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September 28, 2007


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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. The U.S. Senate passed a Hate Crimes bill without a dissenting vote, attaching it to a "must-pass" military appropriations bill!

The House already has passed a similar measure.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hate-Crime Provision Clears Senate", The New York Times, September 27, 2007

"The Senate voted today to extend federal hate-crime protection to people victimized because of their sexuality ... By voice vote and without dissent, the senators attached the hate-crime provision to a seemingly unrelated defense authorization bill, which is needed to run the Defense Department. Attaching the provision to the military bill was intended, at least by some of the provision’s supporters, to force President Bush to choose between accepting the provision or vetoing the military bill."

"The White House has said previously that Mr. Bush opposed the extension of hate-crime protection as “unnecessary and constitutionally questionable” and that he would veto it if it came to him as a stand-alone bill."

Notice that the President vowed to veto this Hate Crimes measure "if it came to him as a stand-alone bill". Therefore, will he veto it now that it has come to him attached to a critically importance military appropriations bill?

As this DVD, above, "Hate Crimes Laws: Censoring The Church and Silencing Christians", so clearly demonstrates, the term "Hate Crimes" is specifically aimed at Christians who state their Biblical belief that homosexuality is wrong.

If the President signs this military funding bill, thus allowing this Hate Crimes bill to become law, he will have betrayed Christians in the greatest manner possible!

In fact, one pastor believes that the Democrats deliberately passed this bill just to give President Bush the opportunity to "look tough" by vetoing this bill.

NEWS BRIEF: "Passage Of Hate Bill Rigged!", by Reverend Ted Pike",, 9-28-7

"Will Bush betray his promise to veto the hate bill? Sen. Kennedy thinks so, but I don't. I believe conservative leaders and Senators let the hate bill pass so Bush can be exalted as the defender of freedom, redeem his sagging ratings, and give new life to the Republican bid for the White House in 2008."

"The evidence is overwhelming."

Time and space do not allow us to list all Reverend Pike's evidence, so we encourage you to read his article in full. Remember that the Republican and Democrat parties are equally committed to the New World Order. Also bear in mind that these two parties are simply a major outworking of the Illuminati principle known as the Dialectic Struggle , or the "Controlled Struggle" designed to bring about controlled change!

All this squabbling and name-calling between Democrat and Republican are just actors speaking their prepared script. At the end of the day, at the end of a president's term, the overall plan for the Illuminati continues to move forward.

You cannot properly understand the events swirling around you until and unless you understand this fact. Former George Wallace was absolutely correct when he said:

"There ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat parties"!

The Dialectic Struggle reigns supreme.

DVD - Video Trailer

II. "Fake News" from the Mass Media is now becoming such a problem that the FCC has proposed a new rule against this awfully deceptive practice!

NEWS BRIEF: "FCC proposes 'fake news' fine", Yahoo News, September 24, 2007

"WASHINGTON - The Federal Communications Commission is proposing a $4,000 fine against Comcast Corp. for airing a pitch for a sleep aid without telling viewers that the spot was financed by the maker of the product. The fine was in response to a complaint by the Center for Media and Democracy, a media watchdog group, which said it marks the first time a company has been sanctioned for airing a 'video news release', a type of programming it dubs 'fake news'."

These 'Video News Releases' (VNR'S) are not spontaneous news which has been recorded, nor is it on-scene news reporting; rather, it is carefully planned and executed acting, designed to look like spontaneous news. TV stations, both national and local, are running these VNR'S as though they were really news, even to the point of showing the TV logo at the bottom of the screen during the time of transmission. And viewers are being greatly deceived.

Cutting Edge issued its first warning against "VNR" (Video News Release) back in the years of President George H.W. Bush, in February, 1992! Then, we revisited this issue a couple more times in the next 15 years. Please take a moment to read:

"Technological Delusions Designed To Deceive", Cutting Edge Radio Transcript -- CE1016

We demonstrated that a large number of huge corporations were deliberately creating these false "news stories" which simply and only sold their product. There are many types of VNR's currently being utilized:

Private companies, such as General Mills, advertising their products, or introducing new products.

