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---------- Inspiration For the Week---------------------- We Are Expendable

Precious in the sight of the LORD," says the psalmist, "is the death of His godly ones" (Psalm 116:15). And the Lord God declares, "I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked" (Ezekiel 33:11). Together these verses wonderfully illustrate a tremendous Bible truth. And they raise provocative questions. Is the Christian therefore expendable? Is the believer's life to be redemptively poured out in sacrifice for the sake of those who are strangers to God?

After all, the Apostle Paul stated his willingness to lay down his life for his people:

"Even if my lifeblood must be poured out as a libation on the sacrificial offering of your faith to God, still I am glad to do it and congratulate you all on your share in it." [Philippians 2:17; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

It is honoring to the Lord that we are willing to lay down our lives for one another as He laid down His life for us. God's willingness to sacrifice the lives of His children in the ministry of redemption does not at all indicate a diminished love toward those who are rightly related to Him. Rather, it magnifies the value of those who are still estranged to Him and for whom He shed His life's blood.

If our literal death were precious in His sight, precious also in His sight would be the death that is reckoned to us by faith. He must be pleased indeed when, through our union with Him, we appropriate His crucifixion. Yes, my friend, we are expendable. God is pleased to use our death as His instrument of life. Christians, who by His life have died to self and are alive unto God, minister life to those who are terribly alive to their natural fleshly corruption. Those who are bound hopelessly to this fleeting world find great encouragement in those who are separated from its attraction and hold. This attraction is most often expressed, "How could you be so happy when things are so terrible?" Jesus alluded to this attraction when He said:

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." [John 12:32]


All day, every day, God allows us to be slaughtered as sacrificial sheep for the salvation of the wicked.

How privileged we are as His sheep, in the wisdom of God, to enter His sacrificial courts with thanksgiving and praise. God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. We must be willing to die a thousand deaths that the wicked would live to bring joy to His heart. Such thoughts on this subject not only challenge my heart, but also cause it to respond in worship and praise:

Thou art not willing the wicked should perish;
For their salvation we everything give;
Precious the death of the saints Thou dost cherish;
We are expendable! Let sinners live!
We are expendable! By our volition
We pour our lives out, as ointment, in haste;
Constrained by love, without cost or condition!
We deem it worship; the world calls it waste! ["God's Dawn For Every Darkness", Brother Ed Miller]

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

1. Russia, China, and South Korea are planning for nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula! Remember the New World Order plan regarding the role the Korean Peninsula is planned to play in the coming World War III:

"A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981; NOTE: Lemesurier is a major New World Order author]

The propaganda that has been gradually conditioning mankind to the possibility of a nuclear war with North Korea goes all the way back to the early stage of the Clinton Presidency; at that time, President Clinton was threatening to attack the North Korean nuclear processing plant to keep this regime from developing and deploying nuclear weapons. Clinton sent Former President Jimmy Carter in 1994 to North Korea to "negotiate" an end to that regime's nuclear processing program. We promised to give North Korea a lot of economic assistance plus nuclear reactors that supposedly could not be used for processing weapon's grade plutonium; what did we get in return? We got a North Korean soft pledge that, maybe, around the year 2000, they would consider giving up their nuclear program.

From the moment the pleasant words died out in 1994, the North Koreans were left pretty much alone, except for a brief moment in 1998-1999, when North Korea demonstrated missile capability to reach Japan; Clinton responded in typical fashion, fully appeasing the Koreans and offering much cash ["Lessons of a Nuclear North Korea: The Clinton 'engagement' was a failure", The Weekly Standard, 10/28/2002]

In mid-2002, President Bush declared virtual war on three "Axis of Evil" nations that he says the U.S. must bring down. These nations were: Iraq, Iran, North Korea. Through the rest of 2002, the focus was upon our impending war against Iraq, resulting in the rhetoric about North Korea virtually dying out.

Since January, 2003, the rhetoric of a probable nuclear war with North Korea has been getting increasingly harsh. In contrast to Saddam Hussein, who has always steadfastly denied he possessed atomic weapons, North Korea has proudly boasted her potency in these weapons. As we have demonstrated in past articles, there is strong evidence that North Korea possesses at least 100 nuclear warheads, with the missile capacity to deliver them either to the American East Coast or to the Middle East [Read NEWS1781, showing a map depicting the range of North Korean missiles].

Now, as the rhetoric is getting harsher by the day, we learn that Russia, China, and South Korea are actively making preparations to protect their people living in the vicinity of the North Korean border should nuclear war break out! Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia tightens security measures in case of nuke conflict on Korean peninsula", The Russia Journal, July 18, 2003.

