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---------- Inspiration For the Week--------"Self must not only be dead, but buried out of sight, for the stench of the unburied self-life will frighten souls away from Jesus"

There have been many failures, times when the self-life hindered God. I am more and more amazed that God has been able, notwithstanding my failures, to work in such wondrous ways, and has given me the joy of seeing Him work. God offers to bring all who are willing into His secret place, within the veil, the place of sweetest refuge, where all is peace and quiet stillness. As I have carefully and prayerfully gone over the facts and incidents and experiences in the life of my dear friend , I am impressed that the one great characteristic of John Hyde was holiness. I do not mention prayerfulness now, for prayer was his life work.

I do not especially call attention to soul-winning, for his power as a soul-winner was due to his Christ-likeness. God says, "Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord", and we may Scripturally say without holiness no man shall be a great soul-winner. Mr Hyde himself said, "Self must not only be dead, but buried out of sight, for the stench of the unburied self-life will frighten souls away from Jesus"

It does not seem that John Hyde preached much about his own personal experience of sanctification, but he lived the sanctified life. His life preached. Just as he did not say very much about prayer. He prayed. His life was a witness to the power of Jesus' blood to cleanse from all sin. In this strange and tangled business of human life there is no energy that so steadily does its work as the mysterious, unconscious, silent, unobtrusive, impenetrable influence which comes from a man who has done with all self-seeking. And herein lay John Hyde's mysterious power and great influence. Multitudes have been brought to their knees by prayer he uttered when filled with the Holy Spirit. ["Praying Hyde", p. 43-44]

--------Focus: Key Doctrinal Truth----------"ADVOCATUS DEI, DIABOLI"

Latin, meaning "God's Advocate" and the "Devil's Advocate", respectively. In the Vatican, two people appointed at Rome to consider the alleged miracles of a candidate for canonization. "God's Advocate" sustains the merits of the candidate, while the "Devil's Advocate" opposes them. The entire performance is mere theater in the superstitious performance of a relic from paganism." ["Dictionary of Theological Terms - Over 800 Theological and Doctrinal Terms", Expanded Third Edition, Alan Cairns, p. 11]

I had no idea this ridiculous type of staged theater was carried out during the canonization of a Roman Catholic "saint". I wonder what the script for the "Devil's Advocate" during the Mother Teresa canonization process had to say against her, since she is the most revered Catholic in modern history? In countless ways, Roman Catholicism proves herself to be nothing more than paganism clothed in Christian words and names. [David Bay, Director]

---------- Bookstore Resource Update ----------

Once again, we are offering numerous new items in our bookstore as we build up our selection in the subcategorizes in which we are weak. However, we have taken care to ensure that the news portion of this newsletter has not suffered in any way. We still report 7-10 articles, while highlighting 1-2 for special depth. This has been our newsletter pattern for some time and will continue, no matter how many new items we have brought in during the previous week that must be highlighted in this Bookstore Resource section.

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. The news out of Israel took a surprising turn this week, and two of the stories contain prophetic implications.

* Prime Minister Sharon suffered a strong and embarrassing defeat from his own Conservative Likud Party over the question as to whether Sharon could invite the Liberal Labor party to join in a Unity Government. However, the real target of this vote was to further prevent Sharon from carrying out his "Unilateral Disengagement" plan, which will fully separate the populations.

NEWS BRIEF: "Likud Says 'No' to Including Labor in a Coalition Government", Ha'aretz News, August 19, 2004

"The Likud Party Central Committee last night voted against ongoing efforts to include the Labor Party in a coalition government, also voting down Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s resolution to permit him to conduct talks with any Zionist party. The Prime Minister hoped his resolution would pass, thereby creating a backdoor to bypass the resolution against bringing Labor into the government."

All throughout the week leading up to this Likud Party vote, Sharon was lobbying hard, trying to convince party members to vote to allow him to build a Unity Government with any party he wanted to include. The euphemistic title Sharon dreamed up for this effort was "Zionist Parties". He promised to work with any and all "Zionist Parties" in building his Unity Government. Of course, everyone in Likud knew this was a trap designed to allow Sharon to fully work with Liberal Labor leader, Shimon Peres, to build this type of government.

When Sharon lost the Likud vote, you would expect that Peres would be chortling, since Sharon would need him more than ever. However, Peres sent a mixed message that confused just about everyone.

NEWS BRIEF: "PM to restart coalition talks", The Jerusalem Post, August 18, 2004

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon intends to instruct the Likud's coalition negotiating team to restart talks with Shinui and haredi parties next week and with the Labor Party shortly thereafter, despite suffering a damaging defeat in Wednesday's Likud convention ... Labor leader Shimon Peres called a press conference to call for early elections. He did not rule out restarting coalition talks with the Likud, but he said he would meet with other party chairmen next week in an effort to coordinate efforts to bring down Sharon's government.

" 'If there will be an invitation [from Sharon], we will consider it', Peres said. 'What happened at the convention was a harsh blow to hopes for peace. We are asking for elections in order to obtain a mandate from the nation to restart the peace process, to unify the country, to prevent Israel from being isolated internationally, and to deal with the dangers facing the state in matters of security and social issues'."

Thus, in one swoop, Peres sent a very mixed message. On the one hand, he said he would consider a proposal from Sharon to join him in Unity Government, but on the other hand, he called for early elections. If early elections are called, prospects are doubtful that Sharon can complete the unilateral withdrawal before the American November elections, which he stated last week was his goal; however, if Sharon and Peres just join forces at this point, Sharon-Peres could begin the forced evacuations soon after Labor Day. Since Sharon is just beginning a 10-day vacation at his ranch, we can expect a resolution to this matter soon after he returns.

Remember, Israel is the key to the timing of all the other planned events to bring Antichrist to the world scene. The Bible says Israel is the key to timing (Matthew 24:32-34) and the Illuminati Plan says Israel is the key to their Third World War (NEWS1056). We have so many people emailing us, calling us, asking when the next terrorist attack will take place, or when the Middle East will blow up into all-out war. Our answer is the same: Watch Israel. As long as she is not ready to go to war against the Palestinians (NEWS1422, NEWS1620 and NEWS1625), none of the other planned major events will occur. Israel must complete her unilateral disengagement plan, for that action fully separates the Jewish and Palestinian populations. Further, Israel must complete enough of the Security Fence that she can thoroughly isolate the Palestinian population before the war begins. Once these actions are completed, Israel can and will go to war; this war will trigger all the other planned wars and terrors and will produce Antichrist on the world scene in precisely 91 days (13 weeks).

