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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------"Marriage Supper of the Lamb"

"After that I heard what sounded like the shout of a vast throng, like the boom of many pounding waves, and like the roar of terrific and mighty peals of thunder, exclaiming, Hallelujah - praise the Lord! For now the Lord our God the Omnipotent, the All-Ruler reigns!

Let us rejoice and shout for joy, exulting and triumphant! Let us celebrate and ascribe to Him glory and honor, for the marriage of the Lamb at last has come, and His bride has prepared herself. She has been permitted to dress in fine, radiant linen, dazzling and white--for the fine linen is (signifies, represents) the righteousness (the upright, just, and godly living, deeds, and conduct, and right standing with God) of the saints, God's holy people.

Then the angel said to me, Write this down: Blessed, happy, to be envied, are those who are summoned (invited, called) to the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he said to me further, These are the true words, the genuine and exact declarations of God." (Revelation 19:7-9; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary

Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! While the world languishes in the throes of the unparalleled destructive judgments of the Most High God, all of God's saints will be sitting down to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, preparing to eat our first supper with our new Husband, Jesus Christ. I can almost hear the "Hallelujah Chorus" right now!

But, for now, we have these assurances and this warning:

"We know absolutely that anyone born of God does not deliberately and knowingly practice committing sin, but the One Who was begotten of God carefully watches over and protects him Christ's divine presence within him preserves him against the evil, and the wicked one does not lay hold, get a grip on him or touch him." (1 John 5:18; Ibid.)

"Little children, keep yourselves from idols (false gods)--from anything and everything that would occupy the place in your heart due to God, from any sort of substitute for Him that would take first place in your life. Amen, so let it be." (1 John 5:21; Ibid.)

Are you purifying your heart, soul, and mind during these perilous End Times?

---------- Resource Update ---------- New Items

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"For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect, God's chosen ones." (Matthew 24:24; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

"For the mystery of lawlessness, that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority, is already at work in the world, but it is restrained only until he who restrains is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one (the antichrist) will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth ... 9The coming [of the lawless one, the antichrist] is through the activity and working of Satan and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of [pretended] miracles and signs and delusive marvels--all of them lying wonders-- And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing (going to perdition) because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false, In order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe in [who refused to adhere to, trust in, and rely on] the Truth, but instead took pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. The Unilateral Disengagement Has Begun -- Israel began to officially move settlers out this week, some days ahead of the official start date of August 17.

NEWS BRIEF: "Braced for pull-out: Families already leaving!", DEBKAfile Intelligence August 12, 2005

"More than 150,000 anti-disengagement protesters gathered in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square Thursday night for their last rally ahead of next week's pullout from the Gaza Strip. From Thursday, only emergency services and essential supplies are allowed to enter Gush Katif. Trucks loaded with families and their crated belongings are exiting the territory."

Israeli police, meanwhile, are preparing to resist a mightily strong contingent of protestors. After all, 150,000 protestors is a huge crowd, of the size the Establishment always worries that they cannot handle.

NEWS BRIEF: "Police consider sealing off south Israel", The Jerusalem Post, 12 August 2005

"With disengagement three days away and the threat of infiltrators still present, Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi ordered the level of alert nationwide
to be raised to a state of emergency starting Sunday, to last until after disengagement. Karadi also canceled all police vacations and ordered the deployment of Evacuation Circles 5 and 6 to create a buffer zone surrounding Gaza and northward through the Negev until Beersheba to prevent infiltrators from reaching the settlements slated for evacuation."

"With settler leaders calling on anti-disengagement activists to flock to Kissufim to block the road and prevent forces from reaching the settlements, Karadi is also considering issuing restrictions on the general public's freedom of movement. Senior officers confirmed Thursday that he might seal off the entire southern part of Israel from as far north as Kiryat Malachi. 'We will prevent infiltrators from reaching the settlements and sabotaging the disengagement', Karadi told the police brass in a final pre-disengagement briefing Thursday. 'We are at the finish line and I am sure that with the excellent officers we have, we will succeed in implementing this difficult mission'."

Most of Israel agrees in one way or another with Karadi's observation that the country is "at the finish line".

Meanwhile, protest organizers in Tel Aviv disagree with the official report that 150,000 protestors participated in the Thursday evening demonstration; they place the figure at 300,000 and urge everyone of them to show up at the security barriers to overwhelm them in sheer numbers.

NEWS BRIEF: "300,000 Israelis say 'No!' ", Jerusalem News Wire, August 12, 2005

"In what organizers called the largest expression of public protest ever held in Israel, hundreds of thousands of Israelis flooded the coastal city of Tel Aviv Thursday, calling on its residents to stand with them in opposing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to force Jewish families from their homes and surrender Jewish land to the Arabs. Boarding city buses and saturating shopping malls with their presence and the orange color of their cause, they appealed to the people of the largely secular Mediterranean city to help stop the “disengagement” plan that is set for implementation in just three days. After hours of tireless effort, a crowd police said numbered at least 200,000 but organizers put at 300,000, poured into the city’s Rabin Square, showing the strength of their size and the determination of their will to withstand what former Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called the “evil” expulsion edict.

"Given the extent of the resolve shown by tens of thousands of these Israelis in their efforts over the past months, it appears that enormous numbers of people – men, women and children – will try and make their way to Gaza Sunday night and Monday. They were instructed to go to the Gaza Strip border, by road and on foot, and by sheer weight of their numbers prevent the security forces from carrying out the plan. Strict instructions were given that violence should at no time be employed against police and soldiers who may try to prevent them from reaching the Gaza crossings. 'Disengagement will not be carried out. We will not allow Jews to be expelled from our land', cried a speaker, triggering a roar of agreement from the multitude that resounded through downtown Tel Aviv."

