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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------All of Grace - "“By grace are ye saved, through faith” (Ephesians 2:8).

I THINK IT WELL to turn a little to one side that I may ask my reader to observe adoringly the fountain-head of our salvation, which is the grace of God. “By grace are ye saved.” Because God is gracious, therefore sinful men are forgiven, converted, purified, and saved. It is not because of anything in them, or that ever can be in them, that they are saved; but because of the boundless love, goodness, pity, compassion, mercy, and grace of God. Tarry a moment, then, at the well-head. Behold the pure river of water of life, as it proceeds out of the throne of God and of the Lamb!

What an abyss is the grace of God! Who can measure its breadth? Who can fathom its depth? Like all the rest of the divine attributes, it is infinite. God is full of love, for “God is love.” God is full of goodness; the very name “God” is short for “good.” Unbounded goodness and love enter into the very essence of the Godhead. It is because “his mercy endureth for ever” that men are not destroyed; because “his compassions fail not” that sinners are brought to Him and forgiven.

Remember this; or you may fall into error by fixing your minds so much upon the faith which is the channel of salvation as to forget the grace which is the fountain and source even of faith itself. Faith is the work of God’s grace in us. No man can say that Jesus is the Christ but by the Holy Ghost. “No man cometh unto me,” saith Jesus, “except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” So that faith, which is coming to Christ, is the result of divine drawing. Grace is the first and last moving cause of salvation; and faith, essential as it is, is only an important part of the machinery which grace employs. We are saved “through faith,” but salvation is “by grace.” Sound forth those words as with the archangel’s trumpet: “By grace are ye saved.” What glad tidings for the undeserving!

Faith occupies the position of a channel or conduit pipe. Grace is the fountain and the stream; faith is the aqueduct along which the flood of mercy flows down to refresh the thirsty sons of men. It is a great pity when the aqueduct is broken. It is a sad sight to see around Rome the many noble aqueducts which no longer convey water into the city, because the arches are broken and the marvelous structures are in ruins. The aqueduct must be kept entire to convey the current; and, even so, faith must be true and sound, leading right up to God and coming right down to ourselves, that it may become a serviceable channel of mercy to our souls.
Still, I again remind you that faith is only the channel or aqueduct, and not the fountainhead, and we must not look so much to it as to exalt it above the divine source of all blessing which lies in the grace of God. Never make a Christ out of your faith, nor think of as if it were the independent source of your salvation. Our life is found in “looking unto Jesus,” not in looking to our own faith. By faith all things become possible to us; yet the power is not in the faith, but in the God upon whom faith relies. Grace is the powerful engine, and faith is the chain by which the carriage of the soul is attached to the great motive power. The righteousness of faith is not the moral excellence of faith, but the righteousness of Jesus Christ which faith grasps and appropriates. The peace within the soul is not derived from the contemplation of our own faith; but it comes to us from Him who is our peace, the hem of whose garment faith touches, and virtue comes out of Him into the soul.

See then, dear friend, that the weakness of your faith will not destroy you. A trembling hand may receive a golden gift. The Lord’s salvation can come to us though we have only faith as a grain of mustard seed. The power lies in the grace of God, and not in our faith. Great messages can be sent along slender wires, and the peace-giving witness of the Holy Spirit can reach the heart by means of a thread-like faith which seems almost unable to sustain its own weight. Think more of HIM to whom you look than of the look itself. You must look away even from your own looking, and see nothing but Jesus, and the grace of God revealed in Him.

C.H. Spurgeon, "All of Grace Devotions", Thompson Chain-Reference Bible Computer Library]

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As ailing Gulf War Heroes from all 27 coalition countries slowly die of “unknown causes,” they wait for answers from their respective governments… but no satisfying or even credible answers have come forth from the military establishment. Records that span over a decade point to negligence and even culpability on the part of the U.S. Department of Defense and their “disposable army” mentality.

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Beyond the beguiling allure of many contemporary forms of ancient paganism, such as New Age, Wicca, and others, many people have become attracted to a form of Hebrew mysticism known as Kabbalah. The popular press is speckled with articles of prominent Hollywood personalities who have taken up a popular contemporary version of Kabbalah

It is particularly paradoxical to find these occultic practices embedded within Judaism, despite the numerous explicit prohibitions against all forms of the occult recorded throughout the very Torah that is so highly venerated among the Jews. . .

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. The Chief Economist in the Labor Department during Bush's first term dropped the biggest bombshell imaginable last week: he stated that the official government story on the collapse of the Twin Towers was "bogus", and suggested a "government attack on America"! Cutting Edge teaching for the past 4 years is validated.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former Bush Administration Chief Economist Now Says Official Government Story Of Collapse of WTC Is "Bogus": Says Twin Towers and Tower #7 Taken Down By "Controlled Demolition". The Washington Times, June 8, 2005

"A former Bush team member during his first administration is now voicing serious doubts about the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11. Former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term, Morgan Reynolds, comments that the official story about the collapse of the WTC is "bogus" and that it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent Building No. 7.

"Reynolds, who also served as director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas and is now professor emeritus at Texas A&M University said, 'If demolition destroyed three steel skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11, then the case for an 'inside job' and a government attack on America would be compelling'."