The very fact that Sharon-Peres are exceedingly determined to separate the populations with the Unilateral Disengagement scheme shows that we are getting very close to the prophesied annihilating war with the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Egyptians. Out of the smoke and dust of this world war, Antichirst will stride on to the world scene.


Now, let us consider another somber news event which seems to carry heavy prophetic possibilities:

* The Jews of Israel are suddenly showing great concern and affection for vultures, to the point where the population is increasing dramatically! Is Revelation prophecy about to be fulfilled?

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Love Birds", by Dr. Noah W. Hutchings, "25 Messianic Signs", July 4, 2004

The buzzards of Israel are displaying affection for each other in multiplying and also, the Israeli people have a rather strange affection for the buzzards ... The birds of prey are frequently poisoned by Israeli farmers. Israel's 'Spreading Wings' program to resuscitate the vulture population has set up 20 feeding and nesting stations around the country.

When the Jews were absent from the land during the Diaspora, the land became a virtual desert. With no trees or grain crops, the wild animal and bird population of Israel, including the vultures, disappeared. Now that Israel is back, trees cover the land and extensive farming of all kinds provides food for the birds and wild animals once more. The vulture population at Gamla on the east side of the Sea of Galilee has been increasing in recent years, but pesticides and eating deer and other animals which have been shot has also poisoned some vultures.

But, setting up nesting and feeding stations for vultures throughout Israel is increasing the vulture population. Now, even mating vultures that have been injured and cannot fly, are now mating because of the scientific effort which has made this type of mating possible. Why does Israel have such an affinity for vultures? Prophetic Scriptures assign a very important function to the vultures after Jesus has slaughtered untold millions of the army of Antichrist.

In fact, we have three times in prophetic Scripture where God prophesies that He is going to kill so many of Israel's enemies that He is going to call all the birds of the air which feed on carrion to come to the field of slaughter. Is the fact that the Jews of Israel have suddenly developed a love for the most unlovely vulture another "sign of the times"? I certainly believe so.

We have issued an article on this subject, giving all the prophetic details. Please read NEWS1951, "Vultures -- Birds That Feed On Carrion -- Are Suddenly Increasing Dramatically Because Israelites Are Feeding, Caring For Them".

Prophetic signs are abounding in Israel today, including the "separation of population" scheme of Prime Minister Sharon (Unilateral Disengagement)! When you realize that both these stories have End of the Age implications, you will be excited to realize that the beginning of the "Final Birth Pangs War" to produce Antichrist is coming ever closer day by day.

II. The war in Iraq once again produced some very bloody battles that posed the threat of worldwide conflagration with all Muslim nations of the world, about which Cutting Edge has been warning for over a year now. Let us review the pertinent news of this past week.

NEWS BRIEF: "Attack on shrine carries risks: Damage to holy site in Najaf, Iraq, where cleric's militia is hiding could enrage Muslims worldwide", Detroit News, August 20, 2004

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Imam Ali Shrine compound in Najaf - an Islamic art landmark ornamented with elegant calligraphy and religious patterns - reputedly holds priceless ancient manuscripts and houses the silver-covered tomb of the Shiite saint Ali. While Iraqi forces might easily overpower the Shiite insurgents hiding inside, any raid there carries considerable risk. The shrine - named after Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of Islam's prophet Mohammed - is one of the most sacred sites for Shiite Muslims. For centuries, the world's 120 million Shiites have revered it as a place of pilgrimage."

We have long warned that destruction or desecration of a Muslim holy shrine is one of the major irritants possible to the Muslims. For this reason, the fighters loyal to the radical Iranian cleric, Al-Sadr, are fighting from this mosque compound and from the sacred 1,200-year-old sacred cemetery adjoining the mosque. This tactic clearly is designed to take a large chunk of our military advantage away, for we cannot use the firepower we possess lest we destroy or desecrate this mosque.

One other matter clearly is worrisome. If the forces of Al-Sadr were ever facing certain defeat, might they purposely destroy this mosque, blaming it on the Americans? Muslims by the hundreds of millions will readily believe Al-Sadr and disbelieve our contention that we had nothing whatsoever to do with the destruction. While we were still protesting our innocence, the armies of Muslims throughout the region and from around the world could be marshaling for all-out war. We cover this somber possibility in our Blood In The Streets series, but especially in NEWS1914; if you have not yet read it, please take the time to do so.

Because the Coalition realizes the potential destructiveness of the outburst of anger should a holy mosque be destroyed, our forces did not attack in Najaf like our rhetoric earlier in the week led us to believe was about to occur. Were we being deterred by the possibility of damage to this mosque? Listen to the news story:

NEWS BRIEF: "8-Day Battle for Najaf: From Attack to Stalemate", The New York Times, August 18, 2004

"NAJAF, Iraq, Aug. 17 - Just five days after they arrived here to take over from Army units that had encircled Najaf since an earlier confrontation in the spring, new Marine commanders decided to smash guerrillas loyal to the rebel Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr. Acting without the approval of the Pentagon or senior Iraqi officials, the Marine officers said in recent interviews, they turned a firefight with Mr. Sadr's forces on Thursday, Aug. 5, into a eight-day pitched battle, one fought out in deadly skirmishes in an ancient cemetery that brought them within rifle shot of the Imam Ali Mosque, Shiite Islam's holiest shrine. Eventually, fresh Army units arrived from Baghdad and took over Marine positions near the mosque, but by then the politics of war had taken over and the American force had lost the opportunity to storm Mr. Sadr's fighters around the mosque. Fighting here continues, and what the Marines had hoped would be a quick, decisive action has bogged down into a grinding battle that appears to have strengthened the hand of Mr. Sadr, whose stature rises each time he survives a confrontation with the American military. It may have weakened the credibility of the interim Iraqi government of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, showing him, many Iraqis say, to be alternately rash and indecisive, as well as ultimately beholden to American overrule on crucial military and political matters."

This article continues to paint a picture of the US Marine Corps as an out-of-control military force who attacks first and asks questions later. Conversely, Army commanders are said to be very cautious, aware of the need to get clearance from headquarters before initiating battle, and more sensitive to the politics on the ground. Al-Sadr has shown himself to be very clever in how he presses until he is about to be destroyed and then asks for a truce; furthermore, he has shown excellent skill in the manner in which he alternately threatens the secular Interim Government installed by the Americans and then talks peace. This same type of tactic was used in the heavy fighting in Falluja weeks ago. Let us now return to this feature article to see how that battle turned out.

