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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------"My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" Psalm 22:1

We here behold the Saviour in the depth of His sorrows. No other place so well shows the griefs of Christ as Calvary, and no other moment at Calvary is so full of agony as that in which His cry rends the air--"My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" At this moment physical weakness was united with acute mental torture from the shame and ignominy through which He had to pass; and to make His grief culminate with emphasis, He suffered spiritual agony surpassing all expression, resulting from the departure of His Father's presence. This was the black midnight of His horror; then it was that He descended the abyss of suffering. No man can enter into the full meaning of these words. Some of us think at times that we could cry, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"

There are seasons when the brightness of our Father's smile is eclipsed by clouds and darkness; but let us remember that God never does really forsake us. It is only a seeming forsaking with us, but in Christ's case it was a real forsaking. We grieve at a little withdrawal of our Father's love; but the real turning away of God's face from His Son, who shall calculate how deep the agony which it caused Him?

In our case, our cry is often dictated by unbelief: in His case, it was the utterance of a dreadful fact, for God had really turned away from Him for a season. O thou poor, distressed soul, who once lived in the sunshine of God's face, but art now in darkness, remember that He has not really forsaken thee. God in the clouds is as much our God as when He shines forth in all the lustre of His grace; but since even the thought that He has forsaken us gives us agony, what must the woe of the Saviour have been when He exclaimed, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening"]

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---------- Resource Update ----------"He who saves souls is wise" [Proverbs 11:30]

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. NBC Weather Anchor, Scott Stevens, has confirmed that Hurricane Katrina, like the other hurricanes before her, was both created and guided by scalar electromagnetic wave technology! Cutting Edge has been teaching this fact since mid-1999 and has written numerous articles on the subject, which can be located at our section, Weather Control.

Let us examine this incredibly insightful article from Mr. Stevens to see what havoc the globalist leadership is wreaking upon an unsuspecting public in order to achieve their goal of a New World Order. The tactic being used is ages old, and is "Out of Chaos Comes Order" -- the kind of New Order of which they are most desirous.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Tsunami that was Katrina", by Scott Stevens, NBC Weather Anchor, August 30, 2005

"Ivan and Katrina -- These are both very Russian sounding names. It has been established that the former Soviet Union (fSU) developed and boasted of weather modification technology during the 1960's and 70's with deployment against the United States coming in 1976 with the audible arrival of the woodpecker grid. These weather operations continue to this day.

"This nation has not faced an economic crisis like the one that Katrina will spark in the days and months ahead. But that is one of the reasons Katrina was guided along the path that we all watched. This path has resulted in maximum damage to the energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and to the psyche of those that are susceptible to further storms this year and in the years to follow."

Did you catch his most pertinent phrase? "Katrina was guided along the path that we all watched."

Scientists working for the globalist Illuminati leadership have been controlling global weather since July 4, 1976, the date of our nation's 200th anniversary, according to both Mr. Stevens and LTC Beardon. They literally have created and guided thousands of storms during these past 30 years, which have wreaked an unbelievable toll of death, devastation, and disease -- none of which would have occurred on their own. In fact, once you realize that these storms can be created and guided, you will also realize they can be turned out to open sea, and be harmlessly dissipated there. No country on earth needs to ever suffer the hit of another hurricane or tornado, if this technology were being used for the benefit of mankind -- instead of as a frightening tool to wreak the extreme chaos needed to overthrow this present system so the New World Order can be established.

Please read Mr. Steven's article, above, carefully, for he not only shows his analysis of satellite photographs with yellow arrows which mark the unusual "scalar signatures" in Hurricane Katrina, but he traces the Russian development and control of scalar wave technology. As LTC Beardon states in his literature, Russian scientists in the early 1950's followed a line of research originally developed by the brilliant scientist, Nicoli Tesla, in the early part of the 20th Century. These Russian scientists did not immediately reject Mr. Tesla's line of work, as did Western scientists, who rejected it as "junk science", simply because the underlying science did not conform to the widely accepted Maxwell's Theory of Electrodynamics.

Assuming that Mr. Tesla was smart enough to not pursue a "junk science" line of research, these Russian scientists proceeded to pursue Tesla's work, and behold, they discovered he was right all along; they further discovered that Western scientists had misunderstood the workings of Electrodynamics because Maxwell's 1865 theory was misunderstood.

As the Russians continued to pursue Tesla's work, the entire realm of Scalar Electromagnetic Waves opened up before them like a veritable scientific "Garden of Eden". These scientists discovered that scalar waves are literally the electromagnetic waves which control Planet Earth. Not only did they develop Weather Control, but Weather Warfare using scalar waves became a distinct probability. What made scalar weapons and weather warfare so very powerful was that the technology reached into the core of the Earth, drawing power directly from the core of the Earth! This fact is the reason human scientists can create and control powerful storms like hurricanes and tornadoes.

As the Russians began testing scalar technology, they were able to do so right out in the open, even though Western Intelligence was watching their every step. As Western Intelligence observed the Russian tests, the Western scientists to whom the results were sent could not understand the science at which they were looking, for they had already rejected Tesla's science as "Junk Science". Even when the Russians began to control the weather and develop specific weaponry, Western science could not comprehend what they were observing, as they had already rejected the scientific foundation upon which it was based.

This, my friends, is the stuff of which God's Judgment upon a nation is built! As God gets ready to judge a nation for their grievous sins, He raises up a military enemy and gives them the ability to overcome the military of the nation under judgment. Time and time again, God made it gave a military for the nation He was going to use so that nation could deliver the physical punishment upon the nation He was judging.

Can you see the hand of God working as He blinded the minds of Western science all the way back in 1865?

Even today, as America has raced to catch up to the Russians with our inferior HAARP technology, we do not understand fully the Russian scalar secrets.

