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August 24, 2010

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---------- This Week's Hot News --------



I. China's economic and military power are growing so rapidly that some American leaders are starting to worry.

Do we have cause to be concerned -- especially since our own President Clinton greatly aided China's acquisition of military muscle?

NEWS BRIEF: "Should China's Economic and Military Rise Worry the U.S.?", The Atlantic Wire, August 23, 2010

"Last week, China overtook Japan to become the world's second-largest economy. Also last week, the Pentagon issued its annual report on Chinese military capabilities, in which it warned of significant naval and missile development. The two stories have led to a frenzy of op-eds reevaluating China, the China-U.S. relationship, and the extent to which the U.S. should fear its long-predicted rival. How worried should Americans be?"

Yes, the question as to how worried Americans should be about China is a relevant question and deserves a thoughtful answer based upon fact, not fiction.

The reality is that, since China changed her economy after the death of Mao Tse-tung to a Fascist based economy, her economic growth has been spectacular! From a relatively modest beginning in 1981 until now, China has blossomed into a real powerhouse and is steadily reaching for Superpower status.

Her economy has grown so great that she now has the cash reserves which can boldly and badly topple the world's economy, should she so choose to do so. China's military has acquired modern weaponry to the point where she could challenge American superiority in her Asian Sphere of Influence.

However, as worrisome as China's sharp ascendancy seems to us, President Bill Clinton wasted no opportunity during his eight years of Presidency to slip arms technology to China, to the point where Conservatives wanted him impeached for High Treason.

Let us examine some of Clinton's most grievous transfers of arms technology to China.

NEWS1114 - "Clinton's campaign With The Chinese Government Is Only The Tip of the Proverbial Iceberg!

"... Clinton is not about to let the growing scandal concerning possible illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese Government stand in his way in giving the final go-ahead to sell China civilian nuclear reactors."

And we are worried about tiny Iran developing her own nuclear warheads, even though the American government sold China nuclear reactors? But, wait, Clinton was not the only President who granted Communist China material she should not possess.

"President Clinton is not acting alone in this cooperation with Communist China. President Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, 'opened the door' to China in 1972. Ever since then, American Government officials, both Republican and Democrat, have been cooperating in the plan to steadily build China up to Super Power status, without most Americans being aware of the dangers. An entire litany of American officials and businessmen are involved in this effort. Donald McAlvany, writing in the Christian newsletter, 'Lion of Judah', lists the following people who have been cooperating in this endeavor with China:

"Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Alexander Haig, Brent Scowcroft, Lawrence Eagleburger, the late David Rockefeller, the late Armand Hammer, Vice President Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, Trent Lott, Dick Armey, Tom Delay, and Bob Dole."

Therefore, this sale and/or transfer of extremely advanced weapons technology is a bi-partisan program, which explains why Conservative Republicans and Democrats allowed Democrat Clinton to get away with his wholesale transfer and sale of extremely highly advanced weapons and weapons technology to China.

NEWS1166 -- "Clinton Enables China To Build Up Her Nuclear Arsenal, Thus Setting The Stage For China To Fulfill Revelation Prophecy"

"On April 4, 1998, The New York Times reported that a Federal grand jury was investigating whether two U.S. companies, Loral Space and Electronic and Hughes Electronic, illegally gave space expertise to China that significantly advanced Beijing's ballistic-missile programs. But the reporters, Jeff Gerth and Raymond Bonner, wrote that while the inquiry was under way Mr. Clinton dealt it a serious blow by quietly approving export to China of similar technology by one of the companies under investigation -- Loral."

How can this be? How can patriotic American Presidents deliberately arm an enemy which one day might turn her modern weapons upon us? This is the Communist thinking, after all. Listen to a quote from Russian dictator, Lenin.

"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them".

The only way in which we can make sense of American Illuminati Presidents arming China is to understand that they are not patriots, but global Illuminati. Communist leaders have always been loyal soldiers in the battle to bring the global New World Order into reality. In other words, Western leaders, like Clinton and Bush, look upon Russian and Chinese leaders as "fellow compatriots" in the New World Order agenda!! Therefore, Western monies and technologies have always flowed steadily to Russia and China, most often through "Business " deals that have always had a back door clause.