"As a reconstruction of the battle in Najaf shows, the sequence of events was strikingly reminiscent of the battle of Falluja in April. In both cases, newly arrived Marine units immediately confronted guerrillas in firefights that quickly escalated. And in both cases, the American military failed to achieve its strategic goals, pulling back after the political costs of the confrontation rose. Falluja is now essentially off-limits to American ground troops and has become a haven for Sunni Muslim insurgents and terrorists menacing Baghdad, American commanders say." [Ibid.]

Therefore, Coalition Forces lost the battle in Falluja! Even though the public rhetoric proclaimed a victory as "indigenous Iraqi military forces" arrived to take over the fighting and secure the city. However, what we were not told is that the local Iraqi citizen and the insurgents fighting under Al-Sadr both viewed the American retreat plus the insertion of the Iraqi army, as a huge victory. If American forces are now ordered away from Falluja, even though the town has become a haven for Sunni insurgents and terrorists, we have just suffered a huge defeat! Now, we are in danger of repeating this defeat in Najaf? It is no wonder the insurgents keep fighting, if this scenario keeps playing out in location after location.

This New York Times article also stated that, because of these gaffes, the Interim Iraqi Government now has a veto power over Coalition military attack plans. Once again, we find this situation to be both intolerable and to be the opposite of the public rhetoric coming from the Bush Administration. Truly, reality on the ground in Iraq seems to be 180° different than the rhetoric (NEWS1558) -- But, then again, what else is new?

Getting the truth about our killed and wounded in Iraq always is a tussle because of the obfuscation and outright lying coming out of Washington. However, this article posted in Daily News Updates last week brought matters back into focus.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Best Kept Secret in Washington: War Wounded", By Mike Blair, American Free Press, http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/the_best_kept_.html

"In the war in Iraq, as of July 9, 882 U.S. servicemen and servicewomen have been killed, and, according to the Pentagon, in Iraq the ratio is estimated to be about six wounded for every battle death. But the Pentagon is not telling the whole truth. Calling upon various resources, in and out of the military, American Free Press estimates that as many as 30,000 American servicemen have been sent home from Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of battle wounds, accidents and illnesses. On May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush declared that the war was over in Iraq. It’s been more than a year since that time, and, every week, large transport planes are still arriving at Andrews Air Force Base loaded with wounded soldiers, all unseen by most Americans ... No one knows—or at least no one has been able to find out—just how many of these men still exist in underfunded Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities throughout America, and possibly abroad, as the U.S. government maintains no public accounting of the 'living dead'.”

Where are these terribly maimed soldiers if the Pentagon maintains no public accounting? The answer might surprise you.

"Some have had their faces blown away or suffered irreparable brain damage. Some have no limbs, and some are totally paralyzed. Somewhere in the many facilities run by the VA, these men exist, hidden away in the department’s 163 hospitals, 135 nursing homes, 43 domiciliaries and 73 'comprehensive home-care programs'.”

The horror of this scenario deserves to be given a full airing in Congress, on an equal level with the truth that President Bush ordered this war based upon a massive lie (NEWS1890 and NEWS1890b). In fact, President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld created a rogue intelligence agency (Office of Special Plans) just so that the frightening news stories designed to scare Americans into supporting this invasion would be released to the press. The regular CIA Director, George Tenet, refused to sign off on these bogus intelligence stories. This fact means that these brave soldiers have fought in vain, have suffered in vain, and will live the rest of their lives in pain and extreme discomfort for absolutely nothing. President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld are culpable in the needless deaths and lifelong injuries of all these brave Americans.

One of the lies told was that our soldiers would be welcomed by the Iraqi people as "liberators". We have read the stories as to how surprised our soldiers were when they rode into towns, villages, and cities, and were NOT welcomed as liberators; in fact, the local people were sullen and resistant toward our soldiers. A story from this week's news highlights this sad reality all too well.

NEWS BRIEF: "Team Iraq aims kick at Bush", New York Daily News, August 20, 2004

"WASHINGTON - The Iraqi soccer team featured in a Bush campaign ad says it considers the President a killer who should remove U.S. forces from their country immediately. Midfielder Ahmed Manajid even said if he wasn't playing soccer at the Olympics, he would be home in Fallujuah trying to kill American soldiers. 'Iraq as a team does not want Mr. Bush to use us for the presidential campaign', Iraqi midfielder Salih Sadir told Sports Illustrated in a story posted yesterday online. 'He can find another way to advertise himself'."

Can you imagine the hatred that is fueling the audacity of this Iraqi soccer team? Even though they are totally dependent upon the secular Interim Iraqi Government, which is totally dependent upon the Bush Administration, these young athletes hate President Bush enough to publicly state that, "if he wasn't playing soccer at the Olympics, he would be home in Fallujuah trying to kill American soldiers."!

Furthermore, the team as a whole told the Bush Administration to stop using them in their campaign ad, airing right now, which is trying to convince Americans that these "happy" Iraqi athletes represent the budding happy democracy we are creating in Iraq. Listen to these young athletes as they continue.

" 'How will [Bush] meet his God, having slaughtered so many men and women?' Manajid told the magazine. 'He has committed so many crimes'."

"Iraqi coach Adnan Hamad says his problems 'are not with the American people' but rather 'with what America has done in Iraq: destroy everything. 'The American Army has killed so many people in Iraq. What is freedom when I go to the stadium and there are shootings on the road?' " [Ibid.]

Lest you believe these statements are just hyperbole, remember we have posted articles in the past several months reporting just these type of killings. Go to Headline News from the Main Page and just start scrolling down the articles. You will see that we have reported this kind of atrocity as it was occurring. Yet, the American people continue to sleep on, content to believe Administration rhetoric that matters are getting better and that we have "liberated" the Iraqi people.

Also remember that President Bush did not go to war until he and his military was granted immunity for War Crimes! (NEWS1933) Is this the reason he wanted immunity so badly, because he knew the kind of bloodbath we were going to inflict upon Iraq?

III. As if the torture and sexual degradation scandal in Iraq and Afghanistan couldn't get any worse, it just did last week!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Command Faulted in Abu Ghraib Probe", Wired Magazine, August 20, 2004

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Army investigation into abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq finds they resulted from failures of leadership at the highest levels of command, the Washington Post reported on Friday ... top commanders shared responsibility for not fully paying attention to signs of abuse or to reports from the International Committee of the Red Cross ... However, the investigation stopped short of saying that soldiers were ordered to abuse detainees and no Army officers were likely to face criminal charges..."