* Sporting events
* Disney World issues many VNR's.
* Pharmaceutical companies
* Hollywood promotional clips for new films

"Roughly 80% of the country's news directors acknowledge that they employ VNR material at least several times a month ....newscasters may carry a piece produced by someone else, without knowing that the original story included VNR footage." (p. 16, 26). This incredible information means that VNR material is being passed off as spontaneous news or as journalism produced by the network every evening of the week!! We are being lied to every day by our newscasters.

But, to our chagrin, we discovered, back in 1992, that the government is also producing Video News Releases in order to deceive you. Time and space fail us to be able to adequately deal with government produced VNR's, so please take a few moments to read CE1016:

Then, we discovered that portions of the Persian Gulf War coverage of 1991 were deliberately created in Hollywood studios! Please read this most important article, CE1016. Now, let us continue to list past articles which speak of the deceptive use of Video News Release (VNR).

* "CBS Is Brazenly Selling False News Stories To Local Networds: These Stories Are Shot On Camera, Written According To A Script, But Passed Off On T.V. News As Real Stories!" -- NEWS1744 - Posted November, 2002

* "Are True Christian Ministries About To Be Attacked By Either The Government or Corporations Using Sophisticated Computer Techniques To Create False -- But Believable -- Histories In Police Records, Etc?" -- NEWS2129

Mass Media "News Reports" have long been a mixture of truth and deliberately created lies in the VNR format. Before we leave this subject, let us review the embarrassing incident when CBS inadvertently aired a VNR-type photographic account of an attack on Baghdad in February, 1998! This elaborate photographic report on an American attack on Baghdad was a total fabrication. Read this very old Cutting Edge article and weep for our freedoms!

* "CBS News Caught Creating News Coverage of Iraqi Bombing -- In 1998!" NEWS1151

Now you know why TV stations regularly run infomercials bragging about how wonderful their local and national news anchors are - just regular folk who can be trusted as they provide the evening news, because of their personal integrity. Americans have not gotten the true picture of events in this world for many, many decades. In fact, Americans have been spoon-fed illusions in the place of truth for so long that many citizens are probably unable to comprehend real truth anymore. In fact, that is one of the definitions of insanity, i.e., the inability to distinguish between truth and illusion.

NOTE: Since President Bill Clinton was such a master at manipulating news and the Mass Media, and since America might have Hillary Clinton as the 44th President, we are showing the Video as the symbol of this section, "Lies, Deceptions, Media Coverup During The Clinton Years". You will be both astrounded at the degree to which Clinton manipulated the Press, and will be prepared if Hillary gains the Presidency!

Even Dan Rather has jumped into this fight, as he has levied a $70 million lawsuit, alleging that both the government and the large corporation are unduly influencing Newsrooms!

NEWS BRIEF: "Dan Rather Charges In His $70 Million Lawsuit: Government And Large Corporations Are Unduly Influencing Newsrooms", My Way News, September 21, 2007

"NEW YORK (AP) - Dan Rather said Thursday that the undue influence of the government and large corporations over newsrooms spurred his decision to file a $70 million lawsuit against CBS and its former parent company. 'Somebody, sometime has got to take a stand and say democracy cannot survive, much less thrive with the level of big corporate and big government interference and intimidation in news', he said on CNN's 'Larry King Live'."

Dan Rather is right in stating that government institutions are unduly influencing news reporting. In fact, some veterans leading the fight against the ravages of Depleted Uranium are convinced that the reason this story has not hit any major news outlet other than the New York Post (NEWS1907) on only one occasion is because the Pentagon systematically kills every story every time some news outlet wants to run it.