Things could turn very ugly if violence breaks out between nervous policemen and soldiers, if they find themselves facing anywhere near these kinds of numbers. Nevertheless, the IDF has been planning this Unilateral Withdrawal since June, 1990, and have surely anticipated this quantity of protestors. Authorities seemed bolstered by the latest polls.

"But while the city residents would not have been able to shut out the cries of their fellow Israelis, reports indicate that those appeals, like the ones that have gone up from millions of throats in the past few months of non-stop anti-disengagement activity, will have fallen largely on deaf ears ... Nonetheless, according to a report by IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis) Friday morning, a poll carried out earlier this week indicates that up to 92 percent of Israelis have not been affected by the massive outcry." (Ibid.)

Prime Minister Sharon knows that the vast majority of Jewish citizens are secular, and will not identify with the anguish of the religiously observant Jewish settlers, who truly understand that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did, indeed, foretell that Latter Day Israel would possess all the lands promised to the Forefathers. (NEWS1010; "Modern Day Miracle of Israel's Rebirth".) Further, as we have noted on numerous occasions, secular Jews look down greatly on observant Jews, even to the point of hatred.

If the Israeli Defense Force can turn back a crowd of 300,000 protestors, this disengagement will be "in the bag".

This next story seems to speak to this probability.

NEWS BRIEF: "Forces said to be ready for all scenarios", The Jerusalem Post, August 12, 2005

"Thousands of police and soldiers participated in the final training drill at Kibbutz Kerem Shalom on Thursday, culminating weeks of intensive exercises in preparation for next week's evacuation of Gaza Strip settlements. For three weeks at the Tze'elim base in the Negev, security forces trained to master the art of evacuating settlers without using excessive force and received intensive psychological preparation for the difficult days ahead ... Speaking to soldiers at the start of the exercise, OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Dan Harel said that while the army had great respect for the settlers, who stood firmly in the face of the intense terror of recent years, it was time for them to leave their homes without violent confrontations. The army, he said, was their defensive shield, but now it is time for them to leave."

The leadership of the IDF did not expect Jews to attack their beloved Israeli Defense Force.

"Harel said that the army had a list of settlers who had failed to return their weapons, and said that in the two days before the start of evacuation on Wednesday, security forces would visit the settlers and ask them to hand over their weapons. Harel said he doubted there would be any problems, as he believed they would return them. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who attended the exercise along with Deputy Chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky and other senior officers, said he believed that by August 17, the majority of settlers would leave their homes voluntarily. He expressed the hope that the large number of anti-disengagement activists who snuck into the Gaza settlements in past weeks would also leave before evacuation begins."

"Security forces have been divided into 400 separate teams, each of 17 members, to evacuate the settlers from their homes. 'We estimate that each team will be required to evacuate no more then two homes', Col. Erez Katz, who was in charge of the preparatory exercises, said. The teams would not wear flak jackets and would be unarmed, he said. Katz called on the secular and religious leadership to implore the settlers to leave their homes before August 17. Police Asst.-Cmdr. Roni Ohana, one of the brigade commanders who participated in the drill, told The Jerusalem Post he felt the forces were ready for the real pullout."

II. As we have stated before, Prime Minister Sharon certainly could use some religious assistance in his mammoth withdrawal plans. As we noted, above, IDF leadership had issued an appeal to both "the secular and religious leadership to implore the settlers to leave their homes before August 17", and some people were already leaving.

However, Sharon may receive help from a deeper religious source -- Messianic expectations in Israel is reaching unparalleled heights.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel: Preparing for the coming of the Messiah... soon...", Africa Crisis

"In the light of some interest by Christians regarding a statement I made that there is an effort by some Christians and Jews to find the Ark of the Covenant, I thought I would tell a bit more about what I am hearing from Jewish sources. A Jewish friend of mine in Johannesburg phoned me to tell me he had attended a most fascinating presentation by a Rabbi's wife. It was all about The End Times, and was woven around the Jewish numerology (Kabalah I think it is called)."

Note in this article that the Jewish source providing the "prophetic view" of the Jews for Africa Crisis is a mystical Kabbalist! This means that genuine Christians must understand that, while not all of the "prophecies" related in this article are Biblical, they are part of the "Jewish expectations" for the appearance of their Jewish Messiah. The Illuminati understands the nonbiblical "Messianic Expectations", and are prepared to "fulfill" them as well as genuine Biblical prophecies.

Prophetic "Pointers" Jews Are Expecting

"The talk the lady gave was that not only are The End Times here, but The Messiah's coming is close now ... I have some good friends in Israel, and I've been hearing very similar things from them. So it appears to me, there is something stirring very seriously among Jews - probably across the world ... In the Bible there is mention of pointers which will indicate that we are in The End times. The most important pointer is that the Jews will return to Israel. And as you know, Israel was created by less than 700,000 Jews in 1948 in a civil war. There weren't that many Jews there before then. It was the Zionist Movement which brought Jews back to Israel. Even now, Jews are returning to Israel from all across the world. So for 100 years or more, Jews have been returning to Israel - and that is one of the pointers that we are in The End Times.

According to the Rabbi's wife, in the various Jewish scriptures there are other pointers too ... I must mention the extreme importance of the Messiah to the Jews. The Jews have never accepted anyone as a 'Messiah' for over 5,000 years. So the fact that the Jews are now waiting, and believing, in larger numbers, that the Messiah may be here soon is something, the importance of which, cannot be underestimated. We are talking here about an event which is "greater' than that of Jesus - if I may put it that way. I don't want to belittle Christians, but we're talking about somebody which even the Jews will accept as 'The Messiah' - and no doubt, Christians will follow suit." (Ibid.)

