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May 18, 2010

UPDATED May 19, 10:00 AM

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---------- This Week's Hot News --------

Behold A Pale Horse

I. Thailand continues to roil under the weight of a pro-Communist "People's Army" attempting to overthrow the Western-style government.

Cutting Edge stated in our last News Alert that the reason Thailand was undergoing such grave upheaval was because the time had come to fold that country into the Socialist South Asian bloc, which is destined to become Supernation #9.

This current news article simply provides flesh to our premise!

NEWS BRIEF: "Thailand’s Thaksin Shinwatra, Marxists, and the NWO ", by Tony Cartalucci,, May 18, 2010

"At the root of this protest is fugitive ex-prime minister, Thaksin Shinwatra. Before being elected as prime minister, Thaksin was a member of Carlyle Group’s Asian advisory board ... Behind the scenes, there was community “organizing” taking place to create what would later become the infamous 'red shirts'. One of Thaksin’s former political colleague discussed in an interview with Asia Times, about how classical Maoist techniques were used to program the 'red shirt' army."

"After his ouster in 2006, he began employing his Moaist led, Marxist indoctrinated mob simply called the 'red shirts'. Officially they are called the UDD or the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship ... Let there be no mistake that the future of Thailand is in peril. These protesters are not a grassroots freedom movement, but an insidious, engineered wave of violence meant to empty out Thailand’s upper and middle class, and roll the nation over into a fascist dictatorship 'republic' under Thaksin Shinwatra and his globalist handlers."

Notice that Thaksin Shinwatra is said to report to "his globalist handlers". This is the global Illuminati, who is in the process of re-creating the individual nations of the world into only 10 supernations, a plan which fulfills Daniel 7:7-8 (NEWS1002).

As we stated in our last News Alert, Thailand is part of the "Non-Integrating States" of the Pentagon's New Map (NEWS1833). As such, she is planned to be melded into the South and Southeast Asian nation, Supernation #9.

Democratic, pro-West Thailand simply must be overthrown because the rest of that Asian bloc of nations are pro-Communist and Anti-West. Watch this story intently, because this event has significant prophecy implications.

UPDATE: A few key leaders of the Red Shirt protest movement surrendered yesterday in Bangkok to overwhelming force from the Thai government.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bangkok Burns After Protest Leaders Surrender", Fox News, May 19, 2010

"Downtown Bangkok became a raging battleground Wednesday as the army stormed a barricaded protest camp and the Red Shirt leadership surrendered, enraging demonstrators who fired grenades and set fires that cloaked the skyline in a black haze. Rioters set fires at the Thai stock exchange, several banks, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the high-end Central World shopping mall and a cinema complex that collapsed."

Even though some key Red Shirt protest leaders surrendered to Thai authorities in the face of overwhelming government firepower, do not mistakenly believe that the entire movement is now finished. Guerilla tactics have always advocated withdrawing and/or surrendering when confronted by overwhelming force. It is better to live to fight another day than to die facing overwhelming power.

Many of the Thai soldiers were elite commando units and they most assuredly would have annihilated the entire leadership had the protestors not surrendered. The Red Shirt pro-Communist movement is alive and well in the countryside, as we shall certainly see in coming weeks and months.

II. Israel is facing a debacle over Iran's deal with Turkey and Brazil to enrich uranium in Turkey.

We posted a new article on this most important subject: NEWS2418, entitled "Has Iran Outflanked and Outmaneuvered The West In Its New Deal To Swap Nuclear Fuel With Turkey?"

Now, let us examine this most distressed Jewish editorial.

NEWS BRIEF: "A debacle for Israel", by Yossi Melman, Haaretz News, 18 May 2010

"The agreement on the transfer of Iran's enriched uranium, achieved via Turkish-Brazilian mediation, is an important victory for Iranian diplomacy and a debacle for Israeli policy."

We agree. As we state in NEWS2418, Iran has simply and effectively outmaneuvered Israel and the United States by reaching this uranium enrichment agreement with her two friends, Turkey and Brazil.

You see, when the United States, Israel and the European Union began to demand that Iran take her enrichment program to the soil of another country, they envisioned that the country who would enrich Iran's uranium would be a Western nation. France was the one country mentioned the most often.