However, Russia is fully cooperating with globalist Illuminati right now, in controlling worldwide weather in such a way as to demolish the Old World Order and bring in their Masonic Christ to rule the New World Order. Why would the Russians cooperate with a global entity they could easily destroy? Because God has "put it into their hearts to carry out His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power and authority to the beast" (Read NEWS1776 and NEWS1776b for full information).

God has literally placed the thought into the minds of Russian leaders from Khrushchev to Putin to cooperate with the globalist Illuminati in order to overthrow the Old World Order, replacing it with the New World Order. We are in that period now.

Click Photo to hear audio mp3 file.

II. If the Russians are controlling the global weather for the Illuminati, it makes sense that American officials know this fact, and are cooperating with it. Since this is the case, the "freudian slip" yesterday by Michael Chertoff, Head of Homeland Security, makes a whole lot of sense.

NEWS BRIEF VIDEO: "Michael Chertoff: The Homeland Security Secretary To Address Looting In N. Orleans", Fox News Video, September 2, 2005

"At this time, we would like to update you on the current situation in the Gulf Coast states which have been afflicted by Hurricane Katerina..."

Of course, Mr. Chertoff just made an error, for the name of this hurricane is Katrina, not Katerina. The former name is English, while the second name is Russian. Did Mr. Chertoff just make an honest mistake, or did he make a "freudian slip" of the tongue? Since he holds such a high ranking within the Bush Administration, he probably knows the fact that the Russians are now controlling global weather through the KGB through scientists throughout the world, including Japanese scientists operating within Russia

Mr. Stevens revealed the name of this group of Japanese scientists using scalar technology to control global weather, as he quotes LTC Beardon:

"So in early 1990, the weather engineering operations over North America were assumed from the FSB/KGB by the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams, and operations continued with the Yakuza's leased giant scalar interferometers. The weather engineering against the United States continues today under the rogue Japanese teams on site in Russia, with direct FSB/KGB supervision. In 2004 we have entered the 2-year 'final preparation phase'. These operations have been intensified and will continue to be intense, wreaking great economic damage. Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, etc. have been no exception to the Yakuza weather engineering, which included directly influencing and controlling each hurricane's power and behavior, as well as directing its course and speed so as to choose its targeting path. Indeed, Ivan did a 180 degree turn, and Jeanne did a 360 degree loop before reaching Florida, demonstrating the degree of control available.("Find some pieces of the puzzle", Scott Stevens, Weather Wars, quoting LTC Beardon).

It is possible that, since our Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, is so familiar with this KGB control of global weather that he inadvertently used the Russian term, "Katerina" in speaking of the storm.

Let us now quickly examine the meaning of these two names, "Katerina" and "Katrina".

* Katrina comes from the Greek goddess "Hecate", who was "the goddess of witchcraft and tombs" ("Behind The Name: The Eytomology and History of First Names")

Isn't that an appropriate name for a hurricane which destroys New Orleans -- the city of Witchcraft, Voodoo and above ground tombs? (NOTE: Because New Orleans is located in a bowl six feet below sea level, she has had to bury her dead in above ground tombs -- "New Orleans Is Sinking", Popular Mechanics.com, September 11, 2001)

Katrina is English.

* Katerina is the "Russian form of Katherine" ("Baby Shop: Directory of Names") The name, Katherine, is possibly from the Greek 'katharos', meaning pure. Other spellings include Katharine/Catherine/Kathryn/Cathryn. Katrina also carries the connotation of "pure" (Ibid.)

Now, let us put these meanings together: Was this hurricane named "Katrina" because the idea of the storm originated from the Illuminati, who intended to utilize the storm to "purify" the Gulf Coast of the morally offensive city of New Orleans and the equally offensive oil drilling platforms and refineries up and down the Southern Port of Louisiana and the ports along the coasts of Alabama and Mississippi?

Listen to the line of thinking of these high-level occultists who control the Illuminati, and all nations of the world.

If mankind does not eliminate its cherished Industrial Civilization, Mother Gaia (Earth Goddess) will begin to "cleanse", will "purify" the earth herself. How will this Earth Goddess, Mother Gaia, "cleanse" the earth of our Industrial Civilization? She will cleanse the earth through natural disasters which will steadily build to such enormous levels that our Industrial Civilization will finally fall. Tens of millions, and perhaps hundreds of millions, of people will have to die for Mother Gaia to properly "cleanse" herself. But, once this "cleansing" is accomplished, the world will be able to live in perfect harmony with nature, because its civilization will be the kind that existed 300 years ago, and the population of the earth will have been reduced by two-thirds ["Herald of a New Age", by Ruth Montgomery].

This scenario is laid out in numerous New Age books. Isn't it convenient that Mother Gaia will have such wonderful assistance from Russian and American scientists?

New Age adherents will point to their writings to say that Mother Gaia is, indeed, beginning her cleansing action; we point to current Weather Warfare capabilities to say that scientists are deliberately fulfilling Mother Gaia's prophecies!

As we have noted in previous articles written after a hurricane, the path of these storms have passed right over areas which the Illuminati plans to set aside for "Re-Wilding", that portion of land where no human activity will be allowed, so that the land can go back to its natural, wild state. (Read NEWS1862, Isabella; NEWS1953, Charley; NEWS1960, Ivan).

Each of these articles contains a "Re-Wilding" map of the United States, officially entitled, "Simulated Reserve and Corridor System To Protect Biodiversity". The red areas on this map denote those tracts of land from which humans will be expelled -- along with their Industrial Civilization trappings like houses, buildings, freeways, vehicles, and backyard barbeques!

If you look at a map of hurricanes this season, you will notice that Katrina passed over the extreme southern/southeastern tip of Florida. Now, look at the "Re-wilding" map in one of these articles, above, and you will see that one of the largest "Core Reserve" locations in the Southeast is located right there. Hurricane Katrina passed over that location, dumping huge quantities of water.