This report was basically a whitewash, but we showed it here so we could introduce the next witness, General Janice Karpinsky, who oversaw all the military prisons during the time of this widespread torture, brutality, and sexual humiliation. In the view of a court, General Karpinsky would be considered a reliable, expert witness.

NEWS BRIEF: "White House linked to abuse 'cover-up': Abu Ghraib chief says conspiracy may have gone right to top", The Scotsman, 3 August 2004

"ABUSE of Iraq prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad was hidden from the US general in charge, in a high-level conspiracy which may have involved the White House, the jail chief said today. Brigadier General Janice Karpinsky, who oversaw all the military prisons, rejected claims that she had personally witnessed beatings. And, speaking as one of the soldiers at the centre of the scandal prepared to face a military court, she said the cover-up could reach as high as the White House or the Pentagon."

From the beginning, we noted that the evidence pointed to a very high-level of command and control of this calculated brutality. Had the tortures and humiliations been random and had they not been so specifically aimed at peculiar Muslim religious sensibilities, you might believe this scandal occurred because of just a few "loose cannons" within the ranks of prison guards. However, since each humiliation was so carefully aimed at specific Islamic religious sensitivities, one can only conclude that the entire campaign had to have been planned at the highest levels of the Bush Administration.

Then, when we learned that these specific tortures were originally conceived and perfected at Guantanamo Bay Prison before they were "exported" to Iraq and Afghanistan, we were more than ever convinced that high-level Pentagon officials had to have planned and executed this entire scandal. Now, General Karpinsky states that the guilt might logically rise all the way to the White House!

But, this past week, a story appeared which caused all these above factors to pale in significance! We learned that American doctors and psychiatrists guided and implemented these specific tortures and sexual degradations. This fact cast the pall of the Nazi Holocaust over the entire scandal!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. doctors tied to prisoner abuse: Faked death certificates, report says, Helped design torture at Abu Ghraib", Toronto Star, August 20, 2004

"LONDON—U.S. military doctors and medics at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad were 'complicit' in the torture of Iraqi detainees and faked death certificates to try and cover up homicides, says a report in a top British medical journal. The scathing analysis in The Lancet puts the spotlight on the role of medical professionals in a torture scandal that has so far focused on the abuse committed by U.S. soldiers. The report, written by University of Minnesota professor Steven Miles, says U.S. military doctors, nurses and medics at Abu Ghraib grossly violated medical ethics and international treaties on human rights ... Using evidence from U.S. congressional hearings, sworn statements of detainees and soldiers, and reports from military investigators, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the media, Miles concluded that doctors were involved in the torture from the start.

" 'The medical system collaborated with designing and implementing psychologically and physically coercive interrogations', Miles writes in this week's edition of The Lancet, regarded as a leading international journal on medical ethics. 'Army officials stated that a physician and a psychiatrist helped design, approve, and monitor interrogations at Abu Ghraib'."

This story puts an entirely new face on this scandal, does it not? In our articles on this torture and sexual degradation scandal, Cutting Edge reported that the various types of torture and humiliation our forces were meting out to Iraqi Muslim prisoners seemed to all have one thing in common: each of the them affronted Muslims in a manner unique to their religion! (Read the details in NEWS1913)

In other words, each of these tortures and humiliations seemed to have been deliberately thought out by someone very familiar with the Muslim religion and all its peculiar nuances. One you accept this reality, you must then realize that this entire scandal could not have possibly been the work of just "2 dozen" renegade soldiers and/or intelligence officers. No, this type of planning would, by necessity, have to have come from the Pentagon, especially when you realize that these tortures violated the Geneva Convention as to how prisoners were to be treated. Only the Pentagon -- and maybe the President himself -- could have authorized the creation of a plan whereby Muslim prisoners were going to be mistreated in ways which would violate certain beliefs unique to Islam. Indeed, as we reported above, American general Jancie Karpinsky has alleged that the White House was complicit in this entire scandal, and that the specific humiliations and tortures which were perfected in Guantanamo Bay Prison, were then transferred wholesale to Iraqi and Afghanistan prisons.

Now, let us complete the thought that "a physician and a psychiatrist helped design, approve, and monitor interrogations at Abu Ghraib'." This revelation is positively shattering, for it brings back the old memories of the Nazi Holocaust! How can this be, you ask? As we detail in NEWS1004 ("Parallels Between Nazism And The New World Order of Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush"), Nazi doctors designed the Holocaust and helped carry it out in the death camps. Listen:

"Nazis were obsessed with the 'Jewish problem' which required a 'final solution', which we know culminated with the Holocaust. After all, the Jews were responsible for the state of the world affairs, primarily through their control and machinations of the international money supply. However, throughout the killing, great effort was made to carry out and preserve the 'humanity in killing...by humanitarian methods...' To ensure that the killing was kept 'humane', Nazi doctors directed the Holocaust from beginning to end." ["The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing And The Psychology Of Genocide", by Robert Jay Lifton, Basic Books, Inc., New York, 1986, p. 136, 139, 161, 166.]

However, the German doctors not only ensured that the genocide would be kept "humane", they controlled and guided the killing machine from the beginning to the bitter end. Listen as we quote Dr. Lifton again, from NEWS1001 this time.

"Lifton carefully and thoroughly documents the frightening fact of history that Hitler's Holocaust, which killed 6 million Jews and 12 million other people not worthy of life, was begun by doctors in the early-1920's, before Hitler ever came to power. In 1933, when Hitler was in power, he simply committed German Government power and resources behind the medical Euthanasia program, aiding it further by changing German laws to remove any legal barriers. But, Adolf continued allowing German doctors to carry out the Euthanasia; once Hitler started his systematic killing, he allowed German doctors to implement the program on a daily basis!! German doctors, in white uniforms, were killing rather than healing! In fact, Lifton demonstrates that a mental change had occurred in the doctors and in the "normal" people assisting in the death camps -- where 'killing became healing'. Words were redefined to where people actually believed that they were healing by killing.

"Lifton quite boldly asserts that Hitler would never have been able to carry out his Holocaust had it not been for the conditioning efforts of the German Medical Establishment. In other words, if the German people had not been previously conditioned by the German doctors to believe in the worthiness of human euthanasia, Hitler would not have been able to kill his millions."

This parallel -- between our current torture and sexual humiliation scandal being planned and implemented by doctors, with a very similar reality in Hitler's Holocaust -- brings us back to our discussion of the two Brotherhood of Death Societies: Bush's Skull & Bones and Hitler's Thule Society. Whether you want to believe it or not, and whether you like it or not, the fact is that Skull & Bones and The Thule Society are identical Black Magick Masonic Secret Societies.

