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September 17, 2008

UPDATED September 20!


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


Bloomberg News trumpets the fact that the current financial meltdown will produce a "New World Financial Order"!!

NEWS BRIEF: "`Tectonic' Market Shift as Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold ", Bloomberg News, September 15, 2008

"In the biggest reshaping of the financial industry since the Great Depression, two of Wall Street's most storied firms, Merrill Lynch & Co. and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., headed toward extinction ... 'The tectonic plates beneath the world financial system are shifting, and there is going to be a new financial world order that will be born of this,'' said Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Capital Group Inc., the Jersey City, New Jersey-based brokerage that handles about $1 trillion worth of stock transactions a quarter'."

This information may be about the most important we have shared with you in a very long time! Just as we have been saying for a long time, this entire financial mess has been deliberately created in order to tear down the old Capitalist Economy so that the "New World Order" Fascist Economy can be erected.

This succinct quote sums up the entire equation perfectly! The Illuminati has engineered this financial crisis simply and only to create the "New Financial World Order" will be created. This scenario brings the global economy foretold in Revelation 13:16-18 a solid step closer to reality!

What is that global economic prophecy?

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Rev 13:16-17

Before this prophecy can be fulfilled, a global economy has to be created with global controls, a system of control so tightly managed that " that no man might buy or sell" unless he conforms to the requirements of the global economy of Antichrist.

The stage is being set for prophecy fulfillment, in your daily news!

I. The Federal Reserve stepped in yesterday to rescue A.I.G., the nation's top insurer, and in so doing, seized operational control of the company!

Cutting Edge teaching continues to be realized that these financial crises are designed to increase government control over afflicted portions of the economy. The final goal is to move all portions of the economy into a global economy controlled by a global government wielding dictatorial control.

NEWS BRIEF: "Goldman posts worst quarter since going public: Goldman Sachs posts 71 percent drop in 3Q profit", Yahoo News, September 17, 2008

"Chief Financial Officer David Viniar rejected that Goldman needs to combine with another bank to survive. He said there remains opportunity in the market, especially buying up distressed debt that has driven its rivals out of business. He said the company is reducing risky positions, and expects Goldman's profit growth will rise or fall in tandem with the global economy. Further, it will also benefit from a financial landscape missing some longtime competitors.

" 'We're not happy about what happened', Viniar said during a conference call with reporters. 'We feel for the people in these institutions. They were very good firms that made the same mistakes we did. They made bigger ones and got caught up in a terrible market'."

However, he added that 'while we have a lot of compassion, when there's less competition it is better for us. That sends more business our way, gives us pricing power, and we're seeing a little of that now'."

We are all familiar with the "compassion" of international bankers, aren't we? Thank goodness this CEO reverted back to his true inner heart in the very next phrase of the same sentence! We now are going to have "less competition", he drones on. Yes, he will have less competition, and will be able to raise rates so his company will enjoy far greater profit.

And, behind all this economic change stands the Federal Reserve, greatly enhancing government authority over all the national economy, as the nation is steadily steered toward the planned Fascist economy!

This next story illustrates the reality that, since the Fed bailed out one company, it will find many more trying to wrest money to stay alive.

NEWS BRIEF: "After AIG rescue, Fed may find more at its door ", Reuters News, September 17, 2008

"By providing a massive loan to American International Group on Tuesday, just two days after refusing to use public funds to save Lehman Brothers from bankruptcy, the central bank also invited tough questions on how exactly it determined whether a company was too big to fail"

The Federal Reserve is determining which banking institutions it will save and which ones it will let go into bankruptcy! This is the essence of the Illuminati shake-down to eliminate competition and to forge a completely new global economy.

Welcome to the "Brave New World"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Fed sets new rules for which financials get saved", by Douglas McIntyre, Blogging Stocks, September 17, 2008

"The Fed saved AIG (NYSE:AIG) by loaning the insurance company $85 billion for two years in exchange for 79.9% of the firm. AIG will sell assets to help pay off the loan. According to Bloomberg, the Federal Reserve concluded that 'a disorderly failure of AIG could add to already significant levels of financial market fragility'."

Earlier this year, this same Fed refused to bail out other financial institutions.