You see, these hurricanes are not only meant to cause huge devastation, but they are meant to further the Mother Gaia imbalance concept. When the Masonic Christ is on the world scene and is "cleansing" the earth of its "evil", he shall point to the path of these hurricanes, noting that the purpose of each storm is to "restore balance in Nature", and say that he is declaring the areas over which the storms passed either a Core Reserve (human activity forbidden) or a Buffer Zone (which is an area in which human activity is tightly "regulated").

III. How bad are conditions in New Orleans -- really? Since Mass Media is notoriously unreliable, I place high credence in this email from a person I know very well who works in a hospital in the Boston, Massachusetts, area.

"I was in a meeting going over staffing with an assistant nurse manager when another nurse manager came in to go on a conference call. It was on a polycom so all of us could hear it. They were talking about volunteers and also about the fact that our FEMA contact person was saying that they are looking for 40,000 beds. They are calling all hospitals to find out how many beds they have available so that they could send people to these hospitals all over the country."

What incredible news! FEMA is trying to free up 40,000 hospital beds nationwide and plans to fly those people who are injured, sick and/or dying to a hospital somewhere in the country! When I informed this person that unconfirmed reports were indicating that as many as 50,000 people had died, this person said that he could believe that number, if FEMA was looking for 40,000 beds throughout the country.

Therefore, please forward to me at dbay@cuttingedge.org any local or state or regional articles you see about a hospital freeing up beds to take the injured and/or sick from this catastrophe. Before all is said and done, perhaps the figure may be far higher than 40,000 people needing to be flown to a hospital.

This person from a Boston hospital continued:

"We are sending 5 volunteers who would be paid while down there (2 weeks time) and they are talking about having revolving volunteers. Meaning 5 go down for 2 weeks than another 5 would go relieve them.....they want only people in good shape as the conditions are really unknown down there. Also FEMA would pay for any sickness or injury ("liability") that might happen while they are there." (Ibid.)

Hospitals are now expected to send "revolving volunteers" down to the disaster scene in New Orleans and possibly other disaster sites in the region. Note that FEMA is specifying that only people who are in good physical condition report, indicating that conditions are as bad as we have been led to believe.

Now, the focus of this situation changes:

"On the radio this morning a nurse called from a hospital in New Orleans. She said that they have dialysis patients that need treatment or will die. That there is no running water to run the machines and also that 'there is no clean bedding or running water so the patients are lying in there own feces'. They haven't eaten in 4 days and the medical staff have not slept. She was saying to get them out of there. Tenet Healthcare had to get armed police officer escorts to deliver medical supplies to there (sic) hospitals because armed gunmen held up a truck and stole everything. Another hospital is surrounded by armed people and they have stolen all there (sic) food and medical supplies." (Ibid.)

It is incredible that the Federal Government has taken so long to get critical supplies to hospitals, for crying out loud! Hospitals should have been the first to receive critical supplies -- within the first 12 hours -- but here we see a confirmation from a hospital employee in Boston that New Orleans hospitals got no supplies in the first four days after the flood. If hospitals are not getting needed supplies, you know the average refugee in the city has not gotten any, either.

This person continues to address this issue:

"Someone else I was talking to at work heard there have been a lot of suicides since the flood. People at work are getting angry at the government for taking so long to get people relief and asking why we are not accepting the aid other countries have offered. They are pointing to how quickly we have gone to the aid of other countries during natural disasters but how slowly we are getting to our own. I personally feel that they want these people to die and the longer they hold out the more that will die...... They are also saying that they should not even bother re-building New Orleans because, what is the point, it will just happen again." (Ibid.)

A CNN article details just how inadequate the government response has been. The "other side" referred to in this article who believe that the response has been wonderful are FEMA officials, so we shall simply ignore their opinions.

NEWS BRIEF: "The disaster response: 'Magnificent' or 'embarrassment'?", CNN News, September 2, 2005

"NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- When it comes to assessing the effectiveness of the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, two divergent -- and incongruous -- views have emerged over more than three long days of misery. In the hurricane-ravaged city, where people are thirsty and hungry, living in squalid conditions and in fear of armed bands of marauding looters, the response is seen as confused, ineffective and puzzlingly slow. 'Why is no one in charge?' asked one frustrated evacuee at the Ernest Morial Convention Center, where thousands have waited days for help. 'I find it hard to believe'."

"Terry Ebbert, New Orleans' homeland security chief, told WWL-TV that he thinks FEMA's response to the disaster has been an 'embarrassment'. Walter Maestri, the emergency management director in suburban Jefferson Parish, said FEMA and other federal agencies are not delivering help nearly as fast as it is needed ... New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin took the extraordinary step Thursday of sending a message through the media -- which he termed a "desperate SOS" -- advising the crowd at the convention center to march over the Crescent City Connection bridge to the west bank of the Mississippi River to find relief in neighboring Jefferson Parish. 'The convention center is unsanitary and unsafe, and we are running out of supplies for the 15- to 20,000 people', he said. Later in a radio interview, Nagin was even more direct. 'I keep hearing that it's coming. This is coming. That is coming. My answer to that is B.S. Where is the beef?"

The angry mayor even invoked the specter of God's Judgment against government officials who had been so slow to send in relief.

"God is looking down on all this and if they are not doing everything in their power to save people they are going to pay the price', Nagin said." (Ibid.)

Toward the end, this article speaks directly about the plight of the hospitals -- remember, hospitals and medical staff form a community's first line of defense against a disaster, whether it is manmade or natural. Hospitals should have had relief supplies flown by helicopters within 12 hours of the storm.

"But there was perhaps no clearer illustration of the disconnect between how emergency officials view the situation at a distance, and how it is viewed by those actually living it on the ground, than Brown's comments to CNN's Wolf Blitzer Thursday evening about the evacuation of hospitals in the city. 'I've just learned today that we ... are in the process of completing the evacuations of the hospitals, that those are going very well', he said."