However, there is yet one more reason American Presidents have allowed China to have so much military hardware and technology as to make them guilty of treason; we must understand that "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" envision that, in the New World Order, China is to be given a very special role.

Listen to the role which the Protocols assign to America and China after the New World Order and its Superman, Antichrist, have been established. The Protocols envision that, just perhaps, some nations might resist their Christ and his new global government. Listen:

"... if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America, or China ..." [Protocol #7, last paragraph].

Read this part of the Plan over and over again until you thoroughly understand it. The Protocols envision building up the armies of America and China to the point where they will be used to respond to any and all attempted uprisings against the global rule of Antichrist! America has always led the world in this century in technological advances, while China has always remained a very backward nation. Therefore, in order to fulfill the Illuminati Plan called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion , America had to build up China technologically! We had to deliberately give her, "sell" her, or allow her spies to steal our information, until she possessed a state-of-the-art nuclear first-strike force and a modern conventional army, navy and air force.

Now, LYC Beardon reports that Russia has provided China with Scalar Wave technology!

Now you know the truth about China. Neither Biblical prophecy or the Illuminati Plan envision China annihilating America. I believe God has assigned that role to Russia.


II. We have always stated that the world is 'on fire' in the "Non-Integrating Gap" countries, by which we meant that wars and rumors of wars are exploding in this region of the world.

But, now, increasingly, nations in this "Non-Integrating Gap" are facing unprecedented flooding.

NEWS BRIEF: "UN says 800,000 cut off by Pakistan floods", AP News, August 24, 2010

"ISLAMABAD (AP) -- About 800,000 people have been cut off by floods in Pakistan and are only reachable by air ... adding it needs at least 40 more helicopters to ferry lifesaving aid to increasingly desperate people. The appeal was an indication of the massive problems facing the relief effort in Pakistan more than three weeks after the floods hit the country, affecting more than 17 million people and raising concerns about possible social unrest and political instability."

Let us stop right here to review the few key words in this paragraph.

"... possible social unrest and political instability."

In the book, "The Pentagon's New Map", Senior Naval War College Strategic Planner, Thomas Barnett, states that the countries of the world fall into two broad categories:

* Functioning Core - those nations whose economies can fit into the coming cashless system, either right now or in the foreseeable future.

* Non-Integrating Gap Countries -- those nations whose economies cannot fit into the coming global cashless system in the foreseeable future!

The plan is to manipulate these countries so they are "kicked into it by U.S. or European troops, or by the threat of invasion".

This is one of the REAL reasons the West invaded Afghanistan and Iraq; they were key members of the Non-Integrating Gap region.

Once these flood waters recede, the governments of devastated Non-Integrating Gap Countries will be less secure than before and may actually have to privately, quietly, cede control of their affairs over to global institutions, like the IMF. But, this transfer of "strategic ownership" is exactly what the Illuminati has in mind. Returning back to Professor Barnett in his book, "The Pentagon's New Map", previewed in Esquire Magazine, March, 2003:

""Our next war in the Gulf will mark a historic tipping point -- the moment when Washington takes real ownership of strategic security in the age of globalization." [P. 174]

Once the floodwaters recede, the Illuminati is going to exercise every pressure conceivable to force these victimized countries to quietly grant their sovereignty over to a global institution.

Let us now examine other "Non-Integrating Gap" countries which are experiencing tremendous flooding.

NEWS BRIEF: "China-Pak floods are a stark warning", Daily News & Analysis, August 23, 2010

"The recent floods in Pakistan and China, which have resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and the evacuation of millions, prove once again how vulnerable we are to the fury of nature. Water has inundated villages and towns and the damage is already incalculable as rescue workers struggle, aid agencies scramble and medics try and contain epidemics."

Notice the global citizenry propaganda which attempts to explain why this massive flooding is occurring and what the correct human response should be.

"But the planet seems to remind us again and again that we are in this together. The after-effects of natural calamities do not confine themselves within national boundaries."

Bingo! This is the essence of the political portion of the Illuminati Plan, to abolish all national boundaries. Thus this massive flooding is seen as advancing the New World Order.


This flooding is also casting much of the region into chaos. Once a nation is engulfed in chaos -- no matter the source -- it is more easily controlled and changed! Global Freemasonry utilizes this "Controlled Chaos" concept every single day, in order to finally bring all nations of the world into subjection to the coming Masonic Christ, also known as the "King of Despots"!