NEWS BRIEF: "Take liberties with history, and you can fool millions", The Jerusalem Post, September 19, 2007

"At the Venice Film Festival early this month, British director Peter Greenaway spoke of his latest effort, Nightwatching, a movie about Rembrandt van Rijn .... 'I can't prove every single fact, but you can't disprove it either', Greenaway told a press conference. Maybe you can get away with that kind of approach on a Rembrandt docudrama and just hope for the best, but what if elements of Israel's history were portrayed on the basis of the 'but you can't disprove it either' school of thought?' Israeli playwright Motti Lerner has shown he has no problem with taking just that line."

This article then proceeds to detail how this Israeli playwright is deliberately re-creating history by using this method described, above. We encourage you to read it in its entirety.

Behold A Pale Horse

But, once again, I believe this type of lying has been running rampant throughout Western society for decades. Further, I believe this is the method used to re-write history in our modern school system, to where today, children are not taught true history at all! One of the major reasons our public school system cannot teach academics any longer is that textbooks have been re-written constantly since World War I and now children are not educated as much as they are indoctrinated to be good, obedient World Citizens.

Pensacola Christian College educators had discovered that, in order to produce their 'A Bekka Curricula', they had to go back to textbooks printed prior to 1914 to get true educational material. Since World War I, textbooks had been systematically "dumbed down".

Anthony Sutton, in his monumentally important book, "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction To Skull & Bones", reports the Illuminati view of Public School:

"We must win the common people in every corner. This will be obtained chiefly by means of the schools..." (Page 80)

Listen to New Age author, Bill Cooper, explain the Illuminati concept behind Public Education:

".... the simplest method of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of basis systems principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand ... disengaging their minds, sabotaging their mental activities, providing a low-quality program of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design and economics and discouraging technical creativity ... engaging their emotions, increasing their self-indulgence and their indulgence in emotional and physical activities ..." ["Behold A Pale Horse", p. 57, 39]

Now, honestly, isn't this a perfect description of our Public Schools?

Video Trailer

III. Peace Conference In Israel

Contrary to rumors flying around the Internet, President Bush's International Peace in Israel has not been cancelled. In fact, diplomatic efforts to establish this conference continue to gain speed.

The ill-fated Palestinian State may be almost here! It would take a diplomatic "breakthrough" to accomplish this task, but given the realization that the timing of an event critical to the life of modern Israel has been planned since at least 1917 (NEWS2233), you have to believe that a "breakthrough" just might occur at this conference!

NEWS BRIEF: "Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, Told Secretary Rice: Israeli PM Olmert Agreed to Make East Jerusalem The Arab Capital", by by Hillel Fendel, Israel National News, September 27, 2007

"The chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas ... met with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice last week - and told her that Prime Minister Olmert agrees, finally, to turn eastern Jerusalem into the capital of a future state of Palestine ..."

This is exactly the kind of Israeli concession which the Arab delegates are demanding before they lend the prestige of their country to this kind of Peace Conference. A concession like this one will pave the way for a "diplomatic breakthrough" to occur. Look for the standard Hegelian style of fighting back and forth as the time proceeds toward the convening of this conference, understanding that this diplomatic bickering is just the public outworking of the staged conflict required by the Hegelian Dialect Process. President Bush or one of his highest officials may have to dramatically intervene to "force" the two sides to agree.

But, in the end, a Palestinian State is planned to be announced. In fact, such a declaration is so important to the leadership of pro-Western Arab nations that Jordan's King and Egypt's President issued an urgent appeal to the Palestinians to stop fighting so the conference could be held and a Palestinian State announced.

NEWS BRIEF: "Abdullah, Mubarak appeal to Palestinian factions: To cast aside their differences to make way for peace and statehood", The Jerusalem Post, September 26, 2007

"Jordan and Egypt urged the Palestinians on Wednesday to cast aside their differences to make way for peace and statehood."