However, Iran refused to allow the Western bloc of nations to dictate which country would enrich her uranium. Iran steadfastly refused to budge and these Western nations were reduced to shrill cries about imposing "sanctions" upon Iran, a tactic which has failed every single time it has been used, over the past 100 years.

Late this week, Brazil and Turkey suddenly announced that their top political leadership would meet Iranian officials in Tehran. Out of this meeting came the announcement that Iran would allow another country to enrich her uranium, but that country would be her friend and ally, Turkey.

Diplomatic Coup -- Iran!

Now, let return to our featured editorial, above.

"The full, precise details of the agreement are not known, and the devil is in the details. But the deal's significance is clear: a new atmosphere, at least on the face of it, of dialogue, negotiations and compromise with the ayatollahs' regime in Tehran."

On the face of it, Iran has bowed to the West's plan; but, she chose a friendly nation to enrich the uranium! Her choice, her diplomatic victory. Now, Western nations will find it much harder to convince Russia, China, and the United Nations to impose harsh measures upon Iran, because she has officially bowed to the West's plan!

Brilliant maneuver.

I wonder if I sense the Russian brilliance in chess in this entire situation?

UPDATE: Even though Iran reached this uranium swap agreement, thus meeting the demands of the Western nations, the United States led an effort to pass draft legislation through a U.N. committee levying heavy sanctions upon Iran.

Surprisingly, both China and Russia voted in committee to levy the sanctions.

NEWS BRIEF: "New UN sanctions draft resolution aims to mount pressure on Iran", Xinhua China News, 2010-05-19

"UNITED NATIONS, May 19 (Xinhua) -- The five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany announced Tuesday their agreement on a draft resolution proposing new sanctions against Iran in a surprise move that comes a day after Iran agreed to a deal aimed at soothing UN concerns."

Notice that this resolution was in draft form, not a final binding resolution. This not-so-small detail is the reason why China and Russia voted to pass the draft, only to immediately speak out against the entire idea of sanctions.

NEWS BRIEF: "Door of diplomacy remains open on Iran nuclear issue: Chinese envoy", Xinhua China News, 2010-05-19

" 'Circulating a draft resolution on Iran does not mean the door of diplomacy is closed, and we believe that the dialogue, diplomacy and negotiations are the best way to address the Iranian nuclear issue', Li Baodong, the Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations, said here Tuesday."

The Russians also entered the verbal fray, on Iran's side.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia cautions US and EU against unilateral Iran sanctions", The Hindu, May 19, 2010

"Russia has warned the United States and the European Union against adopting individual sanctions that go beyond a UN Security Council resolution planned in the dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme ... 'There is information that the US and the European Union are not limiting themselves to a common position on Iran in the UN Security Council and want to introduce additional, one—sided sanctions', Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying ... Such leverage could breach international laws, he said."

Therefore, Iran's traditional two superpowers who have always acted to protect her interests on this nuclear issue -- Russia and China -- went immediately on record to defend Iran. I would be very surprised to see both Russia and China vote to pass an actual sanctions bill.

The West seems surprised that Iran reached a uranium swap agreement with Turkey, because that action has been long advocated by the West and rejected by Iran. The only problem, as the West sees it, is that the country whose soil will be used to facilitate the swap is not one of the Western countries like Russia or France, but an Islamic nation!

That unexpected turn of events is what makes this agreement so important and the concept so brilliant.

III. Further proof that a civil war will break out in Iraq soon after the Americans withdraw occurred last week in a most brutal fashion.

Pro-West Islamic clergy were slaughtered.

NEWS BRIEF: "Anti-Qaeda Sunni imams slaughtered in Iraq", AFP News, May 17, 2010

"BAQUBA, Iraq — Two Sunni Arab imams were brutally killed on Monday in Iraq, including one who was decapitated and had his head planted on a power pole ... The slayings in the province of Diyala, northeast of Baghdad, were against anti-Qaeda preachers who regularly railed against the terror network during Friday sermons."

