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September 30, 2009

Updated 9:30am, October 1
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---------- This Week's Hot News ---------


I. Tiny Hardin, Montana (3,384 people) now seems under the control of a private security company.

The Hardin Sheriff's Department is now dissolved, being replaced by an American security company, 'American Police Force'.

Is it time to start worrying about that empty new prison facility?

First, let us examine the official story, from CNN.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hard-luck Montana town pushes to house Gitmo detainees", CNN News, May 26, 2009

"HARDIN, Montana (CNN) -- The tiny town of Hardin, Montana, is offering an answer to a very thorny question: Where should the nation put terror detainees if the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is shut down by the end of the year as President Obama has pledged?"

"Hardin borrowed $27 million through bonds to build the Two Rivers Regional Correctional Facility in hopes of creating new employment opportunities. The jail was ready for prisoners two years ago, but has yet to house a single prisoner .. the city council last month voted 5-0 to back a proposal to bring Gitmo detainees -- some of the most hardened terrorists in the world -- to the facility."

As you will soon see, this prison facility will house about 500 beds, so it is a significant prison, but it is sitting completely empty, and as this next story will demonstrate, the Feds seem to have taken over this small town!

NEWS BRIEF: "Hardin jail operators detail plans for training facility, expansion", The Billings Gazette, September 26, 2009 (NOTE: Billings, Montana, is only 47 miles west of Hardin, straight down I-90)

"HARDIN - Officials from American Police Force, a California security company working to lock down a contract with Two Rivers Authority to fill and operate Hardin's new but empty jail, provided more details Saturday of how the finished facility will look and operate. Becky Shay, APF's new public-relations director, said the company hopes to build a 30,000-square-foot military-style training facility northeast of the jail and a 75,000-square-foot dormitory for the trainees to the southeast, all on a 50-acre plot of land."

"She said the buildings would be paid for by APF's 'business activities', including security and training, weapons and equipment sales, surveillance and investigations, and are projected to cost $17 million to build and $6 million to equip. There is also room to expand the jail, if needed."

At this point, Alex Jones enters the fray. His information is so strong one is tempted not to believe.

NEWS BRIEF: "Paramilitary Force To Control Internment Camp In Montana ", by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, September 29, 2009

"Following our earlier report about a paramilitary security force occupying a town in Montana, it has now become clear that the purpose of American Police Force is to boss a state of the art internment camp that some fear will be used to incarcerate American citizens, as reports come in of the private paramilitary unit setting up roadblocks and harassing citizens in Hardin."

"A CNN report on the $27 million dollar facility in Hardin Montana states that it could become “Gitmo West” and be filled with detainees from Guantanamo Bay and other terrorists. Since a majority of the American people have now been designated as potential domestic terrorists by the federal government, fears are growing that the prison camp will be used to incarcerate citizens against their will during a flu pandemic or any other declared emergency."

What kind of a facility is this new, empty detention center?

"The Two Rivers Detention Center is a state of the art facility, festooned with surveillance cameras and surrounded by razor wire and open land to prevent escape. The camp is also filled with riot equipment such as gas masks, riot helmets, shields and batons, as well as guns. Since the camp is currently empty, a private paramilitary unit calling itself American Police Force has been hired by local authorities to boss the facility. However, as we reported earlier, APF, which has all the hallmarks of being another Blackwater, has virtually occupied the town, festooned their vehicles with police decals and started carrying out law enforcement duties."

If local sheriff department are being dissolved and replaced by the kind of military contractor which ran so amok in Iraq, working for Blackwater, then we are all in trouble. These contractors usually come out of special forces in either the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, so they are highly trained in a variety of weapons. They also exhibit a brutal disregard for "messy things" like a person's rights and liberties as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

A private individual who lives in the area has emailed us, giving us even more detailed information and more than confirming the information above.