Of course, the Illuminati must be able to control the weather for this scenario to be credible. Listen to Former Defense Secretary, William Cohen:

"Others (foreign scientists) are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." ("COHEN ADDRESS 4/28 AT CONFERENCE ON TERRORISM, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy Sam Nunn Policy Forum, April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.)

America's electromagnetic wave system is known as HAARP.

Russia's electromagnetic wave system is known as Scalar.

Russia's Scalar system is far more powerful than America's HAARP, which is the reason Bill Schnoebelen chose the title for his DVD, "Russia's Secret Weapon Designed To Defeat America". As we stated earlier, we believe that God has chosen and armed Russia to bring His final judgment upon this wicked "Economic Babylon", the United States of America.

III. Direct "peace talks" are getting ready to begin, and already tension is beginning to flourish.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mideast peace talks: Are Israel, Palestine just going through the motions? ", China English News, August 24, 2010

"WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Friday's announcement of a new round of Middle East peace talks has stirred skepticism over whether the negotiations will amount to any meaningful progress. Moreover, some experts said both the Israelis and Palestinians are simply going through the motions in a bid to placate Washington."

"Neither side believes that a negotiated solution can result from the talks, nor are they prepared to make major concessions ... While some have applauded U.S. President Barack Obama for bringing the issue back to the front burner, Dunne said the potential for success is low."

Hamas leadership boldly stated that there is zero chance any "peace" might come out of these "peace talks".

NEWS BRIEF: "Direct talks with Israel doomed: Hamas", Press TV, August 24, 2010

"Democratically elected Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh says the Palestinian Authority's decision to resume direct talks with Israel is doomed to fail. Speaking at a mosque in Jabaliya, Haniyeh said that negotiations with Israeli would not restore the Palestinians' rights or their occupied religious sites, Ma'an news agency reported."

Israel, for her part, was equally adamant.

NEWS BRIEF: "'Israel won't accept preconditions' ", The Jerusalem Post, August 23, 2010

"Israel will not accept preconditions before participating in direct peace talks with Palestinians, Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom told Quartet envoy Tony Blair on Monday."

Given the reality that both sides are staking out harsh demands before direct peace talks even begin, this new round of direct negotiations under the auspices of President Obama will end in failure. Once again, the peoples of the world will be wearied by the lack of progress.

And, while you can definitely see Israel's enemies allied with each other as Psalm 83, Obadiah 15-18, and Isaiah 34 foretell, no immediate spark will occur which will set the Middle East on fire. This Middle East conflagration will not occur until the Illuminati successfully establishes all ten of their supernations! (Read full details in NEWS2363, entitled, "There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise!"

The world is close to the final conflict which shall produce Antichrist on the world scene, but it is not there yet!

NOTE: The newsletter continues after the Twitter announcement.

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IV. The Iraq war continues to heat up, and will intensify rapidaly now that the American withdrawal has passed the point of not return!

NEWS BRIEF: "33 dead in string of attacks in Iraq", Excite News, August 25, 2010

"BAGHDAD (AP) - A string of more than a dozen attacks targeted Iraq's local government and police forces from one end of the country to the other on Wednesday killing 33 people and leaving scores wounded..."

Notice that these string of attacks ravaged Iraq "from one end of the country to the other"! We have long predicted that the insurgents were just waiting for American forces to quit their fighting roles. Now that American soldiers are less than 50,000 and are serving as advisers to the inept Iraqi Army, the insurgency will like begin the civil war between Sunni and Shi'ite.

"... the scale and reach of the violence, which comes a day after the number of U.S. troops fell below 50,000, underscored insurgent efforts to show their might as the American military presence in Iraq shrinks. The insurgents targeted the government institutions that are key to the day to day running and stability of the country."

As we demonstrate in our newest DVD, "The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Prophecy", President Bush's invasion and destrcution of Iraq fulfilled the 2,500-year-old prophecy of Isaiah 13!

The comving civil war between Sunni and Shi'ite will prove to set the stage for the final annihilation of the Babylonian people (today's Iraqis) at the hands of the Ancient Medes, which are the Kurds today.

Then, according to Isaiah 13, once God's destruction of Ancient Babylon is complete, then He will expand His physical judgment to the entire world, using language identical to the language of the Book of Revelation!