Furthermore, the current New World Order of Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush is virtually identical to the New World Order espoused by Hitler! We prove this in NEWS1004 by revealing the many parallels in beliefs, tactics and goals between the New Age Movement (Illuminati) and Hitler's Nazis. We identified 35 parallels. Do not be deceived: it would be easy today for the Neo-Nazi New World Order government to be enthusiastically installed in this country. All our leaders need is the next big crisis, another 9/11 type disaster.

In fact, this system is coming, no matter who is in charge of the White House. Once Israel is ready to go to war, the planned World War III to produce Antichrist will erupt, and it matters not whether Skull & Bones Bush is President or whether Skull & Bones Kerry occupies the office. The plan will go forward.

IV. Iran kept up a public drumbeat this week, warning that she would launch a preemptive strike on Israel -- and American forces in Iraq -- should Israel strike her nuclear power reactors. The entire episode allows us to present "Smoking Gun evidence" that American current Mass Media proclamations about Iran's nuclear program are totally false, completely worthless, and sheer propaganda. Let us begin with Iran's many warnings this past week, focusing on the most recent.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran may pre-empt attack to save nuke sites", IndyStar.com, August 20, 2004

"TEHRAN, Iran -- The defense minister, Vice Adm. Ali Shamkhani, has warned that Iran may resort to pre-emptive strikes to prevent an attack on its nuclear facilities. Shamkhani made his comments in an interview on Al-Jazeera television on Wednesday in response to a question about the possibility of a U.S. or Israeli attack against Iran's nuclear projects. 'We will not sit to wait for what others will do to us', he said. 'Some military commanders in Iran are convinced that preventive operations which the Americans talk about are not their monopoly. Any nation, if it feels threatened, can resort to that' ... A commander of Iran's hard-line Revolutionary Guards warned this week that Iran would strike Israel's reactor at Dimona if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear sites." If Israel fires one missile at Bushehr atomic power plant, it should permanently forget about Dimona nuclear center, where it produces and keeps its nuclear weapons', said the commander, Gen. Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr."

Note that Iran did not threaten a nuclear strike against Israel; her leaders only threatened to take out Israel's nuclear power plant should hers come under attack, presumably using conventional weaponry. Later, in this same article, the Iranian commander stated Iran's belief that Israel would never attack Iran's nuclear facilities unless the United States had given a "green light" to the attack beforehand. Thus, Iran would feel justified in attacking American positions throughout the Middle East. Of course, this attack would likely expand the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to include the whole Middle East, including Israel, and possibly, the nuclear-armed rivals, Pakistan and India. But, why should we be surprised, for Iran planned to defeat the Americans by following a strategy of "Lighting Many Fires", a strategy we explained over a year ago, in NEWS1910.

For the past year, American and other Western governments have been repeatedly stating that Iran is close to producing atomic warheads. According to this line of propaganda, America needs to either invade Iran or carry out specific surgical strikes to take out her nuclear reactor before she could complete her program to create nuclear warheads, This article below is typical of the many which have been issued over this past year.

NEWS BRIEF: "Rice: Us To Crack Down On Iran's Nuclear Program", Israel National News, August 9, 2004

"U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice told NBC’s 'Meet the Press' last night that America 'cannot allow the Iranians to develop a nuclear weapon', warning that US President George W. Bush would 'look at all the tools that are available to him' in order to foil Iran’s bid for nuclear weapons. Rice added that she expected the International Atomic Energy Agency to make what she termed, 'a very strong statement' this September, which would force Iran to either cease its quest to acquire nuclear weapons or face isolation in the international community."

We have stated repeatedly for over a year now that it makes no sense whatsoever for a Muslim state to independently develop their own home-made atomic bomb when all they have to do is to buy the capability from Pakistan, who has had nuclear weapons for almost two decades. Indeed, about six months ago, a powerful Pakistani scientist was formally accused of selling this technology to many states throughout the Middle East, including North Korea. The scandal stopped just short of alleging that he actually sold warheads.

However,. we wish to thank a Russian general for putting matters into perspective regarding Iran's development of a nuclear weapon sometime in the next 3 years, as the propaganda machine continues to shout. After reading this 2002 news article, you will realize just how much our government deliberately lies.


"A Russian general's statement about Iran's nukes fails to register with media. Sometimes a slip of the tongue is so incredible that no amount of doctoring can explain it. And sometimes a slip of the tongue is as intentional as could be. Take an appearance by Russian Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky. He gave a briefing on Friday in Moscow during the Bush-Putin summit and was asked about whether Iran actually fired the Shihab-3 intermediate-range missile in a successful test earlier this month. The second question was whether Iran can threaten Israel, Russia or the United States with its nuclear and missile programs.

"Then the Russian general takes a surprise turn: 'Now, as to whether or not Iran has tested something like that. Iran does have nuclear weapons,' Baluyevsky said. 'Of course, these are non-strategic nuclear weapons. I mean these are not ICBMs with a range of more than 5,500 kilometers and more."

Now this is shocking news, indeed! This Russian general has just confirmed that Iran has nuclear warheads and theater missiles with which to deliver them!

Therefore, you must realize that Iran has possessed nuclear weapons since 2002! Then, why are we seeing such lying propaganda out of Washington, D.C., warning us that, unless we act quickly and decisively, Iran will possess nuclear weapons within 3 years (2007)? This warning is needed in order to justify the military action already planned against Iran. The matter is just that simple. Just as Bush - Rumsfeld lied about Saddam possessing nuclear weapons, so are we lying now about Iran. We do not need to act now to prevent her from obtaining nuclear warheads, for she has possessed them since 2002!

V. Hurricane Charley hit Florida extremely hard, causing massive damage to certain areas. The aftermath of this storm produced some really strange and contradictory new stories. Let us review the news stories now.

NEWS BRIEF: "Charley's Force Took Experts by Surprise", My Way News, August 14, 2004

"Hurricane Charley's 145-mph force took forecasters by surprise and showed just how shaky a science it still is to predict a storm's intensity - even with all the latest satellite and radar technology ... Charley quickly grew from a Category 2 to a Category 4 storm Friday and its course took a sharp turn to the right, which put it some 70 miles south of the originally projected bull's-eye. With so much media focus on Tampa and St. Petersburg, many residents in and around Punta Gorda were caught unprepared. The hurricane left at least 15 people dead in its wake - a wake that might not have been nearly as big if the storm had stuck to its original path and struck the big evacuated cities farther up the coast. All along, the hurricane center had issued warnings for coastal residents from the Keys all the way up to Tampa Bay, said hurricane center meteorologist Robbie Berg.