NEWS BRIEF: "City of Hardin, Montana is becoming a police state!", email, September 28, 2009

"We have found out that our little town of Hardin is the 'test town' for President Obama’s new law to privatize the police force of local communities. Last night, the city council voted to disband our sheriff’s department and to bring in a private security company to police the town ... Yesterday, a convoy of twelve 'blacked out' Mercedes Benz SUV’s were brought into town. They were already painted with Hardin’s colors and ‘Hardin Police Force’ was already painted on them! Hardin’s sheriff’s department will no longer be in operation after the month of October. During October, the Sheriff’s Department is to train this new security force in all the logistics of running the town of Hardin. "

"... I am also told by a reliable source that today one of the managers at a local business in Hardin was visited by this new private security force which is now the new Hardin Police Department. He is an avid hunter and they came to inform him that they had a list of all fire arms that he owned; this includes all the residents of our town, and that he would need to take his guns down to have them put a marking device on them. Also, today, one of the main streets in Hardin was completely blocked off..."

People have been noticing since President Obama took office on January 20, 2009, that events around the world seem to have gone into higher gear. In only eight months, a great number of important events, both domestically and internationally, have occurred. I have wondered if the timetable of the Global Elite has suddenly been put into overdrive.

After all, if Henry Kissinger believes that President Obama is "poised to bring about the New World Order", a great many planned and prophesied events have to occur, and quickly.

Virtually taking over a small impoverished rural town in which a large state-of-the-art prison facility has been constructed is an action which we Conservative Patriots have predicted will one day come. But, it is a shock to see this plan actually unfolding.

Since the prison was finished two years ago, we know that the entire construction occurred under the Bush Administration, which means the tiny town of Hardin was selected by the Republican Administration. President Obama is simply carrying out the plan to its next phase. The timing of this new phase is also part of the overall, long-term Illuminati Blueprint.

The overall scheme calls for every detail needed to impose and carry out the dissolving of our current form of government, suspension of liberties, and imposition of Martial Law preparatory to an Absolute Dictatorship will be set in place, awaiting the beginning of the World War III. Once this global war begins, then terrorist attacks will be staged in cities of every country on earth still electing their leaders. The leadership in every one of these countries will use the terror attacks as the excuse to suspend the elected government and impose an Absolute Dictatorship.

The speed with which the American transition from Representative Republic to Absolute Dictatorship is planned to be no more than 72 hours. Therefore, the government will need a lot of empty prison space standing ready to hold the tens of thousands of people who will be arrested as 'dissidents'.

When Adolf Hitler imposed his Absolute Dictatorship, he emptied Germany's prisons by simply letting hardcore prisoners go free. While the Illuminati might free a lot of criminals being held in regular jails and prisons, they have access to quite a number of empty facilities, like this one in Hardin, Montana.

The new DVD, Camp FEMA, is entirely correct! The prison system needed to house American "domestic terrorists" is now pretty much in place. But, these prisons are scattered around the United States, awaiting only the order to start rounding up patriot dissidents.

Events toward the end of all things is speeding by. Are you spiritually ready?

Related Links -- This Prison Planet article has several most interesting video clips which all true Patriots need to see. You can also take a Virtual Tour of this new, empty prison.

Remember, this plan is not just a Republican or a Democrat Plan, but an Illuminati plan which has been set in motion a very long time ago, and which has been carried out in part by both Republican and Democrat administrations.

Since the actual implementation of this Absolute Dictatorship global plan awaits the beginning of World War III, we can sense that events in the Middle East are going to suddenly speed up so that a Palestinian State will be established and the resulting war will be launched by the Arabs against Israel. The timetable seems ready to be accelerated.

We should also expect to see more small towns in rural America suffer the same fate as Hardin, Montana. Spread the word so that untold millions of Americans will wake up out of their stupor!


II. The American people are angrier today than at any other time in our history!

NEWS BRIEF: "Republican pollster: Americans angrier than ever", CNN News, September 28, 2009

"From town halls to tea parties, a lot of people across the country are really ticked off .. John Roberts: So people in America, are they really angrier than they’ve ever been?"

"Frank Luntz: They are. 72% of Americans define themselves — we took a survey of 6,400 people, that’s five times the typical CNN media poll – 72% of Americans are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore. And they’re mad at politics because they think there’s no accountability in Washington."

"They’re mad at business because they think that their employers don’t respect them. And they’re mad at Hollywood for the coarseness of the culture. So you’ve got all three things going on at the same time and they don’t find a solution to it."

Luntz goes on to explain that the really large numbers of angry people are neither Democrat nor Republican, but Independents. They are mad at politics, at big business and at the changing culture! Good grief, maybe some good might come out of this desperate dash by the Global Elite to ram all aspects of their New World Order system down our throats.

