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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------"My Heaven! Heaven - Glory"

Mrs. Dorcas, of Blue Grove, Texas, writes us as follows: My father, Willison Foster, who was a licensed exhorter in the M.E. Church South, died near Chico, Texas, April 2, 1887, aged seventy-one years. He was one the purest Christians I ever knew, was often made happy in a Savior's love and died shouting. His last words were, "My Heaven! Heaven! Glory!".

I often heard him remark that he did not believe that the dying saints ever saw departed spirits while they were dying. I believed they did. To satisfy myself on this subject, I made the request during his sickness that if he came to die and should see spirits near him, that he would raise his hand in token that he saw them, if he was unable to speak. Sure enough, just before consciousness left him, he raised his right hand and pointed upward.

I do praise the Lord for the dying testimony of one in whom I had so much confidence. Dear, precious one! My mother also went home shouting. (S.B. Shaw, "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved", 1898)

---------- Resource Update ---------- Aliens - UFO's - Antichrist

"War of the Worlds" Swamps The Competition while Tom Cruise Announces "We are not alone in the world". Cruise also expresses his belief that Aliens do exist. Cutting Edge posted an in depth article demonstrating exactly who and what aliens and UFO's are, and what part they play in the coming staged appearance of Antichrist -- "ALIENS, UFO'S -- WHY ARE THEY CONSTANTLY IN THE NEWS, IN MOVIES AND TV SHOWS? WHY ARE WE BOMBARDED WITH EXPERTS CLAIMING THEY HAVE PROVEN EXISTENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS?"

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Illuminati Plan Revealed

* "New World Order 2 -- Three World Wars Plan Confirmed", by William T. Still

Until very recently, the secret society plan to reorganize the world into a global government, economy and religion has remained very, very secret. Millions of lives and untold trillions of dollars have been spent fighting the tyrannical governments of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Japan. Tremendous evidence has now been uncovered which proves that all 20th Century Wars and the current 21st Century ones, have all been fought to advance this global Plan. President Nixon contemplated a military takeover during the last years of his Presidency

Even the current "War On Terror" was first planned in 1871, in a secret internal letter between Freemasons Albert Pike and the Italian Mazzini. The Terror War was to be part of the Third and final World War III.

However, the final battle has not yet been lost. In 2005, both Dutch and French voters resoundingly rejected the E.U. Constitution, throwing a monkey wrench into the smooth machinery of the Illuminati as they count down toward the beginning of World War III. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1068

Behold A Pale Horse
* "Behold A Pale Horse: One of THE Books Exposing Illuminati Plan" by New Age author, William Cooper

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Cooper provides much first hand information based upon his career in U.S. Naval Intelligence, on the energetic leadership our Government is providing to implement this global system of Government, Economy, and Religion.

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Would you be shocked if a cease-fire were suddenly announced between American forces and their Iraqi allies on the one hand and the Sunni guerilla insurgents on the other hand? Would you be shocked if such a cease fire held long enough to allow American forces to depart under words of victory?

Avid Cutting Edge readers should not be too shocked, for we have always taught that the decision for America to attack Iraq was made in a 1954 Bilderberger meeting, whose purpose would be to so inflame Muslim hatred for anything pro-West and pro-Israel that an all-out regional war against Israel would be inevitable.

Let us examine the current news story first and then see how it might fit into a larger context, i.e., regional war between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

NEWS BRIEF: "US-Iraqi Insurgent Peace Talks: Fragile, Unpredictable – But Five Points Are in the Bag", DEBKAfile Intelligence Review, Issue 212, June 30, 2005

"... results may be in sight in the form of a five-point draft with the potential for halting the guerrilla war in Iraq. The final word will come down from Washington but an extraordinary amount of ground has been covered by a gaggle of volunteer peace brokers, facilitators, ambassadors, politicians, a national security official, a former prime minister, US military commanders, several terrorist chiefs, some of Saddam Hussein’s old Baath officials and a king. Most of the action goes through Amman, Jordan ... the initiative is fragile, unpredictable and clouded. But enough headway has been made for President George W. Bush to put money on the
odds that America would eventually swim safely out of Iraq rather than sink there."

For over a week now, reports have been circulating that Bush Administration officials, both political and military, had been negotiating with Iraqi insurgent chieftains to create a lasting cease fire. Insurgent leaders have repeatedly denied that any such negotiations had ever taken place. However, if DEBKAfile Intelligence is correct, a cease fire may be imminent, and may provide President Bush with enough "wiggle room" that he could order American troops out of the country, claiming "victory".

This analysis article continues:

"Our Iraqi sources disclose for the first time here the five points that appear to have been hammered out in draft form:

"1. The Sharia (Muslim law) will be affirmed as one of the basic principles of the new Iraqi constitution - which must be completed by August 15 for a national referendum. This means that the Iraqi legislature will be barred from enacting laws running contrary to the Sharia codex." (Ibid.)

This concession is major, since both Bush Administration officials and Iraqi government officials have repeatedly warned that the new Iraqi government could not be governed by Islamic law, that it had to be secular.

"2. Iraq will be proclaimed a democratic republic with a pluralist society.
"3. Iraq will be divided into 28 voting constituencies ahead of the December 2005 general election instead of the 18 last January, each with no more than one million eligible voters. A candidate supported by a minimum of 100,000 votes gains a seat in the new parliament. This would ensure the seating of Sunni candidates even in constituencies where they are outnumbered by other religious or ethnic groups – as long as they attain the 100,000-vote threshold." (Ibid.)

The Sunni ethnic group was almost completely excluded from the writing of the new Iraqi constitution and the new interim government. This agreement would allow them participation. Once again, this concession is significant.