" 'We're kind of surprised that people were caught by surprise', he said. Although Charley's path had the storm heading toward the Tampa area, Berg said the warning swath encompassed a much larger area - as far south as Punta Gorda, in fact. The swath takes into account any errors, he said. 'We were not saying Tampa. We were saying the west coast of Florida', Berg said. The media's fixation with 'Tampa, Tampa, Tampa', gave the public the wrong idea, he noted. Everyone had 'ample warning,'' Berg said. 'It's just unfortunate that certain people didn't evacuate'. Charley's turn to the right was not a big deviation, but because the hurricane was moving parallel to the coast, it ended up making a big difference in the landfall area, Berg said. The difference wouldn't have been nearly as extreme if the storm had been moving perpendicular to the coast, he said."

I well remember the Media pronouncements that the Tampa bay area was the forecasted point of impact for this hurricane. Many people in the Punta Gorda area felt that they were far enough from the storm that they did not need to evacuate. And, many of them had no chance to hear any different forecast because the electricity to their area was mysteriously cut off 5-6 hours before the storm struck. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "More From Lawgiver". Rumor Mill News, 19 August 2004

"Why was the electricity shut off between 9-10 on the morning of Friday the 13th in all Punta Gorda residential areas? Charley didn't arrive there until about 3:00 in the afternoon. They hadn't even confirmed the sudden path change heading to there until about 2:00 pm. They cut power in Port Charlotte at about the same time with the exception of the separate power grid that runs down US 41 and I-75 where traffic lights were still operating when Charley got there. Why cut off all the area power and deliberately leave the main highways with power?"

No authorities will ever answer this resident's questions. The objective of all Federal and State governments and most local authorities in the aftermath of a disaster, is seemingly to lie to their citizens. One thing is certain: many of the people living in the bulls-eye of the hurricane could not have heard that the storm had doubled in intensity and had changed course, because they had no electricity.

Even though the official death count was only 22, many people on the scene reported that the toll had to be much, much higher. Listen to one eyewitness account, carried by Rense.com:

NEWS BRIEF: "Florida Eyewitness Death Count Close To 400 Now", Rense.com, 8/17-04

"What an eye-awakening day this was. I thought that I had seen it all, having been involved from Viet Nam to the beginning of Desert Storm in my military and civilian law enforcement career, but today I learned about a new part of the shame game. For those who won't bother to read all this report, let me spell out the body counts that 6 of us (all retired military and/or law enforcement) went out to confirm today in different areas. These are confirmed bodies in the trucks, restaurant refers, or refer vans, and they are NOT 'missing persons' or animals:

Charlotte Harbor areas - 58 dead as of 5pm today; Fort Myers & the barrier islands - 21 deaths as of 3pm today; Punta Gorda - 275+ deaths and escalating each hour; Desoto County - 36 deaths, expected to increase.

"These figures came from our own eyes, medical personnel, various county sheriff's deputies, and eye witnesses or residents from the worst devastated areas. CNN and the rest of the world biased and controlled media are fooling none of us who live here. The current CONFIRMED body count in our 3 county area on the west coast of Florida is near 400 as I write this."

Sadly, we may never know the extent of the damage, death, and destruction.

We shall be issuing a major story on Hurricane Charley and we shall answer the question as to why Charley struck Punta Gordo. We shall have that article up by Tuesday, 8/24. A new line of in inquiry has opened up that just may surprise you.

VI. The dire threat to our liberties and freedoms posed by the entire Patriot Act and Homeland Security apparatus was made startlingly clear this week when we learned that the "No-Fly List" operated by the airlines with "input" from Homeland Security, had nearly prevented Senator Ted Kennedy from flying, 5 times!

NEWS BRIEF: "Terror-list snag stops Kennedy - 5 times", by Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press, Aug. 20, 2004

"WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward Kennedy on Thursday said that he had been misidentified on a terrorism watch list when he tried to board airliners between Washington and Boston. The well-known Massachusetts Democrat was stopped five times as he tried to board US Airways shuttles because a name similar to his appeared on a list or his name popped up for additional screening.

" 'If they have that kind of difficulty with a member of Congress, how in the world are average Americans, who are getting caught up in this thing, how are they going to be treated fairly and not have their rights abused?" Kennedy asked Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson."

Can you imagine that a person who has been on TV and in the newspapers as often as Senator Ted Kennedy would be misidentified as a terrorist by anyone in America? Ever since the "No Fly List" was created, people have been wrongly identified as terrorists and either prevented from flying outright, or greatly delayed in getting to their destination. The day is coming when a person on a "Red List" might even be arrested on the spot!

Senator Kennedy received an apology from a Homeland Security official during testimony this week. However, instead of being thankful that someone in our Federal Government actually can apologize, and hoping that Kennedy's fiasco might cause the entire program to be scrapped, we learn to our horror that the "answer" provided by this Homeland Security official was more government control -- he proposed that this problem could be solved if the Federal Government took complete control of the "No Fly List" from the airlines!

"Hutchinson, who apologized for 'any inconvenience' to the senator, was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the need for the federal government to take over the watch lists, which are currently administered by the airlines." [Ibid.]

Always, the Federal Government demands more control and more power whenever a program it administers runs into real trouble. We simply cannot roll back this monstrous government!

VII. We saw some very interesting stories regarding the Presidential campaign this week. This campaign is shaping up to be one of the most interesting ever.

* John Kerry selects CFR member to be his top adviser on the Middle East

NEWS BRIEF: "Kerry appoints Mel Levine top Mideast adviser", The Jerusalem Post, August 16, 2004

"When Washington goes its own way and disrespects its allies, it hurts not only the United States, but Israel as well, insists Mel Levine .. Levine, who as John Kerry's newly appointed top adviser on the Middle East is expected to play a major role in shaping the Democrat's policy on region ... said Levine, "but if we cannot convince Europe, Russia and other countries to keep nuclear weapons away from Iran, to fight terrorism, and to exert greater leverage on Arab countries, we will fail," and thereby weaken Israel. To gauge Kerry's attitude toward Israel, one need only look at his votes during 20 years in the US Senate, according to Levine.

" 'By every rating and criterion, Kerry's votes have shown 100 percent solid support for Israel', he said. 'That's well understood in his home state of Massachusetts, but not yet throughout the rest of the country'.Levine's appointment as chair of the Kerry campaign's Middle East Policy Working Group has been hailed by Jewish spokesmen and organizations as a reassurance that Israel's interests will have an eloquent voice in Kerry's inner circle."