Did you catch that statement? Both leaders want the Palestinians to stop fighting so "statehood" can be created! This "statehood" is also known as a Palestinian State.

"In Jordan, Abdullah and Mubarak - both key US allies whose countries have signed peace treaties with Israel - implicitly referred to the power struggle between bitter enemies, Fatah and Hama ... Abdullah and Mubarak said in a joint statement that they urged the Palestinians to 'adopt unified stances that would conform with the current challenges and enable them to establish their independent state and restore their national legitimate rights'."

This next article demonstrates that "nuts-and-bolts" details are being actively hammered out.

NEWS BRIEF: "Abbas, Olmert set up negotiating team ahead of U.S.-backed peace conference", International Herald Tribune, September 9, 2007

"JERUSALEM: In a meeting with the Palestinian leader Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert proposed .... establishing a team to work on a broad agreement in advance of a U.S.-sponsored peace conference in November. Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agreed in their three hours of talks in Jerusalem to set up a top-level team to discuss 'ways of advancing the peace process and of reaching a two-state solution', said Olmert spokesman David Baker — the stated goal of the Palestinians, Israel and the U.S."

Now you know that all three key parties to this conference share the same End Goal -- a "two-state solution", also known as a Palestinian State.

President Bush even publicly backed this goal.

NEWS BRIEF: "President Bush backs creation of Palestinian State", The Jerusalem Post, September 25, 2007

"US President George W. Bush reaffirmed his support for a Palestinian state at a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in New York City ... 'I strongly support the creation of a Palestinian state. I believe it's in the interests of the Palestinian people, I believe it's in the interests of Israel to have a democracy living side-by - democracies living side-by-side in peace', Bush said."

Once again, the truth of the matter will prove to lie in the opposite of the public rhetoric (NEWS1558)

Where the rhetoric speaks of peace, you know the true result will be all-out war. Bible Prophecy states it and the Illuminati states it -- Antichrist will appear as the result of an extended period of "Wars and Rumors of Wars"!

Israeli officials also publicly expressed support for the Palestinian State, only two days after President Bush issued his statement.

NEWS BRIEF: "FM Livni: 'Israel is Committed to Establishing Palestine' ", Israel National News, 27 September 2007

"... Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni declared Israel's support for the creation of an Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza ... We have gathered here with the common purpose of helping to build the foundations of the Palestinian state', Foreign Minister Livni began, adding that such a state 'is an Israeli interest ... Israel is committed to the establishment of a viable and vibrant Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, as a homeland for the Palestinian people and a peaceful neighbor to Israel."

"Livni furthermore declared that Israeli support for the transformation of the Palestinian Authority into an additional Arab state is a policy that 'will not change even in difficult periods of violence and terror'."

That last sentence means that, even when Palestinian terrorists continue to murder Jewish men, women, children and infants in repeated terrorist attacks, the official Israeli government position will continue to support the Palestinian State.

The Saudi Arabian FM even had kind words to say about this conference.

NEWS BRIEF: "Saudi FM calls summit 'encouraging' ", The Jerusalem Post, September 27, 2007

"Saudi Arabia's foreign minister described as 'encouraging' his talks with US officials about a proposed Mideast peace meeting, but stressed that success will be determined by commitments to tackle key final status issues ...."

Finally, we need to examine an article written by an Arab journalist reflecting the typical Liberal Jewish attitude towards the establishment of a Palestinian State. This viewpoint is important to understand, for this is the viewpoint which is producing polls showing a majority support for the creation of a Palestinian nation within the heart of Biblical Israel. This viewpoint is based neither on Biblical doctrine nor on common sense.