"MOSCOW - Russia is taking steps to protect itself from the possible use of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov said Thursday ... China and South Korea, were also taking measures to increase security in the region, where tensions are strained over North Korea's alleged nuclear program."

Even as the propaganda coming out of Washington, D.C., wavers between a belief that North Korea has nuclear weapons to an outright professed skepticism, North Korea's neighbors are acting to prevent their lands lying adjacent to North Korea from being devastated. As an exercise in propaganda, this story is priceless in furthering the goal of panicking all the peoples of the world.

Also yesterday, we read that North Korea is moving still more heavy artillery up to the DMZ! When North Korea has completed her move of heavy artillery forward, she has the capability of launching 500,000 rounds of artillery against Seoul per hour, and can sustain that level for approximately 6 hours! [Read NEWS1839]. A long-time friend of mine, a retired Army Major, who served two terms in South Korea, is quite blunt when he says that both Seoul and our forward-deployed troops would be devastated in about 3 hours.

Further, in NEWS1805, we reported that North Korea was getting her army completely ready for war launch; by April 30, these preparations were fully complete. Since then, a fully war-ready North Korean Army has been sitting on the DMZ, idling in neutral, waiting for the order to attack. Now, we learn that North Korea is moving still more heavy artillery to the DMZ?

What is America's response to all of this war rhetoric and preparation? We talk about desiring a peaceful solution and ask Russia and China to intervene with North Korea; however, we dismiss all political solutions that have ever been put forward, and last week, the Pentagon leaked a report that is likely to greatly stoke the fires of war. Listen:

"NEWS BRIEF: "Upping the ante for Kim Jong Il: Pentagon Plan 5030, a new blueprint for facing down North Korea", usnews.com, By Bruce B. Auster and Kevin Whitelaw, 7/21/2003

"Within the past two months, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has ordered U.S. military commanders to devise a new war plan for a possible conflict with North Korea. Elements of the draft, known as Operations Plan 5030, are so aggressive that they could provoke a war, some senior Bush administration officials tell U.S. News ... Administration insiders, who are critical of the plan, say it blurs the line between war and peace. The plan would give commanders in the region authority to conduct maneuvers -- before a war has started -- to drain North Korea's limited resources, strain its military, and perhaps sow enough confusion that North Korean generals might turn against the country's leader, Kim Jong IL 'Some of the things [Fargo] is being asked to do,' says a senior U.S. official, 'are, shall we say, provocative'."

Rumsfeld may be preparing to publicly goad North Korea into war. Note the wording in this above paragraph: "... devise a new war plan for a possible conflict with North Korea." Later, this article stated that this plan is being implemented by "many of the same administration hard-liners who advocated regime change in Iraq." That list would include Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Assistant Defense Secretary Wolfowitz, President Bush and Vice President Cheney. If these four administration officials are backing this plan, war seems certain, just as certain as Peter Lemesurier wrote in his book! This new plan is called a "War Plan", and that usually denotes a firm battle plan.

Now, let us continue with this article, to describe the kinds of "provocative actions" Rumsfeld has ordered.

"One scenario in the draft involves flying RC-135 surveillance flights even closer to North Korean airspace, forcing Pyongyang to scramble aircraft and burn scarce jet fuel. Another option: U.S. commanders might stage a weeks-long surprise military exercise, designed to force North Koreans to head for bunkers and deplete valuable stores of food, water, and other resources. The current draft of 5030 also calls for the Pentagon to pursue a range of tactical operations that are not traditionally included in war plans, such as disrupting financial networks and sowing disinformation."

"Some administration officials and military experts say they consider these tactics dangerously provocative. What would happen, they ask, if North Korea shot down an RC-135 or lobbed artillery at South Korea?"

From my experience in the U.S. Army Intelligence, this plan is nonsense! North Korean officers on the scene will have just minutes to decide whether incoming U.S. jets are penetrating airspace because they are really going to attack targets or whether they are just faking it in order to force the North to use "scarce fuel" supplies. If an officer decides the incoming jets are just faking it, and does not fire upon them, he is likely to be executed once the jets penetrate, proceed to target, and destroy that target. Therefore, local commanders are likely to fire first and answer questions from higher authorities later.

If a North Korean general sees a sudden surge of formidable forces heading for his border, is he going to sit back to wait for them to gain a tactical edge before he counterattacks? I think not! If these plans are truly drawn up, their real purpose might be to try to gain a few seconds or minutes to get to their target before the North Koreans will attack. But, these aggressive new plans just also might provoke the very war we say we are trying to prevent. However, such provocation could fulfill the Illuminati plan.

