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Saturday, August 19, 2006

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--------- Inspiration For the Week------- "Only ye shall not go very far away." Exodus 8:28

This is a crafty word from the lip of the arch-tyrant Pharaoh. If the poor bondaged Israelites must needs go out of Egypt, then he bargains with them that it shall not be very far away; not too far for them to escape the terror of his arms, and the observation of his spies.

After the same fashion, the world loves not the non-conformity of nonconformity, or the dissidence of dissent, it would have us be more charitable and not carry matters with too severe a hand. Death to the world, and burial with Christ, are experiences which carnal minds treat with ridicule, and hence the ordinance which sets them forth is almost universally neglected, and even contemned. Worldly wisdom recommends the path of compromise, and talks of "moderation."

According to this carnal policy, purity is admitted to be very desirable, but we are warned against being too precise; truth is of course to be followed, but error is not to be severely denounced. "Yes," says the world, "be spiritually minded by all means, but do not deny yourself a little gay society, an occasional ball, and a Christmas visit to a theatre. What's the good of crying down a thing when it is so fashionable, and everybody does it?" Multitudes of professors yield to this cunning advice, to their own eternal ruin. If we would follow the Lord wholly, we must go right away into the wilderness of separation, and leave the Egypt of the carnal world behind us. We must leave its maxims, its pleasures, and its religion too, and go far away to the place where the Lord calls His sanctified ones. When the town is on fire, our house cannot be too far from the flames. When the plague is abroad, a man cannot be too far from its haunts. The further from a viper the better, and the further from worldly conformity the better. To all true believers let the trumpet-call be sounded, "Come ye out from among them, be ye separate."

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")


---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. The greatest foreign policy "Intelligence Failure" in America's history took another leap forward, as news stories screamed a very scary -- but extremely planned -- headline! North Korea is said to be planning an underground nuclear test!

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

Recall the context: just weeks ago, North Korea seemingly displayed her capability to fire long-range missiles. Now, is she readying a display of her nuclear prowess, as well? That would be a tremendous One-Two propaganda punch.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea 'may be preparing nuclear bomb test' ", New Zealand Herald, August 18, 2006

"WASHINGTON - North Korea may be preparing an underground test for a nuclear bomb, ABC News said today ... It quoted a senior military official as saying a US intelligence agency had recently observed 'suspicious vehicle movement' at a suspected North Korean test site. A senior State Department official told the network, 'It is the view of the intelligence community that a test is a real possibility'."

At this point, a war between "senior officials" erupted, as another senior official said no evidence existed to support this report. However, remember the propaganda principle that the conditioning of people requires constant repetition of the particular propaganda which the government wants its citizens to believe. In this instance, the desired conclusion which global planners want Americans to believe is that North Korea does have the capability to fulfill the planned "hair-raising confrontation in Korea", which is timed to occur "towards the end of the period", i.e., very near the time when the Masonic Christ is planned to appear.

Indeed, we believe that this "hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea" represents the second planned war which will comprise the Third World War. This global war will begin with Israel and her Arab neighbors, then proceed to the Korean Peninsula and then to China, where that nation will invade Taiwan. Since the Illuminati reveres the number 3, planning three wars to comprise the Final Birth Pangs War makes a lot of sense.

Now, let us return to this featured story:

"ABC reported the activity at the suspected test site included the unloading of large reels of cable outside an underground facility called Pungyee-yok in northeast North Korea. It said cables can be used in nuclear testing to connect an underground test site to outside observation equipment. The intelligence was brought to the attention of the White House last week ... Fears about North Korea's nuclear ambitions were exacerbated when Pyongyang defied international warnings and fired seven missiles into waters east of the Korean peninsula on July 5."

"North Korea declared itself a nuclear power in February 2005 without testing..." (Ibid.)

At the time North Korea declared herself to be a nuclear power, the United States intelligence community scoffed at the claim. However, an indepth report from Independent Media demonstrated exactly how the North Koreans gained nuclear weapons, possibly as early as 1994!

NEWS BRIEF: "NORTH KOREA'S SECRET WEAPON: North Korea has the ability to make an infinite number of nuclear weapons", Independent Media Service, July 14, 2003

"It was May of 1994, nine years ago, when the US military planners had first realized that North Korea had the bomb and devised nuclear attack plans under William Perry, the then US Secretary of Defense. Perry had estimated that North Korea would have about 100 nuclear warheads by 2000 ... Any rational person would ask how the North Koreans acquired so many nuclear weapons since 1994. Publicly, the North Koreans are processing plutonium at it's Yonbyong nuclear reactor and it's stated and restated over and over in the mass media to the point of ad nauseam that the North Koreans are capable of making only five or six nuclear weapons in a period of about 6 months.