This news is quite startling, for it comes from a most professional economist, the Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during the time of the 9/11 attacks. For the first time, we hear a trusted insider within the Bush camp suddenly reveal that all the facts so powerfully and professionally presented by various government agencies -- FBI, CIA, The Pentagon, and the White House -- following 9/11 are all "bogus" -- made up.

Then, if one follows this line of thought to its logical conclusion, you have to wonder who the real culprit of these attacks truly is -- if the Muslims did not carry out these sophisticated attacks -- where 18 Muslim men supposedly carried out a difficult simultaneous attack, commandeering four major commercial airliners in a narrow time frame and accurately directed them to three different targets -- then who did carry out the attacks? Bush's former Chief Economist had the answer to this question, too, with staggering implications!

"If demolition destroyed three steel skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11, then the case for an 'inside job' and a government attack on America would be compelling". (Ibid.)

This information is the kind where we at Cutting Edge feel like standing up and shouting, "Wow"! At long last, our teaching of the last four years has been validated. Remember, we posted an article on June 16, 2001, fully three months before the 9/11 attacks (NEWS1509).

Starting the day of the attacks, Cutting Edge was posting articles stating that these attacks were being carried out by the Illuminati, in full compliance with their own internal plans and in fulfillment of the forewarning given by the Illuminati Card Game. How could we be so sure? We saw immediately that the attacks were being carried out according to a powerful "occult signature" of '11'; within a few weeks of 9/11/2001, we combined all our "occult signature" articles into one, demonstrating that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was the work of the Skull & Bones members running our government (NEWS1756).

We have posted an article of analysis which reveals not only the reality of the shocking revelation of this Chief Economic official during the Bush Administration's first term, but also where this information might lead us. Remember, this revelation is not occurring in a vacuum, and it is coming from a member of the Illuminati and being reported in news outlets which are tightly controlled by the Bush White House.

It is almost as if the Bush Administration -- or someone higher -- wanted this story to come out at this time, just as the world is spinning closer to the World War III which will produce Antichrist. Read our article to get all the details:

NEWS2045 -- "Impeachment of President Bush? Campaign to discredit Bush suddenly has reached new heights. Former Bush Chief Economic Adviser claims official story of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers is "bogus" and could lead one to conclude the government itself attacked America. The British "Downing Street Memo" gives a new twist to an old story -- that Bush and Blair "fixed the facts" around their decision to invade Iraq. Other stories have also broken to discredit President Bush.

The likely ultimate goal may totally surprise you! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2045.cfm


II. President Bush's troubles deepened this past week as two more British documents surfaced, showing more detail of what the "Downing Street Memo" revealed, i.e., that Bush and Blair decided on the Iraqi invasion first and then created false intelligence facts out of thin air to justify their invasion. However shocking this information may be, it is not new news, for Cutting Edge has been revealing these facts for nearly two years now. The real story may be why this information is coming out now -- at the same time as other discrediting news about our Chief Executive.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos", BBC News, 17 June, 2005

"Since early May, left-leaning blogs have been trying to get mainstream media to pay attention to one - and now two - leaked secret memos from meetings that Prime Minister Tony Blair had with key cabinet members and intelligence figures in the summer before the war in Iraq. The bloggers believe the memos, leaked to the Sunday Times, show that the Bush administration had made up its mind to attack Iraq and then went about trying to justify it. With the release of the second memo, blogs can take some credit in raising the profile of the story in the US media."

"The Sunday Times wrote about the first memo in May. It is the transcript of a Downing Street meeting from July 2002 ... President Bush wanted to remove Saddam Hussein from power and would do so "justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD," the memo said ... But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

As we stated in NEWS2045, mentioned above, Cutting Edge has been stating this fact since mid-2002, quoting other news sources and depending heavily upon our reading of specific New World Order authors describing the planned "War On Terror" in books written decades before Bush actually invaded Iraq. In February, 2004, we posted two articles in which we detailed how Rumsfeld and Bush established the false intelligence agency -- Office of Special Plans (OSP) -- with the specific goal of producing the kind of scary, but false, intelligence reports which would so scare the people that they would allow Bush to carry out his invasion -- NEWS1890 --- Bush/Blair Justification For War Based Upon Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations -- Part 1

NEWS1890b -- Bush/Blair Justification For War Based Upon Lies, Distortions, Exaggerations -- Part 2

The key quote of these two articles comes from the CIA Director himself:

"The CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion" [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]

The Democrats lost no time in seizing the moment, as we also mention in NEWS2045. The current news article below tells the basics of the story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats Urge Inquiry on Iraq War Intelligence", The Scotsman, 17 June 2005

"Amid new questions about George Bush’s determination to remove Saddam Hussein as Iraq’s president, several Democrats have called for an official inquiry to determine whether the President intentionally misled Congress. At a forum where the word 'impeachment' loomed large, Exhibit A was the so-called Downing Street memo leaked to The Sunday Times ... The President “may have deliberately deceived the United States to get us into a war,” Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York said. 'Was the President of the US a fool or a knave?' ”

"We have not been told the truth,” Cindy Sheen, whose soldier son was killed in Baghdad a year ago, told the Democrats ... The White House refuses to respond to a letter dated May 5 from 122 congressional Democrats about whether there was a coordinated effort to 'fix' the intelligence and facts around the policy, as the Downing Street memo said."

