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September 14, 2011                    

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---------- This Week's Hot News -------


I. As President Obama continues Bush's planned withdrawal from Iraq by December 31, Iraqi militants are "greasing the skids"!

Cleric al-Sadr has ordered his Mehdi Army to cease all attacks on American forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq's Sadr says to halt attacks on U.S. troops", Reuter's News, September 11, 2011

"Iraq's fiercely anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Sunday called on his followers to suspend attacks against U.S. troops to ensure they leave Iraq by a year-end deadline ... 'Because of my eagerness to accomplish the independence of Iraq and have the invader forces withdraw from our holy land, it has become imperative for me to stop military operations ... until the invader forces complete their withdrawal', Sadr said in a statement read out by his spokesman Salah al-Ubaidi."

In other words, Sadr does not want to give President Obama any excuse whatsoever to stall or to reverse the American withdrawal which is gaining steam and which will be complete by December 31, this year.

Remember that Sadr is thoroughly controlled by Shi'ite Iran; therefore, this statement of a unilateral cessation of attacks on American forces carries the support of Iran. After fighting American and Coalition Forces in Iraq for eight long years through proxy forces like the Mehdi Army, Iran feels she is very close to victory over the "Great Satan". Now is the time to lay low so the Americans can safely leave on schedule.

How badly do the Shi'ite forces want American forces to leave? they are offering to secure the roads they need to complete their physical withdrawal!

"Ubaidi said if the Iraqi government wanted, Sadrists were ready to secure the roads for U.S. troops as they depart Iraq."

Remember, also, that the civilian government of Iraq is controlled by Shi'ite Iran. Therefore, when American forces turn Camp Victory over to the official Iraqi Government, they are turning this HQ Camp over to Iranian control.

Once American fighting forces are completely withdrawn, what will Iran do to Iraq? She will turn her guns against the Sunni forces, thereby plunging Iraq into the "Mother" of all Civil Wars! She intends to carry out a genocide against all Sunni people.

President George W. Bush carried out the premise of "The Pentagon's New Map", in overthrowing the entrenched dictator, Saddam Hussein. But, he has now unleashed the forces of genocidal hatred between Shi'ite and Sunni, a force which Saddam kept under leash all the time he was in power.

II. Immediately after severing all ties with Israel, Turkey steps boldly on the Middle Eastern stage on behalf of her Islamic brethren!

Turkey is throwing her considerable military and diplomatic power behind Islamic militants all accross the region!

The key issue is the PKK, which is the militant arm of the Kurds of northern Iraq - everyone hates them - Turkey, Iran, Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey eyes intel cooperation with Iran, Iraq", Hurriyet News, September 12, 2011

"Turkey has increased its pressure on administrators in Iraq over the presence and activities of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, in the country with demands that they share intelligence and cut the group’s logistic channels. Turkey has also demanded human and technical intelligence from Iran on the PKK’s hideouts in the Kandil Mountains in light of Tehran’s recent incursions into the region."

Turkey is even considering an armed attack against Kurd positions in northern Iraq!

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkey May Launch Ground Strikes Against Kurdish Rebels in Iraq", Voice of America News, September 13, 2011

"Turkey says it is considering a cross-border ground offensive against Kurdish rebels operating in northern Iraq. Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin said Tuesday that discussions with Iraq are underway regarding a land operation against the rebels, saying an offensive could be launched at 'any time'.”

If Turkey launched its attack into northern Iraq against Kurdish positions, might that complicate or even stall the American withdrawal plans" It might, especially when you consider that American foreign policy has always been tilted toward the Kurds.

However, since everyone in the region hates the Kurds, American reaction might be muted, if the operation is limited in scope and in duration.

Turkey is even belligerently forcing herself into the Israel - Palestinian nationhood dispute.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkish Leader Urges Vote for Palestinian Statehood", The New York Times, September 13, 2011

"Capitalizing on Turkey’s growing stature and influence across the Middle East at a time of regional upheaval, its prime minister ramped up the pressure on Israel and the United States on Tuesday, telling Arab League ministers they must vote for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations this month. 'Recognition of the Palestinian state is the only correct way', the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said in a speech to members of Arab League in Cairo on the second day of his so-called 'Arab Spring' tour.

" 'It is not a choice but an obligation'.”