"4. The United States will defer decisions on the status of Kirkuk and Iraq’s northern oil fields until well after the general elections - that is to mid-2006 ... Kurds displaced by Saddam’s Arabization program are returning and pressuring Sunni Arab inhabitants living there for decades to leave.:

"5. Apart from a freeze on the status quo in Kirkuk, the Americans are also willing to put on ice Kurdish claims to slice off segments of the provinces adjoining Kurdistan for annexation." (Ibid.)

The Kurds have recently been publicly demanding that they be given an autonomous state in northern Iraq. Since everyone in the entire Middle East hates the Kurds and have been trying to eradicate them for centuries, their demand has sown great distress in both Shi'ite and Sunni camps. This portion of the agreement seems, at least on the surface, to once again sell the Kurds out in deference to a much more powerful constituency.

DEBKAfile continues:

"These points, tentatively agreed between Allawi and certain Sunni leaders, have also been endorsed by Egypt, the Arab Gulf emirates and Syria – albeit not yet Saudi Arabia ... Key Arab states would also buy influence in Baghdad and so end the American monopoly over Iraqi politics. Given its role in aiding and abetting the Iraqi insurgency, Syria’s support for the five-point plan would be pivotal. It may be forthcoming ..." (Ibid.)

This possible cease fire agreement would explain why the Iraqi government recently asked the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to back its demands against the insurgents, and it would explain why a Syrian diplomatic delegation visited Baghdad last week, and why Egypt has so strongly backed the new Interim Iraqi Government. We can also understand why President Bush seemed so upbeat about the progress of his Iraq War during his Tuesday (6/28) speech to the nation. On the other hand, we can also understand why Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and General Abazaid were so pessimistic last week in testimony before Congress, for if a sudden "breakthrough" were announced against their backdrop of gloom and doom, President Bush would look even more like a hero.

Should such a cease fire agreement be reached, and should it hold, a period of relative peace might ensue, giving American forces the time to withdraw, claiming victory all the way. This DEBKAfile report indicated that the expected period of time between the day an agreement is reached to the time when guerilla forces finally stop their attacks could be at least six months.

This period of time is very interesting, for it is the same period of time Israeli Prime Minister Sharon needs to complete his Unilateral Withdrawal plans. As we will detail later in this newsletter, the Israeli government is gearing up right now for the beginning of the forced evacuation of Jewish settlers from Palestinian occupied territory, an evacuation which will begin the day after the "9th of Av" religious observance. Sharon has repeatedly set the end of 2005, or the beginning of 2006, as his target date for the completion of this withdrawal. As Cutting Edge has repeatedly stated, at the completion of the withdrawal and the security barrier, 99.3% of the Palestinians will be shut off from the Jews, a prelude to the annihilation of the Palestinians (Read NEWS1422 and NEWS1620).

Israel will not be ready to go to war until this population separation is completed. Indeed, she cannot wait too long after the withdrawal to go to war, for the plight of the Palestinian people sequestered behind the high fences and the armed checkpoints will quickly turn international opinion against Israel. Is it just coincidental that Bush may have his quagmire in Iraq solved at roughly the same time period that Prime Minister Sharon will complete his withdrawal?

Let us now examine an Israeli linkage between an American military withdrawal from Iraq and the beginning of all-out regional war between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Expects Full-Scale Mideastern War In 2006", Bridges For Peace, April 21, 2006

"Israel has reportedly expressed its belief to Washington that Iran and several of its Arab allies are preparing for a full-scale war against the Jewish state, possibly following the expected United States withdrawal from Iraq in 2006."

Did you notice that the wording of this sentence seems to imply that an American withdrawal from Iraq would occur in 2006, that American leadership had already made the decision? Israel seems to be expecting an American withdrawal in 2006, with a regional war quickly thereafter. Let us go back to this article now for more information.

"Unnamed U.S. officials told Middle East Newsline this week that according to Israeli assessments, the departure of most American forces from the region would lead to increased tensions and provide an atmosphere ripe for an escalation of violence. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 'has relayed repeated messages to the administration that Iran and its Arab allies are preparing for war'..." (Ibid.)

Now, let us see how Iran might be the 'not-so-hidden force' behind this coming war with Israel -- just as Cutting Edge reported two full years ago.

II. Iran's new hardline President announced "World Wide Islamic Revolution", a revolution which Iran planned two years ago, a revolution aimed directly at Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran's new president declares worldwide 'Islamic revolution' ", World Tribune, June 30, 2005

"Iran's president-elect has proclaimed an Islamic revolution of global proportions. Mahmood Ahmadinejad said his election coincided with what he termed a new Islamic revolution. 'The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world', Ahmadinejad said ... The Teheran mayor has served as a senior commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, responsible for the nation's missile and nuclear weapons programs, and has been identified as a suspect in the killing of Kurdish dissidents in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s."

The election of this incredibly hardline mayor to the office of the Presidency dealt a harsh blow to the official policy of the Bush Administration, which had sought for the past three years to topple the hardline regime in Iran, replacing it with a "Reformist" regime more pro-West and pro-Israel. In the weeks and months prior to the election, American officials took an extremely tough position with Iran, threatening her with an attack (rumored to be in June), stirring up dissidents within the country, backing armed revolt against Tehran, and even issuing a last-minute appeal to moderate Iranian citizens to vote for the Reformist ticket.

All this activity came crashing down with the election of this most hardline candidate, former Tehran Mayor Ahmadinejad.

How hard line is this man? Last week, news reports came out that he was one of the leaders in the 1979 American hostage crisis which so humiliated the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Let us go back to this global call for a revolution for more details:

" 'Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 [the current Iranian year] will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world', Ahmadinejad was quoted by the official Iranian news agency as saying. 'The era of oppression, hegemonic regimes, tyranny and injustice has reached its end'."