"Shortly after he made those comments, Dr. Michael Bellew, a resident at Charity Hospital, where more than 200 patients were still waiting to be evacuated, described desperate conditions. The hospital had no power, no water, food was running out and nurses were bagging patients by hand because ventilators didn't work." (Ibid.)

On Day Five after the storm made landfall, Charity Hospital is still caring for more than 200 patients, and has no power, water, or food -- and the ventilators were not working! These facilities should have been the first to be either resupplied or evacuated.

But, the people dying on the street and many in hospitals, are the ones the government devalues the most: the black, those on Welfare, those homeless living on the street, chronically ill, the elderly, the disabled, and the young. Welfare rolls in New Orleans are going to be much slimmer now that the storm has passed over. Let us now address this horrific issue.

IV. We have all seen pictures by now of elderly and sick people who are were caught outside, some of whom have already died. Most of these people have just been left where they died -- on the sidewalk, on the rooftop, and in their wheelchairs. This next story deals with this issue, and ties in directly with the revelation made, above, by this Boston hospital employee.

Note that this article was posted September 2, four days after the hurricane made landfall.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ill Hurricane Victims Face Critical Period", AT&T World Net News, September 2, 2005

"As the conditions on the Gulf Coast worsen, the medical needs of Hurricane Katrina victims enter a critical point. The very young, the very old and people with chronic medical problems face a period where access to medical care is needed for their very survival. 'The clock is ticking', said Dr. James Nafaro, professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland. Children and the elderly are of particular concern ... Although healthy adults can go many days without food or water, it takes only 24 hours for infants without any food or water to become dangerously dehydrated. Elderly patients, many of whom are on medications that decrease their ability to retain water, also are extremely vulnerable."

"For those who haven't been rescued or don't have access to clean water, dehydration will become a problem, he said, adding that drinking the available contaminated water will likely result in diarrheal illness ... In addition to the youngest and oldest victims, patients with existing illnesses who cannot access their medications and treatments also are approaching a period of dire need. Without a potassium-lowering medication called Kayexalate, dialysis patients will develop dangerously high levels of potassium. And even if the patients can get to a location where dialysis can be performed, the machines require clean water to carry out the blood filtration process."

Now, this article describes why New Orleans is uniquely susceptible to an interruption in medical supplies.

" 'New Orleans has the highest density of dialysis patients in the country', said Dr. Leslie Spry of the National Kidney Foundation. 'In three to four days, you'll start to see dialysis patients dying if they don't have Kayexalate or aren't dialyzed' ... Along with a higher than average kidney failure population, Louisiana and Mississippi have more diabetics than other states ... Harvard professor and diabetes specialist Dr. James Rosenzweig is especially worried about the effects Katrina will have on diabetic patients. 'If DKA isn't treated, you'll start to see deaths in two to three days', Rosenzweig said." (Ibid.)

Now, can you see the dangers in allowing hospitals to go without critically needed supplies for the first four days after the storm? Whoever made the decision to wait for four days before getting serious about resupplying the city put at risk the very young, the very sick, the disabled, and/or the very old. However, now that I have said that, aren't these the very "devalued" groups our culture and our government are killing at this present time? Please think this through with me. Our governments are killing devalued groups of people through the following means:

1) Abortion - killing the very young within the womb

2) Euthanasia -- Partial Birth Abortion especially -- killing the very young just as soon as they come forth from the womb

3) Mercy Killings -- The tragedy of Terri Shiavo revealed the depth to which our culture and our governmental agencies will go to "pull the plug" on anyone who is chronically ill, or who just needs constant outside intervention of medical agencies to stay alive.

4) Adult Euthanasia -- Since the mid-1980's, America's elderly have been subjected to books, articles, and media campaigns that tell them how wonderful it would be if they would just end their life now. Former Colorado Governor Lamb once stated that the elderly should understand that "old people have a duty to die and get out of the way", presumably so the younger people just finding their way in society can have access to the resources of life. ("House of Representatives Archives - Social Security", January 23, 2004)

"Today we have a "death" culture promoting assisted suicide for the depressed and the "right to die" for people who just might want to live. Government policy which acts to accelerate the decline of the elderly and infirm is abominable." (Ibid.; NOTE: Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger wrote a book entitled, "The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People", the only book he could not get published. We carry the manuscript in our bookstore. To really understand the tragedy unfolding before us in New Orleans, you need the understandings this book provides)

Is it possible that our "culture of death" found its way into the hearts and minds of this Skull & Bones Presidential Administration, causing a decision to be made which delayed for at least four days the resupply of critically needed medical and nutritional supplies to hospitals in the region? You be the judge.

Behold A Pale Horse

V. BREAKING NEWS: Louisiana Senator says death toll may top 10,000

NEWS BRIEF: "Death toll in Louisiana could be above 10,000: US Senator", My Way News, September 2, 2005

"BATON ROUGE, United States (AFP) - US Senator David Vitter said that the death toll from Hurricane Katrina could top 10,000 in Louisiana alone. 'My guess is that it will start at 10,000, but that is only a guess', Vitter said, adding that he was not basing his remarks on any official death toll or body count ... Vitter, speaking to reporters at the emergency response center in Baton Rouge, also said he gave the federal government a grade 'F' for its response to the disaster so far."

In light of the 4-day delay in even getting medical supplies to hospitals, as we noted above, we concur that the Federal Government deserves an "F" for its response to this horrific tragedy.

An article in the Shreveport newspapers yesterday said much the same thing:

NEWS BRIEF: "Katrina's death toll could be thousands", The Shreveport Times, September 1, 2005

"BATON ROUGE -- As the flooding from Lake Pontchartrain stopped pouring into New Orleans on Wednesday, boat rescuers continued combing by grids area neighborhoods trying to find the living, leaving the dead for later. State and federal officials refused to estimate the number of dead. But New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said the death toll 'most likely' is in the thousands. President Bush, after flying over the Katrina-devastated Gulf Coast on his way back from his Texas vacation, convened a Cabinet meeting in Washington, D.C., and vowed to help rebuild Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

"We're dealing with one of the worst natural disasters in our history," he said ..."