"At this point, the government has taken an entirely different approach to the troubles at Lehman (NYSE: LEH), Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM), and Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE). The aid it has given to AIG broke a rule set earlier in the week. That is that the Fed and Treasury would not give financial assistance to troubled financial firms in the name of keeping them in business. The global banking systems would have to sort out its problems on its own."

In other words, the Fed is now deciding which companies to save and which it wants to allow to go into bankruptcy. This is the core of the planned Fascist Economy, the type of economy the Illuminati plans for the New World Order!

What is a Fascist Economy? Adolf Hitler's Germany and Hirohito's Japan were history's best examples of such an economy. After World War II, Japan continued to successfully operate her economy on the Fascist model.

In a Fascist economy, private industry owns the means of production, i.e., factories, mines, and other sources of commodities; however, the government is a "partner" to private industry, controlling how many companies can make the same product, how many items can be produced and what the cost of each item will be!

Captains of Industry absolutely love the Fascist system, because they have so little competition thanks to government control that they make a lot more money than they did under the more competitive Capitalist system.

When the Federal Reserve decided to intervene in the financial markets, and when their governors decide which companies shall be saved and which shall be allowed to go bankrupt, the Central Bank is setting up a Fascist system -- under our unsuspecting noses!

In closing this section, let us examine some of the comments of the Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer, above. You will see the clear outlines of the Fascist economy.

* Goldman Sachs "will also benefit from a financial landscape missing some longtime competitors."

* "... when there's less competition it is better for us."

* ".. there remains opportunity in the market, especially buying up distressed debt that has driven its rivals out of business."

We believe that the debt driving rivals out of business was encouraged, if not driven, by Fed policies in the first place. Now that the desired crisis is upon us, the time has come to drive rivals out of business while allowing favored Rothschild / Rockefeller businesses to buy assets at rock-bottom prices.

* "That sends more business our way, gives us pricing power, and we're seeing a little of that now'."

Amen! We could not have said it any better than this statement! The companies which the Federal Reserve allows to stay in business, the more "pricing power" which the survivors can exercise. THAT is the essence of the Fascist economy.

UPDATE - September 20

This next news story captures the essence of this government move to seize enough control of private companies that it can create a Fascist Economy.

NEWS BRIEF: "Free markets seized by government", Swiss America Trading Corporation, September 20, 2008

"$1T plan to save the world, stocks soar ... Upcoming Treasury plan pledges gold reserves to back mortgage debt."

"GOLD prices rose Friday on news the U.S. government plans to patch up then rule the economy with a $1 trillion rescue of the ailing financial markets."

This is the essence of creating a Fascist Economy: the government uses a deliberately created crisis to "solve" the financial problem it created in the first place so it can then rule the entire economy through complete regulation. All companies allowed to survive will still be owned privately, but the government will regulate them tightly, determining how many companies can make the same product, how many of each item a factory can produce, and the cost of the finished product. That is Fasciscm, the planned economy of the New World Order.

" 'The last thing government officials should do is try to bail us out of the economic crisis they are responsible for creating in the first place. The longer we fool ourselves with feel-good government bailouts, the longer the problem will remain," said Swiss America CEO Craig Smith "

"The U.S. Treasury has promised 'hundreds of billions' to save the U.S. markets using its own gold reserves. President Bush approved making available as necessary from the Exchange Stabilization Fund for up to $50 billion to buy more illiquid mortgage assets."

"The most important asset in all of the recent bailouts is tangible wealth, real estate, not paper. Our government just backed the mortgage debt with its gold reserves. 'This could be a precursor to government confiscation of all bullion if things get worse', writes Swiss America Sr. broker Jim Carrillo."

The scene is now set for further movement to a Fascist Economy, which is the planned economy of the New World Order.

II. The drive to a Global Economy is demonstrated by this next news story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Deeper Crisis Would Call for Global Solution", The Wall Street Journal, September 16, 2008

"National solutions have been enough to stem the financial-sector crisis so far, ECB Governing Council member Mario Draghi said in a Berlin speech Thursday, but they may not be enough if things get worse."

Can you see what this global regulator is saying? If the crisis deepens and broadens, the solution to prevent an economic meltdown may not lie within any individual country, but may require a coordinated global response!

This is the essence of the overall plan! Create a crisis which explodes from a national level to a truly global level, and then propose a global solution which will then lead to a global authority!

Let us now look at the credentials of the executive who penned these words of international wisdom.