Unfortunately, many lukewarm Christians who paid scant attention to Biblical doctrine all the time they were sitting in church pews, are likely to be as completely fooled into accepting this Antichrist as "Jesus returned" as Jews are in accepting him as their long-awaited Jewish Messiah! Once again, the Illuminati has recognized this reality, and is planning for the Masonic Christ to do certain things which will play to their shallow prophetic understandings.

This author then lists the various other "prophetic pointers" which Jews are expecting, which we shall list in bullet format:

* "Apparently in these scriptures it mentions that Babylon will be reconstituted, and it will survive for 70 years before it is invaded and destroyed. The Jews say that Babylon is, undoubtedly, Iraq. And Iraq gained its independence from Britain in 1932. Iraq was invaded and brought to a fall by the USA in 2003 - which means it was around for 71 years!!!" (Ibid.)

Since this prophecy is not found in Scripture, it must be a Kabbalistic expectation. Since world history has been driven since 1897 by a Zionism completely controlled by the Rothschild family -- which means Great Britain and the United States -- it is very conceivable that Great Britain would cooperate to make this "Kabbalist prophecy" come true. If this is genuine, you have yet one more reason why President Bush and Prime Minister Blair were so adamant about invading Iraq.

* "Apparently in the Jewish "calendar", they have an 'agricultural cycle' which is 7 years long. They plant for 6 years and leave the land fallow for a 7th year. Apparently, in these scriptures, they discuss the arrival of the Messiah as being within one of these cycles. The Rabbi's wife's theory, using various numerology, etc - 9/11 and the intifada which started in Israel in 2000, coincide with the start of the current 7 year cycle. This cycle ends in 2006/7. Apparently, these Jewish scriptures lay out a series of prophecies which occur and which tie up to the years of the cycle in which the Messiah arrives. The Messiah can only arrive in the 7th and final year of each cycle (as I understand it). So the Messiah can only arrive in either 2006/7 or, 2013/14, etc. So the Rabbi's wife's lecture was that in her interpretation, using the Kabbalah, etc - that the Messiah could be expected in 2006/7." (Ibid.)

* "... there is a movement afoot, among some Christians and Jews to find the Ark of the Covenant. Now this is a most interesting story. the Romans seized a lot of Jewish artifacts 2,000 years ago, and these are now in the Vatican. But, the Jews also built tunnels in and around Jerusalem. Some of these have already been discovered. The Jews apparently built these tunnels as hiding places for their most precious items to keep them from the hands of their various enemies. There are texts which state that the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in one of these tunnels. The Jewish scriptures state that there are certain artifacts, among them, the Ark of the Covenant, which will be rediscovered prior to the arrival of the Messiah." (Ibid.)

* "There are also a number of conditions which must be fulfilled before the temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem ...there is a whole industry in Israel now, where people are preparing in 101 different ways for the coming of the Messiah. Apparently people are being trained to carry out ancient rituals which have not been carried out for a very long time, but which will be carried out when the temple is rebuilt. People are even redesigning clothing which used to be worn in ancient times, and which will be worn again when "the New Israel" comes into being, and so forth."

* "One Israeli friend of mine who is deeply religious has told me more about the Messiah they envisage ... The Messiah is to be a great leader - a leader who will be able to lead the Jews in battle as they fight for their survival. The Messiah is not going to be like the Pope. The Messiah they envisage will be something quite different altogether, because their existence, as a group is on the line. The whole world is against them, but God has decreed that they will survive. The Messiah is going to be a type of great leader/warrior." (Ibid.)

Many Biblical scholars believe that the Pharisees and Sadducees knew that Jesus was the fulfillment of the "Suffering Servant" line of prophecies, but they did not want such a Messiah. They wanted a Messiah equally as occult as they were, who would throw off the shackles of Rome. Therefore, they conspired to have Rome kill Jesus, and they did attempt to stage several militant "Messiah's" later on, all of which were thoroughly defeated by Roman Legions. Now, the coming Masonic Christ will be Kabbalistic -- as were the Pharisees and Sadduccees -- and will be the Military leader so desired by both the Jews of Jesus' day and of Jews today.

Thus author then concludes:

"I do find it extremely fascinating that "The Chosen Race" are starting to unite, and to mobilise. They are starting to think that the time of the Messiah is close at hand and there are significant groups of them preparing for it in a serious way."

III. In order to convince the Arabs in the Middle East Region that Israel is opening herself to possible annihilation in this coming World War, the Sharon government is suddenly capitulating on almost every meaningful point of contention.

NEWS BRIEF: "More Israeli concessions to Egypt and the Palestinians ahead of the Gaza pull-out timeline starting in five days", DEBKAfile Intelligence, August 12, 2005

"1. Every last trace of an Israeli presence will be removed from the Israeli-Egyptian Rafah border crossing. This facility passes henceforth to sole Palestinian-Egyptian control. Israel has given up on this point. Therefore, Mahmoud Abbas’ reported last-minute appeal to US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to intercede with Israel was a piece of play-acting.

2. Israeli defense sources have sought to calm concerns about a new deepwater port in Gaza becoming a terrorist and smuggled weapons gateway, claiming a deal whereby the facility will not operate before Israel approves its security. In fact, the Sharon government has secretly agreed to a British firm, Crown Knight, getting the port security contract. This leaves Israel with no further say on security at this key Mediterranean port.