This last sentence was so bold that it caught the attention of politicians everywhere.

"Mr. Erdogan’s support of Palestinian statehood was certainly no surprise. But the commanding tone of his message, coupled with his increasingly hostile attitude toward Israel — which once considered Turkey its close friend — underscored how Turkey has now cast itself as a leader in the region."

Yes, Turkey does see herself as an Islamic heavyweight in the region, and is now beginning to flex her muscles. In the process, Turkey is realigning herself from the Western Orbit to an Islamic Orbit. This next paragraph captures this move from the two alignments very well.

"His remarks also constituted a new challenge to both Israel and the United States, which has promised to oppose any move at the United Nations General Assembly to grant statehood to the Palestinians on Israeli-occupied lands ... 'Let’s raise the Palestinian flag and let that flag be the symbol of peace and justice in the Middle East' Mr. Erdogan said. 'Let’s contribute to the establishment of peace and stability in the Middle East that it deserves'.”

Turkey is thus contributing to the fulfillment of Isaiah 34:12, one of God's prophecies concerning the End of the Age annihilation of the Palestinian people!

Please take a moment to read this prophecy:

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more."

This prophecy contains two elements, both of which are to be fulfilled sooner rather than later.

1) Palestinians "nobles" (leaders) shall proclaim that they have a kingdom but it shall prove to be an empty declaration, as there shall be nothing there. No real modern nation will arise from this declaration.

2) It leaders shall suddenly disappear!

In September, 2000, we posted our first article in which we stated our belief that today's Palestinians will be totally annihilated in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18 - please take a few moments to read our treatise, NEWS2095.

Bill Salus picks up this theme in his DVD, "Isralestine" and expands upon it greatly, pointing out that Isaiah 34 adds much prophetic detail, as it certainly does. However, what Bill Salus does is to enlarge this smaller picture of the prophesied annihilation of the Palestinians to consider the larger picture, with Israel and Egypt and Syria and Iran and Turkey, and of course, Russia.

With this thought in mind, let us return to our featured news article for more information on how Turkey is stepping out on this much larger stage.

"Turkey accelerated its growing stature in the Arab world — and further upended the regional order — when it downgraded diplomatic relations with Israel and expelled its ambassador early this month ... Mr. Erdogan was already lionized across the region for his commitment to Islamist politics, pluralistic constitutional democracy and energetic economic development. In Egypt, aspiring Islamist politicians often try to sell themselves as 'the Egyptian Erdogan'.”

Prime Minister Erdogan also strongly opposed Israel, using words not seen in public from an Islamic leader. Listen:

"Mr. Erdogan seemed to present himself as a spokesman for the backlash against Israel unleashed by the revolts across the region. 'Israel is the West’s spoiled child', he said, 'to this day it has never executed a decision by the international community'.”

Even should this allegation be true, Israel cannot abide by decisions issued against her by the perennial anti-semitic United Nations! The Arab side of any issue has always been supported by the world body; if Israel began obeying the decisions of the International Community, she would be "drinking the waters of the Mediterranean" very soon.

The Turkish Prime Minister concluded his remarks by announcing he was planning to meet with both the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas leaders.

"I told Abbas to come with me so that we can all go together, Mahmoud Abbas, Erdogan and Ismail Haniya', Mr. Erdogan said. 'You know what he said? He said, yes I will come with you. I have hope and I am waiting for this visit'.”

Now, let us consider the issue of the empty Palestinian nation-hood declaration.


III. The Palestinian Authority plans to issue a declaration later this month that a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza is now a reality.

NEWS BRIEF: "Arabs to push for Palestinian statehood bid", Reuter's News, September 12, 2011

"Arab states will push for a fully-fledged Palestinian state at the United Nations next week, the Qatari prime minister said on Monday, despite a U.S. threat to block such a move ... The Palestinians decided to seek United Nations recognition of statehood after years of negotiations with Israel failed to deliver the independent state they want to establish in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem -- areas occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East War."

At this point, I feel the need to remind our readers that Israel and the United States offered Palestinian President Yassir Arafat control over about 96% of the West Bank and he turned the offer down cold! Let us review this Barry Chamish news story, which we covered in NEWS1446, posted in late November, 2000.