Whenever a hardline Islamic leader talks about "injustice in the world", they are usually talking about the United States and her Western allies. Therefore, this newly elected President is calling for an end to the Bush doctrine of "Regime Changes" throughout the world. The words "cut off" are also important, for they refer to violent action against the target of the revolution, which in this case, is any nation allied with the Western powers.

Since the Iranian President-elect made the call for a global Islamic revolution, Iran would logically lead such a global mission. This realization is consistent with the call the Iranian government issued during March, 2003, as Coalition Forces were getting ready to attack Iraq. On the first days of the invasion, Iranian officials were observed flying to various Arab capitals within the region, announcing their master plan by which America and her allies were to be defeated. We reported this in NEWS1794. Listen to these details of this Iranian plan.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Preparing To 'Light Many Fires' To Defeat The Americans", The Jerusalem Post, March 21, 2003.

"Khamenei"s chief foreign policy adviser, former foreign minister Ali-Akbar Velayati ... (warned), 'The American Great Satan will never accept an Islamic system. It is coming to Iraq to complete its encirclement of our Islamic Republic before it moves against us. To help the Americans conquer Iraq easily would be suicidal for our revolution.' Velayati claims that the US has two aims in the Middle East: preventing the destruction of the 'Zionist entity' and control of Arab oil."

Khamenei then dropped his bombshell:

"... the confrontationists believe that US involvement in Iraq could become 'the beginning of its end. Iraq is a swamp', Khamenei said in his address to the guards. 'The Great Satan will get caught in that swamp; and that will speed up its inevitable collapse.' In a recent article Velayati spelled out a strategy aimed at 'confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts'."

Did you catch that last phrase? "Confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts".

Khamenei foresees opening a number of fronts within the region:

1. Iraq -- Iran has moved forces into position in and near Iraq and has encouraged guerilla warfare

2. Afghanistan -- Perhaps this Iranian strategy is behind the sudden surge in fighting in Afghanistan! The U.S. has had to move additional forces and resources into this country to fight a war many Americans thought had already been won. Every soldier we have to commit to this campaign is one less soldier to be committed to Iraq.

3. Israel is envisioned as the "major front". In this regard, the Jerusalem Post reported: "Iran is speeding up military supplies to the Lebanese branch of Hizbullah".

Is the time approaching in this overall plan to engage Israel in all-out war? In the two years since this Iranian plan was announced, Iraq has exploded into heavy insurgent fighting which Coalition Forces have been unable to defeat. Afghanistan has continued to defy American predictions of victory; indeed, later in this newsletter, we shall see that Afghanistan seems ready to explode again, possibly in ways never seen before.

These fighting words from the newly-elected Iranian President show that he has no fear of American might arrayed against him; further, he seems openly to be poking American leaders in the proverbial eye, boldly believing he will get away with it. Some weeks ago, we noted a propaganda campaign which seemed to point towards the month of June as a time when American forces would attack Iran and when North Korea might conduct a nuclear warhead test. Obviously, neither of these events occurred, so we can only conclude that these many news stories were just exercises in "Rumors of Wars" designed to keep the peoples of the world really on edge and worried, just as prophecy foretold.

Once again, we reiterate that Israel is the key to all end-times events -- the Bible says so and the Illuminati Plan says so. Watch her carefully, as she plans her withdrawal to be completed by either the end of 2005 or the beginning of 2006. At that point, if American troops are out of Iraq, Israel expects Iran to lead a regional war against her. That regional war was foreseen in 1870 to be the beginning of the Third World War designed to produce Antichrist (NEWS1056 and NEWS1057).

III. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor resigned on Friday, July 1, from the Supreme Court.

NEWS BRIEF: "O'Connor to Retire From Supreme Court", NewsMax, Friday, July 1, 2005

"Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court and a key swing vote on issues such as abortion and the death penalty, said Friday she is retiring. O'Connor, 75, said she expects to leave before the start of the court's next term in October, or whenever the Senate confirms her successor. There was no immediate word from the White House on who might be nominated to replace O'Connor. It's been 11 years since the last opening on the court, one of the longest uninterrupted stretches in history. O'Connor's decision gives President Bush his first opportunity to appoint a justice.

"She wasted little time building a reputation as a hard-working moderate conservative who emerged as a crucial power broker on the nine-member court ... As a "swing voter," however, O'Connor sometimes votes with more liberal colleagues. Perhaps the best example of her influence is the court's evolving stance on abortion ... O'Connor initially balked at letting states outlaw most abortions, refusing in 1989 to join four other justices who were ready to reverse the landmark 1973 decision ... Then in 1992, she helped forge and lead a five-justice majority that reaffirmed the core holding of the 1973 ruling..."

However, one of O'Connor's claims to infamy was her vote, along with Justice Kennedy, to legalize Sodomy as the Supreme Court overturned a Texas law banning homosexual consensual contact. We cover this awful decision in NEWS1830, along with an analysis of legal repercussions and a Biblical examination of a nation whose laws run counter to God's. We consider this article to be one of the very best we have ever posted.

Now, let us examine the depth to which Justice O'Connor is committed to the gay lifestyle.

NEWS BRIEF: "Brown and Lawrence (and Goodridge)", by Michael J. Klarman, University of Virginia School of Law, Paper 16, 2005

"Justice O’Connor’s constitutional jurisprudence–and, perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent, Justice Kennedy’s–reveals a strong sensitivity to public opinion ... Likewise, on abortion and affirmative action, O’Connor’s apparent shifts over time toward a more liberal position can be plausibly attributed to changes in public opinion. No Court on which O’Connor is the median justice will invalidate bans on same-sex marriage any time soon."