"Since Yonbyong doesn't make enough plutonium for 100 nuclear weapons including hydrogen bombs, which use up to three times as much fissionable material as atomic bombs for the separate stages within the H-bombs, the North Koreans had another source for weapons grade fissionable material -- Monazite ... Most of the thorium found in monazite is the naturally radioactive Thorium-232 ... The Japanese military built thorium extraction facilities in Korea and planned to build a thorium stockpile as part of Japanese military's failed endeavor to build an atomic bomb to counter the nuclear threat posed by Manhattan Project in the United States ... By 1945, the Korean Peninsula was split at the 38th Parallel and North Korea was occupied by the Soviet Union. The Soviets took over the Japanese bomb project and moved most of it to a facility north of Moscow along with several North Korean nuclear physicists.

"The monazite mined in North Korea would be processed in refinement facilities before being shipped to the Soviet Union. The Soviets extracted Thorium-232 from the processed monazite and placed it within nuclear reactors. When Thorium-232 is bombarded by neutrons within a nuclear reactor, it transmutes into fissionable weapons grade material known as -- Uranium-233."

"Uranium-233 works just as well as Plutonium-239 in nuclear weapons because of its low fission cross section and low critical mass needed to initiate a nuclear explosion. Although Uranium-233 is described as 'difficult to work with' because of its excessive radioactivity, it can be used by someone 'wanting to build a nuclear device secretly', which brings us back to North Korea.

(NOTE: This type of nuclear processing facility is built underground and does not emit the telltale nuclear signature into the air that our satellites and our spy planes are equipped to sense!)

During the Cold War, the North Koreans continued to mine monazite for the Soviet Union and once the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1991, the monazite processing facilities as well as the monazite mines became the property of the North Koreans. Under the leadership of Kim Il Sung during the Cold War, nuclear reactors were built so North Korea could build it's own nuclear arsenal."

Now, you know the full story as to how North Korea could process enough nuclear weapons grade material so she could possess hundreds of nuclear weapons; further, now you know that the United States has known this to be true since 1994! Therefore, whenever you read these stories that North Korea may be about to produce a few nuclear weapons by the end of this year, unless we take some drastic action to stop them, you know you are reading a propaganda piece designed to create a false impression.

What is the false impression our Mass Media propagandists are attempting to create? They want you to believe that, unless we act quickly and decisively against the Yonbyong nuclear facility, North Korea will soon have nuclear weapons. Thus, we would be just as justified in invading North Korea or striking their facilities as we did in Iraq.

However, the scenario seems different for North Korea as it was for Iraq. Instead of invading North Korea, the Plan seems to call for the renegade Korean nation to suddenly demonstrate that she really does have the capability to destroy much of mankind with nuclear weaponry, and has the missiles with which to deliver those warheads.

The "nuclear confrontation" planned for the Korean Peninsula in this World War III scenario probably entails a North Korean surprise. They may test a nuclear device in the atmosphere to demonstrate their capability, which would instantly create panic throughout much of the Orient, in Japan, and in the United States. North Korea has already demonstrated her capability in ballistic missiles.

Breaking news on Saturday morning reported that President Bush is concerned enough to issue an official warning.

NEWS BRIEF: "US sees possible N Korean nuclear test as threat", Mail & Guardian News, August 19, 2006

"United States President George Bush warned on Friday that a North Korean nuclear test would be a threat and urged the international community to work toward ensuring Pyongyang cannot jeopardise stability ... 'If North Korea were to conduct a test, it's just a constant reminder for people in the neighbourhood, in particular, that North Korea poses a threat," Bush told reporters at the Camp David presidential retreat outside Washington."

President Bush's statement confers great credibility on the story that North Korea is really going to conduct an atomic underground test. If the evidence is strong enough to attract the specific attention of the President of the United States, it is credible enough to convince many people around the world.

In this manner, the planned conditioning goes forward.


II. A Federal Judge pleasantly surprised many Americans when she ruled that President Bush had violated the U.S. Constitution when he ordered extensive wiretaps of American citizens, without warrant and without the knowledge of the targeted citizen.