As the White House refused to respond to a May 5 letter about this issue from 122 Democrats in Congress, one can almost see the specter of the Nixon Impeachment process rising from the grave. President Nixon dragged out the entire impeachment process by many months by refusing to respond to Congressional directives -- the word "stonewall" gained new meaning by President Nixon's refusal to cooperate. Only after high-ranking Judges intervened with strong opinions against the Nixon position did the White House comply with Congressional demands. Once the documents the Congress demanded were actually delivered, the curtain began to fall on the Nixon Presidency.

Are we beginning to see just such an struggle between President Bush and Congress? Whereas the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during the 1973 Nixon impeachment proceedings, Republicans control both houses today. Therefore, this talk of impeachment should go nowhere, as the Republican-controlled committees should be able to put down Democrat challenges along a party-line vote. Therefore, if Congressional committees controlled by Republicans allow this impeachment talk to become reality, you will know that you are looking at the outworkings of a specific plan to either discredit President Bush completely or remove him from office, or both.

If impeachment talk does become reality, Evangelical Christians will be in a real pickle. Their natural instincts will be to protect the man they have foolishly believed to be Born Again, so they will naturally want to ignore the evidence. The reality is that the evidence is clear against the President, as Cutting Edge has been trying to get across for nearly 4 years now. For, you see, not only did President Bush order the Iraqi invasion based upon lies and exaggerations, but his Administration fulfilled the long-standing Illuminist plan to attack the World Trade Center Twin Towers and The Pentagon just as the Illuminati Card Game proves.

In fact, the reason the allegation from Bush's Chief Economist that the government attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11 came out at the same time as the Downing Street Memo alleging that Bush invaded Iraq on a lie, may mean that both issues will be used to gain leverage on the attempt to impeach the President. This is one issue we shall all have to wait to see how it turns out.

But, genuinely Born Again Christians can not allow themselves to be dragged into the Bush corner to defend him on an emotional basis, without looking at the strong evidence. If Christians refuse to consider the evidence, they will open themselves even further to charges that they aided and abetted his grievous actions; therefore, if President Bush finally falls, undiscerning Christians will open themselves, and all Christians, to the beginning of the persecution of Christians -- and this persecution might just be the beginning of the fulfillment of End of the Age prophecies where the forces of Antichrist brutally persecute Christians without opposition.

Every Born Again Christian who is tempted to emotionally back President Bush against his "Liberal Democrat" accusers needs to read our classic expose' that our two-party system -- Republican vs Democrat -- is really nothing more, nor less, than an exercise in the planned Dialectic struggle of the Illuminati (NEWS1962).

Book - VHS - DVD

III. If soldiers have died, and are currently dying, for a lie, what implications does this reality hold for future Administration foreign policy?

Once a person understands that our beloved soldiers were sent into combat in Iraq without justification, and on the basis of lies and exaggerations -- as our articles, NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b reported -- that person will quickly come to the conclusion that our soldiers are dying for no good reason -- just as in Vietnam. Some people in the press are already reaching that conclusion.

NEWS BRIEF: "Proof is in the memo: Soldiers died for a lie", by Beth Quinn, Record Online, June 13, 2005

"What has become known as the Downing Street Memo is a report on a meeting between Rycroft and the White House in July 2002 – a good seven months before Bush invaded Iraq. The memo says Bush had already decided to attack. It also says Bush knew there were no WMDs in Iraq, but that 'the facts were being fixed around the policy'. This, my fellow Americans, is the hottest news out there in the big, old rest of the world. The story, which has been reported prominently in The Times of London since May 1, has gotten more hits on the Internet than any other in the newspaper's history."

"All the world – except America – is buzzing about the fact that George Bush created the WMD threat to justify his war in Iraq. But here in America, where news is increasingly controlled by the White House, this story has barely made the back pages. Still not a word about it on CNN. And it's only in the past couple of weeks that the Washington Post has started writing about it ...."

"Last week, 89 members of Congress signed a petition authored by Democratic Rep. John Conyers doing just that. They want answers. You should, too.
Before all our heads pop off, let's add our names to Conyers' petition. Let's start acting like Americans again. Let's force Bush to act like one, too. And then, if it turns out he lied, as the Downing Street Memo most surely suggests, let's impeach him. That's what we do to presidents who lie, remember?"

This conclusion will undoubtedly anger a great many Conservative and/or Christian supporters whose sons and daughters have served in Iraq and who still cannot comprehend that their beloved, and trusted, Commander in Chief lied through his teeth when he and his Cabinet members repeatedly stated that we had to invade Iraq because Saddam possessed such evil Weapons of Mass Destruction and that he was about to provide some of these warheads to Osama bin Laden -- both positions now proven to be lies, based upon the testimony of the President's own investigators!

If President Bush is facing Congressional hearings on this issue, many genuinely Born Again Christians will attack whomever is trying to tell them the truth -- even other genuinely Born Again Christians. Yet, this is a story which must be told, even at great personal risk. Cutting Edge has been vigorously trying to get this truth out to anyone who will listen -- including genuine believers -- for the past four years. One pastor even told me that "anyone who speaks against this Administration deserves to go to jail".

Every Christian who knows the truth must now stand strong for that truth. The sledding will get very rough.