"Deep, dark pessimism reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of the average Israeli citizen today. They have witnessed their Prime Minister attempt to make the most incredible concessions ever thought possible to the Palestinian leader, Yassir Arafat, at the Camp David summit in late July. These concessions shocked and frightened most of the Jewish population of Israel, as they offered to give Arafat unprecedented control over unprecedented blocks of land within Israel and even within parts of Jerusalem. Many thoughtful Israelis wondered aloud if such concessions might not threaten the very existence of modern Israel. However, instead of accepting the offer of concessions, Arafat arrogantly refused it, and demanded even more. Even as Israelis were debating as to whether these sweeping concessions should have been given in the first place, Arafat rejected them as inadequate; you see, he wants all of Israel, and all of Jerusalem! He wants all the Jews in Israel to "drink seawater", as he is consistently saying. In other words, Arafat wants nothing more, nor less, than the total annihilation of Israel. But, given this known fact, Jews within Israel were shocked when Arafat arrogantly rejected Prime Minister Barak's sweeping concessions!"

It is true, Mr. Erdogan, that Yassir Arafat arrogantly refused the offer from President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack, demanding 100%, not the 96% he was offered. If the Palestinians were truly interested in peacefully living side-by-side with Israel, Arafat would have accepted this peace offer.

Instead, Arafat put the entire world on notice that the only peace he was willing to give the Israeli people is the "peace of the grave"!

Adolf Hitler would have been proud, for that was also his peace to the Jewish people.


IV. The Pentagon has confirmed: American soldiers are on the ground in Libya!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Boots on the Ground in Libya, Pentagon Confirms", Fox News, september 12, 2011

"Despite repeated assurances from President Obama and military leaders that the U.S. would not send uniformed military personnel into Libya, four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend."

The State Department was adamant in rejecting any idea that these four military experts were an adavnce of any sort, preparing the way for larger numbers of troops in the future. 'State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland assured reporters Monday that the four individuals are not in Libya to fight. 'When the president made his commitment to 'no boots on ground' ... obviously that had to do with entering into the fray between the Qaddafi forces and the Libyan freedom fighters, and that's not what these guys are engaged in'," Nuland said. "

"Kirby also made clear these troops are in no way part of a military operation on the ground."

Perhaps this statement is true. We hope it is, but we realize the pressing need for Western powers to inject expertise into the Libyan Provisional Government. As we have stated earlier, Gaddafi was so efficient in physically eliminating his opponents that no one in Libya today had the expertise to rule in a manner in which peace and order prevailed, instead of anarchy.

Is it possible that these four "U.S. service members" were part of an advance team of experts who will assist the new Provisional government in ruling Libya? We can only wait to find out. Events will tell us the reason these four unidentified "service members" have landed in Libya.


V. During the Tampa GOP debate just concluded, candidate Mitt Romney was able to look very Presidential, and very Conservative.

The campaign to convince Evangelical Christians to support a Mormon for President is ratcheting upward!

NEWS BRIEF: "GOP debate: Low-key Romney weathers the storm", Los Angeles Times, September 13, 2011

"It’s easy to poke fun at Mitt Romney. He comes off as a little too stiff, a little too straight, his suit always crisp, his hair in place ... He rarely gets worked up, even when his rivals for the GOP nomination try to bait him. But slowly, surely, it’s possible that low-key style could be his greatest advantage."

"Romney, of course, has been around the track before. And he’s showing it, rarely falling off script or message, and this time around trying to keep to a more even keel on policy ... He sat back and watched Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty tear each other to pieces in Iowa, and then scooped up Pawlenty for his campaign after the dust settled."

"And when Rick Perry showed up and overnight looked like the man to beat, Romney methodically began to try and take him down using a well-worn line of attack over Social Security."

Texas Governor Rick Perry was pilloried by both Romney and Tea Party favorite, Michelle Bachmann. Suddenly, the focus fell off Mitt Romney and on to Rick Perry. Also very suddenly, Mitt Romney looked positively Conservative!

After the debate was finished, some people were wondering aloud if Romney received an unexpected boost from Conservatives!