NEWS BRIEF: "Federal Judge orders Bush to halt wiretapping surveillance", New Zealand Herald, August 18, 2006

"DETROIT - A federal judge has ordered the Bush administration to halt the National Security Agency's program of domestic eavesdropping, saying it violated the US Constitution. The ruling marked a setback for the Bush administration, which has defended the program as an essential tool in its war on terrorism. US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor said the warrantless wiretapping under the 'Terrorist Surveillance Program' violated free speech rights, protections against unreasonable searches and the constitutional check on the power of the presidency.

"There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution," Taylor said in a 44-page ruling."

We could not agree more! The flow of political authority has been pouring from the collective states to the Federal Government since the Depression days of President Franklin Roosevelt -- and it has reached its greatest apex in the aftermath of the attacks of 9/11. Additionally, many powers not ever envisioned by our Founding Fathers have now been claimed by the Federal Government. Hence, the judge ruled that there are "no powers not created by the Constitution".

"The NSA program has been widely criticized by civil rights activists and raised concern among lawmakers, including some in President George W. Bush's own Republican Party, who say the president may have overstepped his powers by authorizing it. The government had asked for the lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union to be thrown out, arguing that any court action on the case would jeopardize secrets in the war on terrorism." (Ibid.)

Civil rights activists welcomed the decision.

"The ruling of the judge is not only a victory for the American Muslim community but a victory for the entire American population," said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Michigan, which joined the ACLU as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. 'America is built on the principles of civil liberty and equal protection for all American citizens, regardless of ethnicity and race', he said. The ACLU lawsuit was filed on behalf of scholars, attorneys, journalists and non-profit groups that regularly communicate with people in the Middle East and believe that their phone calls and email had been intercepted by the US government.

"A similar suit brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights is pending in federal court in New York. The judge in that case is set to hear arguments on September 5." (Ibid.)

We are very pleased that a Federal Judge has struck a blow for American Constitutional protections. However, we expect the Bush Administration to appeal the case, winning a reversal in a higher court where the government clearly has control. The planned dictatorship will not be derailed.


III. As the price of crude oil continues to decline precipitously, the discerning person begins to look for the pattern, i.e., whenever oil prices begin to decline, some major global event occurs which drives the price right back upward. We think we know that that event is planned to be.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil drop biggest in six months",, Friday, August 18, 2006

"Crude oil prices marked their sharpest downturn in six months yesterday amid slowing economic growth, declining inflation expectations and a lull in Middle East tensions. Futures traded as low as US$70 a barrel in New York before closing at US$70.39 ... The decline -- the fourth in as many days -- brought the total drop since August to 7% to 9%, the most substantial downturn since February."

" 'As fears go up and down, so does the price of oil', said Bill Cheney, chief economist at MFC Global Investment Management. Oil futures were trading as high as US$77 a barrel 11 days ago ... Since then, sentiment toward oil has turned noticeably softer. BP said it would keep Prudhoe Bay operating at 50% capacity. As well, a UN-brokered cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah reduced concerns that the clash could trigger a wider conflict in the Middle East."

The cost of oil crude futures was being driven downward by another factor, this one within the domestic United States market.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil prices continue to fall on news of higher than average U.S. stockpiles", The Star Online, August 17, 2006

"SINGAPORE (AP): Oil prices continued to slide Thursday as international traders responded to U.S. government data showing that crude oil stockpiles are above average ... Oil prices dropped more than US$1 Wednesday after the U.S. Energy Department reported that the country's commercial crude oil inventories fell 1.6 million barrels in the week ending Aug. 11. However, inventories remain well above the average range for this time of year at 331 million barrels ... Oil prices have steadily fallen this week when supply fears abated after a cease-fire held in Lebanon and BP PLC resumed partial production at its Prudhoe Bay oil field in the U.S. state of Alaska.

"The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries also trimmed its oil demand growth outlook for this year as high prices hurt consumption in some of the world's wealthiest countries .... Oil traders are also watching weather patterns for potential hurricanes that could strike Gulf of Mexico coast refineries, as well as signals for where fuel demand is headed."

As we have stated many times before, whenever crude oil prices start to fall, we expect another "worrisome" event will be triggered which will drive the prices back upward.

What might that "worrisome" event be? Iran!

NEWS BRIEF: "US to move quickly on Iran sanctions", The Jerusalem Post, August 18, 2006

"The United States intends to move very quickly in early September to impose UN sanctions on Iran for refusing to suspend its enrichment of uranium, a senior State Department official said Thursday. 'They will be well-deserved', Under-Secretary of State Nicholas Burns told reporters. 'It's not a mystery to the Iranians what is going to happen'."