We have had quite a presidency with this George W. Bush, have we not? America has suffered more unprecedented disasters during his administration than any other president in history, with the possible exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, the reasons for this are apparent to the seasoned observer and it has nothing whatsoever to do with "blind luck".

The world is suffering through the "Final Birth Pangs" in the effort to "give birth" to Antichrist and his New World Order. The final birth pangs are always the harshest and the most frequent, are they not?

or VHS
VI. In further indication that the "Mother Gaia" propaganda maxim is the underlying principle at work in this terrible tragedy, House Speaker Hastert kicked off the beginning of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan aimed at providing the rationale for turning New Orleans into a nature preserve.

NEWS BRIEF: "Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, R-Ill Declares: 'It Makes No Sense To Rebuild New Orleans' ", The Times-Picayune, Thursday, September 01, 2005

"An angry Gov. Kathleen Blanco demanded that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., apologize for his statement that it might not make sense to rebuild New Orleans. It was 'unthinkable', Blanco said, that Hastert would 'kick us when we’re down. I demand an immediate apology'."

Remember our earlier email from that hospital employee in the Boston area? He reported that nurses and doctors there possessed the same opinion. Listen again:

"They are also saying that they should not even bother re-building New Orleans because what is the point it will just happen again."

Mother Gaia Principle At Work Here

This is the ultimate "Mother Gaia" principle: restore the "balance in Nature" by eliminating the source which has originally created the imbalance. In this case, the culprit is said to be our Industrial Civilization, with its high usage of fossil fuels, its high consumption of so many commodities, and our high population. The proposed solution is to abandon this current civilization and pare down our high population by 66%!

If mankind does not take these actions, then Mother Gaia will continue to send natural disasters of various types in order to "restore the balance" at those areas in which she is feeling the forces of imbalance. On the Re-wilding Map, referenced above, the red "core zones" in which no human activity will be permitted are those areas in North America in which Gaia is feeling the pain and pressure.

New Orleans and the entire Louisiana - Alabama - Mississippi areas are areas of "imbalance".

The ultimate action Mother Gaia will bring upon a recalcitrant population is to send more storms, more ferocious storms and natural disasters until mankind finally gets the message and dismantles the offending civilization. Since politicians are currently planning to restore New Orleans, Mother Gaia might decide to send another Category 5 hurricane into the crippled city, at the time so many people are trying to restore order, restore services, as they work to ultimately restore the city.

Restoring New Orleans is the last thing the Illuminati wants! Keep this fact in mind: the "Global Superstorm" featured in the movie, "Day After Tomorrow" could occur, because scalar technology can make such a storm possible! If politicians do not get the message, Mother Gaia might just send a Perfect Storm into New Orleans - Alabama - Mississippi next time.

Watch "Day After Tomorrow" carefully, for she accurately presents this radical "Mother Gaia" concept. At the very end, after the United States has been completely destroyed by the global superstorm, listen to the astronauts high in orbit around earth, as they exclaim, "We have never seen the air so clean". You see, Mother Gaia had "restored the imbalance" through the storm.

This concept is being worked out in your Daily News, and is the reason we have had so many devastasting storms in the past two decades. At some point, people are going to start moving away from these repeatedly hit areas, governments are going to stop rebuilding, and insurers are going to make it financially impossble to rebuild.

VII. The Illuminati got want they really wanted from this disaster: Martial Law.

NEWS BRIEF: "Martial law declared around New Orleans", Science Daily, Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Martial law was declared in New Orleans midday Tuesday as the city continued flooding from at least two levees damaged by Hurricane Katrina. WWL-TV, New Orleans, which evacuated its studios earlier, reported airlifts of sandbags ... Looting was reported. Mayor Ray Nagin said bodies have been seen floating in floodwaters ... He also predicted there would be no electricity in the city for four to six weeks. Natural gas leaks were also reported throughout the city..."

NEWS BRIEF: "Death toll in Louisiana could be above 10,000: US Senator", My Way News, September 2, 2005

"Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, also called for the immediate deployment of regular US combat troops in New Orleans, saying the build-up of National Guard troops was too slow to quickly restore order ... Such a step would require Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco to formally request the dispatch of federal army soldiers, a highly unusual step. Blanco said on Thursday that she had asked for 40,000 troops, the majority of which are National Guard units from Louisiana and elsewhere. Five-thousand National Guard troops are expected to be on the ground in violence-wracked New Orleans by late Friday, military leaders said. But Vitter said that timeline could be too slow, amid reports that bands of armed men are roaming the streets in the city, which is 80 percent submerged in floods brought in by a storm tide after the hurricane hit on Monday."

Another news article, from overseas, reported different facts, even though the title was much the same.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hurricane toll may top 10,000", Al-Jazeera News, Friday 02 September 2005

"US Senator David Vitter has said the death toll from Hurricane Katrina could top 10,000 in Louisiana alone. The announcement came on a day US troops poured into the Louisiana city of New Orleans with shoot-to-kill orders to scare off looting gangs and enable rescuers to help thousands of people stranded by Hurricane Katrina. Faced with a growing threat of anarchy after a natural disaster that may have killed thousands of people, the US military on Friday rushed in National Guard reinforcements. Armed looters have had the run of this famed city of jazz musicians and French Quarter bars since Katrina pounded the US Gulf Coast on Monday, but they were warned not to push their luck.