3. The Philadelphi border route. Chief of staff Lt.-Gen Dan Halutz tipped the scales in favor of surrendering to all of Cairo’s terms, for the sake of integrating the troop withdrawal from this flashpoint route without delay in the overall Gaza Strip pullout operation.

4. Tuesday, August 9, Israel posed an ultimatum to Egypt and the Palestinians, whereby they either accept a shared tripartite border crossing at Kerem Shalom or be denied the license to transit goods between Egypt, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Israeli folded after two days when the Palestinians refused to accept the Kerem Shalom compromise."

Behold A Pale Horse

IV. For those who really believe America is going to launch an attack against Iran, developments this week must have proven to be a shock. Iran repeatedly poked President Bush and the European Union and the United Nations in their diplomatic noses -- and got away with it!

NEWS BRIEF: "IAEA calls on Iran to halt N-work: Iran says no", Iran Mania, August 12, 2005

"LONDON August 12 (IranMania) - The UN nuclear watchdog called on Iran to halt nuclear fuel work that has raised fears of atomic weapons development and set off an international crisis, but Tehran dismissed the demand as 'absurd' ... Even though the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution left the door open to more talks and refrained from bringing Iran before the UN Security Council for possible sanctions, Iranian negotiator Cyrus Nasseri said: 'Iran will not bend. Iran will be a nuclear fuel producer and supplier within a decade' ... The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said in Tehran that the IAEA resolution was 'unacceptable' and a 'political resolution adopted under pressure from the United States and its allies'."

Iran will not bend, Iran will not break, and Iran WILL become a "nuclear fuel producer and supplier within a decade". Those are fighting words, severe words spoken against the "world's only superpower" and against the mighty European Union. What was the reaction from these powers?

"US President George W. Bush welcomed the resolution as 'a positive first step' and said US strategy was to work with the Europeans 'so that the Iranians hear a common voice speaking to them about their nuclear weapons ambitions'. (Ibid.)

"UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called on Iran to halt nuclear fuel work. 'The (IAEA) has spoken with one voice and the secretary general expects its resolution to be implemented'." (Ibid.)

"IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei said however that he saw a 'window of opportunity' for talks since both sides remain willing to negotiate ... ElBaradei said the "jury is still out" over whether there are 'undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran'."

NEWS BRIEF: "German leader: No military action against Iran", Iran Mania, August 7, 2005

"LONDON, August 7 (IranMania) - None of the western countries that have been confronting Iran over what they suspect may be plans to acquire nuclear weapons is believed to be planning military action against Iran, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said ... While saying he was "very worried" about Tehran's refusal of a compromise deal put forward by Germany, France and Britain, Schroeder told the public ARD television station that: 'I don't think anyone is currently thinking about military action'. He said however that he was 'very worried by the path of confrontation that Iran seems to have chosen'."

Indeed, the European Union seems to be content to just threaten and depend upon diplomatic pressure, not military action. The United States, which has led the world these past two years in bellicose statements, seems content to hide behind the apron of the European Union.

NEWS BRIEF: "United States Leaves Tough Talk on Iran to Others", AP Breaking News, Aug 11, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration is playing a waiting game while European allies and others assess how to address Iran's renewed nuclear ambitions. Yet U.S. officials remain convinced that punitive international sanctions will be the only real deterrent."

Did you catch that last phrase? "U.S. officials remain convinced that punitive international sanctions will be the only real deterrent."

I thought imminent military attack was the "only real deterrent"! Isn't that why President Bush and a bevy of his officials have been browbeating Iran so repeatedly with the threat of military attack that most people in the entire world have been expecting news that a broad-based attack had, indeed, been carried out. As Cutting Edge has repeatedly stated, Bush Administration officials have been breathing diplomatic fire since Summer, 2003, only to have backed off each time. The reason President Bush has backed off each time is apparent to anyone who will bother to research the military facts of the situation, as we did in NEWS2026, entitled, "16 U.S. NAVAL SHIPS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PERSIAN GULF! INCLUDES ONE AIRCRAFT CARRIER DESTROYED -- Recent War Games Disaster".

You will be surprised to learn that, in this scenario, Iran holds the winning hand, not the United States of America. Truly, the American Emperor has no clothes! Now, you will understand how Iran is just continually poking the entire Western World in their collective noses; but, if military action does occur, the Western World may just find itself being collectively kicked in their posterior by military forces surprisingly modern, capable, and well manned.

Even as President Bush welcomed the "strong action" by the International Community, one journalist recognizes the difficulty the West faces in forcing Iran to do anything.

NEWS BRIEF: "US referral of Iran to UN may be difficult", Dawn International, August 11, 2005

"UNITED NATIONS, Aug 10: The United States may find it difficult to win support for punitive sanctions against Iran if the regime refuses to back down over its nuclear programme, analysts said. With its plentiful oil resources and sensitive geographic position next to Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran enjoys a strong negotiating position despite US warnings ... Iran drew sharp criticism in Western capitals following its decision this week to restart its nuclear programme after talks with Britain, France and Germany apparently reached an impasse. But Iran appears to be gambling that US military action is unlikely and that Europe, Russia and China are anxious to avoid jeopardising their access to oil and lucrative trade."

Indeed, for the past two years, Europe, Russia, and China have taken actions which are designed to make an attack on Iran very costly, very ineffective, and very economically dangerous. Not only did we elucidate these positions in NEWS2026, but we reported the original warning given President Bush by Russia's Putin, France's Chirac, and Germany's Schroeder on April 12, 2003, a warning issued even as American soldiers were triumphantly toppling Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad (NEWS2014, "PRESIDENT BUSH SEEMS TO BE DRIVING IRAN (PERSIA) INTO THE ARMS OF RUSSIA AND EUROPE, JUST AS PROPHECY FORETELLS!")