"The UN Security Council already has said Iran faced sanctions if it did not suspend uranium enrichment, a key step in making nuclear weapons. Iran has until the end of the month to respond officially. It also had said it would reply by next Tuesday to a proposal by the United States and the European Union for concessions that include US supply of some civilian nuclear energy."

Iran has repeatedly threatened to use her "oil weapon" if she is attacked. Such a diplomatic tussle could spook world oil speculators enough to force the cost of crude oil back upward.

Remember Cutting Edge position on this staged confrontation with Iran.

1) This is nothing new -- America has been threatening Iran with attack for the past three years -- only to back down each time

2) Iran is protected from destruction and probably Regime Change by the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. (Read NEWS2014 for full details. Article is entitled, "PRESIDENT BUSH SEEMS TO BE DRIVING IRAN (PERSIA) INTO THE ARMS OF RUSSIA AND EUROPE, JUST AS PROPHECY FORETELLS! ")

3) In April, 2003, Russian President Putin personally warned the United States not to attempt to overthrow Iran or any other country in the Middle East, for Russia will not allow it (NEWS2014). Since Russia possesses the fearsome Scalar Weaponry -- a weapons system far stronger than America's HAARP, she has the power to back Putin's threat up. Interestingly, President Bush has not overthrown, nor invaded, another country since Putin drew his "line in the sand".

IV. End of Civilization propaganda has surfaced again, this time as a two-hour documentary on ABC's 20/20 program.

As you read this segment remember this: the Illuminati hates this civilization and plans to shut it down, forcing all survivors of the "Christ's" cleansing program to live in an agrarian society much like our predecessors of 300 years ago. (Read NEWS1658, "Debunking The Myth That Illuminist Governments Are In The Middle East Just Because of 'Big Oil" Interests)

With this idea in mind, I find it interesting that this current propaganda article begins with "How smart are we as a civilization?"

NEWS BRIEF: "'Last Days on Earth', ABC News, August 18, 2006

"How smart are we as a civilization? Smart enough to control our destiny and avoid the cataclysms that may end life as we know it? For thousands of years, different religions have warned Earth about Armageddon and the final days."

At this point, please allow me to digress just a little bit to vent my frustration as to the twisting of the meaning of the Biblical term, Armageddon. This term is found only one place in the entire Bible, Revelation 16:16, "And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon." (Rev 16:16)

Listen as Easton's Bible Dictionary correctly defines "Armageddon" --

"Occurs only in Rev 16:16 (R.V., "Har-Magedon"), as symbolically designating the place where the 'battle of that great day of God Almighty' (Rev 14) shall be fought. The word properly means the 'mount of Megiddo'. It is the scene of the final conflict between Christ and Antichrist". (Easton's Illustrated Dictionary")

Focus on the word, " final conflict between Christ and Antichrist".

The Bible picks up the action later in Revelation 19:11-21.

When you read this passage, you will see that Jesus just speaks a word and all the armies of Antichrist are simultaneously slaughtered. The term, "Battle of Armageddon" should really be called, "The Slaughter At Armageddon", as Jesus slaughters all followers of the Man of Perdition.

But, this Biblical truth is swept away by the Mass Media.

Remember the flap caused when President Reagan supposedly said he believed in the Battle of Armageddon? The Mass Media immediately jumped on this statement, trying to scare the peoples of the world that Reagan might actually plunge the United States into a nuclear war against the U.S.S.R.

You see, TV anchors immediately redefined what "Armageddon" was, re-making it into a nuclear conflict at the End of the Age. Christians who knew their Bibles realized immediately that this redefinition was wrong, since Jesus will turn the conflict between Himself and Satan into a slaughter; He will speak one word and the entire massed armies surrounding Jerusalem will be slaughtered -- no battle, and certainly no nuclear war. (Rev 16:13-16 speaks to the massing of the armies while Rev 19:11-21 describes the horrific slaughter.)

In making the case that mankind and his current Industrial Civilization are making "Mother Gaia" (Earth), uninhabitable, this word, "Armageddon" is employed because now people equate it with massive, planetary destruction.

Let us return to our featured article:

"We are now living in an age where scientists are adding their voices and their evidence in support of end-of-the-world possibilities. 'Last Days on Earth' is a program that could change the way you see your world and yourself. The world's top scientists, including Stephen Hawking, considered the foremost living theoretical physicist, describe seven riveting scenarios detailing the deadliest threats to humanity. Some can destroy the planet, others have the ability to render us extinct, and all have the power to destroy civilization."