Mr. Klarman then goes on to state that, if public opinion sways even further toward acceptance of homosexual unions, the High Court will move further toward legalizing gay marriage. This is not the kind of "Conservative" decision making we want from our Justices. Since Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, Conservatives and/or Christians expected O'Connor to be a Conservative Justice, one who would make decisions based upon what the Constitution actually states, not on public opinion and not on the basis of a hidden Liberal agenda. Yet, O'Connor joins a long list of Justices whose performance on the bench differed widely from public perception at the beginning of their tenure, and differed widely from their previous judicial record prior to joining the High Court.

With Chief Justice Rehnquist battling cancer and expected to retire sometime this year, President Bush will have the opportunity to deliver a long-lasting impact to the High Court. We shall likely see a revival of the cry earlier this Spring to force Congress to approve the President's court nominees; the inferred result is that Bush appointees to the federal court system will be the kind of pro-life, pro-family, anti-government justices we Conservatives want with all our hearts.

However, the reality is that justices appointed by Republican presidents have delivered some of the strongest blows against our freedoms and against our Constitutional form of government than have any similar group of Liberal justices. We have posted some articles on this subject, and encourage you to read them carefully, for they provide the answers to your friends who will argue that Republican judges can turn this country around.

NEWS2031 - "HELP PRESIDENT BUSH GET HIS JUDICIAL NOMINEES THROUGH CONGRESS"! (Remembering : Terri Schiavo was killed by Republican Judges - Republican judges provided the majority to legalize Sodomy and Abortion in Roe vs Wade)

NEWS2038 - "MORE "REPUBLICAN JUDGES" PROPGANGANDA -- Bill Pryor is No Conservative -- Guest Column by Kelley McGinley of Retaking America

Let us quickly review the current lineup of Supreme Court Justices to see which President nominated them. After all, we are being told the "big lie" that judges are delivering such Liberal decisions because they were appointed by Liberal Democrat Presidents. Will you be shocked to learn that 7 of the 9 current Supreme Court Justices were nominated by "Conservative" Republican Presidents? Let us review the facts.

* Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 1993 - President Bill Clinton

* David Hackett Souter - 1990 - President George H. W. Bush - the Senior

* Clarence Thomas - 1991 - President George H. W. Bush - the Senior

* Stephen G. Breyer - 1994 - President Bill Clinton

* Antonin Scalia - 1986 - President Ronald Reagan

* John Paul Stevens - 1975 - President Gerald Ford

* William Hl Rehnquist - 1972 - President Richard Nixon

* Sandra Day O'Connor - 1918 - President Ronald Reagan

* Anthony M. Kennedy - 1988 - President Ronald Reagan ("The Face of the Court", Caption of Colored Picture, The State Newspaper, July 2, 2005, P. A1)

Count them: Seven of the nine current Justices of the Supreme Court were nominated by "Conservative" Republican Presidents! This Supreme Court which has protected abortion and legalized Sodomy is a Republican Court! We have been lied to by Bush Republicans when they say that the reason the Supreme Court and the rest of the Federal Judiciary have been issuing Liberal decisions for so many years is because they have been appointed by Liberal Presidents. This is a "Big Lie" and must be exposed. The politicians telling you otherwise are lying through their teeth.

Yet, many undiscerning Christian pastors are depending heavily upon the myth that President Bush is a real Conservative who will really appoint a pro-life judge to the Supreme Court. Either President Bush will publicly, boldly ambush Conservatives and/or Christians by appointing a pro-abortionist, or the person he appoints will actually produce a record different from public expectations. (Newsletter for October 2, 2004, Paragraph VII)

Or, we may get a Conservative like Antony Scalia, who is a member of the self-flagellating Opus Deis Roman Catholic secret society, an Illuminist through and through. (Newsletter for October 2, 2004, Paragraph VII)

Remember, the Supreme Court will not make any decisions which run counter to the overall, globalist plan.

IV. Knee-jerk reactions continued to ripple across this land in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision last week to allow private property to be seized through "Eminent Domain" if the proposed property to be build will produce a greater commercial impact in the area than the property being seized. We covered this original decision in last week's newsletter. We expect private citizens to be outraged; however, our mental red warning lights start to flash when we see politicians whose agendas are just as globalist as the Justices of the Supreme Court jumping into the fray, to rescue the poor private property owner.

Let us review the stories.

NEWS BRIEF: "Email Alert To Join In Supporting 'Protection of Homes, Small Businesses and Private Property Act of 2005', The Center For Individual Freedom, June 30, 2005

"The government can now take your home and sell it to a private developer. Nothing is to prevent the State from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall, or any farm with a factory.”

Those are the words of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in her dissent from the draconian Supreme Court ruling in the case of Kelo v The City of New London ... The Kelo decision is an outright repudiation of the most basic American principle -- constitutional protection for life, liberty and property."

"But we are not about to take this assault on our God-given liberties lying down! When we heard of this decision on Thursday, we immediately went to work. And Senator John Cornyn has already answered the call. Just hours ago, Senator Cornyn introduced legislation in the United States Senate -- The Protection of Homes, Small Businesses, and Private Property Act of 2005. This legislation will help correct the High Court's draconian Kelo decision and begin to restore our private property rights as guaranteed in the Constitution."

"Use the hyperlink below to send your personalized Blast Fax message to President George W. Bush, and the Members of the Senate Leadership ... Tell the Senate Leadership -- in no uncertain terms -- that you will view any refusal to co-sponsor this vital legislation as a rejection of basic freedom and a refusal to stand up for regular Americans over the interests of big developers and big government."

I get suspicious whenever I hear anyone appealing to people to send letters and/or emails to President Bush and to the other members of Congress who are firmly in the fold of the Globalist Plan, either publicly or privately supportive. I will never forget Dr. James Dobson's great shock when he came back from a week on Capitol Hill lobbying for specific pro-family legislation. He related how he discovered that all the votes in both houses of Congress were fixed! He could not believe it, and was shocked beyond belief. Individual lawmakers were told how they were to vote; this fact explains how both Patriot Acts I and II were passed when no legislator had ever read the full document.