In order to garner the Jewish vote in a national presidential election, it is always important to choose someone with a Jewish name who is accepted by Jewish organizations throughout this land. However, there is more to this story than meets the eye! Mel Levine is listed in the "Who's Who In The Elite" as being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) [Page 127]! Thus, we see John Kerry beginning to surround himself with establishment elite people from special Illuminist groups like the CFR. Just as Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush, John Kerry relies upon the advice and consent of CFR members who are totally trained and supportive of the global plan.

* President Bush plans to turn the Republican Convention into a "rah-rah" pep rally touting his achievements a Commander In Chief bravely fighting a "War On Terror".

NEWS BRIEF: "GOP to talk about attacks at convention", By Glenn Blain / (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News, reprinted in The Detroit News, August 20, 2004

"The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks will play a major role in the Republican National Convention's opening night, with the GOP planning to pay tribute to the victims and showcase New York's response to the tragedy, organizers announced Thursday. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is among the speakers in the Aug. 30 session at Madison Square Garden whose theme - 'courage of a nation' - focuses on the attacks ... Giuliani 'will speak to the courage of the American people, seen through the acts of bravery of a city that saw tragedy and great acts of heroism on Sept. 11, 2001', according to a convention press release. Sen. John McCain of Arizona is expected to praise the troops fighting the war on terror and President Bush as commander in chief."

Therefore, when we watch this convention, we should expect to see heavy doses of patriotism, with President Bush being cast as the super-patriot and as the only contender who has the backbone to stand up to our many enemies and put them all to flight. You can sense that this is true by fast-forwarding to the planned end of the convention. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "W's super & secret platform", The New York Daily News, August 20, 2004

"When President Bush accepts the Republican nomination in two weeks, he will enter Madison Square Garden on a specially made blast- and bullet-proof stage, the Daily News has learned. The platform is being constructed off-site from the Garden ... "It's a whole different" stage from the one that will be used during the other hours of the Republican National Convention, which runs from Aug. 30 through Sept. 2 ... The ultra-secure Bush stage is expected to arrive at the Garden the day before Bush speaks ... Since the GOP took control of MSG in mid-July, workers have been constructing a new floor for the arena, raised above the actual floor by about 9 feet, with a hole in it that could allow for a dramatic entrance."

If you thought the Democrat Convention depended heavily on Hollywood-style theatrics, the Republican Convention may offer a super-Hollywood look and feel. How many millions of Americans will be persuaded to vote for President Bush just because he is made to look macho and really tough during this brief convention appearance when he presents his acceptance speech? For that matter, how many people were impressed when Bush landed on that aircraft carrier on the witch's sacred day of Beltane, May 1, 2003, all dressed up like a fighter pilot?

It is a sad commentary on the discernment of American citizens when both political parties have to resort to this type of meaningless chicanery.

* This week, the Mayor of New York City made a statement which raised a lot of eyebrows: he seemed to say that "Freedom of Speech" was a privilege, not a Constitutionally protected right.

NEWS BRIEF: "Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC says Freedom of Speech is a privilege", InfoWars.com, August 19, 2004

"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg told a group of volunteers who plan to toil at the Republican National Convention yesterday that he expected most protesters who come to the event later this month would 'be reasonable', but he warned that 'if we start to abuse our privileges, then we lose them' ... Both the antiwar protesters and some of the police officers who could be assigned to watch over them used the same language to respond to the mayor's remarks about free speech being a privilege that can be lost.

" 'I never understood the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment were a privilege', said Leslie Cagan, national coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, 'I don't know why he is framing it that way'.Mr. Liddy echoed that thought: 'Unless the mayor paid someone to rewrite the Constitution'"

Our freedoms are never more threatened than when public officials -- who have taken oaths of office to protect our Constitution -- begin to believe that they have authority to determine when and where our Constitutionally protected rights end, and when they start becoming "privileges" which may be taken away. But, of course, the Mayor must have felt right at home amidst all the Bush Administration people who demanded the legal authority under the Patriot Act to end our Constitutional liberties and rights once and for all.

VIII. As the time for the Presidential campaign to actually begin draws near, it is worth noting that Bush's popularity seems to be declining, in large part because of voter concerns about the Iraq war. Not only is the daily grind of war beginning to erode the President's support, but many Americans are finally awakening to the fact that Bush took this country to war fraudulently.

NEWS BRIEF: "Young voters sour on Bush election bid", By Richard Morin and Christopher Muste / Washington Post, reprinted by the Detroit News, August 16, 2004

"WASHINGTON — Mounting concerns over the war and the sluggish economy have sent President Bush’s popularity plummeting among young adults in the past four months, complicating his bid for reelection and challenging Republicans to increase their efforts to win over new or lightly committed young voters ... In the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, taken immediately after the Democratic National Convention, Kerry led Bush 2 to 1 among registered voters younger than 30. Among older voters, the race was virtually tied ..."

" '“The war — definitely', Becky Hibma, 24, a homemaker in Dorr, Mich., said when asked her top voting issue. Hibma says she is concerned about terrorism. But for her, Iraq is the more immediate and tangible problem. 'It could have been handled very differently. We jumped in too quickly. ... A little more thinking would have been great' ... Bush’s problems with younger voters began long before the Democratic convention ... The last time Bush and Kerry were tied among the under-30 crowd was in April. In the five surveys since then, Bush has trailed Kerry by an average of 18 percentage points. The latest Post-ABC News survey found that Kerry consistently topped Bush by double-digit margins as the candidate young adults trusted to deal with every major issue, including the economy, Iraq, education and health care."

Once the campaign actually gets under way, Kerry should be able to exploit these Bush weaknesses, thus creating a very plausible scenario as to why Bush lost the election -- in the event he does lose the election.


Apostate Church 2 DVD video set

IX. Our rapid descent into Church Apostasy was never more evident than this week. Remember, apostasy is defined as moving away from Biblical beliefs and doctrines which were formerly deeply held. The Apostle Paul stated that such Apostasy was one of the End of the Age signs, and was so important that Antichrist cannot arise until it takes place. (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Listen to this story and weep.