"Mr. Draghi’s words have international heft, since he chairs the Financial Stability Forum — a group of global regulators and central bankers working on solutions for preventing the next blowup. He indicated the framework of the global financial system is undergoing a gut check ... Overall, he said, the global banking system has enough capital to meet its needs..."

This next article also raises the specter of global control over the global economy, made possible only by the current created crises!

NEWS BRIEF: "Lehman Collapse Spurs Call for Central Credit Clearinghouse ", By Shannon D. Harrington, Bloomberg Financial News, September 16, 2008

"Banks may accelerate efforts to move trading in the $62 trillion credit-default swaps market through a central clearinghouse or to an exchange after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and the credit downgrade of American International Group Inc ... A clearinghouse capitalized by owners could have reduced the risks ... There should be some central agency which prevents risk in the future of a large counterparty failing and causing losses,'' said Puneet Sharma, the head of investment-grade credit strategy at Barclays Capital, the U.K.'s third-biggest bank'."

As you can see, the call here is for a "central agency" which can reduce the risk of any individual financial institution to failure. Of course, such a "central agency" would, by necessity, have to be a global central clearinghouse.


The Dow Jones Average slumped significantly this morning (9/18), causing some experts to wonder if the financial crisis was getting so bad that American authorities and American assets could not solve the problem. Just as we stated in Paragraph II, above, the financial crisis may be so large that Global action may be required.

NEWS BRIEF: "Another nightmare on Wall Street: Dow down 450", Excite News, September 18, 2008

"NEW YORK (AP) - The stock market took another nosedive Wednesday as the American banking system appeared even shakier and investors worried that the financial crisis is spinning so far out of control that even government rescues can't stop it."

The global answer began coming immediately. Notice the massive cooperation amongst the various Central Bankers throughout the world.

NEWS BRIEF: "Central Banks Offer Extra $180 Billion to Calm Money Markets", Bloomberg Financial News, September 18, 2008

"The Federal Reserve almost quadrupled the amount of dollars central banks can auction around the world to $247 billion in a coordinated bid to ease the worst crisis facing financial markets since the 1920s ... `There's a complete lack of faith in the markets,'' said Jim O'Neill, chief economist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in London. 'There's a lot of cash hoarding and people losing trust in banks, so the central banks are acting to relieve that. This might not be the last time they have to act'.''

"Markets welcomed the announcement, which was made in statements from each central bank at 9 a.m. Frankfurt time at the start of European trading ... As markets seized up this week, central bankers pushed more than $200 billion into markets with those in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia doing so again today."

"Wall Street's woes have gone global ..."

Again, this development is just a part of the global plan to abolish dividing marks separating the various national economies throughout the world so a unified global finanical system can be established.

None of this would have been possible had this deep, wide financial crisis not been created.

We are witnessing great and mighty developments right now, in our Daily News.

Behold A Pale Horse

Once again, we see how a crisis is created which is global, thus requiring global solutions to prevent a threatened economic meltdown. What was that quote from New Age author, Bill Cooper, as he wrote of the original planning of the Illuminati? Listen carefully:

"... secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government, which they call the New World Order." ["Behold A Pale Horse", by New Age author, Bill Cooper, p. 27]

Since the conclusion of World War I, the Illuminati has systematically brought global crises upon mankind which have inched the world closer to the global system which shall be controlled by the Global Superman, the Masonic Christ.

III. A prominent Rothschild who was a Hillary Clinton supporter has now switched to backing Senator John McCain!

NEWS BRIEF: "Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain", CNN Politics News, September 16, 2008

"Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday ... Forester was a major donor for Clinton earning her the title as a Hillraiser for helping to raise at least $100,000 for the New York Democratic senator’s failed presidential bid."

Why would Lynn Rothschild switch her allegiance from a Liberal Democrat to a slightly less Liberal Republican in the Presidential race?

"In an interview with CNN this summer, Forester did not hide her distaste for eventual Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. 'This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don't like him', she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. 'I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him'.”

Can you imagine the audacity of an elitist Rothschild calling Senator Obama an "elitist " and saying that she cannot support him for that reason? The Rothschild Family is the ultimate global elitist organization in world history!

But, this is politics, where nothing is as it seems, and where statements do not have to make sense.