When I checked Senator Cornyn's (Senator, Texas) website, it was painfully obvious he is tightly in President Bush's corner on all substantive issues -- proudly so. When a U.S. Senator is so supportive of a Skull & Bones President, I get very suspicious of the results that any such legislation would ultimately produce. Rather than reacting in knee-jerk fashion to support this legislation, discerning Christians need to watch the bill proceed, being alert to any small changes in wording that might negate any positive impact the bill may deliver. As Ross Perot used to say so often, "The devil is in the details".

The Boston Globe ran a story about this Congressional reaction against the Supreme Court ruling.

NEWS BRIEF: "Congress working on property-seizure bills", The Boston Globe, July 1, 2005

"WASHINGTON --Reacting to a recent Supreme Court decision, lawmakers are moving to make it more difficult for local governments to seize private property that stands in the way of shopping malls and other commercial development. The House approved by a 231-189 vote a bid by conservative Scott Garrett, R-N.J., to bar federal transportation funds from being used to make improvements on lands seized via eminent domain for private development."

" 'They're going to have to find their own money, instead of coming to Washington', Rep. James Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said after Thursday's vote ... Legislation in the works also would ban the use of federal funds for any project getting the go-ahead using the Kelo v. City of New London (Conn.) decision ... At least eight states -- Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, South Carolina and Washington -- already forbid the use of eminent domain for economic development unless it is to eliminate blight."

Let us carefully watch this bill, and how it proceeds. I can only hope and pray that our Congressmen will act properly and honestly to deliver the kind of bill they are promising. Then, I can only hope that the Federal Courts do not strike such legislation down.

V. As the Afghanistan war showed signs of exploding again, American forces suffered their greatest blow of this terrible war which just will not go away. In fact, the resurgence in this war could compromise our position in Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Afghanistan on the brink of chaos again", By Rachel Morarjee, Dawn The Internet Edition, July 1, 2005

"KABUL: A wave of Taliban violence culminating in the crash of a US helicopter probably hit by ground fire has brought Afghanistan to the verge of chaos and could compromise American operations in Iraq .... Analysts said that if the United States could not defend its high-tech hardware against grassroots Taliban insurgents, questions would be raised about its ability to guarantee security ahead of landmark parliamentary polls in September.“It is obvious the US military’s campaign to eliminate or weaken the Taliban has significantly failed,” said Riffat Hussain, an expert on Afghan affairs at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad. With US forces already overstretched in Iraq, and Nato troops confined to the relatively peaceful north and west of Afghanistan, the 18,000-strong US-led coalition here cannot afford to write off the Taliban ... 'If it gets out of control in Afghanistan then the American ability to keep things under control in Iraq would also be compromised', Hussain added."

How serious is this latest violence?

* "Five US soldiers and 187 other people, mostly militants, have been killed in series of bomb attacks, ambushes and clashes, compared with the 116 who died in such violence in June 2004."

* "June 2005 began with the deaths of 21 people in suicide bomb at mosque in southern Kandahar during the funeral of a cleric who was assassinated by the Taliban."

* "At least 77 militants killed in a pitched battles with Afghan and US forces in southern Afghanistan last week"

* "Two Afghan election candidates and a man traveling with a UN electoral commission worker have also been killed in the south this month."

* "Taliban can blend in with an increasingly bitter local population"

* "The rising violence has almost entirely halted rebuilding across devastated southern and eastern Afghanistan, with the UN halting its demining programmes there earlier this month after five workers were killed."

Just a few months ago, American leaders were chortling over their apparent success in Afghanistan, which had just elected a new pro-Western former oil man as President. American commanders were bragging about having "broken the back" of the insurgents. No more. The war is back with a vengeance. Last week, a Special Forces Chinook helicopter was shot down, killing 17 elite Special Forces soldiers. Let us review the story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Taliban say 'new weapon' downed Chinook", The Australian, June 30, 2005

"KABUL: A US military helicopter with 17 people aboard crashed during an anti-guerrilla mission in eastern Afghanistan and could have been shot down, the US military said today ... Afghan officials said it was hit by an insurgent rocket ... The twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook came down in remote and mountainous terrain west of Kunar's capital Asadabad ... spokesman for the Taliban rebels, Abdul Latif Hakimi, claimed guerrillas shot down the aircraft in the village of Shorak using 'a new type of weapon' he did not describe ... US and Afghan troops had sealed off the crash site to block any enemy movement toward or away from it and US aircraft were flying overhead."

After saying for a long time that casualties were not known, news reports broke yesterday that at least 16 men had died, and that at least some of them were Special Forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "N.H. native reported among 16 killed in Afghanistan", The Boston Globe, June 30, 2005

"MANCHESTER, N.H. --A New Hampshire native is reported as being among the 16 American soldiers killed when their helicopter was shot down by insurgents in Afghanistan. WMUR-TV said Thursday night. Navy SEAL Dan Healy was among those killed Tuesday ..."

Just as Americans were trying to adjust to this new loss, we were told that a Special Forces team sent to extract the dead from the Chinook crash is now missing.

NEWS BRIEF: "Team of U.S. GIs missing in Afghanistan", The Boston Globe, July 1, 2005

"KABUL, Afghanistan --U.S. forces desperately scoured rugged Afghan mountains Friday for an elite American military team missing in the same area where a U.S. helicopter was shot down. A purported Taliban spokesman claimed militants captured one of the men ... The loss of the American military team in the remote eastern mountains worsened the already stinging blow suffered by the U.S. military after 16 troops were killed Tuesday aboard the MH-47 Chinook chopper ... The missing troops are a small team from the special operations forces, said military officials, speaking Friday on the condition of anonymity because rescue operations were still under way."

Another portion of this article tells of the nationwide deteriorating military situation.