NEWS BRIEF: Rare opportunity for peace", YNET News, 9.27.07

"For the first time in 60 years, all Arab countries are willing to recognize the existence of the Jewish state and even maintain normal relations with it. The conditions for it ... are very general: Israel is obligated to withdraw from the occupied territories and grant the Palestinians an independent state whose capital is east Jerusalem ... "

"We are facing a one-time opportunity and a basis for a long-term agreement that will guarantee quiet for many years to come ... The prime minister and senior ministers identified the rare opportunity and are making an effort, for the first time in the State of Israel's history, to reach an agreement that will put an end to the hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians, and possibly among Israel, Syria and Lebanon when the time comes."

Of course, this is sheer nonsense, for all discerning people know that the Arabs will take the land Israel will give them for the Palestinian State, and then promptly go to work destroying the rest of Israel. But, too many Liberal Jewish citizens have adopted the false belief that, if the Palestinians were just granted their state, they would be content to live with Israel in peace.

Such people are about to be sadly awakened.

The exact dates of this conference continue to be kept extremely quiet. We are so interested, because the timing of this conference seems to be in line with a sequence of events in the life of modern Israel, dating back to November, 1917, at the Balfour Declaration. Read NEWS2233 for full details, "Modern Israel -- Every 30 Years, In November - From 1917 To 2007!")


IV. The bold Israeli claim that her fighter planes, working in conjunction with a elite ground force, had destroyed a Syrian cache of nuclear warheads began to come apart this past week.

Once again, we are confronted over the deliberate lying practices of Western Intelligences!

NEWS BRIEF: "Ynet reporter visits site of ‘Syria operation’: Ynet reporter and commentator Ron Ben-Yishai visits Syria, speaks to residents about Israel’s alleged overflight", YNET News, 9.26.07

"Deir Ezzor is a city located in the Syria’s northeast region close to the Turkish border, and home to what Syria claims to be an agricultural research station. It was there that residents heard the sound of jets overhead on the night between the fifth and sixth of September. It was there that Israel allegedly carried out an air raid two weeks ago ... Deir Ezzor locals did not seem to take the issue seriously, but nevertheless described Israelis as being conniving and evil, and believed they were capable of anything.

“ 'There were a few Israeli planes here that made supersonic booms over the city and maybe even dropped something. We didn’t hear any explosions on the ground', said Ali (alias), a resident of the city. 'All this talk about supposed tensions following an overflight of fighter planes is only meant to intimidate Israel. But the threat is not real', a Syrian journalist told me."

This first statement, from a local Syrian resident, corroborates the original story which stated that Israeli fighter planes had penetrated Syrian air space and had dropped their extra fuel tanks, enabling them to gain much more speed to get out of the area. Only days after this original story appeared did we hear the beginnings of the fabulous story that Israel had destroyed North Korean nuclear warheads, with an elite ground force communicating with Israeli pilots.

We felt originally that Israel was simply testing the Russian-made and Russian-installed anti-aircraft systems, so that, when Israel did go to war against Syria, her airplanes could destroy these Syrian defense systems.

This next article goes even further in describing how a relatively benign incident could be blown into a major story which would cause poor PM Olmert to shoot his approval ratings skyward!

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria’s Illusory Nukes: More Propaganda", Prison Planet, September 26, 2007

"As suspected, Israel’s claim of a raid against a Syrian nuclear facility is a load of hooey. 'Israel did not strike a nuclear weapons facility in Syria on Sept. 6, instead striking a cache of North Korean missiles, current and former intelligence officials say', writes Larisa Alexandrovna for Raw Story."

This article then states that American intelligence told Raw Story that what the Israelis struck were possibly North Korean missiles, not nuclear warheads. But, remember the local Syrian resident, above, who stated that no one heard or saw explosions on the ground. This next segment of this article addresses that probability.

"Of course, considering 'American intelligence sources' are notorious liars, turning (Iraqi) weather balloon trailers into chemical weapons labs, this admission is suspect as well. For all we know, Israel bombed a mule team, if that."

We concur. PM Olmert desperately needed a political "shot in the arm" so he could command enough credibility to lead Israel and her worried citizens into this International Peace Conference, where he could sign off the agreement giving the Palestinians temporary control of significant portions of Biblical Israel.