This last segment reveals exactly how powerful Lynn Forester de Rothschild is in the Illuminati.

"Forester is the CEO of EL Rothschild, a holding company with businesses around the world. She is married to international banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild."

You cannot get much more powerful within the Rothschild Family!

Does Lynn's switch in allegiance mean that the Illuminati plans to place McCain in the Oval Office? That would be a simplistic assumption, but it may not be correct. While the Rothschild Family is the single most influential political power in the world today, they are not the only power. Senator Obama is backed by other powerful Illuminati interests, so we cannot just assume that this switch in allegiances means that McCain will now "win" the Presidential race.

Weather Control

IV. Starting one week before Hurricane Ike hit Texas, oil companies began closing the normal flow of refined oil products to the rest of the nation, causing an artificial shortage and an equally artificial rise in retail price.

Now, the next step in the plan is becoming evident. An influential executive is calling for government control over energy supplies in the event of a severe emergency, i.e., a hurricane!

NEWS BRIEF: "Ex-oil chief calls for gas rationing - Government control ", The Washington Times, September 16, 2008

"One of the oil industry's most influential voices (former Shell Oil Co. President John Hofmeister) called Monday for a temporary 1970s-style rationing of gasoline in parts of the United States to help avoid hurricane-related shortages ..."

Once again, we see that the Illuminati is proposing a "solution" to a problem which they created in the first place! You see, the most important goal in this dictatorial Plan is to increase government control over its citizenry in a wide variety of ways. Certainly, imposing gas rationing after a hurricane would fall into this category. Remember the Illuminati Plan:

"First create a crisis, then step in with your solution"!

Now, this "oil industry influential voice" gets down to specifics as to why the government needs to impose gas rationing in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

"Mr. Hofmeister suggested that the government impose limited gasoline rationing over the next four to six weeks, targeting regions where supplies will be reduced because hurricanes have shut down Gulf Coast refineries by temporarily cutting off their power. Mr. Hofmeister recommended introducing an odd-even plan that he said successfully addressed short-term gasoline shortages during the energy crisis of the early 1970s. Drivers whose license plates ended in an odd number would be able to purchase gasoline on odd-numbered days. He also recommended limiting the amount of gasoline drivers can purchase."

During the early 1970's, when this gas rationing plan was imposed, the economy was thrown into a real "world of hurt", as the rationing helped mightily to drive the economy into a significant recession. As the American economy now teeters on the brink of a significant recession, the last thing we need is to impose this kind of horrific gas rationing on the American people -- to "solve" a very tiny problem.

Hurricane Ike did not cause the kind of damage to oil refineries or crude oil platforms which Katrina inflicted; therefore, this call to rationing is unnecessary and must be resisted by Americans everywhere if this idea does surface in a meaningful way.


V. Israeli Kadima Party members are voting right now -- Wednesday -- to select the new Party leader. This leader would then carry the Kadima Party banner in a new general election.

Prime Minister Olmert has said he will step down as soon as the party selects a new chairman. This election is most critical to Israeli politics, and so is being watched very carefully.

NEWS BRIEF: "Top party in Israel is picking a leader", International Herald Tribune, September 17, 2008

"JERUSALEM: The main party in Israel's governing coalition began choosing a new leader on Wednesday, and polls indicated that the winner will probably be the country's foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, who says her goal is to form a new government without general elections and charge ahead on peace talks with the Palestinians."

If Livni does, indeed, win the Kadima Party election, President Bush can count upon a continuation of Olmert's commitment to the creation of a Palestinian State. This goal is clearly a favorite of the Illuminati, as is evidenced by the fact that a Democrat President Bill Clinton began the initiative in 1992-1993, but his successor, Republican President George Bush is continuing the plan right now. Whenever you see supposed political enemies supporting the same controversial goal, you must realize that you are looking at a fundamental goal of the global Illuminati.

However, if Foreign Minister Livni ascends to the office of Prime Minister, that will continue the trend in Western circles of placing women in high political positions. Arabs look upon women in power as a sign of weakness.

But, since Israel is trying to provoke an attack on her by combined Islamic armies, what better way to encourage them to attack than to raise a woman to the top Israeli post (Read NEWS2095 for full explanation as to why Israel is trying to provoke an attack and to realize which prophecy will be fulfilled once they do attack).