"These troops are battle-tested. They have M-16s and are locked and loaded', Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said on Thursday night of one group of 300 National Guard troops being deployed here after recent duty in Iraq. 'These troops know how to shoot and kill and I expect they will ... Most residents are desperate for an end to the violence and a crackdown on looters was ordered when it became clear the looting and gunfire were hurting relief efforts. Bodies rotted away on busy streets, armed men opened fire on troops and rescue workers, and seriously ill people braved the floodwaters in wheelchairs to search for help ...

" 'Call it biblical. Call it apocalyptic. Whatever you want to call it, take your pick', said 46-year-old Robert Lewis ... 'There were bodies floating past my front door. I've never seen anything like that," he said, near tears from apparent emotional exhaustion'."

Federal and State officials will now get on-the-spot training in how to impose, and how to daily operate, Martial Law in an urban setting. This training will prove invaluable during the time upcoming when Martial Law will be imposed nationwide. Remember, the Illuminati never, ever attempts something on a large scale, until they have first tested it on a smaller scale. Is this the real test in imposing, and holding, the Martial Law which will eventually be imposed all across the country?

This news article then spoke directly to the issue of crude oil and refined products.

"The post-Hurricane Katrina petroleum-supply outlook improved somewhat on Friday as US and European governments agreed to release more than 60 million barrels of oil and refined products from their emergency reserves. The governments of 26 countries agreed to release the equivalent of two million barrels of oil per day from strategic reserves to cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Paris-based International Energy Agency said."

VIII. As the news stays so focused on New Orleans, it is easy to forget that other areas, in other states, were almost equally devastated.

NEWS BRIEF: "Storm smacks Alabama coast", Mobile Register, August 30, 2005

"Hurricane Katrina's powerful east side reached over to make a stinging assault on Alabama's coastline Monday, pushing water over roads and up rivers, stranding residents and killing power to thousands of residents. An oil rig broke free from its moorings and struck a large suspension bridge, forcing its closure; beach areas still rebuilding from mid-September's Hurricane Ivan were awash again; and everything from fish camps to multimillion-dollar homes along Mobile Bay took on water at an alarming rate. Alabama Gov. Bob Riley plans to lead several officials on a helicopter tour today to survey damage, with stops in Mobile, Bayou La Batre, Gulf Shores and Chatom."

News reports indicated that this storm was nearly 1,000 miles wide as it slammed into land.

"Mobile Bay surged into Mobile River and overflowed into downtown, forming white caps and flooding buildings and submerging vehicles .... in Baldwin County, the Grand Hotel in Point Clear was flooded with 4 to 6 feet of water, and most homes along the Eastern Shore between Fly Creek and Baldwin County 1 had damage ... Bert Noojin stood near Pier and Mobile streets in Fairhope as he watched waves roll through the first floor of the bayfront home he built in 1999. 'There are 6-foot breakers rolling through my living room right now', he said. 'In my nightmares, I never expected this to happen.' Nearby, Fairhope's pier was completely underwater by 1 p.m. The surge totaled the Fairhope Yacht Club and scattered boats..."

Can you see the opulent lifestyle so despised by New Agers being destroyed?

NEWS BRIEF: "After Katrina, some islanders have little to come home to; Official estimates one-third of west end residences were destroyed by Katrina", Mobile Register, August 31, 2005

"DAUPHIN ISLAND -- As residents and property owners began returning Tuesday, some found they didn't have homes to check on ... Ginger Simpson, town clerk for Dauphin Island, said the island's building inspector sur veyed the area Tuesday, estimating that about one-third of the homes on the west end were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, about a third were significantly damaged and the rest appeared to have minimal damage ... While much of the east side of the island appeared to sustain little structural damage, officials said, the west end took a beating.

"Beginning near the elementary school on the island, sand and pools of water covered the road -- and what used to be the road -- to the west end as far as the eye could see ... Preliminary data showed a storm surge of nearly 7 feet at Dauphin Island ... The surge, combined with high winds, likely worked together to destroy some local landmarks."

NEWS BRIEF: "Katrina's surge eclipses others", Mobile Register, August 30, 2005

"Katrina's storm surge, estimated to be somewhere between 11 and 12 feet at the Mobile state docks, was much higher than any recorded in Mobile's modern memory ... the height of Katrina's storm surge along the Mississippi Coast is apparently the worst since Camille, whose wall of water was responsible for more than 100 deaths. But Katrina's surge battered a coastline that is far more densely developed and populated than it was in 1969 when Camille struck, and the damage to property may be much greater. Areas such as Mobile Bay and the Mississippi Coast are considered to be exceptionally vulnerable, primarily because their ragged, shallow-water coastlines are perfectly designed to maximize the effects of hurricane surges ... storm surge heights greater than 20 feet are believed to have developed in the back bays and inlets around Bay St. Louis, Biloxi and Gulfport in Mississippi, just to the east of Katrina's landfall. Katrina's surge effect was felt strongly as far east as Mobile Bay and Pensacola, even though the center of the storm struck more than a hundred miles away."

NEWS BRIEF: "Miss. death toll soars", Hattiesburg American.com, August 30, 2005

"Hurricane Katrina slammed through southern Mississippi on Monday, flooding homes, felling trees and battering Hattiesburg and the Pine Belt with winds over 100 mph. At least 80 Mississippians may be dead, and that number could grow ... Harrison County EMA spokesman Jim Pollard said 30 of the deaths were in a single Biloxi apartment complex where the tenants were drowned or crushed by debris ... 'There were people on roofs and in attics', calling for help, she said ... The storm left coastal cities from Mobile, Ala., to New Orleans inundated. Katrina’s ferocity crippled emergency response efforts until the storm passed - leaving some areas that were hit hard without help for hours. 'The state today has suffered a grievous blow', Gov. Haley Barbour said in Jackson."