""At around 2:00 pm (1100 GMT), armed Al-Qaeda members captured Sheikh Abdullah Shakur while he was in Saadiyah market," said a Diyala military command officer who declined to be identified, referring to the central town. 'They returned an hour later with his head and attached it to an electricity post'."

How was the other Imam killed?

"According to the Diyala military officer, in the village of Al-Bushaheen, 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Baquba, gunmen burst into the home of Sheikh Hashim Arif at about 3:00 am (0000 GMT), dragged him to his garden and shot him dead in front of his family."

Remember, about four years after Bush's invasion of Iraq, insurgents were suddenly renamed "al-Qaeda". This tactic served to make it appear to the undiscerning that the 'al-Qaeda" in Iraq had joined forces with the 'al-Qaeda' around the world, thus making it appear that the terrorism which was blamed for the attacks of 9/11 had now joined forces, creating a new global 'al-Qaeda'.

The reality is that this battle in Iraq is between Sunni and Shi'ite factions and not 'al-Qaeda'.

Soon after the American forces leave, Sunni and Shi'ite will resume cutting each other's throats. This civil war will be the final legacy of President George Bush for Iraq and the Middle East.


IV. Who said Islam is peaceful?

The opposite is actually true. Traditionally bloody Islam is preparing a global 'jihad'.

NEWS BRIEF: "California Muslim Endorses Genocide of Jews", Human Events, May 18, 2010

"A Muslim student at the University of California at San Diego last week endorsed a new genocide of Jews. Although one can only imagine the media hue and cry had a conservative student said this, the liberal media has not found Jumanah Imad Albahri’s statement fit to print ... It all started when the veteran conservative activist David Horowitz, during the question-and-answer period after his talk at the university, asked Albahri: 'The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or against it?' ”

"Albahri answered with a straightforward endorsement of genocide: 'For it'.”

But, why should we be surprised? Islam has often and dramatically made its real hatred for all things and people Jewish. Listen to one such tirade:

"Genocidal statements are common from Muslim leaders today. On January 29, Palestinian Authority TV broadcast a mosque sermon saying: “The Prophet says: ‘You shall fight the Jews and kill them, until the tree and the stone will speak and say…‘Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah—there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’ Except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews. Thus, this land will be liberated only by means of Jihad'.”

"If that jihad involves Muslims murdering Jews wholesale, then what’s to prevent a pious young lady like Jumanah Imad Albahri from believing that approval of the mass-murder of Jews is a holy and pious act?"

What did the God of the Bible foretell at the End of the Age? He foretold that Israel would be surrounded by hostile armies and that Gentile nations would plan on dividing God's land of Israel up to give to the Gentiles.

"For behold, in those days and at that time, When I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
And I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
Whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land.
They have cast lots for My people..." (Joel 3:1-3)

God is taking note of the names of the people who hate Israel with an everlasting hatred and of those who plan to divide Israel up. Their Divine Judgment is coming swiftly! Doubt it not!!

NOTE: This newsletter continues after the Twitter announcement.


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V. The Supreme Court delivered another huge blow against our National Sovereignty!

They issued a ruling based upon international law, not American law or the U.S. Constitution!

NEWS BRIEF: "Constitution takes hit from Supreme Court", By Bob Unruh, World Net Daily, May 18, 2010

"The fundamentals of the U.S. Constitution possibly have been shoved one step closer to irrelevance by the U.S. Supreme Court, which yesterday cited as support for its opinion an international treaty that has not been adopted in the U.S. The issue is raising alarms for those who have been fighting the trend toward adopting 'international' standards for American jurisprudence rather than relying on a strict application of the Constitution."

" 'It is bad enough for the Supreme Court to engage in judicial activism', said Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association. "It is far worse when the justices employ international law in support of their far-reaching edicts."

We agree. The uniqueness of the Constitution is that it forces the Justices to base their decisions solely on American law. Until now.

Actually, that is not quite true. In 2003, Supreme Court Justices based a decision on homosexuality based upon International Law! Let us go back to our Archived Headline News Article, NEWS1836, entitled, "U.S. Supreme Court Puts America In Subservience To The World Court In Its Homosexual Ruling".

This ruling based upon international law occured in July, 2003!