IV. Clean-up crews working for the government agency, SEC, are cleaning up the Depleted Uranium pollution of an Army munitions plant, which had been making D.U. Penetrator shells. The pictures tell an awful story, as these cleanup men are shown covered head-to-toe with protective suits, including an air mask. (NOTE: Review the following D.U. Fact Sheet before you begin to read this section)

One issue which Cutting Edge has consistently presented concerns Depleted Uranium munitions. We have so many articles on this awful subject we have created a Depleted Uranium section. We urge you to read all these articles, so you can understand what we are about to say, below.

President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and former Secretary of Defense (General) Colin Powell, led our troops to war in Iraq knowing that they were going to expend thousands of pounds of Depleted Uranium munitions. The result of this D.U. weaponry is that Iraq will be unlivable in 20 years and nearly every soldier who served in Iraq will get sick within that same period and most will die. Furthermore, many soldiers returning from this war will pass this uranium poisoning to their wives and girlfriends through sexual intimacy. Many children were born deformed after Gulf War I and many more will be born deformed from this Gulf War II.

The Pentagon and the White House refuse to acknowledge that Depleted Uranium munitions pose any serious health risk to either soldiers in the field or to Iraqi civilians. They are hiding behind the misinformation used to name this material -- Depleted Uranium -- because many Americans will unthinkingly accept the false premise that, because the word, "Depleted" is in the name of the product, the material is safe, is empty of uranium. Such is certainly not the case. As we state in our articles, "Depleted Uranium" still contains 30-40% of the original radioactivity contained in the uranium ore.

Further, this deadly Depleted Uranium shell explodes with the fury and the heat of fire as it hits its target or hits the ground; instantly, the D.U. projectile is changed from hard metal to fine dust -- so fine it will pass right through masks intended to protect. This D.U. contaminated dust then mixes with the dust naturally lying on the ground and begins to be breathed by every human being in Iraq right now -- both soldier and civilian. When the horrific sandstorms which repeatedly ravage Iraq every summer pass over human beings, it is inevitable that every one will breathe in some D.U. dust; only one small particle of such dust needs to be ingested to start the process of slowly dying. One particle in the lungs will kill you.

But, the Pentagon and the White House refuse to admit these medical facts. If the issue of Depleted Uranium is ever added to the list of crimes for which President Bush is guilty, the lid will blow right off the entire issue. For you see, we are about to prove that the Federal Government does know how deadly Depleted Uranium is, as these pictures, below, will prove.


NEWS BRIEF: "Depleted Uranium cleanup of Building 502 at TCAAP", Alliant Action

"Building 502 at the Twin City Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) in New Brighton/Arden Hills, Minnesota was the production site of Depleted Uranium Munitions by Alliant Techsystems and prior to that by the Honeywell Corporation. The depleted uranium penetrators were manufactured by Nuclear Metals Inc. in Concord MA and shipped to TCAAP for use in 30 mm and 120 mm shells."

Tens of thousands of 30 mm and 120 mm D.U. Penetrator shells have been expended by our military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, deployed in a wide variety of vehicles and planes. We have run articles in the past stating that these types of munitions factories have been operating at, or above, capacity, for most of the time since the March 20, 2003, invasion.

Now, let us return to this featured story:

"The following photos were taken by an individual employed by the Safety and Ecology Corporation of Knoxville, TN. SEC has been contracted to remove DU and other toxic wastes in Building 502. These photos were publicly posted on the personal web pages of that SEC employee at Nukeworker.com, which provides free web space to industry workers ... The pages showing the clean-up process were remove in late April, 2002 ... Neither edited nor altered, these images are the same as the originals posted on the NukeWorker.com web site. They are provided here for educational purposes based on the public's right to know."

As you can see from these photos, many Depleted Uranium Penetrators were simply discarded and left lying around. In the past, we have posted articles which describe how workers in these types of plants are coming down sick and dying. Townspeople around the plant are also getting sick. Please take a few moments to review these news articles:

* "A Radioactive Nightmare In Concord, Massachusetts", By Ed Ericson, E/The Environmental Magazine, 3-8-2004

* "Fierce Fire At UK Uranium Munitions Plant - Radiation Fallout Feared", By Paul Brown Environment Correspondent, 2-9-1999

* "Warning - 'Do Not Use Depleted Uranium Munitions Again' ", by Dr. Doug Rokke Former U.S. Army's DU Team Health Physicist Former U.S. Army's DU Project Director, 12-3-2002

As you can see from these photos, this Army munitions plant was very sloppy in the manner in which they handled the very toxic Depleted Uranium metals. I wonder if the workers in these plants were fully informed of the deadly danger these radioactive materials posed. Most probably, these workers were badly informed as to the danger of this product and, therefore, were not adequately protected when they worked with Depleted Uranium.

How many sick and dying workers came from this plant, we will probably never know.

Take a good, long, slow look at these pictures. These are the cleanup technicians working for the Safety and Ecology Corporation of Knoxville (SEC), Tennessee. Notice how well protected they are! Not only are they fully clothed with protective suits designed to completely protect every part of the body from radiation, but they are wearing face masks designed to filter out any dust particles which may be floating around.

These men, and their bosses, know the deadly health effects of Depleted Uranium and they are determined to be protected.