"In central Afghanistan, Taliban rebels kidnapped and killed Afghan nine tribal leaders and sent a boy to offer to exchange the bodies for those of dead militants, an official said. The tribal leaders were among 25 people killed in three days of fighting in Uruzgan province -- yet another troubling sign for a nation hit by an upswing in violence as September elections near." (Ibid.)

If the United States cannot defeat the tiny Taliban in nearly four years of fighting, how can we hope to defeat the much larger, better armed, and better trained Iraqi insurgency? Unless, of course, the plan calls for such a cease fire. as we talked about, above.

VI. The Illuminati is almost ready to achieve a goal which they have coveted for several centuries -- uniting North, Central and South America! The organizations formed to accomplish this long-term goal are called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), passed in 1993, and now CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement), in the Congress now.

Notice that this agreement is being sold on the same basis so many other deals have been brokered, and most of them have not lived up to their hype.

NEWS BRIEF: "Senate Vote on CAFTA Sends Trade Deal to Showdown in House", AP Breaking News, July 1, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) - Fresh off a victory in the Senate, the Bush administration turned to the House in the drive to conclude a free trade agreement it says will promote democracy in Central America while opening new markets to American businesses.
The House vote, expected in July, on the Central America Free Trade Agreement is certain to be close, but supporters expressed new confidence Thursday after a 54-45 vote in the Senate. The Senate win 'was a huge momentum builder', U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman said, noting that only a few weeks ago analysts were saying the agreement was in deep trouble.

"In a statement following the vote, Bush said the agreement would be 'good for American workers, good for our farmers and good for small businesses' and 'help increase sales abroad and job creation at home. "The agreement is also a strong boost for young democracies in our own hemisphere, whose success is important for America's national security and for reducing illegal immigration," the president said.

"CAFTA would further open a market of 44 million people by eliminating trade barriers to U.S. manufactured and farm goods, protecting trademarks and other intellectual property and establishing legal frameworks for U.S. investment. Last year the region purchased about $15 billion worth of U.S. goods. The administration says it is also an indispensable step toward far broader free trade agreements with other Western Hemisphere nations and under the auspices of the World Trade Organization."

Now that you know this agreement will operate "under the auspices of the World Trade Organization", you know it is Illuminist through and through. Listen now to another interpretation of CAFTA, one much more informed than this AP news story.

NEWS BRIEF: ""CAFTA Is NAFTA On Steroids!", The Liberty Committee, 29 June 2005

""CAFTA is NAFTA on steroids!" That's how one experienced trade attorney describes the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) ... The pro-CAFTA forces aren't really for true free trade. They are for global managed trade...because that is what CAFTA (like NAFTA) really is ... CAFTA fits hand-in-glove with the world-government agenda to make the U.S. just another client state. How?

* "CAFTA article 10.16.3 places the United States under the jurisdiction of international tribunals supervised by the United Nations."

* "CAFTA article 10.5.2(a) states that these international tribunals must use 'customary international law' as established by the 'principle legal systems of the world' when deciding cases. Welcome to the United Nations' world court system!"

"And then there's the unconstitutional granting of 'fast track' authority to the president. Article I, section 8, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade. But CAFTA, like NAFTA, treats the U.S. Constitution as a relic. We already suffer from the World Trade Organization and its international bureaucrats. CAFTA will add another layer of unaccountable world elites who will tell us what we can and cannot do."

"Even the French understand the critical importance of national sovereignty. They recently rejected the proposed constitution of the European Union. Remember that the E.U. started as a trade agreement in 1957, and now it is a regional supra government. NAFTA. CAFTA. And then the Union of the Americas."

Did you know that a "Union of the Americas" was envisioned by the Illuminati over 200 years ago, as part of their creation of their planned One World Government? Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason and one of the most influential Masonic leaders of all time, wrote a book entitled, "America's Assignment With Destiny: The Adepts in the Western Tradition", published by The Philosophical Research Society, 1979, In this book, Hall examines all of the Americas -- North, Central, and South. After detailing the activities of esoteric figures such as the Messiah figure named Quetzalcoatl, and of the later influence of secret Masonic Lodges throughout all the Americas, Hall quotes Simon Bolivar, of Brazil. After traveling widely outside of Brazil on behalf of Masonry, Bolivar was raised to Master Mason in the city of Paris, at the infamous Lodge of the Nine Sisters (P. 101).

Then, Hall captures the essence of the Masonic plan to unite all three segments of the Americas into one nation -- a supreme Masonic goal. Listen as Manly P. Hall describes this plan, as he captures a quote of the "Liberator", Simon Bolivar.

"The vision which the Liberator left to his people can be estimated from a few quotations. 'America', said Bolivar 1823, 'is not a problem; neither is it a fact. It is the highest and most irrefutable assignment of destiny'. In a document dated 1829, the Liberator wrote: 'I have achieved no other good than independence. That was my mission. The nations I have founded will, after prolonged and bitter agony, go into eclipse, but will later emerge as states of the one great republic, AMERICA'." (Ibid., p. 103)

Now you know why Presidents Bush, Sr., and Clinton pushed for NAFTA so severely, as it not only fit into the 10-nation reorganization plan which fulfilled Bible prophecy, but its existence fits into the plan of Illuminized Freemasonry to join all the Americas into one gigantic nation. CAFTA seems to be the planned vehicle to join South and Central America to the three nations comprising NAFTA. The result will be "AMERICA", as envisioned by Masons like Simon Bolivar.

Now you know the truth as to why this CAFTA is getting such specialized treatment from the Congress and the White House. They are about to enact a 200-year-old dream of Freemasonry!

VII. Israeli Prime Minister Sharon issued a thinly veiled warning to all "Right-Wing" religious extremists not to cross him severely as he directs his Unilateral Withdrawal Plan, or he is prepared to really "crack heads".