Quoting pertinent segments, we realize that the action which our current Justices took is not really that new after all.

"As we read the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized Sodomy, we uncovered a hidden disaster that is nearly as serious to America's continued freedoms as the act of triggering God's Judgments through the legalizing of homosexuality. The six Justices who voted to legalize the gay sex act did not base their decision upon the U.S. Constitution, but upon International precedent! In other words, our own Justices violated their oath of office to interpret cases based solely on the U.S. Constitution; nowhere are the Justices commanded to base any of their decisions on International Law, or precedent. "

"The huge secret in this Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexual sex acts is that our own High Court placed America under the legal thumb of the World Court! Soon, more American laws deemed incompatible with the pagan world community will be struck down!"

As debate continues on the significance of the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn Texas' law against sodomy, it has gone largely unnoticed that the majority's decision relied on judicial rulings made in Europe and at the United Nations. The pivotal role of international law in the Supreme Court decision seems to confirm the concerns of conservative legal scholars, who have long warned that laws developed in Europe and at the UN could be imposed on the U.S. The majority opinion was guided, specifically, by the pro-homosexual rulings of the European Court of Human Rights.

You see, America is still more Christian and more Conservative than the rest of the world. Therefore, the Global Elite needed a mechanism, a device, that could automatically render all American laws inoperative at once. They may have found such a device, in obedient Supreme Court Justices.

Let us return to NEWS1836 for more information.

"Robinson's brief also says, 'Legal concepts like 'privacy,' 'liberty,' and 'equality' are not US property, but have global meaning'. Robinson argues that the United States should be 'construing these terms in light of foreign interpretations', even warning the Supreme Court that 'To ignore these precedents virtually ensures that this Court's ruling will generate controversies with the United State's closest global allies."

This is a Constitutional disaster!

"If the Supreme Court continues to be guided by the decisions of the UN and the EU, US recognition of same-sex marriage could eventually follow suit. The Robinson brief cites a number of cases in the United Kingdom, Canada and Israel, which appear to create a foundation for same-sex marriage. In one decision, Israeli Chief Justice Barak wondered how "living together for persons of the same sex [was] different, with regard to the relationship of sharing and harmony and running the social unit, from this life of sharing for heterosexual couples?" According to members of the UK House of Lords, "the concept of 'family' is now to be regarded as extending to a homosexual partnership." [Ibid.]

If we argue too loudly that the Bible is the basis for condemning the act of homosexual union, a Supreme Court who is basing their decisions upon the International Community legal system might just find that the Bible is not only irrelevant, but illegal! Lest you think this is not possible, remember that the new European Union (E.U.) has just ratified a new Constitution in which neither "God" nor Jesus Christ" are mentioned! Since Antichrist is prophesied to come from the Revived Roman Empire [Daniel 9:27], this new E.U. Constitution is just as pagan as it needs to be at this moment in world history. We cannot expect any rulings favorable to Christian values from the European Union; with our Supreme Court having made itself subservient to the E.U. and the World Court.

American sovereignty has been badly battered ever since President Bush (Sr.) could not go to war against Iraq in 1991 without United Nations approval, but this Supreme Court decision places America sovereignty at special judicial risk. Politicians long ago realized that Americans would accept negative judicial decisions a whole lot easier than legislative decisions that violate our moral code. With judicial decisions, we shrug our shoulders because we realize these justices are serving life sentences and are not, therefore, subject to recall over an individual decision. When the Supreme Court continues to rule based upon the judicial values of International Law, most Americans will accept even as they disagree with it. And, when the World Court itself begins to directly intervene in American law, overturning many of our Christian-based laws, most Americans will continue to just shrug their shoulders.

We encourage you to read this original Headline News Article, for it goes into a depth we cannot devote the space to in this Newsletter. When our Supreme Court Justices begin to base their decision upon internation law and/or international precedent, our beloved American values are clearly going to be easily compromised.

Is this the basis upon which American gun laws are going to be overturned?


New Headline News Articles

"Has Iran Outflanked and Outmaneuvered The West In Its New Deal To Swap Nuclear Fuel With Turkey?"