This Dawn International article relates how President Bush suddenly reversed his aggressive posture toward Iran.

"President George W. Bush reversed his position this year and chose to back a British-French- German diplomatic initiative offering peaceful nuclear technology and trade to Iran in return for Tehran giving up uranium enrichment activities. In an editorial, the Washington Post urged the United States and Europe to present Iran with a united front but questioned whether European allies would be ready to impose economic penalties ... The editorial said no options should be ruled out, an allusion to possible military action against Iran’s nuclear sites. Washington analysts said air strikes targeting facilities such as uranium conversion plants remain a remote possibility as US troops in neighbouring Iraq and Afghanistan would be vulnerable to retaliation." (Ibid.)

V. Israel is said to be so worried about Iran's mythical weapons program that she is contemplating an attack. If she does carry out an attack, might her strike be timed after the outbreak of all-out Regional War expectations on Yom Kippur (NEWS2062, "ISRAELI MILITARY BELIEVES AN OCTOBER, 2005, 'YOM KIPPUR' WAR WILL ERUPT".

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli hawks circle Iran's N-plants", NewsTelegraph.co.uk, 12 August 2005

"Ever since its 1979 Islamic revolution the only fate Iran has had in mind for Israel has been simple: its destruction. Now that Teheran seems to be moving towards acquiring its own nuclear arsenal, its plans for its great enemy threaten to be both fiery and radioactive. Sometimes Iran's stated policy towards Israel is couched in inflammatory rhetoric, like that on a 40ft banner that used to hang outside the entrance of the foreign ministry in Teheran bearing the message: 'Israel Must Burn'. Sometimes the language is tamer, such as the 'Down With Israel' chants of students who march after Friday prayers in Teheran week in, week out.

"But whatever the tone, the message remains the same. The Jewish state has survived wars, internal upheaval, intifadas and bloody entanglements in the internal affairs of its neighbours. But now a major enemy, one committed to its annihilation, appears close to deploying the most destructive force known to Man."

Let us stop right here to remind our readers that this charge that Iran is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons technology through the nuclear power plants Russia has sold her, built for her, and is currently protecting with the same type of missile and aircraft shield now protecting Russian cities, is simply a propaganda lie. The truth is, Iran has possessed nuclear warheads on delivery systems since 2002! Read NEWS1660, "MUSHROOM CLOUDS IN THE MIDDLE EAST? Part 2" for full details.

Obviously, since Iran has possessed deliverable nuclear weapons since 2002, this current diplomatic scare that her current nuclear plant program may produce nuclear weapons is simply and only an exercise in propaganda, designed to scare the peoples of the world. Many recent news stories have been posted saying that one of the reasons world crude oil prices are so high is because traders are worried that Iran is close to getting the atomic bomb; the story is really the opposite - world traders are worried an American or Israeli attack on Iran may close down the Straits of Hormuz, through which 66% of all the world's crude oil daily passes.

However, it is possible Israel might attack the Iranian nuclear facilities, but only in the context of a wider war. In other words, Israel is so focused right now on preparing for a Yom Kippur War this October she can only think of completing the separation of populations and seeing the IDF complete the Security Barrier. Once this anticipated war has begun, and Israel is annihilating entire populations of Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Egyptians, she might send several airplanes to Iran to try to take them out, as well.

But, Israel has her hands too full right now with her Unilateral Withdrawal to worry about attacking Iran.

One final word on a possible Israeli attack on Iran: We believe Iran is protected by Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, because Persia (Iran) is prophesied to be marching with the Russian-led invasion of Israel at the End of the Age. This fact means that Iran must be governed by a Hardline, Anti-Israel government, the very kind she now possesses. If an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities does occur, that attack will not result in the Iranian hardline government being replaced by a puppet pro-West, pro-Israeli government.


VI. The war in Iraq continued to bludgeon both the country and Coalition Forces in a manner simply unprecedented.

NEWS BRIEF: "Death Toll Among Part-Time Troops in Iraq Soared in Early August", AP Breaking News, Aug 12, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The National Guard and Reserve suffered more combat deaths in Iraq during the first 10 days of August - at least 32, according to a Pentagon count - than in any full month of the entire war. More broadly, Pentagon casualty reports show that the number of deaths among Guard and Reserve forces has been trending upward much of this year, totaling more than 100 since May 1. That ranks as the deadliest stretch of the war for the Guard and Reserve, whose members perform both combat and support missions. There is little evidence to suggest that part-time troops are being specifically targeted by the insurgents, since the Guard and Reserve troops are mostly indistinguishable from - and interchangeable with - regular active-duty troops."

"... Michael O'Hanlon, a military analyst with the Brookings Institution think tank, said Thursday that while the performance of reservists has been generally excellent, some are shortchanged on training prior to arriving in Iraq. 'If we really believe that military personnel need months of intensive training before being at their best - as logic suggests and other evidence would seem to prove - it is hard to believe that most reservists in Iraq are really as strong as active-duty troops, especially when they first arrive in country', O'Hanlon said."

"The increasing death toll among reserve forces in recent months reflects, at least in part, their more prominent role in Iraq. They represent about half of all U.S. combat forces there, or double the share in early 2004. By this time next year, if the Pentagon's plan holds up, the number of National Guard brigades in Iraq would fall to two, as the regular active-duty Army redeploys two newly enlarged divisions - the 101st Airborne and the 4th Infantry.