Watch Iraq, for her days as a nation are truly numbered.


New Headline News Articles

"New Prophetic First -- One-half of Jewish people now support rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount"

Normally secular Israel has never shown this strong of support for rebuilding the Temple, showing the effects of Orthodox Judaism. Will the Islamic Dome of the Rock be destroyed on the 'Ninth Day of Av', the most horrible day of the year for Israel?

"Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... " (Noted 33º Masonic author, Albert Mackey)


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But, we warned nine years agao that this was the goal and that 9/11 was the catalyst by which this agenda would occur. We quote extensively from the warnings of NEWS1576, posted in early November, 2001, to demonstrate that our original warnings were exceedingly accurate!

"Catholic Priestly Sex Abuse Is Now Oozing Over Every Continent on Earth!"

The sheer magnitude of the priest's sex scandal is shocking beyond belief; but, remember, the statistics we are about to share with you is simply the proverbial "tip of the iceberg"! The true total numbers of deviant priests and victims reach into the many millions of victims.

Even the infamous Kinsey Report may have its roots in the 12 Centuries of sexual deviancy from priests and nuns and their victims!

Exciting DVD Trailer


"Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment Which Guarantees Our Right To Own Guns "

One day, they will be very sorry they do not have any guns, when foreign troops start their attack to take them away.

Warning To All Islamic Leadership: You Will Be Destroyed If You Persist In Plotting The Annihilation of Israel!

God's Omen of Protection is hovering over Israel today just as it did in Ancient Israel. No weapon can destroy God's nation, or God's promises will be proven to be impotent and He a liar -- which is utterly impossible!


"Has Iran Outflanked and Outmaneuvered The West In Its New Deal To Swap Nuclear Fuel With Turkey?"

Suddenly, the West powers are faced with a nearly complete loss of "moral high ground" on the issue of Iran's enrichment of nuclear fuel needed to produce nuclear warheads. Talk of severely tight sanctions on the Persian Kingdom is almost meaningless.

Iran, Brazil and Turkey have turned the tables on the West; will Israel, the United States, and the E.U. now accept the very proposal they originated several years ago? The Anti-American bloc has scored a significant diplomatic coup.

Global Illuminized Freemasonry Is Secretly Committed To The Preservation of National Israel

Secretly-held Masonic doctrine absolutely guarantees that the Illuminati will not allow national Israel to be destroyed. Even though current news seems to be demonstrating that President Obama is not Israel's friend and may desert her in favor of Islamic nations, the President's controllers will never allow national Israel to be defeated, for such a defeat would destroy Freemasonry.


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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------"Thou shalt be called, Sought out." Isaiah 62:12

The surpassing grace of God is seen very clearly in that we were not only sought, but sought out. Men seek for a thing which is lost upon the floor of the house, but in such a case there is only seeking, not seeking out. The loss is more perplexing and the search more persevering when a thing is sought out. We were mingled with the mire: we were as when some precious piece of gold falls into the sewer, and men gather out and carefully inspect a mass of abominable filth, and continue to stir and rake, and search among the heap until the treasure is found. Or, to use another figure, we were lost in a labyrinth; we wandered hither and thither, and when mercy came after us with the gospel, it did not find us at the first coming, it had to search for us and seek us out; for we as lost sheep were so desperately lost, and had wandered into such a strange country, that it did not seem possible that even the Good Shepherd should track our devious roamings.

Glory be to unconquerable grace, we were sought out! No gloom could hide us, no filthiness could conceal us, we were found and brought home. Glory be to infinite love, God the Holy Spirit restored us!

The lives of some of God's people, if they could be written would fill us with holy astonishment. Strange and marvellous are the ways which God used in their case to find His own. Blessed be His name, He never relinquishes the search until the chosen are sought out effectually. They are not a people sought today and cast away tomorrow. Almightiness and wisdom combined will make no failures, they shall be called, "Sought out!" That any should be sought out is matchless grace, but that we should be sought out is grace beyond degree! We can find no reason for it but God's own sovereign love, and can only lift up our heart in wonder, and praise the Lord that this night we wear the name of 'Sought out'.

(" Morning and Evening Devotions", by Charles Spurgeon, Emphasis added)

"President Bush:
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