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May 21, 2008


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. America's decline on the world scene is captured succinctly in an editorial entitled, "The Incredible Shrinking Superpower".

Our enormous loss of worldwide prestige and power is the true legacy of eight years of the George Bush Presidency!

NEWS BRIEF: "The Incredible Shrinking Superpower", Time/CNN News, May 19, 2008

"Worried about the high cost of filling up? President Bush is on the case. Last Friday he arrived in Riyadh to urge King Abdullah, the leader of the world's largest petroleum producer, Saudi Arabia, to put more oil on the market ... after much pomp and circumstance ... Bush made his request. And it was there that the King still said no."

We had earlier reported that Bush's request that the Saudis pump 300,000 more barrels of crude oil so that prices would come down was disingenuous at best, and openly fraudulent at worst. The price of oil on the world market has nothing to do with the amount of crude oil available, but has everything to do with the rampant speculation which the Illuminati has fostered in order to create a "new energy paradigm" where government control over its citizens would be greatly enhanced.

We have posted a new Headline News article on this subject - NEWS2290, entitled, "Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

Once you understand the principles of this new Headline News article, you will understand that President Bush was simply pandering to his undiscerning citizens with this "request" to the Saudi King. When the King declined, as Bush knew he would, American citizens would continue to blame the oil cartel for the high prices at the pump.

However, the bottom line here is that President Bush demeaned his office by this stunt!

Now, let us return to this article to see other ways in which America's decline as a superpower is being demonstrated throughout the world.

* "The Iranian regime is busy gaining the ability to build a nuclear weapon. Bush made no progress convincing allies to pressure it to change course ... Iran is shrugging off U.N. sanctions that Russia and China are ensuring remain half-hearted."

* ".... with the U.S. pinned down in Iraq and Afghanistan there's little Washington can do to scare Iran into changing its ambitions."

Iran is winning its war against America in Iraq and Afghanistan, as we originally reported in early April, 2003! Please take the time to read NEWS1794, entitled, "IS THE PREDICTED FIRE IN THE MIDDLE EAST ABOUT TO BE IGNITED BEYOND IRAQ?"

When a smaller nation like Iran can initiate a sophisticated plan of war by proxy against America, make her plan public, and then win that proxy fight, America's reputation is greatly diminished throughout the world! Cutting Edge has always maintained that the Iraq War was designed from the beginning to be a war fought to not win!

You see, a "King Kong" nation takes no orders from anyone and, therefore, is an impediment to world government. Therefore, "King Kong America" has to be dropped down from her pedestal so she can become just another nation. Then, the United States can be melded into the global government.

Fighting wars that it cannot win is a powerful way in which to set up a declining of power.

The Illuminati has consistently carried out wars in which America was not supposed to win: 1) The Korean War; 2) The Vietnam War; 3) The Iraqi War of 2003.

President Bush, though, has lead America into the greatest of all disasters: involving this country into two major wars in which we are not winning. This fiasco has emboldened Iran to seize Lebanon by proxy and to foment trouble in The Gaza Strip.

* "Iran is also arming and training anti-Israeli forces in Gaza and Lebanon. Instead of backing down, those groups stepped up attacks on America's allies before and during Bush's trip."

* "... bolstering Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, produced no progress... The Arab-Israeli peace process is no one's idea of an easy fix, but it's failing now, in part, because of American weakness."

* "The U.S. has tried to rally Arab pressure on Hamas, only to see it grow stronger."

The conclusion from this Establishment magazine sums up America's incredibly shrinking superpower status. Read it and weep.

"... if Americans are adjusting to the idea of a weak Bush, an even tougher mental leap awaits them once he leaves office: accepting that the U.S. isn't the force abroad it was just a few years ago. The next President's hardest job may be getting the country used to that."

In other words, Time Magazine is flashing the message -- probably from the Council on Foreign Relations -- that the next President will not be able to restore America's superpower status. If this is the case, then America can more easily meld into the coming Global Government!