And that brings us back to the "hair-raising confrontation that may threaten man's survival". Let us listen to the concluding remarks of this article:

"... if the Pentagon gives commanders more authority to take aggressive actions in peacetime, as contemplated in Plan 5030, it risks tripping over the president's--and Congress's--authority to commit the nation to war, says a senior official. 'Who decides when to go to war?' the official asks. 'Good question'."

Just yesterday, we learned that Western Intelligence has just announced their belief that North Korea has a secret nuclear weapons processing facility, in addition to the one we have long heard about [Posted in Daily Newsupdates, July 20, 2003]. It is irrelevant as to whether this revelation is true; the only matter which is relevant is that Western Intelligence is announcing it to be true. Remember, we invaded Iraq simply on a declaration by Western Intelligence that Saddam had WMD; we may go to war in North Korea on the same basis.

Thus, the war drums on the Korean Peninsula are being beaten loudly and clearly, with all parties getting ready to fight a "hair-raising" nuclear war. However, the Korean Peninsula war was not supposed to start until the Middle East had exploded into all-out conflagration. Let us examine the news out of the Middle East to see if any war signs are appearing there.

2. Iraq -- Developments this week were numerous and potentially very important.

** Saddam may be about ready to launch attack and U.S. troops go on full alert -- As we noted in last week's newsletter, intelligence services were reporting that Saddam was, indeed, back in the country with his two sons, and preparing to launch a full-scale attack. This past week, we learned that certain key Iraqi military officers trained in the use of WMD have suddenly disappeared from their homes, thus raising the possibility that Saddam has begun a call-up of soldiers. U.S. troops went on full alert all throughout Iraq this past week.

Intelligence services were reporting that Saddam has hidden his men and weaponry in key underground locations in the desert North and West. Read the story from DEBKAfile, 15 July 2003, "U.S. Intelligence Believes Saddam Has Hidden WMD In Desert Enclaves Well Protected", posted in Daily News Updates on July 18, 2003]

** American soldiers are dropping from a "Mysterious Illness" reported to be Depleted Uranium poisoning. Let us review a couple of key stories:

NEWS BRIEF: "Mystery illness kills Missouri soldier: Josh Neusche died Saturday; his family waits for answers", News-Leader.com, Springfield, Missouri, July 16, 2003, posted on Daily News Updates, July 18, 2003]

"Missouri National Guard Spc. Josh Neusche, 20, died Saturday at the Homburg Hospital in Germany from a mysterious illness ... Family and friends are awaiting the soldier's body ... They are also waiting for autopsy results, and his parents ... are calling for an investigation. 'He's always been healthy,' Mark Neusche said. 'Hell, he's a cross-country runner. There's no reason for a boy of his health to deteriorate so quickly.' Cindy Neusche said her son collapsed July 2 while in Baghdad and was transported to Germany. Doctors there told the family they believed Josh suffered from pneumonia due to fluid that had collected on his lungs. But then his liver, kidneys and muscles started to break down."

What kind of illness could cause a normally healthy, athletic young man of 20 to suddenly collapse in Baghdad and die over the next few days because his internal organs shut down? For weeks, we have been warning of the dangers to our soldiers and to Iraqi civilians of Depleted Uranium [Read NEWS1804 as to how our poisoning of Iraq may fulfill Isaiah 13]. While American news media has been exceedingly quiet on this subject, foreign news media has not. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq", IslamOnline.net, July 17, 2003.

"BAGHDAD, July 17 – Several mysterious diseases were reported among a number of American troops within the vicinity of Baghdad airport, a military source closely close to NATO unveiled. U.S. soldiers deployed around Baghdad airport started showing symptoms of mysterious fever, itching, scars and dark brown spots on the skin ... three soldiers who suffered these symptoms did not respond to medical treatment in Iraqi hospitals and were flown to Washington for medication ... On April 25, the British Observer quoted military sources as affirming that depleted uranium shells and bombs used by U.S. and British troops during Iraq invasion were five times more than the number used during 1991 Gulf war. The Pentagon had admitted shelling Iraq with about 350 tons of depleted uranium in 1991, aggravating cancerous tumors cases among Iraqis."

In NEWS1804, we reported that for a few years after 1991, untold numbers of Iraqi babies were born with grievous birth defects. A Cutting Edge subscriber served in the Marine Corps, and was stationed in Kuwait in 1996. He saw the effects of Depleted Uranium poisoning first hand. Even though he wishes to remain anonymous, he has agreed to allow us to post his first-hand testimony, exactly as he emailed to me on May 1, 2003. This is the scene he witnessed over and over again while serving in Kuwait.