The Illuminati has one major fear: they are afraid that a really large number of citizens will get so angry that they will take to the streets in protest. If 5 million American people marched on Washington, D.C., to protest the changes we have gone through in the past 20 years, and especially complain about the Obama changes since January 20, the Illuminati would begin to pull back.

They know their only hope lies in getting the Old World Order switched out for the New while the average citizen is still asleep. These Tea Parties and the Town Hall meetings are really terrific ways to get our protest across, and I heartily recommend you do so before the final change is made and our way of life is dissolved.

Might some disaffected American citizen actually take it upon himself to physically harm the President? Before the election, some people created a buzz when they predicted that, if Obama was elected, he would be assassinated.

Someone at Facebook created a poll which asked whether President Obama should be assassinated!

NEWS BRIEF: "Facebook removes 'Should Obama be killed?' poll", by David G. Savage, Chicago Tribune, September 29, 2009

"WASHINGTON -- Facebook moved quickly Monday to take down a user's poll that asked 'Should Obama be killed?', but only after 730 responses were submitted. The poll listed four possible answers: Yes. Maybe. If he cuts my health care. No."

"A spokesman for Facebook said the Palo Alto-based company was not aware of the poll until early Monday morning and did not know who posted it or who responded to it."

The Secret Service was not amused, obviously. They are launching an investigation. It is a criminal felony to even hint at threatening the President of the United States.

But, we can only hope that the movers and shakers of the New World Order system will get the message and back off. Increasing numbers of Americans are a mad as they can be -- and many of them say they aren't going to take it anymore.

Now, if these numbers could only organize, we might stand a chance at changing things in this country.


III. A major Global Warming conference opens in Bangkok, Thailand.

You have to hand it to the leaders of the Global Warming campaign. They surely know how to pick a major party town for their shindig!

NEWS BRIEF: "UN Climate Talks Open in Bangkok ", Voice of America, 28 September 2009

"United Nations talks on climate change have opened in Bangkok with more than 4,000 participants from 177 countries trying to narrow differences on ways to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. There are concerns that time is running out on reaching a deal. And, many are looking for concrete steps from the United States."

You can expect more of the same old tripe, i.e., that mankind's activities are causing Global Warming, that the only answer is a global authoritarian government and new rules so strict that our current Industrial Civilization will go under the waves.

Already, the hype supporting this meeting has started and the Mass Media is trumpeting the lies everywhere.

"The U.N. climate change talks opened Monday with warnings that time was running out on reaching a deal. Industrialized and developing nations have for two years been trying to come up with a workable framework for December negotiations in Copenhagen but with little to show for it .... The two weeks of talks in Bangkok will be followed by November talks in Barcelona before the final negotiations."

The ultimate objective of the Global Warming scare is to force people to demand a global government step in with harsh and enforceable new rules which will force the new regulations on each and every country, no matter how big and powerful they may be.

And, if economies begin to fail, these people will simply shrug their shoulders and say "tough". You see, they really hate this Industrial Civilization which has given us such a high standard of living. Their ultimate goal is to force people on to farming communes and force them to live a lifestyle which people 400 years ago lived!

Remember this fact the next time you are tempted to believe anything these people have to say! They are out after your job, your home, your way of living, and your very life. Yes, that is another deep dark secret they have; their Global Warming scenarios demand that significant numbers of citizens today have to die. This next news article captures the essence of this hidden and deadly agenda.

NEWS BRIEF: "Global Warming: Since People Are the Problem, Just Get Rid of Them", The New American, 21 September 2009

"In November, the World Health Organization (WHO) will release a study on population growth and climate change that claims contraception plays a key role in combating global warming. One of the lead researchers in this study is Leo Bryant, an advocacy manager with the family planning group Marie Stopes International. He and his colleagues find that, though poorer nations have relatively low carbon emissions, overpopulation taxes natural resources already degraded by global climate change, exacerbating the effects of famine, drought, floods, and rising sea levels."

While this article does not come right out and admit it, abortion plays a key role in all global attempts to reduce Global Warming by reducing the number of "useless eaters" in the poorer countries. In fact, you will soon see stories being printed decrying the huge numbers of forced abortions which these countries are planning to force upon all nations.