II. America's moral collapse is nearly completion, as the following news stories sadly reveal.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gay marriage ruling put California churches in quandary", Houston Chronicle, May 21, 2008

"LOS ANGELES — Pastor Gregory L. Waybright struggled from the pulpit Sunday to reconcile the laws of God with the laws of man. Although he wanted his church 'to be a welcoming and loving house', he told worshipers at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, the California Supreme Court's decision last week to legalize gay marriage in California 'is a contradiction of what God's word says'."

Thank God that this California pastor had the courage to speak the Truth of God's Word, even in the midst of the firestorm created in that state by the state Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage.

"The 4-3 ruling, which held that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, has prompted conservative and liberal congregations alike to discuss whether gay and lesbian members will be allowed to wed in their churches, synagogues and temples."

This is the grand horror of all now, isn't it?

Now that gay marriages are legal in California, can a church refuse to marry such a couple within their building? Or, can the state force churches and ministers of the Gospel to marry them. Very soon, true ministers will be going to jail because they will have to refuse to comply with the new laws from the new Sodom.

This next story is very interesting, because the admittedly Liberal, pro-choice editorial staff of the Washington Post are very unhappy with this California High Court ruling.

NEWS BRIEF: "A marriage of convenience", The Washington Post, May 21, 2008

"The Supreme Court of California's unilateral redefinition of marriage last week showed so much contempt for the doctrine of separation of powers that even many supporters of gay marriage who once spoke favorably of Massachusetts' similar 2003 ruling are uncomfortable with California's. The editorialists at The Washington Post ... who consider gay marriage 'a matter of social and political justice', lambaste the court for 'an unnecessary bout of judicial micromanagement by redefining marriage through a novel reading of the state constitution'." They worry that the 'flawed court decision could trigger serious political backlash because the outcome was produced not by the state's voters but by a 4 to 3 majority of judges'."

California's supreme court justices really did play fast and loose with established modes of interpreting the state constitution. In other words, the California ruling had nothing to do with properly interpreting the constitution and everything to do with the sad reality that the time had come in the master Illuminati plan to legalize the homosexual lifestyle.

A new American paradigm is unfolding in front of our eyes, in the Daily News, and it is fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy in Luke 17:28. America's genuine pastors and ministers have all now "been put on notice". The time is arriving quickly when men of God will be going to jail for refusing to back down on the Biblical teaching on gay/lesbian marriages.

NEWS BRIEF: "Court Rejects Virginia Abortion Ban", The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2008

"RICHMOND, Va. -- A Virginia law banning a type of late-term abortion is still unconstitutional, even though a similar federal ban was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. The 2-1 decision by a panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the same court's 2005 ruling striking down the law."

The slaughter of innocent children within the womb in America continues! Do not for a moment forget that God is noticing, and taking names, in preparation for the White Throne Judgment!

NEWS BRIEF: "A New Fight to Legalize Euthanasia", Time/CNN News, May 16, 2008

"Should we be allowed to determine when we die? Euthanasia may be an issue long debated in the U.S., but thus far voters in only one state, Oregon, have legalized the practice of physician-assisted suicide. But a popular former governor is determined to make Washington State the second this November."

"Booth Gardner, who served as Washington's governor for two terms in the 1980s and '90s, is now leading a ballot initiative that, if approved, would allow doctors to prescribe lethal doses of narcotics to terminally ill patients who want to end their own lives."

As is always the case, the rationale behind legalizing adult euthanasia is "control over my life".

"Diagnosed more than a decade ago with Parkinson's disease, a debilitating condition, his first reaction was 'how can I take control over this', he says. 'Then I realized that there was no way I could. I wanted to change that'. Gardner has repeatedly said he would end his own life if given the tools to do so legally with dignity. 'It is my right as a human being to decide for myself', he adds."

Cutting Edge has long maintained that astute Christians were right 25 years ago in saying that America had entered into a post-christian era. One of the major factors cited was the lament that people were now demanding their "rights". The Bible does not even have the word, "rights" in it, and Christians are taught to emulate Jesus, Who gave up His rights in order to come to earth as our Redeemer - Savior.