"When I was in Kuwait, back in 96, I saw some of the most horrible things , that still haunt my dreams to this day from DU. I literally saw children born with there (sic) butts where there (sic) head would be."

The first question you will undoubtedly ask is, "why have we not heard of any reports in our newspapers and television"? In late February, 2003, the Pentagon announced that it was going to severely restrict the flow of news to American mass media; therefore, we began to use mostly foreign sources for our Daily News Updates, giving us remarkably accurate news as to how the war was progressing. The fact is, our news is almost totally controlled by the Illuminati, even some of the major "alternate" news sources. We should not expect to hear that we have carried out two nuclear wars against Iraq and that we have killed our own soldiers in the progress. This article speaks to this news blackout.

" The military source reported a media blackout by U.S. officials to hide such information from the public." [Ibid.]

The greatest danger to our men is not the Iraqi fighter; the greatest danger is breathing in the air polluted by our own Depleted Uranium. Since our leaders have been warned from early 1991 onward as to how Depleted Uranium visited nuclear radiation illnesses upon the Iraqi people and upon our own soldiers -- illnesses disguised as "Gulf War Syndrome" -- Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are without excuse. They knew the effects of D.U. but they invaded anyway.

Since different soldiers will react differently and at various times, we should expect to hear many more cases of this "Mysterious Illness".

** A campaign has evidently begun to assassinate Iraq officials cooperating with American authorities -- When we took over Baghdad, our men were surprised that the Iraqi people were NOT welcoming us with open arms, but were sullen and very angry. However, since we have visited such nuclear poisoning upon them in these past 13 years, how could we expect them to welcome us with open arms? With this understanding, we should expect a backlash from angry Muslim citizens against those people who would dare step forward to cooperate with American authorities to set up a post-Saddam government. Indeed, that backlash seems to be accelerating.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pro-American mayor, son killed in Iraq", The Jerusalem Post, July 20, 2003.

"The pro-American mayor of the western city of Hadithah was shot and killed driving through the town Wednesday in escalating violence in Iraq ... Mayor Mohammed Nayil al-Jurayfi's car was shot up by unidentified attackers as he drove through the city of about 150,000 about 150 miles northwest of Baghdad. Al-Jazeera also said residents of the city had accused the mayor of collaborating with coalition forces."

We are going to be in for a very long haul if the population turns against us like the Vietnamese population!

** "New U.S. Commander Makes It Official Now: Guerilla War In Iraq!", DEBKAfile, 17 July 2003.

"US forces in Iraq placed on raised alert for anniversary of Baath coup Thursday, day after US Central Command Gen. Abizaid became first American leader to term attacks against US troops guerilla war. He said it was staged by Baathists, former Republican Guardsmen and 'significant terrorist groups' ... Pentagon considering calling up 10,000 National Guard soldiers for winter service to bolster “thin-on-the-ground” forces in Iraq – Wall Street Journal."

DEBKAfile later reported that the latest attacks on American forces are being carried out by very well-trained commandos, not by helter-skelter terrorists. Since Saddam was reported back in Iraq, these attacks have begun claiming at least one American soldier nearly every day. Just as Iran planned her counter strategy, America is getting stuck in the quagmire of Iraq; now, Iran must be getting ready to "light many fires" [NEWS1794]; that campaign has as its centerpiece a raging conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

3. Israel and the "Palestinian State" -- News in this tortured land was up and down all week long. On the one hand, Palestinians kept murdering Jews and kept organizing their militia for further attacks once the time for the "hudna" ceasefire is over. On the other hand, diplomatic stories appeared nearly daily that seemed to declare that the "Road Map" plan was working out wonderfully. Let us cover both sides briefly:

** Palestinian Terror -- NEWS BRIEF: "The 'Road Map' appears to be a roadmap to terror!", DEBKAfile, 18 July 2003.

"West Bank: Arafat's Fatah has stepped up recruitment to the Tanzim militia and its suicide arm, the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the two groups which carry the brunt of terrorist attacks in and from the West Bank. It is dismantling old units and creating new ones ready for a fresh terror offensive. Logistical structures are being located in different hideouts and taking delivery of quantities of explosives and new weapons flooding in from Syria and Lebanon. Damascus is also relaying huge sums of money - mostly from sources in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Gaza Strip: Since the Gaza Strip was handed over to the Palestinians, twice as many weapons and explosives are being smuggled in through the Egyptian and Israeli borders and by sea. More than 24 Palestinian weapons factories are in full production, having been furnished with orders, materials and cash for augmenting their production lines and doubling output."