NEWS BRIEF: "Christian youth group meets in unconventional place: Bible Study at Hooters, amidst scantily-clad waitresses", By LOUISE CHU, Associated Press

"KENNESAW, Ga. - Voices hush around the patio table as Rick Lamborn poses his first discussion question during a Christian youth group meeting at a popular restaurant. The topic this night is consistent relationships, and Lamborn begins by asking the college-age group, 'How does inconsistency negatively affect your relationships with others?'As responses sprinkle in, a blonde in a tight white tank top and orange hot pants quietly scoots up to the table. She joins the discussion for a few minutes then has to scurry back to her boisterous customers inside. Interactions like these, that bring faith to the uninitiated, are one of the reasons why Single Focus Atlanta has chosen to meet at a Hooters restaurant every week for the past four years.

"We've seen a few of the waitresses become Christians. One of the former managers here became a Christian. So it's worked."

Can you imagine how far the Church of Jesus Christ has fallen when a church leader actually believes the Holy Spirit will bless a Bible study held at a Hooter's Restaurant? Remember, Jesus told us that no one can come unto Him in salvation unless the Father draws him [John 6:44]; the Apostle Paul further tells us that the Holy Spirit is that drawing Agent. Can anyone argue with a straight face that the Holy Spirit would bless a Bible study held at a Hooters? I can imagine another, more sinister, spirit hovering over that place, but not the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, one has to really question whether a genuine conversion can really occur in someone who has "become a Christian" from an encounter at Hooters. Satan and his demonic host are experts at counterfeiting the truth of Jesus Christ and of counterfeiting much of the genuine Christian experience. Counterfeit conversions are far more likely to come out of a religious conversion at Hooters than the genuine.

This nonsense is only a logical extension of the dangerous concept that a Christian has to become like the world in order to reach the world. "Christian Rock Music" came out of this wrong-headed idea, as has the "seeker-sensitive" Purpose Driven church movement.

How foolish people are to think that Christian men should go into a place specifically designed to stimulate the sin of the "Lust of the Flesh"! While Jesus went out amongst the heathen and sinful, not once is it recorded that he went into a place designed to tempt men into sinful lust.

What did Jesus say? "He who looks upon a woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart."

Time and time again, we are warned to not touch the spotted flesh lest we become contaminated. "Come out from her My people", Jesus cries in Revelation 18.

To me, this concept is foolishness and dangerous. This kind of thinking has permeated the Christian Church for 2 decades now, during which time the Church has slipped into the most rank apostasy in the entire Church Age. Never before has the Church fallen so far so quickly. It was about 20 years ago that this "Stinkin' Thinkin" started to take hold, that we had to become like the world to win the world, that we had to adopt the methods of the world in order to win the world.

Since we quoted from "Praying Hyde" earlier, let us finish with the thought shared there: "Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord", and we may Scripturally say without holiness no man shall be a great soul-winner."

No Christian holiness is possible when a person takes a Bible study into Hooters. The next story we are likely to hear from this group is that they are taking their "Bible study" into nude nightclubs!

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "IF I WERE SATAN...... Remaining Undiscovered Defines The Truly Successful Counterfeit", by Pastor Ron Riffe - http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/p230.html

* "VULTURES -- BIRDS THAT FEED ON CARRION -- ARE SUDDENLY INCREASING DRAMATICALLY IN ISRAEL BECAUSE ISRAELIS ARE FEEDING THEM, CARING FOR THEM" - Almost everyone in the world despises birds of prey who feed on the flesh of dead animals! How, then, do you explain the phenomenon whereby Jewish citizens of Israel are suddenly attracted to vultures, even to the point of setting up feeding and caring stations?

The answer seems simple: this is another sign of the coming End of the Age. Can the "separation of population" scheme of Prime Minister Sharon (Unilateral Disengagement) possibly associated with this vulture phenomenon? -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1951.cfm

* "AMERICA LURCHES HARD AND ABRUPTLY TOWARDS SODOM - Part 1 - The American Psychiatric Association has argued that Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Transvestitism, Voyeurism, Sadomasochism, and Gender-Identity Disorder be taken out of mental illness category and be declared normal! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1949.cfm

* "AMERICA LURCHES HARD AND ABRUPTLY TOWARDS SODOM - Part 2 - As American "experts" debate whether to legalize and consider normal homosexual practices which have always been considered totally reprehensible, the question arises - "How did we get in this mess"? The answer just might surprise you because the process is largely invisible -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1950.cfm

* "PRESIDENT BUSH BETRAYS CHRISTIAN EVANGELICAL RIGHT AT REPUBLICAN NOMINATING CONVENTION - When the list of key speakers at the Republican Convention was released, Gay advocates squealed with delight while Evangelical Christian leaders fumed. Key speakers were pro-gay, pro-abortion, and pro-gay marriage, while not one key Evangelical leader received a speaking invitation -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1948.cfm

* "9/11 INVESTIGATIVE PANEL CONFIRMS THAT GIGANTIC "INTELLIGENCE FAILURE" WAS THE REASON TERRORISTS COULD COMMANDEER 4 GIANT AIRLINERS IN ONE DAY WITH WHICH TO ATTACK AMERICA" - "Intelligence Failure"? This is so horrible, "someone has to tell Adolf"! -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1947.cfm

---------Conclusion----------------"Pull me out of the net that they have laid privily for me: for Thou art my strength." Psalm 31:4

"Our spiritual foes are of the serpent's brood, a and seek to ensnare us by subtlety. The prayer before us supposes the possibility of the believer being caught like a bird. So deftly does the fowler do his work, that simple ones are soon surrounded by the net. The text asks that even out of Satan's meshes the captive one may be delivered; this is a proper petition, and one which can be granted: from between the jaws of the lion, and out of the belly of hell, can eternal love rescue the saint. It may need a sharp pull to save a soul from the net of temptations, and a mighty pull to extricate a man from the snares of malicious cunning, but the Lord is equal to every emergency, and the most skillfully placed nets of the hunter shall never be able to hold His chosen ones. Woe unto those who are so clever at net laying; they who tempt others shall be destroyed themselves.

"For Thou art my strength." What an inexpressible sweetness is to be found in these few words! How joyfully may we encounter toils, and how cheerfully may we endure sufferings, when we can lay hold upon celestial strength. Divine power will rend asunder all the toils of our enemies, confound their politics, and frustrate their knavish tricks; he is a happy man who has such matchless might engaged upon his side. Our own strength would be of little service when embarrassed in the nets of base cunning, but the Lord's strength is ever available; we have but to invoke it, and we shall find it near at hand. If by faith we are depending alone upon the strength of the mighty God of Israel, we may use our holy reliance as a plea in supplication.

"Lord, evermore Thy face we seek:
Tempted we are, and poor, and weak;
Keep us with lowly hearts, and meek.
Let us not fall. Let us not fall."

[C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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