The stage is being set in Israel for the fulfillment of Ancient Biblical prophecy. Are you watching? Are you aware?

---------- Articles Posted ----------

Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 1 - Training a Socialist Army of World Servers"

Obama: “I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am president of the United States ... this will be a central cause of my presidency."

"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned... to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers." (Aldous Huxley, 'Brave New World')


"Todd Palin IS MOST DEFINITELY Flashing A Masonic Handsign During The August 29 Photo Shoot With Governor Sarah Palin and Their Children!"

As we demonstrate through pictures, Todd Palin is clearly inserting his hand into his coat in a typical Masonic handsign gesture. This gesture sent a message throughout the occult world that Illuminized Masonry is in control of the Republican Presidential Ticket, including the selection of Governor Palin as McCain's V.P. candidate!

MAJOR UPDATE -- September 10, 2008 at 9:45 AM! Sarah Palin shown in a staged photo in an Illuminati pose

"Barack Hussein Obama - THE Most Liberal, Antichristian Presidential Candidate EVER!"

Are the American people so disgusted with "Conservative", "christian", Bush that they will gladly accept a President far more Liberal than Bill Clinton?


Rick Warren Leading Evangelicals Into The Prophesied Global Ecumenical Religion!

"Purpose Driven Church" is fulfilling Biblical prophecy in its leadership toward the prophesied One World, Anti-Christian Religious Church which shall serve the False Prophet and Antichrist.

"One World - One Dream"

But what about Truth and Freedom? Guest Column by Berit Kjos

"Russian Invasion of Georgia Is Meant To Be A HUGE Warning To The West"

Once Russia pulls off this invasion without military intervention from the West, the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 will have come a lot closer to happening! If God has "put hooks into the jaw" of Russia's Putin, Russia must bring Georgia back under her control before the attack on Israel can proceed!


“…his right eye shall be utterly darkened” Zechariah 11:17(b), KJV

"Prince William Taking Two Huge Steps To Become The "Masonic Christ"!

In line with our belief that Antichrist will come from the House of Windsor, Prince William joined the "Order of the Garter", a secret society formed in 1348 which has long exercised great control over the global Illuminati.

Step 2 - Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II announce plans to put Prince William through an unprecedented course on how to be a King -- a course of training never done before in all England's long history! Is William going to be trained to be Antichrist, the coming "Man of Lawlessness"?

DVD - Book

"Obama and McCain Are 22nd Cousins Descended From King Edward I of England!

"As many as 15 American Presidents and numerous Presidential candidates are also related to King Edward I. Can anyone see an incredibly long-running conspiracy here? British "Generational Witchcraft" is operating here!


--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------""Without the shedding of blood is no remission of sin." Hebrews 9:22

This is the voice of unalterable truth. In none of the Jewish ceremonies were sins, even typically, removed without blood- shedding. In no case, by no means can sin be pardoned without atonement. It is clear, then, that there is no hope for me out of Christ; for there is no other blood-shedding which is worth a thought as an atonement for sin. Am I, then, believing in Him? Is the blood of His atonement truly applied to my soul? All men are on a level as to their need of Him. If we be never so moral, generous, amiable, or patriotic, the rule will not be altered to make an exception for us. Sin will yield to nothing less potent than the blood of Him whom God hath set forth as a propitiation. What a blessing that there is the one way of pardon! Why should we seek another?

Persons of merely formal religion cannot understand how we can rejoice that all our sins are forgiven us for Christ's sake. Their works, and prayers, and ceremonies, give them very poor comfort; and well may they be uneasy, for they are neglecting the one great salvation, and endeavouring to get remission without blood. My soul, sit down, and behold the justice of God as bound to punish sin; see that punishment all executed upon thy Lord Jesus, and fall down in humble joy, and kiss the dear feet of Him whose blood has made atonement for thee. It is in vain when conscience is aroused to fly to feelings and evidences for comfort: this is a habit which we learned in the Egypt of our legal bondage. The only restorative for a guilty conscience is a sight of Jesus suffering on the cross. "The blood is the life thereof," says the Levitical law, and let us rest assured that it is the life of faith and joy and every other holy grace.

"Oh! how sweet to view the flowing
Of my Saviour's precious blood;
With divine assurance knowing
He has made my peace with God."
(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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