However, these cleanup crews are facing a far less danger than our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. How can this be? Once a D.U. projectile explodes, it immediately is turned into fine dust. Since the projectiles being cleaned up in this munitions plant were never exploded, the deadly fine dust our soldiers face daily is not present in this factory.

If the fine dust present in the battlefields was present in this factory, the face masks worn by these cleanup technicians would not stop the dust from entering their lungs. The D.U. dust is so tiny, it will penetrate any mask on the market. These men would be just at risk as Dr. Doug Rokke's men who cleaned up the D.U. battlefields of Gulf War I, and many of these men are either dead or dying.

The bottom line revelation we should get out of these pictures is that, if this private company (Safety and Ecology Corporation) knows of the health risk posed by Depleted Uranium to the degree that they would force their cleanup workers to be fitted with suits which look like Moon-walking suits, the Federal Government knows all the medical facts about Depleted Uranium.

They know they have killed virtually all the Iraqi and Afghan civilian population, and most of our troops as well.

If this impeachment process does move forward -- and that is a huge 'if' at this point -- watch to see what charges are leveled against the President. If the charges do not include Depleted Uranium munitions, you may rest assured that Bush will never be convicted. When the charges against President Clinton included only the sex charges, I knew the "fix" was in, because those were the weakest charges possible. Surely enough, a few months later, a Masonic led Congress found President Clinton innocent (NEWS1264, "Masonic Led Congress Acquits Demolay Clinton")

V. As we are arguing about foreign policy, most Americans are blissfully ignorant that our leaders are internationalizing our roadway system! The road systems designed to connect Canada, the United States, and Mexico so that the superstate, NAFTA, could take shape, have now begun. After NAFTA has swallowed the sovereignty of these three nations, more gigantic roads are planned to connect NAFTA with the single country which has been formed from all the Central and South American sovereign nations.

Welcome to the global strategy of the New World Order!

NEWS BRIEF: "INTERNATIONALIZING U.S. ROADS - Internationalization of U.S. Roads Has Begun", by Phyllis Spivey, News With Views, June 10, 2005

"Imagine this: your state government puts a transportation corridor in your neighborhood. It’s nearly a quarter-mile wide. It will serve vehicles and trains and incorporate oil, gas, electric and water lines. Try to fight it and you’ll not only face the combined might of your local, state, and federal governments, but foreign interests as well. The internationalization of U.S. roads has begun. We’re not just talking about isolated instances of privately-built toll roads with foreign management ... We’re talking about networks of toll roads that may be built by foreign builders, managed by foreign operators, function primarily to accommodate foreign goods, and connect U.S. roads to similar networks in Canada, Mexico and, later, Central and South America."

"Interstate 69, for example, is a planned 1600 mile national highway connecting Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. Eight states are involved in the project: Once completed, I-69 will extend from Port Huron, Michigan to the Texas/Mexico border. In Texas, I-69 will be part of the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) project – a 4000 mile network of existing and new toll roads – which will create the largest private highway system in America. Interstate 35, also called the Oklahoma to Mexico/Gulf Coast element, will be developed as part of the TTC. Plans call for the TTC to be 1200 feet wide with 10 vehicle lanes (three passenger vehicle lanes in each direction), truck lanes (two in each direction), six rail lines (three in each direction), two tracks for high-speed passenger rail, two for commuter rail and two for freight. The corridor will include a 200 feet right-of-way for oil, gas, electric and water lines ... Without any substantive discussion or debate and without public comment,” the (Texas) Commission approved it, a plan projected to cost up to $185 billion and take up to 50 years to build.

"Corridor Watch now reports widespread and growing public opposition, describing Texans as “extremely concerned about the state creating a transportation, communication, utility and economic development monopoly. They are concerned about a project that will consume 584,000 acres of land impacting land owners, farms, ranches, wildlife, the environment, communities, taxpayers, water rights, local economies, and more.”

Private property rights are also endangered, as this mammoth project will require that much land along each side will have to be seized. The transportation companies of each state will be granted dictatorial-type powers! This next segment of this story reveals just how far-reaching and interlocking this gigantic project truly is.

"Texas politicians are marching in lockstep with international trade groups such as North America’s Super Corridor Coalition ( NASCO), the North American International Trade Corridor Partnership, (NAITCP) and the Central North American Trade Corridor Association (CNATCA) ... They refer to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) nations of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. and 'those who will follow', doubtless meaning the CAFTA and FTAA (pending trade agreements) countries of Central and South America. NASCO’s Web site links to the NAFTA Secretariat site where you may view 'the complete text of the NAFTA' ... The CNATCA (www.cnatca.org) aims to encourage “continued economic integration between the three North American countries and to foster greater collective involvement in the emerging global economy ... CNATCA’s project, the Central North American Trade Corridor, extends from Alaska through the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle, and Texas, and then south of the U.S. border to Mexico City."

"No wonder Texans are frustrated. How much influence can citizens exert when policy-making goes international?"

Indeed, how can any American exert any policy when every detail of our lives are being subjected to international bodies. American public schools are now teaching curricula which has been developed in obedience to United Nations guidelines. Private Property is now being seized in obedience to United Nations environmental plans and according to United Nations "Corridor Maps". America is currently allowing her military to be reshaped according to United Nations directives; this fact is the reason the Pentagon is phasing out heavy tanks, replacing them with more lightly armed Strykers.