The stage for the fulfillment of the most startling Biblical prophecies is taking place. And, you have a bird's eye view, on Daily News Updates.

V. America is going to break Iraq into three separate groups after all! Reaffirms Cutting Edge understanding on this pivotal issue -- NEWS2213.

Click map for full size view

The United States' Senate has voted to separate Iraq into its three ethnic groups: Kurds, Sunni, and Shi'ite! This action completely verifies the position Cutting Edge has taken for a long time, i.e., that the original plan of Bush's invasion of Iraq was to separate Iraq into these three groups!

NEWS BRIEF: "US Senate votes to divide Iraq: On ethnic and religious lines - Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni entities", The Australian, September 27, 2007

"The US Senate has approved a Bosnia-style plan to divide Iraq on ethnic and religious lines .. in a vote of 75 to 23, the Senate passed the non-binding resolution on dividing Iraq, which is touted by backers as the best hope to produce a political solution to murderous sectarian strife. The measure would not force a change in ... Bush's war strategy, but provides a key test of an idea drawing rising interest in Washington despite opposition from the Bush administration. The plan, offered as an amendment to a defence policy bill, would provide for decentralizing Iraq in a federal system as permitted by Iraq's constitution to stop the country from becoming a failed state. It proposes to separate Iraq into Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni entities, with a federal government in Baghdad in charge of border security and oil revenues."

Now, take a close look at the map, above, for you will see that this new Pentagon Map divides Iraq into exactly these three segments:

1) "Free Kurdistan" - to the north

Note that this is the largest of the ethnic blocs in the "new Iraq".

2) "Sunni Iraq" - to the south and west

Is Baghdad part of Sunni Iraq or just inside the Shia (Shi'ite) state?

3) "Arab Shia State", with Basra as the principal city

Notice that this state crawls down the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, taking land and sea ports away from the Desert Kingdom of Saud.

Notice, also, that the centralized state would be very weak, and with very limited powers. In NEWS1833, where we reveal the Pentagon's "Core Functioning vs Non-Functioning Gap" nations, one of the impediments to nations like Iraq becoming Core Functioning nations is the presence of a strong centralized government, usually controlled by a single dictator. This Pentagon plan foresees the overthrow of such a centralized government, replaced by a weak diverse government.

This is exactly what is occurring in Iraq today, and I believe is exactly what was planned originally. Several months ago, I was visiting Daily News Archives, and was looking in the six months prior to the invasion of March 20, 2003. I noticed that I had posted an article which stated that the real goal of Bush's invasion was the partition of Iraq into its three main ethnic groups. Unfortunately, the link to that article had been taken down.

However, the White House was forced by this early story to publicly deny that their goal was to split Iraq into three ethnic segments. But, here we are, over four years later, and this "End Game" plan is finally rearing its very ugly head.


VI. Russia continues to move toward Iran as two of the most important protagonists of the "Gog and Magog War" of Ezekiel 38-39 build their alliance against America and with each other.

NEWS BRIEF: "Putin Turns His Face to Tehran, His Back to Bush and Sarkozy", DEBKAfile Intelligence, September 23, 2007

"Iran’s suspect nuclear program is further polarizing the big powers. As American and European officials discussed a third round of UN Security Council sanctions, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, (is) more pugnacious than ever ... A week ago, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner warned that the world faced war if diplomacy and sanctions failed to curb Iran’s nuclear activities."

"But Vladimir Putin pulled in the opposite direction from his two fellows in the UN Security Council when he decided to be the first Russian president to visit Tehran on Oct. 16. The visit, in the framework of the Caspian Asian Summit, is planned to encompass much more than state ceremonial and ritual photo-ops ... The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Reza Aghazadeh, said a document would be signed setting the timeline for Russia to complete the long-delayed Bushehr nuclear plant and deliver the fuel to activate it.

