with deadly Depleted Uranium dust which is killing everyone in that region .

We shall just have to wait to see how this whole sorry mess plays out.

VII. Just as oil prices began to dip because of burgeoning worldwide gasoline supplies, a convenient explosion in a Nigerian processing facility propped prices right back up!

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil sinks as world demand forecast is cut: But drop tempered by Nigeria explosion",USA Today, Updated 5/12/2006

"LONDON (AP) — Oil prices fell Friday but finished the week roughly $2 a barrel higher as traders' concerns about geopolitical threats and refinery snags trumped evidence of rising supplies and forecasts calling for weakening global demand ... Crude futures dipped below $73 a barrel Friday after the International Energy Agency reduced its 2006 world oil demand forecast. Earlier in the week, the U.S. Department of Energy said domestic gasoline supplies increased for the second straight week."

"On Friday, light sweet crude for June delivery fell $1.42 to $72.04 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. A week ago, oil had finished at $70.19 a barrel. June Brent crude on the ICE Futures exchange lost 54 cents to $72.89 a barrel. Natural gas futures declined 37.9 cents to $6.27 per 1,000 cubic feet..."

This is the good news, and the market reacted with falling oil futures prices. After all, when inventories rise and demand falls, prices naturally fall. However, in today's market, when rising oil prices are needed for a variety of reasons (Read last week's newsletter), falling prices must be met with enough bad news to keep prices high.

This week's bad news came from Nigeria, where terrorists have conveniently been attacking facilities in the past two years, causing just enough damage to keep prices high. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Nigerian pipeline blast kills up to 200", USA Today, 5/12/2006

"ILADO, Nigeria (AP) — Gasoline gushing from a ruptured pipeline exploded Friday as villagers scavenged for fuel, setting off an inferno that killed up to 200 and left charred bodies scattered around the site in this oil-rich country of mostly poor people ... More than 1,000 people in Nigeria, Africa's oil giant, have died in recent years when fuel they were pilfering from pipelines caught fire — and officials said it would likely happen again."

"The pipeline explosion slowed a drop in crude oil futures as the International Energy Agency sharply cut its forecasts for world oil demand."

As we close out this segment, we need to go back to our first article, above. It seems that gasoline inventories are rising so quickly that it might take another bad hurricane to keep prices high! Listen:

"Natural gas futures, meanwhile, declined to their lowest level in almost a year amid rising inventories. 'Unless we have a repeat of last summer's hurricane season, we're going to have so much gas in storage by September that we won't have anywhere to put it', said Daniel Lippe of Petral Worldwide Consulting in Houston."

With hurricane season approaching, and with the ability of the world's scientists to control hurricanes, that statement seems more of a threat than a simple statement of fact!

VIII. Discerning Christians have always been concerned about wicked man being able to manipulate the genetic code, simply because scientists are now able to mess with the building blocks of human creation. Have you ever noticed how many new and exotic diseases peoples all over the world are now facing, since scientists cracked the genetic code?

This next story illustrates the "good news" aspect of manipulating genetic code. Discerning people will have to remember that stories like this always contain the "bad news" which the Media will never report.

NEWS BRIEF: "First baby in Britain designed cancer-free", Times Online, May 13, 2006

"A WOMAN is pregnant with Britain’s first designer baby selected to prevent an inherited cancer, The Times can reveal.
Her decision to use controversial genetic-screening technology will ensure that she does not pass on to her child the hereditary form of eye cancer from which she suffers. Although they did not have fertility problems, the woman and her partner created embryos by IVF. This allowed doctors to remove a cell and test it for the cancer gene, so only unaffected embryos were transferred to her womb."

This next segment reveals the important reasons why this procedure is both unethical and unnecessary.

"Critics argue that the action is unethical because it involves the destruction of some embryos that would never contract these illnesses if they were allowed to develop into children. Even those that would potentially become ill could expect many years of healthy life first, and some of the disorders involved are treatable or preventable."

In an era in which so many illnesses are now treatable, it makes no sense to destroy more human life in the womb by allowing an embryo (child) to form and then destroy that child in the process of "selecting" the one embryo which would be allowed to develop into a fully formed child.

Furthermore, Bible-believing Christians must remember the truly dark side. Since we are living at the very End of the Age, where God will allow Satan to possess power he never could possess in earlier ages, we have to realize that the prophesied days of the highest demonic activity in history is upon us.

Thus, we should not be too surprised that the Nephilim of Genesis 6 are reported to be active again amongst the peoples of the world, taking human form and marrying the women of the earth. Our new, best-selling video, "Sons of God and Antichrist", reports that genetic scientists are feverishly attempting to implant Nephilim DNA into human DNA. When that happens, Satan will be corrupting the human race just as it was corrupted in Genesis 6.

The most shocking revelation of this video is that genetic scientists are conducting research to make human DNA into a viral substance so humans can be implanted through VACCINATIONS!! We have been warning for six years now that vaccination is the planned technique which will spread disease during the carrying out of the plagues of Revelation 6; now, you have even more reason to avoid vaccinations!

Stories like this really drives home the reality that the End of the Age is truly upon us - now!

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---------Conclusion----------------"I in them." John 17:23

If such be the union which subsists between our souls and the person of our Lord, how deep and broad is the channel of our communion! This is no narrow pipe through which a thread-like stream may wind its way, it is a channel of amazing depth and breadth, along whose glorious length a ponderous volume of living water may roll its floods. Behold He hath set before us an open door, let us not be slow to enter. This city of communion hath many pearly gates, every several gate is of one pearl, and each gate is thrown open to the uttermost that we may enter, assured of welcome.

If there were but one small loophole through which to talk with Jesus, it would be a high privilege to thrust a word of fellowship through the narrow door; how much we are blessed in having so large an entrance! Had the Lord Jesus been far away from us, with many a stormy sea between, we should have longed to send a messenger to Him to carry Him our loves, and bring us tidings from His Father's house; but see His kindness, He has built His house next door to ours, nay, more, He takes lodging with us, and tabernacles in poor humble hearts, that so He may have perpetual intercourse with us.

O how foolish must we be, if we do not live in habitual communion with Him. When the road is long, and dangerous, and difficult, we need not wonder that friends seldom meet each other, but when they live together, shall Jonathan forget his David? A wife may when her husband is upon a journey, abide many days without holding converse with him, but she could never endure to be separated from him if she knew him to be in one of the chambers of her own house. Why, believer, dost not thou sit at His banquet of wine? Seek thy Lord, for He is near; embrace Him, for He is thy Brother. Hold Him fast, for He is thine Husband; and press Him to thine heart, for He is of thine own flesh. (C.H.Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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