Once Kofi Annan is ejected as United Nations Secretary General, a man will be brought in whose charisma and leadership skills will be sufficiently powerful to lead the world, and the United Nations, into the next phase of globalism -- the phase where nations will be forced to adhere to U.N. directives. And, if that charismatic leader turns out to be Bill Clinton, the good Lord is going to have to rescue His own!

NAFTA is being formed into a real single nations. To create this nation, Presidents Clinton and Bush have pursued a "soft" policy toward illegal Mexicans living and working in the United States. Raids against companies hiring illegal's are carried out only to appease Conservative voters. President Bush has even gone so far as to propose Amnesty to those Mexican illegal's who are already here.

Mexicans, Americans, and Canadians are all slated to be equal citizens in this new supernation called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association). Now you know the truth about the illegal problem.


VI. As the war in Iraq continued to grind along, bipartisan group of lawmakers urged the President to set a firm date for withdrawal.

NEWS BRIEF: "Lawmakers push resolution on Iraq pullout", by Liz Sidota, Associated Press, reprinted by The Seattle-Post Intelligencer, June 16, 2005

"WASHINGTON -- President Bush would have to start bringing home U.S. troops from Iraq by Oct. 1, 2006, under a measure a small bipartisan group of House lawmakers - including a Republican who voted for war - proposed Thursday. Two Republicans and two Democrats introduced a resolution that would require the president to announce by the end of this year a plan for withdrawing troops and steps for following through on that plan. Other Democrats quickly signed onto the plan ... The Bush administration has insisted that a timetable for withdrawal can't be considered until Iraq's security forces are strong enough to protect their country from insurgents.

"A low-water mark of 41 percent of adults said in an Associated Press-Ipsos poll this month that they supported Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. And a Gallup poll released Monday found that six in 10 Americans say they think the United States should withdraw some or all of its troops from Iraq."

Persistently bad news from the Iraqi war front, plus the honest reporting by many foreign news sources, plus the power of the Internet, have combined to reach enough Americans with the truth that President Bush's popularity rating is said to be plummeting. His overall approval ratings will continue to be dragged down by his falling Iraq War numbers.

We were surprised to hear of one Congressman who backed this proposal; he was Walter Jones, R-N.C. Let us go back to this story to see what makes Representative Jones so interesting regarding this issue.

"Two years ago, Jones helped lead an effort to ensure Capitol Hill cafeterias retooled their menus to advertise 'freedom fries' instead of french fries to protest France's opposition to the war ... but now says the United States has done what it can in Iraq and the reason for going to war - Saddam Hussein's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction - has been proven false. 'After 1,700 deaths, over 12,000 wounded, and $200 billion spent, we believe it is time to have this debate and discussion on this resolution', Jones said."

These numbers of killed and wounded are actually very low, depending upon government statistics. Col. David Hackworth, before he died, reported that the true figures were 50,000 Killed In Action, Wounded, and non-battle casualties who have been airlifted from Iraq back to the States! (Newsletter for December 12, 2004, Paragraph II)

VII. As the Sharon government lurches toward the beginning of Unilateral Disengagement, citizens are beginning to complain that the IDF is deliberately allowing Hamas terrorist attacks in order to "encourage" the settlers to leave.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaza security chief: Israel allowing attacks on Jews: Failing to stop Hamas rockets ahead of planned withdrawal", WorldNetDaily, June 16, 2005

"NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza – Political decision makers associated with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have directed the Israeli Defense Forces to do little to stop Palestinian militants from firing mortars and rockets into Gaza's Jewish neighborhoods so residents will want to leave when this summer's withdrawal plan is implemented, the security chief for Gaza's Jewish communities told WND in an exclusive interview yesterday.

" 'The political leaders supporting the evacuation from Gaza have told the IDF not to stop the mortars and Qassams. I know this, but anyway it is obvious to everyone', said Ami Shaked, chief security coordinator for the Gush Katif Block, the slate of Jewish communities in Gaza scheduled for evacuation August 15 ... Hamas has been launching almost daily rocket and mortar attacks against Gush Katif ... and last week launched over 15 mortars and six Qassams at several Gaza Jewish neighborhoods."

"But rocket attacks here have rarely prompted an Israeli response ... There have been over 300 attacks since February and only about a dozen IDF anti-rocket operations ... Shaked claimed the IDF has the capabilities to stop a majority of the rocket attacks. lawmakers, and Gush Katif residents and leaders told WND the rocket attacks are being permitted and are meant to disrupt their lives."

Given the extremely sophisticated radar and detection equipment which the IDF has in place, these settlers have a real point. Living daily under the threat of crude terrorist missile and mortar attacks, and knowing full well the capabilities of their vaunted army, these residents are livid that the "old war horse" and former general hero, Ariel Sharon, has not moved to fully defeat this particular brand of terror.

I believe they may have a very large point: Sharon has already let it be known that nothing will keep him from establishing the withdrawal as called for in the original 1993 Oslo Accords. Keeping the IDF at bay so the residents will feel the terrorist heat is a logical ploy.

Another complaint is that the IDF does not seem to be preparing to protect settlers after they are withdrawn.