Global Warming continues to resist all serious scientific efforts to debunk it. Enormous amounts of scientific data and analysis has been poured out into the mainstream of the key countries of the world. But, the 'rightness of the cause' and the correct scientific information possessed by the opponents of Global Warming fall prey to the cunning knife of the Global Warming fanatics. They know they have Mass Media on their side and they know how to pull all the right strings to panic enough people long enough so that they can get their greenhouse emissions levels and a host of other goals.

But, the bottom line agenda is clear: to force the creation of a global authority which can force governments into taking action they would really not like to take were it not for the extremely sharp knives of the Global Warming fanatics.

And, never be deceived: large numbers of people have to die if the Global Warming agenda is ever completely instituted.

IV. The specter of military defeat in the Afghanistan War looms large over the gathering of top military and civilian chiefs in the next few weeks.

NEWS BRIEF: "Fears of Blame for Defeat Shadow Afghan War Meetings", Truthout News, September 29, 2009

"Washington - In a remarkable parallel with a similar turning point in the Vietnam War 44 years ago, President Barack Obama will preside over a series of meetings in the coming weeks that will determine whether the United States will proceed with an escalation of the Afghanistan War or adjust the strategy to reduce the U.S. military commitment there."

"The meetings will take place in the context of a request from Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, for 40,000 additional troops, which reached Washington over the weekend. That would bring the total U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan to 108,000 - nearly a 60-percent increase."

What General McChrystal really demanded was a total of 500,000 troops on the ground at all times. This number of troops would include all NATO soldiers, American troops and Afghan soldiers. The term "on the ground" is important because it means that the general wants that many fighting forces. Under this designation the number of support personnel are not counted as part of the half-million men.

This kind of commitment is staggering and it brings to mind the commitment of 550,000 American troops to South Vietnam by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965. That war ended in disaster for America and will likely haunt all discussions of massive increases in soldiers in Afghanistan.

As we have stated before, we believe that both the Iraq and the Afghanistan wars join the Korean War and the Vietnam War as conflicts to which our leaders committed us with the plan to not win.

Even after all foreign troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan, wind storms are going to continue to blow over a 1,000 miles from the battlefields, carrying the death-dealing Depleted Uranium dust to countries whom the Pentagon considers as "Non-Functioning Gap" countries.

Who and what are these "Non-Functioning Gap" countries? As we explain in NEWS1833, this description is applied to those countries who are not now properly "connected" to the Global System economically or politically. The map below shows those countries consider Non-Functioning.

A quick glance will reveal that we likely attacked Afghanistan and Iraq because they were part of the "Non-Functioning Gap" system. We invaded both of these countries with force levels insufficient to win a conventional or even a guerilla war, but large enough to explode many thousands of pounds of Depleted Uranium munitions, poisoning the air, the water and the lungs of hundreds of millions of "Non-Functioning" people living in these unfortunate lands.

I remain convinced that the real reason behind our invasion of these two countries was simply to spread the poisonous cloud of D.U. dust. In 20 years, the Illuminati will have achieved their population reduction goals in this region!

NOTE: Newsletter continues below:

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V. The Federal Reserve Bank has done more harm to America's economy and to Americans pocketbook than any other institution in our history!

Yet, people continue to put up with the blatant arrogance of this Central Bank and continue to believe that the Fed is simply and only managing a Free Market economy. Nothing is further from the truth.

NEWS BRIEF: "How Well Has The Federal Reserve Performed for America? ",, September 27, 2009

"Let’s look at the Federal Reserve’s actual performance and determine how bad — or good — the Federal Reserve has really been for America." Consider these performance collapses.

1) Milton Friedman and Ben Bernanke have both said that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression through its poor monetary policy.

2) Many also blame the Fed for blowing an unsustainable bubble between 2001-2007 through artificially low interest rates.

3) During boom times the Fed says it can put on the brakes (”take the punch bowl away right as the party gets started”), and during busts it can get things moving again. But as economist Jane D’Arista has shown, the Fed has failed miserably at that task (we encourage you to read the full article)

4) The Fed is also supposed to act as a regulator for banks and their affiliates, but failed miserably in that role as well. Many banks have failed, forcing the government to seize them to protect the customers

5) As PhD economist Steve Keen has pointed out, the Fed has also given money to the wrong people to kick-start the economy.