Sadly, this new attitude has come full circle in America -- and in most other Industrialized nations.

"More than 80% of American adults agree with Gardner ... Another two-thirds support laws similar to Oregon's, which give people the 'right to die' through physician-assisted suicide ... The ELDR study, as well as similar findings in previous surveys, would indicate that "death with dignity" laws may be gaining national momentum, at least among the elderly. Some of that acceptance is due to the fact that Oregon's law seems to work — despite critics' concerns that the law would only encourage abuse, few such instances have been reported since the law was passed in 1994 and implemented in 1997."

One of history's indelible lessons from the Nazi Holocaust was that Hitler was able to carry out his systematic murder of 6 million Jews and 12 million others only because he had been able to devalue the life of his victims. Well before Hitler took power, Germany had adopted the hellish slogan, "life worthy of life". In Nazi eyes, Jews, gypsies, the elderly, the terminally ill, and the insane had lost their "life worthy of life" and could be put to death at the will of the state.

Unbelievably, advocates of adult euthanasia are deliberately devaluing life and are demanding that the state allow them to commit suicide; the day then will quickly come when those people in one or more of the categories, above, will be put to death because the state will have found it very easy to go beyond the original mandate now being espoused by these euthanasia advocates.

The time for wholesale genocide patterned after Hitler's example will have come.

III. On Tuesday's Democrat Party Primaries, Senator Clinton handily beat Senator Obama in Kentucky, while Obama solidly beat her in Oregon.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama 'within reach' of nomination after big win in Oregon: Now within 100 votes of the total he needs", Houston Chronicle, May 21, 2008

"In results still being counted today, the Illinois senator was just 66 delegates short of the 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination, with four Oregon delegates still to be allocated from Tuesday's primaries. Clinton thrashed him in Kentucky; he answered by winning Oregon."

Indeed, Hillary beat Obama 65-35% in Kentucky, but Obama beat Hillary 60-40% in Oregon. Kentucky was the larger state with the most delegates at stake; Hillary won 37 delegates to Obama's 14. But, in Oregon, Obama won 21 and Hillary won 14.

The Illinois Senator closed to within 100 votes of clinching the nomination on the first ballot -- 66 votes short to be exact!

Now, there are three primaries left -- Puerto Rico (55) delegates, Montana (16) and South Dakota (15). Should Obama win all the delegates, he would receive 86 delegates, and would be the winner on the first ballot. However, the reality is that he is likely to win no more than 65% of the votes, which would give him 56 total additional delegates.

Thus, he would likely to to the convention 10 delegate votes shy of winning a first ballot victory. If Obama does not win on the first ballot, the "backroom politics" for which the Democrat Party is so infamous will take over.

Remember the truth that this whole process is engineered and pre-planned, I find it interesting that Senator Obama would come so very close to victory but not be able to quite win the nomination. Since 1992, I have felt that the Illuminati wanted Hillary to be President one day.

Soon, we shall see which candidate the Illuminati truly wants to be the Democrat nominee for President.

As attention is now increasingly focused on the Fall campaign, Republican Party strategists have got to be savoring the prospect of McCain facing Obama. The weaknesses of the Illinois Senator are so great and so glaring that Rush Limbaugh recently proclaimed that Obama would be the weaker Democrat candidate!

NEWS BRIEF: "Barack hits milestone, but his weakness is revealed", Chicago Sun-Times, May 21, 2008

"WASHINGTON — Sen. Barack Obama staked a claim to the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, sweeping Oregon but getting trounced by Sen. Hillary Clinton in Kentucky, exposing problems he might face in winning middle-class white votes in the fall campaign."

These weaknesses, listed below, were first exposed in Pennsylvania, but now, many more people are talking about them, and Hillary is shouting these realities to the Democrat Superdelegates.

* "Kentucky exit polls showed seven in 10 whites voted for Clinton."

* "Only one-third of Clinton backers said they would vote for Obama, with another 40 percent defecting to McCain and the rest saying they would stay home."