NEWS BRIEF: "Making Romney better", by Maggie Haberman, Politico News, 9/13/2011

"JMart and Catanese report on the way forward for Mitt Romney, which became clear at last night's debate. Perry was sharply criticized by Michele Bachmann for his support of vaccinating girls against HPV ... he was hit by Rick Santorum for his opposition to a border fence and backing of Texas legislation to give the children of illegal immigrants in-state college tuition; and he was dinged by Ron Paul over whether taxes have gone up in Texas."

Why are these disparate subjects important to Conservatives?

"Taken together, few issues resonate as much with conservative base at the moment as culture, cronyism, American identity and fiscal purity. And Perry was forced on the defensive over each of them in Tampa."

At this point, the political acumen of the writers of Politico on this issue comes into sharp focus.

"That might be the Texan’s chief vulnerability and his main rival’s best hope: that the Republican undercard of Bachmann, Santorum and Paul remains in the race to bloody Perry so much on his right flank that Romney can consolidate enough of the GOP establishment to eke out a plurality victory."

Had you ever thought of this scenario? Had you ever thought that candidates Bachmann, Santorum and Paul might be in the race solely to make serious contenders to Romney look stupid or inept or closet Liberals? People who manage campaigns think in exactly these terms, which is why they seem to be playing chess while the average citizen is playing checkers!

"For Romney, the net plus of a fight with Perry - who, despite last night's weak performance, remains the current favorite for the nomination - is that it is helping him get stronger. Their contest could end up as the parallel to the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama primary fight - a dragged-out process that made Obama a far better general election candidate."

In a move which will most certainly deliver Christian / Conservative support to Romney, former

Governor Tim Pawlenty announced he was no longer running for President and that he was joining Mitt Romney's campaign.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pawlenty Endorses Romney for President, Cites 'Unmatched' Business Experience", Fox News, September 12, 2011

"Ex-presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty on Monday endorsed Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination, saying the former Massachusetts governor and businessman has what it takes to turn the country around. Pawlenty, speaking on Fox News, cited Romney's 'depth and scope' of experience in the private sector. 'I think he's going to be a transformational and great president for this country', he told Fox News, calling Romney's business resume 'unmatched'."

"... Pawlenty called Romney a 'man of principle', grounded by belief in 'the bedrock conservative

ideals of limited government and free enterprise."

Support along these lines is so typical from Romney supporters that it must be scripted. From Evangelical Christians to major Conservative politicians like Pawlenty, the tone of the message is getting to be very typical: they like Romney's business expertise, so they are going to support him. Nothing else matters, according to this line of thinking.

Evangelical Christian leaders like Bob Jones III, President of Bob Jones University, takes this line of thinking one horrible step further. They are arguing that Romney's business expertise is so needed at this time in American history, we should ignore the fact that he is a high-ranking Mormon and support him. As Bob Jones III said, "We are hiring him as Chief Executive Officer of this country, not Chief Theologian! Therefore, Jones argues that Christians should join him in supporting Romney for President.

Do you know enough about Mormonism and the Bible to refute this unbiblical line of reasoning? In this DVD, above, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom: 2012 Election Alert", we educate you as to how vile Mormonism truly is and then show you how the Bible forbids genuine Christians from having anything to do with a Mormon!

Returning to this featured article, we see that Pawlenty sounds another popular theme: ObamaCare

"Mitt Romney is 100 percent dedicated and committed to repealing Obamacare," Pawlenty said, citing Romney's pledge to grant the states waivers from the federal law. "

Governor Pawlenty is joining Romney's campaign team and he is getting help retiring campaign debt. The fact that Pawlenty is a member of the Minnesota Baptist Conference is going to sway a lot of voters -- just the kind of Evangelical christians we are attempting to warn in our DVD, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom: 2012 Election Alert"!

Oh, yes, and Pawlenty's senior pastor is "the president of the National Association of Evangelicals", so this declaration of support for Mitt Romney is going to carry a lot of weight within the Evangelical Christian Community. These tens of millions of Evangelical Christians need to be warned to two things: 1) How evil, unholy and pagan Mormonism is; 2) How the Bible forbids us to have anything to do with this kind of person! Absolutely forbids!!

This next article also goes to the heart of whether a genuine Christian could support a Mormon for any office, but most specifically, for the office of President of the United States.