At the end of this report, Israeli intelligence analysts reached the conclusion that the only explanation for the furious pace of Palestinian rearmament, recruitment, renovation and expansion is Arafat's determination to "pursue the course of violence."

Notice this intelligence estimate that Arafat and his lieutenants are using the Muslim "Hudna" ceasefire exactly in the manner in which Mohammed the Prophet originally stipulated: When facing a superior armed force, seek a temporary "hudna" ceasefire in which Muslim forces can rearm, resupply and prepare for the final onslaught that will bring them victory.

** Diplomacy -- NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon to offer Abbas release of Hamas, Jihad prisoners", The Jerusalem Post, July 20, 2003.

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is expected to tell Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting Sunday that Israel will release some Islamic Jihad and Hamas prisoners without "blood on their hands," senior Israeli diplomatic officials confirmed Saturday night ... The officials said these Islamic Jihad and Hamas prisoners will be from the organizations' "civic branches," and include only those "not involved in murdering people."

Now, why would Israel be releasing terrorists so they can go back to either planning new terror attacks, or participating in such attacks? Even though Sharon is careful to state that Israel would not be releasing terrorists who had actually killed Jews, this is mere window dressing because many of these men were leaders who plotted suicide attacks that have killed many Jews; these leaders did not actually pull the trigger of the gun or push the button on the suicide belt, so they technically do not "have murder on their hands". Once they are released, they will join Arafat's new, and possibly final, terrorist assault on Israel, one that very well may bring Israel into all-out war, just as Iran planned in her strategy of "lighting many fires".

Last week, we reported the DEBKAfile Intelligence reports that Arafat is likely preparing his all-out assault on Israel to occur at the same time Saddam is going to initiate his Stage Two of the Iraq War. Should this occur, the Middle East will likely blow up into the fiery conflagration that will officially begin the World War III. Even though we have taught this reality in many previous articles, let us reiterate the fact that the Illuminati has been planning three world wars to produce Antichrist since 1870, fully 133 years ago! You need to read all the details in NEWS1056, "Pike's Third World War Planned To Produce Antichrist - Part 1 of 2".

This demonic vision given Masonic leader Albert Pike in January, 1870, told Pike that three world wars would have to be fought to produce Antichrist. The Pike Plan to overthrow the Judeo-Christian Old World Order, and establish the Satanic New World Order foresaw the need for war. However, this war was not the type of warfare the world had seen historically. This war was to be on a much larger scale than history had ever recorded. This war was to be global, or world-wide; the world had never seen a "world war" before!

I. The First World War was designed to enable the Czarist Government in Russia to be finally and completely overthrown. The new Russian government was foreseen to be atheistic and militaristic. Further, Pike specified that this new Russian Government was to be Communistic. Karl Marx had published his Communist Manifesto in 1848, exactly 22 years before this occultic prophecy through Albert Pike.

History records that this First World War did, indeed, occur just as listed, above. The Western powers in Europe, in conjunction with the United States, financed Lenin's expedition into Russia, they financed his government consistently, and we have financed Russian Communism at least once per decade since then, just to keep it afloat. The concept is "Controlled Conflict Brings About Controlled Change". To carry this goal out successfully, you must control both sides of the "conflict".

II. The Second World War was foreseen to originate between Great Britain and Germany. However, one of the planned results of this war was to strengthen the new Communist Russian government, so that it could weaken and destroy other governments and religions.

History again records that the Second World War did, indeed, accomplish this objective. The war started when Germany invaded Poland, causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany. Very soon, the troika (3's) of powers were set up to wage this war. Black Magick occultists allied themselves when Germany linked with Italy and Japan; White Magic occultists allied themselves together as Great Britain linked with the United States and Russia. Do not be deceived. This war was fought between two (2) New World Order forces, the "evil" alliance of the Axis Powers and the "good" alliance of the Allied Powers; the war was between the Black Magick forces against the White Magic forces.

Certainly, the Pike vision of the Second World War building Russian Communism into a super power was fulfilled to a startling degree. Historians have always been mystified as to how Churchill and Roosevelt could have given away all of Eastern Europe to the Soviets, when the preponderance of power was significantly against the Soviets. Clearly, when Roosevelt and Churchill ceded all of Eastern Europe to the Communist Government of Russia, that move completed its transition to a super power, exactly as Pike's vision had foretold. And, let us not forget that the Second World War had given Russia capabilities it had not possessed before the War. Not only did we build up the Russian military to a frightful degree, but we had also built entire factories East of Moscow that gave Russia an instant manufacturing base. Even though Russia had paid dearly in human lives during the War, they came out of the conflict a superpower. Thanks to Roosevelt, Russia now had a kingdom to go along with its new military and industrial base.