"The recent surge in Guard and Reserve combat deaths comes as the Army National Guard and Army Reserve are stuck in a prolonged recruiting slump that some attribute in large measure to young people's fear of getting sent to Iraq. On Wednesday the Pentagon announced that as of July 31 the Army National Guard was running 23 percent behind in recruiting for the year and the Army Reserve was 20 percent behind. The Marine Reserve was right at its goal."

"The combat deaths in the first 10 days of August came in bunches, starting with six Marine Reserve snipers who were killed by small arms fire during a Marine offensive near the town of Haditha in western Iraq. Two days later, 14 Marine Reserve troops from Ohio were killed when their amphibious assault vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb that U.S. officials said later was three land mines stacked atop each other. Also on Aug. 3, three members of the Georgia Army National Guard's 48th Infantry Brigade were killed in Baghdad when a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle near the soldiers' armored troop carrier. On Aug. 9, five members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard were killed - four of them in a single attack near Bayji. Two other Pennsylvania guardsmen were killed in an attack Aug. 6, and one Marine Reserve member died Aug. 4 of wounds sustained in combat last November. One Army Reserve soldier was among the 32 killed in action during the first 10 days of the month; another died when a civilian fuel truck collided with the Humvee in which he was traveling on a convoy mission."

These numbers of combat deaths may be partly responsible for one bereaved mother to take matters in her own hands. She camped outside the President's Crawford Ranch, not only protesting the war and her son's death, but demanding to see President Bush one-on-one.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush pressed to meet protester mom", by Dave Wedge, the Boston Herald, August 12, 2005

"Pressure continued to mount for President Bush to meet with the distraught mom of a soldier killed in Iraq as both Bay State senators backed the woman and scores of families joined her outside Bush's Texas home, including two from Massachusetts. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday each threw their support behind Cindy Sheehan, who has been camped outside Bush's Crawford, Texas, home since Saturday, vowing not to leave until the president meets with her about the war. Sheehan's 24-year-old Marine son, Casey, was killed five days after he arrived in Iraq.

" 'The president has not leveled with our troops and the American people', Kennedy said. `I admire Cindy Sheehan for her courage and determination to make the president answer to her'. Sheehan was joined by soldiers' families who oppose the war, including a Hyannis mom whose son is being deployed next week and the wife and daughters of a Massachusetts National Guard sergeant from Billerica who is in Iraq. Rose Gonzalez, whose mother is serving north of Baghdad with the National Guard, called Sheehan 'inspiring'.

" 'It's not too much to ask a president sending all these people into harm's way, to ask for time to speak with him', said Gonzalez, who will speak at a vigil on Boston Common tomorrow night to honor Sheehan. 'She lost a 24-year-old son'."

This mother may have discovered what so many Americans are discovering: that President Bush led this country to an invasion of Iraq based squarely on a bold-faced lie. (Read NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b, entitled, "BUSH/BLAIR JUSTIFICATION OF IRAQ INVASION: NOW PROVEN TO BE LIES, DISTORTIONS, EXAGGERATIONS!" - Parts 1 and 2)

An extremely wounded soldier also has realized the phony nature of this war and the flimsy excuse Bush used to take us to war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Talking Wounded: Terry Rodgers Came Back From Iraq a Changed Man, and Not Just Because of the Bomb", The Washington Post, August 10, 2005

""So we're driving down the road and it's midnight, so it's pitch-black, and when you're driving at night, you don't use any lights," says Terry Rodgers, "but we can see fine because we've got night vision goggles'. He's sitting in the living room of his mother's townhouse in Gaithersburg, telling the story of his last night in Iraq. He's still got his Army crew cut and he's wearing a T-shirt with an American flag on the chest. 'We're driving down this road and there's this tiny bridge over a little canal', he says. 'They had rigged up this bomb and they had a tripwire running across the bridge and we hit it and it blew up'."

"... his outfit -- the 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment -- was assigned to Fort Irwin, Calif., in the Mojave Desert, where they played the bad guys in warfare training exercises ... They deployed to Iraq this January, assigned to a town about 30 miles south of Baghdad. Two nights after they arrived, an IED -- improvised explosive device -- blew up near their patrol base but nobody got hurt ... In April, Rodgers's company was transferred to a tiny farming town about 20 miles away -- a place where no Americans had been stationed ... A few days after they arrived in the little town, a Humvee on patrol was blown up by a bomb buried on a dirt road. (One soldier was killed)

"About a week later a car approached their patrol base, and the guys fired a few rounds to signal the driver that he should stop. He got out. Two American soldiers searched the car. When they opened the trunk, a bomb exploded, killing both of them ... they'd lost three guys in a couple of weeks ... Then, on a Thursday night, May 26, Rodgers's platoon was guarding the base when it got a call from a platoon that was patrolling the area: They'd found a bomb and needed reinforcements. Rodgers and about 10 other guys piled into three Humvees and scrambled off to help. Speeding through the darkness, wearing their night vision goggles, they came to the canal with the bridge, where the bomb was."

"Rodgers was flown to Baghdad, then to Germany, then to Washington, where he was taken to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Memorial Day ... He got visits from celebrities, too. Generals came by to shake his hand and ask how he was doing. The Dave Matthews Band visited, as did players from the Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies ... One day a nurse came in to ask Rodgers if he wanted to meet President Bush, who was visiting the hospital. Rodgers declined. 'I don't want anything to do with him', he explains. 'My belief is that his ego is getting people killed and mutilated for no reason -- just his ego and his reputation. If we really wanted to, we could pull out of Iraq. Maybe not completely but enough that we wouldn't be losing people -- at least not at this rate. So I think he himself is responsible for quite a few American deaths' ... Rodgers says he also declined to meet Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice. This wounded soldier has lost faith in his leaders, and he no longer believes their repeated assurances of victory."