NEWS BRIEF: "Romney, Huntsman woo Christian voters", Detroit Free Press, September 10, 2011

"Stan Craig, a Vietnam veteran and fundamentalist Baptist preacher, winces at the idea of a female president. Yet he hesitated when he was asked recently to make a hypothetical choice between U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination."

" 'I probably would cast my vote for Michele', Craig said."

The reasoning this Baptist pastor gave for refusing to support a Mormon is interesting. Listen:

"His thinking: Romney is Mormon. Mormons, in Craig's view, are not Christian. 'The devil wrote only one Bible', Craig said, 'and Joseph Smith found it under a rock."

Indeed, the manner in which Joseph Smith "wrote" the books of Mormon falls completely in line with the warning the Apostle Paul gave concerning being wary of false teachers and false bibles.

Paul's warnings are contained in two critically important verses:

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness." (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

"... there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." (Galatians 1:7-9)

Joseph Smith received "another Gospel" from two supernatural beings who looked like angels of light. His Jesus is not the Biblical Jesus; his marriage bonds are not the Biblical bonds; the Mormon father of this world came to earth to sexually rape a young Jewish virgin girl so that "Jesus" could be conceived!

The list of Mormonism's unholy and profane beliefs and practices is huge, but so few people understand what they are. Most people only know two things about Mormonism:

1) Some practice polygamy;

2) They have a fantastic choir

This complete lack of understanding about Mormonism is what makes Evangelical Christians so vulnerable to the propaganda campaign now gushing forth from the Romney campaign, telling us that Christianity and Mormonism are not that terribly different after all!

We address all these issues in our new DVD, "Mormonism's Temple of Doom", pictured above.

This is a "must-see" video! A true "Watchman on the Wall" DVD.

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Such is the declaration made by a modern Freemason, and is indicative of perhaps the greatest spiritual cancer afflicting the Church in America today. There are literally thousands of pastors, elders, deacons and regular members in churches that are involved in Masonry. But is their worship toward the Lord Jesus Christ? Or after the spirit of antichrist?

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In lively, easy-to-understand laymans language, Lennox guides us through key points in Hawkings arguments, with clear explanations of the latest scientific and philosophical methods and theories, and proves that, far from disproving God, they make His existence a requirement!

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He answers a lot of questions on his DVD including: 1) What are those strange lights in the sky? 2) What factual proof is there of UFO's 3) Are people interacting with UFO's now? 4) Why do people feel the phenomena is benevolent? 5) Cattle Mutilations 6) Abduction Phenomena 7) Alien Implants

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"[New World Order Planners] have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, an extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make sure it does work...The Illuminati has all the bases converged." (New Age author, Bill Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 177

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Many Christians miss the importance of Biblical feasts, seeing them as merely 'Jewish holidays'; however, Scripture reveals that these Feasts of the Lord are established for all people of all time. Dr. Sam Nadler, a Jewish scholar / believer teaches that these Feasts point to Jesus Christ.
Now you can 'connect the dots', understanding the Hebrew roots of Christianity. Topics are: 1) What are the Biblical Feasts and the Sabbath rest? 2) What is the meaning and fulfillment of Passover? 3) What is the Feast of Pentecost and what does it teach about the Christian Church? 4) The Feast of Trumpets; 5) The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the scapegoat and other symbols; 6) The Feast of Tabernacle, to be fulfilled by Jesus' Second Coming.

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"Messiah In The Feasts of Israel"

Book by Dr. Sam Nadler, Jewish Believer In Jesus

God's Redemptive Plan is unveiled through the Feasts of Israel. Discover how God's appointed times are still relevant for our lives today and how they point to our glorious future with Jesus, the Messiah! Join Bible teacher, Dr. Sam Nadler for an in-depth and fascinating study of the Feasts of Israel that will change the way you read Scripture

Dr. Nadler is a Jewish believer in Jesus, founder of Word of Messiah Ministries 30 years ago.

236 pages -


UFOs - Chariots of the Beast: Angels, UFOs and Antichrist

In this nearly two hour video, Pastor Hoggard covers nearly the entire UFO phenomenon from ancient sightings to the Phoenix lights, alien abductions, reptilian aliens, grey aliens, media presentations of the UFO movement in television and films, and much more.