Not stated, but certainly true, is the reason 7 out of 10 Kentucky whites voted for Hillary. Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his hateful lambasting of America on racial grounds is gradually weighing down the Obama campaign. By the time the Fall campaign rolls around, the Republicans are going to bring this message home to Americans using all the sophisticated heavy weaponry they possess.

Hillary and Bill are already arguing this case to the superdelegates.

IV. Iraq may have the largest oil reserves of any nation in the world!

Was Alan Greenspan correct when he wrote in his new book that the Iraqi invasion was "all about oil"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq could have largest oil reserves in the world", Times Online (London), May 20, 2008

"The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister told The Times that new exploration showed that his country has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, with as much as 350 billion barrels. The figure is triple the country’s present proven reserves and exceeds that of Saudi Arabia’s estimated 264 billion barrels of oil. Barham Salih said that the new estimate had been based on recent geological surveys and seismic data compiled by 'reputable, international oil companies . . . This is a serious figure from credible sources'.”

This story lends great credibility to the Greenspan charge in his newest book that the war in Iraq was "all about oil". We encourage you to read of the determined American effort to bring the Iraqi government into permanent subjection so we can extract their oil in the Cutting Edge Newsletter of November 29, 2007, Paragraph VI.

All the way back in early February, 2007, the Bush Administration was already undertaking a bold attempt to steal the oil riches from the Iraqi government which President Bush had installed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Future of Iraq: The spoils of war: How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches", The Independent (London), 7 February 2007

"Iraq's massive oil reserves ... are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days. The US government has been involved in drawing up the law ... It would give big oil companies such as BP, Shell and Exxon 30-year contracts to extract Iraqi crude and allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil interests in the country since the industry was nationalised in 1972."

"The huge potential prizes for Western firms will give ammunition to critics who say the Iraq war was fought for oil."

Along the way to the New World Order, huge additional profits are to be made by the international corporations which are fueling the rapid movement toward the global system. Since 7 February 2007, the wealth of Iraq's massive oil reserves has truly skyrocketed, because the value of a barrel of oil has skyrocketed.

Genuine, sincere backers of President Bush have every reason to be ashamed. Every single brave American soldier who has died or has been permanently injured will see his or her sacrifice come to nothing!


V. The pro-West government of Lebanon concluded negotiations with the Palestinian terrorist group, Hezbollah, ending the crisis which threatened to destroy the government.

Guess what? Hezbollah won. Lebanon is now controlled by radical Islamic forces, even though the pro-West government can continue the public charade of pretending to govern the nation.

NEWS BRIEF: "Feuding Factions in Lebanon Reach Deal in Crisis Talks", The Wall Street Journal, May 21, 2008

"BEIRUT, Lebanon -- Rival Lebanese factions meeting in Doha, Qatar, broke their 18-month political deadlock Wednesday in a deal that appears to be a major victory for the Hezbollah-led opposition here. The bargain meets the opposition's long-standing demands for a national unity government that essentially gives Hezbollah, backed by Iran, veto power. But it also clears the way for the elevation of a compromise candidate for president, Army Gen. Michel Suleiman, who will fill a vacancy left open by the squabbling since November."

For the past year, as the current crisis was building, both Israeli and American officials have issued strong words of backing for the pro-Western government of Lebanon; yet, when Hezbollah made its military move two weeks ago, neither Israel nor America backed those strong words with military action, even though American warships were sitting off the Lebanese coast.

Truly, my Daddy was right when he said, "Words are cheap".

"The deal will further weaken the nation's current, U.S.-backed leaders who have held onto power here .... Hezbollah has increasingly flexed its muscles here--most recently taking to the streets of Beirut two weeks ago, deploying across the city and shutting down the country's airport, key roads and government-backed media."

The implications of this coup by this terrorist organization will likely have broad regional implications.

"Both the U.S. and Israel designate Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran and Syria, as a terrorist organization. The stand-off in Lebanon has taken on the shape of a proxy political battle between the two sides, and the agreement appears to be the latest rebuke to Washington's diplomatic efforts at marginalizing Tehran and Damascus."