Now, you know that Freemason President Roosevelt gave this territory to Russia simply and only because he was being true to Pike's vision of 1870!! You will never read this true history in any of your books!!

III. The Third World War was foreseen to be between Judaism and Islam. This prophecy is incredible in many ways, beginning with the understanding that this prophecy of a third world war occurred in 1870, a time when Israel did not exist as a nation, and when no one except Fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians believed it would ever exist again.

Remember Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24 that the End of the Age would be brought in by "wars and rumors of wars, of nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom"! Therefore, this Illuminist plan to deliberately start three world wars, punctuated by numerous smaller conflicts, in order to produce their Antichrist, is fully in sync with Bible prophecy! No war in the 20th Century needed to have been fought; every war was deliberately started by the Illuminati. You can see this truth by the manner in which the First World War ended. In order to signal to fellow occultists throughout the world that the first world war of Pike's vision had been successfully concluded, the Illuminati staged the signing of the Armistice to occur according to their "sacred numbers". To the Illuminati, the number "11" is the number of their Antichrist -- in accord with Daniel 7:7-8, where Antichrist is the 11th horn. Do you remember your history?

The World War I Armistice was signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month [November]!

The world now stands at the beginning of the long-planned World War III, with Iraq simply being the trigger for that war. Once the conflict in the Middle East begins, North Korea is to take action that will plunge the peninsula into "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea (that) threaten man's very survival."

Once you see this part of the scenario unfolding, you will know the world stands at the "end of the period" of the plan to produce Antichrist.

4. Iraqi War Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) controversy turned deadly last week. A couple weeks ago, a British scientist who worked for the Blair government in preparing the dossier which presented a bold and startling picture of Iraq's WMD, declaring Saddam's program to be a profound threat to Western nations, stepped forward to drop a verbal bombshell. Dr. David Kelley declared that he had been ordered by Blair officials to "sex-up" the facts, i.e., to make the threat appear stronger than it really was. Dr. Kelley actually testified before a committee in Parliament on this issue.

The resulting furor was so strong, British police and secret service whisked Dr. Kelley to a "safe house" where no one would know where he was. On Friday, July 18, Dr. Kelley was discovered a short distance from the "safe house" with wrists said to be slit, and very dead. When police declared this death to be "suicide", the suspicion immediately arose that Dr. Kelley was murdered by government officials. For those who have trouble believing a government "elected by the people" could actually murder a citizen, we urge you to read NEWS1595, about "Operation Northwoods".

5. Surveillance Society -- RFID Nightmare - Leading to "Mark of the Beast"? Before we begin to discuss this most interesting subject, let us quickly review Revelation 13:16 to see the full societal implications of this implant commonly called the "Mark of the Beast".

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." [Rev 13:16-17]

We can see two very important societal issues in this verse. First, we see that an absolute global dictatorship must be in place to "cause all" to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead. This verse strongly implies that the False Prophet and/or his police state apparatus who are administering the "Mark of the Beast" program, are able to know the exact whereabouts of every person on earth. No one will escape their scrutiny; when the time comes for the Mark to be administered, every person on earth will be located and brought forth.

Second, we see that this Mark will have unparalleled economic control, for "no man might buy or sell" without the Mark. Therefore, this Mark will be required to buy everything within society, including a small candy bar, or paying the junior high student to mow your lawn. This prophecy clearly demands a cashless society which is coming down upon our head like a suffocating blanket.

Thirdly, this Mark must interact with other controlling agents within the economy that will make this unparalleled control and location of individuals possible.

Not only do we see an implantable human chip that is being marketed for implanting in people, but we now have an "omnipresent" identification system that will track every purchase every person makes in his lifetime, once the system is fully implemented. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Auto-ID: Tracking everything, everywhere", by Katherine Albrecht, CASPIAN, http://www.nocards.org/AutoID/overview.shtml

"A new consumer goods tracking system called Auto-ID is poised to enter all of our lives ... Auto-ID couples radio frequency (RF) identification technology with highly miniaturized computers that enable products to be identified and tracked at any point along the supply chain. The system could be applied to almost any physical item, from ball-point pens to toothpaste, which would carry their own unique information in the form of an embedded chip. The chip sends out an identification signal allowing it to communicate with reader devices and other products embedded with similar chips. Analysts envision a time when the system will be used to identify and track every item produced on the planet."