VII. A conservative Republican turns against President Bush and the entire G.O.P. Party, simply because she finally did her homework and discovered what Cutting Edge has been saying for a long time: Republicans are the real threat to our Constitutional government, our guaranteed rights and liberties, and to our continued "pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Republicans have legislated from the bench, not just the Democrats.

This article is great, surprising because it was carried by Republican and Bush apologist news organization, NewsMax.

NEWS BRIEF: "The New GOP Betrays America", by Diane Alden, August 11, 2005

"The biblical truth "Hope deferred makes the heart sick" described my state of mind on July 27, 2005. That was when the House Republican leadership stopped the clock on the CAFTA vote because they didn't like the way it was going. It gets more and more difficult to write about politics. The hope some of us placed in Republicans was misplaced. We had hope they might make a small attempt to lead this nation back to constitutional government: limited government. Hoping Republicans will be conservative, constitutional or less venal than Democrats, however, is hopeless."

Now, Alden cuts to the meat of this article:

"One unnamed Republican related my feelings at a meeting of conservatives who supported House and Senate Republicans: 'There's an old story that elephants never forget. I wish it were true. The tragedy is that conservative Republicans never remember. They never remember that Republicans have sold them out on NAFTA, the Fed, the World Trade Organization, bailouts of the U.N., Planned Parenthood subsidies, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Legal Services Corporation, Bosnia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, federal control of education, quotas, immigration, taxes, spending, and almost everything else that really matters'.He concluded: 'Call it what you will: amnesia, Alzheimer's or asininity – to be a conservative Republican, you must consistently forget the past, and be consistently condemned to repeat it'."

Amen! We have posted some articles in the past, detailing that Republican presidents have appointed the Republican judges who have so actively changed the heart of American society through their "activist" rulings, only then have the Republican propaganda machine start spewing out nonsense like "President Bush needs to have the Democrats in Congress approve his judicial nominees", promising that Republican judges are the answer to an activist court.

In fact, Republican leadership has consistently delivered the most heinous changes which the Illuminati wants in order to establish its Global Dictatorship.

These are some of the articles Cutting Edge has posted on this subject:

* NEWS1448 -- Republican Senate Leadership Has Sold America Out In Secretly Passing Treaties Giving U.N. Control Over 70% Of All Land!

* NEWS2031 -- "Help President Bush Get His Judicial Nominees Through Congress"! Remembering : Terri Schiavo was killed by Republican Judges - Republican judges provided the majority to legalize Sodomy and Abortion in Roe vs Wade

* NEWS2038 -- More Republican Judges Propaganda -- Bill Pryor is No Conservative -- Guest Column by Kelley McGinley of Retaking America

* NEWS2052 -- Staged Republican - Democrat Battle Looms As President Bush Gets Ready To Nominate His Replacement For Sandra Day O'Connor -- Politicians will get angry, media campaigns will be waged using abortion rhetoric on both sides of the issue, and Conservative Christians will pray and give mightily to make sure President Bush gets his choice

After battling for the cherished GOP principles of limited government, balanced budgets, and protection of national sovereignty, Diane Alden finally realized what the truth truly was -- in the process, she sounded a lot like a Cutting Edge subscribers.

"After 30 or more years of promoting all things conservative – and, by extension, all things Republican – I just can't take it anymore. The tremendous effort in time, money, talking, writing expended to get Republicans elected so they would promote a conservative agenda and/or uphold the Constitution has come to nothing ... The New GOP does not believe in limited government. It will do nothing to strengthen and promote U.S. sovereignty or put America before its desire to create a global economic and political empire ... Your place in the world will be almost totally economic and utilitarian. America will evolve from a constitutional republic to a commercial republic ... Some deluded Republicans actually believe the establishment mantra that trade agreements are all about free trade and open markets ... In order to deconstruct the nation-state, which the recent trade and immigration squabbles are about, sovereignty is considered no longer applicable. The Constitution is a quaint but irrelevant document they drag out on the Fourth of July or when their particular ox is being gored and they need to claim it once again.

"Frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach that I spent most of my adult life trying to bring these people to power and defending their policies and believing their hogwash about core principles and what they would do once they had power. Well, they have it now, and they are just as dangerous with that power as the Democrats are." (Ibid.)

IX. In a slick Mass Media campaign trick, Republican strategists suddenly turned to ridiculous charges against nominee Roberts, in a transparent effort to guarantee his nomination approval.

NEWS BRIEF: "Under Fire, Abortion Rights Group Withdraws Anti-Roberts Ad", AP Breaking News, Aug 12, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) - An abortion rights group is withdrawing a heavily criticized television ad that linked John Roberts to violent anti-abortion activists, saying its attempt to illuminate the Supreme Court nominee's record has been 'misconstrued'. After protests by conservatives, NARAL Pro-Choice America said Thursday night it would pull the ad that began running this week ... The NARAL ad criticized Roberts and linked him with violent anti-abortion protesters because of the anti-abortion briefs he worked on as a government lawyer in 1991. 'The NARAL advertisement is not helpful to the pro-choice cause which I support', Specter said in a letter to Keenan.

"Keenan's response said the group would replace the ad with one that "examines Mr. Roberts' record on several points, including his advocacy for overturning Roe v. Wade, his statement questioning the right to privacy, and his arguments against using a federal civil rights law to protect women and their doctors and nurses from those who use blockades and intimidation."