NEWS BRIEF: "Police officer says Petal 'destroyed' ", The Clarion Ledger, August 31, 2005

"HATTIESBURG — Like the rest of south Mississippi, the Oak Grove area suffered all kinds of damage from Hurricane Katrina ... The storm 'destroyed' the town, said Petal Police Sgt. Brent Barfield. There were no reported deaths and only minor injuries. But there were more damaged homes and buildings than anyone could count, and the road crews that worked through the night had only managed to clear the main roads through town. 'I've never seen anything like it in my life', he said."

Another article the next day stated that virtually every home in Petal, Mississippi was destroyed or heavily damaged.

IX. President Bush can logically be blamed for the extent of this disaster!

For four years now, President Bush has refused to allocate the monies needed to repair and raise back up, the critical levee system on which New Orleans is totally dependent. In a large sense, President Bush bears the blame for this unparalleled disaster - refusing to provide funds to repair a major American city, sitting in a bowl 6 feet below sea level, totally dependent upon levees which were known to be sinking and in sad shape.

NEWS BRIEF: "NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING", Popular Mechanics, September 11, 2001

"The surge of a Category 5 storm could put New Orleans under 18 ft. of water. They don't bury the dead in New Orleans. The highest point in the city is only 6 ft. above sea level, which makes for watery graves. Fearful that rotting corpses caused epidemics, the city limited ground burials in 1830. Mausoleums built on soggy cemetery grounds became the final resting place for generations. Beyond providing a macabre tourist attraction, these "cities of the dead" serve as a reminder of the Big Easy's vulnerability to flooding. The reason water rushes into graves is because New Orleans sits atop a delta made of unconsolidated material that has washed down the Mississippi River."

"Think of the city as a chin jutting out, waiting for a one-two punch from Mother Nature. The first blow comes from the sky. Hurricanes plying the Gulf of Mexico push massive domes of water (storm surges) ahead of their swirling winds. After the surges hit, the second blow strikes from below. The same swampy delta ground that necessitates above-ground burials leaves water from the storm surge with no place to go but up."

Most people never thought that the the water table is so high that a major storm surge would not even begin to sink into the ground -- that a storm surge would have nowhere to go but up!

"The fact that New Orleans has not already sunk is a matter of luck. If slightly different paths had been followed by Hurricanes Camille, which struck in August 1969, Andrew in August 1992 or George in September 1998, today we might need scuba gear to tour the French Quarter ...During a strong hurricane, the city could be inundated with water blocking all streets in and out for days, leaving people stranded without electricity and access to clean drinking water. Many also could die because the city has few buildings that could withstand the sustained 96- to 100-mph winds and 6- to 8-ft. storm surges of a Category 2 hurricane. Moving to higher elevations would be just as dangerous as staying on low ground."

There you have it: residents and politicians and scientists knew in September, 2001 -- 4 full years ago -- that New Orleans could be sunk in a major hurricane. The next segment is really revealing.

"Yet knowing all this, area residents have made their potential problem worse. 'Over the past 30 years, the coastal region impacted by Camille has changed dramatically. Coastal erosion combined with soaring commercial and residential development in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have all combined to significantly increase the vulnerability of the area', says Sandy Ward Eslinger, of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Coastal Services Center in Charleston, S.C."

This area mentioned, above, is precisely the area which Hurricane Katrina devastated, is it not? Perhaps the Illuminati felt it was "pay back time" for those communities which have taken so much pristine land away from Mother Gaia and buried it in homes and businesses!

NEWS BRIEF: "Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? 'Times-Picayune' Had Repeatedly Raised Federal Spending Issues", The Times-Picayune, August 31, 2005

"Even though Hurricane Katrina has moved well north of the city, the waters may still keep rising in New Orleans. That's because Lake Pontchartrain continues to pour through a two-block-long break in the main levee, near the city's 17th Street Canal. With much of the Crescent City some 10 feet below sea level, the rising tide may not stop until its level with the massive lake."

At this point, we would like to direct your attention to this satellite map, showing both "Before" and "After" photos of New Orleans. You can see how very huge Lake Pontchartrain is, and how it is beginning to discharge into the city. If the levee at the 17th Street Canal is not repaired quickly, entire neighborhoods may see their homes totally disappear under the waves!

"New Orleans had long known it was highly vulnerable to flooding and a direct hit from a hurricane. In fact, the federal government has been working with state and local officials in the region since the late 1960s on major hurricane and flood relief efforts ... Over the next 10 years, the Army Corps of Engineers, tasked with carrying out SELA, spent $430 million on shoring up levees and building pumping stations, with $50 million in local aid. But at least $250 million in crucial projects remained, even as hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin increased dramatically and the levees surrounding New Orleans continued to subside. Yet after 2003, the flow of federal dollars toward SELA dropped to a trickle ... At least nine articles in the Times-Picayune from 2004 and 2005 specifically cite the cost of Iraq as a reason for the lack of hurricane- and flood-control dollars."

"Newhouse News Service, in an article posted late Tuesday night at The Times-Picayune Web site, reported: 'No one can say they didn't see it coming. ... Now in the wake of one of the worst storms ever, serious questions are being asked about the lack of preparation'."

Now, the finger of accusation points directly to President Bush.

"In early 2004, as the cost of the conflict in Iraq soared, President Bush proposed spending less than 20 percent of what the Corps said was needed for Lake Pontchartrain ... On June 8, 2004, Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana; told the Times-Picayune: 'It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that's the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can't be finished' ... June, with the 2004 hurricane season starting, the Corps' project manager Al Naomi went before a local agency, the East Jefferson Levee Authority, and essentially begged for $2 million for urgent work that Washington was now unable to pay for. " (Ibid.)