"Auto-ID employs a numbering scheme called ePC (for "electronic product code") which can provide a unique ID for any physical object in the world. The ePC is intended to replace the UPC bar code used on products today. Unlike the bar code, however, the ePC goes beyond identifying product categories -- it actually assigns a unique number to every single item that rolls off a manufacturing line. For example, each pack of cigarettes, individual can of soda, light bulb or package of razor blades produced would be uniquely identifiable through its own ePC number. Once assigned, this number is transmitted by a radio frequency ID tag (RFID) in or on the product. These tiny tags, predicted by some to cost less than 1 cent each by 2004, are 'somewhere between the size of a grain of sand and a speck of dust.' They are to be built directly into food, clothes, drugs, or auto-parts during the manufacturing process."

Thus, everything you buy will be recorded precisely. Each new carton of milk, for example, will carry a new, separate ID number! When this technology is married to the capabilities of the "Mark of the Beast", we will be at the exact point prophesied about 1,900 years ago: "no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark".

6. Gay Values and Attitudes Inundating Society -- When the Supreme Court issued its infamous ruling legalizing Sodomy, I had more of a sense of the End of the Age than I have ever had before. I am fully aware of Jesus' prophecy that the society at the End of the Age will be like Sodom and Gomorrah [Luke 17:26] -- "they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded" [Luke 17:26-28] and they had no idea of impending judgment until it was consuming them. In Jude 1:7, we see their sin more clearly: "giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. [Jude 1:7]

Therefore, I was not surprised at this Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates to allow the storm surge of homosexual values and attitudes to flood upon the land. In NEWS1830 we revealed that this ruling may open the floodgates for "bestiality, bigamy and incest", according to Justice Scalia. Right on cue, the flood of homosexual values and attitudes have poured forth. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Wider Acceptance of Homosexuality Fueling Trends", The State, July 20, 2003.

"June was Gay Pride Month ... Canada legalized gay marriage. Broadway's Tony Awards featured a nationally televised kiss between ... two male composers and handed out best-play honors to the gay-themed 'Take Me Out'. Then came July and 2003 started to look like 'Gay Pride year'. Wal-Mart ... prohibited discrimination against gay employees ... the Bravo network unveiled two gay-themed series to go where television has never gone before . The makeover show, 'The Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' drew record ratings in its premiere this past Tuesday night ... 'It's kind of a gay moment right now, said advertising executive Howard Buford ..."

"While fiery objections remain from some conservative and religious groups, a majority or near majority of Americans now support anti-discrimination laws and gay marriages at record levels ...

* 88% said they favor equal rights in the workplace
* 62% expressed support for health and Social Security benefits for gay partners
* 54% approved of the 'alternative lifestyle'
* 49% favored gay marriage

Truly, America has entered the time of judgment as she begins to go far beyond the moment when the Supreme Court legalized Sodomy and the entire lifestyle, values, and attitudes that accompany it. Soon, God will begin to move against America in much the same way He described in Ezekiel 9 -- "... six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand ... smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; begin at my sanctuary." [Ezek 9:2, 5-6]

Note that God ordered His heavenly executioners to not slay anyone on whom God's had placed His mark invisible to the human eye, but once the slaughter of the wicked began, they were to spare no one. And, God ordered the slaughter to begin in His "sanctuary", a most fitting place, for the teachings within the sanctuary had been so changed and watered down that they allowed this change in Israel's societal attitudes and values. Likewise, today, 50 years of Church Apostasy has allowed this change in societal attitudes and values. God will not forget Liberal, Apostate churches and their leaders when His judgment begins to fall.

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "NEW U.S. MILITARY POLICY AGAINST NORTH KOREA IS SO AGGRESSIVE IT COULD SPARK THE VERY WAR WE SAY WE ARE TRYING TO PREVENT! RUSSIA, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA ARE SO CONCERNED THEY ARE BEGINNING PREPARATIONS TO PROTECT AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR: Rumsfeld's new policy allows regional commanders such latitude to undertake aggressive military action, they may actually commit the nation to war!" - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1839.cfm

* "DR. DENNIS CUDDY ISSUES CHALLENGE TO SENATORS EDWARDS, BYRD, GRAHAM TO ANSWER HIS QUESTIONS ABOUT 9/11! Since these three senators are heading up the government team questioning the events leading up to and including the attacks on 9/11, Dr. Cuddy challenges them to answer his very well-researched and poignant questions about 9/11. To date, Dr. Cuddy has not received an answer; once you read this material, you will know why he will NEVER receive an answer!" - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1838.cfm