What makes this documentary so apparently dangerous is that it is presented as absolute scientific fact, with credible "experts" who are just speaking the "Party Line" on this subject.

""Last Days on Earth" goes beyond science fiction to science fact. Using state-of-the-art visual effects, it will take viewers on a journey that is both breathtaking and terrifying, from the outer reaches of the universe to the inner world of DNA, with an around-the-globe tour in between. 'Of all the generations of humans that have walked the surface of the Earth -- for 100,000 years, going back when we first left Africa -- the generation now alive is the most important," said Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York. The generation now alive, the generation that you see, looking around you, for the first time in history, is the generation that controls the destiny of the planet itself." (Ibid.)

I find it interesting that this wording seems very, very close to the wording employed by Born Again Christians, who have long stated that they believe we are the "generation" who will see the return of Jesus Christ.

The propaganda conditioning continues, screaming that man's activities are destroying Mother Earth and must be seriously curtailed. At this point, the propaganda about "Global Warming" will flow seamlessly into this current craze.

Watch "Last Days on Earth," a special 2-hour edition of "20/20," Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. Then, you will know what the propagandists want you to believe. Please also visit our Weather Control - Weather Warfare section, for we have posted much interesting information over the years on this most important subject.

Remember Adolf Hitler's definition of "Truth" -- "Truth is not what is; truth is what people perceive it to be".

This 20/20 program will contribute to this propaganda campaign designed to convince people that our current way of living in this Industrial Civilization is killing "Mother Earth" and must be dramatically curtailed. At this point, Industrial Civilization will be systematically dismantled, the Masonic Christ will "cleanse the earth" of 66% of its inhabitants, and then he will force the survivors to live only where they are told to live -- in an agricultural society.

That is the ultimate goal!

---------- Articles Posted ----------

* "Israel Halts War Against Lebanon On Day #33!" - Course of the war followed the goals originally articulated by Cutting Edge. Objectives seemly were achieved. Now, Israel can begin planning her withdrawal from the West Bank according to the 1992 original plan.
Western major powers also prevented Syria, Jordan, and Egypt from entering the fray, also as we predicted - July 15, 2006, Newsletter, Paragraph I. --

* "OOPS!! When Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Announced That This Current War Would Enable Israel To Unilaterally Withdraw From The West Bank, He Revealed An End Goal Which Should Not Have Been Revealed At This Time! -

* "Becoming an Ant", Guest Column by Berit Kjos -- Welcome to the "The Ant Bully," a Warner Brothers animation released on July 28. Do you wonder why a powerful liberal media conglomerate such as Time-Warner would pour millions of dollars into marketing such a political allegory for five-year-olds?

A blatant promotion of Communitarian solidarity, the movie illustrates some key steps in today's systematic process of brainwashing. If that's hard to believe, please see "The Revolutionary Roots of the UN." Then, before we go back to the movie, ponder these statements by global minded change agents:

"...all of us, including the 'owners,' must be subjected to a large degree of social control..."

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint." Psalm 22:14

Did earth or heaven ever behold a sadder spectacle of woe! In soul and body, our Lord felt Himself to be weak as water poured upon the ground. The placing of the cross in its socket had shaken Him with great violence, had strained all the ligaments, pained every nerve, and more or less dislocated all His bones. Burdened with His own weight, the august sufferer felt the strain increasing every moment of those six long hours. His sense of faintness and general weakness were overpowering; while to His own consciousness He became nothing but a mass of misery and swooning sickness. When Daniel saw the great vision, he thus describes his sensations, "There remained no strength in me, for my vigour was turned into corruption, and I retained no strength:" how much more faint must have been our greater Prophet when He saw the dread vision of the wrath of God, and felt it in His own soul! To us, sensations such as our Lord endured would have been insupportable, and kind unconsciousness would have come to our rescue; but in His case, He was wounded, and felt the sword; He drained the cup and tasted every drop.

"O King of Grief! (a title strange, yet true
To Thee of all kings only due)
O King of Wounds! how shall I grieve for Thee,
Who in all grief preventest me!"

As we kneel before our now ascended Saviour's throne, let us remember well the way by which He prepared it as a throne of grace for us; let us in spirit drink of His cup, that we may be strengthened for our hour of heaviness whenever it may come. In His natural body every member suffered, and so must it be in the spiritual; but as out of all His griefs and woes His body came forth uninjured to glory and power, even so shall His mystical body come through the furnace with not so much as the smell of fire upon it.
(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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