Suddenly, the West powers are faced with a nearly complete loss of "moral high ground" on the issue of Iran's enrichment of nuclear fuel needed to produce nuclear warheads. Talk of severely tight sanctions on the Persian Kingdom is almost meaningless.

Iran, Brazil and Turkey have turned the tables on the West; will Israel, the United States, and the E.U. now accept the very proposal they originated several years ago? The Anti-American bloc has scored a significant diplomatic coup.

Global Illuminized Freemasonry Is Secretly Committed To The Preservation of National Israel

Secretly-held Masonic doctrine absolutely guarantees that the Illuminati will not allow national Israel to be destroyed. Even though current news seems to be demonstrating that President Obama is not Israel's friend and may desert her in favor of Islamic nations, the President's controllers will never allow national Israel to be defeated, for such a defeat would destroy Freemasonry.



Satan's Seven Divisions of Hell -Organized To Put Men and Women Into Spiritual Bondage And Then Destroy Them Utterly



President Obama Seemingly Makes World History As He Negotiates A Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty With The Russians - A Goal Which Eluded His Predecessors For The Past 40 Years!

However, our enthusiasm should be tempered by the realization that missiles and atomic warheads are completely obsolete and are ready to be phased out anyway!

New Health Care Law Will, Indeed, Set Up Death Panels

National Health Care Bill Contains the Skull & Bones Illuminati Signature of '322'!

This reality means that the National Health Care is simply part of the Illuminati Plan to finally bring America to dictatorial subjection President Obama is simply following the script written for him, "... a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any ... who oppose us by deed or word."

This law crowns the Independent Medicare Advisory Board (IMAB) as an untouchable regulatory authority wielding dictatorial powers. This law is the Worst Case Scenario for Americans who fall into one of the "Devalued" categories, Elderly, Terminally Ill, Vegetative State, or Insane.

President Obama's Health Care Law gives rebirth to the Nazi Biomedical Vision - the bloody Nazi World is back!

Israel is giving land away to the United Nations under the guise of declaring certain sites and lands as "World Heritage Sites". Can you say "Sovereignty Surrender"?

Jerusalem was give away to U.N. control in 1999. This past week, Israel handed control to the U.N. of even more ancient Jewish sites. Why are Palestinians so angry? Because designation of a site as a 'World Heritage Site' also deprives the Palestinians from exercising control over those coveted sites.



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--------Concluding Inspiration ----------"Saying, This is the blood of the testament which God hath enjoined unto you." Hebrews 9:20

There is a strange power about the very name of blood, and the sight of it is always affecting. A kind heart cannot bear to see a sparrow bleed, and unless familiarized by use, turns away with horror at the slaughter of a beast. As to the blood of men, it is a consecrated thing: it is murder to shed it in wrath, it is a dreadful crime to squander it in war. Is this solemnity occasioned by the fact that the blood is the life, and the pouring of it forth the token of death? We think so. When we rise to contemplate the blood of the Son of God, our awe is yet more increased, and we shudder as we think of the guilt of sin, and the terrible penalty which the Sin-bearer endured. Blood, always precious, is priceless when it streams from Immanuel's side. The blood of Jesus seals the covenant of grace, and makes it for ever sure. Covenants of old were made by sacrifice, and the everlasting covenant was ratified in the same manner. Oh, the delight of being saved upon the sure foundation of divine engagements which cannot be dishonoured! Salvation by the works of the law is a frail and broken vessel whose shipwreck is sure; but the covenant vessel fears no storms, for the blood ensures the whole. The blood of Jesus made His testament valid. Wills are of no power unless the testators die. In this light the soldier's spear is a blessed aid to faith, since it proved our Lord to be really dead. Doubts upon that matter there can be none, and we may boldly appropriate the legacies which He has left for His people. Happy they who see their title to heavenly blessings assured to them by a dying Saviour. But has this blood no voice to us? Does it not bid us sanctify ourselves unto Him by whom we have been redeemed? Does it not call us to newness of life, and incite us to entire consecration to the Lord? O that the power of the blood might be known, and felt in us this night!

(" Morning and Evening Devotions", by Charles Spurgeon, Emphasis added)

"President Bush:
Evil vs Good Fruits"

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