* "FROM U.S. SOVEREIGNTY TO GLOBAL CONFORMITY - Part 1", by Berit Kjos. Any time an American judge cites (U.N. documents and the findings of foreign courts) in an American court, something alarming is probably about to happen. The source of the alarm is usually that the judge has spotted some important 'emerging world consensus' that requires him to defy the plain meaning of American law." - http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/db029.htm [NOTE: This article is parallel to one we posted this week, NEWS1836, described below]

* "IS IT TIME FOR U.S. COURTS TO INVALIDATE PHOTOGRAPHY AS PROOF OF A CRIME? Now that the word is widely disseminated that photography of all types can be easily faked and so professionally re-printed that no expert can tell the difference, it seems time to change our Judicial System to disallow photographic "evidence" or at least allow a vigorous challenge to such 'evidence'." - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1837.cfm

* "U.S. SUPREME COURT PUTS AMERICA IN SUBSERVIENCE TO WORLD COURT IN ITS HOMOSEXUAL RULING: The huge secret in this Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexual sex acts is that our own Court placed America under the legal thumb of the World Court! Soon, more American laws deemed incompatible with the pagan world community will be struck down! http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1836.cfm

* "COMING DICTATORSHIP OF BUSH - ASHCROFT SO CLOSE AND OBVIOUS EVEN A MAINLINE COMMENTATOR CAN SEE IT! Using "war on terrorism as an excuse to declare a state of emergency, suspend civil liberties, and jail political opponents", warns secular commentator. Are the blinders coming off now so people can see the juggernaut hurtling down the tracks? - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1835.cfm

---------- Resource Update ----------

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* "From Iraq To Ezekiel: Iraq Leads to Russian Invasion of Israel! - Video - You will understand how the events of this Iraq War are likely to lead the world into the Russian-led invasion of Israel as predicted in Ezekiel 38-39. You will never look at events the same way again. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=567

-------------Special Notes-------------

* New Computers -- Several weeks ago, we mentioned that Cutting Edge has lost three computers due to an unusual lightning strike. To date, we have received nearly exactly what it cost us to replace those computers. Thank you so very much for supporting this ministry so wonderfully. One of the ways in which we know God is really behind this ministry is that, over the past 12 years, whenever Cutting Edge had a financial or material need, God has provided that need, precisely! Praise the Lord.

* Mary's Health -- So many of you have been faithfully praying for Mary since November 22, 2002, when she was stricken with an unknown ailment that really put her down! After medical doctors were unable to find any malady, Mary has found relief from Medical Chiropractic treatments. Most of the time, she now feels nearly normal. Thanks so very much for your prayers.

----------Conclusion--------------- His Soundproof Pavilion

I have discovered a passage from the Bible that will completely extinguish the flame with which others try to incinerate your peace with the Lord. When the words of those who misrepresent you swarm around like bees, and lying witnesses are attempting to sting you with falsehoods, there is a place of silence and safety from the strife of tongues. King David sang about the soundproof pavilion in Psalm 31:20. It was called the secret place of God's presence:

"In the secret place of Your presence You hide them from the plots of men; You keep them secretly in Your pavilion from the strife of tongues."

Run swiftly to the Lord Himself and abide in His presence. There you will be safe and out of earshot from the accusations that are being hurled at you. In His presence there is fullness of joy. In the pavilion of His company, you will dwell beyond the reach of all the arrows designed for your destruction. There you will be secretly nourished and your soul will thrive; the malicious intentions of the enemy will be utterly frustrated. You will emerge from place as the three Hebrew children emerged from Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace. Not one hair of your head will be singed, nor smell of smoke be upon you. You will come forth both radiant and free.

There is no other security from the strife of tongues. Only in His presence will you be safeguarded against the spirit of vindictiveness and animosity, which is nature's response to the smiting of the cheek. You are in no danger from the strife of tongues. A Christian is never at the mercy of any person or circumstance. God's providence rules and overrules all that touches us. The only snare we really need to fear comes from within. Our response to the injustice directed against us is the only spiritual threat from which we must flee.

Let us run to Jesus! He will make us blind and deaf to the weapons framed against us. Let them tire themselves out with words of vanity while we enjoy sweet fellowship with Jesus.

May you discover and enter the soundproof pavilion of the presence of the Lord. ["God's Dawn For Every Darkness", Brother Ed Miller]


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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