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon: Radical gangs are trying to terrorize Israeli society", Ha'aretz News, July 1, 2005

"Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem on Thursday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon slammed right-wing extremists for using violence in their campaign against the disengagement plan, calling them 'radical gangs' that will be handled 'with an iron fist'. Sharon told the Caesarea Economic Forum: "I make an absolutely clear distinction between [the wide settler public] and those radical gangs that try to terrorize Israeli society and tear it apart with acts of violence against Jews and Arabs ... bullying and refusing orders. This is not the way of Judaism. This is not the way of the settlement movement. This is not the way of Israel', he said."

I bet the religiously observant Jews who are resisting being thrown out of their Biblically mandated lands by a secular, Illuminized Israeli government, do not look at themselves in these dark terms. They see themselves as the true Israel, the genuine patriotic Jew who wants nothing more, nor less, than the land which the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob promised to Israel. However, as I learned in the House of Theosophy seminar on August 18, 1991, the secular leadership of Israel is looking for a way in which to completely ruin the power and influence of the religiously observant Jew.

A foreign news source details Sharon's real intentions very well.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon orders security crackdown on far-right Jews", China Daily, June 30, 2005

"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he had ordered 'every necessary step' to be taken to prevent Jewish ultranationalists from trying to derail his Gaza withdrawal plan through violence and road blockades ... It was the worst day of violence between Israeli police and soldiers and ultranationalists bent on scuttling Sharon's plan to evacuate all 21 Jewish settlements in the occupied Gaza Strip and four of 120 in the West Bank in August ... 'Every incident of this sort of rampaging must stop. I have given clear instructions. We will take every necessary step so that life in Israel proceeds normally', Sharon told the daily Yedioth Ahronoth."

"Israeli soldiers later stormed the building and ousted the Kach members, mainly youths, who had been intent on establishing a stronghold of resistance to the planned settler evacuation. Thirty rightists were arrested. Israeli police also arrested 150 anti-pullout demonstrators who tried to block highways around Israel during Wednesday's evening rush hour ... 'We cannot let a small group of law breakers impose a reign of terror' ... Israeli media said security forces would put a number of radicals under detention without trial and that judicial officials would demand harsh sentences for demonstrators blocking roads or those who throw nails on them."

An Israeli news source then gave the real reason Sharon is getting this tough this early in the Disengagement fight.

NEWS BRIEF: "Analysis: Fanatics steal the show", The Jerusalem Post, June 30, 2005

"The fanatics are stealing the show and the security forces are content with that. It will give them and excuse to clamp down hard sooner than planned and that will make the evacuation easier on the long run. Not only do the pictures of violence by the young, Jewish extremist play into the army's hands, the IDF will be able to knock off two birds with one stone ... It is turning out that every meeting between the army and opponents to the withdrawal becomes increasingly more violent, both verbally and physically. To keep from losing control, the army declared the area a closed military zone ... According to the IDF's original blueprint for the Gush Katif evacuation, Harel was to declare the entire Gaza Strip a closed military zone 40 days before the beginning of the evacuation.

"That would come at the end of next week. It entails a naval blockade from the sea so that no unauthorized person will enter. The IDF and Police will also erect roadblocks on major roads toward Gaza in the Negev to prevent opponents to the disengagement from reaching Gush Katif. Most of the Gush Katif residents are law-abiding people, about to suffer the trauma of being thrown out of their homes. Some have internalized this and prepared for the transfer. Others have yet to do so. Either way, they have six weeks left of semi-normality."

Apparently, Israeli leadership believes they can garner more public support amongst a generally secular Jewish population by cracking a few "radical" heads now, early in the disengagement process. The IDF hopes to "kill two birds with one stone", as was stated above. These two birds are:

1. Convince the Israeli secular public that the government wants peace, but is being badly opposed by "radical right-wing" religious extremists.

2. To thoroughly intimidate the regular, normal citizens living in the targeted settlements, thus causing them to more meekly accept the government withdrawal order.

Israel is about to go through a very severe time of testing as she withdraws the Jewish settlers from areas now living in predominately Palestinian areas. However, the real time of national testing will come immediately after the withdrawal is completed, as this next segment reveals.

VIII. Even as Israel mobilizes her police and military forces to forcibly remove Jewish settlers from their homes, the Palestinian Authority is quietly getting the Palestinians ready to go into combat -- serious combat.

NEWS BRIEF: "PA Arabs Readying for Combat", Israel National News, June 29, 2005

"IDF intelligence sources have learned that the Arabs of Judea/Samaria are at the height of general preparations for the battles widely expected to follow the planned expulsion/abandonment of Gaza. The reports say that food and medicine - and weapons - are being stockpiled in villages and cities throughout the PA-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria ... This stockpiling is of special concern, army elements say, because it is reminiscent of the measures the Arabs took before they initiated the Oslo War in late 2000. Among the arms being amassed are light weapons, mortar shells, rockets and more.

"... the security establishment is particularly concerned that the shift of the center of fighting from Gaza to Judea/Samaria (Yesha) is more dangerous from several standpoints. The Arab and Jewish populations in Yesha are physically much closer to each other than in Gaza, placing the Jews in greater danger. In addition, the Arabs have greater accessibility to the roadways on which Jewish citizens drive to and from their communities. In addition to conventional threats on Jewish traffic, the threat of Arab rockets, including accurate anti-tank rockets, is also being taken into account. Such weapons could also endanger reinforced vehicles ,,, IDF officers have informed security coordinators in many Yesha communities that they must begin preparing the residents and emergency teams for the coming offensive."