6) Greenspan acted as one of the main supporters of derivatives (including credit default swaps) between the late 1990’s and the present (and see this).

7) Greenspan was also one of the main cheerleaders for subprime loans (and see this).

While all this is true, most people fail to understand that the Illuminati planned for the Federal Reserve Bank to act in precisely this manner. The REAL purpose of the Federal Reserve is to advance America's economy from free-wheeling Capitalism to the government-controlled Fascist Economy.

To accomplish this monumental task, the Federal Reserve must bring about cycles of boom followed by cycles of bust followed by cycles of boom, until the economy is firmly in the hands of government regulators, i.e., the Fascist Economy.

The final move toward economic Fascism occurred starting mid-September last year. Now the government is regulating the banking, investment and auto-producing industries, and her tentacles are continuously spreading out over the entire economy.

In this light, the Federal Reserve has been acting exactly as it was planned to act -- "Order out of chaos".

No institution in American history has created more chaos through its manipulations of boom and bust cycles and price controls. And, right on cue, the Federal Reserve now is in a position of regulating key industries throughout the economy.

From the perspective of the Global Elite, the officers of the Federal Reserve deserve a medal!


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Subtitle: "... scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races" (Defense Secretary William Cohen, addressing the Conference on Terrorism, "Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum"
, on 4/28/1997)


    “Behold, I shew you a mystery” 1 Corinthians 15:51a (KJV)

President Obama: The Most Frightening President Ever!

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President Obama's health care plan will advance the "Deathmaking" in America to unprecedented heights, and you could easily be a victim.


--------Concluding Inspiration ----------"To preach deliverance to the captives." Luke 4:18

None but Jesus can give deliverance to captives. Real liberty cometh from Him only. It is a liberty righteously bestowed; for the Son, who is Heir of all things, has a right to make men free. The saints honour the justice of God, which now secures their salvation. It is a liberty which has been dearly purchased. Christ speaks it by His power, but He bought it by His blood. He makes thee free, but it is by His own bonds. Thou goest clear, because He bare thy burden for thee: thou art set at liberty, because He has suffered in thy stead. But, though dearly purchased, He freely gives it. Jesus asks nothing of us as a preparation for this liberty. He finds us sitting in sackcloth and ashes, and bids us put on the beautiful array of freedom; He saves us just as we are, and all without our help or merit. When Jesus sets free, the liberty is perpetually entailed; no chains can bind again.

Let the Master say to me, "Captive, I have delivered thee," and it is done for ever. Satan may plot to enslave us, but if the Lord be on our side, whom shall we fear? The world, with its temptations, may seek to ensnare us, but mightier is He who is for us than all they who be against us. The machinations of our own deceitful hearts may harass and annoy us, but He who hath begun the good work in us will carry it on and perfect it to the end. The foes of God and the enemies of man may gather their hosts together, and come with concentrated fury against us, but if God acquitteth, who is he that condemneth? Not more free is the eagle which mounts to his rocky eyrie, and afterwards outsoars the clouds, than the soul which Christ hath delivered. If we are no more under the law, but free from its curse, let our liberty be practically exhibited in our serving God with gratitude and delight. "I am Thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid: Thou hast loosed my bonds." "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?"

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis Added)

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"Masonry's True Secrets From the KJV!"

Hoggard is a staunch KJV-only Pastor

"Why Standing Before Christ Should Be Our Greatest Moment!"

Soon we all shall be standing before Jesus so He can determine our reward. Do you know the basis upon which He shall judge you?


"Supernatural Powers: The Battle Between Good and Evil"

Fascination with the supernatural realm continues to grow among people of all ages and backgrounds at an exponential rate. Tales of spirit beings, guardian angels, demons, and the hereafter can be found in every bookstore, on every television screen, and in every theatre in our country.

This video tells you why this sorry situation covers our land and the spiritual warfare behind all this supernatural activity.

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End of the Age PROOFS!

5 DVD Set

5 DVD Set

View the lively and exciting 'Final Countdown" trailer

"Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" DVD's

Each 3 Hours Long

"The New Atlantis"

See Trailer

"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

See Trailer

"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

See Trailer

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Buy Videos 1, 2 and 3, PLUS Declaration of Independence Poster - Save $35 - Nearly 9 Hours of Video

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