"Last week, at the general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iranian and Russian teams began formulating the document to be signed by their heads of state."

Thus, Russian President Putin has deliberately set his country on a collision course with President Bush. Further, he is again acting as the defender of the Islamic/Arab cause throughout the world. In this case, Putin is drawing much closer to Iran (Ancient Persia) both militarily and diplomatically. This next quoted segment reveals Moscow's inner goals.

"The Russian and Iranian presidents will publicly sign a new nuclear accord, attended by international television and media hype. This is a ploy to reposition Russia in Arab and Muslim eyes. Putin wants to demonstrate that Moscow has no objection to supplying a Muslim nation with a nuclear reactor, technology and fuel, in contrast to Washington, which is willing to go as far as military action to thwart such acquisitions."

Once again, we see the stage being set in our Daily News which will fulfill Bible prophecy exactly. When you examine the states foretold to be marching with the Russian forces against Israel in Ezekiel 38-39, you will realize that most of them are Islamic states today. Therefore, it makes prophetic sense that Russia should be greatly strengthened in these Latter Days, and should actively seek to cement alliances with the very group of nations she is going to lead against Israel one day.

This DVD, above ("The Magog Invasion"), is exactly correct, when it states that all the prophesied nations are falling into their prophetic places as they march toward the time when "Gog" (Russia) will lead the consortium of nations against Israel to fulfill Ezekiel 38-39!

Western Europe continues to spurn Turkey's attempt to become a E.U. member. Turkey will continue to move away from the West and toward Russia, further cementing the prophetic lineup foretold in Ezekiel 38-39!

NEWS BRIEF: "Euro coin attacked for leaving Turkey off map: Turkey has made little progress toward becoming an EU member since entry talks began in 2005", International Herald Tribune, September 25, 2007

"BRUSSELS: A euro coin design that cuts Turkey from the European map drew criticism from lawmakers after two members of the European Parliament raised the issue of the missing country. European Union finance ministers rejected a European Commission design that included Turkey and agreed on the new illustration in 2005 ... Turkey has made little progress toward becoming an EU member since entry talks began in 2005.

In so many ways in the past several years, the European Union has rejected Turkey's admission to the E.U. Finally, Turkey is likely to get the message and stop trying to join the E.U. Not being included on an official E.U. coin is a real slap in the face.

Turkey is believed to be the key portion of ancient Togarmah, as the following segment illustrates:

"In the Torah, Togarmah is listed in the genealogy of nations as the son of Gomer, and grandson of Japheth (Gen. 10:3) ... According to other records, he is regarded as the ancestor of the Turkic-speaking peoples ... The Imperial Dictionary makes Togarmah to mean the Turkomans who have always joined the Turks, i.e. Gog (Ezekiel xxxviii, 1-6) or the king of the north (Daniel xi, 40)." (Wikipedia Encyclopedia, last segment is quoting Fausset's Bible Dictionary "Zondervan Publishing House" (22ed printing 1980) page 695:')

Thus, modern Bible scholars have been expecting modern Turkey to tilt toward the Russian and Iranian axis. We must follow the Daily News closely, but events do appear to be moving in that direction. Since the elections of 2002 and of 2007, Islamic politicians have been steadily gaining political leverage over the pro-Western, secular military generals.

With a large Turkish army poised on the northern border of Iraq, threatening to attack the Kurds, and with all elements of the Turkish leadership objecting to "Bush's New Map" -- pictured above -- taking substantial areas of land away from Turkey and given to "Free Kurdistan", we should expect a further tilt toward Russia and Iran.

Already, Turkey has made significant overtures to Iran.

---------- Articles Posted ----------

* "Will Some Nations Experience Economic Prosperity In The Tribulation Period?"

Incredibly, Biblical prophecy seems to foretell that some nations will continue to enjoy economic prosperity through a portion of the 7-Year Tribulation Period! --

* "Creating A Palestinian State This November Requires That Both Prime Minister Olmert And President Bush Are Perceived As Operating From A Position of Strength!"