As we have stated before, the Palestinians want to annihilate Israel and take over their whole land for their coveted "Palestinian State". However, discerning Palestinian leaders know the Israeli plan is to annihilate them, so they are fighting this latest chapter in the Oslo Accords with all their might. Additionally, we may be seeing the beginnings of the Palestinian preparations envisioned in the Palestinian/Syrian/Egyptian war against an Israel weakned from within (NEWS1057)

IX. Anti-disengagement leaders warn their followers to be aware of "government provocateurs" who might try to stir up a planned violent event which could be blamed on the settlers and give the Israeli government an excuse to react much more strongly against the protesters.

NEWS BRIEF: "Road-Blocking Organizers: Beware of Gov´t Provocateurs", Israel National News, June 29, 2005

"Oil and nails were spilled onto the right lane of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway Wednesday morning in an act that anti-disengagement activists suspect is a provocation by the government. No injuries were reported, but long traffic jams resulted near the town of Kfar Chabad, where the nails and oil were deposited on the road. Police reported that twenty vehicles sustained flat tires ... 'We do not put oil and nails on the roads and whomever does such a thing is a provocateur', said a statement by the 'Bayit Leumi' anti-expulsion civil disobedience organization. 'Anyone who witnesses or knows of such acts that endanger the public is requested to inform the police. Sharon and the left are looking for pretexts and the smell of 'Champagne' is in the air'. Champagne was the code-name of GSS-provocateur Avishai Raviv who carried out acts to delegitimize the right-wing during the first half of the 90's."

A 'government provocateur' is an agent really working for the government who has infiltrated an anti-government organization. His purpose is to deliberately create a situation which the government can blame the anti-government organization. The objective is to either discredit the anti-government forces or to create a pretext by which the government can take an action they have always wanted to take, but needed an aroused public opinion to allow them to act.

The most famous of all 'government provocateur' operations was the night Hitler's men set fire to the German Reichstag Parliament building so they could blame the Communists. A short time later, Hitler was the all-powerful dictator of Germany, having dismantled the democratic republic.

The most famous of recent 'government provocateur' operations was the attack on the World Trade Centers and The Pentagon on 9/11 (NEWS1756 and articles on the Illuminati Card Game). Following this planned attack, President Bush was able to ride the crest of public opinion to launch wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and to get Congress to pass the most draconian dictatorial laws since the days of Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, known as Patriot Acts I and II. The President of the United States can now accomplish what Hitler did, i.e., dismantle our Constitutional form of government and become absolute dictator.

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "VETERANS ADMINISTRATION (VA) IS BEING FLOODED BY 103,000 NEW APPLICATIONS FOR MEDICAL CARE FROM SERVICEMEN RETURNING FROM IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN" -- IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE WAVE OF DEPLETED URANIUM POISONING? Are we beginning to see the expected sheer numbers of sick and dying servicemen starting to congregate at the Veteran's Administration, demanding treatment for their "mysterious illnesses"? Cutting Edge has been warning for two full years that virtually everyone who has served in this war will eventually get sick and die; if our teaching has been correct all along, we should be seeing such a large number of soldiers sick that the government cannot hide it any more. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2051.cfm



* "BILLY GRAHAM SOILS HIS EVANGELIST'S ROBE BY EXCHANGING LOVING COMPLIMENTS WITH BILL CLINTON" - Rev. Graham said Bill Clinton would be a good Christian evangelist and that Hillary should "run the country". In expressing his long-standing devotion to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Billy Graham showed the same worldly heart which prompted Dr. Cathy Burns her to write, "Billy Graham: A Hidden Agenda". -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2050.cfm

When Rev. Graham continually brags up his close relationships with key Illuminists of the past 40 years, this Scripture comes to mind ---

"Indeed all who delight in piety and are determined to live a devoted and godly life in Christ Jesus will meet with persecution, will be made to suffer because of their religious stand." (2 Timothy 3:12; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Behold A Pale Horse

* "C.I.A. AGENTS ARE FORCIBLY KIDNAPPING TERRORIST SUSPECTS IN FRIENDLY COUNTRIES, FLYING THEM TO MIDDLE EAST ALLIES EXPERT IN TORTURE -- JUST AS BUSH ORDERED IN 2002! Italy is bitterly demanding answers from the C.I.A. after charging 13 agents with illegally seizing an Arab terrorist suspect on the streets of Milan and flying him to Egypt to be tortured without any legal protection. As the outrage grows in Italy and in other nations friendly to America, we want to know why these governments are reacting with such outrage and shock, when President Bush's policy to capture - even kill - suspects on foreign soil was noted by Cutting Edge in August, 2002. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2049.cfm

* "IS SOMEONE IN THE G.O.P. CAMP USING AN OLD PROPAGANDA TRICK IN ORDER TO FALSELY DISCREDIT CRITICS OF THE PRESIDENT? Three major news stories in the past eight months have broken into the public consciousness, created a great stir, only to develop "problems" with the source. Is someone in the G.O.P. camp using the old propaganda ploy to leak stories with real facts, but with a deliberately created problem with the source? We note the pattern and leave the question up to you. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2048.cfm

---------Conclusion----------------He clinched his teeth while he cried, "Hell, Hell, Hell!"

Near L----- live P--- K-----, talented and wealthy, but a hater of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the Holy Bible. He talked, lectured and published books and tracts against the Savior and the sacred Scriptures, circulating them freely wherever he could. His influence for evil had been very great in all that area for years.

From a near neighbor and from members of his household the following facts were learned concerning his death: His death-bed beggared description. He clinched his teeth, and blood spurted from his nostrils while he cried 'Hell! Hell! Hell!' with a terror that no pen can describe. A neighbor declared that he heard him a quarter of a mile away.

His family could not endure the agony of that death-bed scene. They fled to an adjoining wood across the road, and there remained among the trees until all became quiet at home. One by one they ventured back, to find the husband and father cold in death. He literally had been left to die alone, abandoned of God and of man. (S.B. Shaw, "Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved", 1898)

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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