Earlier in the week, an even more offensive, and ridiculous charge was made against John Roberts, supposedly in a effort to derail his approval.

NEWS BRIEF: "NY Times Questioned Legality of Judge Roberts Adoptions", Drudge Report, August 7, 2005

"Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts expressed great disappointment after learning the NEW YORK TIMES was poking around for details on his adopted children ... TIMES investigative reporter Glen Justice questioned if the adoption records for the Roberts children, Josephine and Jack, ages 5 and 4, would be made available for examination. TIMES editors were determined to find any possible legal irregularities in the adoptions, insiders claim ... the TIMES has been asking lawyers that specialize in adoption cases for advice on how to get into the sealed court records."

"Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison called the newspaper's actions "reprehensible," saying the inquiry crossed the 'fine line between legitimate background inquiries and invasion of privacy'.

"The National Council For Adoption issued the following statement: 'NCFA denounces, in the strongest possible terms, the shocking decision of the New York Times to investigate the adoption records of Justice John Roberts’ two young children. The adoption community is outraged that, for obviously political reasons, the Times has targeted the very private circumstances, motivations, and processes by which the Roberts became parents. The adoption histories of four- and five-year old children have no bearing whatsoever on the suitability of Justice Roberts to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court – or in any other position, for that matter'."

Now that the opponents of Judge John Roberts for the Supreme Court have been so thoroughly discredited, it should not be too hard to ram his nomination through the Senate. Now, every Senator opposing Roberts can be painted with one of these two broad brushes. Such is the skill of the master propagandist.

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* NEWS2063 -- "BLINDING SANDSTORMS: HOW DEPLETED URANIUM KILLS AN ENTIRE POPULATION" - THE most important story of the Afghanistan - Iraq Wars is that Depleted Uranium munitions dust is slowly killing the civilian population -- over the next 20 years, no civilian will be able to live in Iraq. Here, we demonstrate how Nature effectively moves contaminated dust from the battlefield to the cities, and to nations beyond the country's borders.

* NEWS2062 -- "ISRAELI MILITARY BELIEVES AN OCTOBER, 2005, 'YOM KIPPUR' WAR WILL ERUPT" - IF some special event occurs on the Jewish commemoration of "Tish B'av" (August 14), an unbelievable historical numeric signature will have been followed! You will then be able to understand the full significance of that Sharon Administration official who said that events in Israel are marching to a "timetable" and a "schedule".

* NEWS2061 -- "PRESIDENT BUSH DECEIVING GENUINE CHRISTIANS AGAIN -- THIS TIME, HE IS PUSHING FOR THE TEACHING OF "INTELLIGENT DESIGN" ALONSIDE EVOLUTION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS" - "Intelligent Design" is NOT Biblical, but his its original roots in 19th Century Deism; in the New Age Movement starting in the mid-1990's; and currently in pseudo science and mathematics which disbelieves both Darwinism and Biblical Creationism. Yet, undiscerning Christians are believing that "Intelligent Design" is Christian!

The Bible says Jesus created the universe (John 1:1-4) and that He did so in 6 literal days (Genesis 1:1-31 - 2:2).

Any belief other than this Biblical account serves the purposes of the "Evil One". Do not be deceived!

---------Conclusion----------------Carrie Carmen's Vision of the Holy City

When Carrie Carmen, with whom the author was personally acquainted, as pastor, came to the "river's margin," perfectly conscious, she gazed upward, and exclaimed, "Beautiful! beautiful! beautiful"

One asked, "What is so beautiful?"

"Oh, they are so beautiful."

"What do you see?"

"Angels; and they are so beautiful."

"How do they look?"

"Oh, I can't tell you, they are so beautiful."

"Have they wings?"

"Yes; and hark! hark! they sing the sweetest of anything I ever heard."

"Do you see Christ?"

"No; but I see the Holy City that was measured with the reed whose length and breadth and height are equal, and whose top reaches to the skies; and it is so beautiful I can't tell you how splendid it is." Then she repeated the verse beginning "Through the valley of the shadow I must go."

She then spoke of the loneliness of her husband, and prayed that he might have grace to bear his bereavement, and that strength might be given him to go out and labor for souls. (They were expecting soon to enter the ministry.) She also prayed for her parents, asking that they might make an unbroken band in the beautiful city. She closed her eyes and rested a moment, and then looked up with beaming eyes and said: "I see Christ, and oh, He is so beautiful."

Her husband asked again, "How does He look?"

"I can't tell you; but He is so much more beautiful than all me rest." Again she said, "I see the Holy City." Then, gazing a moment, she said, "So many!"

"What do you see, of which there are so many?"


"How many are there?"

"A great many; more than I can count."

"Any you know?"

"Yes, a great many."


"Uncle George and a lot more. They are calling me. They are beckoning to me."

"Is there any river there?"

"No; I don't see any."

Her husband then said, "Carrie, do you want to go and leave me?"

"No; not until it is the Lord's will that I should go. I would like to stay and live for you and God's work. His will be done." Presently she lifted her eyes and said, "Oh, carry me off from this bed."

Her husband said, "She wants to be removed from the bed." But his father said, "She is talking with the angels."

When asked if she were, she replied, "Yes." She then thanked the doctor for his kindness to her, and asked him to meet her in heaven. She closed her eyes, and seemed to be rapidly sinking away.

Her husband kissed her and said, "Carrie, can't you kiss me?"

She opened her eyes and kissed him, and said: "Yes; I can come back to kiss you. I was part way over." She said but little more, but prayed for herself and for her friends. Frequently she would gaze upward and smile, as though the sights were very beautiful." -- Christ Crowned Within

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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