Israeli citizens must trust PM Olmert and the IDF to provide strong enough leadership to protect a geographically emasculated Israel. Further, Israeli citizens will depend upon an America strong enough in Air and Naval Power, backed by a strong economy which can protect this now-tiny Israel for the long-term. --

* "Why Are Genuinely Born-Again Pastors So Terribly Blind As To The Prophetic Times In Which We Live? Cutting Edge Challenge To All Pastors: Why Can't You See That Every War In The 20th Century Was Fought To Produce Antichrist?" -- Part 1 of 3

"Speak to us smooth illusions" [Isaiah 30:10] is the desire of too many pastors, while Jesus is lamenting, "You did not know the time of your visitation" [Luke 19:44] Too many pastors refuse to believe that the unparalleled deception foretold in Matthew 24:24 really applies to today's events and leaders; thus such pastors are so wide open to spiritual deception they are actually encouraging their young people to join the military that is fighting to produce Antichrist! --

* "Why Are Genuinely Born Again Pastors So Terribly Blind As To The Prophetic Times In Which We Live? Cutting Edge Challenge To All Pastors: You need to learn of Satan's Devices! "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." [2 Cor 2:11] The article is for all pastors who are not aware of the schemes, powers, and devices of Satan during this most occult hour in world history! -- Part 2 of 3

We shall demonstrate how occult understandings gained from reading Cutting Edge Ministries should make the prophetic truth of Part 1 even more clear. Even if a pastor has not properly applied Scripture to 20th Century events, he can learn the occult truth from Cutting Edge which will alert him to the very late stage of the prophetic hour. --

* "WHY ARE GENUINELY BORN AGAIN PASTORS SO TERRIBLY BLIND AS TO THE PROPHETIC TIMES IN WHICH WE LIVE? World War II was the only global war in which America was seemingly threatened, yet the Illuminati financed Hitler's rise to power, financed his war buildup, and poured large assets into his war chest all through the war -- Part 3 of 3

Hitler had a major role to play within the global Dialectic Struggle, and the Demonic Overlords of the Illuminati ensured that he played it perfectly. During the entire war, Hitler provided the Illuminati what they desired, he fulfilled Bible prophecy which ensured Israel would be reborn - but he never ever actually physically threatened America. --

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------""Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines." Song 2:15

A little thorn may cause much suffering. A little cloud may hide the sun. Little foxes spoil the vines; and little sins do mischief to the tender heart. These little sins burrow in the soul, and make it so full of that which is hateful to Christ, that He will hold no comfortable fellowship and communion with us. A great sin cannot destroy a Christian, but a little sin can make him miserable. Jesus will not walk with His people unless they drive out every known sin.

He says, "If ye keep My commandments, ye shall abide in My love, even as I have kept My Father's commandments and abide in His love." Some Christians very seldom enjoy their Saviour's presence. How is this? Surely it must be an affliction for a tender child to be separated from his father. Art thou a child of God, and yet satisfied to go on without seeing thy Father's face? What! thou the spouse of Christ, and yet content without His company!

Surely, thou hast fallen into a sad state, for the chaste spouse of Christ mourns like a dove without her mate, when he has left her. Ask, then, the question, what has driven Christ from thee? He hides His face behind the wall of thy sins. That wall may be built up of little pebbles, as easily as of great stones. The sea is made of drops; the rocks are made of grains: and the sea which divides thee from Christ may be filled with the drops of thy little sins; and the rock which has well nigh wrecked thy barque, may have been made by the daily working of the coral insects of thy little sins. If thou wouldst live with Christ, and walk with Christ, and see Christ, and have fellowship with Christ, take heed of "the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes." Jesus invites you to go with Him and take them. He will surely, like Samson, take the foxes at once and easily. Go with Him to the hunting. (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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