NEWS BRIEF: "'IDF not protecting us' ", YNET News, June 16, 2005

"Western Negev residents complain IDF not doing enough to prepare towns for possible terror attacks following disengagement. The IDF is not doing enough to protect western Negev residents from possible mortar shell and Qassam rocket fire during the post-disengagement era ... During Home Front Command Head Gershon Yitzhaky's tour of the western Negev area Tuesday, local town representatives expressed their demand that the IDF protect towns around Gaza. The area's residents fear terror attacks on the area would commence immediately after the scheduled pullout from Gaza is complete."

This fear is very real, as nearly everyone -- including the IDF -- believes that, once the Israelis have fully withdrawn, a Third Intifada will be launched, fighting and acts of terror so great that Israel may respond in such a manner as to trigger all-out Regional War. The danger is that this kind of war would trigger World War.

VIII. Secretary of State Rice is going to Israel in order to "smooth the way" for Disengagement, and to ensure that the official Roadmap policy is blended with the original 1993 Oslo Accords. The sell-out is well under way.

NEWS BRIEF: "US aims to blend roadmap with Oslo Accords", DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 17, 2005

"Ahead of US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the region next Sunday, June 18-19, Bush administration officials are outlining a proposal for execution after Israel’s pullout from the Gaza Strip and N. West Bank. DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Washington sources disclose their thinking is to resuscitate the 1993 Oslo Accords Phase 3 which calls for Israel’s withdrawal from 60 percent of the West Bank – excluding East Jerusalem, Israeli communities and military facilities."

Almost a year ago, we posted an article which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sharon was carrying out the conspiracy against Israel originally envisioned by Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin in the 1993 Oslo Accords. If you have not yet read this article, we encourage you to stop right now to read it, for it will help you understand this segment better.

Our article is: NEWS1911 -- "Proofs Of A Conspiracy: Oslo Accords Were Originally Designed In 1993 To Give Large Chunks of Israel Back To The Palestinians -- Exactly Where 'Hardliner" Ariel Sharon Is Heading Now".

Now that you have read this article, you will be better able to understand the next portion of this DEBKAfile report.

"The US conception would blend Oslo 3 and Middle East roadmap clause 2 which would establish an interim Palestinian state without permanent borders. Bush planners hope thereby to follow up on initial Israeli pullback with a sweeping withdrawal from large tracts of the West Bank. The Palestinians, for their part, would be asked to accept an interim state without pressing their basic demands on Jerusalem and refugee return. The timetable execution would spread over two years at least, winding up in 2007, i.e. the end of the Bush presidency."

Please take special note of the phrase: "interim Palestinian state without permanent borders".

This is as far as the Palestinians will ever get to their coveted goal of their own nation, as this next article shows quite clearly. Very soon after Israel fully withdraws, she will have her Security Fence nearly completed; at this point, 99.3% of all Palestinians will be separated from the Jewish people. Israel will soon go to war, and she will not have to worry about being blamed for firing the first shot.

The Palestinians will gladly fire that first shot, in the belief that they have so weakened Israel that a combination of Palestinian attacks from within, plus an attack on the borders by Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, will finally defeat and annihilate the hated Jewish State.

Let us review the hatred the Palestinians possess toward Israel.


X. "One day, the Palestinians are going to destroy Israel" - Senior Hizbullah official

NEWS BRIEF: "'One day the Palestinians will destroy Israel' ", Jerusalem News Wire, June 15, 2005

"Senior Hizballah official Rima Fakhry told her British hosts Monday that 'one day the Palestinians will destroy Israel and return to their land'. In an interview with London's Guardian daily newspaper, Fakhry said 'the state of Israel is an illegal state', and its Jewish inhabitants have no right to live in the region. The only female among Hizballah's leadership said Israel's ultimate demise and the expulsion of its Jews remains “is a hope, a long-term strategy” for the Arab world.Fakhry said she could not see a time when Lebanon and Israel could have peaceful relations."

“Do you imagine one day the wolf and the sheep will live in peace? This is only in Walt Disney [films] maybe.”

This is the true emotion of all Muslims in the region, especially the Palestinians. They have murdered hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians with shootings, suicide bombers, and bombs of all shapes and sizes, all because of their seething hatred of the Jewish people. However, God is not done with Israel yet, as He has to use Antichrist to weed out the two-thirds of Jews which are not a part of His Chosen Remnant (Zechariah 13:8-9)

In the meantime, God's prophetic pronouncement of doom against all who would mistreat His nation should ring permanently in the hearts and minds of all Palestinians -- from the lowly average citizen to the greatest noble.

God's Prophetic End Times Judgment:

"FOR BEHOLD, in those days and at that time when I shall reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and because they have divided My land." [Joel 3:1-2; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

This verse is one of the most exciting in the entire Bible, because the first part of it has already been fulfilled, in our lifetime! God "reversed the captivity and restored the fortunes" of Judah and Jerusalem -- Israel -- on May 14, 1948! You can write this date in the margin of your Bible on Joel 3:1 and mark it "Fulfilled". Very few other prophecies have been so exactly fulfilled in modern history. Truly, God is consistently working in the life of Israel in this modern age!

Further, notice how God is going to determine who gets the most severe punishment at this time.

"... there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel"

Not only is God watching, but He seemingly has foretold that, at the End of the Age, Palestinian nobles will declare a state to no avail.