Indeed, Islamic strategists are likely to believe that Israel and the United States are incapable of truly being strong. Hezbollah and Hamas leaders have already publicly expressed their opinion that the vaunted IDF can be defeated on the battlefield.

Can you see the stage being set for the prophesied wave upon wave of foreign armies invading Jerusalem as is contained within the 12th chapter of the Book of Zechariah? This prophecy is taking shape in your Daily News!

VI. Continuing to show weakness in the face of provocation, Israel has secretly entered into negotiations with Syria.

Control of the Golan Heights may be ready to pass from Israel to Syria!

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel, Syria holding direct peace talks in Turkey", YNET News, 5.21.2008

"The Prime Minister's Office announced Wednesday that Israel and Syria have launched direct negotiations in Turkey ... Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's associates, Yoram Turbowitz and Shalom Turgeman, have been meeting with senior Syrian officials in Ankara since Monday."

Syria has long stated that she will not even begin talking to Israeli officials unless she was first assured that control of the strategic Golan Heights would be "negotiated" over to Damascus' control.

"The two sides have declared their intention to hold the negotiations in good faith and openly, and hold a serious and continuous dialogue in order to reach a comprehensive peace deal in accordance with the framework set at the (1991) Madrid Conference."

"Following the announcement, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said that Israel had agreed to fully concede the Golan Heights."

Even though Olmert officials instantly denied that Israel was going to cede the Golan, every discerning person knows that this is exactly what is being discussed! Repeatedly over the past five years, Israeli officials and IDF generals have stated that modern warfare capabilities have increased so dramatically that control over the Golan Heights is no longer as important as it used to be.

At the same time Israel and the United States are looking weak and indecisive throughout the Middle East, a concession to give Syria control over the Heights will only heighten the belief in the Arab world that a unique "window of opportunity" is now opening which will allow Islamic forces to finally defeat and annihilate Israel.

This next story also shouts to the world that Israeli leadership is uniquely weak right now.

NEWS BRIEF: "Egypt: Israel has accepted Gaza cease-fire", The Jerusalem Post, May 20, 2008

"A senior Egyptian official said on Tuesday night that Israel had accepted in principle a proposal for a truce in the Gaza Strip ... 'Israeli leaders [have informed us] of their support for and understanding of the Egyptian proposals for a truce', the news agency quoted the unidentified official as saying."

"It added that Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman had relayed the news to a Hamas delegation from Gaza earlier in the day."

If this is true, then Israel is once again portraying weakness to her enemies, this time in the Gaza Strip.

Thus, Israel is simultaneously projecting an image of weakness to her enemies to the North (Hezbollah), to the Northeast (Syria), to the East (Iran) and to the South (Hamas).

This scenario could result in all-out war sooner rather than later.

If Senator Obama is elected President, war could erupt fairly quickly in his term because Arabs consider him to be one of them and because he has projected weakness in dealing with Islamic terrorist leaders.


VII. A Palestinian source has confirmed that Israel did not expel Palestinians from their homes during the 1948 war!

NEWS BRIEF: "Palestinian Authority Daily Confirms: Arabs Fled in '48 Hoping For Israel's Destruction", Israel National News, May 21, 2008

"A recent report by a senior Palestinian Authority journalist in the PA daily Al-Ayyam documented the decision by masses of Arabs in 1948 to leave their homes in the hopes that they would return once Israel was defeated."

Finally, Palestinians are hearing the truth from one of their own, i.e., that Israel did not forcibly expel several hundreds of thousands of Arabs from their homes during the 1948 war. But, even more importantly, this Palestinian journalist has revealed that Arabs lost their homes because of incompetency of Arab leadership!

" 'The Arabs who became refugees in 1948 were not expelled by Israel but left on their own to facilitate the destruction of Israel', the senior PA journalist wrote, according to Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors the Arabic language PA media. 'This plan to leave Israel was initiated by the Arab states fighting Israel, who promised the people they would be able to return to their homes in a few days once Israel was defeated'."

World history has always taught this truth, but the Palestinians have been spoon fed a "revised history", in which Israel was blamed for the tremendous loss of homes and property during and after the war.