" 'The system is in great shape, but the levees are sinking. Everything is sinking, and if we don't get the money fast enough to raise them, then we can't stay ahead of the settlement', he said. 'The problem that we have isn't that the levee is low, but that the federal funds have dried up so that we can't raise them' ... The 2004 hurricane season was the worst in decades. In spite of that, the federal government came back this spring with the steepest reduction in hurricane and flood-control funding for New Orleans in history. Because of the proposed cuts, the Corps office there imposed a hiring freeze. There was, at the same time, a growing recognition that more research was needed to see what New Orleans must do to protect itself from a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. But once again, the money was not there ...the 2005 budget no longer includes the needed money ... In its budget, the Bush administration proposed a significant reduction in funding for southeast Louisiana's chief hurricane protection project. Bush proposed $10.4 million, a sixth of what local officials say they need."

A sorry fact is that the very levees which local and state governments needed Federal money to repair are the ones which broke. A flooded New Orleans can only look to President Bush with anger, for many loved ones died needlessly. As President Bush goes on TV, looking like a macho president, just remember that his budget cuts allowed this storm to do this much damage.

What was that saying of which my grandmother was so enamored? "A stitch in time saves nine".


X. In Iraq, the President got only bad news, nearly every day. More American soldiers were killed, nearly 1,000 Shi'ite worshippers died when a rumor began circulating that a suicide bomber was in the crowd, more politicians and police were killed, and the Iraqi Constitution was nearly swamped in internal conflict.

Maybe this is the reason the American people are getting really fed up with the war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Poll: 41% would tell Bush to get troops out of Iraq now", Chicago Sun Times, September 1, 2005

"Four out of 10 Americans, given a few minutes to bend President Bush's ear on Iraq, would tell him to bring the soldiers home now. Or, as more than one respondent told Gallup pollsters, 'get the [swear word] out'. Gallup gave 1,007 Americans a hypothetical 15 minutes with Bush and asked people what they would tell the president about Iraq. Some 41 percent said they would urge Bush to pull the troops out and end it immediately.

"A few of the remarks by detractors released by Gallup on Wednesday likened Iraq to Vietnam. Others suggested that if the president had sons instead of daughters, the United States would not be involved ... Women and Democrats were more likely to urge immediate withdrawal ... Jesus Garcia, 24, a hotel purchasing agent, said he would ask Bush, 'Where did you ever get the weapons of mass destruction idea? Where was the proof?' "

If more Americans would honestly confront the truth that President Bush invented the Weapons of Mass Destruction theme to justify invasion, this war would be over with sooner rather than later

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Subtitle: "New Order out of Chaos" - Illuminati always creates a Chaotic scene, then steps in with their "solution". This hurricane should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Plan to so create chaos that our Constitution could be dissolved. The Illuminati Card Game foretold use of Hurricanes as a destructive force (NEWS1856) to bring down the Old World Order.

Once again, this major disaster contained a Numeric Occult Signature!

UPDATE: NBC Award-winning weatherman, Scott Stevens, confirms that Katrina was scalar created AND guided, and shows satellite photographs with yellow arrows demonstrating the tell-tale "Scalar Markers" in the midst of the storm. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2069.cfm


We should not be surprised that Robertson spoke unbiblicly, for he has taken many unbiblical stands, such as: 1) Bible is not inerrant; 2) Jesus cannot return to earth until His followers conquer the world; 3) No literal Rapture of the Church; 4) Wealth of this world will be transferred from sinners to Christians; 5) Our rescue from sin was not Jesus' actual goal; 6) Believers can attain immortality on earth by living sinless lives and then become immune to injury, disease, death; 7) "Overcomers" must purge the earth of all "evil" influences, even to the point of killing anyone who will not submit to their authority. Therefore, Robertson's repeated urging to assassinate foreign leaders who oppose America is fully consistent with Dominion Theology.

Dominionist Theologians are setting up an earthly kingdom all right, but it is the one the Bible foretells which shall precede Jesus' return by 7 years! http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2068.cfm

book, DVD, VHS * "Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan & UN Goals - Part 1 of 4 -- The Emerging Global 'Church' ", by Berit Kjos, August 2005

"The first Reformation was about beliefs. This one needs to be about behavior. … We’ve had a Reformation; what we need now is a transformation." Rick Warren

"The transition... to a culture of peace is a process of individual, collective and institutional transformation." (UNESCO Culture of Peace Programme at http://www.peace.ca/vowunesco.htm)

"Citizenship for the next century is learning to live together. The 21st Century city will be a city of social solidarity... We have to redefine the words... [and write a new] social contract."[3] Federico Mayor, former head of UNESCO. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/db056.htm

---------Conclusion----------------"Good dinner in the Kingdom of Christ, our Lord and Redeemer"

Dreadful persecutions were at this time carried on at Lincoln, under Dr. Longland, the bishop of that diocese. At Buckingham, Thomas Bainard, and James Moreton, the one for reading the Lord's Prayer in English, and the other for reading St. James' Epistles ion English, were both condemned and burnt alive.

Anthony Parsons, a priest, together with two others, was sent to Windsor, to be examined concerning heresy; and several articles were tendered to them to subscribe, which they refused. This was carried on by the bishop of Salisbury, who was the most violent persecutor of any in that age, except Bonner. When they were brought to the stake, Parsons asked for some drink, which being brought him, he drank to his fellow-sufferers, saying, "Be merry, my brethren, and lift up your hearts to God; for after this sharp breakfast I trust we shall have a good dinner in the Kingdom of Christ, our Lord and Redeemer." At these words Eastwood, one of the sufferers, lifteed up his eyes and hands to heaven, desiring the Lord above to receive his spirit. Parsons pulled the straw near to him, and then said to the spectators, "This is God's armor, and now I am a Christian soldier prepared for battle: I look for no mercy but through the merits of Christ; He is my only Savior, in Him do I trust for salvation;" and soon after the fires were lighted, which burned their bodies, but could not hurt their precious and immortal souls. Their constancy triumphed over cruelty, and their sufferings will be held in everlasting remembrance.

Thus were Christ's people betrayed every way, and their lives bought and sold ("Fox's Book of Martyrs"; Emphasis added0

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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