"And He (God) will stretch over it (Edom) a measuring line of confusion and the plummet stones of chaos over its nobles. They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there ..." [Isaiah 34:11b-12; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there".

When you hear this proclamation of a Palestinian State, know that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, know that nothing will come of it, and know that the final annihilating war of the House of Edom, the Palestinians, is close at hand.


XI. DEBKAfile Intelligence reports that the American attack on Iran is off -- perhaps permanently!

NEWS BRIEF: "Washington Gives Way on Iran’s Nuclear Bomb: Therefore Backs ElBaradei’s Reappointment", DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 13, 2005

"The Bush administration has given up on the battle against Iran’s nuclear armament ... Israel thus finds itself alone in the ring with the Iranian nuclear menace. Nothing now remains to stop Tehran attaining its goal of a nuclear bomb or bombs by the end of 2006 or early 2007 - except for the extreme eventuality of direct Israeli military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities."

"The question is what brought about this drastic reversal in Washington? ... One answer is that US president George W. Bush’s team now believes time is running out too fast for preventive action to take effect – and not only on Iran ... On Iran in particular, the Bush administration has concluded that turning back the clock on its nuclear bomb project is no longer realistic. Washington is therefore bending all its diplomatic and intelligence-related resources to the goal of delaying the actual production of the bomb as long as he is president.

"The deepening animosities prevailing in relations between the White House and the Kremlin and Moscow’s assistance in Iran’s nuclear projects, including the sale of nuclear fuel and technology, makes a Russian veto of any Security Council penalty against Tehran more than likely. China too is strengthening its economic ties with the Islamic Republic and sees itself as a big buyer of Iranian oil. Beijing moreover entertains objections in principle to UN sanctions ... For Israel, Washington’s quiet retreat from its campaign against an Iranian bomb spells disaster, the collapse of yet another vital strategic asset intrinsic to the Sharon government’s defense posture."

If DEBKAfile is correct, there will be no American attack on Iran during June, or anytime soon. Cutting Edge has long felt that Iran (Persia) was protected by the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 from a radical regime change type of attack. Further, Russia had assumed personal responsibility for the protection of the Iranian hardline government, committing her own weaponry and her own state-of-the-art radar defense system.

Further, any attack on Iran would cause her to use her Russian-made hypersonic anti-ship missile, the Sunburn, to instantly shut down the oil tanker traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, through which a majority of West's bulk oil passes. It would only take a few weeks for all Western economies to shut down and collapse. Since the Illuminati is committed to keeping Americans feeling prosperous until the moment the Third World War begins, an American attack on Iran seems unlikely.

Now, DEBKAfile has confirmed that Bush is not going to attack Iran.

XII. President Bush reveals his belief in a 'god' who speaks to different religions!

NEWS BRIEF: "President Bush Believes In A God Who Speaks To Different Religions!", By Jody Brown Agape Press, June 14, 2005

"...President Bush has declared that he believes in a god who speaks to different religions. While many Evangelicals believe the president has accepted Christ as his Savior, some have been somewhat disturbed by such things as the White House celebration each year of Ramadan. The president may have added to those Evangelicals' concerns yesterday (June 13) when he told a group of international exchange students that he believes in a god who is not confined to one religion. "I believe there's an almighty god who speaks to different faiths ..."

We have added this evil fruit of denying the Word of God and Jesus own Words, to our President Bush Evil vs Good Fruits table.

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"Abstain from evil - shrink from it and keep aloof from it -- in whatever form or whatever kind it may be." (1 Thess 5:22) http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2044.cfm

---------Conclusion----------------"For this child I prayed." 1 Samuel 1:27

Devout souls delight to look upon those mercies which they have obtained in answer to supplication, for they can see God's especial love in them. When we can name our blessings Samuel, that is, "asked of God," they will be as dear to us as her child was to Hannah. Peninnah had many children, but they came as common blessings unsought in prayer: Hannah's one heaven-given child was dearer far, because he was the fruit of earnest pleadings. How sweet was that water to Samson which he found at "the well of him that prayed!" Quassia cups turn all waters bitter, but the cup of prayer puts a sweetness into the draughts it brings. Did we pray for the conversion of our children? How doubly sweet, when they are saved, to see in them our own petitions fulfilled! Better to rejoice over them as the fruit of our pleadings than as the fruit of our bodies.

Have we sought of the Lord some choice spiritual gift? When it comes to us it will be wrapped up in the gold cloth of God's faithfulness and truth, and so be doubly precious. Have we petitioned for success in the Lord's work? How joyful is the prosperity which comes flying upon the wings of prayer! It is always best to get blessings into our house in the legitimate way, by the door of prayer; then they are blessings indeed, and not temptations. Even when prayer speeds not, the blessings grow all the richer for the delay; the child Jesus was all the more lovely in the eyes of Mary when she found Him after having sought Him sorrowing. That which we win by prayer we should dedicate to God, as Hannah dedicated Samuel. The gift came from heaven, let it go to heaven. Prayer brought it, gratitude sang over it, let devotion consecrate it. Here will be a special occasion for saying, "Of Thine own have I given unto Thee." Reader, is prayer your element or your weariness? Which?

[C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions, Thompson Chain-Reference Bible Computer Library]


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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