We encourage you to read this short article indepth, for it reveals this historic truth broadly. Finally, the world does get a breath of fresh air after 60 years of repeated lies.

---------- Articles Posted ----------


"R.F.I.D. Use Is Exploding Throughout Western Society!"

Since R.F.I.D. is a precursor to the 'Mark of the Beast', we should expect that its would usage increase dramatically in the years before Antichrist and his False Prophet arise. When the False Prophet forces all to take the 'Mark', people will have been pre-conditioned to accept it because they are used to a similar device.

That broad usage is now occurring, setting the stage for the 'Mark of the Beast'.

"Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

Is this goal the ultimate agenda for the Illuminati? Is this the reason oil prices are being driven skyhigh? Doubt it not!!

"Three Peas In A Pod" - Political Editorial by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Albert Einstein - "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"

"Holographic Technology Takes Huge Leap Upward! Technology To Stage Antichrist Is Perfected"

New Age leaders love to brag that, when their New Age Christ arises, his image shall be projected globally using Holographic technology.

That moment has now arrived.


"Christianity Without Jesus Christ?!"

Only Christian Churches Can Open The Door For Antichrist To Arise!

That Door Is Now Almost Completely Open!



"As A Sober World Commemorates The Nazi Holocaust, Sane People Still Are Asking 'How Could A Madman Like Hitler Seize Total Control Over Civilized Germany, Viciously Murdering Tens of Millions?' "

The answer lies within a knowledge of Black Magick Witchcraft. The sequence is: Satan - Witchcraft - Specific Rituals -- Monstrous Sexual Perversion -- Incredible Genocide

You will see Hitler as you have never seen him, and will understand the Jewish genocide as you have never understood it before!


Real Witchcraft In Your Toy Store! Elementary Lessons In Witchcraft Being Sold At Toys-R-Us!

Most parents relax when they take their beloved children into a toy store, instinctively believing that nothing within that store can hurt their children in any way, shape, or form. Little do they realize that much Witchcraft is woven in and through many of the toys on the shelves.

But, we discovered a book which teaches elementary Witchcraft! Actual Witchcraft.

The name of this awful book is 'Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin'


"If Obama Is Elected President -- Will He Be Assassinated?"

Scuttlebutt is streaking throughout the Internet that Obama will be assassinated soon after he ascends to the Oval Office. Remembering that the Illuminati loves to telegraph their punches ahead of time, we conclude that this scenario might actually occur! --


--- Concluding Inspiration ---
"But Aaron's rod swallowed up their rods."
Exodus 7:12

This incident is an instructive emblem of the sure victory of the divine handiwork over all opposition. Whenever a divine principle is cast into the heart, though the devil may fashion a counterfeit, and produce swarms of opponents, as sure as ever God is in the work, it will swallow up all its foes. If God's grace takes possession of a man, the world's magicians may throw down all their rods; and every rod may be as cunning and poisonous as a serpent, but Aaron's rod will swallow up their rods. The sweet attractions of the cross will woo and win the man's heart, and he who lived only for this deceitful earth will now have an eye for the upper spheres, and a wing to mount into celestial heights. When grace has won the day the worldling seeks the world to come.

The same fact is to be observed in the life of the believer. What multitudes of foes has our faith had to meet! Our old sins--the devil threw them down before us, and they turned to serpents. What hosts of them! Ah, but the cross of Jesus destroys them all. Faith in Christ makes short work of all our sins. Then the devil has launched forth another host of serpents in the form of worldly trials, temptations, unbelief; but faith in Jesus is more than a match for them, and overcomes them all. The same absorbing principle shines in the faithful service of God! With an enthusiastic love for Jesus difficulties are surmounted, sacrifices become pleasures, sufferings are honours. But if religion is thus a consuming passion in the heart, then it follows that there are many persons who profess religion but have it not; for what they have will not bear this test.

Examine yourself, my reader, on this point. Aaron's rod proved its heaven-given power. Is your religion doing so? If Christ be anything He must be everything. O rest not till love and faith in Jesus be the master passions of your soul! (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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