Amazingly, Pastor Hoggard reveals that the entire UFO story from their source to their ultimate goal is plainly revealed in the pages of the Scriptures, including military and government complicity in the alien (fallen angel) plan to conquer the world from Adolph Hitler to Area 51.

Almost 2 hours lon

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"Bilderberg: The True Story"

New DVD by Pastor Mike Hoggard

Pastor Hoggard demonstrates that Bible prophecy foretold the rise of secret society groups like the Bilderberg Group over 2,500 years ago! You will be amazed at how accurately the Bible foretold the rise of a group of men just like the Bilderberg group at the End of the Age, whose stated mission is to overthrow God and His kingdom on this earth.

Pastor Hoggard shows the true and hidden agenda behind the meeting of the Bilderbergers. Using the attendee list and the Scriptures as a guide, this video reveals that the transformation of society, total domination by the New World Order, and the establishment of the throne of King Antichrist is just around the corner.

A truly inspiring and faith-building expose'.

1 hour 17 minutes long -

"Paradigm Shift": Is God's 'Deadly Deception' Upon Us?

Perhaps The Most Important End of the Age "Watchman on Wall" Message EVER!

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New DVD by Doc Marquis, 2-Disc Set - Volume 2

We are praying that the conclusion will challenge Christians to get truly busy in sharing the Gospel with their unsaved loved ones and will bring the unsaved to conviction of sin so they will be saved. We demonstrate that the time is truly short!

On December 21, 2012, the world is supposed to enter into a New Age of spiritual enlightenment and awareness. This astrological chart cast for December 21, 2012, depicts the Yod – the finger of God – pointing to this new spiritual energy and spiritual healing.

For the past several thousand years, mankind has been collectively yearning for a spiritual healing of the nations, a time when wars, hatreds and divisions will miraculously give way to peace, love and unity. New Age literature abounds with this message of hope and change. Authors teach that this idyllic new “Garden of Eden” will occur only after the New Age Christ is on the world scene, leading mankind into a most peaceful New World Order.

In Volume 2, we shall examine some other cultural and spiritual expectations for 2012 and then we shall present the real point-in-history change which the Elite seem to have planned for December 21, 2012, a change known as the "Paradigm Shift". Antichrist cannot arise until and unless this paradigm shift in spiritual values has occurred. Unless God specifically stops the Illuminati, their demonic Guiding Spirits may just have this long-awaited Paradigm Shift planned for December 21, 2012. New Age adherents are looking forward to this day as enthusiastically as we Christians are looking forward to the Rapture of the Church!

3 hours long


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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------""So she gleaned in the field until even." Ruth 2:17

Let me learn from Ruth, the gleaner. As she went out to gather the ears of corn, so must I go forth into the fields of prayer, meditation, the ordinances, and hearing the word to gather spiritual food. The gleaner gathers her portion ear by ear; her gains are little by little: so must I be content to search for single truths, if there be no greater plenty of them. Every ear helps to make a bundle, and every gospel lesson assists in making us wise unto salvation. The gleaner keeps her eyes open: if she stumbled among the stubble in a dream, she would have no load to carry home rejoicingly at eventide. I must be watchful in religious exercises lest they become unprofitable to me; I fear I have lost much already—O that I may rightly estimate my opportunities, and glean with greater diligence. The gleaner stoops for all she finds, and so must I. High spirits criticize and object, but lowly minds glean and receive benefit. A humble heart is a great help towards profitably hearing the gospel. The engrafted soul-saving word is not received except with meekness. A stiff back makes a bad gleaner; down, master pride, thou art a vile robber, not to be endured for a moment. What the gleaner gathers she holds: if she dropped one ear to find another, the result of her day's work would be but scant; she is as careful to retain as to obtain, and so at last her gains are great. How often do I forget all that I hear; the second truth pushes the first out of my head, and so my reading and hearing end in much ado about nothing! Do I feel duly the importance of storing up the truth? A hungry belly makes the gleaner wise; if there be no corn in her hand, there will be no bread on her table; she labours under the sense of necessity, and hence her tread is nimble and her grasp is firm.

I have even a greater necessity, Lord, help me to feel it, that it may urge me onward to glean in fields which yield so plenteous a reward to diligence.

"Morning and Evening Devotions", by C.H. Spurgeon

"President Bush:
Evil vs Good Fruits"

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